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Deirdre Imus Blogs About CDC MMR Autism Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson

Deirdre logoThank you to Deirdre Imus for writing about the CDC Whistleblower. She has a huge audience that reaches beyond the autism community.

By Deirdre Imus, November 8, 2016

That mercury is a known neurotoxin – meaning it is poisonous to nerve tissue – is not a topic of debate. The United States government acknowledges this, and consistently warns of its dangers to human health on the websites for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (link:http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxfaqs/TF.asp?id=113&tid=24#bookmark05), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (link:https://www.epa.gov/mercury/health-effects-exposures-mercury), and elsewhere. Depending on mercury type, method of exposure, and a person’s age, the effects of mercury can vary. They include, but are not limited to, vision loss, lack of coordinated movements, cognitive difficulties, memory problems, tremors, skin rashes, and mood swings.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed the mercury-based preservative thimerosal from childhood vaccines starting in 1999 (though “trace amounts” do remain in some vaccines) while continuing to insist that studies had found no evidence of harm to children from mercury exposure. So when a former vaccine safety scientist at the CDC claimed that the agency committed scientific fraud in a series of studies on thimerosal in vaccines and a possible link to autism, you’d think the FDA, CDC, and other agencies meant to protect human health would be interested in hearing from him.

Not so much.

Dr. William Thompson, a 19-year veteran scientist at the CDC, has been blocked from testifying that he and others destroyed critical evidence of a relationship between childhood vaccines and autism. He wants to speak out, admit misconduct, right this wrong – but CDC director Thomas Frieden won’t allow it. 

Part of the CDC’s stated mission is to “protect America from health, safety, and security threats,” and to increase the “health and security” of our nation. Yet Dr. Frieden’s actions seem more protective of the drug companies that produce vaccines, and of his own reputation, which isn’t so hot right now. During his tenure, the CDC has been accused of reckless procedures handling dangerous pathogens at labs; of mismanaging the Zika virus; and of excessive industry influence over science.

The case seeking Dr. Thompson’s testimony is a lawsuit alleging Yates Hazlehurst, now 16 years old, is autistic as a result of vaccine injuries suffered in 2001. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one of the attorneys representing the Hazlehursts, and he argued that the issue of whether vaccines can cause autism is central to this case. In his view, it is an argument Dr. Thompson is uniquely, profoundly, and accurately able to make.

Dr. Thompson is a co-author of the four studies that are routinely cited by anyone hoping to defend vaccines as proof of their safety. He has since claimed that his bosses at the CDC ordered him and three other scientists to get rid of data linking vaccines to autism, and that he “omitted statistically significant information” suggesting African-American males who receive the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine before 36 months of age were “at increased risk for autism.” He further states his desire to “stop lying.”  Read more at Imus Environmental Health.



This is the time for us to stand up and really make things happen, not just talk the talk but to walk the walk. We have from this day, November 15th, 2016 through the next 2-3 weeks especially before the holidays and before Trump starts his very busy job at the Whitehouse, and then the next 4 years to come together for our causes and help President Elect Trump make the changes needed to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BY DRAINING THE SWAMP in Washington and in ALL the agencies including of course the CDC. Going forward we need to pull together people from each state and facilitate candidates to run for govt positions and help our causes. Why are there so many Big Pharma in our Govt and not enough Anti-Pharma? Each citizen is responsible and needs to act, not just sit back and enjoy the show!!!


Bob, you're my favorite poster - well, you and Laura Hayes.

Bob Moffit

@ Hans

Read your column about Pence .. and .. hope the concerns raised in the column about Pence's "suspect loyalties" to the issues that propelled Donald Trump to the Presidency .. are wrong.

In any event .. Mr Trump has "talked the talk" .. and .. the American people have given him what amounts to a REPUBLICAN MANDATE .. control of the Senate, Congress, Governors and State Legislatures ..

it is now time for the "talking" of Mr Trump to end .. and .. it is time for Mr Trump begin "walking the walk" the American people EXPECT HIM TO WALK.

The same goes for Mr Pence ... should he ever have to assume "walking the walk" started by Mr Trump .. the American people WILL EXPECT AND DEMAND .. NO LESS.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Bob Moffit | November 11, 2016 at 06:40 AM

Agreeing strongly with you Bob , the CDC swamp needs to be drained . And many more agencies also .

Bob you might be interested in reading this :

Bob Moffit

"So when a former vaccine safety scientist at the CDC claimed that the agency committed scientific fraud in a series of studies on thimerosal in vaccines and a possible link to autism, you’d think the FDA, CDC, and other agencies meant to protect human health would be interested in hearing from him."

You would also "think" our Congress and US media .. would be extremely "interested in hearing from him".

Then again .. right or wrong .. in my humble opinion .. the FDA, CDC, other agencies meant to protect human health, Congress and our Media .. all live and have prospered within that DAMN WASHINGTON D.C. SWAMP that desperately needs to be DRAINED.

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