When Autism Finds a Friend
An Unfortunate Coincidence: A Mother’s Life Inside the Autism Controversy

Politics, Influence And American Health

Vaccines moneyFrom NVIC's The Vaccine Reaction:

Most of the money that flows through the political system in America originates from special interest groups. Corporations, industry groups, labor unions and single-issue organizations spend billions of dollars each year on campaign contributions and lobbying to gain access to the government policy and law-making process with the ultimate goal of increasing their bottom line. This notion of "buying" influence has resulted in policies that may not be in the best interest of the public. This is particularly true with respect to health and vaccine policy.  Read more here.


Morag MacDonald Lyons

Who are they , where are they ,and what are they?
Meet Generation Q at The Health Foundation
A charity , a voluntary agency, a medicalised financial industry ?
Frequently asked questions . How are they funded?
An endowment around nine million pounds from a private health insurance organisation .
Commenced 1998 with a one-off donation of five hundred and sixty million pounds .
As old wily himself Andrew Carnegie said " The older I get ,I pay less attention to what people say ,I just watch what they do "
One of the topics I looked at was about cash strapped hospital managers allocating bed occupancy.
The picture beside the topic was shopping trolleys in an underground paarking lot !
It's enough to give ordinary families the cold shivers right down to the bare bone itself.
The Frankfurt school early 1920's ideologies .
Great uncle Murdo MacDonald was the assistant chief constable for Hamilton UK then and was having regular kitchen conferences about them and their many subversion techniques .
What positions of authority do their children and grandchildren hold today?
They appear to be all using the same hospital canteens shoogly corridors of power , dingy cloakrooms and car parks?


From Wikileaks -

Clinton campaign email excerpt:
"Ethan, Dan and I spent more time than anyone would have liked dealing with this vaccine silliness today..."

From Clinton Fdn email:
"But particularly for second and third line drugs and for new drugs in the pipeline that are coming forward, our agreements with the big pharmaceutical companies are important. We are also doing agreements with the large pharmaceutical companies for vaccines and for TB and malaria drugs."


Jeannette Bishop

I think this is the intended link:


The flu vaccine article is very informative, too.

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