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Dachel Wake Up: Texas Monthly Goes After DA Nico LaHood

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The only good thing about Texas Monthly is that it's NOT Texas Weekly or Texas Daily.

Other than that, it's a rag. Leif Reigstad must have been given his assignment like this: "We need a piece discrediting the film 'VaxXed' and Texas prosecutor, Nico LaHood. Don't bother talking about what's in the movie, just say it's by the 'disgraced' doctor, Andrew Wakefield, and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no link between vaccines and autism. Don't say anything about how LaHood's son developed autism, just call what he's doing an 'anti-vaccination campaign.'

"Be sure to blame non-vaccinating parents for disease outbreaks and express alarm over all those exempting their kids."

Reigstad was quick to note the attention this issue has gotten on social media: "On Wednesday, LaHood continued his anti-vaccination campaign, posting a long rant on Facebook encouraging parents to 'educate yourselves for the sake of your precious children,' and to 'stay away from rhetoric and look at hard facts.' As of Thursday morning, the post had garnered nearly 1,500 comments."

Of course no defender of vaccines wants parents to educate themselves. We not supposed to look at the volumes of science that challenge all the official government studies. Member of the press just follow orders and write what they're told. The press will not talk about the CDC MMR scandal. They will continue to call government scientists "credible experts" because they have no other choice.

Sept 1, 2016, Texas Monthly: The Anti-Vaccination Movement Is Gaining Ground In Texas

By Leif Reigstad

I posted these two comments on this story.

Comment #1

“Despite repeated assurances from credible health experts such as the Centers for Disease Control that there is no link between vaccinations and autism, more and more parents in Texas are opting out of getting their children vaccinated.”

Many of us with vaccine injured children have given up on the media ever legitimately covering this issue. First of all, it’s clear that Leif Reigstad has his talking points: Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives.

Reigstad slammed “VaxXed” and the comments made by San Antonio prosecutor, Nico LaHood, without saying one word about the story in “VaxXEd.” Instead, Reigstad tells parents to trust the CDC.

Why should they? We’ve learned that the CDC committed fraud in their most important research on the MMR over ten years ago.

 This is what “VaxXed” is all about. A senior scientist at the CDC has come forward and said that his agency falsified the two of the major results of an MMR study in 2004. This is the worst health care scandal in history and it’s clear that powerful forces both inside and outside our government will do everything possible to cover this up—including telling members of the press  how they will report on this story.

Leif Reigstad should see “VaxXed” and then talk about it. Reporters never do that. It’s easier to attack something they’re never seen.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

 Comment #2

“The video was posted on Facebook as a trailer for Vaxxed, a documentary film directed by disgraced former doctor Andrew Wakefield, the author of a since-retracted study that linked vaccines with autism. …”

It’s more than a little disingenuous to pretend that “VaxXed” is about Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield directed the film, but the story is about corruption at the highest levels of government health care. Leif Reigstad omits any mention of Wakefield’s co-producer, Del Bigtree, who produced the Emmy Award Winning medical talk show. “The Doctors,” for six years.

Isn’t Reigstad even a little curious as to why someone in his position would give all this up to work on the most controversial movie in America?

What is really obvious in this extremely biased and selective coverage is that Reigstad does not want the real story about Nico LaHood, Andrew Wakefield, and “VaxXed” to ever get covered.

If he were giving us authentic coverage, Reigstad would actually talk to Nico LaHood, Andrew Wakefield, and Del BigTree. He was ask them probing questions and present their side. Sadly, the media has no interest in being fair and balanced when it comes to talking about vaccines.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism


Kyle Hendrick

Why doesn't someone representing Age of Autism, in the Houston area near where Reigstad lives, schedule a meeting with him? He is just a wide-eyed kid fresh out of journalism school. Bring some vaccine-damaged kids and their moms with you, but don't tell him in advance that he is going to be meeting with them. That should repair his disinformation-addled brain. Reigstad's material reaches one in seven Texans. Isn't it worth impacting his views?


The CDC is in a panic because there is a chance of whom might win the election.

Come November they will know if everything will continue as it always has. Will there be- no chance of orange suits. Will they continue to use more of that very controversial, dangerous zika pesticide spray not just in Miami, but the rest of the country, They will continue their plans to detain people that do not vaccinate, and Dorit will be able to continues to get paid by way of tax payer to Congress-to zika research- to the CDC to Dorit. .

Or - or will there be a game changer, and Ben Carson a neurologist/vaccine board member; be given a position of power, and suddenly the job of stalling for the IACC is cancelled, and the human race is delivered from certain doom.

Either way we will get the government we deserve.


I see the usual "orac" cult is in full swing on that site. They have been busy bees lately. Dorit has come out of the woodwork too. I see her posting often on HPV articles. Of course from what I've read in the comment section her family, including she and her husband own stock in GSK. Conflict of Interest. I think someone is hitting the panic button at the CDC because they call up Dorit when the big guns are needed. She's been busy with the California Vaccine Nazi Movement with her BFF Dr. Pan so for her to break away, I think they are really feeling the heat. DA Hood is a pretty difficult person to discredit so it will be interesting to see what lengths they will go to take him down.

Not a democrat anymore or a republican. Just ticked off

Today I took every political fundraising mailing and responded like this "sorry I have no money to give you because every penny goes to help recover my vaccine injured son. For which no one has liability except me. So if you want money from me how about addressing the autism explosion? " I put it in the envelope with their stamp. Every single mailing. Boy did that feel good in corrupt California where they refused to hear 1000 vaccine injured families at state hearings.

Jonathan Rose

My college-age daughter noticed this photo of Nico LaHood (scroll down to the bottom of the page):

"Gee, Dad," she exclaimed, "he's almost as ripped as you are!"

Now it strikes me that, after Jenny McCarthy has done so much good work bringing autism dads into the movement, surely we should offer something for all those hard-working autism moms. Wouldn't you agree, ladies?

Bob Moffit

"If he were giving us authentic coverage, Reigstad would actually talk to Nico LaHood, Andrew Wakefield, and Del BigTree. He was ask them probing questions and present their side. Sadly, the media has no interest in being fair and balanced when it comes to talking about vaccines."

Anne ... you have to realize some of these "print reporters" are seeking more lucrative careers as on-air .. live .. potential interviewers of pharma industry and media friendly .. "carefully selected experts".

In my humble opinion ... it makes perfect sense for "print reporters" to carefully follow their .. Pharma bought and paid .. highly successful well-worn script .. listing all their major "talking points" ad nauseam .. been going on for decades .. and .. if they want to remain gainfully employed as "print health reporters" .. they had best not stray to far off the federally protected vaccine reservation.

I suspect "print journalists" have witnessed prominent media careers destroyed simply because the reporter .. (Katie Couric comes quickly to mind) ..dared conduct a .. fair and balanced .. "live interview" .. with someone with likewise opinions of Nico, Andy or Del.

Why would ANYONE risk advancing their careers into television by interviewing anyone other than the CDC or some other highly vested interest .. (OFFIT comes quickly to mind) .. in protecting the BILLION dollar vaccine industry?

Tony Bateson

Has it occurred to Texas Monthly that the world has changed as far as all forms of journalism go, the campaigns, opinions and voices of the past are no longer only of the past except to the extent of the few minutes it takes me to dredge up all the truths and the untruths of an earlier age. Beliefs right or wrong, untruths and lies of a recent past they are all there. An article in the British Press referred to the re-emergence of conscience - can't help seeing that word in a new light - con-science - shouldn't Texas Monthly be alert to the possibility that like many others they are being conned - deterred from enquiring into this possibility because they know their world news masters wouldn't like it. But surely any educated person who reads has to know there's something weird happening in the field of vaccination. Putting your name to the notion that all is fine and dandy and there is no risk in the actions of the CDC will eventually rebound to curse some of you for the rest of your lives. Millions of young people around the world have already paid for vaccine harm by being damaged without good cause - that's the scale of the price others will eventually pay for the unquestioning acceptance of corrupted data and values.

Tony Bateson Oxford UK

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