Waging War on the Autistic Child by Andrew Wakefield
The Age of Polio: The Second Baseman’s Son

VAXXED The Movie Pulled from Aussie Film Festival

Banned AussieNote: Vaxxed was told to take a walkabout.....  From the Bendigo Advertiser:

A controversial anti-vaccination documentary has been withdrawn from the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival.

The festival committee says it faced a firestorm of abuse after announcing Vaxxed would be included in the October event, and last night issued a statement because some members felt “personally and professionally threatened’’.

“This is unacceptable,’’ the statement read. “It is with the utmost regret therefore that CLIFF is compelled, for clear reasons of personal and public safety, to withdraw the screening from the CLIFF 2016 programme,” the statement said.

Vaxxed explores allegations of a cover-up by the US Centre for Disease Control and a link between the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine and autism.

The decision to include the film in the festival drew widespread criticism, including calls from Australia’s peak health association for it to be pulled from the program.

Public Health Association of Australia chief executive Michael Moore said the decision showed a lack of understanding of the impact the film could have on parents.  Read more here.


Jeannette Bishop



Burn books, censor films.... validate their content.
People who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it.


Vaccine injury wiki edited yesterday too.


Strange things being edited on Wikipedia lately.
Like Cedillo vs HHS.


100% correct, Joe. Seeing the DVD alone will transmit the information, but seeing it in a crowd also empowers.

John Stone

This is a PR technique when those running away from being challenged announce that they are the one's doing the challenging, instead of just being thoroughly devious. It is, of course, pathetic to hear as well.


Be careful about just recommending the DVD online. It is precisely the gathering of like-minded people together PUBLICLY in a cinema, with discussion afterwards, tbat has really been beneficial - people need to think and learn TOGETHER!


“I have no hesitation looking the anti-vaccination movement in the face and condemning what they do as being unsafe, unhelpful and scientifically wrong,” she said.

"We've got to keep challenging the anti-science myth pedalling that goes on around vaccination


" Challenging the anti-science myth pedaling ", is exactly what this movie is doing.

And it's no surprise to me that vaccine peddlers like Health Minister Jill Hennessy, are so desperate to suppress anything that exposes her and her colleagues for the criminal that they are.

Jeannette Bishop

The first six-seven minutes discussion here is pertinent, especially around 4min 11s:

https://www.periscope.tv/teamvaxxed/1nAKEDdlmvkxL? (short term link)

Jeannette Bishop


"Creative director David Thrussell said organisers felt 'personally and professionally threatened' and in fear of theirs and the public's safety.

"'It is a sad reflection on the state of Australian democracy that legitimate questions cannot be raised in a public forum without inciting a campaign of ill-informed and dishonest intimidation,' he said.

"'What can't be contained however is people's desire to see the film, and given this controversy, that will eventually happen in much greater numbers.'

"He alleged the festival's website and its social media accounts, as well as those of the organisers, were hacked. "


Just make the movie available online. There are going to be areas where the government and the medical establishment will create every obstacle they can to prevent the public from seeing this film. Instead of trying to go through them-find another path and go around. The Vaxxed team should also start selling it on DVD. DVD & online viewing is probably the best way to go for them considering they blocked Dr. Tenpenny from going to Australia I'm sure the Vaxxed team will get the same treatment. After all Australia is on the same side of the world as China & Korea. Australia seems to be taking lesson from these countries.

go Trump

Would North Korea or China allow the movie Vaxxed to be shown ???
I believe the health minister's son in China has an Autistic child.

Which country has the highest Autism rates / North or South Korea ? I would guess the South.

Vaxxed global success

This will only increase desire of people to watch it. It is now available at Amazon as DVD and at youtube.


Michael Moore, history will show you as one sick person. You show a lack of understanding on how many children have been caught up in the politics of vaccination.


I notice how all the deceitful articles are not allowing comments anymore.


"Greg and Catherine Hughes say their baby Riley would have been alive today if he had been given the free whooping cough vaccine."

I'm confused. Has the MMR vaccine had pertussis added to it?

I have my copy of Vaxxed right here and have watched it twice.

It is about the CDC destroying evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine, no other vaccines just the MMR, that is the (measles mumps and rubella) vaccine, and autism in children when the vaccine is given too early. Why are the news articles not sticking to the simple facts?

“It is both disappointing and concerning that the Castlemaine film festival is disregarding public health by broadcasting Vaxxed,” said Ms Hughes, who now runs the Light for Riley immunisation foundation."

Once again, has this person even seen the film before spouting off? Should I show extreme sympathy for her situation when she is clearly disregarding the harm being done to innocent children? This movie has nothing to do with whooping cough or the pertussis vaccine.

“While I am not a fan of censorship, I think it is completely inappropriate to show this film in Australia.
“It unnecessarily creates unwarranted fear about vaccination, based on the lies and mistruths from a discredited doctor."

Like Robert De Niro said, "discredited by who?" Now this woman has regurgitated a demonstrably false accusation against Wakefield. Lies and mis truths, well okay, you don't get to start a fire and then run away, lets get specific about this, what was the lie? What was the mistruth? Be specific or hold your tongue, false accusations are just that.

“no jab, no pay” policy which sees welfare payments restricted to parents of unvaccinated children — a measure that health practitioners say is essential in combating childhood diseases."

So little Johnny gets brain swelling and permanently disabled from the MMR, parent can't work anymore so gets public assistance due to having to provide round the clock care to their once normal child. Now the Government, and the lobbyists, and media fraudsters are pushing to make sure they finish the job on little Johnny. We don't care if little Johnny is allergic or might die, inject him or starve to death, we don't care if you can't afford his pullups. Not our problem, you are the ones who let us do this to you.

“Something we’re keen to knock on the head is the idea that healthy living protects you from vaccine preventable diseases,” Prof McIntyre said.
“It doesn’t matter how clean living or what your intake of vitamin C is, none of that is going to protect you from meningitis or from severe diarrhoea because of rotavirus."

Once again, what does this have to do with the movie Vaxxed, the defective MMR vaccine, or the fraud at the CDC?

Bob Moffit

"The CLIFF committee said it was “a sad reflection on the state of Australian democracy that legitimate questions cannot be raised in a public forum without inciting a campaign of ill-informed and dishonest intimidation”.

Unfortunately .. the Australian censorship of VAXXED demonstrates a "sad reflection" of MOST Western "democracies" .. especially on the issue of vaccine "efficiency and safety" .. where "legitimate questions cannot be raised in public" ..

When it comes to our present "information age" .. it is the best of times .. having the most advanced technologies in world history ... able to "compile and disseminate data .. to better inform the public" ... BUT .. it is also the worst of times .. because the most powerful and influential forces in world history .. rather than serve the "public interest" .. prefer to serve their own "self-interests" .. by keeping the public from having ..... "legitimate questions raised in public".

In other words .. Australia is not alone .. on too many issues .. we live in a world gone absolutely mad.


Any parents knows that if you forbid a teenager from seeing something , all you've really done is guaranteed that it's on their radar. And likely strengthened their resolve TO see it.

I see that behavior as an instinct, which doesn't stop after the teenage years.

So thanks Aussie Film Festival, for increasing the number of Australians who are going to want to see the film.

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