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Deirdre Imus Blogs About CDC MMR Autism Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson

Levi Quackenboss: @realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured

Broken promisesNote:  Every special interest group wonders what a new President will mean for their cause, their loved ones, themselves, their industry etc.  Autism as a "group" (such as we are) is no different. Same with the vaccine injury community which extends far beyond autism. Levi Quackenboss would like to chat with President-elect Trump.  Will this be a Charlie Brown tries to kick the football Presidency or a Snoopy dance?  Please read the entire post @realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured at the Quackenboss site here.


Dear Donald,

Remember this?

Trump Wakefield

So do we. Thank you for meeting with Vaxxed director Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He is the voice for so many of the vaccine injured.

But many parents on our side, both those who supported you in this presidential run and those who did not, are afraid that you’re going to go the way of Obama once you’re in the White House. They remember his campaign promises about the right to know if our food has been genetically modified, which dragged out for eight years and finally ended with him signing the Monsanto Protection Act while he and his family ate out of an organic garden— and he handed out federal appointments to any Big Ag honchos who complained about it.

They remember how one of his White House attorneys— autism dad Michael Strautmanis— rounded up autism parent activists in 2007 and promised them that this was going to be their President. Obama knew what happened to Strautmanis’ severely effected child and that he would put an end to the epidemic of vaccine induced autism.

And what happened? Obama promptly took $20 million of pharma money for his 2008 campaign and told everyone to go get their flu shot. Strautmanis hasn’t been heard from since.

We know you won’t do this, Donald. You are not President Obama.

We are here to help you stop the autism epidemic and I’ve taken the time to write out my wish list for your first term.

  1. Drain the swamp we call the CDC. Drain it of corruption, corporate influence, and public policies that fly in the face of health. Hell, drain it of all funding—you wouldn’t be the first to say it should be done. Nobody needs a billion dollars of Zika money in the United States. Nobody needs an ebola vaccine. The CDC has grown into a fear mongering monstrosity not worthy of having access to speak to the American people. Take vaccine safety away from the CDC and set up an independent agency to monitor it. If there is anyone who deserves to be grabbed by the private parts, it’s the CDC. At minimum, appoint a CDC Director who understands that health does not come from a needle and that food is medicine, and who is willing to build a national health foundation on giving access to truth.
  • Get Dr. Ben Carson to man up about autism if you’re going to nominate him as Secretary of Health and Human Services. This so-called “lack of evidence that vaccines cause autism” is really a lack of investigation into vaccines causing autism and we all know it. Hold his hand and let him know that it’s OK to admit that in some children, vaccines do cause autism, and together you’re going to turn this tide. Tell him to sell his pharma stock first. He alreadys knows the schedule is dangerous, with his public references to “too many, too soon” and wanting to stick to the “core vaccines.” But if Dr. Carson is going to have the job of caring about human conditions then he needs to care deeply about the condition of the voiceless who have been robbed of the life they deserved. Don, Bobby Jindal is an unacceptable choice for HHS. Give him a job that gets him away from vaccines.
  • Nominate a US Surgeon General who understands that autism is an illness and not a mental disorder so that we don’t get some bullshit patronizing response to a vaccine petition that gathered 132,000 signatures like this one. If it’s the Surgeon General’s job to care about public health then they need to care about the bowel disease, immune system devastation, and seizure disorders brought on by the current vaccination schedule. We can’t make America great again with 1 in 30 boys on the spectrum and 1 in 6 kids being chronically ill.
  • Publicly acknowledge the CDC Whistleblower investigation. We know you know all about this, but most of America does not. I don’t know if anything will ever come from the CDC investigation, given that their actions are 16 years old by now, but the public deserves to hear that a CDC scientist regretted his actions and that of his team in covering up the MMR-autism connection. And they deserve to hear it from the President of the United States.



To the commenters here who say "don't hold your breath" and "don't get your hopes up too high", I say this:

If you care about ending the carnage of vaccine induced autism, then a president that has been on the record of agreeing with us that vaccines CAN and DO cause Autism is an amazing thing!

We have never had anyone in a position of power anywhere near this level say that they support and agree with us.

He got elected WITHOUT BigPharma. Without the mainstream power players. As a matter of fact, those people tried to stop him, and he still won! So he is starting out without all those typical "payback favors" most new Presidents have. Does that guarantee he will put an end to the vaccine holocaust? No, but the odds are a HELL of a lot better than with anyone else that has ever been in office.

And nothing sums it up better than the article about the CDC being in a "somber mood" because of the Trump win. They know the jig is up, and they will be held accountable. They really thought they could go on forever committing their crimes, and they would have if HRC was President Elect. Now, it seems they got a reality check, and they do not like it.


You have high hopes. Pharma is wayyy to ingrained in our politicians. We must, if we are to get anything done, it to elect new people in the congress and the senate. You know the guys who make the laws... We also must hammer the state govt to not enact or roll back the crazy mandates.
I didn't vote for Mr Trump, I was a Bernie supporter through and through. I think Mr Trump will cut services (IDEA, SSI, ETC...) for children and adults with developmental disabilities. I think he has the same attitude about people with disabilities as he does about women, people of color, Muslims, etc...
My son is vaccine injured,m31 and will need 24/7 care for the rest of his life. I fear for his future more now than I did a week ago.

Mary Davenport

You cannot reform health care without addressing Big Pharma. Addressing Big Pharma is a necessary part of draining the swamp. Trump has the guts to do it. But a good strategy is necessary. The new administration will pick the people on ACIP.
They should be nominated RIGHT NOW. The incoming administration is collecting CVs right now. I was asked from another unrelated group to advertise an effort to send CVs in to the relevant groups.
Who are people who have vaccine expertise but also an accurate view of the stakes? Any who have broken with Big Pharma?
For sure Theresa Deisher. Anyone else?
Family medicine docs Michael Stone and David Jones, maybe?
We need to name the names RIGHT NOW.
M Davenport


Don't hold your breathe. Big Pharma has a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle.
Given Trump's treatment of people with disabilities I don't think he really cares.


This is SERIOUS!: There's a link above, to the White House "We the People" petition against forced, coercive, mandatory vaccines. At the bottom of that petition, there's a link to the comment page, for that specific petition. Click on it. It goes to an "Error 404, Page NOT FOUND"..... Hmmm....????....
And, the response was lame B.S. - tooting the horn of the glories of vaccines, but it did NOT address either compulsion, or the mandatory issue.... Reminds me of the day in 2001, when Bush, Jr. took office - the White House Daily email list went *POOF*.... Trust me, folks, there's FAR MORE going on here, than the lame-stream media is telling you....!!!!....
(c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

angus files

I would imagine a change at the CDC could happen as quickly as "Your Fired" it would be a big start, new boss new broom new plans, end of vaccination- keeping the faith guys.


Bob Moffit

I like to believe even Donald Trump was amazed at the MANDATE the American people have given HIM. It will be HIS responsibility to use that MANDATE to "make America great again" .. and .. hopefully .. high on the list of priorities will be .. as Levi listed #1 .. HE will begin DRAINING THAT SWAMP WE CALL THE CDC by appointing qualified people who are NOT BEHOLDEN TO THOSE MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAS BECOME THE CDC'S ETHICALLY/MORALLY INFESTED SWAMP THEIR ENTIRE CAREER.

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