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Weekly Wrap: The Sickest Generation

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

There's an overused quote from Fitzgerald having to do with keeping two competing ideas in mind --and still retaining the ability to function -- as the sign of a first rate intelligence.

I've always found that a bit obscure and annoyingly self-referential -- i mean who is Fitzgerald talking about here but his own swell self! I could imagine Hemingway asking Fitzgerald how the heck he would know, yuk yuk.

But by that standard, mainstream medicine and the media are absolute geniuses in the way they manage to bombard us with the competing ideas that something is very wrong with kids today and that it's all caused by society except when it is autism, in which case, well, never mind.

Such contrariness was on display this week with Time magazine's cover story titled "Anxiety, DO 10 29 2 depressionDepression and the American Adolescent."The inside headline: "The kids are not all right." You could write the story yourself ... a girl who started cutting herself ... "adolescents today have a reputation as more overwhelmed than their parents were when they were growing up." ... "anxiety and depression in high school kids have been on the rise since 2012" ... "They are the post-911 generation, raised in an era of economic and national insecurity." ... "It's hard for many adults to understand how much of teenagers' emotional life is lived within the small screens of their phones."

Most of the attention, and all of the photos, focused on girls. And it is true that anxiety is a defining issue for them, and a terrible one. But boys overall are far worse off, as I've written many times; in terms of our faltering worldwide competitiveness, about 99 percent of the problem is with boys whose wiring is severely scrambled, and not just by lack of recess or Absent Dads (two more tedious feature story tropes.) For either gender, 9/11 and economic insecurity has about zero to do with it, as do phones and gender fluidity or whatever other pop spaghetti is hurled against the explanatory wall on any given day.

None of it sticks for long because these kids are sick, folks. Many have gut and immune issues that accompany these mental maladies and show their roots in whole body, neurotoxin and autoimmune  dysfunction. 

Do 10 19 1Speaking  of which, Time had the first ad I've seen in what looks like the new Autism Speaks credo of not looking for a cause -- "I am very sensitive to lights and sounds," the ad says in the voice of a cartoonish autistic boy. "Sensory sensitivity is a sign of autism. Learn the others at" (I'm sensitive to visually ugly ads, and this one is anaphylaxis inducing.)

The message here seems subtly different - not how to spot and fix autism early but how to make life easier for all the kids who are just-that-way-so-quit-whining-about-it. That's nice, but lights and sounds are not going to go away.

Poor Time was propped up in this issue by a couple of house ads and the usual pharma shilling. We may not have it to kick around much longer.

Oh, and when Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared together this week, Hillary praised Michele for her campaign to get kids active and eating better. It's working, Hillary said, kids are really healthier! On what planet? Hillary said she would keep the White House vegetable garden. Eat your asparagus, all you self-injurious depressed anxious and/or autistic kids! You'll feel better.

The thing is, nobody is blaming the 1 in 68 autism rate on Facebook and 9/11. But the millions of kids affected with other often disabling mental and physical disorders are presumed to be casualties of modern living. Right now there's money to be made off of autism --Autism speaks rakes in the donations and shells out to media like Time for pointless placeholder ads that accomplish what, exactly? 

So here we are with two competing ideas -- society is causing our kids to be mentally damaged except when the damage (yes, damage) is called autism. That's caused by something else in which we are no longer either a, interested in because it implies disability or, b, reckless enough to talk about because it implies blame and liability. And it might tell us more than Time's pharma funders would care to have you know about anxiety, depression, autism and the American adolesecent.

How long this jumbled paradigm of contradictions (Kuhn called them anomalies that ultimately blow up  the whole bogus structure)  can continue to function is anyone's guess. But Fitzgerald notwithstanding, it is anything but the sign of a first rate intelligence -- or a first-rate country where a kid can grow up happy and healthy. 


Dan Olmsted is editor of Age of Autism.



Great post and it's sad to see SO MUCH propaganda and nonsense in the mainstream media. As an ADHD adult, I'm used to lengthy articles with a lot of fluff and little substance. And after reading Anne Dachel's latest book on Autism and the mainstream media, I have come to a better understanding of how they (the M.S.M.), tip-toe around serious questions on this topic. Just as some diabetes magazines talk of "Managing Diabetes," (as if you can't reverse it--heaven forbid), researchers of Autism and Autism Speaks talk of "controlling it" or living successfully with it. Once again, a distraction from these facts: (a) 1 in 68 of our children developing Autism is a HUGE problem, (b) the vast majority do not grow up to be satisfactorily functioning adults, (c) to imply that "you too" can grow up to be a successful or well-functioning adult (on the spectrum), is not only disingenuous, but cruel to the person suffering or their parents. And while we're talking about propaganda, the Time piece did NOT mention the costs of "managing" a million Americans with Autism over a lifetime at approximately 3.2 million per child: $3.2 trillion (with a "T"), dollars! Sorry about those run-on sentences. I called the White House last week to ask them to do something about this huge epidemic (202-456-1111), and I would like to request that others do the same! Enough with our heads in the sand. Let's stop tippy-toeing around this issue: Vaccines in very large likelihood, cause a significant percentage of cases of Autism, but we'll never know if it's 97.5 or 67.2 percent UNLESS they fund a real study on the matter.



Four groups. Not sure the never immersed can be found at this point. Just like Pharma wants to get rid of the unvaccinated control group...

I was thinking the same thing about the Dairy Industry! If the can keep vegans in small enough numbers through propaganda and ridicule, they can effectively thwart any statistically powerful comparative study.

Don't forget that modern milk comes from pregnant cows! The estrogen and progesterone contents are much higher than they should be. This is unnatural.

I recommend not consuming much dairy. The estrogen contents of young males are so low that milk can seriously effect the total hormone levels. The entire gluten-casein thing isn't even the main problem IMO.

The problem is hormones in dairy, and Folate and reduced Iron in fortified flour. People shouldn't forget about the poisons they are slipping into the food chain as well...


Interesting that you mention Thomas Kuhn. I just finished chapter one of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions yesterday.

Synchronicity has been occurring frequently for me.


UCLA Dept of Pediatrics lecture last year.

1st 20 min about mercury, then goes on to arsenic and radiation. No mention of mercury in vaccines:
Environmental Pediatrics: Heavy Metals and Radiation
University of California Television (UCTV)



"Stephen Shore and Valerie Paradiz should never have been appointed to the autism speaks board of directors. How dare they decide that our children do not need a cure"

I agree. The likes of John Elder-Robison, Stephen Shore, Valerie Paradiz, Ari Ne'eman, Katie Miller and the rest of the Neurodiversity brigade will never understand our perspective because the only autism they know about is their own type and they're not going to want to blame vaccines for the autism that they credit for giving them their strengths, or want a cure. Unfortunately because they've led relatively normal lives, and all but Shore have adult diagnoses, they give a very false impression of what autism diagnosed in childhood looks like in adults. Why would anyone want to cure successful people with partners, college degrees and jobs? So what if they flap and pace a little, dislike labels in their clothes or holes in their socks, or don't like touching velvet - these are not disabilities.

Shore, diagnosed with "atypical development and strong autistic tendencies at age 2" (Boston Herald September 4, 2001), is the only one who had normal to advanced development for the first eighteen months of his life before "seemingly out of nowhere" he lost his ability to speak, became tantrum-prone and generally unaware of the environment around him, but since his Unlocking Autism days appears to have lost interest in finding the cause of this regressive form of autism which Ari Ne'eman and others don't believe exists.

To be fair to Stephen Shore, the publisher of his book Autism For Dummies edited out negative comments about autism from autistics, like Jonathan Mitchell, who wish for a cure. Censorship of voices from autistics struggling throughout life, who can't make a living or find a partner, and who are pro-cure and anti this neurodiversity nonsense is a huge problem because the public, parents and researchers only get to hear the propaganda. Discounting users of Facilitated Communication, whose typed thoughts are of questionable validity, voices from lower-functioning people with autism are never heard.

If parents of recently-diagnosed children see Grandin, Robison, Wiley, Shore, Paradiz, Ne'eman, Miller as representatives of autism grown-up they will think that their children will eventually be as successful as they are, and they won't be demanding research into the cause(s) or a cure which is precisely what the PTB want.


go Trump,

"Studying 26 year old data... from a 1990 measles outbreak / they found higher rates of SSPE"

I wonder if the increased rate is the result of vaccinating children with MMR who've already had a measles infection.

Gary Ogden

Dan: A question. In the November Harper’s, Thomas Frank calls the Washington Post, “. . . one of America’s few remaining first-rate news organizations.” Any comment? The article, “Swat Team,” about how and why the media bushwhacked Bernie, is a good read.


Thank you for standing up for this group of undiagnosed (or incorrectly diagnosed) young people. These are the super judged basement dwellers, the failed to launch crowd, the failed to achieve, and the so many thousands that suffer in silence trying to keep up in a world that challenges them in every way. How many parents out there had super smart babies who somehow just failed in school. The dilemma for these parents is whether to try to find out if something is "wrong" and therefore making their kids feel like something is wrong with them; or taking the plunge and saying something is wrong and I'm going to try to fix it. If the parents accept their children as they are (bowel disease, food allergies, mood disorders, multiple medications and all) the society calls them losers because they are vaccine injured and untreated which equals loser. If the parent spends tons of money on alternative treatments, and tutors so their child can be independent, launched and functioning in the world then the child will grow up massively insecure and still very challenged by work and relationships. No easy answers.


Super article Dan the best of it is I know a few people who do "cut" and nothing that you would normally associate with cutting,abuse, an accident etc has ever happened to them but they do cut. They also write scary suicide notes from time to time. That leads me to think it might be dysfunction caused by vaccines,GM food that people don't know were eating check out rice "rice wars" for instance.
Thanks Killary for telling us to eat the veg patch at the white house is it GM by the way?and laced with anti spermicides encrypted into the dna of the plant..

A book worth reading is the Seeds of destruction by F. William Engdahl ,he gets it with GM as we do with vaccines,



Carolyn-thank you for your information! Stephen Shore and Valerie Paradiz should never have been appointed to the autism speaks board of directors. How dare they decide that our children do not need a cure from a condition that has been caused by vaccine injury? How dare they decide that our children should be allowed to stay in a condition where they can't take care of themselves and need 24/7 supervision for the rest of their lives. How dare they take away a families right to find a cure for our children's devastating damage from vaccine injury. They do not have the right and should be removed from a board of directors that no longer represents the majority of people affected! I will not support such an organization any longer for abandoning the original mission of a cure!


"What is actually worse for this generation is our youth slowly succumbing to the onslaught of what we are doing to our food and pumping into the bodies of our children."

Very true. But we should also recognize the unprecedented amount of garbage/propaganda/fear-mongering that is being pumped into their minds and the minds of their parents and grandparents too. The vice that our society puts their minds in might actually have a worse effect than what earlier generations endured even in wartime. Those were events that came and went. There was some relief after it was over. There is no relief for these kids from the omnipresent invasive messages and demands of Big Brother.

Cynthia Cournoyer

I wonder how many teens who lived through the blitzkrieg of the 1940's ended up cutting themselves, becoming more overwhelmed, suffered debilitating anxiety, and where the women took over for the men in college and elsewhere? Where are the stats? If you managed to live through it, (talk about stress), I'm guessing you didn't go on to cut yourself.

So now, all we have to worry about is screen time, economics and national security? National security! Wow that's really stretching it. (Blitzkrieg? I think today's children don't have it all that bad!)

Yes, it starts with a physical manifestation. It seems every generation, thinks they have it worse than their parents. What is actually worse for this generation is our youth slowly succumbing to the onslaught of what we are doing to our food and pumping into the bodies of our children.

TIME magazine is a symptom of a greater problem in this society. So interested in self preservation that up is down and down is up. As Kuhn would say, scientific truth will not be accepted until the anomalies overwhelm the system. Our generation of sick children has become more than an anomaly. It is a truth we live with everyday. And it IS overwhelming the system. It is simply bald-faced self preservation that prevents everyone from seeing the true culprits.

Birgit Calhoun

Great article!


I like Mrs Obama too. I credit her with making organic food more accessible to lower income famloea such as mine. I do wonder however if she is aware that many of the HPV injured children were very athletic. Cruel irony.


From Trent University professor Magda Havas (photos at link):


December 13, 2014. In 2013, grade 9 students in Denmark performed a science experiment and found that radiation from cellphones prevented the germination of cress seedlings. The cress exposed to cell phone radiation (photo on right) failed to germinated when compared with the cress that acted as a control or no radiation exposure (photo on left). Photos courtesy of Kim Horsevad, teacher at Hjallerup Skole in Denmark.

We repeated this experiment with pea seeds and exposed them to microwave radiation from a combination of Wi-Fi router, cordless cell phone base station, and wireless baby monitor. All three of these devices in North America send out a constant beacon signal. What this means is that they emit microwave radiation constantly,whether they are used or not. In Europe voice-activated cordless phones and wireless baby monitors are available and these have much lower time-weighted exposures and are, presumably, safer to use.

We mimicked someone who has a Wi-Fi router, a cordless phone, and a wireless baby monitor beside their bed.

Levels of radiation in the reference (unexposed) plants was 0.036 milliW/m2. Levels of radiation in the exposed plants was 1,155 milliW/m2. International exposure guidelines are 10,000 milliW/m2, so levels were well below (i.e. 12% of) these guidelines. Temperatures were maintained between 21 to 23 C and relative humidity was between 67 and 70%. Plants were exposed to 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark during a 24-hour period.

Fewer peas germinated and root and shoot growth were reduced in the microwave exposed plants compared with the reference plants.

Shoot growth inhibited with microwave exposure.


Root growth was also inhibited with microwave exposure (plants on left).


These results clearly show that microwave radiation generated by common household appliances and at levels below international guidelines are harmful to plants.

Knowing this most people would not deliberately expose their plants to this radiation. So why do they exposure themselves and their families and continue to use wireless technology in the home? Why are children and teachers at school exposed to Wi-Fi? Why do we allow cell phone base stations to be placed near homes and schools?

Practicing good electromagnetic hygiene includes replacing wireless technology with wired technology and for those who are unable to live (at least until they become ill) without their wireless gadgets–at the very least–turn off these devices when not in use (Wi-Fi, cell phone) and convert to voice-activated cordless phones and baby monitors. Demand that these items be made available in North America if you care about the health of your loved ones."


I would like to see a study comparing the health of vaccinated immersed in wi-fi/EMF/RF 24/7 and unvaccinated similarly immersed
to vaccinated and unvaccinated never immersed, also accounting for other major radiation exposures in all groups.

Four groups. Not sure the never immersed can be found at this point. Just like Pharma wants to get rid of the unvaccinated control group, Big Telecom has been putting towers everywhere to get rid of their problem control group, while few notice. In the past decade, our country has been blanketed with radiation and virtually all our schools, businesses and homes are "hot spots". The world's top scientists agree that this is not a good thing for the body or the brain.

Carolyn M


From what I have read, John Elder Robison resigned from the board of Autism Speaks a few years ago. I have read that Stephen Shore is on their board, and that he is against a cure. I have also read that another board member, Valerie Paradiz, is also against a cure. I don't have the link right now, but I read that she founded a school in New York State where "autistic children are taught that autism is a strength rather than a disability."


Great article, Dan. Seriously, I believe the reason Clinton talks about drafting women is because she knows the boys are ill in vast numbers.


Thanks Dan. Great article.

Tim Lundeen

Rimland said it well in his last book, Dyslogic Syndrome. All "psychological" symptoms can have a physical cause, and I'm coming to believe that they are all environmentally linked. When you poison people, they get sick, and a lot of the obvious symptoms are brain dysfunction.

Doctors fall back on "its all in your head" when they don't know how to diagnose or treat the physical problems. That's why non-allopathic medicine and natural protocols are so popular, and can be so effective.

@Dan, phones actually are a problem, but largely because of the EMFs they produce. There is overwhelming evidence that EMFs are harmful and are a major contributor to our epidemic of chronic illness. Please watch Dr Pall at while you follow along with the slides at -- Dr Pall's book

    Explaining Unexplained Illness
is superb, and directly relates to treating autism and other chronic illness.


Google: the "Georgia Guide Stones" about them....*think*about*what's*written*on*them....
I call them the "GREG B.'s" - the Global Ruling Elites, & Global Banksters.... They run the Western world, and MOST of the rest of the world, and they want total power & control. And money. They want OUR power, and OUR money, and they want it for themselves. One way they do this, is through the mass-drugging of as high a percentage of the population as they possibly can. "Time Magazine" is only one of many propaganda tools the super-rich use to further their selfish, genocidal agenda. Go ahead, call me a "paranoid conspiracy theorist". The Georgia Guide Stones are VERY REAL.....
And Dan Olmstead, that's a VERY WELL written piece, above!....


How dare the board of Autism Speaks decide that it will no longer seek a cure for our vaccine damaged children with autism. We must now accept that they have always been a part of the human race in staggering numbers. No problem says the largest advocacy organization to give up on them and their families. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't John Elder Robison, a very high functioning autism person on the board who does not need to find a cure for himself? Again it's like saying to people with cancer-we will no longer try to find a cure for you so if you survive then good for you!

go Trump

OMG another Fatal measles problem... if measles ... by itself ... is not bad enough ... NOW they have found that it can cause another fatal problem YEARS LATER...

Studying 26 year old data... from a 1990 measles outbreak / they found higher rates of SSPE which of course HAS TO BE CAUSED by having the measles 10 to 30 years before... sh t anyone from UCLA could quickly figure that out...

Even those who caught the “Disney measles” a year back... AFTER having STILL been FULLY VACCINATED could later DIE from SSPE.

Disneyland continues to ... take money... from those coming to their park without checking to see if they are fully vaccinated.

The same medical people have no idea why Autism has been 50 times more common than polio for 25 years.

DEATH within hours or days following 8 or 9 vaccines on the same day will continue to be called SIDS.

Rebecca Lee

Yes. It is the vaccines, stupid! All that mercury that the millennialist got hammered with from the vaccine schedule. The issues they have are all things mercury does to human beings. Mercury causes hundreds of different symptoms and any individual person may have a bunch of them at a time depending on how much they got, where in their body it wound up, and their particular genetic predisposition. Anxiety, depression, autoimmune issues, gut issues, skin problems, seizures, adrenal and thyroid issues, screwed up hormones, ADD, ADHD and on and on including autism. You don't have to look very far to see what is going on if you have "eyes to see."
And the little kids are still full of it, too. Parents are joining our support group "Fight autism and win, detoxing kids," (Andy Cutler frequent low dose oral chelation) at a rate of a hundred a week from all over the world. The majority of the hair tests they post for their children either show outright high mercury or the deranged mineral transport that is diagnostic for mercury, and the children get better with chelation for mercury. It was supposedly removed from the pediatric vaccine schedule, so where is it coming from?
Some of it is from the flu vaccine and some of it from the vaccines given to pregnant women. We also postulate that some pediatricians are using adult, multi dose vaccines for the children because they are cheaper. The only difference is the Thimerosal and the doctors have been told that it is perfectly safe. is a good place to start to learn about Andy Cutler chelation.


Anxiety?! There are those silly transporters again. Check it out. environ assaults = no good biome = no good transport = assault on seratonin/dopamine pathways ???

Gary Ogden

Great post, Dan. I got my mail ballot about a week ago, and, as is my habit, filled it out right away, with you as a write-in for prez. But I've changed my mind. You couldn't possibly receive 270 electoral votes, though you're far and away the best candidate. I'm going to cast an anti-Hillary vote. They're both awful, but she is ultimately the more dangerous one. I like Michelle Obama, though; she is clearly the brains in the family.


The most vaccinated of my 4 children, because of her travels and summer camp choices, is by far my sickest child. She just found out yesterday that she is allergic to 95% of what they tested her for. She has chronic sinus problems and complains of tiredness constantly. I wish I had made other choices.


"I'm sensitive to visually ugly ads, and this one is anaphylaxis inducing."

Me too!

I don't know, it has to be stopped or it will stop itself

The last book of the Bible does tell us that God has to intervene or there would not be one left. I assumed it meant not one human being left, but maybe not. .

Who knows what God has in mind, perhaps intelligent life will shift to some other animal. I would vote the dog except they don't have thumbs and we are vaccinating them pretty heavy too.

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