Dr. Heidi Larson - Who Lobbied the UN Claiming that "Not all Mercury is Toxic" - attacks AoA over Trump meeting
Today in NYC Parents of Sick Children to Gather at the "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" Featuring Pan, Offit, Reiss

Anne Dachel Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield on VAXXED the Movie

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

I asked Andy about the impact that the movie "Vaxxed" was having around the U.S.

"What we've seen, ... largely I think, is largely a response to "Vaxxed" and the grassroots movement that has grown out of "Vaxxed," and in particular Polly touring the country and capturing story after story after story from parents whose children have suffered catastrophic vaccine injury right the way through to death. …

“There was a paper recently that said the stories of individuals have such a huge impact on parents. They can relate to them, they can understand them, they realize that these parents were not initially anti-vaccine. They took their children along to be vaccinated, and they seemed to have paid a very, very high price.  

“So those stories have just had a profound impact on people. And to the extent, as Polly went through it, and we got more and more stories—nurses, health care practitioners, pediatricians, general practitioners were coming forward and saying, ‘That’s it. I’m done with vaccination. This is what’s happening, this is what we’re seeing, and we can no longer tolerate this.’

“I remember meeting several, and there have been many more since, …neonatal nurses who just said, ‘We know that these premature babies are going to code, they’re going to go into respiratory arrest after we have given them this bunch of vaccines, and I can no longer do it.’

“It’s staggering that this kind of thing is still allowed to continue, all kneeling at the altar of this great god of vaccination which is so bizarre.

“In response to that, I gather that Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss are going to hold a conference in New York to try and work out how to deal amongst health care professionals, with the parents…who are refusing, who don’t want to have vaccines. Indeed, parents who ask tricky questions, who want to see something as obvious as the  product insert, which is really something everybody should see before they vaccinate their children. And so, I’m hoping, and I think it’s the intention of the ‘Vaxxed’ team to be there, to put some questions to this panel, at the very least. It may be that we won’t get in, it may be that we won’t be allowed, but nonetheless, we will have a presence there….

“It’s fascinating that what we’re now seeing is their attempt, a rather pathetic attempt, at a reaction to the massive groundswell from ‘Vaxxed.’ These people have historically not been open to questions. Richard Pan has not been open to questions from the ‘Vaxxed’ team as you saw when he ran in Sacramento. Paul Offit has refused on multiple occasions to debate me and others. Dorit Reiss, I know very little about. This gang of three will be meeting up at NYU to try and in some way to redeem vaccines and demean parents once again, and it’s going to fail.

“Just as the media failed tragically in this election—tragically—and really were exposed for—not just their inadequacy, but as Mark Baxill put it, their naked partisan approach to this. They actually believed that could take the mind of the American people and twist it into believing that Hillary Clinton and the corporations were all in their best interest. Of course, corporations are their sponsors and so they were really acting according to the wishes of their sponsors. And they had done exactly the same in the vaccine issue, and they have been equally wrong at every stage. I think what we’re going to see now, particularly with William Thompson—we’ll get him now, I think we’ve never had a better opportunity than we do now with the Republicans having control of the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. There’s a very strong chance of a hearing.

“I think that there is a point beyond which, for example, Jason Chaffetz, it becomes politically very, very dangerous for him NOT to proceed with a hearing because it then looks like he’s an accessory to the fraud. He been two years saying ‘We’re investigating, we’re investigating.’ Now it’s got to happen. It’s got to happen, otherwise he becomes part of the problem. …We’re in a very strong position; we just have to keep that moving forward. 

Andy next talked about his recent trip to Italy to promote “Vaxxed.

“Italy was a wonderful experience in so many, many ways. Tremendous thanks to my camera woman,… Francesca Alesse who really coordinated and organized the entire thing, her friend Christina. My daughter Imogene came with me; she did the filming and editing, so much of the material you’re seeing she’s cut together….

“We went there for two weeks. It was the first country to purchase the film, the first foreign country to purchase the film. They have a very keen interest in the subject because as you well know, Italian courts settled in favor of vaccine-induced autism, although that was then overturned in the appeal court, it’s going to the Supreme Court now. I think the reason for overturning it was an appeal by GlaxoSmithKline that they would be adversely affected if the case were allowed to stand. Somewhat bizarre. I’m not entirely sure whether that translates because it would be a perverse decision in favor of the pharmaceutical industry in the clear acknowledgement that their vaccine has done harm. …

“The Italian public were extremely receptive. We stayed ahead—Our job in Italy was to stay one day ahead of censorship everywhere we went. Senator Bartolomeo Pepe, one of the Italian senators from Naples who was going to have a screening in the Italian Senate, was then blocked by the head of the Senate. Censorship is illegal in Italy, so a group called the Codacons, a group of lawyers, rather like ‘Nader’s Raiders,’ public interest lawyers decided that they would then sue the Italian Senate for this censorship. They then held a press conference, so literally on the day I arrived, we went to Senator Pepe’s office from the airport, did an interview with the television there. Then the following day, we did two screenings and a press conference …at the movie theater. That was preceded by a viewing of the movie, and at that movie there was more of the Italian press than had seen it throughout the entire United States of America over the time that ‘Vaxxed’ has been released.

“There was a great deal of interest in the Italian media, [but] the story was still very much slanted in favor of the companies and in favor of policy. But that doesn’t matter. The fact is that it got public attention. Once again, this effort at censorship led to a massive surge in interest in the film in Italy.

“So we then went from there to Florence. We had a tremendous screening in Florence. We went from there down to Salerno. …Italian crowds are very, very passionate. …One pediatrician stood up and said that it was all genetic …

“So then we went from Salerno, which is near Naples, down to Bari, right down in the tip of Italy. …

“Then we drove back up to Rimini. We were going to play in Rimini, but the mayor took it upon himself to censor the movie in Rimini.

“We were then going to play in a principality called San Marino, next to Rimini, and it was then censored as well. We ended up holding a screening in a yoga studio, which was fantastic. It was absolutely packed—lots and lots of mothers and babies and a wonderful response.

“We then went from there to Bologna and another screening followed by a trip back to Rome for a TV interview. …

“I then went back up to Milan where I met with … Federico Balzola. He’s the Italian gastroenterologist who worked in my lab, and then went back to Italy and repeated the findings of gastrointestinal disease inflammation in children and adults with autism and has done investigations of measles virus, immune responses, and treatment studies. So he’s done a fantastic job. So he was able to contribute to the discussion in Milan, and then we went to Rome for a very big conference. I think about 1300 parents of vaccine damaged children. We had a conference in Rome. That was a wonderful event.

“So the stories are the same. They’re exactly the same. They’re word for word the same as the stories of American parents. We captured many, many of those, and we’ll be broadcasting them.

“So then we were in the hotel the final day and we were hit by an earthquake….

“We came back; I went straight to Portland, OR to do a chiropractic conference…

“It’s been extremely busy. Everyone on the team has been covering their particular base: Polly on the bus, Del on and off the bus, various political meetings, other conferences.

“The next step: We need to clearly move forward on a political and legal front to make some major changes while we can.

Finally, Andy had some more to say about Italy.

“The last thing to say about Italy is that Senator Bartolomeo Pepe, who was incredibly supportive of us throughout the entire tour, having tried to get the film played in the Senate, planned to hold a press conference at the end of the tour, in the Italian Senate to talk about this issue and the Codacons itself, this influential group of lawyers, in the meantime …have filed a case in law against the Minister of Health and the Department of Health in Italy. So it’s caused quite a stir.


“That led the President of the Republic to go on television and espouse the merits of vaccines and not to listen to this sort of thing. One thing that did happen is that Senator Pepe was blocked from having a press conference in the Senate, and that is the first time in Italian history that that has ever happened. …They were left somewhat reeling by the impact of the film. Since then they’ve been going after doctors even more vigorously, so we have to help them in every way we can in Italy. Doctors who are offering exemptions or who do not vaccinate then—it’s very much the same as America. The policy is if you’re not going to do what we tell you to do, we are going to crush you. We are going to take away your license.

“It’s the same story worldwide, and we have to fight this together.”

Additional videos of “Vaxxed” in Italy

Andy arrives in Rome, goes to the Italian Senate  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hXS_az4hSk

Bologna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N0rR0RxC48

Andy interviewed by an Italian reporter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ngwF_gwGEY

Vaxxed in Florence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfRhI3oRv9k

Press conference with Italian press sponsored by the Codacons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP1e7lYic-o

"Vaxxed" in Rome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdVK3XVKQsA




After reading this good article, something new occurred to me, and I wonder why it took this long! What are the vaccines doing to those who aren’t obviously affected. What is the in utero baby thinking. Is s/he in tune, or even in touch, with all the other beings presently in utero? Can they – do they – communicate? And – if so – how are they affected by the abortion – or the vaccination – of another like being?

Can they feel the pain of the aborted baby? Are they mentally and physically anguished? Is this why they come out crying?

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