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Unforgivable: Dosing Pregnant Women, Infants and Kids with Mercury

Bad_idea.jpg.scaled500By David M. Burd

My recent AoA Post of October 6 revealed the CDC lie that most U.S. flu vaccines have no Thimerosal.  In fact the Vaccine Industry has long published a great majority of.50 mL doses have 25 micrograms of ethylmercury (etHg); at the time of my previous Post I had not uncovered what percentage of .25 mL infant/child doses (age 6 months to 3 years) had 12.5 micrograms of etHg.  To satisfy myself I kept searching and analyzing the Flu Vaccine Industry Reports from 2009 on, and searched for hard-to-find medical directives on pediatric flu vaccine procedures relevant to the .25 mL dose for ages under 36 months.

For many years the CDC and the Academy of Pediatrics have strongly promoted (fear mongered is also appropriate) American parents to have their infants get two Hg-laden flu shots, the first at 6 months, another shot 4 weeks later.  Even worst, premature babies but half the weight of full-term infants (and with much more vulnerable neurological development) are also given these two shots starting 6 months from being born.  Thus by seven months, via flu shots, 25 micrograms of etHg are injected into extremely vulnerable infants - the same as for a 200 pound adult

This question arises are these infants receiving shots that are "Thimerosal-free?"  The horrific answer is no, and is convincingly proven by the Vaccine Industry's published statistics, and by printed medical instructions to take .25 mL doses from 5 mL multi-dose etHg-preserved vials.

Only since the 2009 -2010 flu season have pediatric Thimerosal-free (TF) .25 mL single-dose syringe doses been produced - but the quantities of such TF doses suppled to the Health Industry have never exceeded .59 percent of entire flu-dose output, and have averaged less than .30 percent (three-tenths of one percent) over the last six years.   Since the total flu-dose production has averaged around 150 million doses per year, the annual pediatric TF .25 mL doses available comes to but 450,000.

However, according to years of CDC statistics/surveys close to 67% of American infants age 6 months - 35 months have been getting flu shots. The math is straightforward.  For decades U.S. annual births have been very close to 4 million every year; therefore 67% of 4 million babies age 6-7 months getting two shots require 5.33 vaccine doses; 4 million infants age 1 to 2 years require an additional 2.67 million doses, and 4 million young children age 2 years to 3 years require yet another 2,67 million flu-shot does.  This comes to 10.67 million doses, but the supply averages only 450,000 .25 mL single-dose syringes.  Thus over 10 million Hg-laden flu doses are actually given to babies/kids under 3 years old dictates these 10 million .25 mL pediatric doses must be drawn from 5 mL multi-dose vials preserved with etHg.  Then, equally unforgivable and horrific, at 3 years age and every year thereafter, children are injected with adult flu doses (the vast majority having .25 micrograms of etHg) year after year.

As referred to in the title of this Post, even more exposure to etHg comes while in the mother's womb as the CDC et al. strongly pushes/coerces the typical mother-to-be to get her flu shot, and the etHg is passed to her fetus at the MOST fragile time of development - this sounds like the most evil science fiction, but as the saying goes: "truth is stranger than fiction."

It is entirely plausible - if not most probable - the terrible ever-increasing neurological damages (including autism) inflicted on our American babies and children are directly caused by the etHg in pediatric flu shots, and even before they are born.  There are many Journal Papers that warn about the toxicity of etHg vaccines while the book Age of Autism by Olmsted and Blaxill leaves no doubt as to etHg's deadliness.  I need cite below only two Journal references, along with the Vaccine Industry references. Those interested can easily find them on the Web.

David Burd is 1965 Northwestern University graduate with a degree in Astronautical Sciences & Mechanical Engineering. He began his career in Military Projects, proceeding into civilian innovations such as compact disc technology and optical character recognition. Since 1997 he phased into medical device technology focused mainly on surgical methods and application of surgical energy and protheses and treatments for such as asthma and circulation issues.  

References:   1)  Annual Flu Vaccine Industry reports (search keywords: "hida influenza vaccine production 2010" (or 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014. 2015, 2016).  2) Journal on Developmental Disabilities, Tomljenovic et al. vol 18, number 1, 2012.  3) Dorea JG Environ Res Nov 3, 152:280-293. 4) CIIS Colorado Immunization Information System Accurate Reconciling Multi-dose Vials Flu Vaccine.


Jim Thompson

David M. Burd,

Your estimate that each year there are as many as 5,333,333 doses of mercury vaccines given to infants 6 months and older is correct. There is no evidence that this is not the upper limit.

And the following CDC website gives an estimate of 48,000,000 (48 million) flu vaccine doses that are available in the twelve month flu vaccine supply season for 2016/2017 to accomplish this. See http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/vaxsupply.htm .

And each one of these available 48 million doses is incorrectly called “safe” by the CDC for children and pregnant women. And each one of these available 48 million doses has the equivalent of one half cup of D009 mercury hazardous waste. It is illegal to put them in the trash or sanitary sewer systems.
See http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/12/q-a---how-about-a-half-cup-of-mercury-hazardous-waste.html .

Yes it is unforgivable.


Not sure if you are interested in this Mr Burd

Seqirus manufacturing update

Their first graph shows that, in comparison to the US market, Sequris produced approximately 56 million doses (I don't know what the breakdown is for the different types of flu vaccines they produce).

Interestingly, in their next table, none of their vaccines are recommended for under age 4? Is this considered off-label usage? They do have a quadravalent vaccine in the pipeline for age 6 months to 5-6 years coming in 2017.

david m burd

Reading is Fundamental, and All,

Here is a reference anybody can pull up - this will end my comments. The reference is by Sanofi Pasteur, the only alleged supplier of .25 mL Thimerosal-free doses, and addresses the 2011-2012 flu season. Sanofi Pasteur clearly discloses with graphics they are only providing 5.0 multi-dose vials (fully loaded with Thimerosal) to be drawn from, to inject .25 mL doses for babies at 6 months+ and .5 ml doses for progressive ages of children. Unforgivable.

Again, since neither CDC nor the FDA provide actual breakdown numbers of specific flu vaccine doses produced, we only have the Flu Vaccine Industry to go on. Of course, IF the CDC provided any such breakdown, how can we believe it without corroborating disclosure?


david m burd

PS to Reading is Fundamental,

Dan and Mark in their Age of Autism book revealed a tremendous wealth of information on so many levels - not JUST mercury's awful neurological toxicities; many times they mentioned the levels of Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines might also be a prime autism culprit when (and if) Thimerosal was removed from virtually all the child vaccines. But, they also cited flu vaccines would still have it.

Fast forward: Commencing 2003 child flu vaccination (age 6 months on) compliance became VERY strongly pushed and has risen from about 13% to today's 67%. On top of that, 60+% of children older than 3 years have also been getting YEARLY .50 mL adult-size flu shots, virtually ALL having full loads of Thimerosal. All of this I have found on MMWR and many other reports (and, as Tomljenovic et al. have shown, Aluminum adjuvants are very, very neurologically toxic).

For 13 years now, This YEARLY toxic onslaught of Thimerosal (ethlymercury aka etHg) coerced on the babies, children, adults, and seniors is without any iatrogenic precedence, perhaps emulating Dan and Mark's revelations about chronic deadly mercury rubs and ingestion of etHg for syphilis.

I hope to soon present AoA a post on this -- with more easily understood facts and timelines. Cheers!

david m burd

Reading is Fundamental,

Your question on the surface is justified. It's not been easy to figure out. My analyses shows production of pre-filled .5 mL doses by Novartis (now Seqirus) produced virtually all of the pre-filled doses shown in the 2010 Season HIDA Pie Chart you cited - in other words NONE of their production was the pediatric dose of .25 mL.

Only Sanofi Pasteur produces such .25 mL pre-filled syringe doses, and the breakdown of all the "pre-filled" doses and respective manufacturers results in the minimal percentage of .25 ml doses I have disclosed.

Bottom Line: IF the CDC et al. wants to be transparent, then they should publish the details of the volume of TF-free .25 mL doses annually available. I've tried to calculate such, but IF I've been wrong I'm happy to admit it

Tony Bateson

This is appalling whilst the CDC and Pharma trumpet that 'Wakefield has been debunked' and the 'anti-vaccine lobby?' are misguided idiots they have simply carried on as before. It re-affirms my view that Pharma effectively says 'so what'. But here is the difference; Mercury is a known neurotoxin, there is known to be massive doubt about its safety, and there is certainly reasonable doubt as to whether it is implicated in autism. Despite all this US newspapers routinely trot out stereotypical articles commenting on fears about autism in language that can be seen in article after article. This is a crime against humanity and it demands a powerful entity to bring it to justice. You have a new president and hopefully a new order that will not permit powerful industries to pursue sheer profit driven motives at the cost of your nations children and those of many other nations exposed to this modern curse.


This is a crime against humanity.

Phenol is a cheaper, more effective, and less toxic preservative. There really is no justification for using thimerosal.

go Trump

It would seem with all the thimerosal data provided secretly to the "elite vaccine intellects" at Simpsonwood in June of 2000 ... that the preservative would be long gone.

However they could not risk a major drop in the "hockey stick Autism graph" they had created up until that time, so they started pushing the mercury flu shots and all the "kids are dying from the flu" stories from our "now debunked" news media.

All this begins to end on January 20th.


I think that it's high time to take the legal authority to vaccinate anyone out of all providers hands - doctors, pharmacists, school nurses, regular nurses, everyone, and place it squarely back onto the lap of the pharmaceutical companies. Only at that time will doctors be able to focus on healing peoples' medical problems without conflict of interest and report on or testify safely on behalf of patients that become vaccine injured, or design a vaccine plan tailored to an individual's needs.. This would simultaneously remove corrupt medical boards' ability to target doctors according to whether they follow one-size fits all public health policies, or practice personalized medicine. The pharmaceutical companies have more than enough money to open up their own vaccination clinics. They already have doctors on their "payroll." They do not need public subsidies to financially support their for profit paradigm.
All their clinics should be made to follow certain laws designated by parents and concerned citizens.

david m burd


To clarify my last previous comment: Sanofi Pasteur by itself produced 62 million doses in multi-dose vials with each Thimerosal-preserved vial having 5.0 mL, enough for 10 doses of .50 mL volume for ages over 3 years old, or 20 doses of .25 mL volume for ages 6 months to 36 months. This was for flu season 2015-2016.

The other 2015-2016 Flu Vaccine Makers also producing multi-dose 5 mL vials having full amount of Thimerosal total about another 60 million doses.

Finally, 37 million pre-filled single-dose vials of injectable .5 mL doses claimed to have no more than one microgram of Thimerosal were produced for adults, and NOT for children age 6 months to 36 months.

It can be a confusing jumble, but the pie charts with percentages can be seen by googling:

"HIDA 2015 Market Brief Influenza Vaccine Production and Distribution"

Reading Is Fundamental
Only since the 2009 -2010 flu season have pediatric Thimerosal-free (TF) .25 mL single-dose syringe doses been produced - but the quantities of such TF doses suppled to the Health Industry have never exceeded .59 percent of entire flu-dose output, and have averaged less than .30 percent (three-tenths of one percent) over the last six years. ... References: 1) Annual Flu Vaccine Industry reports (search keywords: "hida influenza vaccine production 2010")

Upon performing this search, the result was this PDF. It indicates that single-dose syringes were predicted to constitute 13% of production in the 2010 season. The word "thimerosal" does not occur, and "pediatric" is only in the section about Medicare reimbursements.

If one looks at the 2015 report, it appears that 100% of the doses for ages 6 to 35 months were prefilled syringes.

I'm not following how you arrived at your figures, nor do I understand why you didn't present the relevant material in the "reference," rather than in effect telling readers to "Google it."

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for further information. In light of what you've added here, I more strongly suspect that the California ban has not been widely implemented nor respected. Even assuming flu mist was often used for two and three year olds, I believe we should have seen complaints of shortages for some types of infant/prenatal vaccinations in the state the past several years and probably higher production numbers by now to meet the kind of demand an honest compliance would create.

Gary Ogden

david m bird: Thank you very much for this. Took the mercury out of pediatric vaccines? Then put it back in? These people are the most vile criminals I've ever heard of in my 67 years, targeting helpless infants and children the world over. Life imprisonment with hard labor is the only suitable punishment for scum like Gerderding, DeStefano, Boyle, Offit, Pan, and all the rest. It is a good thing that the prospect of Trump being their boss is causing them to wet their pants. We must keep our president-elect's feet to the fire, so that after the inauguration heads roll. They are all guilty of murder.

david m burd

This is test to see if comments are working -- .

david m burd

Seems to be a Tech problem, but I keep sending this and it disappears:

This may be a duplicate, but I'm sending it anyway.

Jeannette Bishop (and Laura since you are definitely in California)

Every year has a wide variance of Thimerosal-free (TF) flu vaccine doses.

But let's take the TF production for infants for 2015-2016. For the entire U.S. there were 577,000 doses of .25 mL single-dose prefilled syringes. California's demographics state there are very close to 500,000 babies in the age groups of 0-1 year old, another 500,000 toddlers age 1-2 years, another 500,000 fast-growing kids age 2-3 years.

IF California is consistent with the entire U.S. having 67% of these infants/kids getting their flu vaccination shots, then that would require 670,000 shots + 335,000 shots + 335,000 shots = 1,340,000 TF doses. No way in Hell are there enough doses available.
On another vital detail: The major Agencies (FDA, CDC) concur with the Industry Production/Distribution tabulations, stating 5.0 mL multi-dose vials (preserved with Thimerosal) are to be used for infants 6 months and up - obviously by drawing .25 mL doses (laden with Thimerosal) for those under age three. Sanofi Pasteur is THE major supplier of these multi-dose vials totaling about 62 million doses for 2015-2016. I SHOULD have had this fact up front in my Post but it's found in the references I cited.

One last detail -- one sentence in my Post mistakenly says ".25 micrograms" - but it should read "25 micrograms" (dropping the decimal point).

Birgit Calhoun

I am not sure that the distinction by doctors between Hg-free and Hg-containing vaccines is strictly adhered to. The general idea among doctors seems to be that "all vaccines are safe" when in fact all vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe". With infants it really should be said that the Hg-containing vaccines should be called "criminally unsafe."

As an example of what is being done I am using my husband because he is the one person who recently received a vaccine. In the Kaiser literature for their vaccine program they stated that for persons over 65 mercury-free vaccines are recommended. So my husband went to get a shot. He is 86 years old. But when he read the actual insert, he found out that that vaccine contained the regular dose of mercury. He asked about the directive that persons over 65 should not get Hg vaccines. Not surprisingly he was told that Kaiser doesn't have mercury-free vaccines.

We do not belong to Kaiser any longer.

Cherry Misra

It has been reported that when asked about why the American government put mercury BACK into American babies through flu shots to pregnant moms and babies of 6 months, the CDC whistleblower, replied something like, Im not sure, but it may be because they wanted an excuse to keep giving mercury vaccines in the third world. (Sorry- I dont have the exact quotation) It becomes obvious here, that the "THEY" he refers to are the pharma giants- not the CDC honchos. So, in effect he was admitting that decisions about vaccine schedules and compositions are not made by health scientists at all.; They are made by business men . As to the veracity of his statement, I think I have to agree with him because in about 2001-2002, when I objected to mercury in vaccines to an Indian pediatrician, she got back to me later with this triumphant reply : Dr. T. (one of the most well known pediatricians in New Delhi) phoned the pharma rep and the pharma rep said, "Oh, the Americans have proven mercury in vaccines safe and they are putting it back in their vaccines" Now, with what happened with the flu vaccines, this pharma rep was at least telling half the truth- but his statement about "proving mercury safe" is an outright lie. Interesting to note that both the senior pediatrician and my friend saw nothing wrong in taking the word of a pharma rep on something possibly related to children being brain damaged.
People who witnessed the Nazi holocaust state that they could never understand what happened. The autism Holocaust is equally incomprehensible. Keep fighting friends.


David; like Laurel Hayes said another article far superior to anything found in the main stream.

At this point in history , I think we are under the rule of evil liars.
There are people in this world that if they had a choice of making a good, decent, honest living or a living that required tricking, cheating, other people - they rather do the later cause it is just more fun

They figured they could not lose with the flu shot. The flu shot would keep the autism rates from going down and keep the citizens in the dark about what had been done and in addition - each mandated vaccines is lots of money in the bank.

Jeannette Bishop

So, have enough thimerosal free flu vaccines licensed for infants and pregnant women ever been produced to meet the theoretical demand of just one state claiming they have banned it for these groups?

California has issued an exemption from the ban every three years since implemented. Occasionally the flu shot has been carried over into the next year (though I don't know if any of those times coincided with the use of an exemption), and with the dishonesty and sense of entitlement to deceive in the system, I'm wondering if major clinics (or maybe most clinics) in our state actually do throw out old flu vaccines every year and purchase new ones (which almost never seem to be a good match anyway), or if some just give whatever they have on shelves until they run out (which might just be about every three years?), and some maybe never ever have bothered to get "infant" formulations (or perhaps got just a few for those who might know enough to avoid the ingredient, but still want to get a flu shot) and comply with the ban, since the industry line has been thimerosal never really harmed anyone and was only "removed" due to unfounded concerns?

Of course all the above questions, assume that thimerosal free formulations are thimerosal free.

Rebecca Lee

All of the little kids that show up in our Facebook group have mercury. Their hair tests show it and they react to chelation. The parents are joining from all over the world at the rate of 100 a week and we now have more than ten thousand members.
Fight Autism and Win Detoxing Kids Facebook group.

Laura Hayes

Yet another article showing that the articles on AoA are far superior to anything that can be found in mainstream media!

The investigative thoroughness, the writing quality, the truthfulness, and the importance outrank anything one now finds in newspapers and on newscasts.

So...if you haven't yet made a donation to AoA during its annual fundraiser, please do so TODAY so we can keep such wonderful journalism alive and well! :)

Thank you for this article, David!


Recently found out a young woman who babysat my kids and worked in my son's ABA home program 15 years ago as a young teenager is pregnant for the first time with twins. Forced to get her first ever flu shot to see the "best" doctors and utilize the "best" NICU. Her husband was also forced to get one. Ironically, on the day I discovered she was expecting through a Facebook post was the day she got her shot. I've been sick about it ever since.

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