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Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Nov 20, 2016, Blasting Barron Trump's 'difficult' time with campaign fuels autism questions

By Roz Zurko

Melania and Barron Trump not moving into the White House on the heels of a 'difficult' campaign period for the 10-year-old.

From the very first day that Donald Trump announced his run for president his life became an open book with the media probing not only into his past life, but his wife as well. Now it is#Barron Trump the media is centered on after what some are referring to as awkward behavior seen during election night while standing on the stage with his dad. While the child is only 10 and was more than likely wiped out from a long ordeal that election day tends to be, there were some facial movements and stares that brought on questions about Barron possibly being autistic.

Autism questions

If Baron is autistic, the Trumps are in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to making that information public. The campaign and all the attention that centered on Barron has proved difficult for the young boy, according to the New York Post. Because the campaign period was so overwhelming for Barron, Melania has decided not to move into the White House and stay at home in Trump Tower with Barron when Donald moves in January. She wants him to be able to continue on at the same school he is enrolled in today.

It wouldn't be fair to Barron for the Trump's to announce any health conditions he may or may not have. While #Autism is quite prevalent in the nation today, most kids who have this diagnosis aren't thrust into the public spotlight. If Barron is already finding all the chaos involved in being the young son of a president overwhelming, it would be understandable that if he is diagnosed with autism, his parents might opt to keep that under wraps….

Trump very vocal over Autism and vaccines

At one point Trump talked about a two-year-old child who was diagnosed with autism after being vaccinated. Reports say that Trump was talking about Barron in that story, according to the Morning Ledger. Donald Trump is giving up running his business and now his wife and son won't be moving to Washington DC with him, so he is giving up a lot to run this nation. Because of all the sacrifices this family has already made, the nation should respect their privacy around their young son.

The question of Barron Trump having autism keeps popping up on Google News.

I would hope that the media would show the same respect to Trump’s family that they did with Obama’s daughters. I think that the possibility of a President who’s already shown that he questions the safety of vaccines and has publicly speculated on a link to autism would make a lot of people nervous. And if he’s personally affected by autism, especially regressive autism, Trump may not be so willing to just light the White House up in blue and call for awareness like his predecessor did.

Trump may be more than a little interested in the charge by a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that his agency destroyed research showing a link between vaccines and autism.

…and that officials have never compared the health outcomes of fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated children.

…and that while U.S. health officials have continued to tell us that there is no link between vaccines and autism, the Vaccine Compensation Program has paid out millions for over the last few decades for lots of vaccine injuries that included autism.

…and that HHS conceded the case of vaccine-induced autism in the case of Hannah Poling eight years ago.

…and that while officials release new autism numbers every couple of years, often showing jaw-dropping increases, no one has ever gone on the record stating that there’s ever been a true increase in the number of Americans with autism.

...and that a wanted felon's research is used to vouch for injecting mercury into children.

…and that no official will call for a study accessing the rate of autism among adults to determine if there is a comparable rate to the stunning numbers of neurologically disabled children.

…and that no official will call for a study of children who were born healthy, developed normally and inexplicably lost learned skills and regressed into autism.        

These are just a few of the facts about vaccines/autism and the U.S. government that Trump may want to focus on.



"Donald Trump is giving up running his business and now his wife and son won't be moving to Washington DC with him, so he is giving up a lot to run this nation. Because of all the sacrifices this family has already made...."

Would you make the same comment now that we're on the brink of WW III?


Thank you Linda1 for a classy response. Never have I been so embarrassed of this blog. Speculating on adults is maybe one thing. This is pure gossip and abusive in that sense.


Roosevelt was not shown in a wheelchair or being assisted. The press protected him. He was an adult. He had tight control over the narrative of his own portrayal and of any social programs stemming from it. Yes, children back then were "poster children" for certain diseases, but being a poster child (or adult) in 1940 was a lot different from being a poster, twitter, facebook, youtube, 24/7 corporate news, billboard, blogosphere, email, skype, child in 2016.

I could say a lot more, but that's as far as I will take this out of respect and concern. We all should think twice, maybe three times before saying anything that is very easy for an innocent child suddenly thrust into the spotlight to find.

But I will say that Barron Trump did a great job standing up there with his family. He was so mature for a 10 year old and so brave in front of all those people and cameras and in the middle of the night to boot! His family and all Americans should be very proud of him. I hope the Trumps have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that going forward they have the love and support of all Americans as they strive to serve our country.

Hans Litten

Posted by: George stevens | November 23, 2016 at 12:19 PM

Totally disagree . When the president of the US had polio , the country moved heaven & earth to look for a solution for it (in fact it probably has contributed to todays Vaccine holocaust).
Franklin D. Roosevelt > Salk polio vaccine > cutter incident > vaccine propaganda hype lies > sv40

And if the new incumbent president has a child maimed by vaccination , it is crucial to his viewpoint and therefore all our futures .

George stevens

People shouldnt judge the kid either way. Everyone here knows that fearful feeling of someone looking at your child and you worrying about people judging them. Its a horrible feeling, imagine that xs1,000,000 for the trumps. If he is or isnt the question shouldnt even be asked in this circle its what he can do about the ones that are and the ones that will be in the future. If there ever was a bold pic to be made its with the cdc head and DHHS. Its important to not loose focus on that.


Well the magic box *computer and internet" answered my question.

Who is lined up to be head of the Health and Human services.

Tom Price a former orthopedic surgeon and he has been in government for a while - he is a representive - served in the Ways and Means Committee., really for health care savings.

Then the article said that
"Other Republicans in contention for HHS secretary include former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, former Rep. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, and former Utah governor, Mike Leavitt, who served as HHS Secretary under George W. Bush.

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson was in consideration, but Carson has said he would not serve in the Trump administration"

I am not sure that last statement is true - if Ben Carson has or was offered this position.

I could see Ben Carson doing something after listening to him speak and knowing he is a neurologist. Neurologist most often are the ones to see the result of vaccine injuries.
Dr. Blaylock as we all have listened to is a neurologist.

Too bad Blaylock is not into politics, well come to think of it he is a pretty strong Republican. I have heard he speak.
None o the above people that are really in the running - I don't see making a difference.

The cost of health care is what is going to get the most attention it sounds like to me.


How did the area around Atlanta vote? Blue I think. It really stood out pretty in the middle of the red when looking at the voting map.

Trump has offered Ben Carson not any thing at all to do with health?
I thought for sure they had talked after the first Republican debate when Carson back Trump on the vaccine issue.

I am surprised.

Instead he has given Ben Carson the offer to lead the agency on housing and urban development.

Ben Carson had said - while not mentioning what he had been offered that he did not think (it); what ever (it) was - he was not a good fit. Now, Ben Carson mentions that he has been offered housing and urban development and he is considering the position during the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, Trump is not offering him the head of HHS, or CDC or NIH, or surgeon general.

Has any one heard - anything? Or are those positions all given as an after thought - to friends and as favors in the past and is way deep under the radar?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Julia | November 22, 2016 at 10:57 AM

And Hillary Bluesky would have ? He already has helpled ! By having his photo with Andrew Wakefield and by his comments (6 at least) . This is the president of the US we are talking about here .
The CDC were crying in the hallways , if only we could have filmed that !

Posted by: @Cia | November 22, 2016 at 09:17 PM
I don't see any drama ! If you want to try picking on someone TRY ME !


I don't see it CIA Parker.

The blinks when he was tired - squeezing the eyes shut tight did remind me of both of my kids - that had ticks with the eyes that Dr. Thompson said to look for with mercury. I knew for sure when they were little something was not right, but as they became older they were less noticeable like what Barron was doing. Still he could have been just so tired he was dizzy!

He is tall - but he is just 10.

Tall kids we think they need to act older than what they are.


Stop with the drama, you are purely speculating (on steroids) and likely wrong. There are some very real and sinister problems going on right now being labelled as "fake news." And the pharma funded writers are hard at it.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Finishing the school year is important for any child. Barron Trump attends an excellent school. I looked up the Columbia Grammar and Prep School online, and found the following statement from their principal:

"... we have had the only and oldest program within the larger school program for bright, learning-disabled children—the Learning Resource Center. None of these children, without this program, would have been able to complete a highly rigorous college preparatory program and move on to college after graduation. We have on average 65 out of 1,300 students in the Learning Resource Center each year."

Also Barron Trump is bilingual (Slovenian and English), so any school problems are not due to a severe form of autism.

I continue to submit as many comments as possible on Trump's website because the Children's Health Act (2000), the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), the Combating Autism Act (2006), and the Autism CARES Act (2014) have wasted a lot of federal money.

I am hopeful that President Trump will listen to parents like us.


When I saw this video put up last week on Youtube, I thought Well, he has autism. No question.

That's why Trump said last year that he knew a healthy child who had gotten the MMR, a week later had a high fever, and regressed into autism. The previously healthy child was his own.


Oh my god, let it go. The child was tired in the extreme, and when one is tired they can have jerky movements. Not a fan of this article even appearing here.


I do not believe trump will in any way help our kids. I refuse to speculate about Barron's typicality. Trump has great disdain for the disabled and anyone who is not like him. He will run the deficit up with tax cuts for the wealthy and an "infrastructure" plan which is another tax break for private construction projects and then there will be no money for "entitlements." Enjoy your Medicaid and Social Security while they still exist. He and Paul Ryan are already planning to take them away.


It was rural middle American that did the choosing it looks like.

The east coast, the west coast, and the great big coastal lake city of Chicago decided on Hillary.
So now it is a never ending belly aching about the popular vote. Claims of Hillary won it by 200,000, 700,000 - up to a million now. I don't know if that is true cause I can not find the official count anywhere.

For so many, and these are my friends too; the election is still not over. They are really in mourning over this. I have a real sure enough, rock solid fear I would have to contend with. I already talke to my state Representive when he was campaigning. He seemed a sweet man and I asked him what he thought about forced, mandated vaccines. I found out his wife was a nurse practioner. He said the right thing about it - that the Amish in our state was not forced so neither should anyone else be.

Shell is his name and he got my vote, and my family's vote this go around.

But my friends that were Democrats have just turned nasty. There is a constant going on about that the first lady is a tramp, whore, porno star, slut. Trump is a racist, bigot, misogynist,

What I have found out and a deeply disappointed in a lot of my friends - is they do like to label people.

LOL! They are labelers!

Can you imagine what they would do to a child that has autism if that child was on the wrong side of the political fence from their god worshiping political party? Let alone if the wrong political party questioned their awe worship of science of vaccine or climate change..

Of course to be fair, that might have been me at one time too. Except I found that all those I trusted lied when I watched my child react to the vaccines. As for other science topics such as coal , holes in ozone, high cholesterol, coconut oil, sugar, grains, fats- I have had a life time of government propaganda in text books, and government agencies that don't match up when it meets real science.

Thee SPIDERS of the CDC and others in different science fields are right

And as for
Barron, he is a sweet, normal 10 year old. I say that cause I want it to be so. I say that because he has a better chance than the rest of us to be so. Remember that Kennedy told us in a speech that there are safer, better vaccines in rich communities while there are dangerous,s and dirty ones in the poorer and rural communities.

However: the rich has to live in a country of crazy poorer or at least not as rich. Crazy people take their religion and politics to a whole different level than a normal, level headed sane person does. And makes it Hell right here on Earth for everyone. .

Bob Moffit

Let's see if I understand what this "reporter" is trying to say:

On one hand .. he is saying .. "It wouldn't be fair to Barron for the Trump's to announce any health conditions he may or may not have" .. but .. on the other hand .. that shouldn't stop me from quoting a completely unsupported "report" by the Morning Ledger that .. "At one point Trump talked about a two-year-old child who was diagnosed with autism after being vaccinated. Reports say that Trump was talking about Barron in that story".

Hopefully .. ANY measures taken to drain that damn swamp our public health agencies have immersed our country and our children in for DECADES .. will be greatly APPRECIATED.

Not an MD

Honestly, I think Barron was just plain tuckered out as he was up way past any normal bedtime on election night, and he must have felt like collapsing right on the stage. My son and I couldn't make it past 1:00 AM on election night, even though we wanted to stay awake to see who won Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but little Barron had to stay awake for many more hours-- and stand upright, no less. I don't know how he was able to do it.

Hans Litten

Did America choose the correct candidate or did America choose the correct candidate .

God bless Baron Trump !

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