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Dachel Wake Up: Halloween Arrives Late at CDC

Halloween coffee
By Anne Dachel

Nov 9, 2016, Atlanta NPR, WABE: Atlanta CDC Employees Express Anxiety Over Trump's Win

Some employees in Atlanta outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they were anxious about President-elect Donald Trump leading the nation and appointing public health leaders who are against mandatory vaccinations.

Employees at the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the mood in their office is somber.

The employees of one of the largest federal agencies in Atlanta said they're concerned about job safety, funding and new public health policies under Donald Trump's presidency.

At the General Muir deli across the street from the CDC, a few employees talked to WABE, asking that their names not be used. One microbiologist said her colleagues were crying in the hallways. 

"It's really sad,” she said. “It's depressing. I'm eating a bagel to try and be happy." 

She said she's worried Trump might appoint public health leaders who may not be in total support of mandatory vaccinations, pointing to Dr. Ben Carson or Florida Governor Rick Scott....

In an emailed statement, the CDC wrote: "As always in political transitions, CDC stands ready to work with the new administration to protect and advance America's health security."

Seriously, the CDC has lots of reasons to worry about what going to happen with Donald Trump as President of the United States. He may be the just the person to expose the horrendous fraud, cover-up and damage swirling around our unchecked, unsafe, heavily conflicted vaccination schedule.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Shelley Tzorfas

The Microbiologist at the CDC is worried that the Vaccine Science will go backwards some 20 years.. We need the Vaccine science to go backwards 20 years to a time when 1 in 45 children did Not have Autism from the Brain Encephalitis as a result of vaccines, when nearly 1 in 25 boys did Not succumb to Autism, when 1 in 5 high school kids did Not have ADHD, when high amounts of cancers and Leukemia did Not occur in toddlers, when so many children did NOT pass away from SIDS, SADS or SUDS, when large amounts of children did NOT have Diabetes, Seizures or Tics… Yes indeed-let's go Back some 20 years. Who is with me?

Sue M

"...Eating a bagel to try and be happy." Have some gluten, CDC employee, and be grateful you can even ingest gluten! Stuff your feelings with the opioid-like high you get from eating wheat! Drain the swamp, bring on the truth!


A couple of my facebook friends were discussing were Ben Carson stands on this. We went back and looked up all what he said, including during the first debate.

He thinks that some diseases are too dangerous not to vaccinate against them, while others are not really needed.

I would like to know his list of the too dangerous not to vaccinate.
My guess would be rubella, diphtheria, and the very one that is really the most dangerous of all vaccines - the whooping cough one.

Really it is all a guess cause there are no studies that have not been ripe with fraud.
Throw out the baby with the bath water and start all over again.

Meanwhile; Let me gloat that they are crying in the halls. When you are gultiy, yeah feeling the guilt then fear follows for good reason. Colleen Boyd would look great in orange.
But just one of the many that should be suited up in the Halloween color.

Wonder if more SPIDERS are multiplying in those CDC halls.


Good. They better be worried.


He needs to drain the swamp in Atlanta, too. I hope they cry into their pillows every night now in fear that their lives will never be the same, just like all of us do for our injured kids. I hope in Trump's first 100 days he appoints a head of the CDC that actually cares about ALL kids and cleans house there. Their jobs should be the least of their worries. Many of them are criminals that deserve to go on trial and end up in prison. I actually wish much worse upon them, but prison would be a great start. They sold out our kids to protect the vaccine program and the pharmas that funnel the money to their research projects. Personally, I pray for the day that they all rot in hell. Since many of our kids live a sort of hell daily in pain and silence. Please #TrumpPence2016 don't let us down #allkidsmatter


Not sure if this was an accurate story or a spoof. But I hope it was accurate!

angus files

Its no wonder they are worried if they had nothing to hide they wouldn't be worried if I were them I would be suicidal never mind worried...worried when you`ve been complicit in murder and covering it up ,millions of children killed and maimed...worried???

The dream team to run the CDC, I would have to include at least a few 20 or so on here . Mr Bernard Rimland I am sure is looking down with a smile god bless them all that are up there looking over us, I am sure they are.


go Trump

Hopefully our new President will "reach across party lines" on a number of important issues.

I am sure the RFK Jr. would be very happy to work with the new administration to investigate the endless fraud and corruption at the CDC.

What better way to begin to reform the American healthcare system than exposing the "biggest organized fraud" in the history of medicine.

I am sure he could stop by the Trump Tower and visit anytime in the next few months.


I foresee the thawing of a giant chill of self-censorship. Hopefully now all those medical people who have been in silent opposition to mandatory vaccination, forced water fluoridation and the like will no longer be afraid to speak out.

As President, Trump can dismiss the corrupt heads of the corrupt CDC, USPHHS, NIH etc. without permission from anyone. True his successor nominees will require Congressional approval, but he can immediately get rid of those who most need getting rid of.


Crying in the halls at the CDC? Boohoo. How about all the parents crying in their halls at home as their children bang their heads on walls and floors and chew their own fingers and drape their bodies over the back of every chair available trying to alleviate internal pain that never goes away.


They are rightly scared, as potus Trump will drain the CDC swamp and imprison all criminal vaccine pushers responsible for holocaust of American children. He should make Dr. Wakefield the head of vaccine branch of CDC or perhaps whole CDC.


Funny they quote Carson and Scott. These guys are actually pretty pro vaccine, seem like unless you are 100% behind the religion, you are a heretic.


I wonder if the CDC employees know what it's like to lay next to a screaming flailing child night after night and not having any explanation for what is wrong. Or working a third shift and when the other parent takes over having to hear the screaming and distress all day long when you should be sleeping. Then the cold hard reality sets in that this will be the rest of your life and no one can help you. Goodbye to your job, goodbye to having a cookout, goodbye to a normal life. This reality has now crashed down square on your head and no one will be held responsible for destroying what your family should have been. If CDC employees are looking for sympathy they should really GF themselves, I mean that, I really do.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Ann, Thanks. This is why we voted for Trump. It is high time for a shakeup of all government agencies, NIH, HHS, and the American Medical Association (AMA) in addition to the CDC.

I worked for a company with a no-layoff policy, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). It became a haven for nontechnical middle managers, who couldn't even manage their own desktops. DEC missed the PC market, and we all lost our jobs.

I just hope Trump can stand up to all of the greasy-smarmy lobbyists out there. They are responsible for corralling jobless on-the-dole types into the post-election protest groups. They remind me of the "Mental Patients Liberation Front" who got state mental hospitals closed, and the most seriously mentally ill people are now on the streets; and hopefully this is not what the new wave of autistic adults face.


When it comes to "draining the swamp", Mr. Trump might start with the CDC.

Hans Litten

Anxiety at the CDC . Oh goody !

Job Safety - Are you serious ? Try liberty safety ! Because those of us with even half brain want prosecutions (no amnesty , no mercy) - DeStafano , Boyle , Allsopp , TanyaK , Gerberding .

William Thompson for president (after Trump of course) .

This is the Crime of ALL centuries .

Louis Conte

They should be crying in the hallways.

People in that building threw government data in the garbage. Data that showed that vaccines were injuring thousands upon thousands of children.

They withheld and perverted evidence in a judicial proceeding - the Omnibus Autism Proceedings - to protect their boss (the Secretary of Health and Human Services) and the pharmaceutical industry.

More than anything, they did it to protect Sacred Vaccinology.

Children died as a result of their actions.

Lives were ruined. Families suffered.

Some should be dialing defense counsel on their cell phones as their hands shake.

No calculator made by man can total the damage these people inflicted upon their country and the world.

Bob Moffit

'The employees of one of the largest federal agencies in Atlanta said they're concerned about job safety, funding and new public health policies under Donald Trump's presidency."

Not surprised to hear employees of CDC are "concerned about JOB SAFETY".

If nothing else .. this single statement reveals all we have come to EXPECT and FEAR .. of those who have worked for the CDC their entire careers .... THEIR JOB ... NOT OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN ... IS THEIR HIGHEST PRIORITY ..

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