CDC "Nose" That Live Attenuate Influenza Vaccine Is Dangerous
Gainesville Sun VAXXED Review Fails To Mention Crux of the Movie

Dachel Wake Up: CDC Urges Americans To Get Flu Shot.....

Dachel Morning Wake UoSept 29, 2016, NPR: CDC Urges Americans To Get A Flu Shot As Soon As Possible

Federal health officials are urging all Americans to get their flu shots as soon as possible, and are especially concerned that too few elderly people are getting vaccinated.

"Flu is serious. Flu is unpredictable," Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters during a joint briefing Thursday with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases "Flu often does not get enough respect."

Dr. Frieden doesn't tell us how many MERCURY-FREE FLU VACCINES are available. NPR allows him to do this pharma promotion for the flu vaccine without talking about the heated controversy over the use of deadly, untested mercury in these shots.

Question for Dr. Frieden that NPR would never ask:

Why is mercury still used in any U.S. vaccine? Please get back to me about this critical issue.

My response to Frieden's comment about the flu not getting "enough respect"....


Imagine any medical product or procedure being recommended for "all Americans." I guess it only works when no one has any liability for any side effect.



Here is where the CDC estimates the flu vaccine effectiveness:

According to the link, it says that the flu vaccine effectiveness is 47% (CI 95%: 39%-53%).

In any case, the effectiveness rates leave something to be desired.

The other problem with the flu vaccine is that it does not stimulate the cellular immune response, that is, the response in which the immune system will destroy virus-infected cells, which results in stopping the virus from replicating.

Since the influenza virus in the flu vaccine is dead (unless you are taking FluMist), it should be no surprise that the dead virus cannot invade a host cell... therefore, there is no need for the immune system to respond with a cellular response (as described above).

That means people who get the flu shot get a half-assed response. The advantage of having cellular immunity (from natural infection), is twofold:

1) You gain long-term immunity. When both the humoral (antibody) and cellular immune responses are stimulated for a virus, it results in long term immunity. That is why live virus vaccines, such as MMR or varicella, are thought to last a "lifetime" (which we know is not exactly true).

2) You gain heterosubtypic immunity. That means that your immune system can partially fight off other flu strains of the same serotype (such as influenza type A vs type B, for example), which can be only done by the cellular immune response. If you have an antibody only response, your immunity will only be SPECIFIC for the strain that was in the vaccine. With a cellular response, all infected cells of the same serotype looks the same to the cellular immune system, even if they are of different strain.

Thanks for the recommendations CDC, but no thanks.


I believe flu and pneumonia vaccines mostly kill older people. I knew w few seniors, who died soon after such vaccinations. And this vaccine euthanasia is by design.

@ Hans

David Gorski is positively calling on the troops to deal with the low uptake of flu vaccine for children.

Gary Ogden

Hans Litten: Well spoken! I didn't know you had more idiots in your Parliament than we do in our Congress (535).

Hans Litten

Fairly certain the flu vaccine lie is collapsing around their ears . Rates are falling year after year .
I hear people say "I'm not taking that again" or "I don't believe in the flu jab" all the time .
They have lost that war . And I don't believe any of their figures either , if they say 60% are taking it , the correct figure will be 40% .

The Flu vaccine is finished . The Advertising is sounding ever more desperate .

But if I could get the 650 Member of Parliament here in the UK to take it I would for sure .
In fact my ideal scenario would be that it would become mandatory for them .

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