Anne Dachel Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield on VAXXED the Movie
In Which Dr. Paul Offit Declines Vaxxed Invitation for Interview at NYU Sponsored Event

Today in NYC Parents of Sick Children to Gather at the "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" Featuring Pan, Offit, Reiss

From our friends at Autism Action Network.  Today in New York City there is a seminar on how Dorit Pfizerprofessionals can confront vaccine resistance - pharmaspeak for how to deny vaccine exemption rights to Americans.  The presenters include Dorit Reiss, a California law school teacher who spends 25 hours a day attacking parents of vaccine injured children as a media pitbull, Dr. Richard Pan, the pediatician (not a typo, read it slowly) from California behind SB277, which removed vaccine exemption rights for millions of schoolchildren. He ran from Vaxxed's Del Bigtree when he himself was "confronted.  And Dr. Paul Offit, the Philly doctor who doesn't see or treat kids with autism, but has written numerous books defending vaccine injury as necessary for the greater good.


Please plan on attending a demonstration against an event entitled "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" which will be coming to the New York University Langone Medical Center this Monday, November 21, 2016.  Please meet at 11 am  at 550 First Avenue in Manhattan to greet the speakers and attendees. The meeting is closed to the public but will feature three of America's leading proponents of forced vaccination: Paul Offit, California State Senator Richard Pan and anti-vaccination rights Internet troll Dorit Reiss.  

FB PanJoining the Demonstration will be leading health advocate Gary Null, and VAXXED producers Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree. Bring friends, families and cameras. And bring a poster with a picutre of any vaccine-injured loved one, along with their name, the date they were injured and the vaccine(s) that injured them printed on the poster. 

Similar to 27 other states the vaccine industry unsuccessfully attempted to repeal religious exemption rights in New York this year. We fully expect them to be back in the next legislative session to try again. We believe that this event is related to a renewed effort in New York and other northeastern states to repeal exemption rights. 

Speakers include:

State Senator Richard Pan, Pan is the sponsor of California's Senate Bill SB 277, which eliminated Offit_blogpersonal belief exemptions from vaccine mandates in California.

Dorit Reiss, despite not having a law license in any state Reiss is a faculty member at the University of California's Hastings Law School. Her production of scholarly work is limited to promoting forced vaccination. She is also noted for a prodigious output of comments online, sometimes hundreds of comments in a single day, all focused on promoting the vaccine industry and forced vaccination.

Paul Offit, vaccine developer and proponent of seizing children and vaccinating them against parent's wishes, censoring media that includes information critical of any aspect of the vaccine industry, and revoking the license of any physician whose practice or opinions vary in anyway from those currently promoted by the vaccine industry.

A panel will include:

  • Art Caplan, Director of Bioethics (sic) at the NYU Langone Medical Center,
  • Bernard Dreyer, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a trade association which recently adopted a policy opposed to all exemptions to vaccine mandates for religious or issues of conscience.

  • Adam Ratner, an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at NYU Langone Medical Center.

  • David Oshinsky, a historian and Director of the Division of Medical Humanities at NYU Langone.

The event is underwritten by William Berkley, NYU Trustee, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Chair of the NYU Board of Trustees.

Stay tuned for news as events are organized. Please plan on attending. Spread the word, bring friends and family. The vaccine industry is determined to win control over your body, and the bodies of your children. Only you can stop them. 


Jeannette Bishop

Senator Pan at it again...

"evenly, equitably, and appropriately"

Laura Hayes

Need a chuckle? Forrest Maready strikes again.

Laura Hayes

Link to interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries after yesterday's diabolical meeting at NYU:

no vac

Well, those parents and criminal vaccines pushers admit that vaccines don't protect against infectious diseases, while they kill and cripple children.

Bob Moffit

@ Hans

"How many were there ? Bob
London salutes YOU !'

My friend .. I am very sorry for misleading you by posting the following:

"Not surprised .. but ... I didn't see any media "coverage" of OUR courageous protestors in front of NYU to confront vaccines "three little pigs" .. Offit, Pan and Reiss?

I am embarrassed to report that I was NOT personally among those "courageous protestors" .. though I fully understand why you would be misled by my inappropriate use of the word "our" .. to mean I was there in person.

In any event .. I hope those who were in attendance appreciate YOUR comment:


As to how many attended .. I can only guess from video posted online .. in my limited opinion .. there seemed to be about 50 or 60 very cold .. none-the-less .. very LOUD .. ENTHUSIASTIC protestors .. and ... I can assure each and everyone who participated:



I do hope that the Vaxxed Team and/or Forest Moready are working on the rest of the NYU medical student's lesson titled so that they can easily find it online.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Bob Moffit | November 22, 2016 at 06:56 AM

How many were there ? Bob
London salutes YOU !

Bob Moffit

Not surprised .. but ... I didn't see any media "coverage" of our courageous protestors in front of NYU to confront vaccines "three little pigs" .. Offit, Pan and Reiss?

Odd because NYC's local television stations are well-known for covering a SINGLE protestor .. if the protestor is protesting something "news directors" want to bring attention .. either pro or con .. to.

That ABC didn't coverage this particular PROTEST .. after days of reporting on an NYU plan to allow students to live in apartments occupied by senior ... is telling.



"who would your want to consult regarding medical decisions for your child... Dr. Pan, Dr. Offit or Dr. Wakefield?"

Very well put!

Laura Hayes

Polly Tommey just interviewed Dr. Suzanne Humphries on TeamVaxxed on Periscope. Might still be going. Dr. Humphries attended the meeting at NYU, and is reporting back. Unbelievable stuff said by the presenters, and I mean that in both the figurative and literal senses. Have a listen!

The VaxXed Tour Homecoming Short


Thank you, Laura Hayes, for your comments/links. I endorse every word you have written

Laura Hayes

Please take a moment to compare Dr. Andrew Wakefield's professionalism and willingness to discuss and defend his position and research, even when wrongfully and mercilessly attacked as he is in this interview by George Stephanopoulos, with that of the unprofessional, cowardly, and crass Paul Offit, as documented in today's video by Josh Coleman (link posted already in comments section).

AoA's coverage of this same interview of Dr. Wakefield by George Stephanopoulos, by Anne Dachel:

Dr. Wakefield is ever the professional, ever the gentleman, ever the brilliant and caring doctor who has never backed down from his original findings, nor from that which was confessed by Dr. William Thompson and documented in "Vaxxed"...despite suffering unthinkable, and undeserved, personal and professional consequences.

Who would you want to consult for medical decisions regarding your child...Dr. Offit, Dr. Pan, or Dr. Wakefield?

go Trump

I understand the Keynote speaker is Dr. Mussolini with

“Frauds, Felons & Fascists / let’s be Friends for Fun and Profit”

Laura Hayes

And speaking of Senator Richard Pan from CA, who is at this meeting today at NYU with Paul Offit, Dorit Reiss, and Art Caplan, let's not forget that he publicly stated that water is THE most dangerous ingredient in vaccines. Does NYU know this is the level of "expert" they are having speak at their school today?

"SB277 Sponsor Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury" by Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes

For any who missed the "Pan Ran" video by Josh Coleman, referred to by Linda1 in her comment, here it is:

And, stay tuned for more videos by Josh later today!!!


Dorit stopped commenting much two years ago, after she got pregnant with her second son. She has only put up three short comments in the last week.

She used to comment 24/7, from the time she started commenting nearly four years ago until two years ago. I think the physician commenter Mike Stevens was hired three years ago to replace her: he gradually commented more and more, while she commented less and less. I think her primary purpose now is to write papers and proposed legislation and give talks.


Too bad Josh didn't see Pan having his breakfast. He could have gotten some more footage for his Pan Ran series.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | November 21, 2016 at 10:29 AM

Laura , presumably the Proffit is feeling the pressure ! Good


People are sick of these globalist pharma shills. And these "bio-ethicists."


Thank Yiu Josh Colman!!! And the whole Vaxxed team and as always AoA!!! They don't need a three hour seminar on how to confront "vaccine resistance". Offit just sued up their position in on thirty second clip.


Looking forward to updates on this!

Thank you so much to all who are attending!

John Stone


What a great cameo - everything you ever needed to know about Paul Offit in 45 seconds!

Laura Hayes

Evidence of what type of person Offit is:

Thank you, Josh, for providing proof of what we here on AoA know...that Offit is a deplorable person who is incapable of defending his evil nonsense.

John Stone

It should be noted that it was Caplan who unleashed the present wave of vaccine mandate hysteria in the Harvard Law Review back in 2013. When he was challenged by Mary Holland - with questions he certainly could not answer - he suddenly slipped into the background and the great new vaccine mouth, Dorit Reiss, was unveiled. Caplan needed to address the ethics - he was supposed to be an ethicist - while Reiss was not even a bar registered attorney, and was accountable to no one for her incompetent, lazy and outrageous performance. All one can say is that these people are the surrogates of an industry which never has to answer, has no liability, and has been massively protected by a bought-out, intimidated mainstream media. Hit and run!

PS On reflection "lazy" might not be the word for Reiss: maybe "historically and intellectually slapdash".


For those following today's VAXXED BUS protest of the NYU panel discussion with Paul Offit, Dorit Reiss, and Richard Pan:

The panel also includes Art Caplan, NYU's Director of Bioethics, who is also an aggressive proponent of mandatory vaccines, and who published an article in the Washington Post (2/15/15) calling for the revocation of medical licenses for doctors who "oppose" vaccination.

This is especially interesting in light of his involvement in the death of Jesse Geisinger, a young man who, on Art Caplan’s advice, enrolled in a drug trial and died as a result. Art Caplan never told the young man or his family of his own conflict of interest, that he was working with the head researcher, Dr. James Wilson. He was quoted as saying after Jesse’s death: "Not only is it sad that Jesse Gelsinger died, there was never a chance that anybody would benefit from these experiments. They are safety studies. They are not therapeutic in goal. If I gave it to you, we would try to see if you died, too, or if you did OK.”

Information on this can be found in this two-part series, written by Jesse Geisinger’s father, Paul Geisinger. PLEASE READ IT ALL:

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