Atlanta Home of CDC Airs News Segment Questioning Vaccine Court
ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. LAUNCHES THE WORLD MERCURY PROJECT Vows to change government policies that injure children.

JB Handley on the WHAAAmbulance En Route to CDC Post Election

WaaaambulanceFrom JB Handley on "7 Reasons why CDC Employees Should Be Crying in the Hallways."

PORTLAND, Oregon — Question: The day after Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the presidential election last week, how many government agencies had reports in the media of their employees “crying in the hallways”?


Exactly one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is based in Atlanta, GA.

As a long-time critic of the CDC, I was pretty shocked to see this headline last week, courtesy of Atlanta’s NPR radio station, 90.1 WABE:

Atlanta CDC Employees Express Anxiety Over Trump’s Win

Employees at the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the mood in their office is somber. The…

The story detailed the climate at CDC the day after the election:

“At the General Muir deli across the street from the CDC, a few employees talked to WABE, asking that their names not be used. One microbiologist said her colleagues were crying in the hallways.”

“It’s really sad,” she said. “It’s depressing. I’m eating a bagel to try and be happy.”

The average voter — even a Trump supporter — probably has no idea why CDC employees might be “crying in the hallways,” while the average autism parent (meaning those of us who have children with autism) like me understands it perfectly. Frankly, it’s pretty hard for me to write about the CDC without shaking with at least a little bit of rage. On the off chance this is your first time considering this topic, I’ll steady my hands and explain it to you:


The CDC is in charge of recommending the vaccination schedule for U.S. children, which has grown from 5 total doses in the 1960s to more than 70 today.
The CDC is ALSO in charge of monitoring vaccine safety for those more than 70 doses.
In an ironic twist (at least for parents like me), the CDC is ALSO in charge of tracking the number of children with Autism in the U.S., a number that has grown from 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s to 1 in 68 today.

For many autism parents, the CDC being in charge of both implementing the vaccine schedule and monitoring the safety of vaccines has always felt like an extreme conflict of interest.

And, we were never alone in that feeling.

10 years ago, two members of Congress, Representatives Dave Weldon and Carolyn Maloney, tried to pass a bill to separate vaccine safety from the CDC: Read more here.


Jeannette Bishop


Hans ; LOL! Lordy - she has been at it for a while.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Benedetta | November 18, 2016 at 08:58 AM

Colleen Boyle wearing Orange , that is good . Hopefully Agent Orange !

Just heard Andrew Wakefield say number of autistic children in India now is 10.4M
Given this I need to revise my global estimate for Autism to 100M+

This is a holocaust - it is absolutely official . This is the biggest crime in all history EVER.


Han Litten:

I too hope Coleen Boyle is sweating bullets.

You know if things go the way I want them to go - she won't even be able to choose the shade of orange she has to wear.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Louis Conte | November 17, 2016 at 10:38 PM

Just listened to David Kirby and I have to tell you I am totally underwhelmed .
He seems to not know that much about vaccination .
He seems to be undecided .
How is that possible David Kirby ?

Louis Conte

People should take some time to listen to JB's podcasts at the end of the article.


Dawn Winkler

My comment was supposed to be to the article regarding the World Mercury Project but somehow it ended up here. Sorry for any confusion. Trying to rectify that.

Dawn Winkler

What happens when mercury is removed (again) from vaccines? We have been down this road once already and in the wake of supposed "mercury free" vaccines, millions of children continued to be injured and many killed. Why? A couple of reasons. First, mercury wasn't really removed. It was merely reduced in some vaccines. How do I know? My organization had them tested by two independent laboratories. Second, mercury is NOT the only issue. Far from it. So again, I ask, where are we when mercury is supposedly removed from vaccines again? Do we still have mandatory one size fits all vaccine programs? I will also ask the same question that was asked in 2012 at Autism One in Chicago. Do you support a parent's right to say no to vaccines once the mercury is removed? That question was asked at least 3 times during that conference. Twice by me. Congressman Posey answered a resolute YES. Unfortunately, the silence following the question after RFK Jr's talk was deafening. A moment in time I won't soon forget. The mood of the room changed from an energetic standing ovation to energy draining nausea and shock.

I do not want safer vaccines because I know that the term "safe vaccine" is an oxymoron. How do I know? Because twenty years of research has shown me that vaccines are flawed by design and that they cannot be made safe, ever. Save yourself the twenty years and just read Tetyana Obukhanych's book "Vaccine Illusion". She holds a PhD in immunology and the book sums up the issue quite nicely and in layman's terms.

The end of vaccine mandates is the only real solution to the health crisis our society faces as a whole. Yes, the NCVIA of 1986 should go away, along with the mandates.

While I applaud the effort to remove mercury from all medicine and food, I know from experience the dangerous ground we tread on when we focus solely on mercury when it comes to vaccines. I try to learn from my mistakes. I was heavily focused on mercury for a certain time frame of my life, even got a bill sponsored to ban it in one state. But as I learned more and as I watched things unfold around the country, I realized the inherent problems that arise when this is the focus. I'll be crucified for not being ecstatic over this effort, but, so be it. What we should all be pushing for is the 28th Constitutional Amendment to the United States Constitution:

"The United States Government and its agencies may not compel or deny any medical procedure, treatment or substance, whether by force, detainment, fines, taxes or the withholding of benefits."

Birgit Calhoun

I think the rest of the article it is very well put together. I think it is one of the best websites on the subject. I especially like the podcasts. They are all worth listening to.

go Trump

Let see… recent CDC highlights / Center for Destroying Children

2000 / two day secret and illegal CDC Simpsonwood vaccine mercury meeting / data and reports hidden ….thousands of Vaccine Court cases thrown out

2004 / CDC throws away Autism data on the MMR vaccine and declares all vaccines safe

….thousands of Vaccine Court cases thrown out

2009 HINI is going to kill us all… infants take two mercury flu shots

2014 / Dr. William Thompson provides "endless scientific fraud data" from the CDC

November 2016 / Americans have had enough


Was just reading a Forbes "quote of the day"; If you make a mistake fix it and move on" Seems really relevant to the CDC right now. ( Of course, those who are vaccine injured can't "just move on".)

The people working at the CDC though, are probably just realizing, as the CIA did with waterboarding, that the politicians/people in power who convince you that it is okay to break the law or to "edit" study results aren't going to be there beside you when the time comes for an accounting.

And that as the political wind changes , chances are at some point you will be left out in the cold.

So..maybe time for people in the CDC to look at saving both themselves and the children of America from vaccine injury. Whistleblow, get protection, and you are obviously one of the good guys. A bit late, but better than waiting to see if you how bad it is going to get.
Or.. get everyone together and give a press release saying that you have "just discovered" that there is a link between vaccines and autism in some cases. Better for our children to let the information out now, and one possible way to get a jump on what is likely about to come out in career wrecking ways for those who have hidden the facts.
Just my opinion.

Barry Stern

When Mr. Trump drains the swamp, he should start with the CDC, while the Speaker of the House launches a Congressional investigation to discover just how corrupt this agency really is. The people of this country need to know just how much pain and suffering this rogue agency has caused parents and their children with autism.

John Stone

I am glad to say the links are now working.

Hans Litten

I am not happy with this article at all !
Until we know the identities of those crying I am completely dissatisfied .

Please tell me Colleen Boyle was one of those crying ! Then Xmas has come early .
DeStefano perhaps - that would be excellent !
TanyaK ?
Marsha Allsopp ?

WilliamT you are a good man . Keep safe .


I too am unable to open the rest of the article, however, the beginning is REALLY good! Thank you Mr Handley!


Maurine Meleck

Call the Waascue workers. The link to contin ue the story doesn't work.


the link to Medium is down....

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