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Dachel Wake Up: Merck Hopes to "Scare Up" Adult Vaccination Rates

  Dachel Morning Wake UoNov 21, 2016Doctor skull

Merck isn’t the only drugmaker to turn to scare tactics lately—and vaccine makers in particular have jumped on board with the strategy. It’s hard to forget the GlaxoSmithKline grandmother—who morphs into a wolf while cradling her infant grandchild—to convey the threat of spreading whooping cough without knowing it. More recently, a Pfizer Trumenba spot portrayed a mother in the hospital with a meningitis B-stricken son.

Companies may be hoping their new ads can scare up the low vaccination rate among adults, who aren’t bound by a mandatory immunization schedule

TV networks and doctors promote vaccines universally FOR ALL. This is the insanity of the mindset that vaccines are all good.

Nov 25, 2016, Fox News: Shingles vaccination not at goal levels for US seniors


Just one in five people over age 60 in the U.S. have been vaccinated against a painful eruption of herpes zoster, also known as shingles, despite recommendations that all of them should get the shot. ...

"Vaccination of appropriate adults may help to prevent or attenuate herpes zoster," Zhang said by email, adding that the CDC recommends it for all adults over 60....

"Herpes zoster is a disease that a vaccine may help to prevent, yet the vaccination rate remains low," Zhang said. "It is imperative that people talk with their physician or pharmacist to determine if they are eligible for vaccination against herpes zoster."

Step aside kids, pharma has adults in their sights. Check out the recommended schedule. .

If it makes sense to mandate a childhood schedule, why not the adults?

Nov 25, 2016, UK Jewish News: Ask Dr Ellie Cannon!

Q  Should I vaccinate my child against chickenpox? I know it isn’t standard, but many people seem to be doing it.

Dr. Ellie Cannon:

...But whether you opt into paying for the vaccine yourself is another matter. My one concern is that with the vaccination, the immunity can wear off as children go into adulthood: and adult chickenpox or, even worse, chickenpox when pregnant, can be very severe, so an adult booster would be a good idea.

Last month Dr. Cannon recommended the flu vaccine for pregnant women because ..."The safety record is proven to be good." (P.S. ---Also get a whooping cough shot if you're pregnant.)

Oct 14, 2016, Jewish Times:

As far as having a vaccination when pregnant: the safety record is proven to be good. The flu vaccine is not a “live” vaccine: that means she is not being injected with active virus but rather parts of the virus to trick her immune system into making protective antibodies.

So if she comes into contact with flu, her body will be prepared to fight it before she becomes ill. Vaccination in pregnancy is not just limited to flu: she will also have been offered a whooping cough vaccination while pregnant.

This is hugely important to protect her newborn from the current rise we are seeing in this infection: I would totally recommend she has that one too!

If Dr. Cannon actually looked at a flu vaccine package insert,  or if she searched online and scrolled down far enough, she read that there have been "no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women."

On Sept 30, 2016, Jewish News Dr. Cannon was asked if a college student should get the meningitis vaccine, and her answer:  "Yes,



It's sad but true. In the sick and twisted, misogynistic, racist, world that we live in, the more older children and adults that are harmed by these products, the better our infants and toddlers will be protected.

Cherry Misra

Re the grandma turned into a wolf - I could hardly believe what I was seeing when I first saw that ad. ...One more way of making childbearing oppressive for American moms. You cant even get someone to help you in those tough early months- Grandma hasnt been vaccinated-dont let her in the house.

I love the skull -doctor visual here. Somehow that triggers me to imagine the Age of Autism Halloween costume party- Skull faced doctor with tray heaped with syringes. and a sign saying "Vaccines are Safe and Effective
Unvaccinated grandma wolf
Child with two faces- Im healthy and fine (one side) Turn around and see a sad autistic child and a sign saying "I got seven vaccines in one doctor visit and now Im autistic "
Nerdy kid with a sign saying "Im a math whiz kid.. I added up 60 micrograms and 120 micrograms and 600 micrograms of aluminum in my vaccines and got 780 plus asthma .
Possibilies for the party costume? - endless

Jeannette Bishop

The granny turns wolf used to promote a vaccine that actually may cause granny to be a symptom free but contagious carrier of whooping for weeks while around their grandchildren really makes me angry.

Who is really the wolf in disguise and projecting here?!?

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