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Who is Telling Flu Vaccine Truth? The CDC or Vaccine Makers?

Truth-hurtsBy David Burd

From the AoA Post of August 04, 2008, Anne Dachel wrote upon Dr. Frank Engley's death "Dr. Engley was a researcher and microbiologist who served on the boards with the Centers for Disease Control, the FDA, and EPA throughout the 1970s and 80s.  He researched the toxicity of Thimerosal.  He understood there's no such thing as 'safe mercury' and he knew of the potential harm from continued mercury use. 

Dr. Engley said IF they would have followed through with our 1982 report, vaccines would have been freed of Thimerosal and all this autism as they tell me would not have occurred.  But, as it is, it all occurred."

Presently, the latest CDC info on its vaccine website states but 1/3 (33%) of American flu shots contain the preservative Thimerosal, comprising .5ml vaccine doses having 25 micrograms when taken from a 5ml multi-dose vial containing 10 doses.  But, it's important to note the CDC obviously ignores the 43 million single doses of .5ml "pre-filled" made by Novartis that contain up to 1 (one) microgram of ethylmercury (Hg)**. This data comes from the a vaccine industry Report that can be clicked up, or typed into an address line as:

Summing up, the entire flu vaccine production and distribution to America's doctors, clinics, health institutions is minutely detailed for the last two flu seasons, and when added together the 'multi-dose' shots (having 25 micrograms of Hg and the .50ml pre-filled vials (having one microgram of Hg) such doses total about 92% of the entire industry output. 

IF only counting the shots of .5ml containing 25 micrograms of Hg coming from 5ml multi-dose vials, it is clearly seen by the Pie Charts to be the vast majority of shots (75%+).  All of this clearly contradicts CDC propaganda (what else to call it?) citing but 33% of flu shots contain Thimerosal. It's a helluva dilemma on who to believe, either the CDC or the Vaccine Industry? In this case the Industry is the clear choice.

**As far as the pre-filled shots having one (1) microgram of Hg, this comes to 3,000 Trillion atoms of  mercury.  Also, the .5ml shots having 25 micrograms of Hg are cavalierly given to children upon reaching 36 months of age, as made clear when reviewing this amazing industry document.  Dr. Frank Engley emphatically counseled even one (1) nanogram of Hg could be disastrous (3 Trillion Hg atoms), and many other notables such as retired University of Kentucky professor of chemistry & biomolecular sciences Boyd Haley have long backed up Dr. Engley's indictment of Hg in vaccines.



Angus Files

A cowardly Pharma orchestrated convenient mistake disgusting!

Last year figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found there were 16,415 excess deaths in the 2015/2016 winter, the largest percentage increase since 1968, with flu blamed for the large increase.

The extra deaths were fuelled by the flu jab being mismatched for the main strain of influenza, which unexpectedly mutated, meaning it worked for just one in three adults, compared to the 50 per cent it usually protects.

Pharma for Prison


Grace Green

Also, as I understand it, the flu vaccine is given to children in order to protect the elderly. If this programme hasn't benefited the elderly then it's been a failure. I don't remember ever getting flu as a child, just colds. I understood flu to be an illness of adulthood. I think it's even more disgraceful than the rest of the vaccine schedule that children are having their health put at risk for no benefit to themselves.

John Stone

Hi Eindeker

I thought you might enjoy these:

Jenny Allan

For the eurosurveillance flu study, "the study population were patients presenting to their general practitioner (GP) during the study period with an acute influenza-like illness (ILI)"

Swabs were taken and tested for the viral flu strains in the vaccine. A medical history was also taken to ascertain the patient's age, medical history and vaccination status. The 'control' group were those patients presenting with flu like symptoms, but testing negative for the vaccine viral strains. The percentages were calculated using this data. A separate, but similar survey was conducted on children. In the UK a nasal live flu vaccine is used for children. (non mandatory)

In the UK, the current medical advice is currently to NOT visit your GP's surgery , or ask for a home visit for flu like symptoms, UNLESS you have another medical condition, such as immune compromised, or suspect you might have complications like pneumonia. Patients are advised to take paracetamol, lots of fluids and 'sweat it out'. Basically, this means most flu cases contracted by previously fit and healthy adults never make it to a doctor. With children, the stats are probably 'skewed' by the fact the live viruses strains in the nasal vaccine are known to 'shed' , infecting other children and any unfortunate adults in close proximity.

In spite of all the guessing and variables, I was at least pleased to note that at last mercury (thiomersal) preservative has finally been phased out of adult doses of flu vaccine in the UK for this year 2016-17.

susan welch

Eindeker. Always the same request from pro-pharma advocates - 'Please give your referenced proof'. With 2 grandchildren who regressed after MMR, they are my proof. Since then I have done literally thousands of hours of reading, including several books on the topic.

I have yet to come across anyone who has done the research who finds out that they were wrong and that, indeed, vaccines are safe and effective for all children. On the contrary, the more research people do, the more horrified they become by the scale of the brain/vaccine damage and the cover-up by Governments, Health authorities and media.

So you can stick your 'referenced proof' where the sun don't shine.

Jenny Allan

Hello Eindeker - Pleased to see you are still on the sidelines.

Since the BBC is a UK behemoth, I am assuming they got their figures from this so called flu eurosurveillance document. The authors are all affiliated to UK health authorities and universities and there's a definite 'spin' built into this, in order to make the figures look better than they actually were. In addition, virtually ALL the percentages quoted were 'estimates', and we can assume 'top end' estimates at that! These estimates put an overall flu vaccine efficacy at just over 50%. This is good or bad depending on whether or not you subscribe to the glass half full or half empty notions.
From above:-
"The United Kingdom (UK) is in the third season of introducing universal paediatric influenza vaccination with a quadrivalent live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV). The 2015/16 season in the UK was initially dominated by influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and then influenza of B/Victoria lineage, not contained in that season’s adult trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV). Overall adjusted end-of-season vaccine effectiveness (VE) was 52.4%..............These estimates demonstrate moderate to good levels of protection, particularly against influenza B in children, but relatively less against influenza A(H1N1)pdm09. Despite lineage mismatch in the trivalent IIV, adults younger than 65 years were still protected against influenza B. These results provide reassurance for the UK to continue its influenza immunisation programme planned for 2016/17. "

In other words, they guessed wrong for some dominant strains of flu virus - this is typical.

Gary Ogden

You poor sap. It is in the management level, and the political appointees, be they Left, Right, or Center, in many if not most of our public institutions, particularly in public health, and in virtually all the media, where you will find the highest concentration of liars, not the ordinary working people in those institutions. Many of those are honorable people in possession of an actual conscience who are either ignorant or keep their mouth shut in order to pay the rent and feed their families. Humans make very good sheep. They tend to be trusting. Feed them a false narrative, repeat it often enough, and many will believe it the truth. Our public health institutions are thoroughly captured by commercial interests, and simply can't be trusted.



Liars, liars, liars. More liars than I could shake a stick at. Tired of Liars. They are liars.


OK Susan please give your referenced evidence that refutes the PHE flu vaccine data, accurately reported by the BBC, otherwise please desist calling PHE, with 1,000's of employees liars

susan welch

Eindeker. When it comes to vaccines, the BBC simply follow the propaganda fed them by the Govt./ Health Authority, as I am sure you are aware.

I am in frequent correspondence with them pointing out their bias and suggesting they should air both sides of the vaccine debate.

They won't.


@ White Rose
More BBC outright lies what precisely are they lying about????

White Rose

Who is Telling Flu Vaccine Truth? The CDC or Vaccine Makers?

Well the BBC certainly are NOT ! the BBC is a PHE misinformation vehicle .
More BBC outright lies .
Flu vaccine very effective in children, but not elderly

Last winter's vaccine reduced the risk of flu by 66% in children, according to Public Health England, up 8% on last year.
It's the best result since 2013, when children first received flu vaccinations.
In adults aged 18-64 years, the vaccine reduced the risk of flu by about 40%.
The UK plans to offer the flu vaccine to all children aged two-11 years. This can have widespread benefits, as children "spread flu more than others".
The vaccine, however, did not work in those aged over 65.


Forget all the "labels" like troll and what not! Lets' call a spade a spade: the CDC is actually a bunch of humans that have their own ideas about life and health. They buy the vaccines from pharmaceutical companies like MERCK and they want their money back! The CDC clearly has their business model in mind and certainly NOT our health and well-being. Of cause I will not believe the CDC!
AND do you realize that Pharmaceutical companies sell their "stocks" on the money markets.
Anyone who is wide a wake and not a conformist will certainly realize that things like " herd immunity" and being a troll is made up by those who have ONE STRATEGY: to make money from our ignorance.
And all the pseudo science is just not good enough evidence to convince me otherwise. I am not the least bit intimidated by ANY so called scientific info from Merck or the CDC. It is biased and twisted just to suit their business.

david m burd


Here is one (of several) definitive source of Novartis having 1 microgram of Hg in their pre-filled .5ml flu vaccine dose; you will see it is for the 2016-2016 flu season (for kids & adults).


So there is mercury in the flu vaccines, and it is highly toxic. I understood the trace amounts of mercury are there due to the manufacturing process. I picture the manufacturing process as a giant vat of goop that contains animal parts like hamster testicles, and tons of chemicals. They never clean the vat...whew it must stink badly--but they have mercury in there to tamp down the viral level. And there is a toxic vapor that hovers over the vat, maybe with certain parts of mercury in that too. Still, if they just took the stuff in the vat and put it right in the bottle without the mercury probably people would just drop dead on the spot. And what they want is more like the slow idiopathic death where years later some weird virus emerges that was deposited along with an injection of viral goo and so now someone gets narcolepsy or maybe hamster testicle prion disease or something so weird that doctors just scratch their heads and say..hmmm have you ever eaten a Chinese hamster by accident? Anyway, that is why they will never get rid of mercury in vaccines, it is actually more toxic without the mercury to lower the level of viruses and other things in that vat. Give me the mercury vaccine please, I don't want mad hamster disease, OK. No skip the vaccine entirely, that vaccine brew makes the actual flu look like a body cleanse.


This seems like a cheap marketing trick by the CDC: "vaccines now contain 66% less thimerosal!" But they could never justify its' use, even after 80 years. Just one vaccine with thimerosal is a crime.

This slow phase-out is probably engineered to make it seem like it is actually difficult to do; or that thimerosal serves some useful function not easily met by phenol.

Vaccine apologists don't even defend thimerosal anymore, they just say something to the effect of; "Name one vaccine on the pediatric vaccine schedule that doesn't have a thimerosal-free counterpart?" Or maybe they'll say; "well we don't use that anymore", like you can just erase 80 years of systematic subcutaneous poisoning with a dismissive hand gesture.

There is a bronze statue of Eli Lilly in Indianopolis:

And I really want to train all of the stray dogs in the city to urinate on its' leg every night.


Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "regulatory capture". I think the so called "captures" have been able to convince us they are the victims.
I feel so badly for Gerly (sp) Gerberding (sp).

david m burd

John Stone, Thanks! for your info per the Pharma Companies juggling their wares. Cheers & woofs!

david m burd

Cherry Misra,

Your comment was so relevant as to the TRUE content of toxic preservatives/amounts, specifically Hg in vaccines, and "quality control & measurement" by the powers-that-be.

There's nothing, absolutely nothing, that can believed on face-value by Govt Health Agencies' vaccines as to their constituents/excipients.

What is also incredibly relevant is there is no way to detect/measure contaminants that are impossible to avoid in the manufacturing processes. There is simply NO Safe Vaccine.

david m burd


Again, thanks for your queries. My flu shot investigation goes back for quite a few years. So most all pertain to years pre-2016, that have info now dropped - no matter how hard one looks, though I have numerous personal notes, etc.

My post here pertained up to the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 flu season. It's logical before these years that even higher percentages of flu vaccines were Thimerosal-preserved.

Most awful of all was the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu manufactured "Pandemic", proceeding to the Fall months of 2009 with some 80 million+ of doses of new fully-mercuried (Thimerosal) flu shots were given to a gullible public, most were given TWO shots - and all deaths were blamed on H1N1 when it's logical such deaths were CAUSED by the toxic flu shots.

david m burd

Zoey O'Toole, (and Rae)**

For the 2015/2016 U.S. flu season, the CDC is on record that of 175 million flu doses distributed, there were 117 million dose that were "Hg-Free". This comes to the CDC claiming 67% of the shots did not have any Thimerosal. Conversely, this means 33% were admitted to have the Thimerosal preservative.

But, as you can see from the Industry document **(thank you Rae for also providing an access route to this important Document), the CDC simply conjured up a low number that is instantly acepted by both the Mainstream Media and also any parent trying to do "due diligence". The CDC are truly criminal.

ps to all: If your browser denies the embedded http, simply type in the long url into your address line. It's laborious but worth it.

david m burd


Thanks for your Novartis query. Very, very recently Novartis' Fluvirin product has apparently been sold/transfered to a company or sub-division called Seqirus. From CDC's 2016-2017 Influenza Season website, here's the current Fluvirin vaccine (.5ml single-dose) having less/or 1 microgram of ethylmercury. In my opinion it's most probable that, yes, it does contain a full 1 microgram. But, of course, who actually checks this? Is it really only 1 microgram? Anyway you can continue on your own to the CDC 2016-2017 flu web pages. (Fluvirin has long been a Novartis trade name for their flu shots -- but the world of flu vaccines is constantly shifting gears, doing various horse-trading. I candidly acknowledge I've never heard of "Seqirus" until today - though my sources are quite recent.).

If you closely study the Industry Document, you will also see that multi-dose vials (25 micrograms Hg, a .5ml dose) are also marketed to give to children at 3-4 years age. Actually, it's an enigma how many very young children get these 25 microgram Hg shots I can tell you that there are abundant State Health Dept. documents that urge doctors/nurses to give children 6 months to 3 years a .25ml dose flu shot from multi-dose vials (having 12.5 micrograms Hg) if they have run out of the single-dose .25ml Hg-free pre-filled doses. It's a nightmare -- and the only answer is to NEVER have babies and children (and adults, too) get a flu shot.



0.5 mL single-dose prefilled syringe

≥4 yrs




5.0 mL multi-dose vial

≥4 yrs


John Stone

Just to mention that Novartis's vaccine division was acquired by GSK last year as reported in my numerous posts on Prof Pollard and Bexsero vaccine.

Cherry Misra

Use of mercury is one of the most inexcusable medical practises of history. How absurd is it that on the one hand, Nobel prizes are being given out and simultaneously, children adults and the elderly are being injected with mercury. It is really difficult to come up with an adequate adjective for this despicable practise, The people who are backing this travesty have no excuse. I look forward to the day when their ancestors can travel to the Autism Holocaust Museum and see their names enscribed on the black wall of shame.
If I am not mistaken (and anyone who wishes may correct me) the supposed 1 microgram is not easily measured and therefore the manufacturer is allowed up to 4 micrograms. Im not sure who exactly does the "allowing" , but I assume it could be the CDC.
Hey, wasnt there an old saying that needs to be returned to use - something about
and here in India the use of mercury by the Serum Institute of India is more by a factor of 25 or 50 times. And SII vaccines are used in other countries too.

Zoey O'Toole

According to the document, multi-dose vials account for 82% of the flu vaccine available last year.

Well, well, well... I had heard 40% rather than the 33% you have here, but either way it's a big fat lie, isn't it?

I'm wondering if they counted each multi-dose vial as "1" and each single-dose vial as "1." That's the only way that you could even hope to get there mathematically.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for exposing the continued, dangerous, and potentially-fatal lies of the CDC, David.

Not one word from the CDC, FDA, or HHS can be believed or trusted...NOT ONE WORD. Anyone taking advice from any one of these corrupt government regulatory agencies does so at their own peril...and at the grave peril of their children.

I so appreciate your contributions here on AoA, David! Thank you!

Hans Litten

We are watching you guys ! CSL ! Seqirus ! Gordon Naylor - Gordon Nail_Everyone .

CSL’s dog cells aren’t the only egg alternative. Protein Sciences uses cells from caterpillars at its plant in Rockland County, N.Y. Chief Executive Officer Manon Cox says Protein’s process is faster than egg-based vaccine production, but costs are 5 to 10 times higher. While Protein could make 5 million doses of vaccine this year, Cox says, it expects to sell only 900,000. “The uptake is not there yet,” she says.

Another alternative to eggs is Nicotiana benthamiana, an Australian weed that’s a close relative of the tobacco plant. Cigarette maker Reynolds American in 2014 acquired Kentucky BioProcessing, a decade-old company that uses tobacco plants to produce pharmaceutical proteins. Medicago, backed by Philip Morris and Japanese drugmaker Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, says it can produce 30 million doses of tobacco-based flu vaccine a year at its plant in North Carolina but is awaiting approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Hans Litten

It’s interesting that Novartis sold its “money-losing vaccine division” to CSL, the innovative Australian vaccine maker who wants to introduce the “dog kidney” flu vaccine.

“Sanofi and Merck dissolved their flu vaccine joint venture in March”! How about ‘them’ apples! What does that tell you? For me, it says that flu vaccines are a dud in more ways than one, so it’s better to get out than subsidize a waning market product line.

And who ever would have thought that the CDC would acknowledge “AstraZeneca’s FluMist hadn’t been a strong preventive measure for three years.”


Not trying to be a troll, just trying to clarify information here:

According to the CDC website:

Novartis influenza vaccines:
Agriflu: Thimerosal Concentration = 0%; Mercury = 0;
Fluvirin (multi-dose vial): Thimerosal Concentration = 0.01%; Mercury = 25 µg/0.5 ml dose;
Fluvirin (single-dose prefilled syringe): Thimerosal Concentration = 0%; Mercury = 0;

I would be very interested in information that shows that the CDC and Novartis is wrong in the declared amount of mercury in the single-dose prefilled syringe.


"it's important to note the CDC obviously ignores the 43 million single doses of .5ml "pre-filled" made by Novartis that contain up to 1 (one) microgram of ethylmercury (Hg)**"

What's the source on the information that the single dose by Novartis contains up to 1 microgram of ethylmercury? I couldn't find it in the document that was linked.


I found that vaccine report website blocked by Firefox but was able to reach it with Internet Explorer.

Jeannette Bishop

So, the approx. 50% thimerosal containing flu shot claims for the past might have also been one of the CDC's special calculations?

Are they going to claim next year that thimerosal is just about out while it's in more than half of distributed flu shot doses? And then claim no need to track?

Hans Litten

Marvellous David , superb article . I knew it in my gut already (apologies for the poor joke) .

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