Vaccines: Got Yours?
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Autism Advocates Met with President Elect Trump Last August

Trump AndyMonday morning hope from

From Jennifer Larson:

Now that Trump won, we can all feel safe in sharing that Mr Trump met with autism advocates in August. He gave us 45 minutes and was extremely educated on our issues. Mark stated " You can't make America great with all these sick children and more coming". Trump shook his head and agreed. He heard my son's vaccine injury story. Andy told him about Thompson and gave him Vaxxed. Dr Gary ended the meeting by saying "Donald, you are the only one who can fix this". He said " I will". We left hopeful. Lots of work left to do. Dr. Gary, Andy, Jen, Mark
Dr. Gary Kampothecras, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Mark Blaxill and Jennifer Larson during the August meeting with the candidate Donald Trump. 

Health Choice is a non-profit organization focusing on awareness of health choices, education on nutrition, healing, and prevention of chronic illnesses for children and adults. Our group was formed in response to a study published in Academic Pediatrics that represented 43% of children (32 million) in the US suffers from a chronic health condition. It is our belief that these rates will continue to increase if parents are not aware of the unhealthy choices in their lifestyle such as industrial processed foods, side effects of vaccine choices, and other environmental and lifestyle factors. We want to help Americans understand how to have a healthy lifestyle, return to a state of wellness and promote sound choices for their children.


Angus Files

Trump making headway`s I hope

The Trump administration's proposed 2018 budget cuts billions from public health and biomedical research programs.

The budget, which was released Tuesday, takes drastic spending cuts to agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services. Almost immediately, the proposed budget drew criticism, including from former heads of those agencies.

Here are some of the biggest cuts the agencies within the HHS are facing:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 17%
The CDC, which is in charge of public health and disease prevention, would see its budget cut by $1.2 billion. Dr. Tom Frieden, who was director of the agency until 2017

Pharma for Prison


Ray Gallup


Don’t expect Electoral College drama on December 19

Donald Trump will be President on January 20, 2017. COUNT ON IT!!!!!!

Jeannette Bishop

Reality Check: Plan in Electoral College for "Compromise Candidate", not Trump

Ray Gallup

Amy and Benedetta,

I always hear the environmentalists say that the USA should being doing more about the environment, like the USA is the only country on this earth. Never mind other countries because they have no effect on the environment. Many countries like China are worse. Example:

China produces and consumes almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined

We can have clean coal like Trump said during the election and have jobs too. If we put West Virginia miners out of work and elsewhere in the USA, it won't stop coal production elsewhere. One of the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election because she said coal companies and coal miners would be put out of work when she would be President.

By the way, when I lived in Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY during the 1950's our house was heated by coal and I'm sure others were around the country. I remember the coal bin we had in the basement of the house and we had to shovel coal from the bin into the furnace we had in the basement. There was no autism epidemic like it is now in the 1950's and prior. A FACT!!!!!

david m burd


After very considerable effort and reading, I am confident that coal-fired Electric Power Plants' mercury emissions are a very, very small toxicity threat compared to all other sources, especially because they have become very advanced in "scrubbing" mercury (as you say). And, if the American public will spend an extra $50 a year per family in electric utility bills even the small Hg emissions can be virtually eliminated.

By far, mercury (etHg in Thimerosal) in vaccines caused gigantic damages here in the U.S. (in HepB, Hib, etc.) and still in flu and other vaccines in the U.S., and in hundreds of million doses around the world, and is still doing so. Vaccines ARE THE PROBLEM.


david m burd :

Thank you, for the information.

I did know that Dr Gary was his first name. I too did not want to try to spell his last name. Whew.
I did find and re read J. B Handley's article about him.

It was - informative, but I thought there was yet another article about him ,that gave more details of how Dr. Gary - (Still not attempting that last name, LOL) knew Mr Trump.


You can mine coal and use good environmental practices. I worked for the forest service on reclamation of coal mines, and there are lots good practices put in place. Lots of amazing things we discovered about soil , plant growth, microbes .
In addition; You can burn coal and use scrubbers that get everything out of it except carbon dioxide. Sulfur dioxide was the big one that needed to be removed, and it was. .

Right now, in West Virginia; rusting and rotting away a billion dollar research facility to research on what to do with carbon dioxide. Canada, up in Manitoba already has finished this research and is doing just that. But getting carbon dioxide out was not really needed. Cause carbon dioxide in all the studies promote the growth of plants, and humans could never put enough in to matter. Plus carbon dioxide can not hold heat in the atmosphere (it takes water vapor and water molecules to do that - as in after a rain storm an the sun comes out.). That is the truth.

I taught physics and in the middle of the book; when it got into the unit of discussing the movement of molecules, suddenly the real science caught up with them. They had to put in - that the green house effect was only a theory. But during the whole long text book they were promoting global warming. directing me, the teacher to do tons of activities to promote this theory. Such as - "have the kids write an essay on what it will be like when the climate warms up.

Just like a few years prior they were promoting the hole in the ozone, in the text books from beginning to end. . That turned out to be untrue also. Since the hole was down at the south pole and the three oxygen atoms (ozone) had to have sunlight - energy to hold together. Something that during the winter months at the poles are in short supply. It was just a ploy to tax small plastic companies in so many communities as well as an one wanting a bit of air conditioning.. It is all about money, just like global warming/ cap and trade.

Because of the War on Coal - West Virginians are living in pure poverty like a third world country. While the rest of the United States - with hearts of stone; says well they can move out.

I get an environmental surcharge on my electric bill for the last few years. Meanwhile up in the flat areas of Illinois where they have put up windmills they are getting lower electric bills. I am not fooled by this one bit. The green energy is receiving tons of federal tax money to keep it low; In other words, I am paying my electric bill ,and some one else's up in Illinois.

The only reason right now the lights are on is because of fracking. If not for fracking you would be living in the dark and demanding coal.

If you are still with me and have not rolled your eyes yet - We are all hanging together right now , right here on this website cause we go lied to about the safety of vaccines. Why would global warming not be a lie too. Hole in the Ozone was a big fat lie.

Right now we don't know what to believe. There is fingers pointing to a weed killer, glyphosate, , a new type of wheat with more gluten, GMO cereal crops. Pesticides getting us all. Yet, we are so much cleaner that in the 60s. They said that at that time you could set Lake Erie on fire. For my family it all began with the vaccines, which made us not able to digest or food. I don't think we as a species was meant to eat too many grains to begin with.

Just some things to think about.


It is entirely possible that coal will need to be re-examined in light of mercury exposure. Some of this may be more simple than you think.
Trump may well conclude that all this autism is simply economically unsustainable. It's an unmitigated disaster that even those loser, pharma-funded, neurodiverse cannot hide.

david m burd

Benedetta, There have been several typos by both AoA and me -- I need to take a long break! Regardless, the CORRECT spelling for Dr. "Gary" is Dr. Gary Kompothecras.


If Mr. Trump is truly interested in autism, then why does he plan to deregulate much of the EPA? Why is he pro-coal, when mining coal releases mercury? It is such a shame that this candidate apparently does not believe in global warming and is on track to leaving the Paris agreements. Eventually the mainstream will accept the dangers of vaccines and the ample evidence that vaccines can trigger autism. However, I do not believe for an instant that soon climate change will be unproven. In addition to climate change, the environmental pollution that is happening is unprecedented and our toxic body burdens are increasing----it is entirely possible for unvaccinated children to develop autism due to environmental toxins. Autism explosion will not stop under a Trump administration, and it is possible that it will just get worse.

Ray Gallup

Tell Us Your Story

My Story.................

My wife, Helen and I voted for Donald Trump as President on November 8th. I want to help in the following if I can, either in autism or my fellow military veterans, or both.

A little history. I retired from the U.S. Army on 04/30/2016 as a civilian Contract Specialist with a Secret Clearance and a buyout. I was in the U.S. Navy from 1965 to 1971 and therefore I'm a Vietnam era U.S. Navy veteran.

Our son, Eric has autism and lives in a group home in northern New Jersey. He was born normal but regressed into autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. I started The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP) in 1998. I tried several times to get help from the National Institute of Health (NIH) but to no avail and the reason why I started TAAP to raise funding for autoimmune autism research. Our organization raised $130,000.00 for the research of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Vijendra Singh but unfortunately in 2005 I had to close the organization since it was very difficult to get independent funding. I would like to work with other families that would like to get an autism organization like this started again if possible. My experience with TAAP would be an asset.

Also, I worked for the Veterans Administration for two years, 2007 to 2009, and I enjoyed working with fellow veterans. Tonight, I saw the TV series, The Warfighter on the History Channel and in particular the Rob Guzzo and PTSD episode. My brother, Walter, committed suicide in February 2015. So therefore I would like to help our military regarding PTSD issues if I can and hopefully explain how I miss my brother and suicide is a no win situation. Suicide destroys a person whose life is ended and destroys loved ones. I know first hand.

Thank you.


Ray Gallup

Ray Gallup

Lots of parents should go to the transition site and tell your own stories and that you want Dr. Andy Wakefield to be helped per:

How do you want to make America Great?
Share Your Ideas (click on)


Tell Us Your Story

Tell other parents you know about this too. The more families that tell their stories the better it will be for our autism community.


Ray Gallup

President Trump is one of the first Presidents that isn't backed by special interests, donors and lobbyists. All his Republican opponents received that kind of money along with Hillary Clinton.

Other articles of Interest

Anti-Vaccination Proponent Melania Trump Delivers Powerful Speech

Trump Meets Dr. Wakefield

Trump: Vaccines Cause Autism And Will Be Investigated

I told my own story at the Donald Trump transition team site at:

Per Donald Trump

How do you want to make America Great?
Share Your Ideas (click on)


Tell Us Your Story

I mentioned that I would work with any group of parents who wanted to get an autism organization together to fund autoimmune autism research.

Ray Gallup
[email protected]

david m burd

Correction to my previous post: "190,000" damaged babies/kids per week is WRONG. The correct figure is 38,000 per week being vaccine-damaged which is 50% of 4 million births every year in the U.S. Sorry for the erroneous claim!

david m burd

Benedetta, the doctor's full name is Dr. Gary Kampothecras (Dr. "Gary" was just shorthand!)


I also wanted to say that It amazes me that these heroes have been working behind the scenes. It takes a brave bunch of people to move some of the most evil, stupid, corrupt people ever in the world. . Thank you so much for being there at the right time, the right place, and being brave and speaking up.

It amazes me that this has gone on so very long, to the point that most of all of America has lost good mental health; as if that was not the most important thing ever? And they at the NIH, FDA, and CDC have been complicit in the destruction of America all for money?

I was so interested in what the atmosphere was like at the CDC. Only with the help of Age of Autism reporting on this do I get any idea. Yeah, they need to be afraid. I am glad they are afraid and depressed. They can now come down from their ivory tower and feel it like the rest of us.

Yet, in spite of all our good luck, hard work, bravery so far; even if it is stopped today -- this very day; it will take years for our society to recover. We have been having a wild ride in this country for a number of years ,and I am pretty sure it will continue for the next 40 years.

Speaking of 40 years or so - that pretty much marks the end of my husband's cousin that we found in psychosis with schizophrenia out in a snow storm in 1979. His sisters scattered his ashes over the Pacific Ocean; yesterday. Ending finally his mental health issues.

He was found murdered and buried in his own back yard earlier this year. His parents had finally died some years earlier, and had tried to leave him well taken care of. Apparently more safety nets were needed to be put in place for him than was beyond his aging parents' control or even his sisters.

He had a promising future at one time that was stolen from him. Colleen Boyd; James Cherry and so many are responsible for that I know they are. A promising future gone and round the clock care by his parents. . In my heart of hearts I think he and several of my high school class mates received the first adult DPT shots under the guise of a tetanus shot; at Berea college. I received such a vaccine at the health department located at that time, right in the middle of the Berea campus, when I began my career right out of college working for the forest service. I found myself unable to focus, a first time ever yeast infection. I think I was darn lucky. My co worker already had a thyroid problem, it escalated for her at that time too.

On top of that there were at least four of my former high school classmates that attended Berea college that developed some serious mental health problems. We all thought at the time that perhaps they had been caught up in the drug problems; but that was just a guess, and really so out of character for my classmates and my husband's cousin.

Now I think that once the damage has occurred from vaccines, then comes drug problems and that begets even more mental health problems.

Even if they stopped this very day - this very moment we have a life time of dealing with all the problems that the CDC has brought to us.

Reminds me of the Bible's warning of the Beast that would be let lose in the land, that would roam to and forth devouring all.


I know I read an article here on Age of Autism that told how Dr. Gary knew President elect Donald Trump. I was trying to find it this morning to read to my husband and daughter and could not find it.

Now how did Dr. Gary know Donald Trump -- I know they were both originally from New York and the recent meeting that include Dr. Wakefield was in Kissimmee, Florida.

Kissimmee; some kind of symbolism in there some where.

Julie Penny

Good news that Trump met with our side in August. Hallelujah. Our prayers to God's ears. May the dialogue continue and turn in to action.

Can Trump mandate, by Executive Order, a health study between those that have been vaccinated as opposed to those who have never been vaccinated? (You know, the study that Congress has consistently refused to do.) Is it in his power to appoint Dr. William Thompson as head of the conflict-of-interest ridden CDC? (After all, who better than he knows where the bodies are buried?)

I hope that, besides Trump, that Melania and Ivanka take on this cause. Remember the old TV ad: "...A mind is a terrible thing to waste"? That ad has now been distilled into the horrific physical/sensory/mental suffering of these kids,. The heart-breaking waste of their potential must stop. The destruction of their and their families' lives must end. Our intellectual and creative edge in the world plummets with every new diagnosis since many of these kids need 24/7 care. From 1 in 10,000 in 1980 to 1 in 48 in 2015 autism is now an epidemic that has been ignored. Ameliorating there symptoms with things that aid their health (as with probiotics--that parents/grandparents can see helps with their own eyes) needs to be expanded and readily available.

Our government's own recording system of the adverse symptoms from vaccines (VAERS) shows that vaccines can and do cause autism, even death. An honest look at the facts is what's required. Something that has never been done. And when it was--it was bowdlerized and finally, thrown into the garbage

Posted by: Julie Penny |


Not to be obnoxious, but did Health Choice try to arrange a meeting with Clinton?


Thank you so much to everyone who worked to make this happen. Now, just hoping for new and better leadership at the CDC, and an environment where identifying and treating vaccine injury also becomes a priority for the CDC.

Bob Moffit

As I have commented earlier ... our newly elected President Donald Trump .. has "talked the talk" that has given him what amounts to a MANDATE .. control of the Senate, Congress, Governorships and State Legislatures .. in numbers that should allow President Trump to begin .. "walking the walk" .. the "walk" that millions of us EXPECT HIM TO WALK .. the very first step beginning with his nominees for leadership positions within the critical public health institutions .. CDC, HHS, FDA ... that are approved and acceptable to OUR COMMUNITY .. such as .. Health Choice .. rather than the vested interests of ALL prior administrations.

As a senior citizen .. I truly believe this is our LAST chance to "drain that damn vaccine infested swamp" we and our precious children have been forced to wallow in for the last 50 years..

Sara Denson

I haven't done any victory dances because I am withholding my excitement for when something is actually done. However, when I heard that Dr. Ben Carson was being considered for the Education Secretary, the thought crossed my mind that maybe Dr. Wakefield would be considered for the Surgeon General. I know, a long shot... But the thought made me cry just the same.


Very hopeful.

Thank you to the people involved.


This is wonderful news!!!! I hope you continue to meet with Donald Trump so that we can have vaccine choice in all states. There are also many children suffering from effects of vaccines. I do not want to give up on them., Perhaps Trump can invest money in research on probiotics and gut health so that these kids can lead independent and productive lives.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Awesome & incredibly hopeful!

david m burd

Hurrah!!! for Health Choice for their cracking the CDC/Pharma corrupt censorship! If I recall, Laura Hayes has long been an ardent member of Health Choice, and her work at repealing California's SB277 is heroic and unbending.

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