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California Medical Board Attacks Dr. Bob Sears for Protecting His Patient

Russian rouletteNOTE:  Welcome to the USSV.  United States of Severe Vaccination. The California medical board is practicing communicable disease communism, demanding lockstep adherence to the pediatric vaccination schedule regardless of physician recommendations.   And they will punish doctors who exercise their medical knowledge.  They are targeting Dr. Bob Sears for his audacity in putting his young patients health before pharmaceutical, public health or government wishes.     There is to be NO vaccine choice in the world of Public/Government health. You will vaccinate with no question of your health status, religious beliefs or personal stance. This is communism. The government controls you.

Please share your support in our comments and most especially on this article.

Dr. Bob Sears faces medical board discipline in recommendation not to vaccinate

Dr. Bob Sears, the Capistrano Beach pediatrician who is an outspoken critic of mandatory vaccination laws, faces possible state Medical Board discipline after he recommended that a 2-year-old patient forgo immunizations, according to legal documents made public Thursday.

The board accuses Sears of committing “gross negligence” in 2014 when he wrote a letter excusing the toddler from future vaccinations after the child’s mother described an adverse reaction as an infant.

The documents say Sears failed to obtain a detailed medical history documenting the unidentified boy’s prior vaccines and reactions, which was necessary for making an evidence-based decision. Sears’ recommendation left the patient and “his future contacts at risk for preventable and communicable diseases,” the documents say.

Sears declined to comment Thursday.

If the board finds Sears negligent, he could face discipline ranging from a public reprimand to revocation of his medical license.

Sears is known nationally for his unorthodox views on vaccination. He’s the author of “The Vaccine Book,” which includes a staggered, alternative shot schedule to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends. In a 2015 opinion piece published in the Register, Sears wrote, “Vaccination is important and protective. But it cannot be forced; a parent must give consent.”

He has also criticized California’s tough new law that no longer allows parents to file personal belief exemptions in order to enroll unvaccinated children in school. Instead, a medical waiver must be provided by a doctor.

According to the board documents, the toddler was seen by Sears for the first time in April 2014. His medical record notes that his mother said after his 2-month shots his bowels and bladder “shut down” for 24 hours. After the baby’s 3-month shots, she said, he was limp for a day and didn’t act like himself for a week.

The CDC says some reasons to avoid particular vaccines include life-threatening allergies to an included ingredient or a history of the rare autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome. It says mild reactions to vaccines may include fever, fussiness and soreness at the injection site.

Sears wrote a letter excusing the child from future shots, which was not kept in his medical chart, the documents say. The board also seeks to discipline Sears for failure to maintain adequate and accurate records.

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Jeannette Bishop


Jeannette Bishop


I kind of get the feeling that comments are moderated with a slant rather heavily.


Under CDC Control of Communicable Diseases proposed Final Rule, which may be enacted November 11, 2016, just 3 days after the election, Hillary should be DETAINED and QUARANTINED under a public health emergency! She has SARS symptoms (similar to those of pneumonia, including:
fever over 100.4 °F, dry cough, problems breathing, including shortness of breath, headache, muscle stiffness, loss of appetite, malaise, confusion, rash and diarrhea).

Obama added SARS like symptoms the Communicable Diseases rule in 2014 under Executive Order 13674. Hillary should then be forcibly medically treated, vaccinated (if the government/Big Pharma can develop a vaccine), and incarcerated until at a random point where she will then be conditionally released and electronically monitored through unspecified technology. Of course, Hillary will be financially responsible for these costs.

Of course, if she violates any part of the above ‘agreement’ (Hillary’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite), she will be subject to penalties as follows: (a) Persons in violation of this part are subject to a fine of no more than $100,000 if the violation does not result in a death or one year in jail, or both, or a fine of no more than $250,000 if the violation results in a death or one year in jail, or both, or as otherwise provided by law.
Thank you CDC, you’ll finally make an honest woman out of Hillary! Karma is a bitc#


It is obvious - he is being "Wakefielded" it is a warning follow the herd or else.


So how did that investigation and interviews go about the CDC fraud? Should we all resume daily calls to the reform office?

Gary Ogden

Linda 1: Tim Bolen made a good post today about Dr. Sears and the CMB; well worth a read. The CMB has been defeated before, and can be defeated again. Not by letters or phone calls or demonstrations, by by expert medical testimony and sharp lawyers, and by citizen lobbying of legislators. When they were defeated the last time, they were put on a two year probationary period (“supervision”), and made to follow actual rules. One of those rules requires all complaints to be reviewed by a practitioner in the same specialty prior to the board leveling charges against a physician. The name of that person in this case is a secret, but it is a pediatrician.


Many are waking up to the fact that our rights, even extending to what we do to our own bodies are being stripped away. Hence the decreased popularity of the Democratic party and even any Republicans that are in line with the globalist agenda.

Jeannette Bishop


Yes, and "for allowing a toddler to skip HIS shots." "Get YOUR flu shot." We already have injections assigned to us.

This action though really focuses the attack on the validity of parents' observations, which are often not likely to be supported by medical "documentation," often are made after the events and after reflection that requires time to counter the trust in the system we seem to be programmed with.

Essentially the same:


Does Dr. Sears sound radical to the average person for pointing out that informed consent applies to vaccination?


In the CBS report you posted, notice the wording, the doctor is in trouble for "excusing" a toddler from vaccination. Like when one is "excused" from school, also compulsory by law.

In both vaccination and schooling, the individual is forced to comply with societal processing. To avoid the processing, one must be "excused". Think about that - being "excused" from a medical procedure, as though it isn't the right of the individual to walk away. One must be excused.

Bob Moffit

@ Gary Ogden

"This is standard operating procedure for the Medical Board of California-smear the doctor in the local media where his or her practice is. They are utterly without scruples."

Unfortunately ... this "standard operating procedure" can be found in Sol Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" ..

RULE 12: Pick the target .. freeze it ..personalize it .. and .. polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

It is no accident that California's Medical Board has "picked Dr Sears" as it's "target" .. "personalized" him, "polarized him" .. "isolated him" .. fully understanding their action is "cruel but very effective" .. because .. "criticism and ridicule works".

Alinsky's 12th rule can be defined as the ultimate "ends justifies the means" of a tyrant or anarchist .. who desperately seeks to prevail in the "court of public opinion" .. and .. it is ALWAYS used by those having the institutional power and influence to do so ..

History is littered with the names of previous victims .. such as .. Dr Andrew Wakefield .. who were successfully "demonized " by powerful institutions .. in the court of public opinion" .. by Alinsky's "cruel but effective" 12th rule.


I think maybe don't waste your time writing to the Board. Instead write to the community. Maybe an op ed or some kind of forum where your voice will be heard.

Jeannette Bishop

CBS Los Angeles coverage:


Gary Ogden

Kapoore: This is standard operating procedure for the Medical Board of California-smear the doctor in the local media where his or her practice is. They are utterly without scruples. I'm trying to compose a letter to them in support of Dr. Sears, but I don't know how to be polite with scum like this.


Dr. Sears was practicing the precautionary principle by not vaccinating a child who had a vaccine reaction. Again here we have on view the medical establishments utter dismissal of a parents rights and a mother's testimony. It also shows the same stupidity that vaccines are safe and effective when in fact as everyone on this site obviously knows, "Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe" according to the Supreme Court. The Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was response to the number of lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers. I can only hope that one day it is abolished and then we'll see how "first do no harm" will magically become part of standard practice.

The other thing that bothers me is the way patient information ends up published in the L.A. Times. Can the medical board just go in and take patient information and publish it. I read through the privacy rights and it's true that privacy rights aren't as tight as we might have thought but no where did I see that it is all right to just take a patient information and use it against the doctor and publish it like a public scandal. (The L.A. Times once was a good newspaper but now seems to be a wing of the pharmaceutical industry. ) Next time I'm in a doctors office I'm going to put a big red line through the portion of the sign in sheet about sharing my medical data. I'll also take a picture on my phone. If the medical establishment decides to use me as a test case for something I will be able to sue them. MAKE MY DAY!!!

go Trump

Was Josh Coleman able to secure a California vaccine exemption for Otto’s younger brother ? It would seem that might be proper.

If not, perhaps Dr. Sears could provide one before he is no longer allowed to do so.


How many doctors who do the wrong surgery, or cut off the wrong limb are still practicing medicine in the United States? Simply medical fascism, with no end in sight.

Look for a nationwide Zika vaccine mandate coming soon...

John Stone

Thank you Ed. In that light it certainly seems very mysterious what Dr Sear's offence could have been.

It is getting to be as arbitrary as Kim Jong-Un.

Ed Yazbak

I do not know nor can I find out the exact charges against Dr. Sears.

What I do know about California vaccination rules and exemptions in 2014 is the following:

A new California State Law went into effect on January 1, 2014.

That law stated that the parents of the child could have requested and obtained a “Personal Belief Exemption” as long as they had a signed note from Dr. Sears stating that they had been informed of the "benefits and risks of immunization."

Dr. Sears “Medical Exemption” at the center of the present crisis was not even needed.

Bob Moffit

@ Angus

" Tyranny rules OK in the Land Of The Free sort it please America."

We desperately need a "Brexit" referendum on "mandatory vaccines without informed consent" rights .. I suspect the LAST thing these tyrants want would be a nationwide vote that allows "We the people" to decide what is "best for us".

@ Linda1

"MD = mean and deceptive, monster demon, moron dolt, mover of drugs, mad and demented, maniacal and dangerous, malicious and despicable, malevolent and dishonest..."

Someone once identified Profit's MD .. stands for Marketing Director .. which makes sense because "doctors" in the US work tirelessly SELLING VACCINES.

@ Jonathan Rose:

"California Medical Board has treated with great charity and mercy doctors who were convicted of sexual assault, fraud, negligent homicide, and conspiracy to commit murder, restoring their licenses to practice"

It is bad enough the California Medical Board has "mercy" for "criminal acts" committed by doctors .. just wishing they would have similar "mercy" and "compassion" for the 300,000 - 400,000 patients who DIE every year .. due to PREVENTABLE MISTAKES AND ERRORS COMMITTED BY HOSPITAL STAFFS AND DOCTORS. Who knows how many of those hundred's of thousand patients died as a result of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE .. that if committed by a mom or day care provider .. would have resulted in lengthy JAIL time.


Having read arguments on both sides I've come to the temporary conclusion that it's unlikely this 'Smear-Sears' effort has been properly thought through by the CMB.

What worries me is that the rats may have cornered themselves...


It is absolutely infuriating to watch them use the old Wakefield playbook on Dr. Sears as a warning shot to other doctors in the state who might dare to put their patient's health first.


Yes, but Dr. Sears has a lot of patients who know that he puts them first. And who also know that these charges against him are trumped up nonsense.

When they use such ridiculous excuses to go after guys like Dr. Sears, they're waking up the public faster than web sites like one could ever hope to .


This is full on medical tyranny full of COI's and a complete trampling of human rights. And it's all wrapped up as "public health."


"...sort it please America."

We're trying, Angus!

Yes, we have state immunization registries and I believe all MD office computers are now linked to the Center for Disgusting Criminals and Predators.

Angus Files

We are dealing with pure evil here. I truly believe that pharma sympathisers attract real psychopath's, and they don't look like Freddie Kruger, nope they mascaraed in suits, white medical aprons, party political candidates, they even go to religious meetings and wear the robes of the faith .They play act as a GOD..or so they would like to think so; so reality check needed , they are just feeble twisted wretches, with twisted evil non-neural-typical minds, normal human minds don't willingly go around harming other human beings and destroy anyone who says differently. Tyranny rules OK in the Land Of The Free sort it please America.


Gary Ogden

Linda 1: Public health officials have access to private medical records? Time to completely separate oneself from the medical dictatorship.


It's amazing that supposedly one of the reasons for mandating the chicken pox vaccine is that it would keep women out of work if their child got the chicken pox. Now women have to stop working entirely in order to home school their children or face the prospect that their children could become permanently maimed or killed by a vaccine.

There are two ways to fight this draconian law SB277. First of all we have to get rid of the people who voted for it and that could take some time but it has to be done. We have to work toward overturning it and that may mean vetting Republicans because for some reason most Democrats are bought. Secondly, we have to take each of the vaccines on the schedule and take it to court. Why must my child be denied entry into a classroom for not having the Heb B vaccine when children with hepatitis B are guaranteed an education by law? Why must my child have 5 doses of DTaP when only pertussis is a communicable disease in a classroom and the DTaP doesn't actually prevent pertussis but the symptoms of pertussis? (In fact, it makes my child more susceptible to the vaccine resistant strains) Why must my child have the chicken pox vaccine when break through disease is so common that the vaccine actually increases cases of chicken pox. (Just read an article about this in GreenMedInfo) So if you get rid of those vaccines then you have eliminated a batch plus a lot of aluminum as well as fetal cell tissue. It's the long slow process but we have to start somewhere otherwise in the long run we will end up with half empty classrooms and lots of kids running around the streets because their mother still have to work.

Jonathan Rose

In a comment on an earlier post I said we should take advantage of the Dark Side's blunders -- and this one looks like a doozy. They're going after a national celebrity who has a huge and loyal following, and it's an obvious frame-up. And once the general public realizes it's a frame-up, they will start to wonder whether the same happened to Dr. Wakefield.

If Dr. Bob loses, then this kid will have to go through the full vaccination schedule, and given his previous adverse reactions, that will be Russian Roulette. So we have to drive home the message that the California Medical Board is putting this child's life in real danger. And if (God forbid) the boy dies from one of those shots, it will be clear to everyone that the California Medical Board is guilty of gross malpractice, if not actual homicide. They were warned, so they won't be able to pretend it was a "coincidence".

As Ed Yazbak has noted elsewhere, the California Medical Board has (in stark contrast) treated with great charity and mercy doctors who were convicted of sexual assault, fraud, negligent homicide, and conspiracy to commit murder, restoring their licenses to practice medicine:


That too is a point we should relentlessly emphasize.


They probably are combing the records of every single independent thinking doctor in the state, looking for faulty record keeping as a pretext for harassing them. It is absolutely infuriating to watch them use the old Wakefield playbook on Dr. Sears as a warning shot to other doctors in the state who might dare to put their patient's health first. I fear it is going to have to get much worse before it gets better. The only thing that is going to help is proving that there is room for valid differences of medical opinion when it comes to vaccine safety on an individual basis. Otherwise, every doctor who writes an exemption is going to be targeted, no matter how valid the reason.


All of the new ACA electronic records have a prompt to ask about vaccinations for each patient contact, and the answers are funneled to a central database that public health officials have access to. So they can go after anyone they want any time they want in Communist California.

NWO Reporter

What is especially troubling about this complaint is the allegation that treatment should be tailored not just for the best interests of the patient, but for the best interests of the patient's 'future contacts' as well--i.e., others.

It's interesting that a doctor with such a moderately 'noncompliant' stance regarding vaccine doctrine would be targeted. How did the case come to the Medical Board's attention? It wouldn't be surprising to learn it had something to do with a contentious divorce or custody battle.


Why not do a study using pediatricians records to compare the timing of vaccination and the onset of autism? All the info is there. Take all the children who regressed in to autism and look at onset of symptoms and timing of vaccination compared with their non autistic peers.
Each individual practice can be required to find this data and submit it to non biased reviewers.


Are these types of disciplinary actions commonplace for these types of minor infractions? Is this another witch hunt? Everytime I see the words "the CDC recommends, or the CDC has stated" my blood begins to boil. When will the CDC be held accountable for the fraud that has taken place? I don't care how busy Chafetz office is. This should be top priority. The truth will come out eventually and then everyone will refuse all vaccines, it will be the fault of the CDC and the media. Not 'anti vaxxers'
If shots become mandatory in my State my children will stay home.

I see only two co-sponsors on HR-1636. Pathetic disgusting excuses for public servants. I want my tax dollars back. I want a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study yesterday. They are wrong and they will fail. People who force vaccines on others should have to provide their own vaccination records in full.

Gary Ogden

A few more thoughts. Either the parent of this child was a plant, or Dr. Sears was scooped up in Charity Dean’s dragnet of doctors writing medical exemptions. It seems unlikely that this came from a patient complaint, although we know that pharma is utterly ruthless. Orange County seems to have become medical fascism central, so I suspect it is more likely that a school district employee ratted.

Linda Higgins

What is next? I would NEVER have thought we would lose the right to decide what substances we must put into our bodies and those of our children. And now, one of the few good guys who will listen to parents, and act on their concerns is facing serious trouble. Yet, at the same time, I think we all knew it was coming, it is just really hard to deal with the fact that it actually has.


Don't suppose its possible to get patient records from the accusers, checking their "record keeping".
Did they neglect to note adverse events from vaccination?
Fail to make a report to VAERS?
Forget to list a blood pressure recording?
Lyme patient advocate, Lorraine Johnson, once said of similar abuse of doctors who treated Lyme patients: "Due process requires an absence of actual bias in the trial of cases".


And, BOYCOTT these bastards. Refuse to do business with any doctor that has anything to do with this organization. I guess that means no one with a license to practice medicine who hasn't publicly denounced their own licensing board.

MD = mean and deceptive, monster demon, moron dolt, mover of drugs, mad and demented, maniacal and dangerous, malicious and despicable, malevolent and dishonest...

No longer "medical doctor".


Well said Gary,

Once again, to quote Claudius (according to Robert Graves) - "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!"

Gary Ogden

One more thing. I well remember a medical board representative testifying at the SB 277 hearings that they would not investigate doctors who write medical exemptions; a bald-faced lie, and she knew it at the time the words came out of her mouth. She wasn't under oath, so she knew she could say anything she pleased.

Gary Ogden

This is one of the things the SB 277 lawsuit addresses (there is a new and improved lawsuit in the works, focussing on the medical issues, not the education issue). This is Orange County, the bastion of conservative Republicans (they helped us in the legislature, but they're really no different than the Democrats in promoting the interests of their campaign funders). In the lawsuit documents there is clear, written evidence that the medical board and the state and county health departments conspired to go after doctors who write medical exemptions. This is clearly illegal under the broadened ability of doctors to write them (the law, and the governors signing statement are clear that a medical exemption is up to the physician's professional judgement), which was added late in the process in a bid to insure its passage. Orange County is also where the county superintendent of schools instructed all schools in the county to reject the enrollment of all unvaccinated students with IEP's. This is clearly also illegal, as SB 277 contains an exception for them, and is in violation of state and federal disability protections. This law is a complete disaster. The state provided no guidance to local districts in its implementation. It is a can of worms which the lawsuit will open to the light of day. We all look forward to the trial, and all the sordid details which will come forth.

Gena Kirby

Can we start a petition to the medical board as parents? This is a witch hunt.


2014? This is a take down of any Medical Doctors that will support the reintroduction of the lawsuit against SB277 to be filed in October. It's a way to shut them down in case they become vocal during the process.


Californians need to park themselves (without their cars) in front of the California Medical Board headquarters. Picket, protest, chant LOUDLY and keep it up. Another group can do the same in Sacramento.



"USSV"? I like the phrase "medical fascism". Same thing....

Gary Ogden

The Medical Board of California has a long history of dirty deeds. Tim Bolen has written about this at some length. Medical fascism rules in California. I did not know this when I sent my seven-page complaint about Pan to them. I did not know that Pan is their paragon of what pharma expects an MD to be. They, like he, is little more than another marketing arm of pharma, along with the state and county departments of health. California has been fully bought. How can we help Dr. Sears?


That didn't take long. They will likely let him off "easy" but this is an obvious attempt at a "chilling effect" by slapping down a high profile doctor.

Tracy Ligtenberg

I absolutely support Dr. Bob Sears and his decision/actions with regards to exempting his patient from vaccines. I believe we should start a Change.org petition showing our support of Dr. Sears.

I suppose this was to be expected once SB277 was upheld by the courts--unfortunately. Is it time to leave California?

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