Is Snoopy Just a Poopy or Autistic?
Weekly Wrap: No More Measles, Lots More Autism

Talkin’ Vaccine Injury Blues

Broken down ranch
By Dan Burns

EXTERIOR: Picnic area in front of the ranch house.  In the foreground, a makeshift  stage for Hope Ranch Productions.  On the stage, a donations sign:  Needed: $250 Grand.  Donated: $50.  
JOSH, a one-man band of harmonica and banjo, is singing to the camera, Bob Dylan-style.  VAN GO is filming.  Parents are seated at picnic tables around the stage, celebrating the Grand Opening.  

JOSH: (to the tune of “Talking  World War III Blues.” )

I started this ranch
A few months ago
For kids leavin’ school
And no place to go.
Autism Spectrum Disorder.
ADD.  ADHD.  Allergies.  Asthma.
Shall we go on down the alphabet?
Tics, seizures, SIDS too.
You name it.
Whadda ya do?
If you’re kid’s disabled
It’s all the same.
Vaccine injury ain’t to blame.
Keep ‘em coming Paul Offit.
Centers for Disease Coverup.
Dallas Morning News.
I neeeed the adrenaline.


Dan Burns

Eileen, we passed the baton to Autism Center Austin. You might want to check it out.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Dan, Hope Ranch was such an inspirational endeavor. Is there anyone out there with fund-raising smarts who could help get it going again?

John Stone

What a fine courageous project!


thanks dan, i needed the adrenaline too. helen thomas at upi told me, "outrage is my adrenaline." -- dan

Dan Burns

From Act 1 of "Saving Zero," a video series in development.

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