A Reality Check for the Vicious and Discriminatory Dallas Morning News
Talkin’ Vaccine Injury Blues

Is Snoopy Just a Poopy or Autistic?

MadSnoopy2We don't know what to make of this either...  It's Fried-day....  FYI, my girls seek friends, their lonliness is not a result of being withdrawn.  They just don't know how to go about it. Perhaps I should teach them to sniff bottoms? This article makes me want to sniff glue. KRS

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Your Grouchy Dog May Have Autism or OCD

Genes associated with autism, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other psychological problems have now been linked to human-directed social behaviors in dogs, suggesting that far more dogs than previously realized could suffer from these mental disorders. The new research, published in Scientific Reports, reveals how malleable the identified gene regions are in dogs, since certain variations of them appear to explain the difference between a withdrawn dog and one that eagerly seeks human companionship...


Snoopy don't bite!

Actually let's work with this. They are trying to normalize crazy dogs . Which I have seen more of since they added other shots to the shots you need to board your dog and even to groom them in some places. They admit that certain genes make dogs react to certain heartworm meds (some aussies for one) let's figure out what genes have odd behaviors and prove that it's heavy metals or whatever it is in the shots. Sadly I am sure some dogs do get full blown vaccine injury --they end up put down. I resisted getting our dog the extra shots on top of rabies but finally got them so we could board him. He became much more anxious and hyper. I told A long time champion show dog breeder friend that I ran into at a dog show that my son had vaccine injury and waited for an insulting reaction. Instead he said that he had seen this over the years. Very healthy bloodline for first decade. add more shots next decade-- suddenly get skin issues Behavior issues Cushing all kind of stuff. So he stopped giving all the shots and got selective and spaced and did titres--and that decade of dogs he raised were returned to robust health. And their glowing health resulted in best in shows over all the other screwed up dogs. No joke. I am sure this happens with horses too. Vets pay attention if they are going to lose a millionaire client because they killed his prize horse.

david m burd

The "old school" vet (nearing retirement) we very rarely see (except such as the family dog needing surgery for her mangled leg) actually promoted a canine flu shot earlier this year! Of course we rejected it.

I have deduced this fine gentleman-vet must have been getting his own annual CDC fear-mongered flu shot the last many years, thus causing his own mental deterioration (actually, I am not joking).

Grace Green

This is why we have to keep insisting that "autism" is not psychological, as was recently claimed in another post here.


Both dogs and cats are now suffering vaccine injury at rates that are very comparable to children. Like the children, they are being over-vaccinated. Like the children, their vaccines are full of toxins like thimerosol and aluminum. We don't know exactly what is in ANY of the veterinary vaccines because the animal vaccine makers (which are the same folks who are making the children's vaccines, e.g. Merck) are permitted by law to claim that the ingredients in their vaccines are industry trade secrets. And, in fact, if you do a search online you will see that it is impossible to get a complete list of the ingredients in any of the animal vaccines. We found that out recently when a kitten we adopted, who had just received the distemper vaccine, immediately started having explosive diarrhea and incontinence. This went on for months and is only recently starting to get better. (We are feeding him a strict grain-free, gluten-free diet, which appears to be helping.)

Right now the disease most common, by far, in cats is kidney disease. The vets had been trying to blame this on cat food -- suggesting that they get kidney disease by eating too much dry food, which is unnatural for them. But in fact a recently published study revealed conclusively that the distemper vaccine is responsible for the epidemic of kidney disease in cats. The reason for this is that it was manufactured using a line of cat kidney cells, among other things, and as a result many cats' immune systems now mistakenly start attacking their own kidney cells. This is not rocket science. It is actually fairly simple science. But it is making cats very, very sick, to the point that many cats now suffer with chronic, painful kidney disease for the majority of their adult lives. Criminal? Yes. Pathetic? Of course. The truth? Absolutely.


Wait - isn't today April Fools' Day....????....
How many MORE imaginary "diseases" and "disorders" will be INVENTED....????....
Gee, how do I get me an AUTISTIC DOG....????....
Physical "GENES" can NOT code for abstract fabrications and linguistic CONCEPTS
such as "mental disorders"....
If genes can code for it, it MUST BE PHYSICAL....
But this article is saying that now that the movies have come out,
you can actually send your kids to Hogwarts,
even if you're a muggle....


I wonder if veterinary vaccines are preserved with thimerosal or are adjuvented with aluminum?


Bahaha they've got the tail wagging the dog. Sure dogs have OCD and 'autism.' Just like they also have vaccine damage. I've actually met several people who had a pet suffer and die (kidney damage etc) after certain vaccines. Even animal research science is aware of this.

Sharon DeNunzio

I'm sure there will be a doggie vaccine to prevent the doggie autism or doggie OCD. I'm also sure that there will be doggie psychotropics offered at your vet soon. Maybe when pet owners realize the absurdity of this situation, they will begin to assess the absurdity for humans as well?!

Gary Ogden

Astonishing drivel. What can I say? Perhaps part of the CDC funded trivialization of what they've wrought?

Maurine Meleck

This article is dog-gone outrageous and offensive and makes me want to get a pet wolf.

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