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Virginia General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care Recommends No Changes to Vaccine Exemptions

SafeMinds Online Marketplace Opens November 7th – It’s SOMewhere You Want to Visit for Holiday Gifting

Holiday giftsThe holidays are upon us! Here's an easy way to shop and support our sponsor Safeminds 2014 LogoSafeminds.


Don’t miss out—from November 7th through November 30th, SafeMinds Online Marketplace (SOM) will be available to everyone who wants to support autism advocacy, education, outreach, and research. The marketplace is an exciting auction, where you can shop for extraordinary bargains for friends and family. Click HERE to see the trips, purses, jewelry, AC/DC’s Angus Young autographed Gibson Epiphone SG guitar, clothing, books, spa visits, and wallets, among other items. There’s truly SOMething for everyone!

Why should you use SafeMinds Online Marketplace for your holiday shopping?

1) It’s fun, and there’s a big variety of really cool things from which to choose!!  Click HERE to enter the Marketplace.

2)  As the new Administration starts its term of office, SafeMinds will need to fund effective autism advocacy efforts focused on newly-appointed cabinet staff and other political appointees in the Executive Office of the President, in addition to newly-elected congressional representatives and their staff, and incumbent Members of Congress and their staff.

Your generous financial support will be greatly needed, as soon as possible, so we can begin preparation and hit the ground running early in the year!  Click HERE to enter the Marketplace.

3)  Remember how fun it is to park at the mall during the holidays? Click HERE to enter the Marketplace.

4)  SafeMinds is planning major education and outreach activities in 2017 to ensure that the conversation on autism continues to include a focus on the prevention, treatment, and resolution of moderate to severe autism; and a focus on identifying and treating potentially life-threatening, commonly co-occurring conditions with autism, including gastrointestinal disease, seizure disorders, wandering, and suicidality. Click HERE to enter the Marketplace.


Heidi Roger

Thanks guys!

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