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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Ollmsted

Anne Dachel does a great job of bringing the latest outrages of the mainstream media to our humble blog -- she reads it so you don't have to, it might be said. But one item this week really caught my attention and bears repeating: Nathan Crabbe at the Gainesville Florida Times watched Vaxxed but never mentions William Thompson, the subject of the documentary!

Instead he says: "For a moment I thought the film might actually be an evenhanded documentary, but that thought was dispelled once Andrew Wakefield appeared on the screen. Wakefield, the film's director, also happens to be the author of a discredited study published in the British medical journal The Lancet in 1998 linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism...."

This is the stuff of madness. No one questions -- or in fact mentions -- what Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC, says about MMR fraud. Instead it's guilt by association. Wakefield. Wakefield. Wakefield.

This is not unusual, based on reading Anne's reports. Many news outlets never mention Thompson, but they cheer the fact the movie has been kicked out of film festivals because "repeated studies have found no connection between vaccines and autism." Yeah, repeated studies like the fraudulent one not mentioned here.

This is lousy, rotten, no good reporting. People who subscribe to the Gainesville paper are paying money to find out what a movie is about.

I'd like to throw an idea in the hopper. When I worked on a daily newspaper, we took our readers very seriously (at AOA we do, too). If a reader had a factual or fairness complaint, he or she could get a serious hearing not just from the reporter but from the editor. 

I would like to see some parents who believe their children were vaccine-damaged  get together after the next outrage by their local paper or TV station and politely request a meeting with the editor. Go as readers with experiences to share, not as a pressure group. If you don't get satisfaction, stand out front of the paper and hand out leaflets asking people with similar experiences to call the same editor. (Bring the pamphlets with you and leave one on the way out if you're dissatisfied.)

I'd ask the Gainesville editor to do a follow-up story describing what the movie is about. They can slam it all they want, but to hide the subject matter is poor reader service. And poor journalism.

Don't cancel your subscription! Start a Reader Revolt. My guess is they'll pay attention.


This week Mark Blaxill passed along an interesting Viewpoint article from the Journal of the American Medical Association, of all places. I couldn't get the abstract, but the note summarizing it said:

What Happens When Underperforming Big Ideas in Research Become Entrenched?
Joyner MJ, Paneth N, Ioannidis JP.
JAMA. 2016 Oct 4;316(13):1355-1356.

In this Viewpoint, John Ioannidis and colleagues review how rarely gene therapy and genomic medicine have led to breakthroughs for patients and call on the NIH to defund preclinical research that fails to deliver on its initial promise.

For several decades now the biomedical research community has pursued a narrative positing that a combination of ever-deeper knowledge of subcellular biology, especially genetics, coupled with information technology will lead to transformative improvements in health care and human health. In this Viewpoint, we provide evidence for the extraordinary dominance of this narrative in biomedical funding and journal publications; discuss several prominent themes embedded in the narrative to show that this approach has largely failed; and propose a wholesale reevaluation of the way forward in biomedical research.


Doesn't the NIH drive you crazy? It must stand for Not Interested in Health or No Imagination Here, or some such thing. The idiotic slow-motion response to the AIDS epidemic has played out again with the idiotic slow-motion Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, which is also gene-centric. Whatever the NIH is up to we can be almost sure it adds up to Nothing Interesting Here.


Back in October of 2014 I wrote about the competing threats of EV-D68 and a new wave of paralysis in children compared to the then extant-threat of Ebola."

"Right now the media is fixated on the first case of Ebola to reach U.S. shores … Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director, says the disease will be stopped in its tracks, and for once I believe him. This is what the CDC does well -- track an outbreak in real time, find contacts, quarantine if necessary, and put an end to it. 

“Enterovirus 68, I'm afraid, may be another story. This prospect is outside the CDC's wheelhouse because it does not follow the straight lines of germ theory - one microbe, one disease. It's another paradigm altogether -- a possible microbe-toxin interaction, the kind we've written about many times. And it comes uncomfortably close to interactions (MMR and thimerosal, another microbe and metal combination) they have already rejected as impossible. 

“I'm afraid they feel much more at home waging war on Ebola.

“Which story is bigger? I vote for the enterovirus.

"If EV-D68 follows the polio trajectory, it will be back in bigger numbers, following a jagged course of dips and spikes that no on can make sense of until, one day, it explodes."

Now it's b-a-a-a-a-c-c-c-k, as we've reported. Even People is on the case: "Polio-like disease is on the rise in the U.S., causing paralysis in children."

As many of you know I've been writing recently -- and Mark and I have been collaborating for a long time -- on the real history of polio and its relation to toxic co-factors. Everything old is new again.


Just because I want to, I'm going to say I think opening Prince's house as a tourist attraction so soon after his death is some kind of record for instant kitsch. Yes, I know the lack of air conditioning means the items could not be kept around, etcetera etcetera. But please. The man died of an overdose of a prescription drug that is part of a class of drugs that has been hawked, like so many other medical intervention, way out of proportion to its usefulness. 

Here's a memorial to Prince -- take drug ads off TV.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


John Stone


You are, of course, right that there are many fine articles on Pubmed amongst the dross. But it remains a method of official patronage. For instance (and it just instance) a certain article by Brian Hooker lost its status, while another article with lead author Destefano which Hooker had attacked retains its official billing.High quality, off message journals, don't get listed. Other journals have pressure put on them to exclude well-researched content.


If someone is looking for a medical journal article, I'd like to recommend using PubMed rather than any search engine. It is fairly easy to use, and except for one really incriminating article from the 1800s that disappeared, doesn't seem to be censored.

Mostly run by librarians, I bet!


Well it seems to have changed back to like it use to be.

I typed in "age of autism" Today on google and it came right up like it should. .

So, was something down, and not working for the last two weeks, or does Google like everything big institution in this country - right now - like playing mind games with us all.



A couple of weeks ago, the shill Sonja Henie said...

Oh god, she is the worst. She's worse than Chris and ScienceMom combined!

John Stone

It was said a year or two back that google were going to build a "reliability" or "truth" component into the algorithm, if they did't ban sites which didn't fit in with vaccine ideology altogether. I can say that they have, for instance, been playing pathetic games with my articles on "google news" for years - they'd be listed with some spiteful caption, or quote a line deliberately intending to mislead. They have as much concern for truth and decency as an old Soviiet news agency, which we used to mock.

Birgit Calhoun

It's a basic truth that Google determines what you can find and what not. This fact is more true today than it was let's say 15 years ago. If you know and like an article, it is probably best to print it. Then you have it for later. Search engines may or may not make a difference, and yes, it's disturbing.

Jeannette Bishop

@Cia, Google isn't seeming so stingy today for me, but I wouldn't put it past some to try restricting information access via google for all, or maybe for a targeted few.

I've also heard that is good, too, for privacy protecting search engine options.


This is really disquieting. A couple of weeks ago, the shill Sonja Henie said that she could not find anything about the following study which I had discussed, and therefore I had invented the whole thing. And I found that in fact I could NOT get anything about it on Google, just a few of my own comments about it. But when I used Duck Duck Go as my search engine (someone here recommended it last year as a more reliable search engine, and it really is much more trustworthy than Google), I got a lot of hits, including the abstract. Google has been programmed to hide the truth about vaccines (and a few other topics which Americans should know about).

Aaby Low mortality after mild measles infection compared in uninfected children in rural West Africa, Vaccine 2002; 21 (1-2) 120-6.

Try it. Put it in Google. Then in Duck Duck Go.

At Duck Duck Go you can get: (complete aaby senegal study)


I was just reading an article on Vitamin A and I came across this:

Many studies used intramuscular or venous injections of various forms of vitamin A (14, 15), which cannot be extrapolated to physiologic conditions because injections bypass gastrointestinal effects.
We know this, but apparently the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia didn't get the memo. They are still trying to somehow equate injections with gastrointestinal absorbtion as if it is physiologically relevant. They fail to mention:
•Only ~.05% of ingested aluminum is absorbed
•Absorbed aluminum is ionic and can be chelated by citrate
•Injected aluminum microparticles and nanoparticles are insoluble and are engufed by macrophages and travel to various organs including the brain []

The kinetics are like night and day.

Birgit Calhoun

Here's about your last comment, Dan.

When Prince died the first thing I said to all that listened was that Prince succumbed to Fentanyl. One nurse said she'd try to remember what I said. That was weeks before they had it in the news.

How did I find out about what I knew? I had a colonoscopy. I was fully awake the whole time during the procedure, but for some reason very comfortable and relaxed. The doctor did his thing and about half a minute into the procedure, he said: "I am done." It really ticked me off and I had no idea why he didn't want to finish the job. Meanwhile a nurse kept telling me to breathe. I said: "I am breathing." The doctor never told me why he quit in the middle of the procedure. But my husband told me, as we were driving home, that my heart-beat had slowed to 20 beats per minute. I could have died right on the table. It took half a minute to almost kill me. I friend later told me that the drug is Fentanyl. He had had a similar experience as I did

Prince must have unknowingly gotten a hold of something that kills very fast without any warning and very insidiously. That's Fentanyl.

By the way I complained to Kaiser a number of times about the fact that I had not been informed about what they were to give me, and after the procedure, what they had given me. This drug is fast, it is a scourge, and caused me a horrible backache that I am still suffering from after two years.



The New York Times makes an excellent birdcage-liner! I try to position the images of politicians directly under my bird's main perching area.

david m burd


You speak very practical, down-to-earth, real-life thoughts about men and women and their basic desires, whether married or not. Thank you,

It's no secret whatsoever that single guys/gals (as in Trump 11 years ago) do indeed carry on between themselves with lots of vulgar slang. Such talk is as "old as the hills." Of course this is not at the family dinner table.

At any rate, the Child Vaccine Catastrophe upon us, dooming the U.S. to disintegrate, is light years more important than silly casual man-to-man palaver about the opposite sex.

If Clinton gets elected, her advocacy of child vaccines on this SINGLE TOPIC dooms 50%+ of American babies to lifelong disabilities and/or death (SIDS & SUID).


To the honorable DOCTOR Wakefield,
You, sir, have hit a nerve with your scholarly discovery of the MMR link to gut damage and autism. The proof of this statement is the inordinate, insane attacks from all parties standing around with egg on their faces, blood on their hands, and loads of ill-gotten money in their pockets. They have given away their position: THE FLAK IS HEAVIEST NEARER THE TARGET. Had there been no truth to your discovery, you would have been simply ignored. You, Dr. Wakefield, may look upon their frantic, fanatical vitriol as vindication of your research. Keep up the good work, Andy. It is a thrill to see a man of your courage, abilities and character.

Grace Green

If you don't include anyone who links the MMR to autism, in what sense would you have "an even-handed documentary"? What sort of an IQ must one have to have to read such nonsensical rubbish? I agree with Kapoore's comment, and would add that we should realize that most people must be aware of the dangers of vaccines by now, and anyone who denies it is just a propagandist.

Carolyn M

A small correction needs to be made in order to avoid confusion. Unless there has been a very recent name change, the Gainesville, Florida newspaper is The Gainesville Sun. The Florida Times-Union is the Jacksonville, Florida newspaper.

go Trump

Does anyone know WHY there is NOT an annual “Congressional Flu shot Day” ???

With the billions of pharma money that flow into their offices each year, it would be the least they could do to show some respect.

All the big wheels from the CDC, NIH, AAP, AMA and other groups could also attend. Perhaps they could pick a nice day and have it outside...

with the use of some cattle gates and chutes as the "herd is inoculated." Just a thought.


I'm amazed that people haven't caught on to the fact that the newspaper industry is completely corrupted and is primarily for the purpose of propaganda. I ban the L.A. Times from all rooms except the man cave where my husband reads the sports section. I will never understand how people hold the New York Times in such high regard even though they lied us into the war in Iraq. I know that somehow, some way we are going to get through this horrible period of time where our media and government are promoting the poisoning of children from the day of birth with vaccines; when vaccines and their ingredients have so much science against them. Does it matter at all that the Supreme Court declared vaccines unsafe? It's all so depressing. But I do believe there is an end somewhere. Once your child has been vaccine injured usually a light goes on in your brain. Vaxxed has been fabulous in waking up so many people, including it seems some politicians. We need to get rid of the 1986 vaccine law, then overnight suddenly doctors, pharmacies, and insurance companies won't be so eager to promote this big pharma product. Then the newspaper will have to reconsider their position... I pray for that day!



Google - pushed it down "Age of Autism" to third - well the last two weeks they have switched and changed it around a lot. Changing the name for the current up to date page I could get it for a while by typing in "Age of Autism rescue"

Now that has changed and I have had to flounder around to find it.

I did not get it this time, I was just following other's comments to get me to "The Weekly Wrap"

On the local news there were serous - I mean serious reporting of sightings of clowns. Well, I think they are serious. They go out to some spot on the road with a road sign in the back and with a straight face and urgent face they tell us that there was a clown sighting here and it was reported by several passing motorists.

Perhaps it is some one in the TV media trying to show the American people that we have the wrong attitude about the news. We think if they report it - it has to be a great concern and if they don't report it - then it is not important.

Either that or a short little thing I liked and shared - said that the DTaP according to the FDA does cause autism and the zombies are coming or rather being made.

Or another little short thing that says I was preparing for the invasion of the zombies and instead find we are being invaded by clowns

And I think we are. The world is turned up side down stupid.
Trump had some locker room talk - and I am not apologizing for me thinking - it is not all that bad. He went after a married woman and she did not respond - and then there was a bit of potty mouth. Am I surprised that he could have at times a potty mouth? Oh come on - he has the speech of a blue collar worker and I have taught high school.

But the way the news is carrying on - it must be horrible?

Meanwhile DeNiro who has a child with autism is slamming Trump too, and DeNiro backed the cancelling of the film (which I thought was a ploy) but maybe DeNiro is just that insane. Besides he has other children besides Elliot - many by petri dish and surrogate route, and he needs to bring in the money to support them as well.

So what would it take to upset me, if Trump talking about chasing after beautiful women, using the F word, and such do not?

The answer is "The sky is blue, vaccines are safe"
or Bill Clinton telling us all that ' The price of health insurance is crazy - when he and his wife was up to their eyeballs in the involvement of the making of government involved health insurance on the backs of the middle class.

But hey- let us not throw the baby out with the bath water - they are going to fix - it.

Well they can start - which they won't or they would have done so in the first place of making hospitals have fixed rates for each procedure - and it should be printed up on big bill board in the lobby of each hospital; that or a pamphlet will do.

Trump says that Bill Clinton has said far worse about women during golfing outings they had been on together.

I don't know how Trump will be for American; at this point I am willing to find out. At least it will be something new because I know how we all have faired years after Clinton ruled, and continued to rule through Hillary. If you think Hillary is her own woman - then how come after the five years (and it takes exactly five years psychologically to untangle your emotions from some one after they cheated on you) You all can check that little fact out and then leave. Well; she is a really sick puppy when it comes to cheating Bill Clinton - she is not sane right there cause she is still married to him? Geesh it has been more than five years cause she knew from the beginning that he was requiring his state trooper body guards to sneak whores into the governor's home years before the White House.

We prepared for the zombies and we got clowns. Yes we did.

Gary Ogden

Dan: You've hit four nails squarely on the head. Great idea about confronting the quislings who call themselves editors. Ioannidids is first rate, and a straight shooter; they usually pay him little heed. As for EV-D68, I suspect they'll announce soon they're working on a vaccine, and Obama will order a big batch from China before he leaves office.

david m burd

Dan, The People Magazine piece you embedded reminded me why I've long ignored such garbage. However, since you thought it relevant I read it.

Of course, the most likely reason for these 'polio-like' afflictions are the massive toxicities of the Child Immunization Schedule, and, don't forget in the Fall of 2009 children (and adults) were fear-mongered to get TWO .5ml flu-shot doses of the newly hatched H1N1 vaccine, each dose having 25 micrograms of Hg (ethylmercury), and now that kids are going back to school, they've also been shot up with more mandatory toxic vaccines, particularly another flu shot. Also, since there's no way to ever know the degree of toxic contaminants that are inevitable in vaccine batches and may cause degrees of paralysis, such contaminants that will forever fluctuate.

Last, but hardly least, have our CDC Pink Panther sleuths investigated if the horrific HPV vaccine may be implicated --- Nah, they'll never do that.

Aimee Doyle

There's a lot of commentary here about government suppression of vaccine information. I don't disagree. We need to fight that.

But I think we should also recognize that the pharmaceutical industry has a powerful influence on what gets published in the media (print, on-line, on television, in movies, etc.); what legislation gets passed at the state and the federal level; , and what happens to regulation and funding in government agencies where there's often a revolving door between government and pharma careers. I wouldn't be surprised if pharma has ways to influence Google and Amazon as well.

Attacking the government alone will not work; we need to recognize and fight both heads of the dragon.


It fascinates me how blatant and dishonest the government's can be sometimes I still rub my eyes in dis-belief especially when Ann Dachel spells it all out in no un-certain terms.

But possibly we should get our acts together, and focus on the real journalistic story's and problem's of the day and start a crowdfunding raiser for Kim Kardashian..don`t cha`think?



Forgot to include

Bad Penny

This is more of a question than a comment but is there any talk about the current Coxsackie out break on the east coast? This is hand foot and mouth usually affecting 3-5 year olds but sweeping through high schools and colleges since august In Monmouth County NJ earlier in Florida. This is in the enterovirus family so concerned about my sons Iv therapy coming up. Enterovirus 68 cause some children who had Iv's to develop paralysis. What I have read here has always been of more use than any other information. I would apprecite any thoughts AoA has on the subject.

Keep up the good reporting and meaningful articles. Speaking as someone in the tenches you are saving lives each day! Thank you


AoA is pushed down to third on Google where it previously was first hit if one types "Age of Autism" in the search field. Didn't the former head of IACC move over to head Google Life Sciences?

What will be the impact of the changeover in control of internet domains that occurred this week? Positive or negative for the free flow of information?

For a period of weeks, Vaxxed was number 1 documentary on hat in itself is news story ignored by msm. It has been pushed to number 2 doc by a DVD that has about 60 reviews versus 2000 plus for Vaxxed.

The US Government has a clear agenda to further usurp the legal, ethical, moral, human right to informed medical consent. It is a given that CDC will get coercive police state powers, NACCO (as detailed at AoA) suppressed public discussion of their mission objectives, and SB277 is the model for all of America.

For you newbies- here is the first inkling of the US Government calculated move to suppress discussion of vaccine injury, and informed consent:

"We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines,”

The US Government suppresses information on vaccine injury- no offense to out intrepid and well loved editor- but- isn't that a "dog bites man" story?

Bob Moffit

Nathan Crabbe .. Gainsville Florida Times:

"For a moment I thought the film might actually be an evenhanded documentary, but that thought was dispelled once Andrew Wakefield appeared on the screen. Wakefield, the film's director, also happens to be the author of a discredited study published in the British medical journal The Lancet in 1998 linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism...."

I think Mr. Crabbe was exceedingly honest in his "reporting" .. after all .. "once Andrew Wakefield appeared on the screen" .. he knew instinctively what he would be writing about the film .. which is exactly has he has been trained to do .. continue the successful media demonization of Dr. Wakefield .. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. NOTHING.

If Mr Crabbe were being completely honest ... he would have written .. "There was no way in hell I would have even seen this film .. if I had the slightest inkling that this film MAY contain serious allegations of potentially CRIMINAL conduct by high levels of the CDC .. NO WAY IN HELL. Therefore .. "once Andrew Wakefield appeared on the screen" .. I knew EXACTLY who I would portray as the CRIMINAL .. all the evidence to the contrary notwithstanding."

Ain't freedom of the press a wonderful weapon of "malice" to have at your disposal?

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