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Wake Up: California Vaccine Exemption Crackdown: From Parents to Doctors

Clinton: "Let's Protect All Our Kids." Did Secretary Clinton Pull A Nancy Snyderman and Expose Others to Disease Risk?

Do as i sayBy Kim Stagliano

During the political season, vaccination mandates and exemption considerations have been part of the conversation.   Candidates are branded "anti-vaccine" for any discussion other than,  "Vax early and often without thought."  Vaccine rights are certainly relevant here at Age of Autism, where so many of us have vaccine injured children, grandchildren, and loved ones. 

With this in mind, I listened carefully to a CNN report yesterday as I was driving home from Massachusetts to Connecticut with my three daughters, after a visit with my parents. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was said to have "overheated" at an event commemorating 9/11 in New York City and then "stumbled" when she got into her vehicle. A later reporte amended the story:

From CNN yesterday: Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, her doctor said Sunday, hours after the Democratic nominee stumbled and exited a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early.

Clinton was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, and "was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule," Dr. Lisa Bardack said in a statement.

"While at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely," said Bardack, chairman of internal medicine at the Mount Kisco Medical Group.  Read more here.

Take a look at the video below.

Stumbled? I see a poor woman who has perhaps passed out, appears limp and is dragged into the vehicle - her shoes are toes down on the pavement.  It's a sad moment to watch, for sure. She is a mother. And a grandmother....  Ah yes, a grandmother. This brings us back to vaccination. Clinton tweeted her thoughts on vaccines in a Tweet:

Clinton tweet
Let's talk about protecting "all our kids." 

From The viruses and bacteria that cause pneumonia are contagious. They're usually found in fluid from the mouth or nose of someone who's infected, so that person can spread the illness by coughing or sneezing. Sharing drinking glasses and eating utensils, and touching the used tissues or handkerchiefs of an infected person also can spread pneumonia.

Secretary Clinton went to her daughter Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan.  Chelsea has two children under the age of two. Charlotte was born on 9/26/2014 and brother Aiden was born just this past June.  (Chelsea must be pretty tired, my older daughters are 19 months apart.)

Is Secretary Clinton vaccinated against pneumonia?  

If so, her vaccine failed. I'd better check the sky color. Grandma told me vaccines work.  If not, then she's as anti-vaxxer as the rest of us! (Shall we teach her the secret handshake?)

I have to assume California's public health establishment lead by Dr. Richard Pan will politely request that she refrain from visiting their fair state.  They are in a dither about infectious disease, after all. They have rammed SB277 down the throats of citizens denying vaccine exemptions to children. And as of last week, it's clear that they will target doctors who write medical exemptions for their young patients - despite telling voters that SB277 will protect the medical exemption.   Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC went out for a bowl a soup while under Ebola quarantine and subsequently lost her job. The basic tenet of infectious disease management is as simple as "don't cough and sneeze and spew bodily fluids on those around you."  We learn that in preschool. 

Maybe Mrs. Clinton got a personal exemption of her very own to that rule?

Clinton NY Daily News
Hillary Clinton leaving her daughter's Manhattan apartment Sunday morning. (Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)

Subsequent reports yesterday showed Mrs. Clinton leaving Chelsea's apartment looking far more vigorous than early in the day.  I'm glad about that.  It's not my way to wish physical harm on others. She is a wife, mother and grandmother.  Just like me. Oh wait, I'll  never be a grandmother....

The NY Daily News reported:

Clinton stepped out of the apartment alone shortly before noon. She chatted with a little
Streisandgirl outside, smiled and waved to reporters and shouted, “It’s a beautiful day in New York!

It seems to me that Secretary Clinton has put a whole lot of people in disease harms way. Her staff. Reporters. Her contributors. Her family. Barbra Streisand!!

I hope that cute little girl told Mrs. Clinton, "Don't rain (or cough) on my parade...."

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



What happened to the video?


‘Deplorable me'(!)

That’s a lovely and telling moment in this whole lead-up. Having been insulted, to then make a simple show of not taking oneself too seriously through incorporating the insult itself is really poetic justice.

A show of heart takes a lot of beating.


Love only trumps hate when justice prevails.
Where is the justice for the american children who are suffering?

Robin Miles-McLean

For what it's worth on August 28th, the VaxXed team posted a video on their Facebook page (for the life of me, I can't figure out how to capture this video) Their Facebook page -
If you go to their videos section and scroll WAAAAYYY down, you will find a video of Andrew Wakefield talking about Trump - there is a big Trump sticker on the video thumbnail - I think it also has a #oneissuevote.
(You can also find it by scrolling down on their wall to August 28th - also a pain).

Anyway, Dr. Wakefield says in this video that he met with Trump recently and "he's on our side" and that Trump told Wakefield he would never back mandatory vaccinations......

John Stone


I take the point. To the best of my knowledge it was Dan O who first raised the question of whether Barron Trump might be autistic from watching him at the Republican congress.

Jonathan Rose

John, this may be wishful thinking on my part, but I think Benedetta is basically right about Trump. No doubt his campaign advisors are insisting that he refrain from making any more controversial statements, and he finally seems to be taking their advice (and advancing in the polls as a result). But the statement he made about vaccines is vague and anodyne -- deliberately so, I'd say. And notice he said he would "educate" -- not "coerce" -- the public about vaccination, which is entirely consistent with the principle of vaccine choice.

Moreover, according to some reports (can anyone confirm?) his youngest son Barron is on the spectrum. I'm not telling anyone here how to vote, but I think having an autism parent in the White House would make a big difference.

Birgit Calhoun

They have socialized medicine in Germany and they don't have mandatory vaccination. We have that here. The healthcare here is by no means socialized. As a matter of fact when you consider how high the co-pay is for a specialist, it appears to me that a well-visit is good business for the insurance companies and healthcare providers. It costs me $75.- per visit to see an ophthalmologist. That is almost 5 times as much as a doctor's visit cost ($16.-) in the mid-sixties. Just a few years ago I paid $20.- for only one co-pay and nothing for follow-ups.

Generally European countries do not force as many vaccines on people. But here is a link to check what they do over there:


First of all, re "edumacated", watch out, you're starting to speak American English. :o)

Second, thanks for the update on Trump's indoctrination. I think the only candidate who has the smarts and strength to lead this fight is Jill Stein and because the election is so massively rigged, she doesn't have a chance. But if you listen to her, she's much smarter and stronger than the average person and any candidate. From what I've seen, she is a force to be reckoned with and unflappable. If she is provaccine now, I believe there is a chance that she could be enlightened because she demonstrates knowledge of the pervasive malfeasance in government and industry.

British Autism Mother

How many people vote who are pharmaceutical company employees? Where do they live? Who are they going to vote for? Clue:- do turkeys vote for Christmas? Someone in both camps has been calculating numbers and, in Mr Trump's case, I suspect advising him there are more votes in moderating his public stance on vaccines so as not to scare the pharma voters. Sorry I don't have the knowledge base to do the sums - anyone care to have a go?



I know what Hillary is in this whole episode.

I know what Trump said on national TV about vaccines before he even ran.
I know what went on during the first debate of 17 candidates and both Ben Carson and Rand Paul backed Trump

Trump and Ben Carson has become - big friends after this debate. Ben Carson has even taken Trump up to his old neighborhoods in Detroit , to campaign

I know that Trump twitted a great deal about, "I was right" in reference to vaccines and autism - for a long time while running in the primaries.

And now that he is in the finally two months, and he is trying to tone it down, and act presidential - it all has gone silent.

But he did twit a month ago - a quick little twit - he is still with us in reference again to vaccines.

He is to me an unknown and a hopeful unknown.
That is a lot more than we have ever had before.

Hans Litten

Cannot believe it but these are very interestingly links :

He is best known for publishing research concluding that vaccines, in particular the Hib vaccine, cause insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,[3] a hypothesis he proposed based on experiments he conducted on mice in 1996.[4] His views are disputed and considered unverified.

Studies that have investigated the potential link between vaccines and diabetes include one, published by Frank DeStefano, which "did not find an increased risk of type 1 diabetes associated with any of the routinely recommended childhood vaccines."[

As mentioned above, some of DeStefano's research pertains to the thimerosal controversy; for example, he co-authored a study in 2003 in Pediatrics which concluded that there was no consistent association between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.[
Also in 1982, he joined the CDC as a senior epidemiologist in the Agent Orange projects. (Colleen Boyle too) . he joined the Epidemic Intelligence Service in 1979. In 1982, he completed a CDC residency in preventive medicine . EIS = CIA

John Stone


Thanks. On this occasion it wasn't hard work, people just send me the stuff (and I am duly grateful).

Hans Litten

"So, I think we can safely say that the issue has completely died in the current election."

He cannot escape his previous statements . But I suspected this would occur .
Brilliant investigative work on your part John .

John Stone

The bottom line is that Hillary got the vaccines, Prevnar and Pneumovax - she was probably foolish enough to believe her own propaganda - and she still got ill. The vaccines didn't "work", quite apart from not being safe...and grandma didn't know. On the other hand the Donald has been edumacated and is gradually becoming a fit member of the class of politicians. Worth noting (since minor billionaires have to stick together) he is getting ringing endorsements from Bernie Marcus, the CDC Board Member Emeritus who bank-rolled Autism Speaks. Trump's latest pronouncement on the subject of vaccines can be seen on

"We should educate the public on the values of a comprehensive vaccination program. We have been successful with other public service programs and this seems to be of enough importance that we should put resources against this task."

So, I think we can safely say that the issue has completely died in the current election.


Perhaps let's wait until we know more about Hillary's condition.

Or rather, know less. For as they say, less is more.


Birgit: Thanks for the run down. You gave me a better understanding of why we are where we are at in this country with this health insurance.

They all said that we would eventually have socialized medicine at the end of it all

Socialized medicine scared everyone 8 years ago.
Still kind of scared of it cause that makes me worry about mandatory vaccines.

Robin Miles-McLean

The Clinton campaign just released some medical records. According to the Washington Post, Hilary Clinton has had not one, but two pneumonia vaccines - Prevnar and Pneumovax.

She is also on one of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics Levaquin, which has many terrible side effects - some of them permanent. They are suppose to be antibiotics of last resort - used when all else fails, not for a "mild" case of pneumonia.

Birgit Calhoun

Benedetta! I didn't say it was a great plan. It was way too complicated. I think the whole thing had about 800 page or so. I am mainly saying Hillary's plan was not the current plan by Obama. I don't know what hand she had in it.

This is from Wikipedia:
"In the 1930s, The Roosevelt Administration explored possibilities for creating a national health insurance program, while it was designing the Social Security system. But it abandoned the project because the American Medical Association (AMA) fiercely opposed it, along with all forms of health insurance at that time."


"Employer-sponsored health insurance plans dramatically expanded as a direct result of wage controls imposed by the federal government during World War II.[24] The labor market was tight because of the increased demand for goods and decreased supply of workers during the war. Federally imposed wage and price controls prohibited manufacturers and other employers from raising wages enough to attract workers. When the War Labor Board declared that fringe benefits, such as sick leave and health insurance, did not count as wages for the purpose of wage controls, employers responded with significantly increased offers of fringe benefits, especially health care coverage, to attract workers."

So you could blame it on president Roosevelt that we don't have a health plan similar to successful ones in Europe and Canada.

The current health insurance scheme is not a good one because it didn't eliminate the huge problem of to many cooks. There is way too much administration, not enough co-operation and the government doesn't really have any control over costs. I share your disgust with what's going on. But it has more to do with this country not really being interested in socialized medicine. Obama did not have much of a choice with a Republican Congress nixing all possibilities for a single payer plan or a nationalized health Insurance.

A huge problem is the entrenched system that has to deal with the AMA and the insurance companies with their top-heavy administration. The government has very little control over negotiating drug prices (which other countries do) and very little control over the AMA that also is stirring in the same pot.

One more thing, the AMA was founded because of things having to do with "grandfathering" and also the use of mercury in medicines. And while I am at this the ADA was also founded over 160 years ago because they wanted mercury amalgam used as tooth filling which dental surgeons in those days strongly opposed.


Look at this! It's hard to get information on Hillary's serious health problems if you use Google as your search engine. You easily get a lot more hits if you use Bing or Yahoo. (Or Duck Duck Go, which I've been using a lot since an AoA reader directed me to it last year.)

I commented on this last year regarding how hard it was to get information on vaccine topics using Google: it is programmed to direct you to pro-vaccine articles and sites. Looks like it's programmed to protect pro-vax politicians as well.


That is a good point, Grace Green.


I worked for the U.S Forest Service in research on how to make coal cleaner. I feel that we were very successful. There were tons of things that improved safety. Perhaps mining, and burning coal safely is the most researched subject on the planet. And the people we worked with - the engineers from the coal companies, and the people working for the coal companies took these safety measures very serious to the point that it humbled me. .

Meanwhile: Hillary says: "We are going to put a lot of coal miners out of work"

What do you depend on Leah for a living?

Regardless; right now fracking is keeping the light on - not windmills - and certainly not solar panels. If you read any of the just ordinary high school freshman text books about solar panels it becomes clear fast that they will never work. The science has always hit a solid wall on that one

President Obama is basically a lawyer, not a science guy. He has had a hard time letting go of the romantic idea that we can just harvest the sun with solar panels. He called American's lazy for two reasons We are lazy - when it comes to not being innovative. I think he was aggravated that the science guys can't get those solar panels working Well the science is just not there. Transferring of electrons from the sun to the substance in the solar panels can only be done for a short while only. It will always be expensive and it will never work to the point it will be affordable.

Grace Green

Benedetta, yes, you're absolutely right they should. My point was just that the NHS has just as much corruption but individuals don't find out about it because they don't personally have to pay.
On the subject of Mrs. Clinton, I see it's reported that she didn't think her pneumonia diagnosis was "that big a deal". I'm wondering why she thinks the CDC recommends a vaccine for it for people her age, and if she, grandma, knows best, why does she think a vaccine is necessary for an illness which is no big deal!


Grace Green;
I am not sure that is good either.
I know we pay doctors and nurses well. I am sure that the doctors and nurses needs a support system like a hospital to keep equipment and teams of medical doctors together and organized.
But there is deep rich, green corruptional pus.
Now is there in your system?

There will always be humans that manage to figure out how to beat the system and get ahead. So, I think you need to know the price.

I heard that it is slow about getting medical procedures done. However; if you get into a hurry you can pay out of pocket. So, surely the doctors will tell you how much they will make you pay to do the medical procedure ?


George John Mitchell Jr. Senate Majority Leader from 1989 to 1995. Democrat

Newt was speaker of the house of Representatives I think for just four or five years toward the end of the 90s.

House of Representatives - vs Senate



The Clinton health plan required each US citizen and permanent resident alien to become enrolled in a qualified health plan and forbade them from disenrolling until covered by another plan. It listed minimum coverages and maximum annual out-of-pocket expenses for each plan. It proposed the establishment of corporate "regional alliances" of health providers to be subject to a fee-for-service schedule. People below a certain set income level were to pay nothing. The act listed funding to be sent to the states for the administration of the plan, beginning at $14 billion in 1993 and reaching $38 billion in 2003.

How is that different from Obama Care?

Grace Green

Benedetta, your health system sounds like a complete gravy train. Our NHS on the other hand, the accounting is all done behind closed doors, the taxpayer foots the bill, but no-one independent sees the figures!


Donald Trump is not the savior you are looking for. Remember HItler once was up for election. Yeah, praise Trump with all those draft deferments who talks about how much he loves the military and war. Loves Mercury spewing power plants. Loves women except when they are slobs or not 10s, guns are great too. No need for background checks. Putin is fab too--just overlook the 30 plus journalists that he got rid of. I could go on and on. There are plenty of red flags. I am hugely pro vaccine safety. But these are huge red flags.

Birgit Calhoun

Benedetta! The Obama health plan is not at all like what Hillary had proposed in the early '90s. That plan would have been much more like a single payer plan. The reason why it was doomed was because we had a Republican Congress, and the people who prevented it were absolutely against Hillary already then. Those days were the days when Newt Gingrich had his grand plans (Contract with America) and he started to have talking points every day. It was in the days which have lasted until today when the Republican Party have only one goal and that was to vote against any bill good or bad that was initiated by a Democrat. There was absolutely no way a health plan could have evolved that might have come from any Democrat. The current climate is not the result of Democrats ruling but of Republicans obstructing. There were many reasons why Hillary voted a certain way when she was in the Senate. She probably did so in order to make deals that would in time benefit her in the state of New York. Voting for or against is full of deal making. Our elected officials often vote to make deals so that they can win with something that is more important to them.


Brigit" Hillary - to change!
Obama Health care - is Hillary's plan she had under President Clinton that she tried to get past Congress then and it failed.

She is up to this health bunch of everything to her eyeballs.

Some one tell me please WHY, when all the Democrats were all putting pages and pages of health care reform behind close doors -

Why some idiot fool did not put a clause some where that stated that hospitals must give a quote on price of all procedures before hand if they are not emergency.

We had an overnight EEG done and For five whole months I tried to get a price. I was manipulated at first..

They said, "Oh, when you make the appointment they will call a week later and tell you the price"
Well the didn't>
When I called about it they said; "Oh, they will tell you a week before the appointment , well they didn't and I cancelled and rescheduled.

Then it was after we get your insurance back -- and after calling and calling - I got - well it is 300 or 400 dollars on the end of the hospital.

This is not naïve of me - -- by the time I pay the medical equipment 300, and they doctor 200 and the hospital 400 we are getting close to a 1000 dollars.

It came back 10,000 dollars.

It took an additional five months to get an itemized bill.

My insurance company bragged to me that they negotiated it down to 5, 000. My co pay by the way ---

After receiving the itemized bill - after five long months -- I see the hospital charged me for 2 days when we were barely there for 24 hours. Nope, there 22 hours I am pretty sure only hooked up to the EEG machine for 20 cause my son could not take it any longer.

Sooooo, My insurance company that is taking around a 1000 dollars out of this house hold monthly for three of us - negotiated it down - a whole day that we were not there. IS that not great negotiating.

This is Hillary and Obama's baby . Why were there not a clause that you have to do good business practices like every one else.

Also that 300 dollar rental - of a computerized EEG with a video - well the hospital charged me around 3,000 dollars additional cause it was sitting in their none profit 2,200 dollar room - when a FOR PROFIT hospital over on the other side of town only charges 1,700. Then of course there was the charge for the 500mg of seizure medicine - that we did not take cause we brought our own 750 mg of seizure medicine.

Birgit Calhoun

Well, Bill Clinton came from Hope/Arakansas. It is currently listed as the town with the lowest income in Arkansas. He pretty much came from nowhere. I think Bill Clinton was probably not stupid when he became President. He was known in Arkansas to have his warts, but that he was a good man. Same with Hillary. We don't know if she'll win. The Clintons are probably in the same boat as Bill Gates who also needs to be educated. Maybe none of those people will listen. But whom else are you going to try to influence? You can also try Donald Trump. He may be the most likely person to sway. But again you need to not preach to the choir. The choir is already on board. It's more important to influence who must be swayed. The general public also must be influenced. There were a few people who over the course of history have influenced how people thought. Of course religions originated from influential people. Do we have those people now? Did we do all we could to make listeners and leaders? We all are way too individualistic to be taken in by our next door neighbors or even our church leaders. We have to just try to educate and hope that somewhere along the line there is a tipping point.

John Stone


I don't know how you get the ear of a senior politician - if anyone was positioned it was Robert Kennedy jnr. Bill Clinton's administration, of course, had form. It was under Bill that pharma advertising was deregulated by executive order allowing it to buy out the media. It was also in the last days of the administration that the CDC launched the big vaccine cover up.

Birgit Calhoun

Clinton is misguided in her ideas about what health is. But I also think she can be influenced. She can be made aware of what has gone wrong in today's healthcare debate. I don't know how, but maybe she can be educated when it comes to America's children and vaccination. How about writing her and informing her about where she went wrong. Or how about Chelsea?

Birgit Calhoun

Danchi! Great story. I hope it strikes a chord with people. The people who are so convinced about vaccination should start thinking and remove their arm-chair bias. But as to:

"Just like religious true believers Pro-vaxxers are true believers because vaccines have gone beyond a medical procedure-they have become a new religion."

It is hard to convert people who believe in a certain religion (pro-vaxxers) especially when it is not supported by current knowledge and interlaced with powerful propaganda. I don't know if I have an answer. This country has recently become notorious for making bad law. And science has become extremely unreliable because the support of science by special interest makes it worse than science. It often becomes a true product of make-believe.

The general public is clueless about what science to trust. They just trust, and that has become a quasi religion as well. It's sad state.

If we are not careful we are going back into the dark days of witch-hunting.


You can google it to see the evidence. He's lost a ton of weight. I read stuff about mysterious absences at medical centers, but can't say how much is true. The extreme weight loss is obvious.

Jenny Allan

The view from 'across the pond'. We're all a bit bemused about the Clinton v Trump Presidential contest.

Cait from Canada

CiaParker, people have been claiming that Obama has lung cancer since 2009. What is the evidence?


Danchi- the older version of the joke was they cut off the end of the big ham bone sticking out, not just a bunch of meat.

Go gently on these parents - we have, for 40 years now.
My sister-in-law is now working on ruining the second generation and she has succeeded. Her non verbal grandson attending kindergarden is going to be put in special ed. They all by now know what that means. She had four sons and only one escaped. He alone married and had a child. So, I guess he did not escape cause now he has a son and three brothers that live close to him that after his parents die or become disabled he will have to look after.

Really the end result if not gentle.

And since the IACC meetings are really there to stall, and stall, and stall - being gentle and quiet is playing into exactly what government wants to do. Stall until 1/2 of the kids in the next 15 all have autism.


It has become second nature because of such practice by our political leaders that as soon as something is said about one of them - the supporters immediately demonize those bringing the message.

She almost fainted, that is true.
She did say the sky is blue and vaccines are safe.
There is a ton of other stuff that is bad rotten wrong too.

But hey! You all of you bringing up she is sick are being accused of happily doing so - and that is just wrong.

And then we have all of us scrabbling to say -- well we are sorry she is sick - but geesh - we are against her cause she will become a big policy maker for vaccines if elected.

And what kind of reasoning goes on in a brain that writes - that she may truly be a believer in vaccines and that is alright?

She is running to be the boss of me and to make policy. If her beliefs are wrong she as a citizen is welcome to those erroneous beliefs but not as a leader. If a person votes for such a person knowing they are wrong about a belief -- that is also something morally wrong, It is not right. I am pretty sure it is a sin. Cause it is a sin to do things that will hurt others.


Is there any chance Stagliano, Olmsted, Blaxill, Stone, y'all are Springsteen fans?
Does it mean anything to y'all when i say "big man assist me please...."?
Rachel Maddow's coverage of the whole affair was decideldy "anti" Bush.
May the god i don't believe in bless her.

Meta that big "men".


I would like to see all the transcripts of speeches she gave to industry. Too me that would be illuminating and voters should be demanding those. We are voting in the dark.


i truly hope clinton is ok
i truly know Dr Bark is the best person in the world to help her so
i truly know really nothing, my guess is my truth (sorry)
i truly love my kids
and in Boise ID if clinton gets elected, there's a better than good chance
that my 12yr old vaccine free kid will not be able to attend the public education that He has enjoyed
Unless HE is injected with
four doses of the polio vaccine
Three doses of the diphtheria, tentnaus, pertussis vaccine
two doses of the measels, mumps, rubella vaccine
How many doses of chicken pox,
How many doses of rotavirus,
OMG, i've lost track.........i believe that's the point

Jeannette Bishop


So are we to understand that she had pneumovac? Then it didn't work. OR, did she not get pneumovac even though she herself pimps vaccines? Which is it Hillary?

Gary Ogden

Grace Green: But, you have good whisky in Scotland, so that makes up for it. Also Dr. Kendrick, one of the best.


There is also a lot of evidence that Obama has lung cancer.


Hillary is said to have a doctor with an adrenaline shot within a few feet of her at all times. Also has bodyguards who assist her as needed. She has had coughing fits for months. Has everyone seen the head bobbing incident? Maybe more than one? I thought it was a seizure, but read yesterday that it might be a drug side effect. Parkinson's for the last ten years, as I mentioned earlier.

In the case of a presidential candidate, if it's acceptable to want to see their medical records, and I think that it is, and if it turns out that he or she has serious medical conditions which would affect their ability to be a good president, then it's also acceptable to feel glad if the person retires from the race because of their medical problem manifesting. Millions of lives depend on their competence, and they are in a very different situation than a civilian in ordinary life.


If Hillary and Bill both have Parkinson's as some have speculated, then I'm willing to bet they are vaccine injured. I can't imagine that Hillary as Secretary of State going to all those "disease ridden" parts of the world wouldn't be inoculated against every disease known to man. Part of her prep for traveling on diplomatic missions was a quick visit to the doc before she boarded the plane. Travel is exhausting, let's face it. I always come back from a trip with some bug or other. I once came back just like Hillary so dehydrated that I got a major
"something", probably a bad virus and a cough. But since I ride out illness rather than treat it I recovered in a couple of weeks and life went on. Hillary, though, fell and hit her head and got a concussion. I use to take vaccines to travel and I remember sight seeing in a blur. Before her Secretary of State job, Hillary was recovering her loss of fortune with the Clinton Foundation and you saw Bill globe trotting to all those places all over the world. They were both globe trotting simultaneouly, remember. Once they even (surprise, surprise) ended up in the same country on diplomatic type missions, separate missions as per their usual style, but oddly still together.

So, my guess is that they are both vaccine injured, brain fogged out, and succumbing to the sorts of things that happen with vaccine injury--you get autoimmune diseases, like Parkinson's. That's my guess...


What i know:
My fourteen-yr old son was conceived September 11th, 2001
He is vaccine injured He is vaccine injured HE IS VACCINE INJURED!!!!!
The current trend in American obstetrics and pediatrics
is to tell all new parents to now allow ANYBODY
near their child, unless SHE has been FULLY vaccinated

Dear Secretary Clinton,
How many vaccines did YOU have in (direct) order
to be around your grand children?
American Mothers want to know.
American Mothers who want to vote for you want to know.
American Mothers who can't vote against their own child facing a DTaP shot

Maybe we all belong in that "deplorable basket"?

Aimee Doyle

First, I agree with Danchi - expressing glee at another individual's health problems is simply wrong.

For most of my voting life I've been an independent - and I tend to vote the person, not the party.

I like substantive information before I cast my vote. In the case of two older candidates, medical records matter. That being said, I would like Trump to release his full medical records (not a one-page letter from his doctor), and I would like Clinton to release her full medical records. John McCain is an excellent example here. He released over a thousand pages of medical records when he ran for office - and I think it is appropriate for older candidates to do that. The American people need to have confidence is their president's health. Right now I don't have confidence in either candidate's health.

And, BTW, why hasn't Trump released his tax records? And why aren't people - supporters and those on-the-fence upset about that? Every candidate for the last 40 years has released records. I'm an attorney, and I know that an audit will not prevent release of records. In any event, there isn't any reason he couldn't release records from years not being audited.

And further, I'd like substantive information from Trump on his autism plan. Clinton does have one on her website, and I don't agree with all of it, and I don't think it's adequate, but she does offer a plan.

I just can't vote based on sound bites or rumors.


Thank you for your comment. I have run into hard core Pro-Vaxxers and believe me the word hard-wired isn't strong enough to describe them. I'm reminded of a story I learned years ago:

A young girl of 12 was watching her Mom prepare a Ham for a family dinner.
The Mom was carving the ham is a unique pattern and the little girl was intrigued.
Mom she asked. Why are you cutting the ham that way. It looks like you're cutting off a lot of meat-why?
Mom looked at her daughter puzzled and said I really don't know. This is how I remember my Mother cutting it so I just repeated what she did and still does it when she cooks.
The young girl asked why does Gram cut it like that?
Mom said, I don't know. Let's go ask her.
So the two of them find Gram and ask her about the ham carving -the why?
Gram said, she didn't know. That was how her Mom cut up the ham so she just repeated it.
Kids being kids the young girl asked her Gram why? Gram shrugged her shoulders. Young girl said can we ask your Mom why. Gram said, Sure.
They seek out the Great Grandmother presiding over her large family in the family room.
The young girl ask, Granny, Gram cuts up the ham in a way that she's cutting away a lot of meat and so does my Mom, They said they learned it from you. Why did you do it that way.
Granny looks at the three of them and laughs and says "it was the only way I could fit it in the pan".

The young girl stepped outside the tribe and asked. That's called heightened awareness. An energetic shift. Just like religious true believers Pro-vaxxers are true believers because vaccines have gone beyond a medical procedure-they have become a new religion.

Dan Olmsted

Just a friendly reminder, dear readers, that all voices are welcome here, including lifelong Democrats and those who think that given the options a vote for Hillary Clinton is a reasonable decision. Yours in choice, Dan.

Grace Green

Gary Ogden, unfortunately it's illegal to sell raw milk in Scotland (but not in England). So if, like us you want or need to use raw milk you have to milk your own goats/cow!


"relieved to see her stumble in a way that may cost her the presidency:

In therapeutic circles that's called the Yes-But. Yes, we don't mean her harm BUT we are pleased that she stumbled. You don't think her stumbling is harmful to her? Does it have to be specifically to her health? We all know that the state of a persons health is directly in alignment with their mental well being. You exhibit a certain elation (pleased) that she stumbled. She stumbled because she was ill. So it can reason out that you are pleased she's ill otherwise she would not have stumbled.

I'm not going to speculate on her health, not going to analyze every movement that she makes, listen for slur or belches in her voice or whatever. If people are doing that than there is some part of that individual that is looking, no matter how passive for something to leap on and say Ah Ha-I thought so. She has this that or another disease or illness. I knew something is wrong with her.
I'm not going to do that for any candidate and I wouldn't do it for any human being.

John Stone


Yes, that's inference I drew. But the wider picture is confusion, so who knows? There is a narrative here, but with a lot of noise in the background.


Maybe Secretary Clinton realizes she is vaccine injured and rushed over to her grandson's home to make sure her daughter didn't take him to his four-month "well" visit. :)

One can wishfully think...... :)


During the Democratic National Convention, after watching Bill Clinton with shaky hands and walking around the stage by himself as if not quite sure where he was, I told my husband that I bet he has Lyme. The Clinton's primary residence is in the town of Chappaqua, the same town where Pamela Weintraub, author of "Cure Unknown" lived when her entire family became ill with Lyme and coinfections. - in an endemic area in NY state. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this is what's happened to Hillary's health. Lyme is called the new "great imitator" because it can look like a number of other diseases, or some weird combination. Babesia, a common coinfection of Lyme, can cause a chronic cough. Pneumonia can also be caused by Lyme, because Lyme wreaks havoc on the immune system, making some vulnerable to other infections. My son, who was born with Lyme and coinfections, had pneumonia 5 times before the age of 9, before we knew about the Lyme and got him treated with antibiotics. Of course there's no way to know, and it may seem like a huge stretch for those who've never experienced Lyme, but from where I'm sitting this is what it looks like - especially because they are both obviously having health issues.


I think what it means is that she is being treated for a condition in which these symptoms are expected. They seem to know what's wrong with her and it isn't simple overheating, because if that was the case, more serious conditions would need to be medically ruled out before settling on that explanation. But seriously, how can we have a president that so easily wilts? They said she was dehydrated. Really? Why? Did she just run a marathon? Was she stranded in the desert or was she floating on a raft in the ocean for a week? What are they talking about?
I think we must know before voting for her (and before she was made the democratic nominee) what medications she is on. She might be on steroids too to suppress whatever condition she has. Steroids also affect ability to cope, mentally, emotionally and physically, potentially affect judgment and cause weight gain. I am not trying to start any rumors, but we need to know what she's taking, why and for how long.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'Atypical pneumonia' is a bacterial infection that causes a persistent cough but is usually mild enough to allow the victim to continue to function almost normally. There are also other forms of pneumonia that are not particularly serious, although anybody carrying any infectious form of the disease she should follow common sense guidelines to avoid passing it to others.

Her collapse may be nothing more serious than dehydration.

So this incident does not by itself constitute evidence that she has a serious chronic health condition that would preclude continuing her campaign.

Of far more significance to everybody here is her funding from the health industry and likely actions if elected to office.


One thing that is bothering me the most is the number of people in this movement that are helping get her elected. Let me say clearly. A vote for anybody but Trump is a vote of Clinton. Vote for Trump in November than we can all go back to our partisan corners.

Birgit Calhoun

My comment here has nothing to do with any presidential contender. My comment is more general. If anything can be achieved to change the way people look at science, one has to avoid going on the attack against someone whose mind you want to change. Most of the people who like vaccines like them because they have learned from early childhood on that vaccines are good for you. I have not had a vaccine since maybe 30 years ago. I have learned a lot since then, and what's more I have been protected against all those childhood illnesses because I experienced those ailments first-hand.

In order for the majority who is pro-vaccines to understand why there should be disgression when it comes to vaccines, it is necessary to at least have a tiny bit of understanding of why there is such vehemence when defending vaccines. Think of yourself as a parent of a vaccine-injured child and then ask yourself whether you would still be anti-vaccination if you had never had an autistic child.

The majority who think vaccines are great have not had our experience. But they need to learn in a gentle way that parents of autistic kids are not the enemy. They need to work on a common problem of really serious toxins in the environment. They need to find out that physicians have to start studying the subject of what they inject and how it is toxic. The days of a doctor not knowing that a vaccine has an insert need to be numbered. Education rather that condemnation needs to be practiced. Preaching to the choir rarely has an impact.


Hillary is exactly one year older than I am, and so I have been following her coughing fits, possible "brain freezes," stumbles and falls with curiosity and foreboding--could that happen to me? I am at the moment very healthy, but I can't even imagine running for president. It must be horrible feeling that rotten and standing up in front of hundreds if not thousands of people and not being able to stop coughing long enough to get out a full sentence. The word on the "conspiracy minded" internet is that her symptoms match those of Parkinson's. Apparently sometimes those with Parkinson's have trouble swallowing and can easily get "stuff" down the wrong throat that can lead to pneumonia.

For me, though, the issue is vaccination and vaccine injury so I look at all events through that prism. And here what I see is a failure of the mainstream media to again tell us the full truth, or at least to play politics with truth/half truth. We can't trust them because they have a pre-ordained agenda. She is their candidate and so they are going to tell lies when necessary, cover up when necessary. I don't blame Hillary as she seems so out of it, it's hard to imagine her orchestrating the media debacle on her health. But if it does in the long run turn out that she is seriously ill, not just overheated and tired, not just a bitty case of pneumonia that antibiotics should nip in the bud....and she'll be vigorously debating Trump on the 27th of September. If she is seriously ill then we have caught the mainstream media in another lie--like the lie of mobile weapons of mass destruction in the build up to the war in Iraq. (They lied us into war, remember) If they are lying about Hillary's health and the conspiracy theorists are right, then what else might they be lying about. Vaccines are safe and effective, right?

Michelle B

What sickens me, maybe more than a Presidential candidate who is clearly ill, is that her doctor is ethically challenged, too. Why would her doctor allow her to keep the schedule she had planned--obviously not physically up to even this one event, let alone the upcoming CA trip? If she has pneumonia--severe enough to cause the condition we all witnessed--then she should have been hospitalized instead of being taken to her daughter's apartment. Yet Mrs Clinton was back on the street, and her doctor implying that merely "rehydrating" has revived her. Very irresponsible.
Also, are we to believe this doctor, that her patient partakes in "yoga, swimming, walking and weight training?" This doctor is obviously nothing more than a mouthpiece.

And to the fellow commenter who suggested that Bill Clinton would take over running the country for her were she elected? Hmmm, where was HE during all of this? Maybe napping as he did for much of the DNC? Politics aside, I think it's time they both retire and take care of their health, instead of advising us on ours.

John Stone


Yes, that struck me as odd - when you get such an event how do you know exactly what happened?


The other thing is - even with pneumonia, a woman of her age having a fainting spell would be a reason for a trip to the ER to make sure she wasn't having a heart attack or stroke. They took her to her daughter's apartment?

John Stone


Certainly bacterial pneumonia is potentially infectious. Presumably, if it is a virus the virus is infectious.


Hillary--the pro vaccine queen. Gee, look at what great health they have given her-- COUGH, COUGH (no pun intended). God help us all if this woman gets in office.


If Clinton has been covering up (for several years?) a chronic medical condition, you can bet that the pharmaceutical companies have known about it. They have intelligence operations. She would have to dance to their tune.

And then we have Trump who, in spite of having a native Russian speaker as a senior advisor, is insistent that Putin called him a genius when Putin actually called him a colorful character.

We are screwed.


Pneumonia is not contagious, but a complication of another condition. I read yesterday that in Hilary's case it was a complication of allergies, which wouldn't be contagious. I also read that she has known for ten years that she has Parkinson's, and the head bobbing episode recently was a side effect of taking Depaprova (?) for many years for Parkinson's. I don't think her health is good enough for her to be president, although I guess Bill might take the reins behind the scenes.


1. Most of the evidence points to a Parkinson's diagnosis -

Repetitive movements, including head-bobbing (and not just the coffee shop "cold chai" video)

hand tremors (she almost always grasps her hands to avoid showing the pill-rolling tremor)

forgetfulness and memory loss (couldn't recall important classified file details or even what the letter "C" meant [classified]),

difficulty walking (obvious in many many videos)

loss of wording (also documented)

weight gain from inactivity (some say significant)

loss of stamina (she disappeared from the campaign trail for the entire month of August)

persistent cough for more than a year....shall I go on?

2 - Hillary will drop out of the race. She has to. The woman can't stand up, for goodness sakes. Julian Assange has the goods on her and her crooked Clinton Foundation. They're just buying time at this point. Her chronic illness will result in legal leniency.

3 - In summary:

Trump has a "basket of deplorables." Clinton has a "basket of medications."
This episode of illness isn't new. The woman has been sick for years.
She has terrible "pneumonia", has to cancel her California trip, but PLAYS with Chelsea's newborns at the apartment and takes a photo-op with a little girl. Wake up, people. She can do this because she DOESN'T have pneumonia.
"BABS" Streisand got exposed to pneumonia. BABS!
When EXACTLY was the X-ray taken on Friday?
"Don't lock her up....prop her up!"

Honestly, I hope she gets well soon. I really do think she is chronically ill and gets the medical attention she needs.


No one here is wishing her harm, I assure you. Some, including myself, may be relieved to see her stumble in a way that may cost her the presidency, because her getting into office means the end of life as we have known it, or a chance to overcome the takeover of this country because she is the chosen next puppet of those who would poison us to keep us as slaves, with many substances, including vaccines.

Kim, there are noninfectious forms of pneumonia. It could be that she aspirated something into her lungs causing a pneumonia and the doctor put her on antibiotics to prevent secondary infection. But we don't know and I really don't like the mysteriousness with which she and her team operate. They are forthcoming only when forced to cough up information, and then we have no idea if it's a story they just made up on the fly or only a small part of the truth. My instinct tells me that we're not being told what's going on with her. Why the dark glasses? No one else in those photos had sunglasses on. She wasn't at the beach. A candidate for president hiding the windows to her soul - more than a little unsettling. Downright creepy.

My impression of what was caught on video of her leaning on the post and then unable to walk to the car - of course, I can't be sure, but I think if she was fainting it would look different. Her nervous impulses to her legs would be intact - she would just become weak and drop. In the video it seems that she does not have control over her legs. Her movement forward looks ataxic. She is uncoordinated, then she loses all control and drops and they catch her and put her into the car. That could be a side effect of drugs or could be a neurological condition, but I doubt that it was a fainting episode (the coughing fits also could be from a neurological problem - if she is having trouble swallowing, that could set her up for aspiration pneumonia). That her entourage know to shield visibility by forming a circle around her is a red flag that there is a cover-up. We are not being told what is going on with this person who is running for president. It's outrageous.

I watched the MSNBC report on this and was laughing hard at this idiotic news station MD trying to downplay what occurred in the most unprofessional deceptive way - and the reporter going on and on about how hot the weather was (it wasn't) and how she herself had to wear a t-shirt and shorts to come to work and then change into her present attire it was so hot in NY (it was in the 70's with a breeze).

I read that Clinton is hypothyroid and also takes an anti-coagulant to prevent blood clots. Everything else about her aside, I personally don't think that a person on those kinds of drugs should be president. Thyroid supplementation is never perfect and thyroid hormones affect metabolism, mood and cognition. Both drug therapies need to be very closely monitored and have very narrow therapeutic ranges. It is very good that these therapies exist to help people, but in my opinion, a person on these therapies would be too medically fragile to be president. I would prefer someone who is not on any type of treatment (I know, good luck trying to find an American who is healthy enough to get through the day without being medicated).

The episode once again revealed how much trouble this country is in. I'm glad you reported, Kim.


There are obvious issues of multiple standards here, and as usual whether we are being told the truth.

I agree with that statement wholeheartedly John. Some of the statements over the last years have been disturbing, especially in the pro-choice anti-vaccine community and it's really makes me shake my head. How can you be so loving, giving and compassionate on the one hand yet make some of the remarks about someone without absolutely any proof of what they are being blamed for and feeling some stratification that the person is ill. I just find the things I have read over the last few days all over the pro-choice anti vaxx community very unsettling.

John Stone

Hi Danchi,

AoA has never allowed comments wishing anyone harm, so if any slipped through please let us know. This incident has inspired comment all over the place and I am not sure AoA is any different. We have allowed comments pointing out the shortcomings of other candidates too. There are obvious issues of multiple standards here, and as usual whether we are being told the truth.


Regardless of how you feel about ANY candidate, if they are ill we should wish them good health, not try and take advantage of their situation. Good grief people. When did Americans become that? A person is ill so it's OK to mock them, will them continuing ill health and over on Dr. Tenpenny's Facebook page those people are actually hoping that she dies. I don't care who the person is Clinton, Johnson, Stein or Trump-if they are ill I wish them a speedy & full recovery because doing anything less make us the barbarians that we as human beings try so hard not to be. OK, barbarians may be a little strong but it is disturbing that so many websites that embrace compassion for children who are ill & vaccine damage harbor and spew such vitriol towards a person just because the don't embrace the same beliefs as they do.

OK Clinton has come out with the statement vaccines are safe that the science is in. Did you ever think that she believes it in her gut? That's her right to do so and I don't see her going cross the country repeatably talking about vaccines, calling anti-vaxxers names and engaging in any back & forth about vaccines. You're upset that she doesn't believe as you so you take every opportunity to demean and disparage her. Rather hypocritical don't you think? Where is the same level of venom for Stein & Johnson who support vaccines? Where is the venom for Trump who calls anti-vaxxers losers & haters? Before many of you respond to me with your Clinton is a horrible person meme please have verifiable documentation to prove all her misdeeds.

I feel that I'm older than many on this site. Grew up in a different time. As an ethnic minority -who hundreds of times over the years have been subjected to looks, comments and outright rudeness, those feelings of anger towards others who are different and think different just don't come that easy to me. I wasn't raised to kick people when they are down. I don't make jokes at the expense of ill people. To me it's just distasteful. If Clinton was examined by her physician last week and was told it was OK to continue with her schedule than she was following Dr's suggestion. If she was contagious it was up to the doctor to tell her so. Maybe he didn't know that certain strains of pneumonia are contagious. He's the doctor-she's not, so as a woman of her generation who hold MD's up as someone to respect & listen to, she's following the advice given to her-I assume. With the episode she had now she know that maybe the advise was wrong. We've all been there. I know I have.

Clinton believes what she believes because it's what she believes. To you & me she's wrong BUT that doesn't change the fact that she's been hardwired over decades to believe what she believes and as you & I know hard core pro vaccine proponents don't fall down easily. If I had not experienced such severe and life alternating drug adverse side effects and doing my own research so I could improve my health, I would have never stumbled onto the vaccine issue and may still be a believer. With some people something traumatic needs to happen to make that shift.

Is she being paid by big pharam for her beliefs-we know just about everyone in Washington is on the pharma teat. Some will say Trump isn't but do you really know for sure? It would explain his flipping on vaccines where he states-They all must be vaccinated. Yea, I know you don't want to hear that. These are my personal feelings. I don't wish anyone ill health or harm. ANYONE. Even though many people don't I wish the Senator a complete and speedy recovery. For me doing anything less goes against my better angels.


Aside from these recent developments, when talking about an ongoing cough how is it that nobody is talking about blood pressure medicine? It's notorious for causing ongoing coughing.

But yes, my first thought on this recent thing was "how're those vaccine working for ya now?"
Being a grandmother, anyone think she decided to get that diptheria/pertussis/tetanus booster to "protect" her grandchild? You know - the one with the mercury in the manufacturing process and the pertussis strain that doesn't work (that I'm starting to think CAUSES ongoing coughing or respitory issues somehow) which combined with flu shots with mercury can probably take a toll on the ol' bod.
Throw a shingles vaccine in and one for pneumonia on top . . . Wonder what a comparison of her health before shots began, and after shots began would show? Loss of use in the legs? A touch of Guillan Barre?

Can you picture the Republican strategists sitting around musing - "how do we get an advantage here?. Hey, what would happen if we caught her up on the CDC schedule all at once. Maybe those rumors are true. Let's get in touch with one of her doctors and find out if he's a democrat or republican. not that that matters - if he's democrat he'll be happy to force her into it. if he's republican he'll be happy to help out.

Gary Ogden

Jenny Allan: As I understand it, they also drink raw milk (as I do). Wouldn't be surprised if they were antivaxxers like us.


Her prior vaccines in all probability caused her
Parkinson's. The metal
Fillers in vaccines deposit in the brain and cause neurological disruptions.
Research. She will only digress exponentially from here. The cause? ALUMINUM that is the base of 90% of all vaccines. Guess what is in the brain of every Alzheimer's victim. Yep...
It's in the brain of many children on the Autism Spectrum also. YOU BETTER WAKE UP AMERICA!!! On many levels.

Hans Litten

The rumours have been out there for many months on the Alternative news media , about her coughing fits and the hole in the tongue , and the camouflaged medical staff in attendance .
But there are new rumours about the health issues being faked to attempt to bow out gracefully and potentially escape justice in light of the wikileaks outpourings about her malfeasance .

Julian Assange did say the next releases would bring her down if the lamestream were to allow their publication .

The main story is it does look increasingly likely that she will be withdrawing from the race , after that , what happens , is unknown to me .The ear piece in a live debate , the jar of pickles stunt , the talk of a 30 lbs lighter body double , its all falling apart .
Could Obama do a third term ? Tim Kaine ? Bernie Sanders ?
Ronald Kostoff thought Trump would withdraw too , leaving Pence .
Its all looking a little shambolic .

In light of this obvious power vacuum , can I suggest Russell Blaylock for President ?
Or Boyd Hayley ? Or Dr Sears ? Or Del BigTree or the LaHood (aka Robin Hood)?
Brian Hooker (hero), William Thompson even
But Definitely NOT Paul Profit , Collen Boyle , Gerberding , DestafanoT , Tanya , Marsha etc etc

go Trump

Not a good weekend for Hillary. One thought for her campaign might have been to tell the TRUTH about the health issue RIGHT AWAY which would have been on FRIDAY.

Rather than trying to avoid the issue any and stumble around on Sunday at a major event.
However, she probably should NOT take a vaccine to try to solve her problem, the ADULT mandates are not in effect yet...

Will she avoid campaigning in Florida due to Zika issues, or perhaps take the new Zika vaccines ?. Could one imagine if TODAY she took Prevnar and a flu shot and perhaps a shingles shot ?

At some point, Americans need to be told the TRUTH about issues by our leaders.

Jenny Allan

Hillary Clinton is just a year or so younger than me. I'm sceptical about the 'pneumonia' diagnosis. If this lady has had a persistent cough for some time, then the basic cause is unlikely to be an infection, although there are several other lung conditions which might increase the risk of bacterial infections.

I assume Mrs Clinton's persistent cough has been properly investigated? Her doctor apparently put the cough down to an 'allergy'. I'm sceptical about that too. This person may soon become the President of the United States. Yesterday, she apparently fainted after a lengthy session, much of it standing, in very hot weather. I can sympathise with that, but Presidents need super stamina.

Our own UK Monarch was photographed at the weekend, behind the wheel of a landrover ferrying visitors around the Balmoral estate in the highlands of Scotland. Her Majesty the Queen is 90. Now there's stamina. The Royal Family are fanatical followers of homeopathy, and look pretty healthy on it. I'd LOVE to know their policies on vaccines.

John Stone

Hi Kim

Hillary was diagnosed on Friday, so she certainly knew she was ill. It may be viral pneumonia which is not claimed to be preventable by the pneumococal vaccine but the incident certainly calls her judgment into question in a number of respects.

PS I gather she has cancelled her trip to California so Senator Pan won't have to quarantine her.

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