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Vaccines: Life Saving or Life Changing?

Which way to goBy Cathy Jameson

I often hear the words safe, effective, and life-saving used to describe vaccines.  I heard a new term to describe them on a commercial on the radio this week:  life-changing.  I tuned out the song that came on after the commercial and reflected on how much my child’s life changed post vaccination.  You know something?  They’re right.  Vaccines really are life-changing!   

Now, before you think that I’m saying that in a positive tone, I am not.  Vaccines changed my son’s life, but it wasn’t for the better.  For anyone who knows Ronan, they can see just how severely he’s been affected by them.  His life before vaccines was different, very different. 

He was healthy.  Then he wasn’t.

He was reaching milestones.  Then he wasn’t. 

He was happily babbling.  Then he wasn’t. 

Were the vaccines my son received life-saving?  Nope.

Were they safe?  I don’t think so.

Were the vaccines effective?  Not unless the seizures, losing speech, and regressive autism was part of the package.   

Did they change his life?  Yes, they most certainly they did.  But his life is hardly a reflection of the lives of the young children portrayed in the commercial who we’re meant to believe have gained years of health from a vaccine by the time the commercial ends.  Vaccines are life-changing, but not in the sunshiny, positive way this store and its partners have portrayed. 

To the person not familiar with vaccine injury or who’s never cared for a vaccine injured loved one, the program described in the big box pharmacy commercial may sound sincere: buy something, give something!  The timing is perfect, too - when better to give things away to the less fortunate than during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Sending vitamins and vaccines overseas to others very well could be considered a nice gesture.  With how the commercial pulls on the heartstrings, it sets the stage to make someone think that they’re performing an act of kindness.  As the parent to a vaccine-injured child, I think giving away vaccines is anything but nice.  It’s risky, and, honestly, it’s the last thing I’d give to a disadvantaged child in a third world country.  I’d rather help make sure they got clean food, clean water and improved sanitation long before I’d ever suggest they be injected with something made by a company that cannot be held liable for its products. 

Once the vaccine goes in, the public is on their own even if complications arise and even when reactions happen.  Who’s going to take care of the children in a third world country should that happen to them post-vaccination?  The pharmaceutical companies aren’t itching to help those harmed by vaccines here in America.  I can’t imagine them chomping at the bit to provide intensive follow-up medical care vaccine injured people need in other countries either. 

I was left with the responsibility of proving round-the-clock care for my son when he got sick.  He has a potentially life-long neurological disorder that’s left him unable to speak or take care of himself now.  I wouldn’t wish what he’s gone through on anyone nor would I ever want another family – here in the states or abroad – to experience what ours has as well.  It would be uncharitable for me to introduce that to another child, which is why I won’t be supporting big box pharmacies seducing the public into believing that they are doing a good thing by sending vaccines overseas.   


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Magdalene Mwangi

Good information, vaccines are crucial. thanks for sharing

Tim Bolen


I've read your stuff often without commenting. It is always from the right place, and right on target. You, and yours, with a damaged child you care for, and take care of, deserve a special place. For what you do every day, and in every way, says to an old person like me, that you younger people are not as lost as you could be in a 2016 society - for you, and yours, represent something wonderful in humanity that, apparently is not going to get stamped out.

Tim Bolen

Jeannette Bishop


Jeannette Bishop

I'm curious if they used "life-changing vitamins and vaccines" because they didn't want to apply "life-saving" to vitamins (even though one could argue they do likely save lives sometimes, and maybe more often than vaccines for all we've never actually studied the equation to actually know), or Walgreens might be feeling unable to use (legally?) the typical propaganda for vaccines (and hopefully all the more so in the future)?

The more I'm editing this the more I'm leaning towards the first scenario. They could likely get in trouble saying "life-saving vitamins."

But I'm hoping it might mean...

The "benefits far outweigh the risks" seems mostly gone to the wayside, maybe because it begged for research to prove it on the heels of increasing vaccine injury? "Vaccines save lives" still begs for research of all cause mortality in the vaccinated with a true never vaccinated control group, and I wonder if they already have an idea they can't back up that statement either and we might begin to see more honest discussion of vaccination value?


Absolutely agree that vaccination should be banned yesterday. We should also end acetaminophen poisoning. I read that in Cuba acetaminophen is on an OTC drug and not used widely, hence, much lower autism rate, even with vaccines. We need to stop ignoring this widely used and recommended poison.

From Havana Times June 2016:

"Classic autism, which is the most serious form of autistic spectrum disorder and leads to mental impairment, affects one 1 in every 1000 babies born. According to Naranjo, if you include milder forms of autism such as Asperger syndrome, this number increases to 1 in 500 new born, according to international statistics....

On the other hand, the Argentinian online publication “El Cisne” recently pointed out that international statistics estimate that there are 100 times less people with autism in Cuba than in the US (with a population 30 times greater). It questions the criteria used up until now to diagnose autism, especially those that focus exclusively on genetic make-up."

And from: http://www.pharmacytimes.com/contributor/donna-kosteva-rph-med/2016/05/a-peek-at-pharmacy-practice-in-cuba

"Although preventive medical care, diagnostic tests, and medication for hospitalized patients are free, Cubans pay out-of-pocket for outpatient medications. Our typical OTC meds like aspirin and acetaminophen require a prescription from a physician or clinic."


I worked for a well respected NGO in UK for 27 years and the priority for 'Third World' countries was always clean water, sanitation and seeds for growing food. Another important part of our work was employing indigenous people. The less 'First World' intervention the better. I do not ever remember vaccinations being part of the plan.

Tim Lundeen

@Tim Bolen, couldn't agree more, Laura Hayes says the same. When you vaccinate, all you can do is hope that the damage will not be obvious.

This is my basic vaccine post now:

For anyone interested in vaccine science, read James Lyons-Weiler's book, The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism. He has impeccable credentials, reviewed thousands of studies, and concludes that vaccines are one of the environmental toxins injuring our kids, there is overwhelming evidence that vaccines cause autism in some people, and we should immediately stop giving vaccines containing aluminum or mercury.


Read the vaccinepapers.org site from beginning to end. It makes an overwhelming case that aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines are a major driver for brain damage and the autism epidemic, and includes free access to the full-text peer-reviewed studies that it quotes.

Read Robert F Kennedy Jr's book Thimerosal, which references hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on mercury toxicity, and documents the CDC's cover-up.

Watch some of the youtube videos on the hearthiswell channel ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsLuR3X6cpg&list=PLJpPObXpZncOfT0bG2ghgkVb2Nxjd_bNe ). Watch them until you cry, as you realize what we've done to hundreds of thousands of our kids.

Go see the movie Vaxxed, so you understand even more vividly how the CDC learned that there is a correlation between vaccines and autism, covered it up, and lied to us.

If you are concerned that we'll have thousands of kids dying if we don't vaccinate, studies show that the mortality rate from these diseases will be close to zero. In other words, we don't need vaccines. To understand why, read the book Dissolving Illusions, which discusses the history of vaccination and infectious disease. For example, the British city of Leicester did not use mass vaccination, and had the lowest smallpox mortality rates of any city, dramatically lower than with mass vaccination programs.

Tim Bolen


I am coming to the opinion/realization that EVERY child that has been vaccinated is damaged to some degree. Some, obviously, more than others.

That realization opens up some serious questions about the Childhood Vaccine Program's real intent...

Tim Bolen - www.bolenreport.com


During the campaign I listened as both Dr Wakefield and President Obama espoused sentiment that claimed that this election could very well mark "the end of the republic" as we know it. Just recently, before he left on his last international tour the President said, "reality has a way of asserting itself"; was he ever right about that!

Science supports

"The findings showed that more than 68% of ASD cases shared a common histone acetylation pattern at 5,000 gene loci, despite the wide range of genetic and environmental causes of ASD. By analyzing BrainSpan, an atlas of the developing human brain, they found that gene activation at or near 12 months after birth, which corresponds to the stage of synapse formation and neuronal maturation, was particularly strongly associated with increased acetylation in the ASD brain."

November 17th

acetylation - epigentic switch - turning genes on and off in the brain in 68% of ASD children.

This has significant importance as to causation and development ie placing in serious doubt at least two skeptic arguments - ASD is evident at or before birth / parental observations of significant changes to their are reinforced.

Of course would an environmental insult at this critical time have a negative would be a question begged.

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