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Dallas Morning News Continues to Denigrate Autism Families and Event

Dallas Morning NewsLast week we brought you another post about The Dallas Morning News and their press release "journalism" with this cliche-ridden nonsense about the Autism Education Summit.   And here's more. 

By Anne Dachel

Oct 1, 2016, Dallas Morning News: Reporter kicked out of Dallas autism conference before speech by DA who's a noted vaccine foe

By Marc Ramirez

A reporter for the San Antonio Express-News was kicked out of an autism-related conference at Dallas' Intercontinental Hotel moments before a controversial vaccination opponent was scheduled to speak Saturday morning.

In a video accompanying a story posted to the newspaper's Facebook page, Express-News reporter Rye Druzin detailed the eviction as he was being escorted off the Intercontinental grounds by Dallas County sheriff's deputies — despite the fact that he had paid the event's $89 registration fee.

Druzin had been prepared to cover remarks by Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood at the three-day Autism Education Summit. LaHood's claims that vaccines "can and do cause autism" — despite scientific evidence to the contrary — have garnered national attention.

While Marc Ramirez at the Dallas Morning Sun tried to portray Rye Druzin as a legitimate reporter for the San Antonio Express-News interested in covering a controversial subject presented at the Dallas Autism Education Summit, the truth shows the really sinister side of the mainstream media.

Druzin wasn't really "prepared to cover remarks by Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood...." I’m sure Druzin’s assignment at the Autism Education Summit was to smear everyone daring to speak out about vaccines and the link to autism and say nothing about the charge of scientific fraud at the CDC.

 I'm sure Marc Ramirez was told present Druzin as a cusading reporter wronged by anti-vaccine advocates.

How do I know this?

First of all, none of these people EVER want to genuinely and extensively interview Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree or any of the other people involved in this controversy. Instead, they write ABOUT them. Their premise is always that these people are wrong and dangerous. Vaccines are without question safe and necessary for all.

Notice that the San Antonio Express-News is a Hearst Corporation paper. Here’s the background on the Hearst Corporation.  

About Hearst Corporation
Hearst Corporation is one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information companies. Its major interests include ownership of 15 daily and 34 weekly newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News and Albany Times Union; hundreds of magazines around the world, including Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, ELLE and O, The Oprah Magazine; 29 television stations, which reach a combined 18 percent of U.S. viewers; ownership in leading cable networks, including Lifetime, A&E, HISTORY and ESPN; significant holdings in automotive, electronic and medical/pharmaceutical business information companies; a 50 percent stake in global ratings agency Fitch Group; Internet and marketing services businesses; television production; newspaper features distribution; and real estate.

Does anyone honestly think that a news conglomerate with “significant” medical/pharma holdings would expose massive corruption, injury, and cover-up connected to the childhood vaccine schedule?

Isn't it more likely that they would resort to disingenuous tactics intended to intimidate and vilify all those raising questions?

Here are recent articles from the San Antonio Express News regarding vaccines and autism.  

Aug 31, 2016, LaHood prone to conspiracy theories

Aug 29, 2016, LaHood: I ‘know the truth’ about vaccines and autism"

In these stories the Express-News simply repeated their scripted talking points, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s studies as proof vaccine safety while denouncing “Vaxxed” as a film about Andrew Wakefield and his “now-retracted study.”

The real story here is length mainstreams news sources will go to back the fraudulent claims of our U.S. health officials. The web of corruption involving the media, the government and the corporations that control them is starting to implode and they’ll all go down together.

The public is becoming increasing uneasy about a subject that just isn't going away: Do vaccines pose a health risk to our children?

The get-tough, slam them as "anti-vaccine' and take away their right to exempt children from required vaccines tactics of the pro-vax side would hardly be necessary if vaccines were really, as they claim, safe for everybody. And when there's a film like "Vaxxed" out there, exposing the truth about the horrific fraud and corruption at the highest levels of government oversight, it's just a matter of time.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



CT Teacher,

"Hopefully, his revolutionary ideas will continue to influence the democratic agenda."

Jim Moody predicts that Clinton will legislate federal vaccine mandates within one month of taking office and I don't think he's far off. She isn't going to do anything to save us from becoming enslaved to Pharma. If her past behavior is any indication, she will hand us right over.


All those pro-vax people need to get it into their heads that vaccines have already been declared unsafe by the Supreme Court Bruesewitz decision.


There are parents of vaccine injured children, on this web site, who still need to get that concept through their heads.

I think Mark Twain summed it up bestm when he said .....

“It's easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.”


A reporter for the San Antonio Express-News was kicked out of an autism-related conference at Dallas' Intercontinental Hotel moments before a controversial vaccination opponent was scheduled to speak Saturday morning.


A 'controversial' vaccination opponent?

What exactly qualifies this persons views, as being controversial?


June 30, 2016 Lawsuit for Shingles Vaccine Failure

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 needs a bit of an update to protect vaccines mass marketed to the unsuspecting, pharma. trusting, medically ravenous elderly. If Pharma and the Public Health community had only been satisfied with over-vaccinating children for profit they might have gotten away with it a bit longer.


CT teacher

I made a mess of my last comment because I carelessly sent it without proofreading it. I won't bother to correct the errors because they speak for themselves. I do want to clarify my meaning, however. The article by Willingham that I mentioned was about Trump making a large donation to Generation Rescue. Willingham had terrible things to say about that Organization and Jenny McCarthy. They are anti science, in her view, because of their beliefs about vaccines and autism. I wanted to make clear that I disliked what she had to day, but that I do not support Trump. I am glad he gave a nice donation to GR but I still think that he is dangerous and unbalanced and he will not be able to fix the vaccine problem. I think that Bernie's agenda had a better chance of helping even though he said he was a vaccine supporter because he believed in science. However, he is all for stopping BIg Pharma from controlling the political agenda. By going after them, he would have stumbled on the vaccine problem eventually. Hopefully, his revolutionary ideas will continue to influence the democratic agenda.

CT teacher

Have anyone seen the latest article by Emily Willingham at Forbes? So disgusting!
Gary Ogden,you are correct about JFK trying to save us from the oligarchy that rules U.S. and that Allen Dulles played a major role in destroying him. So here we are more than
Half a century later still controlled by the PTB.

Birgit Calhoun

All those pro-vax people need to get it into their heads that vaccines have already been declared unsafe by the Supreme Court Bruesewitz decision. I wonder if any of reporters of the mainstream media are aware of that.


Yes, Druzin is a charlatan and a hack no doubt, however, doesn't kicking him out just had fuel to the fire for the vax to the maxxers? Can vaccine skeptics and safety advocates decry censorship if we engage in the same tactics. Isn't "no press bad press"? Perhaps I am unaware of some of the details of the situation?


Ironically, perhaps, Heather Hearst held a $1,000 per plate, celebrity Lyme disease event this past weekend at the Hearst Tower in NYC.



Apparently a member of the Hearst family has not been told to continue to cover up the CDC's lies.


Hmmm... I wonder if this increase propaganda heat had anything to do with Texas vaccination rates going down. Unless they (the powers that be) find a way to force vaccinate us what is happening in Texas and happened in California (before SB277) will continue to happen and accelerate-- that is, parents will choose not to vaccinate. At one time everyone believed what they wanted us to believe, that is, that vaccines are harmless, so why not vaccinate. They reasoned for us that chicken pox, etc. aren't life threatening diseases but they are inconvenient and why should we put kids through them if the modern way is to avoid them. That is exactly what this mother told me about six years ago. We don't have to experience those diseases anymore so why should we? Then there was the social responsibility argument that was used in California by Senator Ben Allen: His friend's kid had cancer and couldn't be vaccinated why shouldn't all parents rally to help out this unfortunate kid. The only problem, Ben Allen, is that you put all these vaccinations on the required list that have nothing to do with herd immunity, or that simply don't work. The DTap doesn't work. It doesn't prevent pertussis but spreads the disease. Hep B is blood borne, and so on. So California is loading their kids with neurotoxic aluminum in order to go to school for vaccines that convey no herd immunity or don't work. Chicken pox sheds and spreads disease. Basically, the vaccines are not a convenience because they are unavoidably unsafe, and they are not socially responsible because with the possible exception of the measles they don't protect the herd--and even with measles there are kids that are low responders. It doesn't take a genius to pull back the curtain and see the ugly reality of Big Pharma's desire to use children as commodities. So rational and intelligent people are saying no. The new ploy is that these parents are not rational and intelligent....Hmmmm.


This is far more relevant than it might first appear: In 1898, in the Havana, Cuba harbor, the U.S.S. Maine exploded and sank with the loss of most of her crew. The explosion was *blamed* on a Spanish "torpedo", or mine. This one event led to the so-called "Spanish-American War", wherein America basically stole Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, from Spain. And what caused the outcry? Mass publicity of the event, in national newspapers, funded by a RICH GUY. Who? William Randolph Hearst, and the Hearst newspapers.... Yup. Hearst has been a PROPAGANDA RAG for well over 100 years now. Any autism coverage in the Dallas Morning News will be at least partly PROPAGANDA....

Jonathan Rose

I'm sorry, I think it was a mistake to exclude this reporter from the conference. After all, we're not the ones who have something to hide. Of course his report would have been grotesquely biased, but that would have been obvious to any fair-minded reader. Public distrust of the media is now so great that readers tend to believe the opposite of what they read in the papers, especially when the press drops all pretense of objectivity. Naturally I prefer good publicity, but even bad publicity can work in our favor, because whatever this reporter chose to say, he would have broadcast LaHood's views, and that can only benefit us.

Gary Ogden

Anne: Thank you for keeping us up to date on our "shots" of propaganda. Bob Moffit, as usual, you've hit the nail squarely on the head. We are indeed becoming a fascist state. I really, really tried to like Obama for a long time, but when he signed the Dark Act, the scales fell from eyes. All presidents since JFK have been tools of the oligarchy. Allen Dulles made certain of that.


Ah yes .. "the truth is the greatest enemy of the State" .. and .. therein lies our greatest HOPE

And you can not shield the public from vaccine injuries when you are getting ready to shot ''em up from cradle to grave, and increase the numbers of vaccines when there is already bad trouble with the DPT - and now the MMR .

Put just those two combo vaccines together and you get: the dribble of perpetual truth is making many rage.

Many. and you are not shielding the public.

Yet! I am shocked when I think of all the years gone by and it continues. An old news show way back in the 70s said of the DPT shot that it was causing severe brain injuries but was effecting the rest , a 100 percent wit softer brain injuries.

Looks like that would have scared the public back then?

Bob Moffit

Joseph Goebel .. chief propagandist for Hitler's Nazi regime .. quote:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Ah yes .. "the truth is the greatest enemy of the State" .. and .. therein lies our greatest HOPE.

As Martin Luther King noted: THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

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