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Brett Wilcox on Vaccine Dogma and the Epidemic of Nonsense Live Today

Editor's Note -- Today (Tuesday) at 9 am ET, Brett Wilcox is speaking on Vaccine Dogma and the Epidemic of Nonsense. Brett is the author of the very new book Jabbed, How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family. Mark, Del Bigtree and I were on a panel with him in Orlando over the weekend and he was terrific, a great new asset to the vaccine injury community. We need some fresh voices, and we've got one. Tune in for free here, and leave a note to win a free copy of his book. Brett lives in Sitka, Alaska, by the way, and has already written two books on Monsanto's mayhem. He's a true antivaxxer. -- Dan


Cherry Misra

Hope I win a copy. The title of this book reminds me of a conversation I had with a father in New Delhi, India whose child had been somewhat affected by vaccines:
Me: " So where is your money now/"
Father: " What do you mean?"
Me: " Well, you spent a lot of money on those vaccines."
Father : Yes I did. A great deal of money
Me: So , where is that money now?
Father: (Baffled) I dont know.
Me: Well, its in Europe now- Somebody is using it to buy a Picasso or a new yacht.
Father (Light bulb goes off - you can imagine his expression . Remember, Indians still remember colonialism.)


Excellent talk. Thanks for letting us know about it this morning. Would love to have a copy of his book.


I would also love to win a copy of Brett's book.


I can't wait to read his book!

Hans Litten

Brett Wilcox , tipping my hat to you sir ! Absolutely wonderful talk .

And fair play to AoA for posting the link - very pleased indeed .


Looking forward to reading your book! I grew up
In Ketchikan... It was there I began my journey to keep my kids away from vaccines... Say hello to all my friends who once lived in Ketchikan but now reside in Sitka.... I have a shelf in my home with just Alaskan books, how fun it will be to have yours next to them ... Tracey

Brett Wilcox

Thanks so much! You, Mark, and Del set a strong foundation at the conference. So glad to finally meet and spend some time with all of you.


Would love to win a copy of Brett ' s book.

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