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Weekly Wrap: No More Measles, Lots More Autism

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

"An effort spanning two decades has resulted in a global first," CNN reported Thursday. "The Americas have eliminated measles, the World Health Organization said this week. The battle was won through mass vaccination to prevent the viral disease, which can cause severe health problems including pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death."

Well, the battle was mostly won before the battle began, as anyone who's looked at the pre-vaccine wipeout of the disease would know.

From Mark Blaxill and my 2015 book, Vaccines 2.0:
Measles Mortality DO MB

In Vaccines 2.0 we wrote: “Much of the recent publicity about measles reflects a small increase in US cases in the past few years—usually overseas travelers becoming infected and then spreading the illness in small pockets that generate alarmist headlines.

“In the spring of 2014, a news outlet in suburban Washington, under a large banner titled “Health Warning,” reported public health workers “are informing people who were at various locations . . . that they may have been exposed to a person with measles. Northern Virginia area health officials are mounting a coordinated effort to identify people who may have been exposed.”

“The idea that measles is highly infectious is certainly true; the claim that it is a health emergency is not. For generations, measles was considered a rite of passage for children, with little risk of complications and the reward of lifetime immunity."

A blogger at made the same point in June 2014 in a post titled, Measles Shmeasles:

“So far, in 2014 there have been 288 cases of measles, no cases of encephalitis, and no death. In 2013 there were 189 cases of measles, no encephalitis and no death. In 2012 there were 54 cases of measles, no encephalitis, and no death. In 2011, there were 22 cases of measles, and you guessed it . . . no encephalitis, and no death.

“I could go on, but you get the point.

“By and large, measles is unpleasant, not deadly.

“In comparison, the same cannot be said for the MMR vaccine. As of March 1, 2012 there were 842 serious injuries following the MMR vaccine and 56 deaths. Since 1990 there have been more than 6,058 serious adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). What’s even more sad is that only 1–10% of cases are actually reported ….”

Honestly. If you’ve seen Vaxxed, you know it does a great job of contrasting the Disney measles hysteria with the blasé attitude of mainstream media and medicine and the CDC and the NIH and HRSA and etcetera to the endless, increasing, debilitating, sometimes lethal autism epidemic and its allied catastrophes.

But of course kids will all be getting the MMR into perpetuity – now with one part that doesn’t work and spawns epidemics post-adolescence that are far more dangerous (mumps); a vaccine for a disease that is usually not serious and is no circulating (measles) but can have serious side effects, and one for which there can be an altruistic argument given the risk of congenital rubella syndrome, but also with serious risks. Put them all together, shake it up and voila -- the autism shot, as Jenny called it.

Kind of like the DPT – diphtheria doesn’t circulate, tetanus is not a serious risk, and certainly not to anyone but the person who might get it, and pertussis, for which we believe there is a case worth discussing.

Not to mention the deadly and disgusting HPV, the useless and dangerous Hep B, the useless and dangerous chickenpox.

This is why parental choice and no mandates are so important, regardless of one’s stance on vaccines overall. Too much autism, too many vaccines with too many side effects – but at least, thank God, no measles.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



After browsing a few boxes, it seems that B₁₂ injections contain a bit less aluminum than vaccines. This one claims only 625μg per Liter, or 6.25μg per one mL dose.

This is small compared to vaccines. People on the health forums always mention that B₁₂ injections have aluminum, but they never mention exactly how much.

You could say that 6.25μg is 6μg too much.

Jeannette Bishop

On the subject of eradicated diseases, does it make sense to say that smallpox is "eradicated" when there are still cases of a related virus with similar presentation, morbidity and mortality and for which the smallpox vaccine is said to be an effective preventative?


@ Narad,
Addition of aluminum to vitamin B12 injections may have to purposes: 1) to cause degenerative neurological diseases, or 2) to induce immunity against this vitamin (it may work as anti vit B12 vaccine). People with vit B antibodies will probably have permanent anemia and will die prematurely. This is very sinister. The same can be said about toxic additives to many vitamin pills, such as titanium dioxide, acrylates, poisonous metals, plastics, dyes etc. I think the goal of this toxic medicine is to kill and maim as many people as possible.


A cursory read of B-12 ingredients does not mention aluminum as an ingredient. There is some discussion that B-12 injections may not be any better than sub-lingual doses. B-12 is commonly given for those who have pernicious anemia. Check to see if B-12 is available from a compounding pharmacy which might have a hydrocobalamin vs cyanocobalamin. Like everything else--only you can prevent becoming a victim of modern medicine. Almost sounds like something Smokey-The-Bear would say. READ and keep reading.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Linda. I had forgotten about that report.

There's also this case (with a noteworthy failure to infect unvaccinated peers) from March:


I agree with your comment. My MD cousin states if she has labs runs on a child who she suspects has measles and the labs rerun confirmed for measles she documents the child as measles to the insurance company and the CDC who makes the determination which cases are measles and which aren't. If she also report to the CDC the child diagnose with measles by lab confirmation has had the MMR-the CDC response is Viral Syndrome NOS-not measles despite the labs. No MMR-Measles. Here are some images of children who have been infected by the MMR but their doctors manipulative the parents by telling them what their children are experiencing is measles like virus, or some other nonsense:

-An Unexpected Side Effect of My Daughter’s Measles Vaccine
-My Sons’ Vaccine-Related Measles

Pink Book calls it breakthrough disease. I, first call the characterization BS and the illness that the children had experienced -Measles. You know like Polio is not Non Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis or Acute Flaccid Myelitis. Like you posted Roseloa and Fifth Disease are also spins on the illness. The Name Game.

The children are contagious from the vaccine because the Pink Book states it but can you imagine the unreported cases of measles over the decades because children with Roseloa and Fifth Disease were not isolated from other children who later became infected. Back in the day parents didn't freak out when they say a rash on their kid. In fact parents were relived because intuitively they knew the child experiencing the illness offered a certain amount of protection for later in life. They wanted their kid to get it over with. Today with parents under the age of 40 freaking are out over a case of measles that most likely has come from a vaccine strain is disheartening. They are so hardwired to believe the propaganda that they don't believe what they see when their child is vaccinated and a few days later becomes sick. I recall my kids pediatrician saying that Roseloa was just a milder form of measles when one of my sisters kids had it. Kids had the same Dr. and I was told just to stay away a week. Roseloa and Fifth Disease -Measles.


Dumpster diving VAERS vs the elimination of measles from the Americas?

Measles has not been eliminated anywhere and the CDC/WHO walked hat declaration back quietly years ago.

In the year 2000, cases had declined, and measles was finally declared eliminated from the United States – 33 years after the original elimination target date. However, in 2012 the CDC pulled back from that declaration, stating that measles reappeared and was spreading. Of the total number of cases, 200 were attributed to foreign travel, but the source for 22 cases was never determined.
“Measles Outbreaks in 2011 Were Worst in 15 Years: CDC,” Health Day News, April 19, 2012.

Cherry Misra

To Narad, This is very interesting- Could you please follow up on this if you get more info. I think many of us are beginning to wonder what is really going on. I mean- is everyone in the pharma -medical industry so stupid? As another example- to remove mercury from "regular child vaccines " one day and then put it back into kids through their pregnant moms and two flu vaccines at age 6 months (and four in the year of swine flu) We really need some answers. By the way, do you know the brand name of the B 12 injection you were given.? My husband , who has Alzheimers, regularly takes injection s of "Neurobion" by Merck, Neurobion contains B 3,6,12 and costs some princely sum like 10 cents per dose.(in India) You could pose your question about B 12 to Chris Shaw or Christopher Exely.


Eradicated in the Americas? How do they define eradicated? This is from July:

Note the (forced?) vaccination of the detainees and the unwillingness of the employees to comply.

Jeannette Bishop

Forrest Maready, ironically maybe, posted this a few days ago:

I find it hard to believe that measles won't come "roaring back" in the Americas very soon, especially if SB 277 looks about to be overturned, or DeStefano, Boyle, etc. are subpoenaed by Congress, or something.

Maybe whatever measles strain seems to be resisting vaccination in the Philippines will be the next Zika, especially if they can't get people to vaccinate for Zika.

Then it will be all those "selfish not really vaccine-injured and general science deniers" who aren't getting their boosters who will be at fault for measles within their hemisphere.


Reading is Fundamental,
But it was a bad thing to eliminate endemic measles from the Americas, and what is disingenuous is to act as though it were a good thing, as the medical establishment and its supporting institutions do. Measles had become a relatively mild disease with very low mortality, and great benefits, including preventing many skin and bone diseases and many cancers in later life. The wipeout was of the dangers of the disease, which had become much less virulent in the natural course of things, as many viruses do, and the chart shows how measles mortality had plunged before the vaccine, although it remained a universal disease that 99% of American kids got by the age of 18.


Those bastards gave me a B-12 shot that probably had Aluminum in it. Does anyone know why they put Aluminum in a goddamn B-12 shot?

If I would have known, I would have declined. There has to be some conspiracy to Aluminize the proletariat. I can see of no reason whatsoever to have Al in a B-12 shot.

Reading Is Fundamental
Well, the battle was mostly won before the battle began, as anyone who's looked at the pre-vaccine wipeout of the disease would know.

I find this entry to be baffling at best, and disingenuous at worst. The subject is the elimination of endemic transmission in the entire region of the Americas. An annotated graph of U.S. mortality and morbidity is apropos of nothing.


No no no!

The measles vaccine did not reduce measles incidence.

That graph is not incidence it is notification data. They are not the same thing. We don't have incidence (cases) data. Never have. Probably never will because nobody has the slightest clue how many have a disease that is typically mild and transient.

Notification data was never intended to be used for time series analysis (it was for rapid response to disease clustering).

It is used for that now because modern day epidemiologists are all brainwashed imbeciles.

Doctors use vaccination status to differentially diagnose the disease.

That means that if you have a rash and fever and have received the MMR you will be diagnosed with roseola or fifth disease (not notifiable diseases so there is no data at all on them).

If you have a rash and fever and have not been vaccinated with MMR you will be diagnosed with measles.

That is how the fraud works.

Grace Green

Here's a conspiracy theory for you. I think they want to eradicate certain diseases so that we all loose our natural immunity to them. Then, at any time of rising social unrest they can release a nasty virus from their lab and knock us all down like flies. But they wouldn't do that would they? Wait - do you remember the foot and mouth outbreak in the UK in 2001? It was just before a general election and it started at four "corners" of the UK simultaneously!

@Jesus Baby

Yeah, really, Jesus Baby. Never mind the thousands of kids like mine whose MMR adverse reaction - and whose entire life, subsequently - is in the VAERS dumpster. Go Measles Eradication for The Americas! So totally worth it.

Does "won the battle but lost the war" hold any meaning for you at all? Nah, I didn't think so.

Cherry Misra

Does anyone have any statistics on the prevalence of Disseminating Encephalitis, which is fatal - and which can occur as a result of the measles vaccine. ? That would be interesting.
I suppose some human being is going to take the credit for ending measles in America, just as someone might receive a Nobel Prize for erradicating polio. The awards they receive will be cold comfort for those children and adults who suffered from the measles vaccine or who are now paralysed as a result of the polio drops used in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of cases of vaccine derived polio in countries like India. - and those are just the government statistics. In reality the numbers would be higher.

Christina Waldman

I agree with Bob Miffit.

I wonder what the exact criteria are for the World Health Organization's determination that the Americas have "eliminated" measles. How are they defining "measles?" It seems it would be impossible for the WHO to obtain evidence of all who might be harboring live measles virus within his/her body post-vaccination or otherwise. Is the WHO planning to restrict all travel to avoid the recurrence of measles?

Jeannette Bishop

Measles "eradicated" and overall childhood health halfway eradicated too.


Everyone should keep an eye on Africa.
Dear Internet: Please Mark this Prediction – Autism Rates will Rise Exponentially in Nigeria over the Next Five Years: james lyons weiler

"The vaccination program in Nigeria is an uncontrolled experiment. Rates of autism are cited as high as 1 in 88. I predict that autism rates will increase even further as a result of the increase vaccinations to come, as more children are vaccinated there given the push to popularize vaccines. This prediction is being made on October 26, 2015 based on the fact that the CDC found a 240% increase in the risk of autism due to vaccinations, but omitted the results from their study (so says Dr. William Thompson of the CDC). They also removed from the manuscript the result indicating increased risk for idiopathic autism due to vaccines (source: Dr. William Thompson, CDC). If, by October 2020, the autism rates in Nigeria increase from 1 in 50 to 1 in 25, or 1 in 15, or 1 in 10, then no one can say it was not vaccines."

When you read something like this you say to yourself boy I'm glad I don't live there but than you look at the Autism rate in the US and ask yourself what's the criteria of a third world country?

Jesus Baby

Dumpster diving VAERS vs the elimination of measles from the Americas?


In 1979;my husband and I while working for the forest service; found his cousin out in the worse blizzard and some of the coldest temperatures on record. It was the only time I remember the Ohio River freezing over solid, and people actually could walk all the way across it. .

He was in some delusional stage of some kind of mental illness - they put the label - schizophrenia on him

My husband's cousin; was attending Berea college at this time; and had gone missing. .
Berea college was having a drug problem at that time too, or at least it was being whispered and rumored that there must be a drug culture since so many of their students were having mental breakdowns. I kid you not! One was my fellow highschool classmate and son of the local radio announcer. He was found in his dorm room in some kind of psychosis state that winter too - with the windows open and in a psychotic state too. Yeah, there was something not right about Berea college.

Berea College is and was a very progressive college, and is run by an organization out of the north east.

The forest service required myself and my co-worker to get our tetanus shots at the local health department that was located right in the middle of Berea campus.

IF there was anywhere in Kentucky that would change over just a tetanus vaccine to a DTP vaccine it would be Berea.

Soon after, my co worker began to have even more trouble with her thyroid and began to have extremely painful monthly periods.

I on the other hand developed my first ever yeast infection, I had trouble concentrating; Could not focus my mind on my work, , and my periods became heavy.

My husband did not take the tetanus vaccine at this time, since he had had one the year before in a smaller rural town 30 minutes away from Berea, Kentucky. 8 years later with a different job, and different town, my husband did have a DTP vaccine since the health department had set up a health clinic in the cafeteria of his work place. They said it was just tetanus shots - not the whole ball of wax. He barely made it home when he had his first ever seizure in the hall way of our home.

Fast forward 40 years later My husband's cousin was just murdered in his home this past month. He was sitting in his recliner. His neighbor snuck up behind him and stabbed him and then buried him in a shallow grave in the back yard of my husband's cousin's home.

So this cousin's parents has now passed away several years ago , leaving two sisters that had moved way up North in Washington state - hours away from Southern California, where they do call and check in with him very often. When they could not get ahold of him all that week they reported him missing and the police came and found him in his yard in his shallow grave.

His sister this week has been closing down all his affairs and we got in a discussion. . She said that is all they thought about was why.

She said she and her family had always wondered what on earth happened to her brother.

Their father years ago had said his son had never caused him a minute of trouble growing up He was a talented student, taking very hard courses and succeeding in college He thought he had this young man raised until it turned around all wrong.

I told her this week what I thought happened.
That Pertussis started showing up and so they switched the tetanus shot to the DTP vaccine and giving it to adults

I know that Pertussis was out there, and some babies that for what ever reason - Mother's immune system did not pass on immunity or what ever did cause brain injuries to these children. But this vaccine - I have to wonder - wonder - wonder - how many babies are we talking about compared to everyone that had a DPT or DTaP has damaged every one else?

Bob Moffit

"The Americas have eliminated measles, the World Health Organization said this week. The battle was won through mass vaccination to prevent the viral disease, which can cause severe health problems including pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death."

To the vaccine cabal .. claiming to have "won the battle" to eliminate measles .. does not mean they are claiming to have "won the war" against measles.

After all .. there are some WARS .. that are just too damn profitable and politically useful to EVER be declared "won" .. such as .. the wars on .. poverty, drugs, terror, on and on.

And so .. claiming to have occasionally won a "battle" in these never-ending wars is not only expected .. it is necessary .. how else to maintain the illusion all the money and political shenanigans are "winning the war".

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