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A Black Friday for Those Who Deny the Autism Epidemic - The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

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By Lou Conte

Every now and then a book emerges that alters the landscape of scientific, political and societal dialogue.  The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism is that kind of book, from Skyhorse Publishing.

Like Rachel Carson’s seminal on the impact of pesticides on the environment, Silent Spring, Lyons-Weiler’s work will be controversial, and may well anger some of his colleagues in the scientific hegemony. This book directly confronts well-entrenched viewpoints on causality that clings with fervent faith that there is no autism epidemic, and that autism is a genetic disorder.

Lyons-Weiler confronts these topics with over 1,000 studies that scientists have published but which those in position to sway public health policy have, until now, failed, or simply chosen, to not acknowledge.

The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism delves deeply and comprehensively into the full body of past and current research. The work reflects an unbiased perspective on the various molecular mechanisms at work in autism, and it reveals how genetic predispositions and environmental factors can combine and interact to produce the diagnoses of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  An often-denied wealth of studies showing association of autism with vaccines is also reviewed.

To make this ground-breaking volume, Lyons-Weiler consumed most of the past fifty years of published research on autism, exploring subjects such as genetic variation, mechanisms of neurotoxicity of metals and pesticides, and the central and combined roles of each in causing autism.  The result is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the condition of autism, including reviews of changes in diagnoses and a look forward to plausible future treatments. The state-of-the-art medical and scientific knowledge of the root causes of all of the core symptoms and co-morbid conditions are presented in an organized and clear manner that will be useful as both a reference source and as a blueprint for meaningful future research. He provides generous comparisons and contrasts to related and similar medical conditions that will be of interest to many parents as well.

While steeped in science, The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism is also composed for those who treat, care for and love people with autism. The book will be helpful to parents and physicians in improving the treatment of people with autism.
Lyons-Weiler explains how genetic information can be used to tailor effective treatments, and sometimes reversals, of the symptoms. The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism also presents practical forward-looking suggestions on how to design future studies to facilitate the discovery of biomarkers for autism risk, and how to classify the full range of autism spectrum disorders.

While most autism researchers focus on either environmental or genetic causes of autism, Lyons-Weiler’s opus demonstrates that to fully understand the condition and to finally put its rate on the decrease, it is essential to pay attention to the science showing how the two classes of factors interact.

About the Author: James Lyons-Weiler PhD, is a former AP Sloan Foundation postdoctoral fellow and evolutionary biologist with a background in evolutionary theory, molecular evolution, genetics, phylogenetics, biogeography, ecology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, and clinical research. He is the former Scientific Director of the Bioinformatics Core at the University of Pittsburgh and has participated in over 100 biomedical research studies over the past 16 years, including many in the neurosciences and immunology.

An expert in complex data analyses, Dr. Lyons-Weiler is also the author of three books: Ebola: An Evolving Story, Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research, and the Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism. For the book on autism, he reviewed 3,000 studies on autism. He is now CEO and Director of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK), a research institute located in Hampton, PA.  IPAK focuses on research without profit motive.


David fielding

I am now about halfway through 'Causes', recognizing early on that this may be THE most important book on autism, THE most compelling indictment of the CDC and the most lucid defense of science in the last 60 years since this disease was inflicted upon us. James Lyons-Weiler's journey has been more of a reversal and progressive realization of his own failings in his early research on Ebola. Many in science hold so tightly to early hypotheses as to lose objective reasoning. The extended bio available on his web log illustrates the evolution of a genius mind, exponentially smarter than anyone who has approached this topic before.

I hope the author will allow me the liberty of excerpting the closing segment from the preface.

But I didn’t write this book just to defend the science showing immunotoxicity and other mechanisms by which environmental factors and genes cause autism. I wrote it to defend science. The interesting thing about the truth in nature is that it never goes away, no matter how inconvenient. The fact that some of us are doomed by the vaccine industry to acquire autism, and by reluctance of regulatory agencies to label clearly dangerous drugs, must no longer be ignored by the CDC, or by anyone else, including pediatricians, lawmakers, and parents. Our government has decided to protect that industry from lawsuits due to vaccine injury. Shame, I say, shame on them for performing pathetically weak science and for choosing to ignore the rest of the community’s mountain of evidence in the formulation of public health policy. Now let’s move on. Let science be done to protect the unborn, our babies, and our children. Let’s make safe vaccines that really work. But let’s use them wisely. Let’s find and optimize biomarkers that can be used in the clinic to pinpoint individuals who are at highest risk of not just autism, but those who are at highest risk of any type of serious adverse events. If we as a society enjoy collective benefit from protection from infectious diseases due to vaccines, then we as a society share the collective responsibility to protect those who are the greatest risk of harm from vaccines. Enough with the propaganda that says there is no risk, enough. Genetics and careful attention to reliable risk factors will play a fundamental role in protecting those among us who are most susceptible to neurotoxicity from vaccines via freedom of choice and, when possible, medical exemption. Policy shifts and reform in vaccine safety will protect the rest of us.

Thank you James for applying your mind to the most important issues in public health of this century. I look forward to reading more of your work... far beyond my comprehension, but compelling enough to try.

David fielding

To ciaparker,
I do enjoy reading your commentary here in Age of Autism. I must comment on this statement by you...

I think the author is just treading in already well-trodden ways, hoping to make a name for himself in the field of autism, the vaccine-induced disease which is paralyzing our country, but without alienating the powers-that-be in the vaccine industry.

This statement could not be more incorrect, no disrespect intended. Have you read the book? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK in pediatrics and immunology right now and for the foreseeable future. It is YOUR most important book right now. It hit me like a bolt of lightning, completely new and fresh, without precedent. It is of a completely different nature than 'Age of Autism', but the most supreme complement to every word written in AOA. James Lyon Weiler does not spare industry or individuals and takes every reasonable opportunity to discredit them, taking apart their arguments piece by piece, their ignorance and culpability. I encourage everyone to download the Kindle sample as it provides an acceptable but entirely inadequate entree into the most brilliant thinking I have read EVER.
Keep commenting. I thoroughly enjoy your discourse.

David fielding

My Amazon review of 'Causes':

This book hit me like a bolt of lightning. After 4 years of research on autism, genetics, immunity and disease, this is my 14th kindle book in the last 2 months alone. Even the most exceptional scientific minds will be challenged to assimilate the depth and breadth of this examination in translational research. I'd never heard of the field, nor seen this approach presented in quite this format. James Lyon Weiler has written THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK IN PEDIATRICS right now and for the foreseeable future. I am only part way in as I read and re-read sections trying to wrap my head around his translations of over 3,000 peer reviewed studies. A warning to those without a high capacity for complex scientific analysis (like me), it may not be the first book you should read in understanding the complexity of the 'debate' on autism. To build your foundation and knowledge base, I would suggest the new 'Age of Autism' and Dr. Suzanne Humphries 'Dissolving Illusions'. I had seen VAXXED and knew very well the story of Dr. Andy Wakefield's crucifixion by the medical community and media. So much vitriol over a little study suggesting a possible link between a vaccine and immune system disregulation. Where are we as a society, as a scientific community, if we attack a person who publishes a study recommending more research on the issue (as nearly EVERY published scientific paper does). Frankly, I thought the movie VAXXED barely scraped the iceberg on the possible link between vaccines and autism. You'd be better served by first watching the hundreds of testimonials being captured and posted on YouTube as part of the VAXXED bus tour. This is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT story in medicine right now. The public needs to know whether vaccines are safe for each and every individual. A vaccine schedule that has accelerated from 12 to 72 vaccines in the last 30 years without any collective research as to the possible effects of not just Mercury and aluminum, not just the additives like polysorbate 80 and mono sodium glutamate, but the viral strains themselves. Presuming viruses as static entities, unable to mutate into more dangerous and virulent strains denies all we know and have learned about infectious disease in the last 300 years. Finally, Dr. Paul Offit, an apostle of the darkest nature, who has done more damage to scientific discovery and public health than any medical professional in history, who states that you can safely have 10,000 vaccines on the same day (revised from his original 'scientific' estimate of 100,000), I say 'TRY IT YOURSELF'!


And the killed pathogen vaccines HAVE to have an adjuvant or they wouldn't work. Once the pathogen is killed, it's now longer worthy of notice by the immune system. So the adjuvant, usually aluminum, forces the immune system to pay attention and treat it as a threat. Aluminum is chosen BECAUSE it is so irritating to the immune system and causes it to mount an inflammatory response. It also allows a little vaccine to go a long way: without the adjuvant, vaccines would be prohibitively expensive and the protection wouldn't last very long. I don't want to defend the use of aluminum in vaccines, just to explain why it is necessary.

So if they didn't use aluminum, what would they use? There are other adjuvants, but they're all chemicals. Anything they used to replace aluminum would eventually be found, or has already been found, to present many dangers of its own. Any injected chemical is going to have it own toxicity, and also alarm the immune system and cause both acute and chronic inflammation, neurological and autoimmune disease.

Why don't we just forget about vaccines and try the homeopathic nosodes on a large scale to prevent those diseases people think need preventing? It is not possible to create a safe vaccine.


How do you educate scientists, doctors, and the hundreds of medical students who attended the recent Confronting Vaccine Resistance Seminar if you don't show them science that they won't find at the CDC?


You can't, these people are brain washed lemmings. Who honestly believe that they're smarter than the rest of us.

It doesn't matter how good your information is, trying to educate them is a waste of time. Ignoring them, and their vaccine dogma is the only real way forward.

When enough people decide to do that, firing patients will be the last thing on their arrogant minds.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Benedetta | November 23, 2016 at 01:00 PM

50 years : All of this was only possible through the complete collaboration of the media which has time and again failed to report the truth . The secret societies control the media .
But look what has changed , Newspapers are becoming a relic , likewise radio .
And the TV is in decline . Which is why they are looking so hard to close down the graffiti wall !
The internet where everyone has a voice . How can they close it down ?
Well the UK just passed the most draconian snooper laws in the world bar none .
So they are building the framework to lock down the education library (the internet) .



How do you educate scientists, doctors, and the hundreds of medical students who attended the recent Confronting Vaccine Resistance Seminar if you don't show them science that they won't find at the CDC?

They listen to Vaccine Guru Paul Offit, who stated on his CHOP website that aluminum is "believed to play an important role in the development of a healthy fetus” and elsewhere that "ethylmercury is frankly a very gentle bacteriostatic agent", and they believe whatever he says because he is supposed to know, and they trust him. These people aren't going to believe "anti-vaccine" parents or read "anti-vaccine" literature because it's akin to heresy but they just might read science from fellow scientists.


I don't know what's going to happen. It was a big surprise when the Soviet Union fell. A big surprise when Trump won. I ultimately voted for him, even though I don't like or trust him, but I didn't think he was going to win. But this may be like the conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism five hundred years ago, two groups who believe in their worldview to the marrow of their bones. With the Offits like the priests who sold indulgences to get into heaven. With the clash ongoing for centuries. Or maybe not. Maybe it will all fall down quickly. I hope so.

Tim Lundeen

@david m burd

I agree, the people who control the NIH, CDC, FDA, IOM, AAP, Vaccine Makers etc will NEVER take action unless forced to.

I am hopeful that Trump will do what he said during the campaign, and "fix it".

If he appoints an honest scientist to run the CDC, that alone would do it: changing their site and recommendations would dramatically change people's perception. He could also allow Thompson to testify. L-W has my vote for the job :-)

david m burd

Lou Conte, I've been remiss in giving you my highest accolades; I don't want you to think some of my comments about the L-W book being ignored by Frieden/Collins/Fauci et al. may possibly have been construed otherwise.

Thanks for all you do.

david m burd


Thanks so much for quotes from L-W's book.

However, THE ISSUE is whether anybody in high positions (i.e. Directors) in the Vaccine Cabal of NIH, CDC, FDA, IOM, AAP, Vaccine Makers, etc., will do other than arrogantly ignore this documentation pointing directly toward our Vaccine Holocaust. No doubt, THEY will NOT pay the slightest heed.

These arrogant criminals (what else to call them?) will ignore L-W's book like they have ignored/suppressed all others, going back to Dr. Gerhard Buchwald court testimonies and warnings from over 50 years ago (the curious can pull him up on Web search engines).

Laura Hayes, et al. embodies and champions what MUST happen: Massive revolt by the public, absence the new Trump presidency NOT grasping the reality of America and its families being destroyed.


There has to be something different about those who react time and again to vaccines/vaccine ingredients while others don't react at all


How do you know that all vaccines are the same?

Tim Lundeen

L-W's book highlights the dangers of vaccines and the malfeasance of the CDC. Some more quotes:

“Despite the official CDC “party line” of no association between vaccines and autism, the studies conducted outside of the CDC point squarely at metal adjuvants in vaccines, which activate the immune system, as likely causal factors and not only for autism.”


"The CDC has failed consistently to utilize any of this valuable resource [extensive analysis of the biomedical research] in the formulation of their policy. Instead, they rely on their own deeply flawed internal and contracted external studies. They cite “dozens” of studies that exonerate vaccines. Rather than allow the full body of scientific evidence to inform public health policy, they “cherry-pick” the studies that support their chosen policy.

"The primary focus of this book is not those studies, nor what is wrong with them. Most of them (17/22) were determined to be flawed in 2012 by the Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences, 2012), and they are currently the subject of inquiry for malfeasance and scientific fraud (see “Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud in the CDC,” Barr, 2015).

"Instead, the focus of this book is the rest of the science: what the CDC has so egregiously ignored. … We need to pay attention to the rest of science, not just the corrupted bits of science the CDC wants us to accept as valid and as the whole story. As a result, it has prevented the public from knowing the truth about neurotoxicity of vaccine additives.

"This book is about the rest of the science. It includes more than 900 key references on both the genetic and environmental causes of autism. It includes perspective peppered throughout the discussions of genes, regulatory pathways, and neurobiology. It is a call for attention to all of the science that US taxpayers have paid for and a call for reform."


CIA Parker - Decades have come and gone past. There was a big blow up in the 1970s that lead to vaccine court. So that is getting up there to half a century - 50 long years.


I think the vaccine paradigm will fall, but I think it will take many decades: the propaganda has penetrated most people's souls very deeply, and, since it's affirmed by so many authorities in medicine, government, the media, and schools, it's a very satisfying belief system, very complete. This is what we have in modern times to protect our children from killer diseases. So just do it. The weak link if, of course, so many people seriously injured by vaccines. In most cases, it has taken many decades to make the connection, since the damage usually isn't immediate, but now the connection has been made by many disciplines: clinical studies, epidemiological studies, and millions of cases of individuals affected. As well as a lot of coverage of the criminality of many of those holding positions of public trust. Even though the authorities try to discredit such evidence if they can't conceal it, once the vaccine/autism epidemics picked up steam twenty years ago, more and more people have realized that they placed their trust in dishonest or craven people. And then we have to live with the horrendous consequences for the rest of our lives, while they just go out and try to whip up more enthusiasm for the vaccine cause. Even deciding that if they can't get their money the honest way, they will force everyone to comply and just get the damn vaccines.


Re vaccine refusal becoming the norm - I have been surprised by the number of young parents I've met who say they don't vaccinate. Period. With a confident broad smile. I haven't come across many possessing a Reiss-like fanaticism. Even the doctors are getting shaky. Some have been all along. What we have here is a house of cards held up only by propaganda that is becoming easier to see through by the day. The only threat to the uprising of truth is for the snakes to put a squeeze on what they're starting to call "fake news". Out of desperation, next we will be seeing an attempt to further trash, localize and dumb down our collective mentality, since there is intelligence and critical thought breaking through the current steady diet of corporate controlled news which consists mostly of celebrity fluff, sports distraction, instructions on what to buy where and whatever selected issue they feel safe letting us think about or be afraid of.

Hans Litten


Jenner's role in creating what we now know to be the science of vaccines was so sketchy that Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, A.M.M., M.B.B.S., Ph.D., F.A.P.M., declared the entire vaccine business to be a "gigantic hoax," adding that proper statistics and science show that vaccines are, in fact, not useful in the prevention of infectious disease.

Couldn't agree more Archie !

david m burd

Laura Hayes says "May vaccine REFUSAL become the NORM in 2017!"

Perhaps, but it's a long shot. It's going to take incredibly strong egos and unbending wills of such as President Trump and such as Dr. Ben Carson if he joins with Trump in some capacity (and if he can shake off vaccine dogma ingrained from his medical training).

As I first commented, there's literally no time to lose. I'm afraid to say this Lyons-Weiler book will be an impossible read for the typical lay-parent, but I am NOT knocking the typical parent, just being pragmatic. Then there's the vast world of medical professionals who have swallowed whole The Great Lie that vaccines have saved the world. OF COURSE, the monstrous villains heading up NIH, CDC, FDA will ignore this book as they have the dozens of prior books and hundreds of valid studies it is based upon.

Perhaps VAXXED and other heroes such as Barbara Loe Fisher have alerted enough of the American public to rise and reject the inconceivably-toxic assault on their babies and children, and a tipping point of mass vaccine-revolt will happen.

Realistically, this revolution will come from either 'top down' or 'bottom up.' It will NEVER come from our allopathic-indoctrinated American Medical System.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Tim Lundeen | November 22, 2016 at 03:12 PM

Good to know , thanks Tim


But beyond the toxins, there's simply the necessary reaction of the immune system to the vaccines. It HAS to be irritated into reaction, or no antibodies would be formed. There is some evidence that those of us who react very forcefully to vaccines have excellent immune systems, alert and ever-ready to mount a strong defense against invasions of germs. Who could fault such active immune systems for going into high gear to neutralize threats immediately and forcefully? But such activation ALWAYS involves an inflammatory reaction, which, since it's general, is always going to include the brain (and gut). Include the brain, cause it to swell, and you've got vaccine encephalitis which does stroke-like damage to the brain, especially the language and social centers. Autism. Or seizure disorder. Or ADHD. No toxins, just a stellar maneuver by the immune system faced with a threat never before seen in millions of years of evolution, using its native wit to try to outsmart the enemy. Can you blame it if the immune system is sort of silly to mistake an innocent vaccine for a ravaging invader? And there's no way to eliminate this encephalitic reaction: it's in the very nature of injected vaccines to rile the immune system like this. Many believe that every vaccine causes some degree of encephalitic reaction in every single vaccine recipient, but in most people the effect is never linked to the cause.


He wants to ban all vaccines containing mercury and aluminum? Not that hard to get rid of mercury, but banning aluminum would take out all the killed-virus vaccines. (Which would be good, of course.) But what about the live vaccines? In the veterinary world there's been a debate for decades about whether live or killed and adjuvanted vaccines are more dangerous. The unfortunate bottom line is that both groups are EXTREMELY dangerous. Think about the live-virus MMR or Flumist. There's are recombinant, genetically-modified vaccines as well, which my vet swore were absolutely, 100% safe, but I said the hep-B vaccine was an example of such a vaccine for humans, but it was extremely dangerous, causing vaccine encephalitis, autism, and other forms of severe injury in hundeds of thousands of babies.

These measures fall far, far short of what is needed. All three groups of vaccines are often devastatingly dangerous. There IS no way to make them safe, because even if you took out all the mercury, aluminum, antifreeze, formaldehyde, and antibiotics, you'd still have foreign animal and plant protein capable of eliciting a strong autoimmune reaction from the immune system, programmed to regard all foreign protein as an attacking enemy. And that's leaving out the disease pathogens themselves, also very dangerous.

It's not a question of reducing the toxic load. Every ingredient in every vaccine is a toxin, foreign to the bloodstream in which it will be injected. Every ingredient is an antigen the moment it's injected into the body, and antigens by their nature elicit autoimmune responses and are also strong suppressants of immune function, another reason kids (and adults) are so sickly now. Every person must make the decision on which diseases he thinks are so dangerous that it's worth it to possibly kill or disable his child with neurologic or autoimmune disease, or depress his immune system. And prevent him from reaping the benefits of going through the natural diseases, not only permanent immunity in the case of many of them, but the ability to protect future infants and protection against cancer, heart disease, strokes, and many other diseases in later life. But by phrasing it that way, it's evident that vaccines are not worth it.


I don't know, haven't yet read it, but from reading his list of sources, it seems vaccines do cause autism. (a look inside on amazon) The genetic mutations, the genes not sourcing to either parent apparently occurring in some at conception, then the epigenetic , some biological mechanism that switches genes on and off (certainly I don't understand and am hoping the book makes it clear) ..but to bottom line this, I intend to read it, not because the title is enticing, it's not, but because in a search he's not shying away from vaccines in his talks, and presentations, he offers evidence to back up the fact that "vaccines can and do cause autism''. i' ve been looking forward to this one.


I am with you on that one Barry.
I see so many in my community that have soft signs of vaccine injuries. The next generation or two of these soft signs will have autism.

Some one said -- Oh who was it - LOL -- You can't have a genetic epidemic.


There has to be something different about those who react time and again to vaccines/vaccine ingredients while others don't react at all. I don't think the book should be dismissed just because the word vaccines doesn't appear in the title or description, and it's likely that it will appeal to scientists for that very reason.

Barry, The problem is that pro-vaccine advocates don't consider vaccine ingredients to be toxic. James Lyons-Weiler shows them that they are. He writes in the preface, available online:

"No one doubts that some toxins cause autism. The basic and clinical science supports unequivocally that toxins such as thalidomide and valproate cause autism, and that science is at least as strong as the science that shows how and why additives used in vaccines, including mercury and aluminum, can also cause autism."

Laura Hayes

To follow up on what Barry said:

To stop the Vaccine Holocaust, we must stop vaccinating.

No matter one's genes, vaccines are not safe, advisable, or wise for anyone.

We already face an uphill battle to try to recover from the devastation and loss caused by vaccines to date. We have not a minute to spare to stop the insanity...and the tragedies. And we cannot in good conscience allow there to be one more vaccine victim.

As I recently wrote, "Vaccines: Elimination Mandatory!", which can be read here:


Very soon, I will be sharing the presentation I recently gave at the WAPF Conference in Alabama. I am just waiting to receive the DVD of my presentation so I can then make a YouTube link for it. I will share it here on AoA with my transcript. The title of my talk was, "Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" Answer: Absolutely nothing.

May vaccine REFUSAL become the NORM in 2017!

Tim Lundeen

@barry The answer to reducing autism is to reduce the toxic load for our kids (and ourselves). We know that, because we live it, but we've never had compelling evidence for everyone. This book provides that evidence, in a format that is hard to argue against. Anyone who wants to claim that we don't understand what causes autism has to show that L-W's theory is wrong, that it doesn't fit the facts -- and that is very hard to do, because any theory that can explain what we are seeing has to address the environment.

L-W recommends banning all vaccines containing aluminum and mercury. We already know that giving MMR as separate individual vaccines reduces the risk significantly (but still not to zero). Glyphosate is one of the leading candidates among the herbicides/pesticides and should be banned. PBDE (flame retardants) also are highly likely to be a major factor, and should be banned.

For the other known environmental toxins, the best answer would be to ban them until shown safe (e.g. the precautionary principle). But at least study them as potential factors!


So it is not the case that genes cause autism directly: it is the combination of a particular tolerance for toxins plus exposure to enough toxins that causes autism (and other chronic illness). The book makes a compelling case for this perspective; it is impeccably researched and clearly presented.


So.... even if that statement is accurate, what exactly are we hoping to achieve?

When an airplane crashes, do investigators waste years trying to figure out why some survived, and some didn't ? Or do they just zero in on determining what caused that plane to crash, and put so many innocent passengers in harms way?

I fail to understand why we would expend so much effort, trying to develop ways of predicting which children are going to be most harmed by vaccine toxins. When a much more sane solution, is to just stop exposing them to the vaccine toxins?

Louis Conte

Dear All:
Dr. L-W addresses vaccine-induced autism VERY directly.

What he does - in a very strong way - is connect the dots to science that already exists.

This book is very important and we welcome your reviews, discussion and debate.

Unlike Paul Offit and his vaccinology cronies, we encourage discourse.


Tim Lundeen

@hans litten

Also re Stephanie Sneff, she reviewed the book and said: "This book is a Bible for anyone who wants to understand the deep science behind the autism epidemic in America. Dr. Lyons-Weiler shows us convincingly that autism is not a mysterious disease with no known cause and no known treatment: it is the expected outcome when you expose a child with a certain genetic makeup to multiple neurotoxins simultaneously.”


But it's redundant, and acts as though a lot of expensive research were required to confirm that toxins can cause autism. And then what? It would still be the case that some children (not many) will die of measles (etc.) if most people stop vaxxing. Would freedom from mandates necessarily follow even if everyone were to agree that toxins (does Lyons-Weiler ever specify vaccine toxins?) in vaccines can cause autism in susceptible vaccinees? Couldn't they still say that because according to THEIR figures, one in a hundred vaxxed kids (really closer to one in forty now) gets autism, but one in a thousand dies from measles if they don't get the MMR, and, because, according to THEM, autism is much to be preferred to death from measles, everyone would STILL have to get all the vaxxes?

We already know that vaccines cause autism. OK, so some scientists are trying to play catch-up. And they want parents to wait years for their recommendations before they decide to get or reject some or all vaccines? We already have all the facts we need. There will never be a failsafe way to say that this child can get this vaccine without any danger at all, but this child can't. There are THOUSANDS of complex mechanisms which come into play with each vaccine received by each individual person, and the total picture will be different for each one. No human could possibly be able to predict and make judgments based on every single factor involved, nor could he even be aware of all of them. Politicians and laws are just going to have to accept the freedom of each individual to make decisions for himself and his children on this issue: it's a question of human rights, the Geneva Convention, and the Nuremberg Code.

Tim Lundeen

@hans litten & ciaparker:

You are both right :-) Genes don't cause autism directly, but some sets of genes make it much more likely you will become autistic or develop other chronic illness.

We can all tolerate some level of toxins in our environment. Some people have genes that give them a lot of protection, others not as much. As the toxic load increases, people with less tolerance get sick. Many toxins in our environment are cumulative: each exposure makes you a little weaker, a little less able to cope, until finally the dam breaks and you are seriously ill. Eventually, everyone will succumb.

So it is not the case that genes cause autism directly: it is the combination of a particular tolerance for toxins plus exposure to enough toxins that causes autism (and other chronic illness). The book makes a compelling case for this perspective; it is impeccably researched and clearly presented.

There is a program to send it to your pediatrician, along with a copy of Vaxxed: http://projectpediatric.com/

Can you also request your local library to order it?


I just looked at the description of the book at Skyhorse Publishing. The word vaccines is not even used. It says: "To make this groundbreaking volume, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler combed through the past fifty years of published research on autism, exploring subjects such as genetic variation, mechanisms of neurotoxicity of metals and pesticides, and the central and combined roles of each in causing autism."

I think the author is just treading in already well-trodden ways, hoping to make a name for himself in the field of autism, the vaccine-induced disease which is paralyzing our country, but without alienating the powers-that-be in the vaccine industry.


I think genetics plays a role. So many people in my family have had disabling reactions to mercury-containing vaccines that there has to be a genetic inability to detox vaccine mercury as well as many people do. I also reacted to a DPT at three months old with days of encephalitic screaming and Asperger's, and so did my brother. My mother reacted to a diphtheria vaccine as a small child with lifelong bowel disease and Asperger's. My daughter reacted to the hep-b vaccine at birth with four days of encephalitic screaming and autism. Etc.

But I just wrote to a friend that it's a continuum, not a question of let's identify the children most apt to react adversely to vaccines and vax all the others. As we see in the explosion of neurological and autoimmune disease since the vaccine epidemic started in 1990, everyone has his tipping point, beyond which he will be severely and irreparably damaged by vaccines. I told her that the toddler who gets the eighth stringent challenge to his immune system (another vaccine) and has had a very stressful day at preschool may be tipped into an encephalitic vaccine reaction and autism even if he has none of the predisposing genetic factors.

The causes of autism are not complex, and acting as though they were just delays taking action. Mercury in vaccines and other sources can cause autism, etc. Vaccine encephalitis, which can be caused by any vaccine, can cause brain damage and autism. No supplements are going to repair the brain damage. Chelators which remove the mercury stored in the brain may help, may even effect a cure (I'm hoping). Repairing the stroke-like brain damage of vaccine encephalitis is harder: the neural circuits have been severely damaged or destroyed, and only patient work drilling skills, language and others, with patient reinforcement by continued use, can repair to any degree the vaccine damage done. In severe cases, of course, nothing will help.

I agree with David. Books such as this just delay implementing the measures we already know will work. Vaccines account for well over 99.99% of cases of autism at this time. There is no VPD so dangerous as to offset the damage done by the vaccines to at least half of vaxxed American children at this time. There are homeopathic nosodes available to prevent all of the VPDs in cases where protection is needed or desired. There are homeopathic remedies, as well as naturopathic, anthroposophic, and vitamin therapy (especially A, C, and D) for successfully treating all severe cases of all diseases, meaning that we really do not need vaccines, especially since they're usually not needed, often don't work, and are extremely dangerous.

Betty Bona

I agree with Sharon DeNunzio. Genetics has a huge role in determining who is susceptible and what treatment will be most successful. Dr. Lyons-Weiler has an interesting resume with all the evolutionary, ecology and genetics background. I think it is just what we need to refute the idea that some people have when they say "my children were vaccinated and they're just fine". From my viewpoint, with my husband's family being neck deep in a pool of autoimmune diseases, I am happy to have someone highlight the role of genetics. Many in his family get the flu shot yearly as their health continues to plummet. Recognizing the genetic vulnerability is key to finding the appropriate treatment. I did some Amy Yasko genetic screening years ago and can see my son's genetic vulnerability. I would like to do more extensive testing on him and others in the family, but I am afraid of 23andme. I hate to be paranoid, but I can't help it with all the "conspiracy theories" I know to be true. In my wildest nightmares, I worry that there is a concerted effort to wipe out certain genetics, like back in the days of Hitler. Hopefully just a nightmare. Does anyone have an opinion on whether 23andme is safe? It's a cheap way to get genetic screening done.

Sharon DeNunzio

For those who say "genetics" should not be in the title: don't be so fast to judge! If you read the description carefully, the author explores "genetic predispositions that interplay with environmental factors". This is a huge area of advancing knowledge in understanding who may be more susceptible to environmental exposure and how we may support those affected to recover them. It's about epigenetics! Many autism families, mine included, are benefiting from having run their 23andme genetic vulnerabilities to understand how to support and optimize their health through diet, supplements, and lifestyle epigenetic vulnerabilities such as MTHFR, impaired ability to produce glutathione, detoxification abnormalities, etc. Addressing these areas may produce profound benefits for all family members. I'm looking forward to reading the book!

Bob Moffit

'The state-of-the-art medical and scientific knowledge of the root causes of all of the core symptoms and co-morbid conditions are presented in an organized and clear manner that will be useful as both a reference source and as a blueprint for meaningful future research.'

If history is to be our guide .. Lyons-Weiler's book .. described as a "state-of-the-art medical and scientific knowledge of the root causes of core symptoms .. etc." .. will be willfully IGNORED by those public health bureaucracies ... most responsible for conducting .. "meaningful future research" .. as well as .. their compliant co-conspirators .. who are safely and gainfully employed in our universities, main stream media and government.

I think it safe to assume Lyons-Weiler's book will not receive the same wide-spread public access as did Steve Silberman's book .. "NeuroTribes: The legacy of autism and the future of neurodiversity".

Not to be crude .. but .. why do I think Offit and his minion co-conspirators .. will give a giant ""middle-finger" to this book .. as he and they have done to similar books for DECADES NOW?

david m burd

Lou, Thank you - and I will request my local library to buy this book. But first, can you also tell us if the Graphic of the CDC Immunization Schedule for Children Age 0 to 6 is shown?

You say about the book: "The state-of-the-art medical and scientific knowledge of the root causes of all of the core symptoms and co-morbid conditions are presented in an organized and clear manner that will be useful as both a reference source and as a blueprint for meaningful future research."

This "meaningful future research" will only, inexcusably, delay what has to be done IMMEDIATELY. This can be done in the form of an executive order by the President of the United States; this order declaring mandatory vaccinations of our children dictated by the CDC Child Immunization Schedule are a "Threat to National Security".

Anything less will result in 38,000 American infants and children being permanently injured EVERY week of the year.

This catastrophe is based on 4 million annual American births, with 50% being vaccine-damaged from a possible** 46 injected doses of vaccines while in the womb, then by age 18 months after being born.

This toxic assault includes FOUR doses of the Thimerosal-loaded flu vaccine, the first by the pregnant mother receiving her shot, the next three injected at age 6 months, 7 months, the fourth a year later, and fetal exposure to the DTaP received by the pregnant mother!

**The Immunization Schedule specifically states the second MMR shot can be given just 4 weeks after the first shot at 12 months; likewise the Varicella shot. It is telling that the Child Immunization Schedule is NEVER seen on TV, or printed in Mainstream Media.

Hans Litten

I agree with Barry !
And if Stephanie Seneff's projections are correct , then genetics has no role .
2035 - 80% of all boys , 50% of all children .

I haven't read the book , but "genetics" should never be in the title .
No Vaccines , No Autism . (1 in 10,000 is virtually zero incidence compared to this pandemic).
And we all here now know how to eradicate Autism completely (outlaw mercury amalgams, fluoridated water , aluminium in our bread , aluminium used in cooking utensils etc etc ).

I will read the book .And comment further .


The incidence of autism has exploded in a little more than two decades.
In a generation of children who's parents never had it.

Anyone who can read those two sentences, and still proclaim that autism has a genetic cause, is either mired by cognitive dissonance. Or they're trying to fool you.

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