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Kinsey French: From the "Maybe The World Isn't Going to Hell in a Handbasket" Files

Dachel Wake Up: It's Raining Autism Accommodations

Dachel Morning Wake UoThe autism puzzle piece is right out there along side the handicapped accessible sign.

Worldwide we are learning to live with autism. We are adjusting, mostly because we have no choice. Huge numbers of our children and young adults are "on the spectrum" for reasons we don't understand. The response of nations everywhere is do nothing about it.

Sept 30, 2016, 9News.com.au (Australia): Taronga Zoo to open doors an hour early for guests with autism

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo will attempt to cater for the needs of customers with autism spectrum disorder by opening its doors an hour early tomorrow. Puzzle umbrella

HandicappedThe world-famous zoo, celebrated for its collection of native animals as well as foreign fauna, is set to launch its first Access Taronga day this weekend, the Sydney Morning Herald reports….

At least 44 families have registered to attend, and more days are expected to be scheduled, according to demand.

The openings, which remove the stress of crowds and queues, will include early access to animal meet and greets and the Sky Safari Cable Car.

Special training for 120 zoo staff members has been provided for the Access days so the staff can be available on site to provide assistance to guests.

Autism is a developmental condition which affects approximately one in 100 Australian children and can lead to hypersensitivity to crowds and noise

Sept 30, 2016, (Portland, ME) MainelyMediaLLC.com: Sensory friendly ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to be held Oct. 22

Lyric Music Theater will present a sensory friendly matinee of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at 2 Saturday, Oct. 22, inspired by The Theater Development Fund’s Autism Theater Initiative, which offers special Broadway performances in a welcoming environment for family and friends with children or adults on the autism spectrum or who have other sensory needs.

Audiences will experience a full performance. Environmental conditions will be adjusted to create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons including soft lighting in the theater during the performance, an awareness of the effects of loud noises and jarring lighting effects on those with environmental sensitivities, and activity areas in the lobby for those who need to leave their seats during the performance.

Sept 29, 2016, NBC2 Tulsa: Tulsa State Fair to be an ‘Autism Friendly Location' during duration of event http://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/tulsa-state-fair-to-be-an-autism-friendly-location-during-duration-of-event

The Tulsa State Fair says it will offer methods of identification to help those with autism feel more welcome at the fair.

The Autism Friendly Locations website offers shirts, wristbands or even hats wit the logo “We’re A OK,” but it is not clear whether or not the fair will offer these items or have its business patrons wear them.

"By bringing attention to autism and the needs of individuals and families, these individuals can put some of their worries aside, and feel confident that they are a welcomed patron, who is valued and accepted," says the fair's website….

Sept 29, 2016, Aberdeen (SD) News: Autism-friendly pumpkin patch for families with children on the autism spectrum, Centennial Village, Brown County Fairgrounds. http://www.aberdeennews.com/entertainment/out-about-calendar/article_43b8a9e4-e08e-5d0b-a8ac-29a45fee9c5f.html

(That was all there was on the community calendar. It seems we all now know what an “autism-friendly pumpkin patch” is all about.)

Sept 28, 2016, NJ.com: Sensory-friendly 'Artrageous' on stage in Rahway on Sunday http://www.nj.com/suburbannews/index.ssf/2016/09/sensory-friendly_artrageous_on.html

 The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders is proud to bring a sensory-friendly performance of the exciting, interactive, and spectacular "Artrageous" to the stage at the Union County Performing Arts Center this Sunday, October 2 at 3:00 p.m….

"The series of sensory-friendly music, theater, and dance performances offer a relaxed and safe environment for audiences and are specially adapted to help reduce disturbances and increase access for children and adults of all abilities," said Freeholder Chairman Bruce H. Bergen. …

For each of the performances in Union County's Sensory Friendly Theatre series the theatre environment at the Union County Performing Arts Center is adjusted to provide a sensory-friendly, comfortable and judgment-free space that is welcoming for all families.

Autism Friendly Spaces implements the supportive atmosphere at each of the sensory-friendly performances.

Sept 28, 2016, (UK) Bridgeport News:  Cinema's special screenings for those with autism


PARENTS of children with autism can take advantage of autism friendly screenings at Odeon Dorchester on selected Sunday mornings throughout the year.

Subtle changes are made to the environment of the cinema to create a more positive experience for those with sensory difficulties such as a low level of lighting, lower sound levels, no advertising or trailers, and allowance for increased noise levels and movement.

Alan Escott, general manager at the Odeon Dorchester, said: “We understand how stressful visiting the cinema can be for parents of children with attention and sensory issues, being able to provide these screenings each month is absolutely invaluable.

Sept 27, 2016, Florida State University: FSU researchers win grant to better serve library patrons on the autism spectrum

Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information is spearheading Project A+ — research that aims to create strategies for academic librarians to serve patrons on the autism spectrum (ASD).

The Institute of Museum and Library Services — the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums — has awarded $400,000 to researchers from FSU’s School of Information and School of Communication Science and Disorders to study a range of academic libraries to determine what makes an “autism friendly” space.

“Libraries are a safe place to university students,” said Nancy Everhart, professor in the School of Information and principal investigator of the project. “Those with ASD use libraries as a place to study and explore interests, as an escape and as a space away from sensory distractions.”

Coaching for librarians and staff and implementation protocols for libraries will be developed to achieve the goal of creating an autism friendly space. Their impact will be tested on students with ASD.

My Monday Wake Up was about stories of abuse involving autistic children in our schools. (See Oct 3 Wake Up). Today, I’ve got nothing but happy stories about making places “autism/sensory friendly.”

There is a terrible disconnect here. While libraries, movies, zoos and state fairs are doing more to serve the needs of those on the autism spectrum, there are reports in the news of a 5-year old autistic boy in Tennessee coming home with “bruises and a bit mark,” “martial arts techniques” used on kids with ASD, a Georgia boy assaulted by his teacher, a child in Massachusetts with a head injury, and more. Maybe the first places we should make “autism friendly” are our local schools.


Kendra Pettengill

There are a lot of old school tenured teachers that are asking "what the hell is going on". The problem is no one is listening and no one really cares, outside of our community.
If teachers make too much of a fuss they are thrown into the social media loony bin with the anti-vaxxers, the crunchy granola Moms, and the medical professionals that have dared to speak out.

When it comes to this topic, there is equal opportunity maltreatment and discrimination, enough to go around for all.

It is time for everyone of us to take the offensive. File law suits, file complaints with your state medical board on your physician that did not give you the information necessary for full informed consent, blew off your concerns when your child reacted, who told you all reactions were normal and expected, and then denied the connection when they were diagnosed with permanent damage and disability. File, file, file. Fire all pediatricians, and homeschool if possible. We have never had as much power as we do now, the question is will we use it?

Cherry Misra

To Robin Miles MacLean, My two kids, born about 50 years back slept beautifully from the time they began solid food. However, whenever they fell ill, they would naturally, wake up during the night .e After they recovered the sleep disturbance pattern would continue for some time. So, I feel that what Sleep regression means is something like this : I made your kid sick with vaccines and now she cant sleep through the night,. Once again, How can pediatricians be so blind. I'll bet you wont find too many of them willing to watch Vaxxed.

Robin Miles-McLean

Everywhere I look these days someone is trying to normalize all the negative impacts of vaccine injuries. There are peanut free days at baseball parks for kids with vaccine induced food allergies https://blog.foodallergy.org/2016/05/27/allergy-friendly-baseball-games-2016/

The Teal Pumpkin Halloween Project for kids who can't have candy when trick or treating (My cousin's child is so impacted he can't actually eat anything!) https://blog.foodallergy.org/category/teal-pumpkin-project-2/

When my youngest developed horrible gastric issues after his 9 month vaccines, lost weight and stopped growing, we were told that was "toddler's diarrhea" (had never heard of that before, but now used regularly as a diagnosis apparently as I have seen articles about it) https://www.rileychildrens.org/health-info/toddlers-diarrhea

My daughter's friends are beginning to have kids and she says doctors are now telling moms that "Sleep Regression" after vaccines is a normal thing..... What is "Sleep Regression"? It's when you kid quits sleeping thru the night after vaccination....

I just don't know how doctors (and teachers and speech therapist, and OTs) can watch these diagnosis explode and pile up in their practices and not stop and ask - what the heck is going on?!?

Laura Hayes


I hope that one day you will be publicly recognized for the light you have continued to shine so brilliantly on the immoral and shameful autism cover-up; the complete and utter lack of ethics, professionalism, honesty, and decency by mainstream media; the incredible absurdity and sheer evilness of the vaccine profiteers' denial that we are in the midst of a devastating and ever-increasing epidemic of catastrophic proportions; the dire plight of those with autism and their families as medical professionals, school personnel, government regulators, public health officials, and elected officials refuse to acknowledge and meaningfully help those impacted; and the daily refusal by so many to acknowledge and admit that vaccinations are maiming and killing our children, and destroying our citizenry and country.

We are living in insane and inhumane times, and your dedication to covering the cover-up is deeply appreciated. Keep exposing the truth, Anne, for it can't and won't be kept down...it always bubbles to the surface. And for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you are waking people up, saving lives, and making an impact of enormous proportions. Thank you!

Bob Moffit

Anne asks: "Maybe the first places we should make “autism friendly” are our local schools."

I would agree .. and .. I would add ... high on the list of the very "first places" we should make "autism friendly" .. is our pediatrician's office.

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