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Weston A Price Foundation's Wise Traditions Conference

Weston A PriceHi AoA Readers,

I wanted to make sure you all knew about WAPF's Wise Traditions Conference coming up in November.  It will be in Montgomery, Alabama, 11/11 - 11/14. 

There will be an all-day Vaccination Track on Sunday, 11/13.  Tetyana Obukhanych, Alan Phillips, Del Bigtree, and I will be speaking at this track.  

The movie Vaxxed will also be shown on Friday evening.  

Dr. Stephanie Seneff will also be there, speaking about microcephaly in Brazil, and possible causes, including vaccines given to pregnant women just before the rise in cases.

Check out the incredible line-up of speakers and read about their fascinating presentations:  

  (link to speakers)

  (link to presentations)

Hope to see some of you there, and please spread the word and the links!

Thank you,

Laura Hayes


Gary Ogden

Narad: Captain Hook provided links to an overview of what went on last year, and continuing into this, regarding fermented cod liver oil and WAPF. I left WAPF over this issue, but it is not a cult, and it is not a pyramid scheme; the membership is as diverse as this community or any community anywhere. I left because of the leadership, but will miss the exceptional community of people I met and reconnected with each year at the conferences. I will miss the exceptional speakers, such as Stephanie Seneff, Allan Savory, and many others. This year Laura Hayes! But WAPF is not the leadership; its basis is the work of one of the most important nutrition researchers of the past century, who witnessed the transition from traditional diets, with good dental health, to our modern junk diet (sugar, flour, and vegetable oils), with its resultant narrow dental arch, crowded teeth, and overall poor health.
Vitamins A, D, and K2 are essential for human health. They work synergistically in the body. Vitamin A can be toxic with low levels of vitamin D, and likewise, Vitamin D can be toxic with low levels of vitamin A. K2 is essential to prevent arterial calcification and to build strong bones. WAPF’s own testing shows that FCLO contains high levels of vitamin A and low levels of vitamin D. It’s a mystery why they continue to promote it.


@Captain Hook

Thanks for alerting the readership here about the fermented cod (pollack) liver oil. The WAPF is a CLO pyramid-scheming cult that is being astroturfed by the dairy industry.

They should go to hell.

I will direct the readership to a short article on how vitamin A (as retinol) antagonizes vitamin D:

Yes, excess oil-soluble vitamins (hormones) can be toxic.

Laura Hayes

Check out the info below from WAPF. Maybe you could be the winner of a free registration! Or take advantage of the $50 off registration using the code below :)

1. We are hosting a drawing for a free registration. Go to homepage and enter the drawing (button on upper right). We will pick a winner next Wednesday.
2. We are also offering a code for $50 off registration (code is WAPF).
3. Here are some memes if you have a website:
4 Consider sharing the "You know you are a Wise Traditions foodie when…" series memes on your Facebook pages and/or groups. It will just take you a quick second to click "share" and post them on your Facebook pages. Here is the latest one:

More from the series: More will be added daily to the album as they publish in the next couple of weeks!

Captian Hook

Are you familiar with the recent WAPF scandal? It's very analogous to the whole Vaxxed story.

Dr. Kaayla Daniel (think Andrew Wakefield) was fired from WAPF (former WAPF VP) due to her independent testing/analysis of the WAPF recommended fermented cod liver oil (FCLO). She found out it was a fraudulent and harmful product, so the President of WAPF fired her for making the foundation look bad. One blogger, Ann Marie Michaels (think Del Bigtree) has been on a crusade to uncover the truth about WAPF and FCLO.

Here are the relevant links:

Michael S

Healthy food and a healthy disdain for vaccines - should make for a perfect weekend in my opinion.
Wish I was going.

Gary Ogden

Laura: You'll meet so many wonderful new people, hopefully make new lasting connections, and eat exceptionally good food. Plus it's in the South, my favorite region; everyone's friendly, helpful, unhurried, hospitable, just totally cool!

Laura Hayes

Thank you for your comment, Gary :)

This will be my first WAPF Wise Traditions Conference, and I am so excited to attend!

Gary Ogden

Laura, I've left the Foundation, so I won't be attending this year, but I'm so glad you're speaking! I would advise all AoA readers that these conferences (I've attended five) are first rate and well worth attending.

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