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A Book Too Dangerous to Read FOR LIBRARIES???

Vaccine Friendly PlanBy Jennifer Margulis
Health Impact News

The Library Journal, which librarians read to decide what books to buy for their collections, announced last week that libraries should not carry the new book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health, From Pregnancy Through Your Child’s Teen Years, which I co-authored with Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician who has over 13,000 patients in his pediatric practice in Portland, Oregon.

“The author’s style is gentle and motivating,” the reviewer writes, “and he clearly cares for parents and children. Despite this, many parents will have a hard time following some of his suggestions (e.g. no manufactured baby food, no formula, no circumcision, avoid acetaminophen), as he advises parents to come to “well child visits with a signed vaccine refusal form” and specifically warns against hepatitis, chicken pox, flu, polio, and HPV vaccines, among others.”

The review goes on:

“VERDICT While Thomas does recommend a number of vaccines, his medical wisdom is too removed from both the AAP and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines to warrant a recommendation.”

Don’t make this book available to library patrons.

Don’t read this book.

Don’t even have a conversation about safety issues with childhood vaccines.

Instead, let’s just ignore the fact that the current rates of autism are at least 1 in 68, according to the CDC (possibly as high as 1 in 45, also according to CDC data), that there’s a growing body of very disturbing scientific evidence showing that acetaminophen (the main ingredient in Tylenol) is triggering autism, and that American children today are plagued with allergies, asthma, and other chronic diseases (like Type 1 juvenile diabetes and leaky gut syndrome) than ever before.

But following Dr. Paul’s recommendations to feed a baby and small child a real food, whole foods diet, stop using Tylenol, and making judicious decisions about vaccination is too difficult?

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Leah, Sorry you feel like that about Age of Autism as I have always found it a really unbiased site. If I want a balanced view, this is the site I go to. Very little political talk on here, as we are only concerned about our children/Grandchildren and how vaccine injuries affect us - and our experiences.


Hi Leah,
If you are for protecting our kids, please stay. I don't care about your political views. The reality is, the harm done to a generation of children is going to outlast any president's term. Our children/adults need every president, every person with the power to help to do so.
The reality of politics is you get one side in for a while, then the other side gets in for a while. It is going to keep changing. Our kids needing help; that will stay the same.


NOTE: Leah, we made a conscious decision to limit comments and political conversation because we are non-profit. We loathe losing readers and hope you remain and continue to comment. Thank you. KIM

Censorship is alive and well on this website. Over the past few months I have had comments not praising trump not posted. The same names comment again and again. People can write that Hilary is a criminal, lock her up etc. (no evidence for that by the way) while trump has hundreds of outstanding lawsuits. Can't mention that on a of a. So one point of view reins in your little club. Interesting one person was chided for being snarky--she was not glorifying your boy or something -when the usual crowd is snarky quite frequently. Very biased. I hope trump helps the vaccine mess. On that hope we can agree but I do not feel welcome here.


The Library Journal's reviewer concludes:
“VERDICT While Thomas does recommend a number of vaccines, his medical wisdom is too removed from both the AAP and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines to warrant a recommendation.”

It's a bad review that amounts to censorship.

Hopefully the critical readers of that publication will question the health care complacency promoted by the LJ reviewer. This week's Presidential election offers a parallel in that its result ran counter to mainstream media consensus. Rather than clinging to status quo assumptions, health care consumers should investigate any recommendation from government agencies -- but especially those with such well-documented revolving doors to Pharma.

The LJ reviewer seems not to consider:
(1) the financial disincentives in place that prevent medical professionals from reporting vaccine injuries,
(2) the financial incentives for AAP, AMA and other medical trade unions to promote pharmaceutical products;
(3) the professional incentives for the CDC to publish studies downplaying or concealing vaccine adverse events.

Medical trade unions exist for the professional and financial benefit of their dues-paying members -- not consumers. The AAP and AMA have done a great PR job convincing people otherwise... abetted by mainstream media that consider themselves public health partners instead of public interest watchdogs.


A little off topic but how in God's name does a 3 year old (Michael Buble's son) get liver cancer? Genetics as an explanation does not cut it.


This book is on order or on the shelf in the public libraries in my community.


Sorry for the confusion on the use of the word Alternative. In Library lingo, it is used for medical advice that is not CDC or AAP approved for which the term is Traditional. A bad review in a journal like Library Journal does not mean that a library is banning a book nor does it mean that libraries will not buy the book. It only means that the reviewer did not like the book. The author should pursue a more qualified reviewer. Libraries try to buy books with all points of view. Public Libraries also celebrate Banned Books Week every year to emphasize the importance of not banning books.

Birgit Calhoun

Being conservative or liberal shouldn't have anything to do with that, but it does. Being open to all kinds of opinions is what this is all about. What I insist on, however, is whether it is truthful and whether it is pertinent. I found it very disturbing for instance that the book "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" was banned in some places. As the reason was given religious content and foul language. In this day and age books that are readable and contain the truth should be available. When a librarian decides something should or should not be in the collection, he or she should have good reason. This reason should not be politically tinged.


"What I find more disturbing than alternative health books with bad reviews is alternative health books that are not reviewed in any library review sources......"

Written by a Dartmouth MD in mainstream pediatric practice, what makes this book "alternative"? Is it that he has a professional opinion? Is it that he evaluates the recommendations of physicians working in government agencies and the AAP possessing the same or equivalent training that he has (but different conflicts of interest) and decides which recommendations he agrees with? That's alternative?

Jeannette Bishop

VERDICT: go with the asthmatic (immune dysfunction), allergic (immune dysfunction), learning disabled (most often immune dysfunction causing damage), autoimmune (immune dys...), neurologically disabled (immune dys again?), cancerous (is that immune system failure?), obese (inflammation involved here too), and decreasing life-span expectancy of the status quo. Yeah, ensconced in "consensus," comfortable, safe...consensus today seems to be unwittingly taking cover from bombardment under the nearest shadows... which often happens to be the shadows of the drones doing the bombarding...


As a librarian I can clarify for you that this is not censorship. It is rather a bad review by a librarian who does not have a medical degree. What I find more disturbing than alternative health books with bad reviews is alternative health books that are not reviewed in any library review sources......

Birgit Calhoun

This kind of censorship runs rampant in libraries. It also happens in schools because of misguided education. In order to change that, it is especially important to vote for intelligent school boards college boards and also people who are not beholden to special interests. Vote! So that intelligent people get elected.


Very surprising. I just picked it up again to keep reading it, and again was kind of surprised that he so strongly promoted the pertussis vaccine, Hib, Prevnar. Also the MMR. Pretty much like Bob Sears' The Vaccine Book. Have they banned that one too? Dr. Paul is actually pretty conservative in his recommendations, as is Dr. Sears: what are they going to do to the more extreme?

Many libraries banned the Harry Potter books ten years ago for promoting witchcraft, again, very surprising. I read all of the seven in the original series two years ago preparing to go to the Universal Harry Potter parks in Orlando. In the last book, the scene in which Harry is about to take the train of death bound for Heaven as he is about to offer up his life to defend the innocent about to be enslaved by Voldemort, it was very clearly Christian in outlook. Surprising that one word, magic, was enough to demonize the whole series, functioning as a fatal totem despite the underlying spirit.

So are we going to chain up in dungeons those who recommend organic, homemade baby food? Breast feeding? Avoidance when possible of antibiotics, other drugs, and vaccines? The new N-zis will have a field day rampaging through libraries and bookstores pulling down all the thousands of books on child care with these recommendations. Will we see public book burnings as an example of what happens to those who defy Medical Orders? Same primitivism as with Harry Potter: one material object, the hypodermic syringe filled with a magic potion, vaccine, is made to stand for the desired outcome, Health, with all the caveats regarding why it is in reality almost completely in opposition to the desired outcome being suppressed for financial gain.

Bob Moffit

I remember well when the two major book outlets were .. Border's and Barnes & Noble. I also remember how difficult it was to "buy" the latest "conservative" books in either outlet. Whenever I tried to purchase a book by a conservative .. say Rush Limbaugh 20 years ago ... I couldn't find the book on their shelves .. and .. even if his book was rated among NY Times "best sellers" ..when asked the salespeople would inform me they didn't have the book in stock.


In any event .. I have had similar problems with local library over the years .. as my local library on MANY occasions .. do not have books by "conservative authors" .. for example Ann Coulter or Pat Buchanan .. yet .. without fail have liberal books .. say Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A Village"

It is one thing to "censor" books according to one's political ideology .. it is quite another to "censor" books on public health .. containing "information" that the Library Journal believes is "too dangerous for the public to have access to".

Which begs the question: Where does the Library Journal receive it's financial funding .. is it public money or do they rely on pharma industry advertising?

Indeed .. IF there is ANY link between the Library Journal and the lucrative marketing of the pharma industry .. THAT would explain why the Library Journal RECOMMENDED:

"Don’t make this book available to library patrons.
"Don’t read this book.
"Don’t even have a conversation about safety issues with childhood vaccines.


Maybe The Library Journal is too dangerous to influence America's libraries.


When libraries start censoring books don't they render themselves obsolete? Such a pity!

Maureen McDonnell,RN

This censorship of common sense strategies for raising healthy kids in a toxic world is insane & should not be tolerated! As a holistic pediatric RN, I've been advocating many of the approaches outlined in the book including: making organic homemade baby food, avoiding Glutathione-destroying Tylenol, using antibiotics & vaccines very judiciously etc. for almost 40 years! How could anyone in their right mind consider these smart decisions to be too radical for parents? Hell- they're some of the only strategies we have for saving our kids from the clutches of big Pharma & a corrupt & broken medical system!!!


Another book that was too dangerous to read was Michael Palmer's Fatal, as you can see by the negative reviews on Amazon. The two libraries I contacted in 2003 refused to buy a copy, even though they said Palmer's other books were very popular. Book banning is alive and well, especially books that mention vaccine injury and autism.


Louis Conte

Censorship takes on many forms in 2016, doesn't it?

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