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(Horror) Stories from the Vaxxed Team

Scary-truth_495x150By Anne Dachel

Almost thirty years ago now, my husband and I were in Europe visiting his sister who lived in Holland at the time. (Our first child, John, who would later descend into autism, was a healthy one year old back in America with relatives.)

I clearly remember one time sitting in a train car in Switzerland talking to a German woman. She was fluent in English and very friendly. At one point she said she was sure that all Americans think the Germans who lived during the time of Hitler hated the Jews and everyone was a Nazi. I told her I understood the severe economic conditions that gave rise to fascism in Germany and that people didn't support Hitler because he promised to create a Holocaust of the Jews.

The lady went on to tell me about the wonderful things the Nazis did for Germany in the midst of the depression and the aftermath of World War I when she was growing up. As far as the Jewish situation, she empathically said, "We just didn't know what was happening."

I never have forgotten that conversation. Here was someone who was a little child in the 1930s and the Nazi provided her with summer camps and lots of fun activities. Granted, she didn't know back then what was really going on, but she knew all about mass slaughter in Hitler's death camps when we were speaking in the 1980s. Still, there were no expressions of remorse or horror at the outrages of genocide perpetrated by the Nazi regime, just the often repeated, we didn't know.

Autism and the connection to vaccinations wasn't even remotely in the picture back then, but they are very much on my mind today and everyday. This leads to me think about the future. Why? Because the truth has to come out, or we have no future. And when we wake up to the reality of the holocaust created on the high altar of corporate greed, what will be the response of those in positions to have known what was happening?

What about the doctors and nurses who witnessed horrible vaccine reactions? What about the researchers hired to design studies to cover up any hint of vaccine damage? How will they explain what they did?

I ask this because I just spent hours watching individual stories cataloged by Polly Tommey and the "Vaxxed" team

As Vaxxed continues to be shown around the U.S., voices are finally being heard. The vaccine injured, a segment of the population that has long been dismissed as an acceptable price to pay for disease prevention and otherwise silenced by intimidation, are speaking out. Victims themselves are talking, parents are talking about what happened to their children following vaccination, and doctors are talking about how they were misled to believe that vaccines could never be harmful.

There are no words to describe what we're being told here. 

My thanks to Polly and the others for doing this. I can't imagine what it's like to hear these stories day after day.

Here’s a small sample of what the Vaxxed team has uncovered.

(Missouri) Pediatrician:

“I’m a pediatrician for 36 years. I’ve been in private practice for 26 years. I feel that every parent has a constitutional right of making that decision. They want to wait, they should be able to wait. …

“When we’re studying medicine, we are clueless of what’s in those vaccines. We are not taught what’s in those vaccines. We’re just taught what the schedule is like.

“…Unless we go at it on our own, and we decide to start looking at those inserts and really start looking at what they document as side effects, to really start listening to our parents, let them be the ones guiding us, letting us know what happened with the last set of vaccines. That’s what we should be paying attention to.”

This doctor went on to say that he was expected to do and say whatever the CDC and the AAP told them. “If we do not do that, then we’re considered outcasts.”

He went on to say that he was not surprised by William Thompson’s claim of fraud and cover-up at the CDC. “Personally I think there is just too much money involved …” This doctor’s own grandchildren are unvaccinated and minimally vaccinated. As far as how parents are treated, he said, “That’s what we do with our population, we scare them enough that they will do whatever we want them to do.”

 (New Mexico)   “Well, Ethan was my first born, and I was young, I was 22, so I did everything they told me to do because I was naïve and trusting.

“The first reaction…was when he was four months old and he abruptly stopped nursing, and he kept throwing his head back and arching his back and screaming. It was right after his four month vaccines, and I thought it was something that I was doing wrong.... The second one was after his twelve month vaccines. He lost eye contact, stereotypical playing with the wheels and watching wheels roll back and forth constantly. …Like an idiot I want back for his fifteen month vaccines, and he completely stopped talking. It was after for some reason, the light bulb went off, and I stopped vaccinating him….”


“My name is Robert Meyer, and this is Joshua Meyer, he’s twenty. …He contracted RSV and a rota virus when he was about fourteen months old. Prior to that he’d be pretty healthy, and he’d get a vaccine…and then he’d get an ear infection and go on oral antibiotics. So that was the cycle he was on prior to his fourteen month episode. He’d been dehydrated in the hospital and had an IV….and my wife at the time took him to a second doctor and got a second opinion, and that’s when they vaccinated him for eight diseases at once, MMR, DTP, oral polio and the HepB, I believe.

“My wife said he was like standing in the hallway screaming that night, probably from the inflammation of his brain, swelling and things of that nature.

“So then he stopped talking, he regressed. He had words prior to that. We thought he was deaf. …It took a few months before the official diagnosis actually came in.”


“As a baby, he was always moving along, meeting his milestones. That first year we  took Dallas in for the regular checkups, the regular vaccines, hadn’t really noticed anything, but then at the time he’d had the chicken pox vaccine, about a day later, he spiked a tremendous fever—about 104, 104.5, was vomiting a white foamy, cottage cheesy almost type of something. …”

“At that point we hadn’t seen any reactions outwardly, but then when we went back, we started questioning things after the chicken pox vaccine, went back,  collected all of his medical records from the doctor’s office. Each time it was noted that we’d called to report a fever or something.”

“[After the chicken pox vaccine] I called the doctor, I said something—he’s not well, he’s sick to his stomach, and even scarier than that, he forgot how to crawl. We could put him on the floor and see him thinking about how to put one hand in front of the other to crawl.

“[The doctor] basically just said, ‘I’m sure it’s not a problem, don’t worry about it. He should have another chicken pox, but we’ll just skip it.’

“After that he was fully vaccinated, flu shot included, for a few more years. It wasn’t until he was seven that we actually—and that was after his diagnosis—that we put all the information together, that we realized we were causing him harm.”

(North Carolina)

“Joey just turned twenty. …”

“They have to know some of these vaccines are doing this to these kids, don’t they?

Joey’s parents described how the whole family has been impacted by their severely disabled son.

“He would be up three, four days straight, pacing, non-stop pacing. … No doctor would say. They actually said they had no clue what was wrong with him.”

His parents talked about how he’d briefly been in a grouphome where he was left in a dark room. In another group home they refused to follow a special diet.

Joey’s mom related how his medical records showed continuous infections and medical problems from infancy onward.

“He never talked.”

“I just went along … at two months, he got his second hepatitis B shot; his first one the day he was born, but I didn’t think anything of it. I just remember before he turned a year old, he had repeat ear infections, and they said, one more ear infection, and we’ll have to put tubes.”

“At fifteen months, it was the MMR…I must have called back the next day because they said that I reported that he was crying non-stop, he was high-pitch screaming, he had a fever. At that age, I didn’t put anything together. I didn’t know anything at that time. Then I remember seeing the study with Andrew Wakefield, but I still didn’t make a connection.”

“He would be covered in blood from hurting himself. …He’d rip his skin. You can see the scars on his hands. He’d rip the skin off his hands.”

Polly Tommey then talked about GI doctors who were afraid to treat these children for their bowel problems because then they would be “Wakefielded.”


“I’m actually a physician with a vaccine injured child….I’m a psychiatrist, but I do a little bit of everything….

“I never questioned any of it. I feel so foolish. I have incredible guilt. The guilt I have just because I’m a doctor, I should know. I tell that to people when I prescribe. … I never questioned any of his vaccines, in fact I was always very pro-vaccine. …He was of course vaccinated on time for everything. Around four months we went in for his routine vaccinations. He had DTap that day. That’s what we feel like—but we don’t really know which one it was. Within three hours, we took him home , and he went—sort of had a change in his consciousness . He was very tired and not rousable. …around six that night, Stephen said, ‘He’s just really tired, and I’m just letting him sleep because he seems so tired.’ …He started screaming uncontrollably, turned bright red. He had several, I guess they were seizures. I never saw anything like it.

“We were calling the pediatrician, the on call doctor was like, ‘Oh, a 105 degree fever, just give him Ibuprofen, keep him home.’ They were trying everything they could to keep us from taking him in to the hospital, and we were like, no, I don’t care what they tell us, I’m taking him to the ER. He’s not calming down, he’s screaming, he’s fighting us. …

“[At the hospital], they treated us like we were crazy. We said it was the vaccines, and we felt very strongly that it was a vaccine injury, and what could they do for us. And they said, no, vaccines wouldn’t do this. …”

Tests were done and the parents were told the CT scan of his head showed no problem, but a year later, after reviewing his records, his mother discovered that it actually showed brain swelling.

The hospital gave the parents Tamiflu and sent them home.

“It wasn’t until I got his records later that I was so profoundly disgusted and depressed at how people could lie to the family of an infant. …

“So now Anders is four. He has said almost three words. He has no words. He is autistic, he goes into rages, he attacks frequently.”

“He bangs his head into the wall, he bites himself.”

“He hurts himself all the time.”

“He gets upset really easy.”

“I can’t tell you how much I wish I had done something different. I wish I had done more. The guilt that I have as a mother, as a physician who should know better—I’ll never forgive myself.”


“I was given the flu shot when I was pregnant with him, and it put me in the emergency room. I was almost on a ventilator. …Severe allergic reaction to it. One of the internal medicine doctors came in and asked me why I accepted the shot, and I said I didn’t want it, they just stuck it in my arm. He said you could really hurt your baby.

“He was born and he was doing real well, developing well, talking and walking, and then when he got his MMR shots when he was like thirteen months, he got real sick and ended up in the hospital. They’d given him like a bunch of antibiotics, …then he just stopped walking, stopped talking, just regressed backwards. We eventually got him talking again at the age of four. … “

After this child got away from his family and jumped into the Mississippi River, the mother was investigated by CPS.


Dr. Sarah Bridges:

“I am Sarah Bridges, I am mom to four kids, one who is vaccine-injured. ..

“I was in the PhD program in neuropsychology, working at the med school, as mainstream as you get. …We had Porter and he was totally healthy, ahead of his milestones, doing great. …Went into his four month well baby check, and he received eight vaccines. …Ten hours later, after the shots, we are awoken with the worse high-pitched scream I have ever heard, go down to his room, and I pick him up and I find him soaking hot and unconscious—head just flopping to the side. …

“We initially called the nurse’s line, just not knowing what to do and said, knowing that he’d been healthy in the morning, and said, ‘Is this something about the vaccines?’ and she said, ‘They often run a little fever.’

“I said, ‘He’s totally unresponsive.’

“She said, “Get to the hospital right now, the doctor’s going to meet you.’

“[At the hospital], he’s still unconscious and then goes into a grand mal seizure that lasts two hours. So this is the beginning. Doctors are calling doctors. Our pediatrician came in at three in the morning.

“He seizing and seizing, and they’re trying to give him Valium and different things. Nothing is working. And this is a four month old baby. Finally a neurologist who was called in said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll get him to stop seizing, he just might stop breathing. …

“The ER doctor that night turned to me and said, ‘He’s had a severe pertussis reaction.’ He told me about the vaccine program, which I’ve since learned, nobody has that experience. I didn’t know it existed, and I said, ‘Oh, I don’t sue people.’

“‘No it’s not suing doctors, you need to report this. I’m reporting this to the CDC.’ And he did as well.

“That was the beginning of our whole story. Dr. Bridges son went on to describe how Porter continued to deteriorate with multiple hospitalization for seizures.

Sarah noted that while the ER doctor was sure Porter had a vaccine reaction, his pediatrician said, ‘Absolutely not, vaccines are totally safe. …They never cause problems.’

A fellow researcher at the University of Minnesota who knew the history of the pertussis vaccine disagreed. He said, ‘Sarah, they’re covering their ass. …There’s long history with this vaccine, you need to go to the med school library.’

“I go there and it was just shocking to learn that in Japan, in Europe—this is not a new issue… So we started the process and filed a claim in the vaccine program. Just a few months later—and I was so happy to hear it was swift justice, it would just take six months, that’s what we were told.”

“And it turned out to be eight years, rather than six months, and though that time, Porter continued to be in a similar fashion…”

“We split up. The family totally broke up under the pressure. Eight years of this,…We went through a couple of years where Porter would be up much of each night. I knew the firemen by name …because they arrive first when you call 911.

“What happened was, despite the meds, Porter would have what’s called status seizures that can go on indefinitely. …

“His behavioral issue got worse and worse also because the medications for the seizures. It was just out of control, family life went down the tubes….The whole focus of the family became centered on Porter.”

Sarah described the grueling process involved in having a case in vaccine court.   Most chilling of all was her comment that despite it being fifteen years since Porter was injured, “nobody has ever reached out to us once to follow up. Wouldn’t you think having done original research, wow, you have this group of people we’ve all agreed were brain damaged, maybe there is something we should be studying about these kids?”


Savannah Schneider received the Gardasil vaccine when she was in the seventh grade.

“I went in for my seventh grade physical. …They gave me my shots in my left thigh and the last one hurt really bad. It felt like they were injecting fire in my leg. I started getting these purple dots around the injection site, and I felt extremely sick for the rest of the day. The doctor told us it’s normal for that to happen. It’s just because you’re getting shots in general…”

“She received a DTap, and she received a couple of other boosters. I’m not sure which ones off-hand. … They were the typical seventh grade required shots. I had asked the nurses and the doctor to administer only the required shots. …”

Savannah’s mother specifically told them NOT to give her daughter the Gardasil vaccine because she wanted to do more research.

“Three nurses came into the room. They seemed like they were in a huge hurry. Two nurses were prepping her, and one nurse turned around and handed me a piece of paper, but only after her skin had been prepped on her legs for the vaccines. All three nurses were sitting there staring at me, and they said, ‘Oh you need to sign that before we can do this.’

“And I said, ‘This is only for the required vaccines for her seventh grade shots, right?’

“And they said, ‘Yes.’ And so I signed it because I didn’t feel I had enough time to read the fine print…’

“The next thing I know, one of the nurses turns around and says, ‘She’s going to have to come back in two months for her next Gardasil vaccine.’

 Savannah's mother expressed her shock that her daughter had been given the very vaccine she had so no to.

"But I was thinking, well what are the odds? What are the odds of her getting an adverse reaction to this vaccine, you know since it's one in a million.

"She had a headache, she felt weak, she almost fainted. The blood rushed out of her face. I basically had to help carry her back to our truck. ...

By the next day there was hemorrhaging in her leg. "She had a fever and within two days she had pneumonia. She kept getting sick, kept getting sick.

“Over the next eight weeks, she came down with pneumonia, bronchitis, two ear infections, a sinus infection, a throat infection, and constant thrush. Her immune system was compromised.

“After that eight week period, I took her to a neurologist because she started having times when she would just blank out, stare off into space, and she was unresponsive. She wouldn’t respond to her name. We’d be walking, and she would literally walk into a wall. And it scared me because it’s not her….”

Savannah’s mother discovered that her daughter’s symptoms were identical to what many other girls had suffered as a result of the Gardasil vaccine.

Savannah began to have migraines, and “she was sleeping anywhere from twelve to twenty-one hours a day for two months. She had a constant fever for five weeks of 102 to 103degrees. And the seizures, after a few months, went from small seizures to grand mal seizures.…

“She’s been hospitalized nine times in twenty-six months. …for extreme pain that is uncontrollable.”

“Absolutely everywhere. My joints, my spine, my head especially, and in some muscles. And it’s just uncontrollable.”

“And the pain has been so bad that there have been nights where she has woken up and told me, ‘Mom, I am so sorry, but I’m dying.’…

 “We’ve met so many wonderful people through Facebook that have been through the same injuries, and it has helped me to stay sane because we know we’re not alone. But we want to get the word out there, that this vaccine is not safe. It injures way more than the CDC says it does. We saw injuries immediately, but they progressively got worse over several months.”

Savannah was referred to the Mayo Clinic by her doctors.  There they said that “she might have had some sort of underlying issue that the Gardasil could have triggered.”

Before the Gardasil,“she was one hundred percent healthy. She had zero problems. …She’s on so many medications [now]. We try to do natural therapies now to try and build her immune system naturally in hopes to get her off the pharmaceutical drugs.”

Savannah explained that her “stomach is paralyzed.”

“For the past year, she has had symptoms of stomach pain, pain in her ovary and uterus area.”

Savannah has been left with severe digestive problems, including being malnourished. She lost thirty pounds “because her stomach wasn’t absorbing basically anything.” She now has a feeding tube.

“I can’t walk without assistance. I either have to have a cane or have her help me. My pain is never below a six. …It never goes away. I don’t have as much energy as I used to.”

Next viewers were shown before and after photos of Savannah.

Polly Tommey: “Savannah, we’re so sorry this happened to you. There just are no words.”        

What I simply can’t get over is that these injuries were seen by doctors—lots of doctors and lots of nurses. How could they not start to research vaccines for themselves?  How could they not collectively start to ask questions and demand that the insane, one-size-fits-all, ever-expanding vaccine schedule be stopped immediately until we have real answers?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Birgit Calhoun

Bob Moffit! The Kitty Genovese story really serves well as an example how stories find an open ear. The business of publicizing something effectively is the important part. I even think exaggeration is sometimes the only way to show what happens under certain circumstances. But it is very frustrating when personal heart-wrenching stories don't find a receptive ear. During my years of trying to convey what happened to my son (he was not primarily vaccine injured but poisoned by mercury) I fell mostly on deaf ears. I guess I am not a good talker. People pretended that they were listening to be polite, but when I told them the same story at some later date, the reaction told me that they had never heard the story the first time. You can tell when you hear people say: "I didn't know about your son. It's so sad."


The Vaccine Holocaust is a correct description of the unimaginable damage and suffering inflicted on our children and our families. The CDC and the NIH must be held accountable for this atrocity and I hope that in the near future some researchers will find a way to reverse/correct the damage done by an out of control vaccine schedule that is still doing harm to an entire generation of children. The medical establishment keeps denying the horror stories of so many parents who know what happened to their children as a result of an overly zealous vaccine schedule. When I was growing up back in the 1960s everyone got all the childhood diseases of measles, chicken pox, mumps, and after a few weeks all were fine and went on with life as normal children and to become normal adults. The word autism was so rare that you never even heard the word mentioned. The first I heard of autism was when the movie Rainman came out and then shortly thereafter my son received the dreaded diagnosis.

Carolyn M

Bob Moffit,

Thank you very much for the information about Kitty Genovese. I hope the documentary was true, too.

Joy B

These are the fruits of authoritarian/totalitarian society; eg the lady who said; "..I don't sue people..."

It won't be understood until the structure itself is challenged. The staunchest defenders of the current regime, the employees of Pharma and lobbyists for, also have injured children! The denial is strongest in those who have the most to lose. For them it's akin to admitting that the earth is flat.

Gary Ogden

Andrea: Thank you very much for this information! This is a hopeful sign that he may very well be on our side. Amazing that they say in their press release that the HPV vaccine is "proven" to prevent cancer. Does the CDC even make such an absurd claim? I'm feeling better about my vote now. Somehow the fake news op which is our media led me to think what is true is false.


Gary Ogden,

Regarding Mike Pence and HPV vaccine he declined to mandate it.


Your confusing Pence with Hillary Clinton's VP pick Tim Kaine. As governor of Virginia he mandated HPV in 2007 for 6th grade girls. One short year after it came on the market.


Elizabeth Hart

ciaparker, you say "Don’t forget, a child will need a blood test to prove the MMR and Chickenpox vaccines worked, or get a second dose." Most parents are not informed about the option of a blood test/antibody titre test before the second dose. I have been trying to raise awareness about this since June 2012, including letters and emails to politicians and academics in Australia, to Paul Offit, to the Secretary of the US HHS, etc, etc. They absolutely refuse to take action to inform parents and others about antibody titre testing. It is shocking the way in which parents and other individuals right to informed consent before vaccination, including alternatives to vaccination, are being trashed.

I recently raised this matter again in a submission re the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Notice: Proposed Revised Vaccine Information Materials for MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella and MMRV (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella) Vaccines.

I suggest failing to provide advice on the option of antibody titre testing before the second dose of MMR/MMRV vaccine contravenes NVICP Authorizing Legislation Sec. 300aa-26, i.e. the HHS Secretary's responsibility to "develop and disseminate vaccine information materials for distribution by health care providers to the legal representatives of any child or to any other individual receiving a vaccine set forth in the Vaccine Injury Table".

The CDC 'What You Need to Know' documents re MMR and MMRV vaccines must be amended to include the option of antibody titre testing to verify immunisation after the first dose of MMR/MMRV vaccine.

My submission on this matter, including attached document with more detail, should be accessible via this link: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=CDC-2016-0094-0170

Birgit Calhoun

I was born during WWII. The statement "We didn't know was very common during the time when I grew up. However, we were given a good dose of knowledge in school. The teachers didn't hold back. People may have had an inkling of what went on. Many were afraid to talk about it. Many could not bring themselves to talk about it. But it was largely complacency that steered people to seeking a comfort level.

My father did not want to be in Germany. He avoided the war by going to Berlin where there were still young men who didn't have to explain why they were not fighting at the front. His uncle who was a medical doctor told the authorities that my father was unfit for military service. If he had served, he would have died in a submarine (a la "Das Boot"). My father knew what was going on. I wished I could have asked more about what my family knew. Their survival instinct told them not to say anything. They were afraid. There were informants on every block. I think people knew. But that is neither here nor there

My take is that there was quite a bit of complacency and not as much knowledge as one might expect considering the fear that people lived with.

Complacency is what we have now regarding autism. I talk to people all the time. I sometimes wonder why I keep doing that. Nobody listens. People don't want to know. In that way the situation may be very much like it was in Hitler Germany. I could say something about the current political situation. I won't because it's a touchy subject. Instead I'll quote Martin Niemoeller who was a German cleric during the '30s. Here is what he said:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

But to relate that to autism, it has to be pointed out that it's complacency and also disbelief that keeps people from paying attention to the pleas of us parents. We know where autism is coming from, but nobody listens to us.

david m burd


Thanks for your query. I do not know if the AoA Team has the computer/technological capability to display the Immunization Schedule(s) graphics here on Age of Autism.

To me, with a lifetime of professional experience, a visual graphic of The Immunization Schedule can become THE REASON today's parents to at least CONSIDER what is going to be injected into their newborns.

There's an old engineering saying: "Treat them like mushrooms; keep them in the dark, and feed them bullshit." Says it all about our Vaccine World.

Gary Ogden

Tim Lundeen: I have have to say I'm concerned at this point. Early on, Trump turned over the choosing of his team to Pence, who promoted the HPV vaccine in Indiana. I hope I'm wrong. I hope cleaning up the swamp is a priority for Trump. It certainly isn't for the rest of the Republican or Democrat parties, or 534 of the Congress critters. In due time we will know. The nation has faced no greater crisis than we face today, with the poisoning of the entire population with vaccines and industrial and agricultural chemicals (not to mention EMF radiation), and made-in-China pharmaceuticals, and the dietary nonsense promoted by the Dietary Guidelines for the United States.


As you know, any one of those vaccines given all by itself can kill. Just being in the same room with someone whose had those vaccines is enough to steal the health of anyone that comes in contact with them. Shedding, compromised immunity leading to more virulent infections and contagiousness. The vaccinated are a public health hazard.


For years I've given this colorful child Immunization Schedule out to many people, it's extremely rare to have been seen even to parents of young children.


I've urged this DRAMATIC (and horrifying) presentation be displayed here on AoA, as "A picture is worth a thousand words."


Has it ever been displayed that way here? If not, have you ever been offered a reason for why it hasn't?

david m burd

Laura, Patience, Cia, and everybody.

Thanks for responding: Here is the 2002 U.S. Immunization Schedule for babies/infants; It's obviously relevant in the continuum of Schedules, and shows (again) the toxic onslaught 14 years ago.

At any rate, my crucial point is SB277 (for instance) might have been rejected IF this 2002 graphic and/or the 2012 Immunization Graphic was dramatically displayed!

Our nation being destroyed by vaccines IS a War Of Propaganda, and mainstream media is the mother of all propaganda knelling at the foot of the CDC at al.

On our citizen level, IF we can stop the Holocaust asap it is VITAL to display to the public the dramatic Immunization Graphic of the Vaccine Onslaught. I repeat: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words." Pull this up, and weep --- . God bless you on this time of reflection.


Tim Lundeen


The propaganda in favor of vaccines has been tremendously effective, that "vaccines save millions of lives, we need herd immunity to protect those who can't be vaccinated or don't get protection from their vaccination, and the risk of injury is one in a million".

When I was collecting signatures against SB 277, my pitch was "The big pharmaceutical companies have bought and paid for a new law that will make millions of dollars for them, but will hurt our kids. Will you sign this petition to recall it?" Most readily agreed, but many, when they found out that the law was to mandate vaccines, would scratch out their signature and walk away angrily.

And yet, the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines cause much more injury and death than saved lives, that herd immunity from vaccines is an illusion and doesn't really mean what people think it does, and that the true rate of injury from the vaccine schedule is essentially 100% of vaccinated kids, with about half of these injuries being death or severe life-long chronic illness and dysfunction.

Because the rates of injuries are skyrocketing (due to increases in the vaccine schedule combined with other environmental toxins), I think things will change fairly soon. I hope Trump follows through on his promise to "fix it", because a good appointment to run the CDC would really make a difference in just the next year.


The recommended schedule is certainly excessive and SB277 unconscionable. But not all the recommended vaccines are mandated in California. It doesn't make a huge difference, but it helps at least a little. No Prevnar, no rotavirus, no flu, no HPV, no hep-A, no menigococcal are mandated at any age.

Vaccines needed to meet daycare or preschool requirements:
• 4 DTaP*
• 3 Polio
• 3 Hepatitis B
• 1 HIB**
• 1 MMR*
• 1 Chicken pox
*Note: DTaP is one injection that contains combined antigens for THREE different diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. MMR is one injection that contains combined antigens for THREE different diseases: measles, mumps, and rubella.
**Note: The normal vaccine schedule calls for 4 HIB doses (2, 4, 6, and 15 months). For those who skip vaccines during infancy, only 1 HIB is needed if given at 15 months and older.
This schedule could be started at any age in preparation for daycare or preschool. The spacing between any of these doses should be worked out between you and your doctor, following the CDC Guidelines. The spacing between doses can be prolonged without compromising effectiveness. If a child already had some vaccines during infancy, but then the process was halted, parents would cross each previously-administered vaccine off of the above list and simply begin the schedule with whatever is remaining.
If done in the fastest manner possible, this schedule could be completed within 9 months. Discuss spacing this out and slowing it down as much as possible with your doctor.
Vaccines needed to meet kindergarten requirements:
• 4 DTaP*
• 3 Polio*
• 3 Hepatitis B
• 1 HIB**
• 1 MMR***
• 1 Chicken pox***
*Note: Normally DTaP has 5 doses and Polio vaccine has 4, given during infancy and toddlerhood, with a booster dose of each at age 5. But, for those who don’t receive all doses, only 4 doses of DTaP and 3 doses of Polio are necessary for full immunity, as long as the final doses are given as booster doses at age 4 or older. Discuss this with your doctor.
**Note: HIB is only approved by the FDA to be given prior to a child’s 5th birthday. If a child turns five before this school requirement is enforced, he or she won’t need this vaccine.
***Note: For kindergarten, two doses of MMR and Chickenpox are normally required. However, for most children, one dose works well enough. Families who are trying to minimize the number of vaccines can get a blood test a few months after the first doses to see if they worked. If so, second doses wouldn’t be needed. If the blood test shows the first dose failed, the second dose can be given at any time thereafter.
Vaccines needed to meet requirements for kids seven through eleven years:
• 1 Tdap*
• 3 Hepatitis B
• 3 Polio
• 1 MMR
• 1 Chicken pox
Note: Children 7 years and older can’t get DTaP, and they can’t get a series of Tdap. Tdap is only approved as a single dose.
Vaccines needed to meet requirements for teenagers and older:
• 1 Tdap
• 3 Polio
• 1 MMR
• 1 Chicken pox
Notice that this is the smallest of all schedules. This is because some states, including California, do not require the Hep B vaccine for teens. Don’t forget, a child will need a blood test to prove the MMR and Chickenpox vaccines worked, or get a second dose.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

David M Burd, Thank you for the vaccine schedule. Please send the link to President-elect Trump at https://www.greatagain.gov. I have been submitting comments almost daily. Investigation of the medical establishment is long overdue.

My 54-year-old son predates having all these vaccines, but clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth was already widely practiced for the purpose of performing episiotomy on the mother - another disgraceful procedure we were never told about in advance.

Now I see that any damage from delay in respiration is compounded not only by hep-B at birth, but again by 6 vaccines at 2 months. Then at 12 to 15 months 10 vaccines are given during one pediatric checkup? Disgraceful.

John Stone


I am sure that as an historical comment this is right. I also worry about social engineering. I remember reading an article in 1999 (like it was planned for the millenium) by a Sunday Times editor the theme of which was that not enough people were humiliated on TV, but all this was about change - I don't think I am distorting the actual tenor of the article - with a wave of reality TV programs in the UK. It was like there was just about to be a concerted attempt to lower public standards - was it just for profit, the Sunday Times journalist seemed to be hinting at some undisclosed agenda behind it? I always thought Abu Ghraib for example came directly from this culture, and I believe the real impulse was authoritarian, conformist, Big Brother indeed. Like Milgram it was a question of what you could make people do. And where in fact was this agenda coming from?

Jonathan Rose

As a matter of historical record, most Germans did know about the holocaust. That much has been confirmed by oral history interviews and eavesdropping on conversations among German POWs, who discussed the atrocities they had witnessed. Shipments of Jews to concentration camps were duly reported (and applauded) in German newspapers. I once had an older student who had been a young girl in Germany during the war, and she remembered hearing the phrase "concentration camp" and asking her parents what it meant. "Shhh!" they answered. "That's a place where they work you very hard until you die" -- which of course is a perfectly honest way of explaining it to a six-year old.

But we have to bear in mind that Nazi Germany was a terrorist police state where any dissent was ruthlessly crushed. Anyone who spoke out against the holocaust or attempted to rescue Jews would have been sent to the camps themselves. Under those circumstances, I can understand why most Germans chose to keep quiet and not get involved.

The situation in the Western world today is dire but nevertheless different. Ostensibly we have freedom of expression. You won't be killed if you say that vaccines cause autism, but there are still lesser sanctions: newspapers may lose pharma advertising, politicians may lose big contributors, doctors may face trumped up charges, and all of us will be vilified in the media. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I had been a German in Nazi Germany. But when our grandchildren ask us "What did you do about the autism epidemic?", that question we can all answer with a clean conscience. We can also hold accountable those who contributed to epidemic: they sold out cheaply.

I've often thought that if the autism epidemic had broken out earlier, in the 1960s and 1970s, history would have been very different. The rebellious mood of the times would have exposed the perpetrators. Back then there were real investigative journalists, and young people had a healthy distrust of the establishment. Today's students (I find) are focused on careerism and afraid to express unconventional opinions in class. Far from exposing powerful politicians, the media now allows them to plant stories in their pages (as Wikileaks recently revealed). Compare the general outrage over the exposure of the Tuskegee Experiment in the 1970s and the silence today about the MMR coverup, which has maimed a much larger number of children of all races.

Laura Hayes


I think it was the listing of the 1983 schedule versus the current one that was included in packets delivered to legislators during SB277, but I'm not sure since I did not create the packets. Many, many people contacted their legislators during that battle, so it is likely the document for which you sent a link was submitted to legislators. In any event, didn't matter...the needed votes were bought and paid for in advance. With frighteningly rare exception, legislators refused to meet face to face with constituents...we were relegated to staffers, at best. Legislators did not read what we sent. Might have created too much cognitive dissonance, but maybe not...our legislators appear to be without ethics and consciences.

Furthermore, those in favor of SB277 were allowed to use visuals. We weren't. For one hearing, a doctor brought actual vaccines to put on display, with the intention of asking which legislators would be willing to roll up their sleeves...and pant legs...and drop their drawers...and be willing to receive the toxic onslaught that is the norm for babies, and which SB277 would be mandating. Denied permission to bring anything up to the table other than paper notes. Others, like Karin Kain, mother of the now-deceased, vaccine-killed Lauren Kain, was barred from displaying a poster of her daughter during her testimony...yet, the other side not only used visuals at that same hearing, they were left displayed during Karin's testimony. As you can see, it was all rigged and predetermined. The hearings were a terrible farce, and our legislators here in CA are a terrible and corrupted lot for the most part.


WOW, Bob, re Kitty Genovese. Goes to show how easy it is to fall prey to false narrative. I think maybe what we should be asking is how thorough, how effective, is the Vaccine Machine brainwashing. Maybe the key to prevention is to find a cure for that.

John Stone

I remember once a famous literary figure died who was associated with a relative (who had also died some years before). My family was contacted by a journalist for a story but we declined to help him - so what happened was a completely fabricated (admittedly not malicious) story appeared in a national newspaper. I guess the guy was just desperate for the money. On the other hand if you just want to tell the truth about any given matter then a newspaper has never been the place to go - they never like admitting thet they are wrong, they are only very rarely forced to, and if they do it will be published where no one will notice it. This will be as true in trivial instances as serious ones.

Bob Moffit

@ John

"Something I have known for 50 years that if you were ever close enough to know anything about a newspaper story at first hand that what you read would almost invaraibly be garbled through a mixture of incompetent listening, and a journalist's infantile professional instinct about what makes a story"

Like you .. I also have known for 50 years .. the main-stream media are far more interested in promoting a particular "narrative" .. than they are in reporting "truth".

Which is why a "measles outbreak" is ALWAYS given such high profile media coverage .. promoting their "narrative" of how DANGEROUS the measles virus is .. and .. how IMPORTANT it is for ALL children to be "up-to-date" on their recommended and approved vaccines. That most of those who are diagnosed with measles WERE VACCINATED .. is simply not part of the "narrative" they want to promote ... ergo .. only the "unvaccinated" are ever blamed for the "outbreak".

John Stone

Something I have known for 50 years that if you were ever close enough to know anything about a newspaper story at first hand that what you read would almost invaraibly be garbled through a mixture of incompetent listening, and a journalist's infantile professional instinct about what makes a story (and once something had gone in wrong nothing would put it right). Of course, that is not true for something like the pharmaceutical industry. A story could be right or only 0.1% wrong and the harassment would begin anyway.

Bob Moffit

@ Linda1 and Carolyn M

"Could you be thinking of this: "In 1964 Kitty Genovese was murdered near her home in New York City ar 3:30 A.M. Because she resisted, the murder took over half an hour. Some 40 neighbors heard her screams for help. And yet nobody came to her aid. No one even callied the police..."

Recently watched a documentary on Netflix .. "The Witness" .. wherein Kitty Genovese's younger brother Bill tries to set the record straight about what was reported regarding his sister's savage murder in 1964.

As I understand it .. the incident became a national story .. only because a single journalist reported that "some 40 neighbors heard her screams for help" .. "yet no one even called the police" .. indeed .. this incident has become an example of taught some universities that people are "indifferent to the suffering of others".

According to Bill's documentary .. the original story was GREATLY EXAGGERATED .. people DID call the police .. one a neighbor who actually held Kitty's hand as she was dying .. BEFORE the EMS arrived at the scene. When Bill interviewed some editors that knew the original story had been exaggerated .. they said it was too late because the story had reached all over the world .. where people who live in close proximity often don't either know their next door neighbor ... or ... could care less if they were in trouble. I like to think Bill's documentary is TRUE ..


david m burd

Laura Hayes (and All),

For years I've given this colorful child Immunization Schedule out to many people, it's extremely rare to have been seen even to parents of young children.


I've urged this DRAMATIC (and horrifying) presentation be displayed here on AoA, as "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Laura, was this lethal Schedule ever displayed during the SB277 fight? Or, is it displayed now? As we all know this lethal Schedule is NEVER shown on mainstream media.

Finally, has President-elect Trump and his team seen it?

I call it the most destructive Document ever produced in modern times.

cia parker

On the other hand, there are also usually brave people who are willing to help, even risk their own lives to do so, whether or not they think it's someone else's responsibility. Souls come in many shades. Thank God for the brave and true ones.


If only the Nazis could have made millions off of people believing that they were preventing infectious disease. When dismissing grievous harm becomes the rule of the day, we lose as a culture of people.

go Trump

I would think that if Barron Trump has had a severe reaction to a vaccine visit, or is on the Autism spectrum somewhere, the sh t will hit the fan very quickly after January 20th.

A number of elites at the CDC and elsewhere belong in prison for their medical conduct. Most of the medical profession has known exactly what has been going on for the past 25 years.

One would think that Obama would have responded to the Dr. Thompson situation, Obama is going to look rather pathetic in a few months.


Thank you Carolyn. Glad you clarified. That case really stuck in my mind, but I didn't realize how much of the details I lost. It was a long time ago, but not that long before I learned about it in college.

I also didn't remember the official explanation, but I do remember not buying it. Still don't. No one helped because no one wanted to take the considerable risk. It had more to do with primitive survival mechanisms than anything else. That's my official explanation :o).

Angus Files

Strange times indeed when the non medical trained people know more than the trained medics and we on the whole are firstly parents with zero medical training.Fooled once but never again. Carnage world wide on an industrial scale, and that was always the intention, they knew, they know, what they are doing killing the babies with toxic dna changing vaccine.

Thanks the Vaxxed Team here to save the human race.



I read Hitler's Willing Executioners, as well as several other books on the topic. The German people were all aware of the ugly, racist things said about Jews everywhere, and the measures taken to persecute them (and murder them). Most Germans agreed with the sentiment, even if they didn't aid and abet in the killings. I read in Hitler's Furies the account of a girl who said she woke up at night to hear noise in the street below: it was Jews being rounded up and herded away, and they beat on pots to try to draw attention to what was being done to them, and plead for help. The girl went back to bed and pulled the covers over her head. But there were many who didn't cop out, and they were the heroes, the good Gentiles who put their lives on the line to help Jews. I read the account of one woman who said she smuggled bread in a bucket down to the street in front of her house to secretly give to the Jews forced to do street work there. And many who were involved much more deeply in helping Jews. But the majority agreed with the persecution and went along with it.

Again, much like today. I'm certain that the doubt has been placed in every mind that vaccines are working out to be much more dangerous than previously suspected, but most people are still just going with the program, and are totally willing to compel vaccination, completely buying into the lie about how deadly measles is, and THEIR child might get it if YOUR child is not compelled to risk vaccine damage and often suffer it.

Carolyn M


Could you be thinking of this: "In 1964 Kitty Genovese was murdered near her home in New York City ar 3:30 A.M. Because she resisted, the murder took over half an hour. Some 40 neighbors heard her screams for help. And yet nobody came to her aid. No one even callied the police..."

The quote is from a college psychology textbook: "Introduction To Psychology", seventh edition, Ernest R. Hilgard, Rita L. Atkinson, Richard C. Atkinson.; p. 520. The most recent copyright date was 1979. I have no idea whether Kitty Genovese's murder is included in more recent textbooks.

The authors came to the conclusion that the reason why no one intervened was "diffusion of responsibility. Because each individual knows many others are present, the burden of responsibility does not fall solely on him or her. Each can think, 'certainly someone else must have done something by now someone else will intervene.'" (p. 521).

I don't like the term they used. But I thought you might want to know what they concluded so I included that in this post.

Kathy Sincere

Laura Hayes,

Thank you for always boldly articulating what needs to be said regarding this Vaccine Holocaust. There is no middle ground. I've learned from you and others to never compromise my position, whether it's with friends, relatives, medical professionals or legislators. Those who know the truth need to speak the truth. Too many of us walk on eggshells. VACCINES ARE TOXIC; THEY KILL AND MAIM.


Accounts of the German people from the war years show us that mostly they did not know at first what the intentions of the Nazis were. There was a severely controlled media that kept them in the dark. Toward the end of the war they began to find out about the evil. The platitudes of the leaders spoke of honesty, virtue, brotherhood, and national pride. This German woman spoken of was a victim of her government. There should be no need for her to express remorse as she was not a perpetrator of the Holocaust but a victim herself. Today, the German people are manipulated by others using guilt as a weapon against them. They continue to suffer guilt by association.
That being said, we have all been the victims of brainwashing regarding vaccines. The medical workers have been assaulted much more intensively than we have. However, they are in a position to see the damage more as they see many patients in a day. How can they not see a connection with vaccines and injury a some point? Paul Offit comes to mind. Nuremburg Trials 2.0 should be in our near future. Let's put the CDC cover up artists at the top of the docket.


I think the memory of the German woman on the train who said they didn't know about the massacre of Jews really is very parallel to the mass disavowal of vaccine damage, but it's not because they were and are truly ignorant of the reality. It's because for most people the positive reinforcement is on the side of the powerful in control of society. In Germany for many years wall newspapers were published and fastened to walls on every block in every town in Germany, with lurid cartoons of Jews above hateful columns of racist propaganda inciting violence against them. Classes at school teaching the inferiority of Jews and calculating the percentage of Jewish blood of the students based on their family trees. Books, lectures, magazine and newspaper articles about the Jewish control of the world economy and its crimes against the honest German working class. Jews increasingly fired from their positions as doctors, lawyers, engineers, administrators, professors, and Jewish students removed from schools based on their religion. Street violence and vandalism. Membership in the youth groups like the Hitlerjugend and Deutschemadel was mandatory, not just a recreational opportunity, to inculcate the ideology and the cult of Hitler in the minds of the young. No one over the age of five could have been unaware of this social current, even if they were technically unaware of the location of the concentration camps, or exactly how many of those arrested and disappeared died in them. I can certainly see how Germans who lived through this would want to suppress the knowledge that they did nothing in the face of such evil, but can also see that it would have been very tempting to choose life, stay out of trouble, and go along to get along.

And there are many parallels to the situation with vaccines now. Everyone in positions of public authority joining in to chorus the praise of vaccines as safe, effective, and necessary, to join in reviling measles, mumps, pertussis, and chickenpox as killer diseases. Vaccine worship as an aspect of the state religion. When I stop to wonder how many truly disbelieve in the millions of accounts of severe vaccine damage everywhere, I'd have to say that truly I don't think any of them do. They have chosen the side of the strong against the weak, suppressing the knowledge that the weak used to be strong, before the vaccine damage. Compulsory membership in the Vaccine Religion by forced vaccination. The equivalent of wall newspapers on every TV program, magazine, newspaper, on the curriculum of every school at every level, in hundreds of laws passed at every level by corrupt legislators bought by their pharma lobbyists. The shills like to say that autism has always occurred at the same rates as now, but the autistic were all sent to mysterious institutions in the country, paid for by unknown benefactors, with one-way railroad tracks leading to them. The parallels, as I said, are many, and are inexcusable and unforgivable.


Remember the classic example of how depraved humans can be? It's in (or used to be in) all the sociology books - the true story of a person being attacked on a highly populated urban street and despite numerous witnesses, no one came to his rescue. No one got involved.

The vaccine holocaust takes it one step further. Not only will some humans not get involved, but they will actually be the perpetrator and as long as they receive some kind of reward, they will continue to maim and kill. Talking about PhDs, MDs, RNs and doctors of pharmacy. So education has nothing to do with it. Education does not interfere with this apparently primal behavioral instinct to follow, to do what they perceive is accepted, even if what is accepted is murder.


I was just wondering if anyone knows,what is up with Joe Gooding and some woman that goes by D Marie bashing Vaxxed on Twitter? Questioning if Dr. Wakefield really met with Donald Trump. Accusations the photo of the two of them is photo shopped and more

I thought Joe was on our side. Now he & his friend are getting "atta boys" from Vax shills.

Shelley Tzorfas

From the very beginning of this story-your words move me. "We didn't know.." is a lie. There were photographs of the smoke overhead as the words were ushered. Today some large Pediatricians offices hire certain nurses to answer the phone when a baby goes home from having vaccines and the mother calls back frantically. "He is vomiting, he is having a seizure, temperature over 103.5, not breathing…." "Oh that is normal for some kids…if you are concerned you can always bring him back to our office but we are closing for the night in 15 minutes…Not breathing? Did you try turning him over? That is NOT a vaccine reaction, he must have already had a virus..He vomited 9 hours after vaccination, if it were a vaccine reaction it would have happened immediately.."

After about 10 years of the nurse saying these scripted things she KNOWS it's the vaccines. She stays because she is pregnant because she needs the health insurance but will not vaccinate her own babies. "I didn't know" is what?; An oxymoron?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | November 25, 2016 at 10:39 AM

agreed 100%

Laura Hayes

There are no excuses for these doctors and nurses who continue to vaccinate. Blindly following and administering the CDC's never properly tested vaccine recommendations, refusing to listen to and learn from the millions of families who are dealing with vaccine-induced devastation and carnage, refusing to spend time researching the scores of products they are administering willy nilly day in and day out from sources that are not profiting from vaccines, and denying the evidence of vaccine injury that is now everywhere, including in their own vaccinated patients, makes them part of The Vaccine Gestapo. The difference between The Vaccine Gestapo and The Nazi Gestapo is that no one is holding a gun to the heads of those in the former group. They are free to stop participating in vaccine atrocities whenever they so choose.

Following orders without questioning, especially when evidence of harm and death are staring you in the face, and when stories of vaccine-induced injuries and deaths are being shouted from the rooftops, is inexcusable. It is heartless. It is unconscionable. It is of the darkness. It will be judged.

Anyone who continues to administer vaccines with the knowledge that is now readily and easily available to all is guilty of being a perpetrator of The Vaccine Holocaust. There is no time to mince words about this fact. Ignorance, arrogance, greed, and laziness are no excuse. May those who continue to manufacture, recommend, mandate, and administer vaccines be judged harshly for their senseless and devastating crimes against humanity.

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