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VAXXED Presents Alabama Whistleblower: Anthrax Vax

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

The screenings of VaxXed around the U.S. have provided a venue for ordinary people to finally tell their experience with vaccine injury. These are nothing short of horror stories, and they’re not just about regression into autism following the MMR vaccine. There are pitiful accounts of children dying and teenagers left paralyzed and so much more.

This VaxXed interview of military whistleblower Sherrie Saunders shows that the cover-up of vaccine injury involves far more than a single study in 2004.

Sept 20, 2016, VaxXed Stories: Alabama Military Whistleblower


Hoover, Alabama

Sherrie recounted how she was trained as a combat Army medic and it was her job to give the anthrax vaccine to U.S. service personnel. From her experience, she’s convinced that this vaccine causes Gulf War Syndrome.

“Gulf War Syndrome is a reaction to vaccine shot of anthrax into the body, when a soldier is not compatible with animal protein made vaccines.”

Polly Tommey asked Sherrie if she was aware of what was in the anthrax vaccine when she gave it to soldiers.

“No, …How I figured it out was this: I was treating a soldier who was given the diagnosis of Gulf War Syndrome, he was a young soldier. His grandmother was standing outside the room. …She asked me about his health. …She explained to me that when her grandson …was a young man, he’d stepped on a nail and had to be given the tetanus shot.  And the tetanus shot nearly killed him. That was the only time in his life that he was ever sick like he was sick now in that room.”

Sherrie said she thanked the woman for the information and told her everything would be okay. She went to her captain with her concerns that this soldier, who’d been given the anthrax vaccine in basic training and who had never left the state of Georgia, now had a diagnosis of Gulf War Syndrome.

“My captain took that information up the chain of command. We were visited from people from Washington DC, we were told we were wrong. I was told to keep my mouth shut. My captain resigned his commission. I was forced to stay in the military another year and deal with the bullying.

“I’m here today to let these people know that when you take a vaccine …you’re putting yourself in the position of being a lab rat. …I don’t know how many people I harmed and I don’t know how many people I killed, but I do know this: I’m going to stand with all of these people today, and we’re going to move this towards Washington, we’re going to move this towards Great Britain and Europe, and we’re going to move this movement all over this world. We are done with your vaccines, we are done being lab rats, and I am done being told by my government to keep your mouth shut.”

Sherrie recounted how she, as a medic giving the shot, was not told what the vaccine was. It would have a number.

Sherrie was not allowed to ask soldier if they had allergies to vaccine ingredients. She said that originally the anthrax vaccine was given in “three massive doses,” then the protocol was changed to six smaller doses by 1998, “in the hope that it would lessen the chances of these reactions.” She recounted that it was “not an uncommon practice to clean the records,” in other words remove any mention that a soldier had been given a particular vaccine.

Soldiers are used as guinea pigs by the government because, as members of the military, they have no choice but to take any vaccine they’re order to.

Sherrie related that she falsely reported to her superiors that she was pregnant for four months until her enlistment was up in order to avoid taking the anthrax vaccine. She said that there were others in the military who also felt that this vaccine was dangerous, but they were too intimidated to speak out. She herself had been too afraid to go public with her story before. Today, she’s never going to stop talking.

For more on vaccination in the military see: Gulf War Syndrome: Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel were Injected with Untested Vaccines, by Christiana England.




Squalene-Positive [per FDA and SRI]:
FAV 008, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 038, FAV 043, FAV 047

Have Induced Anti-Squalene Antibodies [per Tulane Med School]:
FAV 041, FAV 070 and FAV 071

Associated with Autoimmune-Related Symptoms or Fullly Diagnosed Autoimmune Diseases in Troops [per Tulane]:
FAV 017, FAV 048b, FAV 066, FAV 068, FAV 069, FAV 073, FAV 074, FAV 075, FAV 078

Dr. Pamela B. Asa or Dr. Robert F. Garry.

New locations for administration of lots #'s FAV 017, FAV 037, FAV 038, FAV 041, FAV 048b, FAV 070, FAV 071, FAV 075 (Thank you mcGoo49, Randy, Danielle & eisenhe).


Squalene-Positive [per FDA and SRI]:
FAV 008, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 038, FAV 043, FAV 047

Have Induced Anti-Squalene Antibodies [per Tulane Med School]:
FAV 008, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 038, FAV 041, FAV 043, FAV 047, FAV 070 and FAV 071

Associated with Autoimmune-Related Symptoms or Fullly Diagnosed Autoimmune Diseases in Troops [per Tulane]:
FAV 017, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 38, FAV 041, FAV 043, FAV 047, FAV 048b, FAV 066, FAV 068, FAV 069, FAV 073, FAV 074, FAV 075, FAV 078

Additional Suspect Lot No. Based on Single Anecdotal Report:


FAV 008
Dover AFB (Delaware); Fort Bragg (North Carolina); BioPort (administered to workers); Misawa AB (Japan); General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (Wisconsin); Shipments of FAV 008 were also sent to Israel, Germany, Taiwan and Canada.

FAV 017
Osan, South Korea; Camp Hovey near Camp Casey (South Korea); Camp Humphreys (South Korea); Tripler Army Medical Center (Hawaii); Camp Lejeune (North Carolina); Fort Stewart (Georgia); 18th MEDCOM APO AP; Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota); Eleleson AFB (Arkansas), U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado); Fort Drum (New York); Fort Campbell (Kentucky); Langley AFB (Virginia); Ellsworth AFB (South Dakota); Mountain Home AFB (Idaho); MacDill AFB (Florida); Pearl Harbor (Hawaii); Offut AFB (Nebraska); Barksdale AFB (Arkansas); Portsmouth (Virginia); Moody AFB (Georgia); Buckley ANG (Colorado); Malmstrom AFB (Montana); Fort Lewis (Washington); Davis-Monthan AFB (Arizona); Beale AFB (California); Fairchild AFB (Washington); Barkdale AFB (Arkansas); Virgnia Beach (Virginia); Yongsan Army Garrison (South Korea); Al Jaber Air Base (Kuwait){?}.

FAV 020
Al Jaber, Kuwait; U.S.S. Independence (Persian Gulf); U.S.S. San Jacinto (Persian Gulf); Saudi Arabia; Fort Hood (Texas); Al Jaber Air Base (Kuwait){?}; A shipment of FAV 020 was also sent to Australia.

FAV 030
Al Jaber, Kuwait; Dover AFB (Delaware); Michigan ANG (Michigan); Holloman AFB (New Mexico); Perry Point (Maryland); Naval Station Everett (Washington); Norfolk (Virginia); Cannon AFB (New Mexico); Holloman AFB (New Mexico); McChord AFB (Washington); Shaw AFB (South Carolina); Nellis AFB (Nevada); Fort Lewis (Washington); Travis AFB (California); Fort Bliss (Texas); Fort Dix (New Jersey); Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota); Seymour-Johnson AFB (North Carolina); Hickham AFB (Hawaii); Peterson AFB (Colorado); McConnell AFB (Kansas); Camp Pendleton (California); Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (Pennsylvania); Redstone Arsenal (Alabama); F.E. Warren AFB (Wyoming); MCAS Yuma (Arizona); Kadena Air Base (Japan); McGuire AFB (New Jersey); Shipments of FAV 030 were also sent to Germany and Canada.

FAV 037
Camp Pendleton (California).

FAV 038
Osan, South Korea; Camp Humphreys (South Korea); U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt; Hill AFB (Utah); Fort Benning (Georgia); BioPort (administered to workers); Westover AFB (Massachusetts); Altus AFB (Oklahoma), Fort Shafter (Hawaii)*, Nellis AFB (Nevada).

FAV 041
Al Jaber, Kuwait; Westover AFB (Massachusetts); Dover AFB (Delaware); Michigan ANG (Michigan); Dharhan, Saudi Arabia; Tyndall AFB (Florida), Truax Field, ANG (Wisconsin); U.S.S. JFK (Carrier Group 8 - at sea); Fort Jackson (South Carolina); General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (Wisconsin); McGuire AFB (New Jersey); Camp Pendleton (California), Nellis AFB (Nevada).

FAV 043
Osan, South Korea; Wright-Patterson AFB (Ohio); Tennessee ANG (Tennessee); Dover AFB (Delaware); Fort Bragg (North Carolina); Oklahoma ANG (Oklahoma); Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota); Travis AFB (California); Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (Pennsylvania); Fort Sill (Oklahoma); Key Field (Mississippi); Fort Jackson (South Carolina), Fort Shafter (Hawaii)*, Tripler Army Medical Center (Hawaii); Camp Lejeune (North Carolina).

FAV 047
Travis AFB (California); Dover AFB (Delaware); BioPort (administered to workers); Westover AFB (Massachusetts), Misawa AB (Japan); Camp Red Cloud (South Korea); MCAS Yuma (Arizona); U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt; MCAS Miramar (California); McGuire AFB (New Jersey).

FAV 048b
Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota); Fort Hood (Texas); General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (Wisconsin); Camp Lejeune (North Carolina), Nellis AFB (Nevada).

Marisah Island, Oman.

FAV 066
Al Udeid Air Base (Qatar); General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (Wisconsin).

FAV 070
Dyess AFB (Texas); Fort McCoy (Wisconsin); U.S.S. Boxer; Camp Smith (Hawaii).

FAV 071
Dover AFB (Delaware); Camp Lejeune (North Carolina); Naval/Marine Corps Reserve Center (Pennsylvania); Al Udied Air Base (Qatar); Westover AFB, (Massachusetts); Randolph AFB (San Antonio, TX); Forbes Field ANG (Kansas).

FAV 073
Fort Hood (Texas); Fort McCoy (Wisconsin); Naval/Marine Corps Reserve Center (Pennsylvania); USNS Mohawk.

FAV 074
Fort Hood (Texas).

FAV 075
Forbes Field ANG (Kansas).

FAV 077
General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (Wisconsin); {Suspected lot, based on patient information only}.

FAV 078
Al Jaber Air Base (Kuwait).

This list is anecdotal, based on information provided by military personnel contributing to this forum. Some lot numbers and corresponding locations have been cross-checked against military immunization records;

Angus Files

Pharma UK not missing a chance to make some dosh!! at the expense of the army ..


Pharma For Prison


sherrie saunders

Thank you everyone for your kind comments,..
Thank you also,.. Age of Autism,. For writing and sharing this story,..
I attended the Atlanta CDC Rally this Weekend,.. And I am even more determined,..
To Stand Up Against the Demonic industry of Vaccines.
Sherrie Saunders


"The real threat to people is poor governance. Technology, land, labor and inputs are available everywhere but poor governance will always impede people’s ambition to improve their nutrition . . .

Perhaps Malthus and Erlich are right about the effects of overpopulation they just needed to refine that down to a specific segment of the population, crap politicians." author unknown

Nick Mason

Why is no one asking WHY are these damaging ingredients in the vaccines? What is in it for Big Pharma to hurt people? Neomalthusianism. No one will know what this is for another 10 years, from the looks of it. Keep them superficially informed. This appears to be intentional.

Morag MacDonald Lyons

Well done Sherrie! You were left in a catch -22 situation outwith your control.
My family would be proud of your honourable conduct
Great uncle William Gunn was on HMS Tara during WW1 ,they wrote a book about what happened to them called Prisoners of The Red Desert .
Never more James Gunn Lovat scouts 1
The Lone Piper " Lord Lovat's Lament"
" learn to laugh and run away you will live to laugh another day 2
Well done team vaxxed !
You have pleanty ammunition but you need more Gunns!

Cherry Misra

Sherrie Sounders , You are my hero. -- and I dont mean that lightly. I shall never forget you so long as I have life. You have described the military-medical situation so clearly and you show us the greatness of ordinary Americans. You may regret not speaking out earlier, but I would say it is possible that now is the best time. Wishing you a long life-


At Thinking Mom's Revolution I couldn't help notice that the moderator feels uncertain as to (Dem) Hillary's position on mandating vaccines. Hillary has very little skin in the game compared to Trump and I honestly can't believe that anyone in the autism community thinks she and the nanny-state Dems will do anything but push forward with them. Look at California!

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Contrary to the video, the military does keep detailed records of vaccination (although that may not have been the case in 1991), and has conducted a number of epidemiological studies of vaccine recipients; however the studies follow the same pattern as those of children in that their design is directed so as to avoid a positive result.

This is an example:

and another:

Servicemen receive anthrax vaccine prior to deploying to the middle east or south Asia, and very often when a serviceman does not deploy it is due to a disqualifying medical condition hence a greater likelihood of disability, so the control group is pretty much worthless. Those two studies are so weak that they would fail to detect one out of every eighteen vaccine recipients suffering consequential lifelong disability.

A more representative control group exists from the years 2004 - 2006 when the use of the vaccine was suspended following a legal action (the DoD had been mandating the vaccine despite it not being approved against inhalation anthrax), but that control group has never been used; nor has any study tried to isolate likely vaccine reactions (i.e. chronic inflammatory diagnoses) from general disability.

Every serviceman who deploys receives a medical examination before doing so and following his return so there could potentially be a gold mine of information available, but the DoD has a long history of covering up the harm it has caused its troops.

Janet Lishman

Thank you better get those emails before they disappear


A series of Biothrax® gives you 1.8 milligrams of aluminum hydroxide [.6mgx3]. This is appreciable.

Luckily for the soldiers, they use benzethonium chloride instead of thimerosal these days.

I bet the officers read from the same handbook as the online shills, as say blatant lies such as: "There is more aluminum in a banana", "Aluminum is a vitamin!", and "Only terrorists refuse vaccines".

Nobody will every convince or bully me into getting an aluminum hydroxide or a thimerosal-containing vaccine; I have read enough toxicological studies. Even before they added these in the 30's, there were millions of people against vaccination in general.

So how does the vaccine establishment reconcile the fact that vaccines were supposedly "effective" for over 100 years without aluminum hydroxide?

Why not use a more bio-compatible adjuvant. The pioneering studies of precipitated vaccines in the 20's used many different salts, and they found that Alum was only slightly more effective at increasing antibody titers as calcium phosphate.

The public is clamoring for aluminum-free vaccines, but they aren't being produced. Why? Even under their own model (that antibody titers make an adjuvant "effective") you could produce the same effect using safer minerals.

Companies even produce calcium phosphate explicitly for vaccine manufacture:


When the pH is maintained at 6-8, which is normal during vaccine production, calcium phosphate particles have a negative electrical charge so they readily adsorb positively charged antigens (e.g. proteins with alkaline isoelectric points at neutral pH).

Cynthia Cournoyer

How sad that the only way to avoid the assault on our military personnel is to avoid joining the military. How many can't be deployed and get medical discharges due to another assault on their health?

I've known families who raised their children unvaccinated and then they want to go into the military or health care, and they ask my advice what to do. The chance of an unvaccinated person being fired from these professions is very high. The quick answer is find another profession. Then if they go ahead, as adult-children, they choose to get vaccinated anyway.

Same for college entry. They enter college and get vaccinated because for the first time, they come up against an authority that scares them into getting vaccinated or leave. So sad. Of course some colleges allow exemptions and I say to exercise this every time. I've had people not believe me when I tell them you can still go to college unvaccinated. The newly emancipated adult will usually give in anyway.


16 minutes of pure truth and power. Sherrie, you are amazing. Godspeed and thanks, friend for your truest service.

Grace Green

A very moving interview. Thank you, Sherrie Saunders, for your bravery in speaking out now. As someone with M.E. who has been told, like those with GWS, that it's psychological when I knew it wasn't, I stand with you and all those who are also saying it how it is. The deliberate cover up of Vaccine poisoning. Thank you, VaxXed team, for giving us all a voice at last. We are not going away!

Bob Moffit

I find it extremely troubling that .. innocent infants through early childhood .. and .. members of our "all volunteer" military forces .. numbering in the hundreds of thousands .. if not millions .. have such high rates of "inexplicable .. unexplained" .. auto-immune diseases .. following "vaccinations" .. yet .. the extraordinarily high number of "adverse reactions" each GROUP experienced .. remains "officially coincidental" .. with the official absolute certainty there is "no link to causation".

How long can they continue to deny performing a "retroactive study" of these TWO highly vaccinated groups of people .. to ascertain .. once and for all ... if the "causation" of the myriad of autoimmune diseases each group suffers from .. IS LINKED TO THEIR VACCINATION RECORDS?

It doesn't help to learn through these two "videos" .. the MILITARY does not maintain ANY records of who, when, where a "volunteer" received his/her Anthrax vaccine. Why would that be .. unless .. the MILITARY does not want to KNOW how bad that particular vaccine is.

In one video .. a high ranking "doctor" in the Air Force blatantly LIES to the men by claiming THERE IS .. AND .. HAS NEVER BEEN SQUALENE IN THE ANTHRAX VACCINE.

Unfortunately ... LYING has become COMMON .. among our highest levels of government .. BOTH PARTIES ... and .. the public's "right to know" is all but a memory of days long ago passed.

How in God's name do they get away with it ..

AND THE BAND PLAYS ON .. AND .. ON .. AND ... ON ............

Barry Stern

Americans sent overseas by our government especially soldiers get shots for everything. No doubt some have compromised immune systems and are more susceptible to averse reactions than others. I wonder if the military has ever conducted studies on the relationship between vaccinations and the unusually high rates of PSTD and suicides among returning veterans who have experienced and not experienced combat. Just asking.

Dan Burns

A powerful story. Thanks Anne. Thanks Polly. And Sherrie. I hear you.

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