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NACCHO Typical Drive By Shooting - This Is Public Health Style

Drive Through shots
Thanks to AofA contributor Laura Hayes for sharing a link to a lengthy document about how the Public Health community can set up drive through vaccination clinics in case of an emergency infectious disease situation. Ebola. (No vaccine available.) Zika (No vaccine available.) Flu, Measles, Chicken Pox... (Emergency status is all in the propaganda after all.)  It's called the Drive Through Public Dispensing Planning Guide.

 You can read the document here.

Drive Thru flu shots police

Uh, oh.  Many of us will be considered "problematic," won't we?

Drive through flu shots about us
I tried to find documentation about risk of injury, informed consent, what happens if a person has a seizure while driving away and crashes into an innocent family on their way to Church, you know, something about the real implications of drive through medicine.

Of course, there's at least one person we know who probably thinks this NACCHO document is nifty....  Leave a comment if you get the joke. Although the joke is on the unwitting American public.


Happy Dorito



Whoops! I didn't vet that video or the you tube comments nearly as well as I should have, please don't post if it's not too late, sorry!


As always, thank you so much Ms Stagliano for all you do! Rock on!



Not too many Dorito comments lol

NACCHO is the national organization representing local health departments (LHDs).
Yeah. It's also something made by soaking corn in strong alkali and then baking it. Exactly what they should do with this insane drive-through vaccination idea.


I had to struggle to get the pdf about drive-by shootings just now: I got it easily this morning, but tonight I couldn't click it on, I had to go to my history and had a hard time getting it to open there as well. I don't know if this is related to the problems you're having.


What we read about this was a Rescue Post, so I think it had already been covered up. Sinister.

Dorie Southern

Make that their children. Above

Dorie Southern

So is this a secret plan? Where is the informed consent form? For that matter where is it for parents of young children? Do people really know what they are doing to themselves and there children or is this just cultish behavior.


Health and safety you cant clean the bog/John without a health and safety manual made from half a tree, but as always perfectly safe to inject directly into the bloodstream toxins you cant dump into a trash can.


Jeannette Bishop

Incomprehensibly, for 2015, if I'm doing the math right, the DoD could not/would not account for enough funds to rather effectively provide lifetime care for the million or so young individuals with autism in this country (assuming the dollar's value stays uncharacteristically constant):


I hope another distracting shriek-o-meter-raising plan-demic, this time accompanied by unprecedented force and resulting disability, isn't in the works.

Laura Hayes


Bottom of pg. 23.

Bad Penny

This is more of a question than a comment but is there any talk about the current Coxsackie out break on the east coast? This is hand foot and mouth usually affecting 3-5 year olds but sweeping through high schools and colleges since august In Monmouth County NJ earlier in Florida. This is in the enterovirus family so concerned about my sons Iv therapy coming up. Enterovirus 68 cause some children who had Iv's to develop paralysis. What I have read here has always been of more use than any other information. I would apprecite any thoughts AoA has on the subject.

Keep up the good reporting and meaningful articles. Speaking as someone in the tenches you are saving lives each day! Thank you


Where was the "Route Problematic Individuals" quote from, I couldn't find it in the document linked?


The last two weeks, I have been having trouble getting to the current "Age of Autism" Site.

I type in "age of autism" and I only get older articles.

For a while I could type in "Age of Autism Rescue Post" And current articles would come up. Now that is not working.

The only way I am getting to current article is through hitting the comments. So I see that some of you are having no problems.

Jesus Baby

"After the creation of the Strategic National Stockpile to
enhance the federal response to biological attacks, outbreaks,
and other public health emergency responses, local health
departments were assigned the responsibility of dispensing these
countermeasures to the affected public in their jurisdictions."

What a terrible idea.


We likely won't be reading more about this. From p. 4:

"Plan Distribution
In order to increase the security of drive-thru POD sites after initial
drive-thru POD planning is complete, it is important to limit access
to the electronic version of the SNS plan or Emergency Operation
Plan to active participants and to count and track hard copy
versions of the plan. "

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