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Levi Quackenboss is Done Playing Nice: How To File a Complaint Against Your Pediatrician Who Vaccinated Your Child

Keep-calm-and-pay-the-piperNote: There's as saying, "Don't reinvent the wheel." We're not. Levi Quackenboss has written a sharp post about a strategy many of you have probably seen recently on Facebook that puts and end to passivity vis a vis vaccine injury.  It's below.

If someone runs over your child, do you sue the car company or the driver? 

Where did you go for your child's vaccinations? For the majority of us, we went to American Academy of Pediatrics board certified doctors. They have operated unscathed throughout the autism epidemic as far as I can see. My girls are 21, 20 and 16. We've moved several times and had six or seven pediatric practices over the years.  All but one have been the pediatric version of puppy  mills.  In and out. 8 minutes per child on the schedule.  Not one - ONE - doctor has had a single piece of usable advice for me regarding my daughters' autism beyond, "Early intervention and school." Every single one has looked to me, Mom, for information, answers on how to treat my kids.  They have been kind but clueless and bereft of curiosity.  Imagine a Mom walking into a practive with three (!) daughters with autism and the doctor is blase.  No questions. No, "Holy cow, lady, what's going on here?" 

My kids have not had eye exams.  "They can't tell us what they see."  My kids have not had hearing tests. "They can't tell us if they can hear the sound. She won't put on the headphones."  The lack of medical treatment has been negligent.  And then there's vaccination.  It's time for pediatricians to feel the outcome of their work. I'll let Levi explain below. 

Also on FB yesterday, a link to a graphic that shows pediatricians' sales bonuses for vaccinating patients.    Find it at The Wellness and Equality site: How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?


By Levi Quackenboss

We’ve seen it time and time again in the past four years. People on our side try going about their business, living their lives. People on their side are giving handjobs to politicians and taking away our parenting rights. They’re always making offensive moves, pushing through new legislation each year, and we’re sitting around trying to predict how to respond to it.

California passed SB 277 and we filed a law suit a year later. Texas tried passing something like 13 vaccination laws in 2015 and we showed up and defeated every one. They started infiltrating our Florida and Texas public schools with flu shots and coercive letters and the Texans for Vaccine Choice sent cease and desist letters.

And now they’ve gone after Dr. Sears.

You know what? Screw that. I’m done playing nice. Done acting like this has been some kind of civil discussion for the past four years. In this last quarter of 2016 I’m going on the offensive, and I hope you join me because this is going to be fun.

None of this was my idea but there’s no need to name the guy who came up with this plan if you know him, so don’t go putting his name in the comments.

Here’s the plan: if you’ve got a kid who became autistic, allergic, epileptic, or diabetic after childhood vaccines, you’ve got to file a complaint against that doctor. Gone are the days of being told it was a coincidence. No more will we quietly find a like-minded physician and transfer care. Today is the day to take the first step to standing up and saying, “What happened to my child was unacceptable, and it’s time they answer for it.”

It’s not going to be difficult and I’ll hold your hand through it. Let’s do it together. Four easy steps.

The first thing is to order your child’s medical records.  You are entitled to ALL records under HIPAA. Handwritten notes, vaccine records, everything. Your (hopefully former) doctor’s office has the right to charge you a reasonable fee for copying the records, so be prepared to pay up to $20 or $30 for the service. They’ll probably send you a credit card authorization form first, or you can leave a check if you go to the office in person to make the request. If you call, they might ask you to email them a written request, so be prepared to jump through a couple of hoops, no big deal. Just play along.

If you don’t receive the records within five working days call and email them again and let them know you’re on the brink of filing a HIPAA complaint if you don’t get them emailed or faxed to you immediately. The records will miraculously appear within a half hour.

Step two: examine the records.  Your child’s vaccine reaction is not documented?  You don’t say! No mention of high pitched screaming? No concern about the blank stare? No neurological exam when the head circumference rocketed to the 90th percentile?

Did your doctor file a VAERS complaint like they are obligated to? Of course not.

All of this will go in your complaint to your own state’s medical board.

Step three: look up the complaint form for your state’s medical board. I’m guessing all of this is available to do online now. I don’t have the bandwith to look up the medical boards for all 50 states, so just Google your state’s name with the words “file complaint” and “medical board.” It’ll pop up.

If you’re in California, please do this immediately. This board needs their noses rubbed in their own stinking pile of crap more than anyone. Click here for the online form for the California medical board. New York isn’t far behind, so click here.  Texas needs a booster kick in the nuts, so click here.  Mississippi…  I just can’t even. Click here.

Read more at the Levi Quackenboss blog here.


Jeannette Bishop

So many parents could participate in this if they're willing to consider that their trust in their doctor might have played a role in their child's non-health...asthma, allergies,...obesity:


Dr. William Thompson recommended to Dr. Brian Hooker that "Thimerosal causes tics!" would be an effective mantra to get thimerosal out of the schedule (and for working around to "thimerosal causes autism-like features").

I'm wondering if "Thimerosal is an obesogen!" could be at least as effective.


I know I should be mad at the doctors - instead it scared me a lot.

I have health insurance with Anthem - Blue Cross, Blue Shield
I pay 400 dollar a month for me
I pay 360 dollars a month for my daughter
I pay 200 for my son a month.

About a 1000 dollars a month comes out of this house hold to them


I don't know about anyone else here, but I am going to sleep better tonight. Knowing that parents are finally starting to realize that pediatricians worldwide, NEED to be held accountable for what they're doing to the worlds children.

But the vaccine issue is much, much bigger than just that.

Because Benedetta, what you've done above is clarify for the world, what vaccines have REALLY been about from Day 1.


Excuse me, Tracey, Maureen - re nurses injecting poison into infants.

A nurse has a responsibility not to harm her patients the same as a physician. A licensed professional nurse has an ethical and legal duty to screen all orders for accuracy and appropriateness for each individual patient and must REFUSE to follow any order that is not in her professional opinion in the best interest of the patient. She has a professional duty to UNDERSTAND the scientific rationale behind each and every order she follows. If you know that a hepatitis B vaccine is wrong for your patient, I don't care what the parents or doctor or hospital or anyone else wants you to do, your license does not permit you to give it (I don't care how bastardized licensing boards and hospital protocols have become). "I was just following orders" is no defense for murder.


I'm sorry, probably not, if you weren't aware of any reactions shortly after a vaccine. There's only a three-year statute of limitations to file in vaccine court. I think you just need to join our ranks and work to bring our day in court for all our damaged children.



Help don't come after the nurses.. I am a RN .. I try so so hard to convince my parents with their newborns to refuse the HepB shot... I can't save them all but I will never give up doing my best to convince them otherwise... At least don't come after me, there are a few co-workers I would go after myself!!! Not a day goes by at work I don't voice my opinion at what's going on with the children being born now. It truly is a crime ...


I'll say it again.


Why we have spent the past three decades trying to be sympathetic to the evil men and women who actually stabbed our children with these poisons is beyond me.

All with this naive view that doctors would, en masse, say "you know you're right. We have been responsible for the greatest crime in history and we will endeavour to change what we have been doing accordingly."

Needless to say we got very little support from them - and an awful lot of pushback.

Doctors who publicly speak out against vaccines are welcome to join us (but not lead us), but the rest are our mortal enemies.

They should be treated as an existential threat not just to our own children. But all of humanity.

John Stone


I fear the poltical winds in the UK in this case have been blowing in the same direction for many years.

PS I think it is very important part of the background in what happened to Andy W. First of all he was prepared to consider the issue of whether children had been vaccine damaged (clinically) and then he was prepared to give evidence in court.

Gary Ogden

John Stone: Is it really that bad in the UK? Must be hell for doctors. The major difference here is that, though each state is different, in California the medical board has such a long history of malfeasance that they have been forced by the courts to follow actual rules. My sense of the GMC from this side of the pond is they operate according to the political winds, or the whims of the ruling class. The state boards will be getting a barrage of complaints. Whether they act upon them is another matter. One of the requirements in California is that a physician in the same specialty must review each complaint before the AG can file charges. I wonder how they could find a pediatrician who is not also implicated in this holocaust, but they found someone. The good news for Dr. Sears' case is that he has retained one of the top medical attorneys in the nation. He will hammer them. The charges themselves are amazingly flimsy. Orwell foresaw the insanity in which we live, that a doctor would be indicted for protecting a patient, rather than the other way around. What our overlords wish is that we just shut up and do what they say.


I know I should be mad at the doctors - instead it scared me a lot.

I have health insurance with Anthem - Blue Cross, Blue Shield
I pay 400 dollar a month for me
I pay 360 dollars a month for my daughter
I pay 200 for my son a month.

About a 1000 dollars a month comes out of this house hold to them

It was them that said they negotiated down a recent overnight EEG we had from 10,000 dollars to 5,000.

It took five months to get an itemized bill and what they had negotiated down was an extra night - - that we were not there, the hospital bill said we stayed two days when we only barely stayed 24 hours. Now that is some good negotiating Whew!

I now owe 5,000 dollars to St Joe.
I am asking the insurance company to back me up that an EEG machine reads itself and I see now reason to pay some 4,000 for it use when I am paying a medical equipment place 300 for it's use.

Now I see that they are all in it together The insurance company is part of the medical industry and claiming that they are negotiating and working for you when they are in it together with the hospitals and drug companies They are getting kick backs - every body is getting kick backs. This is a terrible , terrible business and the American people - me included are fools not to get really mad and do something about it..

By the way - this health insurance is going to go up come November, and if I do not pay it then the federal government with holds it in y tax refund

We are being cheated - we have been double crossed.

I wonder if the doctors of the 80s and 90s got paid subsidies and then slowly they changed it all around and tricked them till it turned from subsides they were being paid to with holding their own money and paying them back if they comply like good little robot health soldiers?

Rita Carol Cordero

I adopted my child who already had a diagnosis of autism, so I was not there to witness any vaccine reactions. I live in Arizona and my child was born and vaccinated in California. Any suggestions on how I could rattle some chains?

Maurine Meleck

well, this could be complicated for those of us with kids who were vaccinated by a clinic where doctors change as quickly as the weather. Also when different doctors are involved with every vaccine-. However, I do have boxes and boxes of all his medical records and will try to read them. How about when a nurse gives it?

John Stone


This is probably different in the US from the UK. In the US it is possible to give evidence about vaccine damage, both in the VICP and in criminal court. Any doctor who did this in the UK would be likely to find themselves before the GMC.

Grace Green

I'm surprised that no-one in USA has thought about this before, though I'm not sure how it would be done. I went to a medical negligence lawyer last year, and he said there was no chance unless you had a leading specialist in the country taking your side. How do you prove your case, when everyone else is saying "it wasn't the vaccines"? I previously tried complaining to the NHS, then the "ombudsman" and got back nothing but lies and rubbish, and told I couldn't appeal any further. I'll be following your efforts with interest. I certainly approve of the attitude.

Aude Sapere

The next thing we have to do is file complaints against dentists who put mercury in our teeth which which crossed the placenta and made our children autistic at birth, aggravated by the mercury in our breastmilk, and more mercury put in out kids' teeth.

Aimee Doyle

Levi -

I agree with you that it's time to move forward aggressively. Doctors need to be made aware of what they are doing in terms of injuring kids. I also think, that as a community, we need to figure out how to tackle pharmaceutical companies, who are the puppetmasters behind state and federal legislation.

Any thoughts about how to file complaints against doctors if you're in the military? Military families have multiple pediatricians, who rotate from one assignment to the next. Some of them leave the military after a few tours - others are career doctors.

I think this is an important subgroup, since vaccination for children in military families has long been mandated. And informal estimates that I've seen show the prevalence of autism higher among military kids than the general population.

Unfortunately, there's not much I can do for my son at this point - at least in terms of filing a complaint. He's 26, and my husband has been retired from the military for almost 20 years. For him, and for other adolescents and adults, I'd like to see some real research (read non-drug) into treatment, therapy, and cure. There's not much out there on how to help adults...what there is, we've already done.

Hans Litten

Angus Files | September 16, 2016 at 06:32 AM

Angus , sir , I'd be very interested in trying to do this to the barstewards that ruined our lives in the UK

Bob Moffit

Levi's strategy is absolutely brilliant .. more so if literally hundreds of parents .. in all 50 States .. follow Levi's advice.

The ONLY way we will succeed in our battle against these medical tyrants .. is to FORCE the AAP and AMA bureaucracies to defend the lack of "precautionary principles" .. in a real COURT OF LAW!!!!

It is nothing less than GROSS MIS-CONDUCT .. causing severe .. life-threatened as well as life-long injuries ... which should be prosecuted in a CRIMINAL COURT .. rather than a CIVIL COURT.


And if the doctor vaccinated when even the manufacturer would acknowledge vaccination was contraindicated (fever, illness, antibiotics, history, etc.), that should be included.


Okay; looking at the comments on Levi's article:

Some one commented that it really is the doctor's money to begin with. I did not understand it fully, but it makes sense that greedy pharma and health insurance has got it all planned out.

So it is probably something a fee, tax that doctors have to pay in like I have to pay into the heatlh insurance companies or they will take it out of my income tax that they are withholding till the end of the year?

And it has been suggested that the government and the pharma are behind the insurance companies.

Geesh; ain't that just scary - we got the insurance company we are paying, the government that we are paying in taxes, and the pharma that we are paying with 600 dollar epi pens and well they are all just the same thing.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

The only exclusion listed in the Blue Cross Blue Shield policy is for 'anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine or its components', rather than the full list of possible reactions given on the vaccine insert (which is in itself likely incomplete).

That is the same line of thinking that brought the action against Dr. Sears.


Blue Shield -- is that a health insurance company?
Why would a health insurance company paying bonuses-- Am I understanding this right?

Back in the late 80s and early 90s My children's group of peds love to tell me they got the federal government to give them the business of vaccines that use to belong to the health department and they said - cause for some reason they love to talk business end of their practice with me -- be it the price of the toys or vaccine????? No, I don't know why I bought this out of them?

They said that the federal government gave subsidies and it was substantial amount.

I am sure there was a percentage of patients they had to get vaccinated too - to earn those subsides.

But once again Blue Shield is a health insurance company.

Is the federal government paying subsidies to them - to pay the pediatricians? .

Angus Files

Anyone doing it in the UK let me know seriously. I know of a few cases in the UK where they are pursuing the Drs/Midwifes/assistants, whoever administered the shots(pass the hot potato, buck).Only way to stop the carnage hit them in the, profit and loss sheets it works every time.


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