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Dachel Wake Up: What Happens When People With Autism Grow Old?

US Government Will PAY You to Get a Flu Shot! Earn Thousands Today!

BarnumManaging Editor's Note: So maybe I used a bit of clickbait...  But the headline is technically true! True! True!  We run this article from 2010 each Fall during the Flu Shot push that is everywhere.  CVS?  Earn a 20% savings card!  Stop & Shop? "No Cost Flu Shot!" No cost? Not exactly. Read one woman's horror story below.  Hell of a way to make a payday.  

By Dan Olmsted

On the whole, Lisa Marks Smith would rather have had the flu. Instead, the Cincinnati mom of two college-age sons got a mercury-containing flu shot that nearly killed her, led to paralysis, severe neurological problems, 24 days in the hospital – and a check from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that attests to the truth of her story.

Smith has come to see first-hand how carelessly flu shots are administered, how dangerous the mercury that remains in most of them can be, how little public health officials actually seem to care when the worst happens, why the worst may not be so rare after all – even how similar the side effects can be to symptoms of autism.

She talked to Age of Autism about her ordeal, which began in 2005, in the hope of sparing others.


Dan: I thought I’d start by asking you where things stand now. How’s your health? How are you feeling at the moment about everything?

Lisa: The only lingering thing I have at this point is that if I do not take big doses of magnesium, my legs shake. And I mean muscle spasms, Charlie horses, twitches – think Parkinson’s shaking. I do feel my feet again after four years. I need to go shoe shopping because I only own sandals, and it’s cold this winter in Cincinnati, and if you feel your toes you can’t wear sandals in the snow.

Dan: Well, I guess that’s a good problem to have, considering what happened. Just to go over the basics, you got a monetary award from the vaccine injury compensation award program and it was how much?

Lisa: I am not allowed to tell but in all honesty the award would not have covered my medical bills. To me, it’s the validation – they can’t claim they don’t know what’s happening when they’re paying people.

Dan: And of course one thing we hear so much about, and it’s almost a cliché, is that correlation does not equal causation – in other words, "just because you got a flu shot and then got very sick doesn’t mean it caused it." But in this case, correlation was a very strong indication of causation.

Lisa: In my case, my neurologist said straight up, this is what caused it. So it’s very hard for them to say one doesn’t equal the other. You’re walking around, you’re perfectly healthy, you don’t even get colds. You have a flu shot and within two weeks you’re paralyzed, and paralysis is listed as a possible side effect.

Dan: One thing I’ve experienced, spending time with families on our book tour, is I used to think the symptoms of autism occurring immediately after vaccination were very rare, and occasionally when they did occur pretty quickly, that was an important clue. But, man, there is a lot of this – families describing these very close correlations, I guess you might say, between getting a vaccine, getting ill, and then having the onset of these symptoms. My feeling is, how long can this go on? And you must wonder the same thing in the case of the flu shot.

Lisa: I get these constant calls. The lady two houses up has Guillain Barre syndrome [a paralytic reaction] from a flu shot. My old boss, her mother-in-law got Guillain Barre from a flu shot. A woman I used to work with in California, her mom had Guillain Barre from a flu shot.

Dan: And that’s a pretty small universe.

Lisa: Yes, in our little world here in Cincinnati, to know that many people? And that’s what my neurologist even says. She says, "Lisa, it can’t be that rare," because she has five patients with it – "If it’s one in a million," she says, "I don’t have five million patients." One guy’s still at Drake Hospital, which is the long-term care facility here, one man died, one woman’s still in a wheelchair. One of the times I went into see her she said, "Oh my gosh, because of you I looked so smart the other day. They brought this man in, he was shaking, he looked all over again like your case – paralyzed, shaking, you couldn’t touch him, he would just scream. I ran over and said, 'Oh my God, did he just have a flu shot,' and they said 'Yes, two weeks ago, how would you know that?' And everyone said, 'Wow, she’s so good,' and the neurologist said, 'It scared me to death. He was like looking at you all over again.'

"I said, 'How is he?' And she said, 'He’s dead. It killed him. He was older, you were so healthy. Your heart and your body could take it. His couldn’t.'"

Dan: Just for the record, take me back to 2005. You went to get a flu shot at a drug store?

Lisa: Yes, my dad was having knee replacement surgery and I thought – bad plan – I don’t want to get sick. I told my mom, "I’ll stay overnight when he has it so you don’t have to stay at the hospital." So my mom called and told me they were having them at CVS so I thought I’d go up there after my son’s soccer game.

In one way, I was very lucky, because my brother came in when I was in line to get one. Later on, they [the Department of Health and Human Services] said I couldn’t prove I had a shot, because since I had it at CVS it wasn’t in my medical records.

Dan: Didn’t they at least take your name down at the drug store?

Lisa: They did, and I could prove it. But at one point they said, "You can’t prove you had the shot, you don’t have the receipt." And I said, "Well, I was kind of busy being paralyzed. I really wasn’t concerned where the receipt was."

Dan: That’s one thing I wonder about now, when you can get a shot just about anywhere including the airport and you can get it at the big box retailers. What is happening with VAERS and follow-up and statistics?

Lisa: Nothing. Because my brother happened to be there when I got it, it made it harder for them. But originally they said, you can’t get compensation because you can’t prove you had the shot. So people had better hold onto that receipt, because how many people have a witness?

Dan: You got the shot and then …

Lisa: Right away, I knew I didn’t feel right. By Tuesday, my son had his orchestra concert and I called my parents and said, "I don’t feel right. I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel right." I said to my dad, "Don’t come, because I don’t want to give you something before your surgery."

By Friday night, my friend Jackie and I went out to a craft show and I said to her, "I have a tickle in my throat." By Sunday I was so sick, but couldn’t get into the doctors. By Monday I said to my husband, “I think I’m going to die.” He took me to the emergency room. They said I had pneumonia – another hospital later said I absolutely never did have pneumonia. They put me on an antibiotic. I went home. Within a week, I just simply felt bad all day, I was laying on the couch, I couldn’t get up off the couch. And I couldn’t move to go get a phone to call for help. I just had to wait for my son to come home from babysitting to call somebody because I couldn’t move.

Dan: So you went to the hospital …

Lisa: The ambulance then took me to a hospital that doesn’t have a great reputation, but that’s where they took me – I was too sick at that point to argue. They told me there was nothing wrong with me, that all my symptoms were psychogenic in nature and I should just go home and see a therapist.

Dan: What kind of wacky idea is that? I mean even …

Lisa: And I’m paralyzed! A friend of mine who works there came in and said, "Look, I’ve known Lisa 20 years, she’s not crazy." Another friend of mine, a doctor, came in, he said to the neurologist, "Look, she’s my neighbor, she’s perfectly healthy, there’s nothing mentally wrong with her, she’s sick."

Dan: Did you mention the flu shot? Is that why they thought you were crazy?

Lisa: They asked me immediately when I got there if I’d had the flu shot, but with Guillain Barre there’s a protein in your spinal column – that’s why they do the spinal tap – and I never had that protein. I even said to the guy, "Listen, I can’t fake symptoms in my sleep. I shake in my sleep. It wakes me up. My feet stay 'dropped' [pointing down] in my sleep. If I’m holding my feet in that position for whatever reason, pretending, they should come back up when I go to sleep. And they don’t." I said to them, "It scares me that I know that and you don’t."

Dan: And it sounds so much like Desiree Jennings, where she was treated with the attitude, well, she’s a cheerleader, she’s got no brains, she can’t possibly be exhibiting these symptoms from a little old flu shot.

Lisa: Exactly. That’s exactly what they keep telling me, "You should just go home and see a therapist." I said, "I can’t go home and see a therapist because I can’t move."

Dan: [Laughs] I’m sorry to laugh, but it is sort of sick.

Lisa: It was insane. Luckily my brother used to work with the head of this good neurology group here in Cincinnati, and he called him and said, "Send somebody to meet my sister." And he did. The ambulance came and transferred me [to a better hospital]. But the first hospital kept trying to stop them from transferring me – they were saying, "Your insurance won’t pay the bills if you transfer." The insurance company said, "That’s not true. Go."

Now I’m lying there paralyzed, being lifted on to the stretcher, being put into the ambulance to be taken to a second hospital. Here comes the nurse, she’s carrying a shot. She said, "Oh, because you had pneumonia, we’re going to give you a pneunomia vaccine." And me being a cusser when sick, I said, "Are you f-ing crazy? Are you out of your mind? I’m lying here paralyzed, possibly from the flu shot, and you think you’re going to give me another shot." I said, "If I could move, which I can’t, I would sit up and break your f-ing arm." My friend’s going, "Stop it, they already think you’re crazy. You’re not helping." I said, "Which one of us is crazy? It’s not me!"

Dan: So things started getting better once you got to the new hospital?

Lisa: Yes, I got to Christ Hospital and they knew in two hours. I got checked in and the doctor comes in and I say, "I am not crazy," and the doctor says, "Oh, we already know that." I said, "How can you already know that?" And he says, "One blood test. If they had done one blood test – the protein level in your blood when you got to the [first] hospital was 60, and they never rechecked it, which is standard procedure to recheck it every 8 hours. You are now 900. Yours should be below 100. It shows you are very, very sick."

Dan: So what did they do to get you better?

Lisa: They put me on an MS medicine which relaxed the muscle spasms in my leg which then stopped the muscles from destroying themselves.

Dan: How long was your recovery period?

Lisa: I was in the hospital 24 days. You could have two heart transplants, I think, and not stay 24 days. From that point it was just a matter of letting everything grow back, but I call it Barbie feet – foot drop, where it damaged the peroneal nerves in my legs. Not only couldn’t I feel my feet if you touched them, but my heels wouldn’t touch the ground.

So you wonder:  autistic kids toe-walk, and that’s how I walked. Up until last October I couldn’t put my heels on the ground. Even my physical therapists – two big guys – would try to push my feet into place. They couldn’t. So it’s like, OK, how do you know that kid’s peroneal nerve isn’t damaged?

Dan: Now you’ve determined this shot had mercury, right?

Lisa: Yes it did.

Dan: Tell me what your conclusion is about flu shots.

Lisa: I tell them there are safer ways to get it [than with mercury]. But if you’re healthy like I was, I just don’t see it as worth the risk. I was a very healthy person. That should be the definition of irony – you know, you’re very healthy, you get a shot so you don’t get sick, that shot ruins your health.

Dan: Before this happened, I assume you hadn’t paid a lot of attention to vaccine issues and autism?

Lisa: No, unfortunately not.

Dan: What do you think now?

Lisa: I find it scary how little we know about what it does to your body long-term. I find it frightening that the CDC and all these researchers really don’t want to know. Because one of the things even my neurologist had said at one point was, "They should study you, what makes you different that you would have this reaction." But they don’t seem really interested in finding out why. They want to say it’s not this – it’s kind of like fillings in your teeth, they want to say it’s not bad for you because then their liability would be there.

I think unfortunately pharmaceutical companies rule our country to the point you’re not going to know. I guess I’m just really astounded though, at how little is known, how bad the studies are.

Dan: And are you talking about mercury, vaccines?

Lisa: Mercury and vaccines in general. Like this year’s flu shot, where for older people it’s four times stronger. That’s somebody’s theory that that works. It was never tested. You’re the guinea pig. That’s kind of frightening to me.

Dan: Did any of your symptoms besides the toe-walking match reports of what autism is like?

Lisa: I had neurological damage. I had no short-term memory at all. So literally, if you called me and said your dad just died, tomorrow I probably wouldn’t remember that. The other thing that I had was everything was equally loud. So in the background right now, I hear the radio playing, but that doesn’t overwhelm me. But before, I would never have been able to do that, because I would have heard every little noise equally loud.

We were at Ohio State one day at a thing for my son, and I said to my husband, "I wish the aerospace engineer in the back row would quit clipping his fingernails." He’s like, how do you know that? I said, "Because I can hear it. I can hear the lady getting in her purse to get the keys, I can hear what the kid in the front row is saying." We were at one of Matthew’s orchestra concerts one time with my son Nathan sitting next to me, and he said, "What are you doing," and I said, "I wish the kid down on the floor of the middle school would quit saying, What the f---?" I could hear what every individual on the floor was saying as loud as you sitting next to me.

He says, "You know that’s not normal, Mom." And I said, "Yes, I do, because I didn’t used to hear this way."

Dan: Imagine if that is what you heard when you were three years old.

Lisa: That’s what I said to him – "Nathan, this isn’t normal, and I work really hard to block all that out and not to be places that overwhelm my senses, but what if you didn’t know other people didn’t hear this way? The world would be an extremely overwhelming place with all this stimulus going on constantly."

Dan: You could see how that could have a serious downstream effect on a person. It’s not the behavior that’s being triggered initially, it’s the assault on the senses and the confusion that then leads to various kinds of responses.

Lisa: I made my husband take the surround-sound out of the house. We didn’t go to movies where it was really loud. I couldn’t tolerate it. I can still hear some things really loud that I know probably some other people don’t hear. I have a friend who has guardianship over an autistic man, and when I told her what I was experiencing, she said to him, "Richard, Lisa hears everything equally loud." He responded, 'Yes, doesn’t everybody?"

She said "No, they don’t. And it made such sense to her then. They always thought he spied on them. He would be downstairs in the basement. They would be up in their bedroom talking, and he would know what they talked about. And I said, "Well I could hear that. I could be upstairs in my bedroom and hear what people are saying in the basement – with this, not before."

Dan: You could almost call that a savant quality. It’s something that most people can’t do, but yet, who wants it? Who needs it?  Obviously the mind can do all kinds of interesting and weird things but at what price and for what reason? You have to say that your hearing was in a sense better, and that’s kind of amazing, but it was also very destructive of your well-being.

Lisa: I was thinking more like it was a brain thing. My brain couldn’t filter things out …

Dan: Ah, I see …

Lisa: Where normally you filter the things out you want to hear or not hear. For example, as I was telling you this story, I wasn’t hearing the radio playing in the background. But before, I would not have been able to filter it out.

Another thing I had, kind of like a Tourette’s thing but not that intense. If somebody walked by and I was thinking, Wow, her butt’s fat, that came out of my mouth. So while you and I were sitting here discussing the neurological things, I might just go, "Fat butt." Because whatever I was looking at at the time – like right now, I’m looking at a bowl of M&Ms, I might be telling you this story and just go, "Bowl of M&Ms". You’d go, What? And I’d say, "That’s what I was looking at and it just came out."

Dan: I have a friend whose son had celiac disease and Asperger’s. They worked very hard and recovered him from Asperger’s – but then he got Tourette’s. You get the sense that all of this is brain injury manifesting in one way or the other at one time or the other in ways that can’t necessarily be predicted and can’t necessarily be stopped. It’s just horrible.

Lisa: I had mercury in my brain. I had chelation therapy. I had a high mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum level. My body for some reason doesn’t process metal well, so then the shot just put me over the edge.

Dan: So you think the mercury in the shot was a big part of it, not just the vaccine itself?

Lisa: Yes. One of the theories the doctor at Christ speculated was the possibility that mercury is heavier, it could settle at the bottom of the bottle and the nurse didn’t shake it up. So I got a “mercury shot.”

If you’re not allowed to own mercury thermometers because that is so deadly, why are you allowed to inject that into your body? You’re not allowed to play with that in the science lab anymore, but really? It’s in the shots? And most people don’t realize it’s in there. Or they’ll say it’s been removed.

Dan: Or that it’s a trace amount, whatever that means.

Lisa: I don’t care if it’s a trace amount. Would you eat a trace amount of plutonium?

Dan: It just is so astonishing to me that the federal government and the pediatricians said in 1999 that mercury should be phased out of all childhood vaccines, and that just as a general principle reducing mercury exposure as much as possible was a good thing, and then here it comes in these flu shots for infants and pregnant women …

Lisa: All I say to pregnant women is, "When you bought your car seat, didn’t you research it?" And they said, "Of course we did, we bought it after reading Consumer Reports." I tell them they need to read the vaccine insert, too – "not tested for safety and efficacy in pregnant women." If you read that, I doubt you would take it.

I tell people this would be like reading a bad novel or watching a bad Lifetime movie, if it hadn’t happened to me. To have the CDC say I couldn’t prove I had a shot, when I could tell they had my record because they had recorded my vaccine lot number in my file …

Dan: So ultimately, they paid you.

Lisa: Yes, but even then, I’ll never forget I was laying in the hospital, my friend Jackie comes running in and says, "Oh my god, Lisa, they know this happens. I Googled 'flu vaccines reactions,' there’s a whole program that pays you."

They don’t tell people that. And most people don’t know your doctor has no liability.

Dan: It’s amazing when you watch the coverage on TV or the Web from these mainstream outlets, it’s like getting the flu shot is practically a civic duty and protects other people. The idea that any reactions are so rare …

Lisa: I guess whether it’s worth the risk is whether you’re the one that ends up paralyzed. 


 Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.











These drug stores that give these vaccines do not keep records?
Is that correct?

My best friends in high school -- Two sisters and a brother - they lost their 21 year old (son /nephew) three years back.

He was a genius in math like his grandpa. His grandpa was the main math teacher here in the county and tutored most of our doctors and pharmacists through their hard classes while in college.

Their son/nephew - had already graduated early in math and was in his first year of grad school.
His brother found him dead, one Sunday morning. Still sitting on the couch and still holding the remote control. He had some kind un known - heart problem was the guess.

His father - my friend has not gotten over it yet and is still looking for answers.
His sisters tells me that he is not doing wall; that he reads all he can about the heart and diseases of the heart. He spends all of his time doing that, or talking to them about it.

I understand, I would be doing the same.

I told the sisters about how my son's heart swelled up after his first DPT vaccine.
How my daughter had Kawasakis and what that involved.
I have told them that some young college students after a Meningitis vaccine has been found dead.
The same could be said about a flu shot. That they should check and see if there was some kind of clinic set up in the student lounge or if he had come to the college health center to get his vaccine.
Would there be records?
There sure would be no records if he just received a vaccine at a drug store, or Wal Mart. This is insane.

Jeannette Bishop

Regression onto the autism spectrum at age 10 from flu vaccine: @ 15:05


I suggest people drop family doctors all together. as most od them are useless, ignorant crooks anyway. Go to specialists instead, when you are sick (they are not that pushy), and never accept any injection from anybody, because they are designed to kill or cripple people. I am convinced forced vaccinations are part of the NWO plan to exterminate Americans and annihilate the US. Nowhere in the world are vaccines so aggressively pushed on the people by their own regime, nowhere people are so chronically sick and their life is being shortened like in the US.

Angus Files

When it goes wrong how can they put it right? ask them that one before accepting a shot.I would laugh if someone offered me one!



I hope you're feeling ok. Please don't let this creep get away with what he did to you. He lied and he performed a medical procedure on you without your consent, after you expressly told him not to. And no doubt he billed your insurance. I wonder how many other people he's doing this to? Report him to the medical board, your insurance company and sue!

Jeannette Bishop

They may be using GBS as a reason to get Zika vaccine soon:

@Bob Moffitt,
I don't see how that "specialist" is not liable for fraud and medical assault, or something very much along those lines.


"After this short .. terse .. conversation ... he quickly administered what he led us to believe was an "energy shot" .. only to learn he had "proudly" just administered a flu shot.

It is bad enough he administered the flu vaccine after being told we did not want it .. he did it without allowing us the opportunity to ask him if the vaccine included "Thimerosal" .. which I now only can suspect he .. "probably didn't know"."

May I ask - How on earth did this happen? He went against your wishes! Damn it, this makes me furious! I hope you change doctors, Bob!


Hey Dan - if you think Guillain-Barre is more common than people think, just wait until the flu shot gets mandated across the entire U.S. population - it'll make polio look like a hangnail brother...


Hi Dan,
I think it's safe to say you got tricked and you’re now finding out the hard way. It's interesting that you quoted "If it’s one in a million," that get GBS. The CDC spends a lot of time and your own tax payer money on research to try and figure out how to force compliance. Now let’s take a look what it really says on the CDC's own web site and remember they are spinning this in the best way possible this is a direct quote:

"There is a small possibility that influenza vaccine could be associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome, no more than 1 or 2 cases per million people vaccinated."

The link:

So a million sounds like a lot, but let’s do basic math 2 in a million is actually, reducing the fraction, 1 in 500,000. That may still sound very small, but then consider that they are producing 168 million doses in 2016 that means hundreds of vaccine induced GBS cases in the US from the flu vaccine alone each year. So examining the statistics you can realize that you were literally playing Russian roulette.

But even that is a low ball number. Have you ever heard a phrase like "overwhelmingly safe based on the best available evidence", what does that mean? There is a very good doctor Andrew Wakefield you only have to hear him speak to know he is a good man. He did a study not even directly stating but maybe that could be interpreted as linking autism to some vaccines. They unjustly destroyed him and they deliberately did it in a very public way to state to other researchers that if you have data showing negative side effects and publish we will destroy you. Basically they chopped off the head of one guy that stuck his neck out to make an example. So the best available evidence is papers where any negative side effects are suppressed. Is it any wonder years later the CDC is shredding datasets showing a 300% increase in autism in black kids after getting the MMR vaccine. Also the idea that autism is the only adverse side effect is also an illusion they are trying to spin so that people forget about vaccine induce GBS, encephalitis (severe brain reaction), narcolepsy and so on. On the tail end doctors have zero liability for vaccine injuries. They don't want to report vaccine side effects because of fear of being destroyed. Just this week in California a doctor who wrote a vaccine exemption letter for a student on legitimate medical grounds is being prosecuted. The idea of zero liability is meant to unburden doctors of their ethical obligation to not deliberately cause harm.

Sorry to hear about your vaccine induce GBS,

Bob Moffit

As senior citizens .. on a recent visit to a highly recommended "specialist" .. the doctor was absolutely thrilled to inform us that he had just received his shipment of "flu vaccines" .. and .. we were going to be the very first of his patients to receive the shot. I politely as possible .. informed him that we did not share his confidence or enthusiasm in the flu vaccine .. as we had heard of many "adverse reactions" that are reported every year.

He looked "stunned" to hear our concerns ... assuring us the flu vaccine is one of the safest vaccines available .. and ... asked what possible concerns we had? I answered .. for one .. GBS (Guillain Barre syndrome) ... and .. he admitted GBS was a possible adverse reaction. However .. according to him .. it occurred so rarely that he believed . at our advanced ages .. the flu vaccine was "worth the risk".

After this short .. terse .. conversation ... he quickly administered what he led us to believe was an "energy shot" .. only to learn he had "proudly" just administered a flu shot.

It is bad enough he administered the flu vaccine after being told we did not want it .. he did it without allowing us the opportunity to ask him if the vaccine included "Thimerosal" .. which I now only can suspect he .. "probably didn't know".


They are pushing all kinds of shots at us because of the vast amounts of money that it brings them. They are so eager that they threaten us and mandate them and take our children away because we are now painted as irresponsible, dangerous, neglectful parents. Doctors and nurses bully us. Why don't we just make a truce with them and pay them for it but not actually take the poison. It reminds me of the Mafia shakedown--the protection racket. "You pay me and just maybe your nightclub will not burn down." So you pay them. The Mafioso doesn't really want to burn your business down, he he just wants the money. It is so much cleaner that way. Oh, but I forgot. For them to profit from treating the resulting long-term illness remains a much better profit center than just administering the poison. I still think I would attempt to pay them the revenue they would make for long-term illness than actually getting dreadfully ill. Bastards!!


Now that I think of it, I believe it was a pneumonia shot, which I had never even heard of up to that time.


My father was paralyzed for the last three years of his life by a flu shot. Heartbreaking. The best and kindest man in the world, just couldn't understand how a life of laughter, love, and service to others would end so miserably.

The flu shot is a bad idea for everyone, ineffective and very dangerous. There are many remedies for severe cases: Sambucol (elderberry), Echinacea, vitamin C, Umcka homeopathic formulas, and many homeopathic combination and individual remedies. I love Randall Neustaedter's the Flu Guide, with a lot of information on caring for the flu naturally and preventing dangerous complications.

If you just go ahead and get the flu, then you get permanent immunity to both components of the current strain, say H2N5. Then next year if it's H2N3, you won't have as bad a case because you already have immunity to H2, and your immune system can concentrate on the N3, emerging with immunity to that too. But you've got to stay in the running and allow yourself to have exposure to what's going around to get this benefit. And getting any illness with a fever will have the effect of greatly reducing your chance of getting cancer in the subsequent five years. A huge benefit.


A few years ago one of my friends got a flu shot at one of those hastily set up vax "clinics" in a public place. The needle was contaminated and she contracted a raging infection. Although her health insurance paid the bills, nobody was ever held accountable. Of course she didn't have the receipt. Her injury wouldn't have qualified for VAERS anyway because, technically, it wasn't caused by the vaccine. This is a possibility no one even considers when they go to get vaccinated at their friendly neighborhood whatever.

Betty Bona

Back in the late 70s I worked in a hospital toxicology lab. In one of our weekly meetings, the doctors proudly presented the case of a an elderly man from a rural area who came in with neurological symptoms similar to Lisa's symptoms - especially the foot drop. He was near death. Right away they figured he might have been poisoned, and they began to wonder if it might be a heavy metal poisoning because the symptoms matched. They knew the theory was a good one, but they wanted confirmation. Why was the wife not affected by whatever poison the man had succumbed to? They went to the rural home and discovered that the man's ladle to drink from the well was painted with lead based paint while his wife's was not. They were proud because they found answers for this patient. They started chelating, and he began to improve right away. Doctors used to listen to patients, observe the actual symptoms, and embrace the mystery. Doctors in the 1970s were not indoctrinated robots. I just had a discussion with a friend about an elderly friend of hers who is sick with foot drop and no one knows why and some wonder if it is in her head. How did we unlearn the connection between foot drop and heavy metal poisoning?

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