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2016: The Year the Candidates Forgot Manners and Autism

By Kim Stagliano

Well, we vote tomorrow here in America.  If you don't live in this country, it's hard to explain how exhausted we are by our years' long process of primaries and then the general election. It just goes on forever.   We have to laugh or we'll cry, right? Maybe we'll scream.

Here at AofA, as a non-profit (and in an effort to maintain our sanity) we don't discuss politics as a rule. We certainly don't declare our loathing or loving for any candidate in any office from dog catcher to Commander-in-Chief.  

I've seen friendships destroyed on social media over this election. Civility has been kicked to the curb. Emotions are running high.

One thing we can probably agree upon, however, is that real issues facing Americans have taken a backseat to high drama accusations.  And this serves none of us.  

Autism has been all but ignored.

Perhaps that's a good thing, since we know that just when we think the government's handling of the epidemic could not get any worse, the numbers rise. Families falter.

In 36 hours we'll have a new President-elect.  Please hold good thoughts that the process goes smoothly, safely and that we don't suffer cyber or other attacks.  Get out and vote. However you choose. Don't ignore your right to vote.

If you choose to comment - please don't bother sniping about the candidates. We can turn on the any TV channel for that.


Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



The media believed their fake polls that told them what they wanted to hear. Now their fake polls have been proven wrong for all the world to see. It is, I believe, the first in a long line of false assumptions that will soon be shattered forever.

Next stop: Vaccines DO cause autism!


No matter who wins, we'll have to keep fighting on because I don't think anyone is ever going to give up on the vaccine injured and the children who might be vaccine injured.

I live in California so I hope we see some new and friendlier faces in the legislature. Good-bye to the old--can't help carrying a grudge. I voted against the renewal of the bond money for sustaining health services in the schools. Why support those nurses or whoever they were that gruffly seemed to be dragging off grade schoolers who weren't vaccinated to some horror chamber. Also in that same proposition the description on the mailers made the schools look like they loved mothers--really? Our schools have to get a lot more friendly to parental choice before I am going to support any bond.


Linda 1: He's absolutely right. It is not possible to audit an electronic voting system.


Electronic voting machines are like smart meters.

The outputs they produce have nothing whatsoever to do with reality. Because the only thing they output, is what they've been programmed to output.

And there's not a God damned thing that the average citizen can do about it.

Gary Ogden

Linda 1: He's absolutely right. It is not possible to audit an electronic voting system. I spoke with two neighbors today, a Republican and a Democrat (I'm unaffiliated), and we all agreed that we are holding our noses and voting Trump tomorrow, but what will the machine do with those votes.? The networks have apparently already prepared their election result graphics, complete with number of votes and percentages both nationally, and state by state. They show Hillary beating Trump 43% to 42%.

go Trump

It is a bit sad that votes in only about 4 to 5 key swing states will determine the next President and the makeup of the Supreme court for the next generation / or even the next 100 years.

Those at present who think they “own the nation & most of the world” can start the next big war of crash the US economy before Christmas if it will serve their needs for continued power and control.

There is no bigger lie than the “endless medical mystery” of the American Autism epidemic. The sh t will hit the fan very quickly with the election of Donald Trump.


Aimee Doyle
I doubt if anything she or I could point to would matter . Really.

It does not matter that for the last 8 years many - many people on the news told us the health insurance was going to go up. For 8 years we were told by experts that the health bill that was passed could not sustain itself. For 8 years they have told us that the end game was to get us all to socialized medicine

What does socialize medicine mean?

The way the CDC is behaving right now, with the bill that past in California about mandatory vaccines - Look at how well the veterans administration is ran -

Well you already have decided. We get the government we deserve. Nothing we can do to convince people this is serious.


A vote for Hillary is a vote for more vaccine mandates and more loss of freedom of health choices. She will also uphold the Affordable Care Act that will result in a permanent standard of care, involving an ever expanding vaccine schedule. She is now a grandmother of two children and I would like to know if she will follow the same vaccine schedule for her own family that she will dictate to the rest of the country. I am voting for Trump.

maurine Meleck

I'm voting and voting often. MMaybe we will and maybe we won't have a president-elect tomorrow.

Doug Troutman

I thought Chuck Todd said vaccines were not to be a debate topic several months ago. If Hillary wins more cover-up.


"from dog catcher to Commander-in-Chief. "

LOL. I wouldn't want either one to be dog catcher. I would worry about the dogs.

Not looking forward to tomorrow.

Jeannette Bishop

From Ben Swann today, completely OT (except for the highlighting one of many elements of political controlling interdiction resulting in adverse impacts on our health from "our" federal government) and pretty compelling:

Aimee Doyle


"Trump will allow an independent, thorough, honest investigation of health and developmental outcomes for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children in the U.S. And once obtaining the results of this study, he will release them to the public, no matter how ugly the fallout."

It would be GREAT if we could get this kind of investigation. But could you post a link to the place where Trump said that he would do this? And also, if he did say this, I'm curious about what makes you so sure that he will do what he says?

Jeannette Bishop

Holding out good thoughts that the fraud that has always been taking place will be better exposed tomorrow, and of course that some aren't so desperate to stage an attack to get their way--or would that mean this election doesn't really mean so much...ok, I can't find a good place to land in my thoughts regarding the vote, except, I think, that I plan on mailing a vote for Age of Autism today (thanks so much to the anonymous matching donor).


Is there an easy way to find out the candidates' views on vaccines? I have the sample ballot right here, I tried to google them to find out, but couldn't find that any of them had expressed their views. Jason Kander, Roy Blunt, Jonathan Dine, Fred Ryman, Jonathan McFarland, Chris Koster, Eric Greitens, it just goes on and on for another thirty candidates.

Tim Lundeen

Levi's take on this:


I hope people are remembering the VITAL IMPORTANCE of the down ballot voting. Our STATE REPS and SENATORS AND our Reps in the CONGRESS and SENATE are really the ONLY WAY anything will begin to change with regard to vaccines. Unfortunatly our President can't do much no matter how much they may agree with a pro choice vax agenda.


So true, Gary Ogden that, "The best we can do is to live honorably despite it all, and have fun every chance we get."

I really hope that after the election, regardless of who wins, we can work together on advocacy, and find our common ground.


Maybe this is not what how we're supposed to respond here, but.... I am a married woman with a graduate degree. I am not racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. I am, however, deplorable. Tomorrow morning I will drive to my local polling place and enthusiastically pull the lever for Donald Trump. Not because I think he is a great candidate, or that he can actually make America great again. (It's too late for that.) My choice is simple: Trump will allow an independent, thorough, honest investigation of health and developmental outcomes for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children in the U.S. And once obtaining the results of this study, he will release them to the public, no matter how ugly the fallout.

Hillary will not do any of this. She has already decided that the stories of thousands of parents are pure fiction. "The Earth is Round. The Sky is Blue. Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism. Grandmothers Know Best." And if, by accident, she learns the truth, she will have a huge reason to hide it, since she already went on record saying that we are all liars. But beyond that, she's taken millions from the companies that stand to lose the most when the truth comes out.

So, there is only one choice for me this election cycle. I will vote for Trump. Then I will pray for him.

Gary Ogden

Kim: You're always good! We do indeed have the opportunity to make some extremely poor choices tomorrow, and I will do so, as it is my civic duty. Since I changed my mind, I must surrender my mail ballot, and actually vote in a booth, which I haven't done for decades. I doubt it will go smoothly for quite a while after tomorrow in the political sense, but we certainly will continue to live our interesting lives despite the nuttiness in public life. The best we can do is to live honorably despite it all, and have fun every chance we get.


I just really hope that the next presidential candidate who runs and who confirms the reality that vaccines can cause autism is a lot more palatable. Hint hint 😁


I'm voting, as much as I can, for the candidate least likely to mandate vaccines. Unfortunately, in my area, I only have one office that has a candidate who offers that choice. I don't like the person, but for me, it's principles over personality.


Autism Action Network formerly A-chanp questioned candidates in the past. I don't believe they undertook that this election.

I've seen people post things about Hillary having a good plan regarding disabilities. I've not read it because I think she is a liar and don't trust her promises. But credit to her for putting something together because Trump didn't.

We know where she stands on vaccines and her ties to big pharma. We are looking at more mandates and loss of exemptions. We also know Trump's comments on vaccines and autism. It is my hope we will finally get Thompson subpoenaed and a CDC investigation. Hopefully our children will get their due justice.

We must stop making kids ill and "autistic". Our only hope is a Trump presidency.

"Can U.S. Elections Really Be Stolen? Yes.
Published on Nov 4, 2016
Is election theft possible in the United States? And might the suspects live closer to home than the Kremlin? Professor Mark Crispin Miller, author of numerous books and articles on computerized election fraud, explores the very real possibilities."

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