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Mommy Wine Contest KimBy Kim Stagliano

Got your attention, did I?  Yes, I'm sipping a glass of homemade Italian wine that could strip wallpaper, but I'm as sober as a judge. Mike Judge.  No, really, I am.

Quick Friday post here.  Reality check. Autism stinks. Autism lies. Autism smothers the true person inside. In this case, my gorgeous, bright, happy, chatty, calendar perseverating Gianna. She's 20 and in eval time at school.    Here's the deal.   I have what we call a PPT here in CT this morning. Part of our meeting is to review a psych eval.  Can I tell you something?


Hmmmm, maybe that last gulp of wine was not necessary.

Let me try again.



From Gianna's psych eval for a meeting today:

Reason for Referral:

Gianna was referred for her triennial evaluation by the Planning and Placement Team to assess her current levels of functioning in order to determine continuing eligibility for special education and related services. Gianna currently receives special education and related services as a student with Autism. Gianna will be turning 21-years-old in the 2017-2018 and will age out of school based services. This evaluation will also aid in developing transition services for Gianna.

Background Information:

Gianna is a twenty-year-old girl currently in the Elite Program, a community based program offered through XYZ Public Schools that offers transitional services, community experiences, and vocational training for students with disabilities aged 18-21.

Testing Observations

Gianna willingly participated in the evaluation, which took place over one session at the ABC Building. The assessment was completed without the use of language. Gianna was cooperative with each task. She was given a break after each subtest where she was able to use her iphone as requested. The assessment was completed in about 30 minutes. Gianna was able to complete each task without any frustration noted. Rapport had been previously established, as she and the examiner are familiar with each other.

Summary and Conclusions:

Gianna is a twenty-year-old woman in the Elite program. She is currently classified under the exceptionality of Autism. The results of this current evaluation will aid in determining the appropriate program for Gianna going forward.

Gianna was administered the UNIT-2. Based on the results of this assessment, Gianna exhibited strength in the area of Symbolic memory. The area of Spatial Memory appeared to be a relative weakness for Gianna. She demonstrated overall cognitive skills in the very delayed range.

 As rated by her parents, Gianna obtained a score of 62 on the General Adaptive Composite. Her true score is likely to fall within the range of 58-68 at a 95% level of confidence.  Relative to individuals of comparable age, Gianna is currently functioning at the 1st percentile and her overall level of adaptive behavior can be described as being in the Extremely Low range of functioning.

WHAT?????  (Slurps wine.) 

In my house of 3 girls with autism, Gianna is Einstein meets Lady Gaga. She talks. She's funny. She can read. She can do basic math.  Psychometry has yet to wraps its head around autism. There are FEW if any tests that show our kids' value, strengths, ability. They test like the silt at the bottom of the wine cask. It's tragic. It's depressing. It buys me services for her.

Is she severely affected by her Hep B at birth induced autism? Hell yes. Is she one step above a doorstop?????  NO. NO. NO.

I'll go to the meeting. Gianna will get services. I'll smile. The team will smile. And I will weep inside.

This was not Gianna's destiny. Vaccine injury took her future.  End of story.

Sorry for whining. Where's the wine....

Kim is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



Some posts just hurt a bit too much to respond to easily. I am so sorry Kim.

Just got my sons IEP progress report. They are teaching him English comprehension years below his abilities, and many years below his grade... 5 grades too low. They confuse his speech issues with his comprehension. Good people, but I seem to always be fighting to get them to see his real abilities.
breaks my heart. We don't know what to do for school next year.


Kim-I am with you as I have an adult son with autism who aged out of school eight years ago and the numbers of others just like him are staggering. I and my friends are terrified of the future when we are no longer here to care for them. God Bless your daughters and all of our special children.


You are right Kim-vaccine injury has taken away our children's future and it is happening to thousands of our children with no end in sight. My son aged out of school eight years ago and he is now in the adult world of long wait lists for services that will only get worse in the years to come. There is a housing crisis for adults with autism and we the parents are left to wonder what will happen to our beloved children when we are no longer here to care for and protect them. The vaccine damage has been done, but where is the research to figure out how to correct this damage and save an entire generation of children?

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thanks to you all. I cannot read it without crying, but always afraid that could lead to uncontrollable screaming. Wine is a blessing from above. May you each be blessed because we all deserve better -- but mostly our children and grandchildren deserve So. Much. Better.


----- and I did not finish my thoughts with her - but I will with you; I will feel really so much better when there is some punishment going on for those responsible.


I am so sorry. It was not suppose to be this way.
It is what it is though.

I had a doctor friend tell me a couple of weeks ago - when they came to visit - but my son is so sweet.

Yeah, I know what he is - I told her. We came out of this vaccine injury compared to so many others smelling like a rose but it is still an injury, an injury we live with for both our kids.


Reading our children's autism files can feel like death by a thousand paper cuts.

Sharing our children's love feels like a gazillion bandages.

david m burd

Dear Kim,

You, and your husband, and your children, are the mortar of THE foundation of AoA.

We, here on AoA, do indeed have some comfort sharing what a berserk Medical System has done to us.

So, YES, I do hoist a glass of wine to stop this. Cheers and woofs!

David and a most-friendly tail-wagging Roxie-Girl

Angus Files

Aye, Kim Someone once said to me "don't get angry get even"- but we would never get "even" and wish the destruction that happened to our kids on another kid never even Offits -BUT I do SINCEERLY hope the b++++s responsible rot in Hell and that's not the wine talking, just me.The pain they will meet when they meet the devil, for the evil destruction of our kids, will be much worse than dying and being killed violently 20 times and I say- good.



Oh Kim,
This too me back to Andrew's Psych evaluation about 18 months before he was to leave to school. I read it and was so sad and angry that the tester said he was severely mentally retarded (They were still using that term 10 years ago). Of course he tested things Andrew couldn't possibly know, like a fork and spoon on a highway sign means restaurant ahead. He missed that Andrew learn fast through observation and has mad skills in areas they neglect to see...
My sweet handsome Andrew is another of the vaccine injured, He had hit or was ahead of the curve for his milestones before that damn MMR vaccine at 16 months.
No wonder we moms need our wine!


Kim Stagliano you are a GODESS!!!! "Take the money and run" and tell those posers to stick their evals where the sun. don't shine!

Anne McElroy Dachel

It amazes me how little we know about autism, how we pretend to understand it despite the ignorance, and the utter complacency about the horrific numbers and the dark future out there for so many.

So we just keep writing, and as I always say to you, Kim, "It's wine time."

Anne Dachel, Media

Gary Ogden

Kim: God bless you all.


Sounds so familiar. Especially the smile on the outside cry on the inside though sometimes it makes its way to the outside, even after all these years.


I am new and I am with you all.

Bob Moffit

'This was not Gianna's destiny. Vaccine injury took her future. End of story.'

Kim .. the end of Gianna's "story" .. is the very same "sad" end of the "story" .. for hundreds of thousands .. including my beloved .. courageous .. non-verbal .. seventeen year old .. grandson.

God bless them .. one and all.

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