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Waging War on the Autistic Child by Andrew Wakefield

Waging War UpdatedWe're happy to share the new paperback release of Waging War on the Autistic Child by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and published by Skyhorse Publishing.  We know our children face sanctioned discrimination and segregation in school, public places and elsewhere.  Did you know that parents are often sent to Child Services for providing a basic level of competent care for their own offspring?  Read about "The Arizona 5" and how one family was destroyed.  Dr. Wakefield continues to be a champion for autism families.

We invite you to buy this book - and please leave a review on Amazon. That's so important to an author and an easy way

From Amazon:

As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders grows each year, new discoveries and controversies arise. Andrew Wakefield explores many of these in his thorough investigation of the recent trial case of the “Arizona 5,” which destroyed an Arizona family. Two parents, with five children on the spectrum, were accused of Munchausen syndrome by proxy—a rare form of child abuse—and were ganged up on by physicians, child protective services, and the courts, who alleged that the parents fabricated medical symptoms in all five children. However, Wakefield now presents ample evidence that was disregarded and that would have proven the parents’ innocence.

Families affected by autism suffer great hardship and prejudice, particularly as they navigate the uncertain waters of diagnosis, treatment, and education. The shocking story of the Arizona 5 family delves into the tremendous challenges some parents have to face, especially if their views on how to treat the syndrome don’t align with the medical world’s standards. Wakefield also includes numerous studies and research trials that support the controversial yet significant roles that vaccines and diet play in autism, factors many medical professionals wrongfully dismiss.



Is there a way to contact Mr.Wakefield? I want to ask him about his family tree to find out whether or not we are related.

Morag MacDonald Lyons

Public Safety ,Health and Safety ,first and foremost.
Aye Angus,you are right enough, It's a work moving forward .
Action for a safe and accountable peoples NHS Scotland promoting Health and Safety for users and staff alike.
also Patients First
Machiavellianism in the workplace any staff raising safety concerns are being treated as workplace devients or the such like, any nomenclature from the menu getting used. professional qualifications are starting to pile up on the highways and byways like road kill with the professional's looking like wee bunnys caught in headlights .

angus files

Looks like an interesting read.
This is very much the norm in the UK and I have stopped as have many others, posting the amount of parents who are being jailed for alleged child deaths.Which look like SIDS without even seeing any of the evidence. Such as the parents stick together, the family stick together and have nothing bad to say about the accused apart from he or she is innocent.
Lisa Blackmore Brown sacrificed her career and more similar to Dr Wakefield for the sake of the children and some of her life can be seen here.


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