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Dachel Wake Up: Tuscon News Asks Ped About Vax Safety - Guess Response

Part of the CDC Cover-up: KETV/ABC7 Omaha

FAIL-BUZZER-350x233By Anne Dachel

Members of the media and their news outlets have long been the spineless minions controlled by a number of outside forces in the vaccine controversy, and there is no better example than what happened on KETV in Omaha over the last two weeks.

First of all, VaxXed came to Omaha, and Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree were Vaxxed on Nov 6, 2016.

Polly: “Vaccines can and do cause harm. They can and do cause death. Get the inserts out, google side effects—because they’re real.

“Doctors will tell you vaccines are safe—they’re clearly not for some, for many. You clearly have to do your own research yourself.”

Polly and Del were asked about the claim that the MMR vaccine has been shown not to cause autism.

Del: “The very researcher that you’re referring to has now said that that is a lie. When we say that the MMR is safe, this is the study we’re talking about. It’s scientific fraud. He still works at the CDC…We’re asking the Congress of the United States to subpoena Dr. William Thompson, he’s a government employee. This is government corruption at the highest level. They’ve hidden a dangerous vaccine and protected the vaccine maker that’s making millions and millions of dollars off of this vaccine. They favored that company over the health of our children. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this. Everyone should be concerned, and everyone should be calling their congressman saying, I want you to subpoena Dr. William Thompson.”

Next Polly and Del were asked if they believed “all vaccines are bad.” This was Del’s stunning response:

Del: “I can tell you that all vaccines are not being tested appropriately. They’re not being tested the same way drugs are. Drugs are tested for ten years.

“HepatitisB, given to a day one old baby, got tested for five days. That’s criminal, that’s egregious. If we want to know vaccines are safe, more testing needs to be done.

One week later, on Nov 13, 2016, KETV ran a segment in defense of vaccines called, Disputing the link between autism and vaccines.

This time there was a different anchor doing the interview. Here two pro-vaccine people spoke:

Anchor: “Last week we were joined by the producers of the documentary Vaxxed who shared with us why they believe vaccines are harmful. This morning we’re joined by Dave Pantos and Dr. Cindy Ellis, UNMC, who have a different view on vaccines.

Pantos explained that he runs a non-profit, the Autism  Action Partnership, that serves hundreds of children with autism, and that vaccines were in no way connected to autism.

Pantos: “We just want to assure [parents] that vaccines are super important, and there’s no actually scientifically determined link between autism and vaccines so the most important thing is kids’ health and taking care of kids. So we really, really support these vaccinations.”

Dr. Ellis:“There’s been many, many studies, and it’s conclusively known that autism is not caused by vaccines. There were some studies that were published 20 years ago that made an association between the MMR vaccine and autism, and it’s been since shown that those studies were false. They’ve been retracted from the journals, and actually the scientist who published those studies had his medical license revoked because of the fraudulent data that was presented in those papers. So we know that that is not true.”

Next the anchor brought up the 1998 Wakefield study, but Pantos only talked about Brian Hooker's work.

Anchor: “The study that anti-vaxxers often cite [has]actually been debunked. Do you know much about that?”

Pantos:“Sure, the most recent publication, a couple of years ago, from Brian Hooker, that they cite to—that journal that that was published in, just recently retracted that story. So even that most recent work that they were citing to has been debunked by the publishers of the actual work itself.”

Ellis:“That’s why it’s important when you’re looking at information—you know on the internet you can find anything, and people can publish anything—that’s why when we’re looking at scientifically based studies and scientific information, we want to look at things from peer-reviewed journals and from people who know how to evaluate the evidence. That’s why getting information from your pediatrician or your primary care doctor is so important. They’re able to look at the information that’s out there and know what is real and what isn’t.”

KETV/ABC7 and their guests are just more of the cover-up. The station was not interested in authentic coverage of this critical controversy. For KETV/ABC7, the first interview with Polly and Del was a major mistake and their sole aim with the second interview was to promote vaccines as safe and bury what the producers of Vaxxed said previously.

The second interviewer mentioned that the week earlier the producers of Vaxxed were on, but she said that they had merely given their opinion on why “they believe vaccines are harmful.”

What followed was a discussion that never addressed the charge of a criminal cover-up of official research that showed a direct link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Instead, Pantos and Ellis told us vaccines are save and we should trust the science.

What is clear is that William Thompson and his colleagues at the CDC are not alone in deceiving the public about vaccine safety. Every single news outlet that engages in this kind of underhanded reporting shares in the guilt.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.




Del is referring to the issue that Hep B vaccine was changed in 1986 to a genetically modified version of the initial formula. The FDA permitted them to use prior safety data, and this is where the 5-day observational follow-up comes in:

"Hep B Vaccine Licensed By FDA Without Adequate Proof of Long Term Safety - In 1986, the FDA gave Merck & Co. a license to market the first recombinant DNA hepatitis B vaccine, which replaced the old hepatitis B vaccines made from blood taken from human chronic hepatitis B virus carriers. In awarding Merck & Co. and, later, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, licenses to market their genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccines in the U.S., the FDA allowed both drug companies to use 'safety' studies which only included a few thousand children monitored for only four or five days after vaccination to check for reactions. As 'proof' their hepatitis B vaccine is safe to be used in children, Merck & Co. stated in their 1993 product insert that 'In a group of studies, 1636 doses of RECOMBIVAX HB were administered to 653 healthy infants and children (up to 10 years of age) who were monitored for 5 days after each dose.'"

Cait from Canada

Eindeker complains about Bigtree’s accuracy while in the same post actually inverting Hooker’s conclusions.

“Taking Hooker's flawed post hoc study at face value there was no association in Caucasian boys, in Caucasian girls, in Afro-American girls and in Afro-American boys vaccinated before 18 months. The only statistical association was in Afro-American boys vaccinated after 18 months.”

In fact, Hooker concluded that a statistically significant association occurred in African American boys vaccinated BEFORE 24 months (RR 1.73) and BEFORE 36 months (RR 3.36) — not AFTER 18 months.


Del, you are a hero. Possibly go down as history's greatest (along with Wakefield).

FYI you should go and read the CDC's vaccine manual on measles. Specifically go to the part on lab testing.

In it, you will see the CDC instructing/encouraging doctors not to test for and diagnose measles if the patient is vaccinated.

Doctors don't need much encouragement but the quote stands as concrete proof that *all* vaccines are in fact 100 per cent useless.

Their entire so called success is literally nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy.

None of the diseases have been reduced, let alone disappeared, they have just been renamed.

Rates of encephalitis have not fallen since the measles vaccine - we just stopped blaming measles virus (SSPE).

Rates of paralysis have increased (a lot) since the polio vaccine - so too the number of people in modern day iron lung equivalents (positive pressure ventilators). Polio by any other name would still smell like paralysis.

Rates of liver cancer have increased since the hep b vaccine.

Rates of congenital defects have increased since the rubella vaccine.

You are vastly more likely to be hospitalisatised today for respiratory disease than before the diphtheria, pertussis, flu and pneumonia shots.

Rates of meningitis.... you get the idea.

100 per cent of vaccines are 100 per cent useless.

The funny thing is, it seems that because the lie is so obvious and massive people find it hard to accept it. They just assume that something so blatant would have been picked up by others before them.


Eindecker, you can't use sampling data to prove two variables are not correlated.

That is known as the fallacy of accepting the null hypothesis. No matter what, any study that does such a thing is invalid. So all the studies purportedly showing vaccines are safe are therefore invalid.

In the case of the CDC study Del looked at, it gets even worse because they actually found a correlation (despite desperately trying not to) and then changed the methodology halfway through - an even greater statistical crime.

It is abject nonsense to say the study proves that there is no link to other populations. The story proves that the CDC has precisely zero interest in the truth on this manner and will go to any lengths to cover up the culpability of vaccinations. No other conclusions can be drawn.

The same thing happened with the other studies supposedly proving no link too. The Danish study adjusted the data too so as to hide the strong correlation (RR of 1.5 for MMR alone).

The one and only valid method of proving the safety of a consumer product is to do the equivalent of a stress test. For vaccines, that means that somebody such as yourself needs to take the entire infant schedule adjusted for your body weight (at the very least).

Hans Litten

Posted by: Phillip B Holmes | November 15, 2016 at 10:56 AM

Everyone who has experienced this tragedy first hand knows the truth of it .
All that is left is the propaganda war (which is where Eindeker & friends come in) .

Vaccines are the cause of the autism pandemic (& much worse as well),

Phillip B Holmes

I'm seriously amazed that people are still in the dark about vaccines and autism. There are literally hundreds of independently funded studies that show a definitive link.

What is this even a debate? 59 vaccines before the age of 5 is too many for some children. One size fits all medicine has never worked in the past and isn't going to work in the future. Let's drop the CDC propaganda and move forward with a plan to correct this problem.



Go to Go ahead. You'll see a map of the US and at the bottom you'll see vaccines. Click on any state or vaccine to see the reports that have been filmed by the Vaxxed team. You think all these people are lying, Eindecker? Below are just a few of the brave physicians that have come forward to tell the truth. Oh, the last one listed isn't a physician. Nico LaHood is the elected San Antonio, Texas, Criminal District Attorney, who says he would have no problem proving that vaccines cause autism in a court of law.

Bio of person in video above: "Alvin H. Moss, MD is a Professor of Medicine in the Sections of Nephrology and Supportive Care at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. He is board-certified in internal medicine, nephrology, and hospice and palliative medicine. He is the Director of the West Virginia University Center for Health Ethics and Law, and the Director of the West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care. He serves as Chair of the Coalition for Supportive Care of Kidney Patients. He led the Renal Physicians Association workgroup that revised the clinical practice guideline, Shared Decision-Making in the Appropriate Initiation of and Withdrawal from Dialysis which was published in its second edition in 2010. He was the chair of the End-Stage Renal Disease Peer Workgroup funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that developed the Completing the Continuum of Nephrology Care: Recommendations to the Field report on renal palliative care. In 2011 he received the Renal Physicians Association’s Distinguished Service Award. He is the editor of the Ethics Series of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. His research interests include dialysis ethics and improving care of chronic kidney disease patients at the end of life. He is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine."
Dr. Patricia Ryan Family Medicine
Dr. Ramon Ramos, pediatrician, Savannah, Ga.
Dr. Mark Zumhagen, GP, Illinois:
Dr. Gabriella Lesmo (from Italy with English subtitles):
Pediatrician (starting at 12:17 minute):
MD, Houston:
ER physician:
"I believe that SIDS is being misdiagnosed and is vaccine injury in some cases."
Dr. Sarah Bridges
Nico LaHood, elected Criminal DA, San Antonio, Tx:

Bob Moffit

I second Hans Litten's comment: "We are honoured to see your comment here"

Thanks for all you and your small cadre of "VAXXED" courageous companions .. Dr Wakefield, Polly Tommey and others .. have ALREADY done .. and .. your continuing efforts to accomplish even more .. that will serve to protect children yet to be born in the USA.

As to Eindeker .. there is no other reason than abject FEAR .. to explain why the CDC .. and .. their minions .. such as .. YOU .. absolutely refuse to conduct an independent study of "vaccinated v unvaccinated" populations .. while at the same time frantically working to keep and discredit whistleblower Dr. Thompson from TESTIFYING in CONGRESS. FEAR .. nothing else.

Del .. our AoA community and our nation .. will forever be in your debt.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Del Bigtree | November 14, 2016 at 09:56 PM

Well I must say Mr Bigtree you make some wonderful points and your name seems familiar to me for some unknown reason . We are honoured to see your comment here .

So Jesus & Eindeker , lets do this in court yes ? The cdc will allow William Thompson to testify and we can let the courts decide - seems fair right ?

And any chance of a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study ? No , not in Denmark !


You know what's really annoying is that you harp on Dr. Hooker's methods of analysis nit picking and deflecting ad nauseum, but you never talk about Thompson's confession. Why is that? You never comment on the things he said, fully documented in this youtube video of the full audio of their conversations. Have a listen, Eindecker:

Here are some highlights:

“I was complicit, and I went along with this, we did not report significant findings . . . I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem.”

“The co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can. However, because I assumed that it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retain all associated computer files.” (In 2014 Thompson turned more than 10,000 documents over to Fl. Rep. Bill Posey. On July 19, 2015, Rep Posey begged Congress to investigate:

“That’s the deal . . ., that’s what I keep seeing again and again and again . . . where these senior people [at CDC] just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable.”

“The CDC has put the research ten years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism.”

“I can say that pretty confidently, vaccines cause tics. We replicated that.”
(“Early Thimerosal Exposure and Neuropsychological Outcomes at 7 to 10 Years.”)

“There is biologic plausibility right now, I really do believe there is, to say that Thimerosal causes autism-like features.”

Re the flu shot: “I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women, like that’s the last person I would give mercury to . . . I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics.”

“These drug companies and their promoters, they’re making such a big deal of these measles outbreaks. It’s like a never ending thing where the press loves to hype it and it scares people.”


Oh please Eindecker,
First of all, the study you cite is co-authored by none other than the criminal Frank DeStefano, the boss who Thompson said asked him to lie on the other study he published in 2004 on MMR. The Hep B study you cite studied babies for less than 29 days, comparing Hep B vaccinated at birth vs. not. 28 days is not long enough to detect long-term complications from Hep B vaccination at birth. Cumulative effects of multiple vaccinations according to the CDC's schedule at 2, 4, 6 months and beyond must be taken into account, because the effects on the immune system and known toxicity may not become clinically apparent until later. Many show signs of decline in health after each round but don't have a massive regression until the MMR. Some die of SIDS after the 2nd, 4th and 6th month round of shots. Not surprised that they "studied" these infants for 28 days. Designing vaccine safety studies to avoid finding negative results is the modus operandi.

Further, the abstract says:
"We found no significant difference in the proportion of HBV-vaccinated (31%) and unvaccinated (35%) neonates dying of unexpected causes (P = 0.6). Further we could not identify a plausible causal or temporal relationship between HBV administration and death for the 22 vaccinated neonates who died unexpectedly."

What does that mean? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Proves nothing. Just because these people couldn't think of a reason why the vaccine would kill the babies doesn't mean that the vaccine didn't kill the babies.

So what was your point in posting this sham study? Oh yeah. To prove that Del Bigtree was incorrect in saying that the hep B vaccine wasn't studied before it was approved for use at birth. What does your sham study say?:

There have been no population-based studies of the potential association between neonatal death and newborn immunization with hepatitis B vaccine (HBV)."

NO POPULATION-BASED STUDIES. As of 2004. About 14 years after Hep B was recommended to be given to all newborns as they exit the birth canal in a barbaric idiotic ritual. About 23 years after Hep B was routinely given to infants of Hep B infected mothers. THOSE babies born spanning a quarter of a century deserved to be given a drug that was adequately tested and monitored too, don't you think?

As Del Bigtree said, the drug is being given without ever having been adequately tested. Monitoring after the fact is experimenting on people without their informed consent. It is unethical and disgusting.

Del Bigtree

Dear Eindeker,
I'm curious... is it your belief that whistleblowers should never have their day in court? Am I to assume that you would have preferred that the U.S. never concerned itself with the "Insider" information provided by Jeffrey Wigand, the tobacco whistleblower? Or is it just government whistleblowers that you prefer to ignore? Or maybe you specifically don't like government whistleblowers who warn Americans that the CDC has committed scientific fraud on vaccine studies?

I must assume that one of these is true because you avoided discussing Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, which is the only individual I referred to in this news piece. Instead you changed the subject of the discussion to Dr. Brian Hooker and said I made inaccurate statements about Brian's work. This has been a typical bait and switch technique that I have experienced from closed minded commentators throughout the incredibly successful run of our film Vaxxed. I know you would prefer to make this story about me or Brian or Andy Wakefield, but that doesn't take away the four hours of recorded phone calls with Dr. William Thompson, or the recorded deposition of Dr. Thompson by Bill Posey whom Dr. Thompson provided with 10,000 documents backing up his claim of the scientific fraud of which I speak. There are multiple sources to my investigation including Dr. Thompson himself. Perhaps I should point you to the official statement made by Congressman Posey to the Congress of the United States:
If you are calling me a liar then you are calling congressman Bill Posey a liar also. Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, but that is all that it is.

As to my concern about the 5 days of safety testing in the pre-licensing phase of the Hepatitis B vaccine I am mystified by all those, like you, who seem to have no concern for the safety of infants. Surely you are aware that no drug for adults has ever been approved for the market in such a criminally short period of time. Yes I used the word criminal again. You ignore the short safety testing period of 5 days admitted to by the vaccine maker itself and instead post some epidemiology study, that I am sure had the biased goal of proving the vaccine was safe, thereby contaminating it's accuracy, as proof that more testing was done. Still even this study (not a test, which is what I said in my statement) only looked at the risk of death, not carcinogenic effects, mutagenic effects, or auto immune disease like drugs get tested for. Also, even your cherished study only looked at the 29 days following the vaccination. So I assume 29 days is all the time you think a study should concern itself with when dealing with the safety of infants while drugs for adults continue to be tested for years. I guess there we will agree to disagree. But while we are throwing around studies I think this study out of France linking Hep B to Multiple Sclerosis should be in the mix: (By the way it looked at 2 years after the vaccine... much more like a drug study)

I believe I have given some more clarity to the statements that I squeezed into my half of a two and a half minute interview on KETV news in Omaha. I stand by every statement that I have made. I am a journalist. It is my job to ask appropriate questions of industry and government when it comes to the health and safety of the country that I love. There are many unanswered questions that can only be rectified by the congressional subpoena of Dr. William Thompson and the rest of the scientists he has implicated, including Dr. Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC, who was gifted with a high priced job as head of Merck's vaccine department after exonerating Merck's MMR vaccine. There are also bold and broad statements about the safety and efficacy of vaccines that can only be proven with an independent Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed study, which Coleen Boyle has admitted to the Congress has been purposefully avoided by the CDC. I could go on and on about the lack of placebo based double blind experiments in vaccine testing, the danger of liability protection for the most powerful lobby in D.C., and other fraudulent vaccine studies headed by "wanted" criminals like Paul Thorsen, but I will leave those discussions to a debate that I am always willing to have on television any day of the week. Until then, I hope that you will recognize that it is in both yours and my best interest to have Dr. Thompson Subpoenaed... because only then will one of us be proven wrong.

Best Wishes.
Del Bigtree- Producer of Vaxxed

Jesus Baby

"What were they doing with the waste bin then ?"
Whatever they were doing with the waste bin it wasn't destroying evidence. Hooker got all the data for his retracted reanalysis straight from the CDC. Read his paper.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Eindeker | November 14, 2016 at 07:51 AM

Are you crazy sir ? Your comment is laughable .
What were they doing with the waste bin then ?
The destruction of evidence - that doesn't sound too scientific to me .

Tim Lundeen

@ Eindeker

I hope you will read The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, out late this month. It goes into these issues in great depth, and concludes that vaccines are in fact one of the drivers of our autism epidemic.


Hans Litten, I totally agree with you about the completely biased BBC

Eindeker, You so clearly either a) have not done much research/watched the stories of vaccine injured children and their families - or b) are a paid Pharma troll. Whichever you may be, you really do waste time posting on this very honest, unbiased site.

For Eindeker


It's everybody's business. You are here promoting the UK DH agenda year after year, often with the most implausible defences.


@ "For Eindeker" I could tell you to mind your own business but in short no-one is paying me other than pensions, state & otherwise (no pharma pensions), does that satisfy you? Strange how everything has to distill down to a conspiracy...
Anne my point was that Bigtree made a clearly incorrect statement to camera, exaggerating what Hooker was supposed to have found, why he of all people should know exactly what Hooker said, but he choose to embellish Hooker's conclusions. Have you any support anywhere that says Hooker's analysis was valid?
Bigtree again claimed in the interview that NOT THE SAME WAY DRUGS ARE. DRUGS GET TESTED FOR 10 YEARS. HELP TIE AT THIS TIME GOT TESTED FOR 5 DAYS. THAT'S CRIMINAL. IF WE WANT TO NOVAK SCENES ARE SAFE, MORE TESTING (Help tie is a colourful transcription error of Hep B listening to the interview)
Again Bigtree is wrong & incorrect: As part of the Vaccine Safety Datalink Project, we defined a birth cohort at Southern and Northern California Kaiser Permanente Health Plans of more than 350,000 live births from 1993 to 1998 and ascertained all deaths occurring under 29 days of age. We compared the proportions of deaths among birth HBV-vaccinated and unvaccinated newborns and reviewed the causes and circumstances of their deaths
There were 1363 neonatal deaths during the study period. Whereas 67% of the entire birth cohort received HBV at birth, only 72 (5%) of the neonates who died were HBV-vaccinated at birth (P < 0.01). We found no significant difference in the proportion of HBV-vaccinated (31%) and unvaccinated (35%) neonates dying of unexpected causes (P = 0.6). Also see

I'm assuming Mr Bigtree reads this site, perhaps he care to comment on, or even correct, his errors of fact in the TV interview?


Some common falsehoods repeated in the second story:

The doctor says that "the author's" medical license was revoked due to fraudulent data in the paper. Not true. The GMC did not find that there was fraudulent data. Only reporter Brian Deer alleged fraudulent data.

Deer reviewed medical records not even available to the Royal Free doctors, and found small inconsistencies and misinterpretations that he alleged showed fraud. The dozen other authors of the paper stood by the data, which showed intestinal inflammation. The paper accurately stated that parents of 8 of the 12 children reported a link between receipt of the MMR and commencement of the developmental and GI issues. Later parents of a 9th child chimed in, saying that they had previously been reluctant to speak up because in the past doctors had not taken them seriously. The paper stated that a link between the MMR and autism had not been proven, but called for further research. Nothing fraudulent. And an English court restored coauthor John Walker Smith's medical license after thorough review of the 12 children's cases, finding no fraud, no misconduct.

The doctor says you should just consult with your pediatrician. We know that the majority of pediatricians stand behind the party line, are oblivious to vaccine reactions, and learn almost nothing about adverse reactions in med school.

The reporter refers to "antivaxxers". You don't have to be against all vaccines to be concerned about our vaccine program. Why are science and medicine so binary on this topic? If someone reports complications from surgery nobody says, "Surgery saves lives! You're anti-surgery!" Most people in this movement started out pro vaccine but then witnessed serious adverse reactions.

Hans Litten

It is the inability to see the effects of chronic, low level
toxicities on human health that has been, and
remains, our greatest failing as intelligent beings.
Dr. Boyd Haley

For Eindeker


Perhaps the money is coming through Sense About Science or Science Media Centre or some other proxy organisation?

For Eindeker


No not OK at all. You see the point is that they could examine the data and then decide how to design the study to avoid coming to the inevitable conclusion, that the vaccine was associated autism in a sub-group (as btw as former NIH chief Bernardine Healy predicted, or secretly knew). And it was not just one fraud but serial fraud: Verstraeten, Madsen, Thorsen, Andrews, Pichichero, the full CDC/IOM stitch up...

So, who is paying you, and how much?

Anne McElroy Dachel


The second interview failed to include any mention of Dr. Thompson's admission of fraud or Del's claim that vaccines are not properly tested. To merely dismiss Polly and Del as anti-vaxxers and allow Ellis and Pantos to vouch for vaccines is covering up the issue.

There is a senior scientist at the CDC who wants to testify about research fraud at his agency. That should have been the subject of the Nov 13th interview. It wasn't.

Anne Dachel, Media


OK so when Bigtree made a clearly incorrect statement at the core of his allegations re the Hooker analysis in the TV broadcast what was he doing: lying? Being "economical with the truth"?, having a "senior moment"? or is it that he just does not understand what he's talking about???

Bob Moffit

"Pantos explained that he runs a non-profit, the Autism Action Partnership, that serves hundreds of children with autism, and that vaccines were in no way connected to autism."

Just curious .. but .. I feel compelled to ask? "Who pays Pantos for "running the non-profit .. Autism Action Partnership .. and .. what is his salary?

Just curious .. but .. why does the Autism Action Partnership .. that serves hundreds of children with autism .. feel they have an EQUAL obligation .. as a "non-profit" .. to focus and prioritize their time and scarce financial resources .. protecting a "product" .. such as .. "vaccines" .. from being "connected to autism'?

I am sure its just me .. but .. I believe the time and energies squandered protecting vaccines .. could better spent serving those "hundreds of children with autism" .. rather than serving the vested interests of the vaccine industry.

For Eindeker

Hi Eindeker

Perhaps your friends at the UK Department of Health (or Business) are getting cold feet?

Hans Litten

great article Anne -

"Every single news outlet that engages in this kind of underhanded reporting shares in the guilt."

Especially the BBC !

Rebecca Lee

They probably got a telephone call from somebody important.


Don't you believe in balance Anne? Where is the censorship? Bigtree & Tommey were allowed free rein to tell their story, only trouble is Bigtree can't even accurately retell the Thomson / Hooker saga, from the transcript:
"THE MMR AUTISM STUDY. MEASLES MUMPS, LOOKING AT WHAT IT CAUSED AUTISM. THEY FOUND OUT IT DID IN ALARMING RATES IN SEVERAL POPULATION GROUPS" Well actually NO he didn't Taking Hooker's flawed post hoc study at face value there was no association in Caucasian boys, in Caucasian girls, in Afro-American girls and in Afro-American boys vaccinated before 18 months. The only statistical association was in Afro-American boys vaccinated after 18 months.

Numerous commentators with far more statistical weight, if you'll excuse the pun Anne, have pointed out that Hooker's method of post hoc statistical analysis is invalid, perhaps you can provide an opposing statistical view, all in the interest of balance.

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