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Laura Hayes Asks NYU President About Controversial Anti-Medical Rights Lecture

Laura HayesBy Laura Hayes

I have contacted NYU regarding the lecture last week at its Langone Medical Center

Last week, on Monday, Nov. 21st, I called the Office of the President at NYU to express that I was both disappointed and disturbed by a lecture being presented at NYU, specifically, the lecture by Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss titled "Confronting Vaccine Resistance: Strategies for Success".  I spoke to the woman who answered the phone in President Andrew Hamilton's office, Kyle, for 10-15 minutes.  She was polite and professional, and heard me out, which I greatly appreciated.  I gave her my contact information in hopes that Mr. Hamilton, or someone in his office, would call me back to discuss my concerns further.  I did not hear back from anyone.

Today, I called again, and spoke to Kyle for the second time.  Again, she was polite and professional, and heard me out.  I inquired as to whether or not NYU was going to host another lecture to counter and correct the information that was presented at NYU last week.  She did not know, as the President's office had not been in contact with the Director of Langone Medical Center.  She ended up giving me the number for Langone, and told me I could email Mr. Hamilton, as he was presently out of town.  I followed through on both counts.

I called Langone Medical Center, and first spoke with a woman in the Office of Communications.  She transferred me to the Director of Media Relations, Mr. James Devitt.  I told Mr. Devitt my concerns about NYU hosting the lecture and speakers that it did last week, and asked whether a subsequent lecture would be offered to counter and correct what was shared with NYU's medical staff and students.  He did not know anything about the lecture to which I was referring, so he took down my name and number, and said he would check into it and get back to me.  

In the interim, I wrote the email below to NYU President, Andrew Hamilton.  I will keep you posted regarding what, and if, I hear back from Mr. Devitt and from NYU President Hamilton.  (I hope to share the presentation which I attached for him with AoA readers in the coming week.) 

Should you want to send your own email to NYU's President, his email is:  

[email protected]

Should you want to call the Office of the President, that number is: 212-998-2345

Should you want to call NYU's Langone Medical Center, that number is: 212-263-7300.  From that main number, I was eventually transferred to NYU's Director of Media Relations.  I may call again, after hearing back from Mr. Devitt, and ask for the Director's office.

I was calm and courteous, as I want them to respond to the questions I asked, including why NYU hosted such a lecture, with such speakers, and what they intend to do, or not do, regarding countering and correcting the inaccurate, unethical, and dangerous information that was shared with their medical staff and students.  If they choose to do nothing, similar to UC Berkeley's School of Public Health after I contacted them last year, after Richard Pan spoke to its students about water being the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines, that will speak volumes about NYU.


Dear President Hamilton,

I am writing to express my grave disappointment at NYU's hosting a lecture for its medical staff and students last week titled Confronting Vaccine Resistance: Strategies for Success, with speakers Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss, and moderator Arthur Caplan.  

A summary of what was shared by these speakers can be listened to here, as lecture attendee, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, gave an interview immediately following the lecture:


Dr. Humphries opens her recap with:  "It was more social engineering, brainwashing of medical students."  

Here, in this 45 second clip, you can see Paul Offit's response to a request to be interviewed regarding what he would be sharing during this lecture:


And here is a brief article I wrote about CA's Senator Richard Pan after he stated in a lecture to students at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health that water is the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines:

"SB277 Sponsor Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury" by Laura Hayes

I am wondering if you were aware of this lecture at NYU's Langone Medical Center?  All of the speakers and the moderator are in favor of overriding parental rights when it comes to vaccination. This despite the fact that not one vaccine has ever been proven safe, efficacious, or necessary, and despite the fact that millions have now been injured or killed by vaccines, and despite the fact that the recommended and mandated lists for vaccines continue to grow, without any type of proper or ethical testing.  And the definitive study, a comparison study between the vaccinated and the completely unvaccinated, continues to be refused to be done by those profiting from vaccines, which is a statement in and of itself.

I recently gave a presentation at WAPF's Wise Traditions Conference in Alabama, on 11-13-16. I am attaching my presentation with the sincere hope that you will read it from start to finish. I am hoping it will compel you to contact the director of NYU's Langone Medical Center to discuss an immediate retraction, and correction, of what was shared with NYU's medical staff and students on 11-21-16.

As a distinguished chemist, I hope you will be interested to utilize the link at the end of my presentation which will take you to a listing of all vaccine package inserts. Please look at the amounts of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and other ingredients. Please analyze the clinical testing methods, and note the lack of placebos and proper control groups, not to mention the incredibly short clinical observation periods. With a chemist's knowledge, do you deem it safe to be injecting these ingredients into pregnant women, fetuses, newborns, infants, toddlers, young children, right on up to the very elderly, with no pause?

Please update me regarding any actions you take to address and refute the inaccurate, unethical, and dangerous information that was shared at NYU by Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss.


Laura Hayes

Stanford 1987

Granite Bay, CA

Parent of Vaccine-Injured Children



Thank you Laura. You inspire and motivate with your passion and your determination. I appreciate you and everyone else involved in this conflict. I think were beginning to gain some real traction now.


Thank you so much Laura for your incredible work, your heart, your brilliance, your sacrifices and standing for truth and justice. Thank you also to Suzanne Humphries. You are both doing incredible life-saving and life-enhancing work. We greatly appreciate this news and information.


This could be why Congress failed to pursue the vaccine issue in 2012. It cannot be lost on people that more CPS involvement due to vaccine noncompliance is beneficial for twisted persons.


Thank you, Laura, for your passion and persistence. You are a wonderful campaigner for vaccine injured children and their families. So much appreciated.

Alice Becker

Thank you Laura. This is brilliant. I saw you at the Weston A. Price conference and the information you are offering to the NYU community is comprehensive and valuable. I hope they accept your offer to counter the endoctrination given by Paul Offit.


They were advising doctors to shut down conversations by telling horror stories, anecdotes, and announcing definitely "we are doing this today" because vaccinations are not debatable, plus doctors only have 15 minutes to see each patient?!

As someone who had measles, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, etc. in the 1950s and 60s I notice that one big difference is that I notice is that back in the day the doctor had to make a house call to see children because of contagion. Now, they can collect their money with an assembly line process in the office.... and if the kid develops an autoimmune disease, that's non-contagious and increases their income stream. Don't kid yourself. The biggest incentive for vaccination promotion in economic benefit to the medical establishment including pharmaceutical manufactures.

BTW: Although I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, I spent months in bed after my polio immunization. I was unable to move the first couple of weeks and had to be carried to the bathroom. I now know that not only did they change the definition of polio after they noted a sharp increase in polio cases among the recently vaccinated in order to suppress the numbers, I was vaccinated during that 1955-1963 window when polio vaccine was contaminated with SV40, a monkey kidney virus known to promote cancer.


Hero worship is an appeal to authority.
Mischaracterizing the opposition is demonization.
Laughing at opponents is denigration and dismissal.
Straw man misrepresentation of opponent perspective is a logical fallacy.
Lying about historical and scientific fact is representative of "uncertainty bias."

None of this science. It is propaganda. And yes, it is calculated to close minds.

“The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ~ Aldous Huxley,

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Jeannette! I thought it beyond odd that neither the operator nor the woman in the Internal Communications Dept. found him listed, or had heard of him. I asked if perhaps he was in a different area than NYU's LMC, but I was told that even if he was, he would show up in their database. I was also told that they were having switchboard issues. Ah well, thanks to Jeannette, I now have his contact information...much appreciated, Jeannette!

Should others want to contact James Devitt, or the woman whom I emailed this afternoon, Lisa Greiner, here is their contact info:

James Devitt: 212-998-6808 [email protected]

Lisa Greiner, Senior Director of the Internal Communications Dept. at NYU's LMC:
[email protected]

Jeannette Bishop

A James Devitt is listed here as Deputy Director--Media Relations.





go Trump

Thank you Laura, I always wonder what the average debt is for a pediatrician starting out a practice.

100 K for med school ? and another 300-400 K for their house, car, office, equipment and of course a 70 K vaccine supply.

What do they need for each “well baby visit” to cover their costs ? I would suppose they cannot afford to have their vaccines expire.

Thank goodness they DO NOT have to pay for insurance to shoot up an infant with 8 or 9 vaccines on the same day.

A number of things will change quickly I hope in the first 100 days after January 20th.


What an amazing and thorough letter your wrote! I truly hope they Mr. Hamilton responds to your questions and offer. Please keep us posted.

Thank you for all that you do!

Laura Hayes

I also sent this additional email to NYU President, Andrew Hamilton:

Dear President Hamilton,

Dr. Suzanne Humphries continues to expose the truth, and has made 2 more short videos which counter the lies told to LMC's medical staff and students last week at the lecture titled "Confronting Vaccine Resistance: Strategies for Success". Please make the time to watch these 2 videos, in addition to watching and reading the other information which I sent you in a previous email. I hope you will feel absolutely compelled to counter and correct that which was shared with NYU students and staff.



Additionally, I hope that you will be appalled at the ridiculing of and laughing at the parents of the vaccine injured and the vaccine killed that occurred at this lecture, initiated by Paul Offit and Richard Pan, and participated in by NYU students and staff. As the mother of 3 vaccine-injured children, one to the point of severe and permanent disability, I am beyond appalled by such behavior. Such cold-hearted callousness and unprofessionalism should have no place at an institution of higher learning, or anywhere.


Laura Hayes

Angus Files

Maybe Donald Trump`s( were not worthy bow) Georgia Republican Rep. Dr Tom Price who has been picked to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Donald Trump’s administration will have something to say about these biased meetings.

Run pharma whilst you can were after ya!

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/28/report-trump-taps-congressman-tom-price-for-health-and-human-services-secretary/#ixzz4RQttBGoC


Drain the swamp

Brainwashing and social engineering from pharma and the 'bio-ethicists.' Big surprise.

Laura Hayes

Quick update:

I just called to follow up with James Devitt, whom I was told yesterday was the Director of Media Relations at NYU's LMC.

STRANGELY, they have no James Devitt in their database, and were unable to connect me with him today, and had no idea about whom I was talking!!!

The woman I spoke with today, in the Internal Communications Dept. at Langone Medical Center, instructed me to email Lisa Greiner, the Senior Director of the Internal Communications Dept at NYU's LMC. I hope to have time to do that this afternoon. I will keep you posted.

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