Polio-like Illnesses in U.S. Children Show Sharp Uptick, CDC Says
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Vaxxed Team Speaks to Houston Mayor and City Council

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

August 29, 2016, Heroic speeches by Del BigTree and Andrew Wakefield before the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and the Houston City Council.

The response from Councilman Jack Christie, a chiropractic physician, was a stunning endorsement of Dr. Wakefield and strong condemnation of the actions of our federal health officials.


Del Bigtree:

“Hello Mayor and council. I’m here today—I worked for six years as the producer of the daytime talk show, The Doctors, been a medical producer for most of my career, celebrating the best that medicine has to offer. But while on that job, I came across a story about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. This is a man who’s come forward from the most important health agency in the county and said that they’ve committed scientific fraud on the MMR—autism study. This is the most important study ever done on the MMR—autism connection because it’s the last one ever paid for by the United States government.

“Dr. Thompson has provided four hours of confession to the fraud at the CDC, along with 10,000 documents that back up this claim. And we’ve made a movie about it called “VaxXed,” and we’re travelling all over the country.

“I think this is one of the most important stories in the nation right now. Our children are in harm’s way because of a defective vaccine, and no one is protecting them, most specifically, the most important health agency in the country.

“I also want to point out that when this film was accepted by the Houston World Fest, the honorable Sylvester Turner, mayor, you set out and threatened that festival to take our film out of the festival, so I’m not quite sure why you thought it was important to censor free speech and free thought in the face of such incredible claims by one of our top scientists at the CDC.

“I would appreciate it if you would take a look at this issue. I understand, just as you did, as a medical professional working in journalism, that it’s very hard to accept these claims. But they are real, and one of your own Congressman from Florida stood up in front of our Congress and pleaded with Congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson.

“The risks are extreme among African American boys—3.64 times more likely to develop autism if this vaccine is given between twelve and eighteen months vs. waiting till after three years old.

“They threw that information in the garbage can and destroyed all their files is what Dr. William Thompson tells us.

“There’s also a group called isolated autism—“

At this point Del was told his time was up.

Council member Jack Christie:
“I checked, and if I’m not mistaken, the movie is going to be shown in the City Center tonight.”

Del: “That’s correct.”

Christie: “I checked—I’d like to go see it—but it’s sold out.”

Del Bigtree: “I’ll get you a seat if you’d like to be there. We’ll have a ticket waiting for you.”

Christie: “Can you get me two?”

Del: “Sure. And anyone else on the council, I’d be happy to provide a free link to the film also, if you’d like to see it. “

Christie: “Check the CBS channel last night, Channel 11, locally, it supports you from the District Attorney of Bexar Country very strongly. And the basic concept, you are correct. Stay the course.

“I just finished a book on Winston Churchill, and he kept warning about the menace that was going to encompass the world, and everybody scoffed at him. Everybody ridiculed him, until the Nazis started taking over the entire world.

“There is an over preponderance of overtreatment and not believing in Mother Nature… Money is the driver.

“The first swine flu inoculation started the over-vaccination of these kids. That’s a disease that never came. It killed 27 people—read the government report—and a billion dollars in law suits against the federal government. We’ve got to wake up. The insult to children’s young cells with foreign chemicals—it will have side effects. So watch that Channel 11 from last night.

“And you just say, ‘Oh it doesn’t happen too often,” if it’s your child, it’s the world to you.

“Stay with the concept. I wish you well at movie tonight.”

Andrew Wakefield: “Mr. Mayor, Council members, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m the producer of the movie “VaxXed.” I want to say that I have, as a physician, been in this battle for vaccine safety for twenty years. I represent millions of parents in this country who were not ‘anti-vaccine’ at all. They took their children to be vaccinated on time, and their children paid a huge price.

“The movie and our position is not, explicitly not ‘anti-vaccine.’ It’s about making vaccine safe and effective for children. And the rhetoric that is put out there by the media in order to dismiss the parent’s arguments and the arguments of those few physicians who can stand to the pressure put on us is appalling. It has to stop.

“On this auspicious occasion on the birthday of Houston, I would like to offer you, Mr. Mayor, a copy of the movie and I encourage you to watch it.  But do so with caution, because once you have watched it, you cannot unknow the fact that a senior scientist from the CDC has said, we have lied, we’ve known that MMR vaccine is causally associated with autism for fourteen years, and we have put millions of children in harm’s way. And we have done it recklessly and deliberately, and I’m appalled and ashamed by my actions.”

Councilman Christie:

“Dr. Wakefield, you’re a hero of mine. You’re holding the ground on something that’s being sold to this country. No other country is sold the drugs that this country is. We’re overmedicated.

“Let me tell you about the CDC. …Every year they’ve got a new flu vaccine, and they don’t listen to the side effects or anything like that. So the CDC—I just made a slight at it—and they asked me, so what are you going to do? Well, you can prevent the flu. Scoffed at a little bit. The CDC puts out a statement: ‘Dr. Christie can exercise, eat right, sleep well, he’s still going to catch the flu.’

“That’s asinine, unscientific. People that understand the human body and the immunology we were born with, you can prevent disease. And for them to say that, they don’t understand physiology, immunology, or anything like that. So taking your stand, I admire what you do. I compare you to Churchill.”


John Stone


I don't recall hearing about this - perhaps someone would tell me?

Grace Green

Does anyone know what has happened to the London premiere of VaxXed? I thought it was supposed to be during the first half of September but I can't find any reference to it.


Oh for goodness sake - 'pedestrians'!

You gotta laugh...all those people practicing walking everywhere, yes, them!

Of course I meant pediatricians...

PS - not to mention how the targeting of Robert Sears will further exacerbate the distrust felt by an ever-growing numbers of parents towards the medical community.


The Californian medical board are going after Sears - with an aim to what, cast their favourite scapegoat into exile? Leaving nobody to point the finger at when things fall apart? Further accelerate the doomed perception that Western medicine solely and bitterly depends - pun intended - upon the success rate of the vaccine industry alone? And create more fear and a heavy conscience for practicing pedestrians and the like?

A quick thrill for the fanatics at best, yet a forced move likely as bad as that involving the censoring of Vaxxed; ultimately a breathtakingly desperate, transparent, shortsighted piece of politics. Extraordinary.

Jeannette Bishop

Councilman Christie made some noteworthy/interesting remarks a few weeks back when parents were protesting the censorship of Vaxxed.

In coverage of another film festival, Vaxxed gets the headline:

"Controversial 'Vaxxed' included in Naperville Film Festival slate"

Angus Files

Well done all great work we just keep chipping away and one day TIMBER!! they all fall down.



One of the MANY examples of how DR Wakefield is fighting for human rights.
Peaceful people, standing up for the most injured, deserve nothing but our gratitude:


The word is THANK YOU!!!!! It extends to Bigtree, Lahood, and Wakefield.... but they are not nearly the ROCK STAR the Polley Tommey is!!!! Thank YOU! THANK YOU! Thank YOU!!!!! Be safe on this leg of the tour!!! Am sending You good vibes with an extreme amount of gratitude!!!!!!

Bob Moffit

De Bigtree:

“I also want to point out that when this film was accepted by the Houston World Fest, the honorable Sylvester Turner, mayor, you set out and threatened that festival to take our film out of the festival, so I’m not quite sure why you thought it was important to censor free speech and free thought in the face of such incredible claims by one of our top scientists at the CDC. "

Did I miss the Mayor's response to Del's question?

If not .. consider the difference between the Mayor's silence when asked his reasons for threatening the Houston World Fest if they showed VAXXED ... compared to Del Bigtree, Andy Wakefield and Polly Tomey .. touring the country by bus .. taking and ANSWERING questions from VAXXED audiences around the country.

The Mayor's silence says a thousand words!!!!

Morag MacDonald Lyons

Overt Humor Aversion Media training and Modern Medical Machiavellianianism
Just read
Best practice Guidance
1st Edition 2016
How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public
By The World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe
The Film VAXXED must be causing Rampant Panic on both sides of The Mighty Atlantic
Well done ! Dr Andy Wakefield
"And it's ahuman need to be told stories.
The more we're governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies .The more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are ,why we are , where we come from and what might be possible"-------- Alan Rickman 1946 -2016
wasn't he just fabulous !
Moki Mac


Love it! Thank you team Vaxxed!!


Thank goodness for chiropractors.


Jesus Baby

He's a chiropractor.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

I have been a holistic, pediatric RN for almost 40 years. The fact that as a society we have lost touch with the many natural ways to support our own & our children's immune systems & instead rely on chemically laden vaccines to prevent illness is a huge mistake that is the result of profit driven propaganda from our very broken medical system & big PHARMa. Every parent should be armed with an arsenal of tools including dietary changes, herbs, vitamins, probiotics, chiropractic care etc to address the symptoms associated with illness & leave visits to their pediatrician, antibiotics & other toxic pharmaceuticals for extreme, unresolved by natural methods scenarios.


Jack Christie thank you! You're an intelligent man with integrity. We need more elected officials like you.

Hans Litten

Christie: “Can you get me two?”

The CDC puts out a statement: ‘Dr. Christie can exercise, eat right, sleep well, he’s still going to catch the flu.’

I like Jack Christie (a decent man indeed) .

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