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Share secretBy Cathy Jameson   

I was tagged in a Facebook post last week.  In the post was a link for an article about the Commonwealth of Virginia’s religious exemption.  The religious exemption, for now, is safe.  With how California managed to take parents’ rights away, I celebrated the victory.  A woman who saw the post did not. 

I’m not shocked.  Not everyone believes in vaccine choice.  This woman in particular very clearly did not.  Her first comment was not only ignorant but also showed how insensitive she was.  Without considering an individual’s medical history or respecting that a person’s religious belief can influences healthcare decisions, she said that the unvaccinated should be denied services from doctors, public health and from schools.  She added that to be unvaccinated goes against the greater good and that in order to be able to mingle and interact in public, people should be vaccinated.  To not be vaccinated is selfish. 

I didn’t know who this person was at all besides that she is a friend of my friend, so I debated whether or not to reply.  I could not let her grand and demanding statements be the last ones on the thread, so I chimed in.  I said, Well, thank God some of them don’t (deny services)!  Thank God for doctors, health officials, and schools who are open-minded and more understanding that for some people – children and adults – cannot be vaccinated for either health reasons, personal reasons, or religious reasons.  If you want to be vaccinated, go for it.  No one is stopping you.  But for those who have serious reservations about them or who have had serious reactions from vaccines (like my family members have), having the freedom to choose is a welcomed option.

As honest and upbeat as I tried to be in my response, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t make a new friend.  The woman came back saying that as a believer in public health guidelines, those who do not abide (by those public health guidelines), even for religious reasons, are a danger.  She went as far as to compare that danger to someone running around with a loaded gun.  I found it somewhat ironic that she used a loaded gun as a comparison.  I know many parents who compare vaccinating their children to that of playing Russian roulette. 

When I see these sorts of ignorant blanket statements and the must-vaccinate-all-humans-no-matter-what mentality being shared by adults, I can’t help but wonder something.  Are the adults making ludicrous demands “up-to-date” according to the CDC’s adult vaccine schedule?    I tend to doubt that they are.  But I wouldn’t know if this gal was unless I asked.

I’ve never asked other adults who come blazing onto a thread making generalized statements that we all need to be up-to-date, but I asked this one point blank if she herself was caught up with vaccines.  She proudly claimed that she was. 

I had to believe her.  

I’m not willing to play a ‘show me your shot record and I’ll show you mine’ game.  She was a complete stranger who has no idea that my son’s vaccine-injury made me a staunch supporter of vaccine choice.  She was also still ticked that the Joint Commission on Health Care’s vote last week was a big win in my eyes.  It was a major win in the eyes of the hundreds of other parents who’d shown up at each of the commission meetings that took place this year, too. 

One would think that people could understand that a vaccine injury, like my son’s, would be grounds to limit and even remove vaccine expectations.  One would also hope that gaining knowledge of that injury would draw some sort of sympathy as well.  But when people believe that vaccines are only safe and only effective, like this woman undoubtedly believes, they are incapable of mustering an ounce of sympathy.  They will fathom that vaccines harm when their logic has been skewed by tunnel vision.  That tunnel vision focuses only on the assumed benefits of a medical procedure that in actuality comes with risks.  Unless they fall ill post-vaccination like my child did, which I would never wish upon anyone, they may never be able to fully grasp the severity of our situation.  Our situation is unfortunate.  Despite me sharing that on the thread, retelling our experience fell on deaf ears. 

Because of what happened to Ronan, my main focus is on him and his siblings.  It’s on protecting our rights.  It’s on meeting my children’s individual health care needs.  Right now, vaccines are not part of that plan.  I’ve done my homework on the subject.  I’ve prayed for guidance about it as well.  Apparently that’s not enough nor acceptable to some people including the woman that I talked to online late last week.  She shared that it is in her quest to support legislation that would strip my rights and that would mandate vaccines.  This woman’s got another thing coming to her if she thinks that I’m going to let anyone in my family take a bullet for her or for the greater good.  We’ve already done that.  I’ll never let anyone do that to my family ever again. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Tom Petrie

I feel bad for all that Cathy had to go through just to attempt to educate someone on this issue. It's too bad that most Americans don't know the difference between propaganda and facts. Propaganda can fit on bumper stickers: "Safe and Effective," "Herd Immunity," "WHO (an owl yelling) needs a flu shot? Answer: Everyone" (NY State Dept of Health w/CDC assistance).

The problem with propaganda is that it works because it's repeated over and over again, so that when someone tries to sound educated, they (so they think) only need to repeat the sound bite and then, wholla, they sound smart or more specifically educated on a particular topic. But when their viewpoint is questioned, they can't support it, since they don't know their material at all! So now they must resort to the only tool the uneducated know: Arrogance and ridicule.

Propaganda doesn't give facts--it doesn't need to, since most people don't investigate behind the propaganda. They don't know in the case of Polio, for example, that the definition CHANGED in 1955 to exclude cases with little or no long-term paralysis: According to Dr. Bernard Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health:

In order to qualify for classification as paralytic poliomyelitis, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for at least 60 days after the onset of the disease. Prior to 1954, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for only 24 hours. Laboratory confirmation and the presence of residual paralysis were not required. After 1954, residual paralysis was determined 10 to 20 days and again 50 to 70 days after the onset of the disease. This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a new disease, namely, paralytic poliomyelitis with a longer lasting paralysis. (Quoting the author of this post) As I wrote in my piece “The Salk ‘Miracle’ Myth“…

Under the new definition of polio, thousands of cases which would have previously been counted as polio would no longer be counted as polio. The change in the definition laid the groundwork for creating the impression that the Salk vaccine was effective!


Remember before the Salk vaccine was produced in 1954, polio was in a huge freefall/decline.

In any case, when discussing a differing viewpoint with someone, I would ALWAYS ask permission to share some facts with which they might not be familiar and IF they'd be willing to listen to an educated viewpoint If not, then I'll just walk away.



I am hypersensitive-- to anything that leads us away from humane, human, loving and healing. And I think you may have taken my "yelled at" comment, which was intended as humor, too seriously.



Nobody is stereotyping whole groups. Talking about specific ideologies and current events maybe, but no one is attacking anyone here. And no one will attack you for saying who you voted for either.

Your post shows some hypersensitivity though. That's a big part of the problem.


As a left-leaning Independent, I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable with many of the comments. Not every Dem or left-leaning voter is the Devil, and this kind of polarized thinking is really harmful to everyone. My husband, children and I 100% share the views of AofA folks with regard to vaccine toxicity, links to autism, vaccine mandates, etc. We didn't vote for Hillary in part because of her views on vaccines. But we also didn't vote for Trump, for reasons too myriad (and too likely to get me yelled at!) to mention. While I fervently hope that Trump and Congress do as you hope they will and somehow stop the horrific toll from vaccines, I don't trust that that will be the case. Those who are elected tend to go back on campaign promises right and left, so I'm way too cynical to believe campaign rhetoric any more. I also don't believe any politician will save us-- the vast majority are just way too far in the pockets of their big Pharma/bit Corporate/Wall St donors to be willing to speak out against them & their dangerous products. No, I believe we're going to have to save ourselves, and it's going to take a huge coalition to do so. Ours is definitely an uphill battle, and it won't be easy to overcome all the propaganda and agendas. So with respect, negatively generalizing about entire groups-- whether they're politically like or unlike you-- is not something I think we can afford to do. You end up bashing your allies when you do that, and potentially damaging the very vital coalition we need to be creating, growing and strengthening.

Tony Bateson

Before any such comment is given a hearing we have to ensure the person is at least partly informed if not fully informed. By that I mean they have at least read the vaccine inserts - they can then be asked whether they think vaccine manufacturers put alarming contra-indicator details in their product packs for reasons of fully informing consumers or for reasons of protecting themselves in cases of adverse reactions.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


Bravo, Cathy. If the game of vaccine roulette were played with a 7-shot revolver, then my extended family got four bullets.

Out of 3 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren: one is diagnosed ASD, two are undiagnosed Asperger's (glaringly), and one died of "SIDS" (or "God took him").

Most in my family are convinced that if vaccines caused autism or SIDS, those good people at the CDC would have done something to stop it long ago.

My extended family members keep getting flu shots because their doctor tells them to, though every year they still get the flu anyway. Looks to me like the definition of insanity -- keep doing the same thing and expect different results -- but they just don't see it. They are too programmed for too long.



"How could anyone be uninterested in learning the truth? "

College professor no less. This is exactly why Trump won.

There ought to be a place to report these idiot PhDs to, so they lose their credentials.

Acceptance vs curing

@kathy sincere please post the 5 talking points and let's come up with responses to them.


Thanks, Tim, We were going to watch Vaxxed, I told her when I invited her, but ultimately she didn't want to watch it. I got passionate, of course, and said I was going to get some books. She said No, don't get any books, but I went downstairs and got them anyway. Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Encephalitis? and When Your Doctor is Wrong: the Hepatitis-B Vaccine and Autism. She had said that lots of things could cause an infant to scream inconsolably for four days and nights. I showed her in Dr. Buttram's book, p. 43, Dr. Kris Graublomme, MD, said: "persistent, inconsolable screaming, a sure sign of brain inflammation..." I told her about Judy Converse, what had happened to Ben being almost identical to what happened to Cecily, about the negligence and incompetence of the medical professionals, and the disability and autism caused in Ben by the vaccine encephalitis. Just like with Cecily. I told her (again) about the congressional safety hearing at which Judy testified in May 1999. I told her about school nurse Patti White testifying that her association of school nurses had become reluctantly convinced that the reason for the sudden explosion of autism in Missouri kindergartens in 1996, five years after the hep-B vaccine began to be given to all newborns at birth, with or without permission (without in the case of Judy and me, and millions more), was solely due to encephalitis caused in newborns by the hep-B vaccine. And everyone just brushed off the screaming, or the excessive sleeping or blank staring episodes as normal.

And M. totally does not believe it. Does not care. Not interested in learning more about it. She said that I and everyone else who voted for Trump were motivated by racism, by a desire to humiliate Obama. I said I had voted for Obama twice, had admired him immensely, but he had disappointed me. It is clearly untrue that I and probably most other people were motivated by racism. When I told her about mercury in vaccines causing autism, she said that wasn't true, that if it were dangerous, the CDC would not have allowed it. If that isn't a religious view, what is it? The infallibility of the CDC when in reality it is a corrupt, stinking swamp?

I wish she would read books I gave her. But she will not. Uninterested in learning the truth. I'm still thinking about it. I hate to dismiss her like that, but I don't know how else to process what she said. How could anyone be uninterested in learning the truth? When it's destroying the lives of so many?

Tim Lundeen

@ciaparker How about getting your friend a copy of Lyons-Weiler's book, The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism? He has impeccable credentials and reviewed thousands of studies, to conclude that vaccines are one of the environmental toxins that are injuring our kids, and that we should immediately stop giving vaccines containing aluminum or mercury. As he says, there is overwhelming evidence that vaccines cause autism in some people.



You guys will try and look for logic in what she said to no avail.

People don't believe in mandatory vaccinations because they are truly scared of other people's germs. If that were the case, none of these people would ever spend any time around *actual* sick people in hospitals and doctors' offices.

The reason they have these fascist views is because vaccines are like the end of Peter Pan where everybody has to clap to prove they believe in fairies. The fact is that vaccines make no logical sense and everybody only believes in them because everybody else does.

So your choice not to vaccinate is a direct threat to their own decision to poison their children - or more specifically a direct threat to their psyche.

The reason they feel the need to bully you into poisoning your children is because that will allow them to feel better about their own decision to poison theirs.

There is no other reason for the way they behave.

You all need to understand that because most of your strategies are going to come up short if you don't.

You cannot under any circumstances make compromises or try and seek middle ground. Seeking compromises just eggs them on to try and eke out more concessions from you because they aren't looking to protect public health but are instead trying to protect their own consciences.

Instead you need to make it clear that all vaccines are completely worthless and no adult would *ever* take the equivalent dose as given to children. That way your opponent will soon realise that further discussions with you - or any other anti-vaxxer - will only exacerbate their feelings of guilt and the vast majority of them will learn to stay away from the issue.

There will still be some diehards of course but they will start to feel increasinly outnumbered and outgunned.

Angus Files

Sounds like a soon to be extinct -lesser spotted pharma shill troll, found slithering between and under rocks. Its biggest predator is the Trump.



There is no reasoning with a fanatic. But I have some advice for her. If she's so irrational and paranoid that she can't have her children in school with un or partially vaccinated children, that is unpoisoned children, then she can always homeschool. And maybe CPS should pay her a visit because she may be too hysterical to have good parenting judgment.

Sorry, I know, bad. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But it's time to turn the tables on these aggressive lunatics.


I generally don't say anything on Facebook since I have no doubt that I would alienate everyone by voicing my real opinion. So.. I get what you were going through when you ask yourself: should I say it, should I not say it? What we have is a wall of ignorance that belongs to another whole set of assumptions, unfortunately also false but spoon fed to true believers. Neoliberalism is a religious belief system, and unfortunately vaccination is one of the corner stones of that belief system. Neoliberals get to say whatever they want to say, and the non-believers have to keep silent or be further condemned. I hate that sharp, critical reactivity that is the method used for shutting everyone up who disagrees. Will it be possible to maybe take vaccination out of the Neoliberal creed? Will one day the deeper scientific truths of the medical paradigm shift erode away this fundamentalist belief system?

I have a friend, who is truly a friend, not a shill. She is neoliberal to the core but it usually never comes up. She thinks, though, that she really should tell me that I need to get vaccinated. I'm sure she is up to date on all her vaccines. I can't imagine what it would take for her to wake up and realize that vaccines might carry risks. Now that there is some opportunity to change things at the top, the vaccination drum beat is getting even louder.



It's awful. A friend came for my birthday cake yesterday; she works in a microbiology lab. She scolded me for voting for Trump. Said I was a Wakefield sheepie, part of the cult of a criminal who makes us do his beck and call. I defended him, and she said if he was innocent he would have done anything at all to take his case to the High Court and get his license back. I sent her the facts this morning. She said undoubtedly something other than vaccines (hep-B and DTaP) caused my daughter's autism, even though she was THERE on the last day of the encephalitic screaming and said she had never seen anything like it. She said I'm completely unbalanced in my stance on vaccines, and need to stop wasting all my time on it. She hates Trump, said Clinton and Obama were absolutely noble and the US doesn't deserve anyone that good. She got emails from her university students in the middle of Election night about how distraught they were, and she postponed an exam until yesterday to accommodate her snowflakes.

I have spent hundreds of hours talking to her about vaccines. I've shown her the studies, explained how vaccine encephalitis occurs, autoimmune sensitization, mercury and aluminum toxicity, immune suppression by vaccines. Told her about my e-friends whose children, like mine, obviously reacted to vaccines. I honestly don't think she's sincere, has just signed on to her own cult and is willing to go down with the ship because she can't entertain the idea that it will go down. And totally doesn't care about those drowning in the sea around her. I'll have to keep thinking about this. She couldn't understand how I could possibly have voted for Trump: there WAS only one correct candidate. And I didn't like Trump, but liked Hillary and her vaccine mandate much less. I asked What about the working class men who have seen their earnings drop at the same time everything has gone up: medical care, electricity, food, and they see that they are insulted and marginalized at every turn? Who did they THINK they were going to vote for? Does their vote not count as much as theirs?

I guess I'll have to read more about methods of indoctrination used in the '30s to create armies of intolerant robots. Are we headed for civil war?

Kathy Sincere

I love your posts every single Sunday. Usually they make me cry or smile, or want to hug you. Today I just wanted to punch someone.

What you wrote reminded me of an incident in 2012 that changed my husband and me from active Dems to Republicans.

There was a Democratic organizational meeting in the summer of 2012 here in Colorado. We were invited to this small group because we were extremely active in the 2008 election, winning an award for knocking on the most doors for Obama. I brought up the subject of medical/vaccine freedom at this backyard get-together and was shot down with THE most hateful vitriolic rhetoric I’ve ever experienced in my 69 years. I can tell you that this was a microcosm of how the Dems have been indoctrinated, truly indoctrinated, with the mantras of “greater good” and “community immunity”. There is no wiggle room in the Party for stepping outside the box on the subject of vaccine exemptions. They have their 5 talking points which are repeated over and over again. I’ve learned from similar encounters with Dem legislators that they cannot and will not engage or intelligently refute anything counter to their belief in the greater good. Willful ignorance. They chose not to be informed because that would mean they would be cut from the Party.

A friend whose son suffered severe regressive autism approached her Democratic state representative about vaccine exemptions. The young female rep’s reply? “I can understand how you would want to blame someone for this disorder.”

Hence our votes for Trump and every Republican in our state this November.

Kathy Sincere
Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice www.ccfvc.org

mr. washington

just paste the following next time:



Dr. Verstraeten [CDC], pg. 40: “…we have found statistically significant relationships between the exposure and outcomes for these different exposures and outcomes. First, for two months of age, an unspecified developmental delay, which has its own specific ICD9 code. Exposure at three months of age, Tics. Exposure at six months of age, an attention deficit disorder. Exposure at one, three and six months of age, language and speech delays which are two separate ICD9 codes. Exposures at one, three and six months of age, the entire category of neurodevelopmental delays, which includes all of these plus a number of other disorders

Dr. Verstraeten [CDC], pg. 44: “Now for speech delays, which is the largest single disorder in this category of neurologic delays. The results are a suggestion of a trend with a small dip. The overall test for trend is highly statistically significant above one.”

Dr. Verstraeten [CDC], pg. 76: “What I have done here, I am putting into the model instead of mercury, a number of antigens that the children received, and what do we get? Not surprisingly, we get very similar estimates as what we got for Thimerosal because every vaccine put in the equation has Thimerosal. So for speech and the other ones maybe it’s not so significant, but for the overall group it is also significant….Here we have the same thing, but instead of number of antigens, number of shots. Just the number of vaccinations given to a child, which is also for nearly all of them significantly related.”

Dr. Guess, pg. 77: "So this essentially is a 7% risk per antigen, an antigen is like in DPT you've got three antigens."

Dr. Verstraeten [CDC], pg. 77: "Correct."

Dr. Egan, pg. 77: "Could you do this calculation for aluminum?"

Dr. Verstraeten [CDC], pg. 77: "I did it for aluminum…Actually the results were almost identical to ethylmercury because the amount of aluminum goes along almost exactly with the mercury one."

Shelley Tzorfas

Not only are many people paid to write Pro-Vaccine rants but the more vulgar they get, the more certain you can be about their posts. I believe the thinking behind it is for them to sound like everyday people. "Are you crazy?" You want millions of people in the US to die from Chicken pox again?" -Which never happened. What is worse is that there is now 'Computer generated BOTS" that do the responding in many cases. Mechanisms where machines spit out responses for the sake of fooling unsuspecting people as they become more indoctrinated and brain washed.. where 1984 meets 2016..

Cathy Jameson


She could be "a "compensated" pro-vaccine advocate "...I thought so too until I later learned she was related to a friend. The fact that she's a human and not some bot or a paid shill scares me - but it makes me ready to fight all the harder. I am tired of fighting, but no one gets to bully anyone around, especially the vaccine injured. So I'll keep writing and doing what I can to protect my kids. And should she or anyone else try to take parents' rights away again, back up to the statehouse I will go. It's a shame it takes a fight to preserve our freedom, but our kids' health is worth it.



I think she was a "compensated" pro-vaccine advocate engaged to comment on social media. There are hundreds of them out there, I interact with them every day. Where has the crisis been in allowing children with exemptions go to school without some or all of the "required" vaccines? Has there been even one unvaxxed child in school responsible for giving a classmate a disabling or fatal case of a disease he was unvaxxed for? If there has been, no one is aware of it, and "they" would broadcast it in every news outlet from here to eternity if there had been. I would say that there are some unstable people willing to grasp such an opportunity to pillory others in order to bolster their own weak self-image, but most people are more live and let live, and the numbers of those aware of the dangers of vaccines are growing by the day. At this time, who is genuinely going to put his hand in the fire, totally confident that he has to force others to get the vaccines, no matter what the dangers to them personally, so that his child not be in much "danger" of getting mild, beneficial diseases?


We seem to have reached a place where every aspect of our life is politicized, even science. Thank you for championing this issue. I am hopeful that the President Elects point of view about vaccines and autism will allow voices like yours to be heard beyond our community of vaccine injured families. I for one am glad that the candidate who said; "The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and ‪#vaccineswork‬. Let's protect all our kids. ‪#GrandmothersKnowBest‬" was denied a future say in my families healthcare decisions. I hope her private position is different than her public statements on this topic for the good of her grandkids.

Brett Wilcox

For many people, vaccine injury does not matter until they see it in their own children. And for some, even that is not enough.

Gary Ogden

Bob Moffit: Excellent ideas. Cathy, this is an astonishing and frightening mind set which only goes to show the power of propaganda in the promotion of pseudoscience. We can only hope the new administration brings aboard some honorable people as science advisors. We sorely need them. Just read an excellent post by Judith Curry, PhD., a climate scientist, concerning climate models and how the IPCC has overestimated by a factor of at least two the affect of greenhouse gases on warming. The negative policy implications are very real, and affect us all.

Han Litten

I say to "these" people . I will give you a small piece of paper and can you write down everything you know about vaccination on it . And then I tell them they wont be able to fill it .

These morons must be resisted at every turn.

Bob Moffit

"She added that to be unvaccinated goes against the greater good and that in order to be able to mingle and interact in public, people should be vaccinated. To not be vaccinated is selfish. "

Weber's defines "utilitarianism" as ... "the doctrine that the purpose of all action should be to bring about the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people" ... consider:

During the Nuremberg Trials in the aftermath of WWII .. the world learned the dreadful consequences when a government decided they had a RIGHT .. indeed .. some in government argued they had a "DUTY .. to implement and pursue policies and programs that sacrificed the "happiness" of a segment of the population .. in order to provide "happiness" to the greater number of people ..

I had thought the Nuremberg Trials found the "freedom to choose" medical treatments were a RIGHT .. not merely an OPTION?

In any event .. there are some examples of progress in providing people JUSTICE they have been DENIED for decades .. that we .. (Trump appointees?) .. should consider going forward .. such as:

South Africa's .. "Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)" which was a court-like restorative justice[1] body assembled in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid in 1994.[2] Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violations were invited to give statements about their experiences, and some were selected for public hearings. Perpetrators of violence could also give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution.


The growing national trend of establishing "Conviction Review Units" .. which are tasked with looking into old, questionable convictions .. using great advances if forensic science .. such as .. DNA .. to foster the RELEASE of prisoners who had been WRONGLY CONVICTED .. some after serving decades in jail.

Hopefully the day will come when the INJUSTICES OF THE VACCINE COURT will be subjected to
"Injustice Review Units" .. followed by a nationally televised .. "Truth and Reconciliation Review" .. through which those hundreds of thousands who have injured loved ones can finally be give the JUSTICE THEY .. AND .. THEIR INJURED CHILDREN .. DESERVE.

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