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Is Snoopy Just a Poopy or Autistic?

A Reality Check for the Vicious and Discriminatory Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning NewsBy Kim Stagliano

The Dallas Morning News has been tasked with discrediting Generation Rescue and Jenny McCarthy's Autism Education Summit.  Check out this headline - could they make it any more Googlevicious?   Can't you hear the "editorial" meeting? Make sure you use the pharma prescribed checklist Clark!  Peddle? Check. Anti-vaxxer? You got it! Jenny McCarthy? Who else? False hope? Yes sir Dr. Offit! Debunked? Hell yeah!

Anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy's autism summit peddles dangerous treatments, features discredited doctors

By discrediting I mean blatantly discriminating against children, teens, adults with autism and their families and the providers who treat them.   I'll give you a taste of their vitriol.  An autism summit in Dallas this weekend features  a medical professional who has been disciplined for mistreating children and celebrities who shun science and claim vaccines are dangerous. Autism advocates say the event offers false hope to parents by promoting miracle cures and treatments proved to be dangerous and ineffective. And then below, you'll find a salve.  A woman named Ashlyn Washington posted on Facebook a powerful message about her journey. Your journey. My journey. Our journey with autism. Where people hate how we try to help our kids. Where professionals label us with vicious names. Where rags like the Dallas Morning News cut us to shreds without sending a reporter to gather a fact. 

People with autism deserve far better. Sick children deserve respect, as do their families. The Dallas Morning News should apologize for this article.  And now, for a taste of reality. Thank you to Ashlyn for her eloquence. 

I am a little embarrassed to share this as I started just an exercise to process my anger/grief but wanted to share as I think some of you will relate to it.

Something highly unusual in the world of autism happened to my son last week. He received a diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis from a prominent and highly respected mainstream pediatric neurologist. Moreover, she stated this to be the cause of his autistic behaviors. Seven years after his devastating regression into autism, we finally have answers as well as a thoughtful treatment plan. We’ve moved out of the realm of “just autism” and into a realm where his suffering is being taken seriously.

Autoimmune encephalitis is a serious medical condition in which the immune system attacks the brain, impairing function. What makes my son's diagnosis last week so unusual is not the fact that autoimmune encephalitis is a rare cause of autism, but that it is rarely diagnosed in this population. Similarly, it is rare for autism to ever be attributed to a medical condition by a mainstream physician. To say autism has any conclusive medical underpinning is practically heresy.

Like most families, when my son was diagnosed with autism, we were told the only proven treatment was Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy. Of course, there was no known cause, and positively no cure. Most certainly, there was no medical treatment for autism, unless we took pleasure in throwing handfuls of cash into the wind and slathering our son in snake oil.

To disagree with this aloud in any setting other than our own bedroom was tantamount to throwing ourselves to hungry wolves. Being naive and determined to improve my son's quality of life, I threw myself to the wolves again and again and again. I knew in my heart that something was medically wrong with my son, so I sought medical help in all the predictable places. First from the gastroenterologist, who proclaimed my son's constant diarrhea to be no problem at all. "Toddler diarrhea" he called it. No need to worry mom, but please, for the love of all things holy, let that child eat gluten and drink milk lest he feel left out at birthday parties. I informed him that since my son did nothing but bang his head continuously on days he drank milk that the likelihood of him being invited to any birthday party at all while consuming dairy was slim to none. "Introduce it again in three months," he said.

And so it went. Pediatrician for constant reflux, ear infections, respiratory infections, incessant crying, lack of sleep, hypotonia, twitching, sensitivity to light and to touch. Allergist for testing and confirmation of a dozen IgE mediated food allergies. Geneticist, developmental pediatrician, immunologist, local neurologist. One doctor after another, one medical diagnosis after another. There was an explanation for all of these conditions, but the explanation was not that autism was medical. This was a clear case of really bad luck. Or hysteria and anxiety on my part. Or both. Missing from the equation entirely was any professional curiosity as to how, in one generation, autism went from exceptionally rare to frighteningly prevalent.

Friends and family were no better after my son’s autism diagnosis. Precious few said what I desperately needed to hear. Their hearts knew this was very bad, but their minds had heard that autism was just “neurodiversity.” We needed to accept this. Perhaps my son would wind up like Jerry Seinfeld, who once claimed he was on the autism spectrum. Given the conflicting messages coming from their hearts versus their brains, their mouths had little to offer. They certainly didn't say that they were deeply and sincerely sorry. That they understood what an incredibly crushing blow this was. That they acknowledged the intense, all-encompassing pain in our eyes. That they recognized our souls had not a second of peace since our world started unraveling.

In fairness, none of them were to blame. Americans cannot know what a tremendous burden autism is, because recognition of this reality is strictly taboo. We have the awareness camp and the acceptance camp, but the "this totally sucks" camp does not exist in the open.

The truth that autism is medical has yet to make its way into the consciousness of most people, so if one wishes to retain their status as a good parent, complaining about autism is strictly forbidden.

What makes autism so different from other medical afflictions is not only the failure of it to be properly labeled as a medical condition, but the fact that, even within the autism community, the acceptance dogma is so thick and so oppressive that few honest conversations take place, even with other autism parents.

Somehow, it dawns on almost no one that perhaps autism has a medical basis, even as one third of our children experience seizures, a blatant sign of a medical problem. With this truth ignored and swept under the rug, the reality of what it is like to have autism and to parent a child with autism is airbrushed and transformed into a positive fantasy that suits just about everyone but those lacking validation and support.

For seven years, I have been parenting a child with autoimmune encephalitis, under the pseudonym autism. AE is considered life-threatening, killing 6% of those afflicted. For seven years, we’ve dealt with days consumed with endless crying, for months at a time. With intense emotional and psychological pain that no human could fix because this was "just autism." With intrusive repetitive thoughts that controlled every waking moment, making us prisoners in our own home and my son a prisoner in his own brain. With crushing anxiety that prevented anyone from coming to our house, and anyone from leaving. With diarrhea. Followed by constipation. With food allergies. With insomnia. With refusal to eat. With an immunodeficiency. With month after month of traumatizing IVs to treat it. With five straight years where nobody slept through the night. With rages. With holes in the drywall and rooms torn apart over transgressions as small as grandma purchasing a blue pool noodle instead of green.

With tears. With so many tears.

For seven years, we’ve been drowning. And since autism is synonymous with all things good, acceptable, and neurodiverse in this world, and since all kids with autism are simply wired differently, and since doctors who say otherwise are quacks, and since parents who think otherwise are in denial or worse, we've been forced to remain silent about our pain and our reality.

For seven years, the autism label slapped on my son’s medical condition has given doctors a reason to dismiss his suffering, friends a reason to be angered by our failure to show up at importance events, and family members a reason to question our sanity and criticize our parenting skills.

My son’s autism label gave us a reason to just shut up. Even in our darkest moments, we reported our family was “fine, thanks.” We trudged forward, shamed into silence. To say we did not accept our son's assignment to autism as his destiny, that we were searching for a Get Out of Autism Jail Free card, would have been perceived in the same manner as if we were to say we did not love our son. That he was intrinsically bad, and wrong, and not what we had hoped for.

Of course, this could not be further from the truth. My husband and I love our son as much as any humans could ever love another. He is beautiful, clever, and sweet. But he also has also suffered so very, very much.

All would conclude that autoimmune encephalitis striking our toddler and continuing on undiagnosed for seven years is a horrible tragedy. Similarly, we are all in agreement that a childhood diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, juvenile diabetes, or leukemia is devastating. It is perfectly acceptable to not accept these diagnoses. Everyone understands that despising a medical affliction while loving the individual suffering from it is not at all mutually exclusive. We know that having disdain for a disease in no way translates to lack of acceptance of the individual. The idea of “just accepting” diabetes or cystic fibrosis instead of treating them is asinine.

What happened to us last week was monumental. Finally, because we have confirmation that all along our son has had autoimmune encephalitis masquerading as “just autism,” we are allowed to feel pain and grief and talk about how much we hate that this happened to our son, without judgment or disapproval. We are allowed to provide him medical treatment designed to remove the obstacles he faces without being delegated to the status of pariahs in our community. We don't have to pretend to accept or celebrate a thing. It's a given that my son's talents and personality are in no way intertwined with autoimmune encephalitis and that autoimmune encephalitis does not define him.

Without a doubt, the world will learn in the coming years that autism is just a name for variety of terrible medical tragedies that strike our children. Mainstream doctors will begin treating children with symptoms of autism for autoimmune encephalitis, Lyme disease, mitochondrial disease, Celiac disease, vaccine injury, food intolerances, methylation defects, heavy metal poisoning. When this time comes, there will be no celebration of autism caused by mitochondrial disease. There will be no walks, no t-shirts, and no bumper stickers glorifying Lyme disease nor lead poisoning. Nobody will chastise a mother for failing to accept this as her child’s lot in life.

Until then, as your life intersects with families of children with autism, know that when they say they’re doing well they are likely just barely surviving. Acknowledge that you recognize how challenging this must be for them. Give them a hug. Tell them they're doing a fantastic job and you think they're warriors. Tell them you would love for their child to come over and play with yours, that you'll hide the blue Popsicles, and it's alright if their child flaps his arms or repeats the same phrase a million times. You'll talk to your kids about loving and accepting our kids exactly as they are today, medical conditions and all. Show the same understanding you would for a friend whose child was suffering from any other medical illness. Demonstrate you understand the weight of autism.

And autism families, be gentle with yourselves. Be steadfast in your knowledge that you know your child better than anyone. Be confident in your intuition when your heart whispers this is not "just autism." Dismiss the acceptance dogma and the notion that giving a voice to the pain and searching for medical treatment for autism is incongruent with complete love and acceptance of your child. Be proud of yourself and proud of your child. Hold your head high. Know that as we each throw our one little starfish back into the ocean, we are changing how autism is perceived and treated, and we are blazing a more manageable trail for the children and families that will come after us.



i am deeply moved by your words. you speak for me and my child. thank you for sharing your insights.

you wrote, "it dawns on almost no one that perhaps autism has a medical basis, even as one third of our children experience seizures, a blatant sign of a medical problem." I hope and pray that one day families will not be misled to accept the label "autism" and instead will get the medical attention, diagnosis and treatment that they need and deserve.

thanks age of autism for sharing this powerful post.


Measles Genotype strain was B3 has been know to the WHO and the CDC since 1990. Genotype B3 has been in the US since 2005 when it was brought into the US via a young man from Africa:
On November 9, 2005, a 17-year-old man who arrived at the airport in Newark, New Jersey, United States, had symptoms consistent with measles. The man was part of a group of 148 refugees from the Eastleigh community in Nairobi, Kenya, who arrived in the United States from November 3 through 15. Genotype B3 (subgroup B3.1) was identified from virus samples from this patient; the sequence was identical to sequences from measles viruses collected in Nairobi and Machakos, Kenya, in October 2005. Identical Genotype B3 Sequences from Measles Patients in 4 Countries, 2005. PDF. Who knows how many other people have come to the country prior to 2005 carrying B3 as we know a person can be asymptomatic but still be contagious and a carrier.

The following 19 genotypes have been detected since 1990:
A*, B2, B3, C1, C2, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, G2, G3, H1, H2

*Vaccine strains Moraten, Edmonston, Zagreb are all genotype A.
There were 2 putative wild-type cases of measles identified as genotype A in 2008.
During 2011, 8 genotypes were identified by global surveillance:
B2, B3, D4, D8, D9, D11, G3, H1

The vaccine Genotype is said to be A. The CDC and all it surrogates made a point of saying the current vaccine was effective against Genotype B3 when the people questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine. Especially once it was discovered that Vaccinated people were among the infected. Think about. If the current vaccine in use is said to be effective against B3 or any of the other Genotypes, there must be some element of that Genotype in it to work otherwise the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry are committing FRAUD. The current vaccine is targeted for A but B3 has been circulating as reported by the WHO since 1990. It is the MERCK vaccine that is used around the world because they hold the MMR patent. So either the MMR has elements of B3 and all the other Genotypes in it to which in the mind of the CDC would make it effective against all the Genotypes or it’s BS. My money is on BS. We know that Disney employees immunizations records were checked to see when and if they had been vaccinated and those that weren’t were at the time. Two things here: the CHD never stated when the people were vaccinated prior to employment. If being current on shots was a criteria for employment were some of the recently hired vaccinated within the last few months of the outbreak? Holiday workers come to mind. You also got those people that got vaccinated who worked at Disney because they were told to when the outbreak started-both groups are contagious.

The kicker of this is the CDC’s Dr. Ann Schuchat has stated that PATIENT ZERO, who the CDC and the corporate bought media blamed on a unvaccinated person, HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND. Which means they don't know where the measles began.
Yes, B3 is a wild strain from the other side of the world that made it to the US in 2005. The CDC carefully frames it’s statements and because the MSM is hardwired to follow orders and the public at large is hardwired to feed into the CDC’s fear mongering all they need to say is Genotype B3 is from the Philippines and leave it at that. Especially if the MSM doesn’t ask questions and we know they don’t. Because the brain has the need to make sense of information it hears or reads it will find a way to process what it’s given. B3- measles-Philippines-person not found, OH! the person who had measles B3 is from the Philippines and now because the CDC can’t find them-they must have gone back.

I looked at this as one of those EIS psy-ops. Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) a little know dept of the CDC, according to Jon Rapport “they create disinformation on a scale that must make the CIA jealous“. EIS has been in existence since 1956. CDC has turned a benign childhood illness into a devastating deadly disease through carefully constructed propaganda pushed by some of the country noted officials (so-called) on infectious diseases-you know the celebrity docs. It seems to be the last two generations of parents under the age of 40-45 that have been conned. They are scared to death of every germ, bacteria, every cough, dirt, sneeze, rash, you name it. The CDC has made their minds fertile for manipulation. Measles killer disease. Exotic Measles Genotype B3 from the Philippines- a far away land that’s part of the third world where disease run rampant and people are dropping like flies every day. Remember Ebola? People were dying in the streets supposeably. This is the imagery people have about the Philippines or any country considered third world. The visual mental emotional impact that people can juice up for themselves is mind boggling. Add to it pictures of children like this baby - Genotype Testing Showed Baltimore Baby’s Symptoms Were A Reaction To The MMR, Health Officials Relieved That just ratches up the fear. I can’t tell you how many times I saw this poor child’s picture used between December 2015 and the end of the outbreak.
Notice how they call this a reaction to the MMR. Yea, because the MMR causes Measles and this is a typical case of the CDC diagnosis a measles case as something other than measles when it clear this is measles. CDC can lab confirm B3 but without Patient Zero who may well have been vaccinated prior to visiting the park can they really say that B3 didn’t come from a vaccine? Like I said if Genotype A vaccine is effective against B3 it must have some elements of B3 to work. But no one will ever know because Patient Zero hasn’t been found. I personally don’t think they really looked because if you look at the events that happened almost immediately after the false flag event-the implementation of mandatory vaccine proposals in 50 state capitals across the US-it’s too damn convenient.

Also Cia keep in mind you really don’t need an infected person to start an outbreak. Genotype B3 could have easily been seeded in the park by operatives of the CDC. The so called Measles virus can survive a couple for hours on a surface under the right conditions. The US government has been doing human experiments on the people in the country since the 1930’s. Example is the Zika hoax. The US military dropped hundreds of thousands of Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes on Florida & Georgia said to be infected with Yellow Fever in Florida & Georgia in 1956. Did they ever check for Zika-No because it was determined to be a benign illness. So they can’t say some of the Aedes were not infected. Following each test, Army agents posing as public health officials test victims for effects. So they know Zika is in the US and where are they actively spraying to eradicate this species-Florida and other Southern states-near where they did the testing because they know the species is there. Is there a connection between Brazil and the US or is it just a happy coincidence that Aedes, which has been in that part of the country since 1956 (I’m sure they didn’t all fly away) just happened to be the US epicenter of a so-called outbreak. Aedes has probably been all over the US since 1956-everyone who has been bitten by a mosquito probably has antibodies so another coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences. What’s at stake 1.9 Billion. Plus the money left over from Ebola.


But look at the frequency of the live polio vaccine causing polio: literally one in several million doses

That statement is incorrect you know why? The CDC changed the diagnostic criteria when it was obvious that the Vaccine was causing POLIO:
In 1958, the CDC was called: Communicable Disease Center, formally adopted the “Best available paralytic poliomyelitis case count” or BAPPCC.
“Cases must be clinically and epidemiologically compatible with poliomyelitis, must have resulted in paralysis, and must have a residual neurological deficit 60 days after onset of initial symptoms. .. the BAPPCC does not include cases of nonparalytic poliomyelitis, of those in which paralysis is more transient. The original purpose of developing these criteria was to omit cases possibly due to enteroviruses other than polioviruses.

“Several generations of transmission of poliovirus can occur after importation since most infections are subclinical.”….”the poliovirus isolated from a patient with paralytic disease may not always be the virus causing the patient’s disease.” (Lancet, December 8. 1984 pages 1315 – 1317, “Poliomeylitis” by Robert J. Kim-Farley et al).

The definition changes were so radical, that many doctors publicly stated in medical journals, that it effectively eliminated 90% of what had previous been accepted as paralytic polio.

-In the American Journal of Public Health, Volume 26, 147, 1936 by M. Brodie, it showed that only 0.6% of all children in the age group 1 – 10, showing no antibodies, would ever came down with polio even when the disease was present in epidemic proportions.

-In the Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1958, 108:605 – 616, by Dalldorf and Weigand, it showed that in monkeys, poliomyelitis may result from simultaneous infections with an attenuated poliovirus and polio-like virus, such as a coxsackie virus. Neither virus alone induced paralysis, but together they did.

-“In about 95 percent of polio cases, infection from the polio virus causes no symptoms or serious effects. In about 5 percent of cases, the polio virus manifests in a mild form (abortive polio) with flu-like symptoms, in a non-paralytic form (aseptic meningitis) or in a severe form called paralytic polio. People who have minor or non-paralytic forms recover completely. …”.
Before the polio vaccine, there was very little viral polio.

With the diagnostic criteria changed from 24 hours to 60 days (because the CDC knew that most people recovered completely in 60 days from whatever it was they were experiencing), the CDC instructed the medical community to no longer list the symptoms as Polio but the following: Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), Transverse Myelitis, Viral or Aseptic Meningitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Chinese Paralytic syndrome, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, epidemic cholera, cholera morbus, spinal meningitis, spinal apoplexy, inhibitory palsy, intermittent fever, famine fever, worm fever, bilious remittent fever, ergotism, ME, post-polio syndrome, Synonyms for GBS]. All clinically indistinguishable from Polio.

-In 1976, Dr Jonas Salk, creator of the killed-virus vaccine used in the 1950's, testified that the live-virus vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960's to 2000) was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961 (Washington Post, September 24,1976). The virus remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the feces for up to two months. Thus, vaccine recipients are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as fecal excretion of the virus continues ( American Academy of Pediatrics, Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases:1986(Elk Grove Village, Illinois: AAP):284–5.
-In February 1992 the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an admission that the live-virus vaccine had become the dominant cause of polio in the United States (Strebel PM., et al. Epidemiology of poliomyletis in U.S. n 1992, one decade after the last reported case of indigenous wild virus associated disease, Clinical Infectious Diseases CDC, February 1992:568–79).

Salk cut himself some slack by dating the cases at 1960 where if you read some of the information from news clipping and journals from the 1955's on-it's obvious the vaccine was causing Polio at that time.

Right now in the US there is an outbreak of what the medicos are saying is a illness with Polio like symptoms but they are calling it Acute flaccid myelitis ( Last year there were people experiencing similar symptoms that were labeled by the CDC as EV-D68. Mostly affected children and this diagnosis has been on the increase in recent years. It's being characterized by the CDC via the MSM as Polio Like Symptoms rather than what in the 1950's would have been called POLIO. Acute flaccid myelitis & EV-D68 basically the same symptoms and indistinguishable from Polio other than the names. AFP, NPAFP, AFM etc is breaking out all over the third world where Bill Gates is injecting everything that moves on his mission to do a really good job with vaccinations so they can reduce the population. Here are some examples:

-Acute Flaccid Paralysis cases in India continue to increase, year by year. For the year 2009, using the WHO data, we find 50,416 total cases. Out of this total 752 were polio.
Documented today in India, a country that was declared Polio Free in 2011, there are over 60,000 cases of NPAFP directly in correlation to the number of doses given:
-India Still Reporting Cases of Polio-like Acute Flaccid Paralysis:
-Paralysis Haunts ‘Polio Free’ India:
-Polio Vaccines Causing Worldwide Surge in Childhood Paralysis Cases:
-The Polio VACCINE is Causing the New Polio:
-What the CDC Won’t Tell You About SV40, Polio Vaccines and Cancer:
-Mutant Polio Virus Spreads in Nigeria:
-Mutated Polio Virus Evades Vaccination:
-New study shows mutated 'Polio-like' virus may be responsible for paralyzing more than 100 children in the past year:
-Mutated virus heightens polio worries:
-World Health Organization: 2 polio cases found in Ukraine, caused by mutated virus in vaccine:
-Polio: Vaccinated British man shed virus for 30 years
-Two-week-old girl dies after polio vaccine:
-8-year-old boy dies of rare, vaccine-derived poliovirus in Laos
-Twin Babies Dead After Receiving Vaccinations
-78 percent of Pakistani children with polio were given polio vaccines:
-Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates:
-Researcher Admits Polio Is Now Predominantly Caused By The Vaccine Itself: We’ve almost eradicated polio. Ironically, a big threat now is vaccines.

Are you aware that there were many cases of Polio diagnosed in the 1950' & 60's where NO polio virus was discovered?

Here's something that makes you double take and go huh-what!
Poliovirus Isolation: No Evidence:
Jim West present an extremely compelling argument for the non-existence of the polio virus also with Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud" Pictures of "Isolated Viruses" Debunked: &
West also has an excellent article here:

So again in terms of viruses in vaccines and if they have ever been effective we are left with the question of: Is there a Polio Virus? If you read all the literature you have to wonder despite the wonderful Polio series on AOA. The same with Measles as Janine Roberts reports in the CDC document she found. Also Roberts questions the existence of a HPV Virus because the vaccine is made from a Virus Like Particle. CDC or anyone else can't claim effectiveness of any vaccine when there are questions as to the existence of viruses that cause the illnesses.

Don't forget what the Polio Vaccine was contaminated with: Simian Virus 40.



But look at the frequency of the live polio vaccine causing polio: literally one in several million doses. I really wouldn't let a one in a million to several million risk deter me from doing anything.

I agree that the acellular pertussis vaccine is worthless: the whole-cell vaccine was much better at preventing pertussis, although it not infrequently caused brain damage, seizure disorders, or death, while the disease had become less and less dangerous until, when Sweden stopped using it in 1979 (until 1997), there was less than one death a year from pertussis, although vaccine researcher Arthur Allen said that 60% of Swedish children got pertussis in those years. It had been a huge killer in the nineteenth century, even among healthy, well-nourished children, but evolved, like measles and scarlet fever, to become much less dangerous. It only prevents pertussis in about half of toddlers and preschoolers (in no infants because their immune system hasn't developed enough to respond as desired to it), and only in a quarter of elementary-school children. My eight month old baby, who had gotten three DTaPs, got it and gave it to me. A tiring, scary disease, ten coughs per breath, for a long time, but not dangerous. The fourth dose at 18 months erased her only words and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. Still causes asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, and SIDS, in addition to autism and many other conditions. It's not worth arguing about. No one should get it at any age. Keep young infants sheltered at home and treat with high-dose IV vitamin C if they get it anyway.

The measles in California two years ago was from a Philippine strain, not the vaccine strain. But again, no one should get the measles vaccine. It's very dangerous, while the disease very rarely is, and if it were treated appropriately (vitamin A, no fever reducers, complete bed rest, adequate hydration, and stay quiet at home for two to three weeks after day the rash appears), there would be almost no complications from it.

I think it's interesting that many say that they believe that immune cells become committed when they latch onto a vaccine pathogen and are henceforward not free to latch onto anything else, so that a tremendous amount of immune system capacity is used up in taking care of vaccine pathogens, possibly as much as 70% of total capacity. Also that antigens themselves are highly allergenic, creating autoimmune diseases (another mechanism by which vaccines often cause autoimmune disease).

I think if we have live viruses in our bloodstream it's because our immune system has been compromised, often by vaccines. Healthy people don't carry live viruses in their blood: their immune systems efficiently wipe them out. People with weak immune systems are more prone to develop the actual diseases from live virus vaccines: healthy people are unlikely to.


I fully understand how vaccine work. Oh should I say don't work. That weakened/attenuated myth is just BS. Polio vaccine was suppose to be attenuated yet the cause of Polio in the US according to Jonas Salk and the CDC was the vaccine. Pertussis is suppose to be attenuated but Pertussis studies demonstrate that the vaccine is causing outbreaks. Just about every outbreak of Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Pertussis have been traced back to vaccine strains over the last 5 years. Even the CDC stated at the end of the Flu season last year that the vaccines wasn't effective (didn't work) because the virus in the vaccine had mutated. That's what viruses do-they mutate.

In 1995, Golding and Scott,2 published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel!
Golding S., Scott DE., Vaccine Strategy: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses. Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 754:126-137, May 31, 1995

Think about it. From what Golding & Scott are saying if the body "is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel" it is possible that outbreaks are not only occurring from the Vaccinated but could also be occurring from children who have been vaccinated years ago. If their immune system becomes weak and compromised than the viruses that are harboring in their cells, fatty tissue, muscles and elsewhere in the body can activate become virulent and cause illness in that individual who can than spread it to others because they are contagious. If the CDC & FDA are aware of this I can see them using this for their own benefit.

However, I think we are debating about something that doesn't exist. This is what Janie Roberts discovered from: In an online paper entitled 'Isolation and Identification of Measles Virus in Cell Culture,' the CDC, the central Health Research authority of the USA, lays out how isolation of this virus should be done so it can be used, say for a vaccine.

How 'Measles Virus' is isolated for a Vaccine.
by Janine Roberts
Monday, 18 August 2008 01:37
extract from her book Fear of the Invisible:
In an online paper entitled 'Isolation and Identification of Measles Virus in Cell Culture,' the CDC, the central Health Research authority of the USA, lays out how isolation of this virus should be done so it can be used, say for a vaccine. It instructs, first obtain from the patient a small sample of urine or fluid from the nose or mouth.

Next 'sacrifice' a marmoset monkey, take some of its cells, then make these cancerous, perhaps by exposing them to radiation, and then give them, on top of this, Epstein-Barr disease! Such extremely sick cells, the CDC informs us, are '10,000 times' more sensitive to the measles virus than are normal human cells.

Now add to these cells a toxin called trypsin. The CDC tells us to expect some cells to fall off the sides of the vessel as if they have been poisoned. They have been. Now add nutrients and glucose and leave for two or three days so the cells can somewhat recover.

Now add to the cells the sample gathered from the patient. After an hour, inspect the cells in the culture with a microscope to see if any of the cells are becoming distorted, or are floating free as they did when trypsin was added. If they are, the CDC says this is proof that measles virus is present and making the cells ill.

This statement made me sit back and think. Why should this illness now be caused by a virus? They had poisoned the cells, made them cancerous..... and now the CDC was saying the cells must be ill because they had measles. Where was the logic in this?

The next stage involves the addition of two antibiotics, Penicillin and Streptomycin, to the culture and leaving it alone for a day. Again the cells are inspected - and if small holes now appear between cells, it is now presumed that measles virus has caused these. If no sign of such damage, this process is repeated. If after this there are still no signs of damage, then the culture is discarded. However, if 50% or more of the cells are now seriously ill and distorted, the culture is set aside and kept in the fridge as 'isolated measles virus stock suitable for vaccines!' All this without actually detecting the virus itself!

This is the whole process as recommended by the CDC. There is no mention of the need to have a control culture, no mention of any need to isolate the measles virus or even to see it with an electron microscope. The cells are poisoned - and an unseen measles virus is blamed - even thou' the disease the cells have is totally unlike measles. Where is the logic in this?

"What they call measles virus is in effect the fluid in this poisoned cell culture."
Source document - CDC. Isolation and Identification of Measles Virus in Culture, Revised November 29, 2001.

Also keep this in mind that Roberts wrote about in her book:
"It was thus a shock to discover from this top-level scientific workshop that the viruses in our current vaccines are not in a sterile fluid as I had presumed, but in a soup of unknown bits and pieces, a veritable witches' brew of DNA fragments, added chemicals, proteins and, even possibly prions and oncogenes, all of which would easily pass through the filters used to be injected into our children.

Our vaccines, I thus learnt, are not filtered clean but are suspensions from the manufacturers' ‘incubation tanks' in which the viruses are produced from ‘substrates' of mashed bird embryo, minced monkey kidneys or cloned human cells. These suspensions are filtered before use but only to remove particles larger than viruses. The point of the vaccine is that it contains viruses, thus these must not be filtered out. This means there remains in the vaccine everything of the same size or smaller, including what the manufacturers call ‘degradation products' - parts of decayed viruses or cells.

I also learnt that the only official checks made for contaminants in vaccines are for a few known pathogens, thus ignoring a vast host of unknown, unstudied, small particles and chemicals. These eminent doctors reported at these vaccine safety meetings that it is simply impossible to remove these from our common vaccines - and this would of course also apply to vaccines for pets, farm animals and birds". (which is why there the number of dogs & cats with chronic illnesses is increasing)

Seriously, how can anyone inject this heinous brew into a child? Every time I read Roberts books (Fear of the Invisible and The Vaccine Papers) when I read the pages on ingredients I throw up a little in my mouth.


Cia, why don't you find us the data that is not subject to pro-treatment bias that demonstrates that any vaccine has ever worked?

By that I mean, data compiled from diagnoses made by doctors that had no idea about the vaccination status of the patient.

That is why we have the "double" in "double blind trial". If the doctor knows the patient has received the treatment then this will skew their diagnoses leading to useless data.

But the data you use to claim "90 per cent efficacy" is not double blind so it is simply not valid.

I have already proven that doctors are actually instructed/encouraged to ignore the possibility of these diseases if they are vaccinated but even without this the bias would be expected. So where is your or Eindecker's data showing that there has been an actual fall in any of these diseases that can't be attributed to this?

Indeed, you can actually use proxy data to see that my contention is absolutely correct.

If measles had truly fallen then so too would its complications (*overall* encephalitis, deafness etc).

But they have not. Obviously those blamed on measles have (as you would expect if my contention were true) but not overall.

Same for polio vaccine vs overall rates of paralysis.

Or mumps vaccine vs overall rates of sterility.

So we know the data is heavily biased towards the vaccine and all the data that is not biased towards the vaccine shows precisely zero benefits.

How anybody can realise this and not recognise that every claim about their efficacy is an abject lie is beyond me.


Vaccines expose the immune system to the weakened or killed pathogen, so that it make the appropriate antibodies so that if it ever sees that pathogen again, it will immediately go into action with its circulating antibodies and make millions more of them to combat the incipient threat. That's why there are very few cases of measles, chickenpox, etc., now. While sometimes the pathogen in live virus vaccines haven't been weakened enough, and can cause the targeted disease, if it's going to happen, it will happen soon. Circulating antibodies stimulated by vaccines are not going to cause the disease. Over ten years ago there were often children coming to a play group which my daughter attended who had just gotten the MMR. I asked Ben's mom, a nurse, if anyone ever got the measles from being exposed to someone who had recently gotten the measles live vaccine. She said not to her knowledge. I REALLY hoped that my daughter might catch it to get all the advantages of the natural disease. But she never did.

Most vaccines are only about 90% effective, although the flu and pertussis vaccines are much less so. That means that if there's any real measles virus in the environment, there are millions of people who are susceptible, whether from not having gotten the vaccine, its having worn off after a period of years, or vaccine failure. That means that it's no surprise if a number of people catch measles during an outbreak. But, unfortunately, most won't, because the vaccine usually protects you from getting measles. There are now millions of unvaxxed children as well as many adults in whom the vaccine has worn off. Why are there not measles outbreaks running through them? Why did several hundred people catch real measles in the California outbreak two years ago if all of them had been exposed to measles previously? As well as those at Dr. Sears' office who caught measles from a child who had just come from Switzerland?

I think it's a lot simpler than what you suggest. The measles vaccine usually prevents measles for many years, for good or ill. It almost completely wiped out measles in our country, so that despite my wishes, my daughter has never been able to catch it, despite her never having had the MMR. It does not confer immunity in everyone, so when there is an outbreak, many vaccinated individuals are able to catch it. But we need to start giving the natural childhood disease deliberately to children at the appropriate age (no mandates, though), and go back to a healthier population, with immune systems trained by the natural diseases.



Danchi, I don't have a problem with most of what you said, but 20 per cent of 10,000 is 2000 not 200.

Thanks for the correction. Sometimes when you hit a key with long fingernails the key doesn't compress completely.


Danchi, I don't have a problem with most of what you said, but 20 per cent of 10,000 is 2000 not 200.


Measles is still UNIVERSAL and will continue to be so as long as the vaccine is used. Endemic Measles is just about wiped out but vaccine strains are alive and well. The Vaccine was never develop to PREVENT a child from getting the measles the idea was to prevent a sever reaction or death which was ridiculous because the number of measles deaths had significantly declined before the vaccine was developed. How is a vaccine going to prevent a virus when you are being injected WITH the virus. Even some of the Flu vaccine vial inserts tell you the vaccine doesn't prevent the Flu. The idea is to minimize the symptoms if you do become infected. This is the premise of all LVV.

Outbreaks of Measles in highly vaccinated population have been going on for decades-since the vaccine. AND no one knows how many cases of Measles ARE NOT reported as Measles because the child/person had the MMR. Dr. Hilleman told Janine Roberts in her interview with him for her book on the vaccine makers "Fear of the Invisible" that 20% was the acceptable number of children sickened by the vaccine. But I would be willing to bet that the cases numbers would be higher if the CDC actually did followups after children are vaccinated but they won't because they know what they will find. Roberts next interviewed Professor Michael Stewart: "I next interviewed the top British expert on immunisation at London University, Professor Michael Stewart of the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I asked him; ‘Some parents are telling me they suspect their children have been made ill as a consequence of vaccination. Are their fears groundless?'
I nearly fell off my chair when he replied: ‘What else would you expect? We all know the current childhood vaccines containing living viruses are dangerous. That is why I am heading up a team to develop safer vaccines.' He went on to explain that, with living viruses, there was always potential for some to mutate or to be insufficiently attenuated for safe use in the vaccine."

Say 10,000 kids got the MMR in late summer before school. According to Hilleman 20% most likely will be made ill by the vaccine-that's 200 children. Hillemans characterizes their malady as a "a little ill" To me that like being a little pregnant. Not only are the children ill-they are contagious. LVV why not. Hilleman says 20% likely to be ill a little, Pink Book says 2-5% will not respond to the first dose of the vaccine. It's probably higher because the CD always spin their data. These children are also contagious.

Statement from the Measles Pink Book:
-"Replication of vaccine viruses can be prolonged in persons who are immunosuppressed or immunodeficient." (these individual are contagious longer than healthy people because they can't eliminate the virus from their system. According to the CDc 1 child in 6 is chronically as of 2011. I recently read an article saying it's 1 child in 4 now but I can't find the source-these children would be contagious when vaccinated)
-"Although the titer of vaccine-induced antibodies is lower than that following natural disease, both serologic and epidemiologic evidence indicate that vaccine-induced immunity appears to be long-term and probably lifelong in most persons." (this is not true)
-"Live measles vaccine provides permanent protection and may prevent disease if given within 72 hours of exposure." (I've not seen any studies. we know this is not true and now studies have demonstrated it. )
-"MMR vaccine does not contain penicillin."
(the CDC makes a point of revealing this but they don't say that the vaccine contain neomycin.)
-After MMR vaccination, 5% to 15% of susceptible persons develop a temperature of 103oF (39.4oC) or higher, usually occurring 7 to 12 days after vaccination and generally lasting 1 or 2 days. (these people are contagious)
-"Most persons with fever are otherwise asymptomatic." (what? isn't fever a symptom?)
-"Data from post licensure studies do not suggest that children 4–6 years of age who received the second dose of MMRV vaccine had an increased risk for febrile seizures after vaccination compared with children the same age who received MMR vaccine and varicella vaccine administered as separate injections at the same visit." (the Pink Book tells you that seizures are possible)
-"Measles- and rubella-containing vaccines, including MMR, may cause a transient rash. Rashes, usually appearing 7 to 10 days after MMR or measles vaccination, have been reported in approximately 5% of vaccinees." (rash means the child is contagious according to the CDC Pink Book on Measles-
"Measles Epidemiology: Communicability-4 days before to 4 days after rash onset. Page 5."

All people injected with LVV ARE contagious: Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease - Please read the St. Jude Patient Guide Informs Parents about Live Virus Vaccine Risk for Immune Compromised Children. John Hopkins revised guidelines are also at this link. You can also see the revised dated for John Hopkins about half way down the page. It says: Section-Can I have Visitors?

-Tell friend and family who are sick or have recently had a live vaccine (such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, intranasal influenza, polio, or smallpox) not to visit.
-It may be a good idea to have visitors call first.
-Avoid contact with children who were recently vaccinated.

They don't even provide a time frame for how long these people/children are contagious. Just don't visit.
Two studies states that the measles vaccine is a failure:
-Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1815-20.
Failure to reach the goal of measles elimination. Apparent paradox of measles infections in immunized persons. Poland GA1, Jacobson RM.
Conclusion: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons. Because of the failure rate of the vaccine and the unique transmissibility of the measles virus, the currently available measles vaccine, used in a single-dose strategy, is unlikely to completely eliminate measles. The long-term success of a two-dose strategy to eliminate measles remains to be determined. http://archinte.jamanetwork (dot) com/article.aspx?articleid=619215
-Paper: The Re-Emergence of Measles in Developed Countries: Time to Develop the Next-Generation Measles Vaccines? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pmc/articles/PMC3905323/ http://business.financialpost (dot) com/2014/05/01/lawrence-solomon-vaccines-cant-prevent-measles-outbreaks/.
The measles vaccine has failed", he explained two years ago in a prescient paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries.”
Dr. Gregory Poland is Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. Poland is one of the world’s most admired, most advanced thinkers in the field of vaccinology.

-Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011. http://cid.oxfordjournals (dot)org/content/early/2014/02/27/cid.ciu105.
-PLoS study: "Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? "The reported coverage of the measles-rubella (MR) or measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province. However, the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella remains high." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pmc/articles/PMC3930734/.
-J Pediatr. 1973 May;82(5):802-8.
A clinical and serologic study of 103 children with measles vaccine failure.
Cherry JD, Feigin RD, Shackelford PG, Hinthorn DR, Schmidt RR.
PMID: 4698954 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
-J Pediatr. 1973 May;82(5):798-801.
Measles IgM response during reinfection of previously vaccinated children.
Linnemann CC, Hegg ME, Rotte TC, Phair JP, Schiff GM.
PMID: 4698953 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
-Outbreak of Measles Despite Appropriate Control Measures (1985). In 1985, of 118 cases of measles which occurred on a Blackfeet reservation in Montana, 82% were vaccinated. Twenty-three of those cases occurred in the schools in Browning, Montana, where 98.7% of students were vaccinated.
-Measles in an Immunized School-Aged Population in New Mexico (1984). The story keeps repeating.In 1984, 76 cases of measles were reported in Hobbs, New Mexico. Forty-seven cases (62%) occurred among students. The school reported that 98% of students were vaccinated against measles before the outbreak began. Vaccine coverage for school: 98%.
-Measles Outbreak Among Vaccinated High School Students in Illinois (1984). In 1984, 21 cases of measles occurred in Sangamon County, Illinois. All 411 students of the local high school were documented as having received the vaccination on or after their first birthday. Investigators remarked, “This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%.” Vaccine coverage in school children contracting measles: 100%.
-Major Measles Epidemic in Quebec Despite 99% Vaccination Coverage
A measles outbreak in a population with 99.0% vaccination coverage. The authors state, "Incomplete vaccination coverage is not a valid explanation for the Quebec City measles outbreak."
Boulianne N, De Serres G, Duval B, Joly JR, Meyer F, Déry P, Alary M, Le Hénaff D, Thériault N. Département de santé communautaire, Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval. [Major measles epidemic in the region of Quebec despite a 99% vaccine coverage] [Article in French]. Can J Public health. 1991 May-Jun;82(3):189-90
-Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures. Am J Public Health. 1987 April; 77(4): 434–438. http://www(dot) & http://www(dot)
-J Adolesc Health. 1991 May;12(3):273-8.
Serological response to measles revaccination in a highly immunized military dependent adolescent population.
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Epidemic measles in a highly vaccinated population.
Shasby DM, Shope TC, Downs H, Herrmann KL, Polkowski J.
-Clinical Epidemiology of Sporadic Measles in a Highly Immunized Population
William Schaffner, M.D., Ann E. S. Schluederberg, Sc.D., and Earl B. Byrne, M.D., M.P.H.
N Engl J Med 1968; 279:783-789October 10, 1968DOI: 10.1056/NEJM196810102791501

I have over 50 cases of Measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated population after the LVV was developed. I fail to see where the vaccine has done anything but keep Measles in play for the CDC to use as a fear mongering tool to manipulate the public for the financial gain of the pharma industry in which many CDC employees own stock in. It is know that the blockbuster drugs of pharma have hit their patent ceilings and they are no longer making millions for them. Vaccines are the only money maker for pharma. For Struggling Pharma Market, Vaccines Offer Path to Revenue-The World Vaccines Market Is Predicted to Reach $45.1 billion in 2022

MMR has served only one purpose-to make Merck RICH.


Allopathic medicine has never had a way to treat viral diseases (I'm not counting the modern, dangerous antivirals like Tamiflu). That's why they put all their money on preventing them by vaccines. It's really better not to treat diseases unless they show signs of becoming dangerous: at that point there are many effective homeopathic remedies, as well as vitamin C, A, Echinacea, Sambucol, etc. I think our advantage over earlier days is that we have so many resources in books, on the Internet, at the health food or grocery store, or on Amazon to treat diseases without the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.


I don't think it matters at all if the vaccine isn't 100% effective: no vaccine is. I agree with Eindeker that it is very effective, and there's very little measles around these days. I have wanted my daughter to get measles for the last fifteen years: I was happy when she got chickenpox and surprised when she got pertussis, but it wasn't that bad. I wish she could get measles, mumps, and rubella.

Those who get the MMR for their children have rocks in their heads. All three of them are relatively mild diseases and very beneficial for the developing immune system (chickenpox too). Why even argue about whether the vaccine works to prevent measles? It does in the vast majority of cases, which is bad for those wanting the benefits of the diseases. Ultimately we'll just let them come back. All we can do now is hope that the possible increasing weakness of the vaccine hastens the day when no one get it any longer, and everyone gets measles again.



Measles continued to be universal before the vaccine: I had it in the spring of 1963 when it went through my school: I was in first grade. Everyone I knew had gotten measles: 99% of American kids had it by the age of 18. Serological studies in Army recruits showed a rate of 99%: four million a year got it, the entire birth cohort, most of whom had not gone to a doctor or reported it, and some of whom had subclinical cases that still gave permanent immunity. It had not been dangerous in the vast majority of cases in decades: everyone got it and no one worried about it.

It was UNIVERSAL until the vaccine. And it was a GOOD disease to get, invaluable in training the immune system and giving protection from many skin and bone diseases, sometimes curing intractable eczema (caused by vaccines), and preventing many kinds of cancer. Allowing women to protect their future infants in their first six to nine months, when measles can be dangerous to infants, through placental immunity and breast feeding. Also reducing risk of heart disease and stroke. We now know about how effective two doses of vitamin A are at preventing complications, and also know how dangerous it is to give any kind of fever reducer. We know how important it is to keep measles patients warm and quiet in bed until the fever is gone, well-hydrated, and how important it is to keep them at home for two or three weeks after the day the fever starts. But it was NOT on its way out. The vaccine did that. Not many people got the vaccine for their children at first, but that changed, until by the '70s most kids got the MMR and very few got measles. It was not a good thing, but it was a true thing.

Also, look at Peter Aaby's Somalia study:

African children who got and recovered from natural measles (90% even in Africa) had only ONE-FIFTH the mortality in the subsequent five years as children who did not get measles, whether because they got the vaccine or just did not get measles. Natural measles is IRREPLACEABLE in ensuring the lifelong health of the person lucky enough to get it.

Say no to the MMR, yes to all three of the diseases (women should consider whether they're immune before getting pregnant, however, maybe take the homeopathic nosode if they can't get the natural disease), and we'll slash the autism rate immediately. Though the criminal hep-B vaccine for healthy children will continue to cause a lot of autism until that is stopped, also the flu and DTaP, and some other vaccines as well, like Hib.


I find it particularly interesting that according to the cdc pretty much everyone was exposed to the measles.

Why are people born before 1957 exempt from receiving MMR vaccine?
People born before 1957 lived through several years of epidemic measles before the first measles vaccine was licensed. As a result, these people are very likely to have had the measles disease. Surveys suggest that 95% to 98% of those born before 1957 are immune to measles

So Eindeker, the whole population; everyone; should be included in any statistics about death rates or side effects. Your statistics more likely apply to the small portion of the population ( most likely medically fragile) who went to doctors with measles infections. I did not go to a doctor when I got the measles as a child; there wasn't considered to be much point.You just got sick and got better, and it was considered that the right thing to do when sick was to stay at home and avoid anyone pregnant , just in case.
Rather like the way some people today choose not to go to a doctor for a mild case of the flu. By the way, titers taken as an adult do indicate that I have indeed had the measles.

Of course, now that information about vitamin A being used as a treatment is available, I think we can assume that medical treatment now will be better than medical treatment in the 60 s and 70s. Or do you believe that our ability to treat sick people has not improved at all in the 50 years?

And of course, natural measles infections apparently have a protective effect against cancer. If natural measles infections were instead called "vaccines", that helped protect against cancer, and could somehow be used to make big money for pharmaceutical companies, I am pretty sure any side effects would be considered "rare" and ignored.


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On the subject of measles deaths, you need to understand that the millions and millions of deaths figures are completely made up.

Here is a quote from the surprisingly honest Kenji Shibuya (chief of stats at the WHO) about what his colleagues did.

“The same applies to monitoring progress in major disease interventions. For example, the assessment of a recent change in measles mortality from vaccination is mostly based on statistics predicted from a set of covariates such as the number of live births, vaccine coverage, vaccine effectiveness and case¬fatality ratios. It is understandable that estimating causes of death over time is a difficult task. However, that is no reason for us to avoid measuring it when we can also measure the quantity of interest directly; otherwise the global health community would continue to monitor progress on a spreadsheet with limited empirical basis. This is simply not acceptable.”

For those who weren't able to follow. The measles deaths figures come from countries with essentially no data on cause of death (it simply isn't recorded) so the WHO epidemiologists just made up some numbers that they hoped were correct because it would have meant the vaccine program worked.

They never counted measles deaths before the vaccine, nor did they do so afterwards.

They assumed lots of people died from the disease before it, they then gave out millions of vaccines, assumed that meant they didn't get measles and voila! Measles death numbers plummeted.

Further explanation can be found here - complete with graphs showing that the widespread vaccine programs in the developing world had no measurable impact on the welfare of the populous (at least not in a good way).

And of course, as I say, the measles vaccine does not prevent rashes and fevers - let alone deaths.

All that has happened is that a) doctors typically won't diagnose measles if the patient is vaccinated; b) pathology testing rules out many cases whereas before no such testing was required.

I find it funny that Eindecker talks about doctors being desperate to make as many notifications as possible. Yeah sure. Doctors are always looking for ways to increase the amount of paperwork that they do.

If a doctor gives someone a vaccine it stands to reason that they will be prejudiced against admitting that that vaccine is either useless or dangerous.

So they cannot be trusted to evaluate numbers of measles cases nor vaccine safety.


Carolyn M
Thank you very much. I will get my hands on a copy ASAP.

Carolyn M


Thanks for the information. I didn't think it was Dr. Maurice Hilleman who said it, but I did not remember who did.


Carolyn M,
That quote is by Dr. Alexander Langmuir in 1963, at the end of this article on measles by him:

Great article, everyone should read it, for several reasons: he talks about several diseases, how dramatic but relatively mild measles was (because of high fever), how rare polio was, that the worst diseases were the common cold and arthritis (in frequency and suffering). Measles mortality charts: less than one death per 10,000 cases in children 3-10, the age group that got it most often.


"1 measles death in every few thousand cases"

Our CDC has been beating the drum to the tune of 1-2 in 1,000 for several years now. They have vaccines to sell.

But bare stats only mean so much. One would have to examine each medical record to determine what impact measles really had. Were these deaths in terminal patients or extremely fragile individuals who were long going to live even without? Which is not to say that any life is not worth saving, even if only for another day. But it all has to be taken into context, and that's what is lacking in all this - proper context.

And too, we don't know what effect a widespread measles outbreak would have on a population without natural herd immunity. The vaccine has mostly wiped that out in the under 60's.

Carolyn M


I remember reading part of the quote concerning the measles vaccine (that it was made "because we can") in the book Vaccine Nation: America's Changing Relationship With Immunization by Elena Conis. I hope that helps you find the rest of it.


Good one Eindecker. You completely ignore the direct CDC quote proving doctors frequently dismiss measles in the vaccinated. You then reached for the NHS to prove your case. And what a reach it was.

Here is the UK's National Health Service: "Following assessment, if a diagnosis of measles is considered likely, it is essential to notify the local Health Protection Unit (HPU)" and subsequently: "Measles is very unlikely in people who have been fully immunized", followed by “Consider a different cause if the patient is likely to have immunity”!diagnosissub

Their advice is even more explicit than the CDC's.

Doctors differentially diagnosing on the basis of vaccination status is completely obvious and you have right there in those quotes definitive proof that that is what they do.

But vaccines are the greatest lie in history. Not a single vaccine has ever worked and their entire success is nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy. Both from the above bias and the fact that diagnostic criteria is typically strengthened after the vaccine.

And we know that absolutely no vaccine has worked because data that is not subject to bias (such as rates of deafness or encephalitis after measles vaccine or rates of paralysis after polio vaccine) all shows that precisely no vaccine has ever achieved its objective.

But nobody wants to accept that they have fallen for a lie of such magnitude.



"That may or may not have happened 20 or 30 years ago with GPs not reporting certainly won't be happening today, they will be saliva testing to either eliminate or confirm measles, but certainly not dismissing it, it is a legally notifiable disease."

Let's forget about the Dark Ages of the 1990s for the moment. Wasn't measles a legally notifiable disease in 2013 when Gareth Colfer-Williams consulted three doctors for fever and rash in the middle of an epidemic and they all sent him home with a prescription for Paracetomol? Why did not one, but all three doctors fail to report this case of fever and rash to the authorities and why did none of them lose their jobs? Most likely they failed to report because having been vaccinated, as his mother said he was, they assumed he was immune. This poor man didn't die because he had a measles virus, he died because doctors failed to recognise a measles infection in their vaccinated patient, and failed to provide the care he needed.

As to the WHO recommendations, since 1998 countries are supposed to be reporting all cases of AFP, but few countries where polio is supposed to have been eradicated do this which gives the impression that paralysis in these countries is non-existent.

So if the estimated mortality rate for measles in the last decade is about 1 in 3000-4000 cases which is getting closer to 1 in 9000 of the 50s and 60s, then the question is why does the CDC claim 1 in 500 and some public health sites claim it's 1 in 300? To me, this can only be described as fear-mongering and a sales pitch for vaccines.

Those cases of CRS were all estimates by Plotkin, and the case definition he used included children born with no physical abnormalities but deafness that was detected later. Apart from rubella, there are other TORCH diseases that can adversely affect the unborn. Neither rubella nor CRS became nationally notifiable until 1966, and out of the 10,000 reported cases of CRS in 1970, the largest number ever reported, only 67 cases were confirmed (Pink Book). The other 9933 babies had something that looked like CRS but wasn't. How typical to grossly inflate the numbers before the introduction of a vaccine, make reporting of suspected cases mandatory and then, with laboratory confirmation of notified cases, watch the numbers drop and announce to the public that the vaccine works! It's mass deception and fraud.

If non-immune women of child-bearing age feel they need to protect their future babies with a vaccine they can choose to get it if they want. It shouldn't be the responsibility of babies and children for whom rubella is a mild disease to protect their unborn offspring and risk their own health.


ATSC et al the European data is easiest to access
Summarising these reports you get
Time Notifications % Unvaccinated Deaths
2015-16 1818 85% 1
2015 3969 84.8% 1
2014 3616 83% 0
2013 10271 88% 3
2012 8326 75% 0
2011 30567 82% 8

In France 2008-2010 there were 4753 notified notifications, 82% were unvaccinated and 3 deaths, all in unvaccinated individuals.
So adding up there were 63320 notifications and 16 deaths, ie a mortality rate of 1 in 3957 cases which is about right, 1 measles death in every few thousand cases

Reading Is Fundamental


These are some links with information on measles incidence and mortality in the US and UK in the decades around 1960, when it had become much less virulent that it had been before around 1930.

A quick look at a phylogenetic tree will demonstrate that measles virus has not undergone any particularly noteworthy evolution since it diverged from rinderpest. This is a rather simple function of the fact that immunity to one strain confers immunity to them all, which basically moots any question of selection pressure.


I think the measles vaccine really did close to eradicate measles in the US."

The measles was 98% eliminated on its own prior to the development of the first measles vaccine in 1963.
By 1963, the death rate from measles in the United States had already dropped by approximately 98% ( Vital Statistics of the United States 1937, 1938, 1943, 1944, 1949, 1960, 1967, 1976, 1987, 1992; Historical Statistics of the United States.
- Colonial Times to 1970 Part 1; Health, United States, 2004, US Department of Health and Human Services; Vital Records & Health Data Development Section, Michigan Department of Community Health; US Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2003; Reported Cases and Deaths from Vaccine Preventable Diseases, United States, 1950–2008.)
By Robert D. Grove, Ph. D. and Alice M. Hetzel

I fully believe that if there had not been a vaccine for this mild childhood illness Measles would have been eliminated however Doctors like to play God and created a monstrosity to inject into children which not only kept measles in play-it spawned another version of the illness Atypical measles I shouldn't say spawned but used the more medically acceptable characterization- an altered host immune response caused by the deleterious effect of the measles vaccines which comes from the KMV. I read a comment a few years ago where an individual wrote that Dr. Maurice Hilleman stated a measles vaccine was never needed but it was created because they could do it and since they made it it may as well be used. Of course for vaccine makers those profound moments of honesty and clarity are rare. However he did admit on film that the Polio vaccines was contaminated with SV-40. I would love to find that information on the Measles vaccine so if anyone has any leads please post.

Jeannette Bishop

Typo...I think I meant to say, the 1 in 500 rate doesn't seem equatable to the actual overall risk of measles when not vaccinating. It's the risk seen in reported breakthrough cases.

Jeannette Bishop

Re measles death rate at 1 in 500, I got the impression from one pro-vax commenter that the failure of one dose measles vaccine seen in the U.S. around 1990 and the death rate seen then is being quoted.

It doesn't seem equatable to the actual risk of measles verses not vaccinating. It's the breakthrough risk seen in a vaccine modified group, maybe due in part to vaccinated mothers being unable to protect their infants effectively, and I wonder also if it involved an ignorance on the part of some physicians (and parents) not used to treating (or recognizing) measles on how to best do so? Maybe new pharmaceuticals were applied with adverse effects? Does having been vaccinated actually increase the mortality risk for some?

The in 1 in 500 mortality may be something like the mortality we will see with further two-dose measles vax failure.


Linda1: "CDC reported in 2004 that pre vaccine era mortality rate was 1 in 1000 *reported* cases, which equals about 1 in 10,000, according to them, then."

Yes, that's about right but I doubt we would ever hear that from Eindeker.


These are some links with information on measles incidence and mortality in the US and UK in the decades around 1960, when it had become much less virulent that it had been before around 1930.

Gareth Colfer-Williams should have been hospitalized, but was blown off because he was an alcoholic who had just been in rehab, and had severe asthma and was generally weak and immune-compromised. He died of giant-cell pneumonia, which couldn't have been treated even if he had been hospitalized. It's not that he died primarily because of medical negligence, but that he had severe health conditions which permitted an extremely serious and untreatable complication to take hold and kill him.

There are many diseases which can cause rashes. I think the measles vaccine really did close to eradicate measles in the US. If it were the case that everyone still gets measles just the way they used to, vaxxed or not, then you wouldn't have anyone coming down with real measles, the way they sometimes do, and it's apparently just like it used to be, high fever, rash, racking cough, conjunctivitis, for the same length of time as before.


Times change ASCT (& RTP)...Current UK NICE guidelines for handling suspected measles in an outbreak and sporadic situation, nowhere does it suggest reject just on the basis of vaccination history Read through it at your leisure but nowhere does it say it's up to the GP to reject on a basis of vaccination history Suspected case of measles:
• Any person in whom a clinician suspects measles infection, or
• Any person with fever and maculopapular rash (i.e. non-vesicular) and one of the following: cough or coryza (runny nose) or conjunctivitis (red eyes).
In line with WHO recommendations, countries with an elimination target are required to have intensive case-based surveillance to detect, investigate and confirm every suspected case.

It's not worth the GP's job just to say "Oh they said that they had been vaccinated so I didn't report it as a suspected case of measles" What may or may not have happened 20 or 30 years ago with GPs not reporting certainly won't be happening today, they will be saliva testing to either eliminate or confirm measles, but certainly not dismissing it, it is a legally notifiable disease.
Suggest you look up the mortality stats yourself, but from memory the recent measles epidemic in Europe resulted in 30000 + cases, the vast majority unvaccinated JS, & I seem to remember there were between 12 & 20 deaths so about 1 every 3 or 4000 cases and all in the last decade.
But consider bacterial meningitis, a fulminant, potentially deadly disease primarily diagnosed in hospitals, thankfully reduced by HIB & meningococcal vaccinations, RTP thinks the clinician will reject possible bacterial meningitis on the basis of vaccination history (because that's the way he can rationalize that vaccines CANNOT work by his definition..) Sorry but utter rubbish, the clinician will probably take lumbar punctures and do a full laboratory work up on samples, the identification of the infecting organism is a laboratory based procedure so the statistics on invasive meningococcal C infection & the effect of vaccination on both direct and herd immunity are valid and not based on “clinical judgement”.
Congenital Rubella syndrome Hera During the 1962-1965 global rubella pandemic, an estimated 12.5 million rubella cases occurred in the United States, resulting in 2,000 cases of encephalitis, 11,250 therapeutic or spontaneous abortions, 2,100 neonatal deaths, and 20,000 infants born with CRS.[4] Live births in US early 60’s c 8,000,000 pa so that’s about .1% excluding the abortion figures, the 1% value was reported from the Philadelphia hospital but I can’t find the reference, so the rate was somewhere between .1 & 1% live births having CRS in epidemic years.



"Do you know why the CDC claims that the death rate from measles is 1-2 in 1000, and yet the UK government claims "About one in 5000 individuals with measles is likely to die"? Huge difference, Historically, pre-measles vaccine, is either rate true?"

CDC reported in 2004 that pre vaccine era mortality rate was 1 in 1000 *reported* cases, which equals about 1 in 10,000, according to them, then.

"Measles Elimination in the United States"
Walter A. Orenstein, Section Editor, Mark J. Papania and Melinda E. Wharton
+ Author Affiliations

National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia
Reprints or correspondence: Dr. Mark Papania, National Immunization Program, Mailstop E-61, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30333 ([email protected])

In 1962, immediately preceding the licensure of the first measles vaccines in the United States, when measles was a nearly universal disease, Alexander Langmuir described the medical importance of measles to the country and put forth the challenge of measles eradication [1]. Although most patients recovered without permanent sequelae, the high number of cases each year made measles a significant cause of serious morbidity and mortality Langmuir showed that >90% of Americans were infected with the measles virus by age 15 years [1]. This equated to roughly 1 birth cohort (4 million people) infected with measles each year. Not all cases were reported to the public health system; from 1956 to 1960, an average of 542,000 cases were reported annually.By the late 1950s, even before the introduction of measles vaccine, measles-related deaths and case fatality rates in the United States had decreased markedly, presumably as a result of improvement in health care and nutrition. From 1956 to 1960, an average of 450 measles-related deaths were reported each year (∼1 death/ 1000 reported cases), compared with an average of 5300 measles-related deaths during 1912–1916 (26 deaths/ 1000 reported cases) [2]. "



"RTP Just nonsense, doctors don’t know the vaccination status of a patient with a rash in a measles outbreak, they take a sample & send it off for analysis "

Speaking from experience, I know that RTP is speaking the truth. When my son broke out in a rash during a measles epidemic in the 90s, the first thing the doctor said was, "He can't have measles because he has been immunised".

Believing that doctors do what they're supposed to do when they see a person with a rash during a measles epidemic is like believing that vaccine reactions are investigated, documented and reported when they are not.

This belief in the efficacy of vaccines may have ben responsible for Gareth Colfer-Williams' death. The doctor prescribed Paracetomol and sent the 25-year old home with a fever and full body rash in the midst of a measles epidemic, instead of sending him to hospital where a very sick, severely malnourished person belonged. Of course the report you cited neglected to mention the age and health status of the measles death. Far better that this information is hidden away from parents so that they keep thinking they need vaccines to protect their healthy children.

Do you know why the CDC claims that the death rate from measles is 1-2 in 1000, and yet the UK government claims "About one in 5000 individuals with measles is likely to die"? Huge difference, Historically, pre-measles vaccine, is either rate true?


ADVERSE REACTIONS ; The following adverse reactions are listed in decreasing order of severity, without regard to causality, within each body system category and have been reported during clinical trials, with use of the marketed vaccine, or with use of monovalent or bivalent vaccine containing measles, mumps, or rubella:
Body as a Whole
Panniculitis; atypical measles; fever; syncope; headache; dizziness; malaise; irritability.

Are you aware that the original MMR vaccine vial insert list Autism as an adverse reaction:
You can see it here.
Confirming that the MMR can cause Autism is Dr. Julie Gerberding:

The Disney Outbreak False Flag was so infested with lies by the CDC the only moment of clarity was when Dr. Schuchat said patient zero had never been found and that the Measles Genotype was B3. Other Multiple “official” sources have declared the number of infected between 100 & 300. There was one “official” MSM source that said people had died:
Disneyland’s measles outbreak killed more than 100-
However the Disney False Flag served it’s purpose which was the catalyst for 50 plus state representative to introduce in their particular state capitols draconian vaccine measure aimed at removing parental autonomy and initiating mandatory vaccination. SB277 & Senate Bill 442 in Oregon led the charge. Oregon was able to temporarily beat this back but we know what’s going on in California.


Hi Eindeker,
I had measles, mumps, rubella, and pertussis as a kid.
In terms of long term side effects; absolutely none. In terms of duration of illness; I remember measles lasting about two weeks, being itchy and not being allowed to scratch, and pertussis lasted for several months, with occasional whooping attacks, originally staying home, then just a note to get out of P.E.

Where did you get that strange statistic of 1 in 100 ?? having disabled babies from rubella pre vaccines?
In the 70's making sure that an unvaccinated child ( particularly a girl) got a rubella infection when young was considered part of good parenting. people knew about rubella and made sure that when it was going around, girls got exposed. But even if we are concerned about unexposed people getting pregnant and having a small chance of a baby with a disability, there is no need to vaccinate so young. i think that we can assume that for example there should not be any pregnant eight year olds? So there doesn't appear to be a need for a vaccine in the toddler years in any case.
You are also wrong about doctors not checking vaccine status. Of course they do. It is a requirement to fill in both on ER forms and on any physician intake form. Sometimes you do come across imo, as seriously naive.
In fact the reason given for that information request is so doctors know to consider infections with vaccine preventable diseases.
Apparently the symptoms by themselves wouldn't be enough to make the doctor check for these illnesses. Which is pretty telling.
A friend of my had a fully vaccinated daughter with "walking pneumonia" that hung on and on in her 20's. Having had pertussis, I thought it looked awfully familiar. I asked if the doctor had ruled it out. No. Much later , she was diagnosed with pertussis. But would she have been, if no one had bought it up?
Another friend of mine, with an unvaccinated daughter, had chickenpox going round the daughter's school. She was to be sent home till the "epidemic" was over. mom took her to the doctor, and found out that she was immune, because the single spot she had
gotten last time chicken pox was going around, was the extent of the illness for her.

By the way, I find it a little sad that as far as I can tell you have never expressed any concern for congenitally disabled babies caused by anthrax vaccines. Does my son get any sympathy or worry from you, due to his multiple birth defects following his fathers anthrax vaccine?

Birth Defects among Infants Born to Women Who Received Anthrax Vaccine in Pregnancy
Margaret A. K. Ryan1, Tyler C. Smith1, Carter J. Sevick1, William K. Honner1, Rosha A. Loach1, Cynthia A. Moore2 and J. David Erickson2

Among 115,169 infants born to military women during this period, 37,140 were born to women ever vaccinated against anthrax, and 3,465 were born to women vaccinated in the first trimester of pregnancy. Birth defects were slightly more common in first trimester-exposed infants (odds ratio = 1.18, 95% confidence interval: 0.997, 1.41) when compared with infants of women vaccinated outside of the first trimester, but this association was statistically significant only when alternative referent groups were used. Although the small observed association may be unlikely to represent a causal relation between vaccination in early pregnancy and birth defects, this information should be considered when making decisions about administering anthrax vaccine to pregnant women.

It is only a small increase, isn't it? So , why worry? And they are "sure' that anthrax is safe for men to have. By the way, when the doctor was asking about possible environmental causes for by son's birth defects, he refused to write down that my husband had been given the anthrax vaccine, or my husbands reaction to it. Got to make sure that medical chart has the "right" information on it, or someone might notice a connection..
Wonder how many other peoples charts had that info left out from , too? What do you think? Just a one off?

The reality is, what we are doing today by causing encephalitis in some young children and infants, we are giving these children at least one of the lifelong side effects of congenital rubella syndrome, ( autism is a side effect of congenital rubella syndrome) and in rates far higher than the natural infection
did. Hard to see that as a success.


Eindeker, You give us typical pro-vaccine propaganda which we are all aware of. Vaxxed is about the distortion of such research. Our proof is our children/Grandchildren whose progress was typical until their vaccinations. and, by the way, the most severely autistic of my Grandsons was rushed to hospital with a seizure after the MMR. Coincidence - I know it wasn't!

Yes, there is obviously a genetic link and that must be that the vaccines trigger the genes that are unable to take the onslaught of the vaccine ingredients.

Nothing I say will make you change your stance. You are devoid of human compassion and really are on the wrong website. Quite honestly, you are a waste of effort.

Acceptance vs curing

I wrote the poem linked below when my son was 8 and his school principal inferred that I did not fully love my son because I couldn't "accept" his autism. And he looked with me with pity at my goal to mainstream him. Well now he is in a mainstream supportive Catholic High School freshman year. He is not all better but has a 3.0 (he was not the type who was great academically so this is huge) his essence is fully back and rarely fogged by "Autism". Now he laughs and likes music and plays with the dogs. But the poem talks about that horrible loop we are all in. We have to replace a normal childhood with therapies never knowing if they are going to work because we are all pioneers. We face so much. Also I want to recommend Victory over autism by anju usman. The best explanation of the autism type of looping grief and hope that I have seen. And her son recovered !

david m burd

Eindeker: You said "Re your grandchildren have you read this study that clearly shows that receipt of MMR is not associated with an increased risk of autism?"

Do you ONLY read what gets blessed by medical authorities in love with vaccines? WHERE have you been(?) staying ignorant of CDC's Dr. William Thompson's whistle-blowing confession about the 2004 Study where he was a key scientist, this censored/altered Study showing 3 times as many young kids becoming autistic when the MMR vaccine was given early in life, compared to later in life!!

AND, Thompson's disclosure about the MMR shot doesn't even begin to address all the other vaccinations and their damages brought by shots from birth through 6 months! -- with CDC flagrantly refusing a vaxxed versus unvaxxed Study of American kids. Do us all a favor: YOU take the 47 doses of vaccines, adjusted to your weight, given to American kids by 18 months, and report back.


Linda1, yes that’s precisely why the 2 vaccination policy was introduced in 1989, as suggested in the last line, and looking at the epidemiology the 2 injection policy has worked well in preventing measles.
Rubella should never have been added to a vaccine given to babies, especially with two other live viruses. So Linda1 you’d be happy to see 1% of babies contract congenital rubella syndrome in Rubella epidemic years as was seen pre rubella vaccine, nice thought Linda1!

Danchi AMS was seen in patients given killed measles vaccine in the 60’s who were subsequently exposed to wild type measles, it is not a “mutant” virus but an aberrant reaction to the wild type virus. Please give evidence to support your assertion that it is an ongoing problem, other than in patients AMS occurs in persons who were incompletely immunized against measles. This may happen if a person were given the old killed-virus measles vaccine (which does not provide complete immunity and is no longer available); or the person were given attenuated (weakened) live measles vaccine that was, by accident, inactivated during improper storage. Immunization with inactivated measles virus does not prevent measles virus infection. It can, however, sensitize a person so that the expression of the disease is altered, resulting in AMS.
The Disney outbreak with 158 people fully vaccinated-NOT ONE media outlet asked-Why Were These People Infected? Don’t think so Danchi in fact of the Californian residents who came down with measles, 110, the vaccination status of 63 of these was known and only 7 had had 2 doses of MMR, 49 were completely unvaccinated

Susan death from measles was very rare because living conditions and health care had improved so much. What 400-500 deaths & 50000 hospitalizations every year in the US pre measles vaccine, , is that rare,?, with several thousand left with a permanent disability. Re your grandchildren have you read this study that clearly shows that receipt of MMR is not associated with an increased risk of autism? The study focused on children with an older sibling diagnosed with ASD and looked at the ASD risk in these younger children and whether it was linked to ASD diagnosis, there was no increased risk seen in these children. Unfortunately there is clearly a genetic element to autism and the risk does increase with siblings with one diagnosed with ASD, more so with fraternal twins and even more so with identical twins.

RTP Just nonsense, doctors don’t know the vaccination status of a patient with a rash in a measles outbreak, they take a sample & send it off for analysis, do you really think a doctor looking at a patient possible fulminant bacterial meningitis worries about vaccine status??? No he treats the patient and sends a sample for lab analysis, it’s the lab results that detail what the organism is. It is a logical impossibility because viruses infect us chronically. care to give any evidence for that, & BTW what about acute bacterial infections, Haemophilus meningitis, tetanus??



I don't think anyone could call vaccines a success, even if the incidence of diseases such as measles has declined, if there are more children suffering from the after effects of vaccine-induced encephalitis (i.e. brain damage) than there were before the vaccine era.

Here's a video of a 40-year old English teacher who suffered an encephalitis.

Her symptoms were:

- loss of taste
- seizures
- loss of speech
- loss of understanding of speech
- poor short-term memory
- loss of functions, including bladder function
- started coming back at a most basic level
- replied "Dog" to all questions
- speech was "really weird"
- couldn't follow a story or movie plot
- obsessions
- poor executive function (left taps running)
- had to learn to read and write again
- didn't recognise family members or people she'd worked with
- husband put tracker on mobile phone so he knew where she was when out alone (wandering?)
- "My ability to cut out noise has gone" - can't focus on speech with background noise
- can't follow conversations, loses thread
- can't regulate body temperature
- sleep irregularity

Many of the above symptoms will be familiar to those of us whose children suffered regression following adverse vaccine reactions.

@43.21 Professor Tom Solomon says this in answer to the listener's question:"What message would you give to other clinicians and why is so little understood about encephalitis?"

"The message to clinicians is to think about it (encephalitis) early on - to have a low index of suspicion. It's a rare disease but the problem is if you don't spot it early on then it can really have very bad outcomes. And even though HSV encephalitis is rare when you put together all the things that might be encephalitis - so people presenting with fever and strange behaviour or a seizure, that becomes quite a big group of people so we do want people to think: Could this be a brain infection? And to get the patient to hospital as soon as possible".

"And 'Why so little understood'? "It's probably because there wasn't that much work done on encephalitis until recent years."

It turns out they've only been researching encephalitis for fifteen years. Fifteen years? Unbelievable!

Doctors should pay attention to Prof Solomon's advice. Parents have been telling them for more than two decades that their babies and children were sick with fever, seizures, and strange behaviour after vaccines and yet they are still totally ignored because doctors and their nurses believe in the safety of vaccines. Parents report that their child lost language, their sleeping patterns changed; they're picky with food, they don't respond to their names; they treat their parents like pieces of furniture; they're sensitive to sound and touch; they have extreme and long-lasting temper tantrums; their behaviour changed and their personalities changed, and doctors wonder why parents question vaccines. It's as simple as this: our children were normal before vaccination and then they weren't.

Now here's an interesting brochure from the Encephalitis Society: "Encephalitis in Children. A Guide". Please read the whole thing but pay particular attention to page 5 where it says that vaccines can cause Autoimmune Encephalitis.

Maybe one day you and other doctors will see the truth like Dr Mercola:


Might as put the final nail in the coffin for Eindecker's indiscretion.

If you look at tables 1, 2, and 3, you can plainly see that most Mumps outbreaks happen in highly-vaccinated populations. You would not get these numbers if the vaccine actually worked.

Birgit Calhoun

Eindeker! There is one saying that comes to mind: There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. With all your commenting you do not for one minute think about the possibility that there are problems with vaccines that are not being addressed. Would you please, besides being a pro-vaxxer, also address statistics regarding ingredients and whether these vaccines were tested in their totality, not just measles in distilled water. I would like for you to produce the statistics about the vehicle in which these viruses are stored before they are injected. I would also like to see statistics that only contain mono-valent (meaning 1 virus) vaccines that do not contain adjuvants. You would do us a great service if you could find anything regarding single shot vaccines here in the United States. One more thing. The experience of having Mumps is almost like not feeling ill. I had measles when I was a small child during WWII in Germany. It was not pleasant. But it's nothing like autism. I wished I had had rubella when I was young. When I was pregnant in 1969 I was given a rubella shot, and I have regretted it ever since. You may guess why. None of MM and R are supposed to be given to pregnant women. So what if they had no idea that that might do damage. For some reason nobody thought of adverse reactions until after that single shot was given to me. I have learned the hard way to distrust those statistics. I hope I find out something about results regarding the safety of the liquid these vaccines are delivered in.



What we need to do is deliberately infect schoolchildren with natural measles at the end of their first grade year, chickenpox at the end of second, rubella for girls at the end of third, mumps at the end of fourth, and pertussis at the end of fifth grade. Give them the many benefits of going through the natural diseases as children, get permanent immunity, and then not have to talk about this ever again.


MMR is a highly effective vaccine, the evidence is available from the recent European measles outbreaks but also nearer to (our) home from Wales. You may or may not have read the comprehensive report into the 2013 Welsh measles outbreak but these data clearly show the efficacy of MMR vaccine


The only thing this report shows me, is that science really is for sale.

This report is a joke.



Do you have any idea how serious an autism diagnosis is? Do you have any idea have severe the GI, neurological, and immunological issues are that these children suffer? Do you CARE?

Because NONE of the traditional physicians we took our child to for the first few years KNEW or CARED about those issues. They did not KNOW or CARE how sick my child was.

During this time our ped told me how awful measles was (both my husband and I had measles as children and it was a NOTHING illness for both of us). I told her I would care about measles the SECOND she started caring about my son's autism diagnosis, and his attendant medical issues which kept him in a state of extreme and chronic pain for YEARS. I was pointing out her gross hypocrisy ("I care about sick children") just as I am pointing out yours now. How DARE you blather on about measles to a population with desperately sick children that no one wants to help.

Birgit Calhoun

Ashlyn! Many of your experiences ring so 100% true that I don't believe much can be added.

But here is my input: The quest for finding a medical diagnosis was constantly on our minds during the whole 40 years of our son's life. There were indications to us about what might be wrong with our child. But when we finally got closer to something tangible, meaning Erik had very, I mean very, severe zinc deficiency and also severe vitamin D deficiency, the gastroenterologist did not want to make an appointment for Erik to explain. Later we found out that Erik had all kinds of things wrong with his kidneys that pointed to mercury poisoning. He finally died with his kidney function being at 15%.

We watched one procedure on a computer monitor where it was quite evident that one of the kidneys was not filtering anything properly and the other kidney was only a little bit better. When Erik died the doctors claimed that he died of kidney failure. But we were not satisfied. We had an autopsy done and the pathology report stated that Erik actually died of severe gastro-intestinal inflammation possibly similar to what Dr. Wakefield described in the cases in his well-known Lancet paper. Apparently, not only were his kidneys not working, he also didn't absorb most of his food. That's why he looked like he was at a very severe stage of starvation.

During Erik's life he suffered a lot, but we as parents could not be trusted as being sufficiently knowledgeable to be called expert regarding what ailed him. We have stacks of records about him and also x-rays etc. Nobody seemed to find anything about him interesting, not the fact that he was very small with a bone-age of 12 years and no signs of sexually maturing. He had no beard at age 40. All that could have been explained simply by exploring and explaining zinc deficiency. I could go on.

Ashlyn, I am glad you wrote this article. It vindicates many of us. I hope this article finds its way to much greater prominence than just in this blog. Thank you!


Here, Eindecker. Predicted in 1984:

Am J Epidemiol. 1984 Jul;120(1):39-48.
The future of measles in highly immunized populations. A modeling approach.
Levy DL.
Little is known about how an intensive measles elimination program changes the overall immune status of the population. A computer model was created to study the effect of the measles elimination program in the United States on the number of susceptibles in the population. The simulation reveals that in the prevaccine era, approximately 10.6% of the population was susceptible to measles, most of whom were children less than 10 years of age. With the institution of the measles immunization program, the proportion of susceptibles in the population fell to 3.1% from 1978 through 1981, but then began to rise by approximately 0.1% per year to reach about 10.9% in the year 2050. The susceptibles at this time were distributed evenly throughout all age groups. The model did not consider the potential effect of waning immunity. The results of this study suggest that measles elimination in the United States has been achieved by an effective immunization program aimed at young susceptibles combined with a highly, naturally immunized adult population. However, despite short-term success in eliminating the disease, long-range projections demonstrate that the proportion of susceptibles in the year 2050 may be greater than in the prevaccine era. Present vaccine technology and public health policy must be altered to deal with this eventuality.
PMID: 6741921


"The vaccine was supposed to eradicate measles from the face of the earth within one to two years."

Not only did the vaccine NOT eradicate Measles by 1967 ( “Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”“Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”
the first Measles vaccine spawned a mutation-Atypical Measles. The first Measles vaccine in 1963 DMV spawned AMS which is why it was discarded and than the new one came about which was suppose to eliminate AMS. Unfortunately AMS has been discovered in children who had taken the newer version of the vaccine. As you know Atypical measles not only resists treatment, but often degenerates into pneumonia or meningitis.



How many times do you guys have to be told that all the statistics related to measles (and any other so-called vaccine preventable disease) are hopelessly biased in favour of the vaccine?


"To minimize the problem of false positive laboratory results, it is important to restrict case investigation and laboratory tests to patients most likely to have measles (i.e., those who meet the clinical case definition, especially if they have risk factors for measles, such as being unvaccinated,[...]"

Doctors don't diagnose measles if the patient is vaccinated simply because if they see a rash or fever in a vaccinated patient they will differentially diagnose it as roseola or fifth disease or similar.

There is precisely *zero* valid evidence that any vaccine has *ever* worked.

Indeed they cannot. It is a logical impossibility because viruses infect us chronically.

Their entire apparent success is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Both from the above bias and from the fact that after a vaccine is introduced we typically strengthen the criteria (for example demanding pathology confirmation).


Eindeker, Your stats are impressive, but I would dispute your message. As a Grandmother of 2 boys who regressed to autism after the MMR, I know that their parents would much prefer them to have had measles.

We now have a generation of children/young adults who have no natural immunity to wild measles. This is not progress. Until the introduction of MMR, death from measles was very rare because living conditions and health care had improved so much. Parents now have to play 'Russian roulette' with their children because of people like you, Governments, Health authorities and media convince them that measles is a killer and vaccines are safe.

My son, daughter-in-law and Grandchildren's lives have been ruined because of the vaccine propaganda.


By the time the measles vaccine was introduced, viral replication and spread was limited by true herd immunity due to the strength and barrier of true lifelong natural immunity. We all had it at one time or another during mid childhood and the great majority of us did just fine. Mothers protected small infants by passing their strong natural immunity to them in the first two years of life.

The vaccine was supposed to eradicate measles from the face of the earth within one to two years. But mother nature laughed at man' hubris and is still laughing. Man learned the hard way that vaccine immunity is spotty and temporary. Vaccinated mothers do not pass the same type and strength of immunity to their infants.

Now we are in a pickle as the generation with true herd immunity dies off, all that is left is unreliable vaccine immunity. Infants of the vaccinated at risk, break through infections, the need for more and more boosters which may not work and may not be safe, are all that man has left. Not to mention the devastating maiming and killing from the vaccine itself. A vaccine for mumps was never needed and should never have been given. The vaccine destroyed herd immunity to mumps. Rubella should never have been added to a vaccine given to babies, especially with two other live viruses.


-Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1815-20.
Failure to reach the goal of measles elimination. Apparent paradox of measles infections in immunized persons. Poland GA1, Jacobson RM.
Conclusion: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons. Because of the failure rate of the vaccine and the unique transmissibility of the measles virus, the currently available measles vaccine, used in a single-dose strategy, is unlikely to completely eliminate measles. The long-term success of a two-dose strategy to eliminate measles remains to be determined. (Notice the date on this study-CDC knew in 1994 that the vaccine wasn't working)

The measles vaccine has failed",(this is in the body of the article) he explained two years ago in a prescient paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries.” "In that paper, he warned that due to factors that most haven’t noticed, measles has come back to be a serious public health threat. Poland sees the need for a major rethink, after concluding that the current measles vaccine is unlikely to ever live up to the job expected of it: “outbreaks are occurring even in highly developed countries where vaccine access, public health infrastructure, and health literacy are not significant issues. This is unexpected and a worrisome harbinger — measles outbreaks are occurring where they are least expected,” he wrote in his 2012 paper, listing the “surprising numbers of cases occurring in persons who previously received one or even two documented doses of measles-containing vaccine.” During the 1989-1991 U.S. outbreaks, 20% to 40% of those affected had received one to two doses. In a 2011 outbreak in Canada, “over 50% of the 98 individuals had received two doses of measles vaccine.”
Paper: The Re-Emergence of Measles in Developed Countries: Time to Develop the Next-Generation Measles Vaccines?
Dr. Gregory Poland is Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. Poland is one of the world’s most admired, most advanced thinkers in the field of vaccinology.

-Study titled, "Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011," http://cid.oxfordjournals (dot) org/content/58/9/1205.long This fully vaccinated young lady viral vaccine shedding resulted in her infecting 88 people. Of the 88 four secondary cases were confirmed that had either two doses of measles-containing vaccine or a past positive measles IgG antibody. All cases had laboratory confirmation of measles infection, clinical symptoms consistent with measles, and high avidity IgG antibody characteristic of a secondary immune response."

-PLoS study: "Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? "The reported coverage of the measles-rubella (MR) or measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province. However, the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella remains high." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pmc/articles/PMC3930734/.

Measles rates are still fairly high in China despite the vaccine being mandatory.

The Disney Measles False Flag:
CDC’s Dr. Ann Schuchat has stated that PATIENT ZERO, who the CDC and the corporate bought media blamed on a unvaccinated person, HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND. Which means they don't know where the measles began. /mm6406a5.htm?s_cid=mm6406a5_w. They want you to believe it began in the Philippines but that strain of measles Genotype B3 has been in the US since 2005. It just didn't pop up here.

The average age of those with measles was 22. Many had been vaccinated as children, but the immunity from a measles vaccine wears off unlike the immunity from a wild case of measles and who knows if immunity had been imparted by the vaccine at all. Vaccination is not immunization. And some who came down with measles were too young to be vaccinated. In fact, by February 15, 2015 of the 110 California people who came down with measles in the Disneyland outbreak, only 18 (a mere 16% of the total) were deliberately unvaccinated children aged 5 to 19 years. The remaining 63 infected from other states-were fully vaccinated. Total 176 were infected according to the CDC final count in May 2015 when the outbreak officially ended. Out of 176 infected 158 were vaccinated. No one was left deaf, chronically ill and no one died.

Moreover, the vaccination rate for measles among schoolchildren in California was already high, the outbreak was short-lived, nobody died – hardly a disaster. It doesn’t take an “expert” to conclude that the outbreak wasn’t “fueled by the number of parents who declined to vaccinate their children.” According to the CDC only 3% of school age children in the US were unvaccinated in 2014. Stats on the NVIC website.

If the vaccine is effective and only 3% of the children in the US are unvaccinated and the remaining 97% are, why are there outbreaks of measles in highly vaccinated communities? Regardless -if the vaccine is effective and it works-why are people worried about unvaccinated children? What's the point of the vaccine if children who have taken it are still contracting measles? Don't talk about these children get a milder version or are partially immune like Dr. Thomas Kuhls pediatrician stated in an interview-that's like saying a woman gets a little pregnant. Milder version is a flim flam-a con. Anyone who is infected by any disease will not experience it with the same intensity mild or challenging. My kids got chicken pox and Oh Yea, they survived. 2 of them were covered in pox and 1 only had a few pox scabs. I have never had chicken pox and I have been exposed dozens of times over the years. Milder version/partially immune is just a con to distract parents from asking -my kid had the vaccine so why are they infected?

You know why it's so obvious that the media in the Western world is owned by pharma? The Disney outbreak with 158 people fully vaccinated-NOT ONE media outlet asked-Why Were These People Infected?


Leaving Animal Farm to one side John what's complex, do you not accept that herd immunity is clearly demonstrable in reality, the effect of herd immunity in reducing meningococcal C disease is notable
"A total of 814 patients with invasive MenC disease were included for analysis. There was a 99% decline in MenC disease in patients eligible for vaccination and a 93% decline in those not eligible. Thirty-six percent of the overall MenC reduction between the first and last 4 years of the observation period occurred in the unvaccinated population"

There is so much real evidence that dropping MMR vaccination rates leads to outbreaks of disease, the Welsh analysis is just the latest, John what is complex and what justifies your ad hominem attack and the statement the data in vaccinology is let’s face it mostly junk??

Is the Welsh analysis "junk", is the meningitis C data "junk", or is that just shorthand for "I don't like these results?"

John Stone


I think we have a complex picture which does not support your "four legs good two legs bad" attitude.


North of England in a a completely vaccinated population which we recall the BBC mouth, Fergus Walsh, putting down to "bad luck".

Not what I read John re measles in vaccinated populations

Manchester See Fig 3 The majority of probable and confirmed cases were in those who had not had two doses of MMR vaccine. Of 486 probable and confirmed cases, only 56 cases (12%) were fully vaccinated with two doses of MMR vaccine (Figure 3). Again case age distribution matches Wakefield study

North East England The majority of cases continue to be reported in unvaccinated school children and young adults with 40% of all cases aged between 10 and 19 years. Initially cases were being reported in the County Durham and Darlington areas but the majority of cases are now being seen in the Tees area. Seventeen per cent of the cases in this outbreak needed hospital treatment Note that age range again corresponding to Wakefield publicity

Scotland The majority of cases were in unvaccinated or under-immunised individuals

Now can you please substantiate your statement re measles outbreak in "completely vaccinated population" Mumps seems to have peaked 2005-2009, at least in Scotland, and again this could well be linked to the Wakefield factor still very small numbers compared to the pre-vaccine era when c 85% contracted mumps

John Stone


At the same time as the Welsh outbreak there was an even bigger outbreak in the North of England in a a completely vaccinated population which we recall the BBC mouth, Fergus Walsh, putting down to "bad luck". Then there is the continuing issue of the failing mumps component which makes it a greater hazard to our young people than if it had never been included - not mention the ongoing Merck whistleblower litigation. Not to mention the Thompsn revelations. There is the damning repeated verdict of Cochrane "The design and reporting in MMR safety studies both pre and post-marketing is largely inadequate". Of course, if anyone wanted to look into it more carefully they would certainly be Wakefielded.

@Gary Ogden and all

No worries about these loser propagandistic, putrid, industry driven piece of trash newspapers. Trump just called on people to dump their subscriptions to Dallas news etc. LMFAO. People know most media is a joke.


"MMR has never been shown to be a safe vaccine or effective vaccine: he talks of what he does not know."

John how can you possibly say it is not effective?? MMR is a highly effective vaccine, the evidence is available from the recent European measles outbreaks but also nearer to (our) home from Wales. You may or may not have read the comprehensive report into the 2013 Welsh measles outbreak but these data clearly show the efficacy of MMR vaccine
Key Findings
>Odds of contracting measles: 2 vaccinations MMR 1 in 2200, 1 vaccination MMR 1 in 750 & no vaccinations 1 in 18, ie 12 doses >99% effective, 1 dose 97% effective
>Vaccination rates had fallen dramatically in this area following the local paper's support for the Wakefield study Between 1997 and 2002, national annual uptake of one dose of MMR in two year olds fell 11% (from 91% to 80%). In the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board area the decrease was 19% (from 92% to 73%). It fell even lower in those areas which, for local reasons, were most affected by the controversy, such as Swansea and Neath Port Talbot
>The age distribution of measles cases clearly reflected when the Wakefield publicity was at its' height and the resultant MMR uptake was low
>There were 88 hospital admissions & 1 death in the 1430 odd notified cases, 432 of the 1430 were confirmed by laboratory testing, at the peak of the outbreak 53% of notifications were confirmed by laboratory testing

he talks of what he does not know In the past John you have questioned the concept of herd immunity, I cannot recall whether you have said that there is no proof, forgive me if you have not, but there is an excellent review of the evidence of herd immunity following the introduction of vaccinations
with unvaccinated individuals in Haemophilus influenzae, pneumococcal infection, meningococcal meningitis C ( where the incidence of meningococcal serogroup C disease declined not only in the vaccine group, but also in unvaccinated groups (by 67% in those aged 1–17 y and 35% in those aged >25 y)
Sorry for spreading the discussion but in another thread on herd immunity you were stating that most vaccine science is junk, well sorry John but that ain't necessarily so

Gary Ogden

kapoore: Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for brain injury. Dr. Ken Stoller uses it, and has written a book about it.

Gary Ogden

Dr. Usman is yet another victim of the war on our children. The Chicago Tribune calls chelation, the standard treatment in heavy metal poisoning, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the standard treatment since the '50's for the bends, and in recent years, a promising treatment for brain injuries, such as in PTSD, "unproven treatments," and an "extreme departure from rational medical judgement." This is worse than ignorance and stupidity; it is simply evil.


Oh, I meant - that I said my vaccine injured son with autism I have to worry he too will develop Parkinson.

It will take all of us ; or at least a LOT of us; to push the dogma back - each citizen. So we have to convince each citizen. We have to educate each citizen what a vaccine injury looks like and they don't all look like autism .

That or wait around till a LOT of us catch on to what vaccine injuries look like.


My 93 year old father's feet are swelling, so I took him to the family doctor.

The doctor prescribed him a diuretic.
And then asked or rather told us lets us get that flu shot.

Same doctor that I wrote good information about the latest research all over his vaccine postures in his little tiny patient waiting room - four or five years ago. Yeah, when in there waiting with my Mother that freezes if the temperature is not 102; and they keep it always 67 degrees.

I said no thanks.

So he leaned over and whispered kind of to me gently -- at this age it is recommended-------

He may have continued with the explanation but I have long - long - long left the station

Ohhh if only I could have done this with my kids - or with my Father 13 years ago when Dad could still walk.


Big sigh.

I said the studies are not really showing that.
That they are showing the still end up in the hospital with pneumonia anyway.
That Dad did take the flu shots for a long time and during that time he had a heart attack that gets us to another study about vaccines. That he took flu vaccines when he developed Parkinson disease.
That I found out that kids with autism are getting Parkinson early in life and now I have to worry about my vaccine injured son developing autism.

I have a slight advantage of this doctor - I will admit. Dad and Mom both were his Sunday school teacher, from when he was a tiny boy to a grown up teenager going off to college.

. And supported him and his family mightily when he went to medical school.

Mother laughed when I told her how it went and said, " I bet he gave the cute little nervous shoulder jerk, didn't he?"

Why, yes he did.

Which makes me think - what are they to believe as they try to practice medicine My childhood friend that made a doctor is all confused too. She told me this spring that treating endocrine diseases is so varied and different they are just hard to treat.

The vaccines - the more you give the better it all will be - is dogma. Dogma - if you want to know just how hard it is to change dogma well there are volumes written on trying to change old ideas, especially when you have a huge industry intertwined with big fat federal agencies making 3 billion on each vaccine they can pump into human bodies a year. That is 3 billion a year -- each year.

John Stone

Haven't you learnt...

I like the category as you have used it "debunker" - debunking (and it is used in the article) is always a nasty term. It means the journalist is invoking the social market in ideas, which takes no account of their historic or scientific truth, it offers no real analysis but it warns anyone who thinks there might be something in it to stay away. It is a tool of social bullying by someone who would have no idea in detail how to justify themselves.

Horton is, of course, impossibly two faced and all too happy to fly kites for the pharmaceutical industry. The reason he dumped Wakefield was surely not because it was remotely decent or justifiable but because certain pressures had been brought to bear. MMR has never been shown to be a safe vaccine or effective vaccine: he talks of what he does not know.

Tim Bolen


Standard newspaper/magazine journalism is DEAD. News rooms are empty of reporters. Alternative media is where people go for reality.

I had a conversation with a reporter for Time Magazine a few months ago. She had graduated from Columbia School of Journalism. I was patting her on the head so-to-speak, feeling sorry for her, as a person, who spent all that time, money, and energy to get a top Journalism degree and ended up working at a magazine that had children going door-to-door selling a twenty year subscription for $1.99...

The Dallas Morning News is one of those dying dinosaurs attempting to shift gears to attract readers. They cannot afford REAL reporters so they scrape crap from the "services," putting some on-contract local reporters name on it.

I MISS newspapers - for I grew up on them. But the crap you see now, after corporate survival techniques have decided the daily offering, is pathetic.

They are almost as bad as TV News.

Tim Bolen - www.


O'Meara's brother-in-law works for Pharma.
Posted by: Linda1

Oh so it is another basically fake story or woe. Like the Jennifer Hibben-White psycho-drama.

Thanks. I saw it on Huffington post but kicked them to the curb when they switched over to Facebook and insisted everyone have a Facebook account when they said they were keeping the original commenting format & would grandfather people in. I don't do Facebook and from what I read on pages like Dr. Tenpenny's-people lack internal self control and I really don't want to even read the crap some people say. Some social media sites just bring out the worse in people. My opinion only.

Haven't you learned Don't Cross Pharma?

The author of the piece is a "debunker", to help you understand why any research you read that clearly demonstrates that a pharmaceutical intervention is not beneficial is incorrect.

Another article defends Statins, and takes the Lancet to task for printing an article questioning statin effectiveness,

"The study was published in the Lancet, the same journal that published a fraudulent study in 1998 that falsely said vaccines cause autism. It took the Lancet 12 years to retract the damaging article about the vaccine and studies show it is still having a negative impact on vaccination rates.

What does that have to do with cholesterol? Well, burned by that experience, the Lancet editor-in-chief published the study recommending 1 in 3 Brits should be on statins and in a separate op-ed argued that research undermining the benefit of statins was harming the public’s health.

“We saw in a very painful way the consequences of publishing a paper which had a huge impact on confidence in a safe and effective vaccine,” said Lancet editor-in-chief, Richard Horton.

“After publication of disputed research and tendentious opinions about statin use...patients already taking statins were more likely to stop their medication...” Horton wrote. “Some research papers are more high risk to public health than others.”

The research that Horton is referring to which questions the use of statins in low-risk people was published in a competing medical journal. In 2013, the BMJ ran two papers finding statins do not reduce deaths and that for some, the side-effects of statins may outweigh the benefits."

Statins are another fraud, see


so true, john. i take my stand on the idea that journalism is a longstanding profession or craft, just like the law or medicine or for that matter blacksmithing. there are traditions and norms of fairness and accuracy -- like, get as close to primary sources as possible, be fair and accurate (this is a deeper obligation than "objective," which can also mean orthodox). just because the majority of "practitioners" of one of those professions are ignoring or subverting those norms at any given time does not diminish the obligation to stick to its deepest principles. andy has said much the same, that he listened to parents (my version would be "listened to readers") and followed the science (i would say "story") where it leads. ultimately this makes life a lot easier even if not as simple. people like the author of the dallas piece are not really practicing journalism and they have no guiding principles to lead them back ... dan

John Stone


I suppose what obsesses me here is the double edge that they are not only upholding falsehoods but also engaging in acts of social suppression, it is how they end up prejudicing the science itself. If it goes wrong no one can even talk about it. The pose is that they know about science but all they really know about is hounding decent people on behalf of powerful vested interests: the dogs keeping the sheep in order.

John Stone


Who could disagree with Tim Bolen except for his false narrative about us here - what indeed have we been doing for the last nine years except attacking the falsehoods of mainstream science, medicine, politics and journalism? For an awful lot of time it has been under unfriendly fire from Tim. That is what, of course, really doesn't help.


I agree with Tim Bolen. We need to start going on the offensive. I am grief-stricken, but also furious, at what my family (especially my son) has had to endure at the hands of those who are supposed to be helping us. I have an image in my head of my son at the bottom of a dark well, hanging on to a rope while we try to pull him up, and when the cavalry shows up to help (the doctors, the schools), instead they walk up to us and kick us in the teeth, and try to get us to let go of the rope. So now we have to fight them too, as well as rescuing our child.

It's enough to make one sick.

Thank you Ashlyn for writing this, and Kim for posting. You have encouraged me by validating and indeed celebrating everything we have done. Our son's whole life was turned around by treating his primary immunodeficiency with IVIG, but it took many years to get that diagnosis during which he suffered horribly (I can so relate to the years and years with no sleep). We also had an unsupportive family full of traditional MDs, who still won't really acknowledge what really occurred, and continue to treat my son as an outcast. Peace and love to all my fellow warrior parents out there-let's keep telling our stories.


Danchi: the Kristen O.'Meara article is on the Huff Post, if you want to add your comment:


Thank you Kim for sharing!! Ashlyn speaks for so so many parents, and children who SUFFER daily with Autsim. I am thankful for warrior moms who have forged this battle ahead of me, and will forever be indebted for their support & knowledge !! I guarantee you the ignorance & misinformation spread through the media or even many doctors are not parents of children with Autism!!

Dan Olmsted

Oh well it gave me the chance to use emendation for the first time in 40 years. I knew that being an English major would prove useful...



O'Meara's brother-in-law works for Pharma.

John Stone

Hi Dan

Not an emendation - only perhaps a supplement. No corrective intended.

Anne McElroy Dachel

This was the comment posted on the DMN story by Ken Stoller, MD, one of the speakers at the Summit. IT WAS REMOVED BY THE DMN:

I am one of the physicians that will be speaking at the Generation Rescue Autism Summit. I am not being compensated for my time, there is no honorarium and as I practice in other state I doubt I will get one new patient from speaking. That hardly makes someone like me "opportunistic." I would rather that I didn't have to speak at this Summit and that that were no reasons for having this Summit because if I had my way there would be no such thing as autism.

But there is a lot of autism, and in numbers that did not exist when I started in pediatrics over three decades ago. I didn't see my first case of autism till circa 1990. These cases did not exist but in rare numbers in earlier decades. I wish the media would ask the important questions about why all these cases are here and how do we treat these affected children. But no.... the media does not ask these questions... the media pushes the propaganda that autism was always here but called something else.

Now, there are so many factual errors in Dr. Yasmin's Op-Ed column that I can't do them all justice, but she says: "Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: this involves inhaling oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. It is approved by the FDA for treating decompression sickness in scuba divers but is not approved for treating autism. One flawed study claimed the treatment is effective while numerous studies have shown it does not treat autism."

While it is true hyperbaric oxygen is not approved for treating autism, hyperbaric oxygen is approved for treating five different forms of brain injury, and many of the children who have been diagnosed with autism have a brain injury/brain inflammation etc. Then Dr. Yasmin goes on to say that numerous studies have shown it does not treat autism. Really? Where are those studies? She cites an article from Medical Gas Research. I am one of the editors of that journal and I can assure you that the article she cites does not say it does not treat autism, it says there is reason to believe it may have a beneficial effect but more research is needed.

That is not the message you would take home from reading her column.

I have been treating brain injured children and adults with hyperbaric oxygen for almost two decades. I recently wrote a blog on using hyperbaric oxygen to treat traumatic brain injuries and you can read about that here:

There is more than one side to this story and the side that the media does not want to represent should give everyone pause once you actually learn the facts. Many in science and medicine have been compromised by the constant drum beat of false information....the Debunked column is one of those beats.

K Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM
Hyperbaric Oxygen THerapy San Francisco
Chief, Hyperbaric Medicine
Azzolino Neurology Group
(415) 563-3800
Editor, Medical Gas Research

dan o.

hi john, i'm not sure what emendation you are making to my comment. can you clarify? -- dan


I think there's a missed opportunity this week of setting the record straight.
I was an Anti-Vaxx Crackpot until this Happened.

This is one of those paid for articles, like the Dallas News one, where a woman who supposeably was anti-vaxx until her family came down with a case of diarrhea diagnosed as Rotavirus. She states after a harrowing time recovering she took her children to the peds and had them all caught up to date on vaccines. Most of these paid for ads (that's what I call them) are on sites that have no comment boards but she (Kristen O’Meara) was on Good Morning America this week and told her story of woe. An article also ran on WELP. OK. I responded on the comment board:

"So she took her children to have all the vaccines that there is according to other articles. That's odd. Rotavirus vaccine is NOT recommended for children older than 8 months old See the package insert:(http://www(dot)

“The vaccination series consists of three ready-to-use liquid doses of RotaTeq administered orally starting at 6 to 12 weeks of age, with the subsequent doses administered at 4- to 10-week intervals. The third dose should not be given after 32 weeks of age.”
“Safety and efficacy have not been established in infants less than 6 weeks of age or greater than 32 weeks of age.”

Also,the virus spreads by the fecal-oral route; this means the virus is shed by an infected person and then enters a susceptible person’s mouth to cause infection. Rotavirus can be spread by contaminated hands, objects (toys, surfaces), food, water. Transmission-CDC website

Vaccine will not make a person immune to rotavirus….you can have repeated infections although it stated they are milder. CDC-Pink Book

From Pink Book:
-Some postmarketing studies of the currently licensed vaccines have detected an increased risk for intussusception following rotavirus vaccine administration, particularly during the first week following the first dose of vaccine. As a result, in October 2011, ACIP added a history of intussusception as a contraindication to rotavirus vaccination. (Intussusception is now on the list of compensatble illness on the NVICP).
Read the CDC's Pink Book. A lot of things to consider.

Kristen O’Meara actually responded in the comment section on Levi Quackenboss satire of her story at: I was an anti-vax crackpot. Towards the bottom of the comment section she writes she can be found on Voices for Vaccines. Paid for none other the pharmaceutical industry-Dorit Reiss and company. This needs to be debunked because it sounds very similar to Jennifer Hibben-White who claimed during the Disney Measles False Flag that her infant son was exposed to measles because of anti-vaxxers. It turns out that the baby had been exposed in his Drs. office by a teen who had recently been vaccinated. It also turns out that the child DID not become infected. Never developed measles. After her lie was exposed she went dark especially when it was revealed her family had ties to big pharma. Kristen O’Meara may be discovered to not be so squeaky clean and literally full of shit.

Grace Green

Kapoore, thank you for putting in a word for the "so called undiagnosed". My sons and I have suffered decades of victimization, with no-one to stand between us and the world.


Dallas Morning News (spews) PROPAGANDA....

Stephanie Seneff

This testimony is wonderfully written and very moving. Those of us who don't have to deal with autism on a daily basis can not possibly have any idea what it is like to have a child with such a devastating condition. My heart goes out to you and your family! I hope you will check out my research on glyphosate (the active ingredient in the pervasive herbicide, Roundup). Many of the symptoms you described for your son are reminiscent of symptoms I know to be caused by chronic glyphosate exposure. Glyphosate is all over the food supply and people use it carelessly to control dandelions and such in their lawns because they falsely believe it is nontoxic to humans. If you happen to live near GMO agricultural fields you're likely getting much more exposure than the rest of us. Glyphosate has recently been found present in several vaccines, with much higher levels in MMR than in other vaccines. My recent research together with Anthony Samsel leads us to believe that glyphosate is making its way into proteins by mistake in place of the amino acid glycine. If this is so, then the measles virus in the MMR vaccine could be incorporating glyphosate into its hemagglutinin protein and, through molecular mimicry, this could lead to an autoimmune attack on the myelin sheath, which sounds like what your son is suffering from. Check out my web page at MIT ( and/or google my last name (Seneff).

Jeannette Bishop

"The drop in media trust and confidence was also apparent among both young and old respondents, according to the study. 2016 is the first time in 15 years that confidence in the media among Americans 50 and older fell below 40 percent."

So, here's hoping that articles like this are getting a lot of readership (probably aren't)! In my fantasy, the advertisers get angry mail and experience actual drops in sales for advertising with media that promotes vaccine injury and medical neglect of the injured, which may actually in a large way involve a reduction in sales of products causing said injuries.


The Dallas Morning News has also been tasked with discrediting the anti-fluoridation movement in the past, but of late has withdrawn into near-silence on the subject. They've realized that the public no longer uncritically accepts their bull, and each hit piece merely calls more attention to the danger. Hopefully, it will work the same way with vaccination dangers too.


Media is clearly in desperation mode. They are now held in the lowest esteem in years. Well earned too. Go Trump! This Internet ICANN takeover should make Obama ashamed. Wouldn't it be so wonderful if some key media players, all at the same time, refused to do their masters bidding? Make it happen, Hollywood style.


Didn't know there was such a thing as the California Encephalitis Project.

"The California Encephalitis Project was initiated in June 1998 to identify the causes and characterize the clinical and epidemiologic features of encephalitis in California. Testing for ∼13 agents, including herpesviruses, enteroviruses, arboviruses, Bartonella species, Chlamydia species, and Mycoplasma pneumoniae, was performed at the Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (Richmond, California). Epidemiologic and clinical information collected for each case guided further testing. From June 1998 through December 2000, 334 patients who met our case definition of encephalitis were enrolled. A confirmed or probable viral agent of encephalitis was found in 31 cases (9%), a bacterial agent was found in 9 cases (3%), and a parasitic agent was found in 2 cases (1%). A possible etiology was identified in 41 cases (12%). A noninfectious etiology was identified in 32 cases (10%), and a nonencephalitis infection was identified in 11 (3%). Despite extensive testing and evaluation, the etiology of 208 cases (62%) remained unexplained."

"In Search of Encephalitis Etiologies: Diagnostic Challenges in the California Encephalitis Project, 1998—2000," Glaser et al.


Apparently the mainstream media is going down so fast that they need to sell their advertising space (large blank spaces) to pharmaceutical articles written by the company's marketing staff. This article may not have come from the editorial board but might just be one of these bought spaces. Forbes magazine is a platform for these type of articles and apparently they are doing so well that the Washington Post and other major newspapers are following their lead. So... I might have even read that here at Age of Autism. Anyway, these articles don't reflect where the country is on this issue at this very moment or maybe even the newspapers, although I have to admit I despise them for allowing this to happen.

I'm constantly astonished that so few Americans know that autism is related to encephalitis. I'm shocked that so many parents don't realize that taking care of a sick child is a lifelong commitment, that it doesn't go away. I am always reminded of William Blake's phrase "some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night." Vaccine Injury brings on the night, the endless night, with a bare pinpoint of light in that deep tunnel. Even those that are so called undiagnosed have very, very difficult lives filled with abuse and constant struggle because there is for many no medical diagnosis, no treatment, for brain inflammation. And when the parents are not there the sick person is blamed and victimized.

John Stone

Dan, Kim

The specific point to watch is the role of journalism in controlling perceptions. If anybody who stands up gets knocked down and humiliated that is an act of bad journalism not science. Journalism is complicit itself in warping the science by creating an atmosphere of hostility. People no longer believe what they see with their own eyes because they will be mocked, they will probably deceive themselves, or they may just be intimidated, or just think about their social or professional position. If the "scientists" were interested they would say "we are here to listen to you" instead of sending the journalistic mob and the the corporate arm-twisters after anyone who stands out of line. The jounalism not only defends corporate science it helps it warp its results too.

I agree with Bolen that Seema Yasmin is only tiny cog, but that was obvious to start out with.


Send Ashlyn Washington's post in a mass mailing to every single MD in every specialty in the United States.

Dan Olmsted

yes kim thank you. the use of language is revolting -- saying nico lahood "claims" vaccines cause autism and not saying that he reached that conclusion based on watching his child get vaccinated, get sick, and get autism is awful. and it is profoundly unjournalistic to turn the first-person observations into some kind of dubious "claim." this is some kind of objectification of a class of people -- parents who witnessed vaccine damage -- as crazy and unreliable. trine tsouderos is back!

John Stone

Hi Tim

It is, of course, neither one thing or the other - you can see these pieces in all the newspapers: the lobbyists feed the journalists and the journalists are only too happy to be fed. They are pleasing their masters and in both cases the line of patronage goes back to the pharma. Anyhow the lady signed the article - so she is partly to blame - but I am not sure of your monumental insight.

And we have written about this stuff here ad nauseam. You should read us more often and more carefully, instead of dealing in prejudice.

Hans Litten

Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn't feel good and changes - AUTISM. Many such cases!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2014

“What we need to be doing is supporting people with autism and listening to them but we’re not invited because they don’t want to hear from us," said O'leary, who has two children with autism. She cites the summit's lack of autistic speakers as evidence that the words and experiences of those living with the condition are not important to the organizers.

Fiona , maybe we should drag Margaret Stanley along to do something similar to the the Galway lecture to the wheelchair bound Gardasil maimed - "that she doesn't feel any guilt" .

They wont say a bad word against DeNiro - have you noticed that ? They are pretending that didn't happen . Vaxxed and De Niro ! Strawberries & Cream .

Tim Bolen

The Dallas News article was obviously not written by this woman. It was sent to the News Desk intact. Step back and look at it. Do you see the viciousness of the Gorski "skeptic" team?

You have two choices here: (1) Put up with this kind of behavior continuously, or (2) Trace the piece back to its source, and ATTACK.

Or let me rephrase that: (1) Wimp out and let them get away with that, or (2) Adopt a Natural News and/or BolenReport missile strike response.

Victims make themselves victims. Personally, I smile when Gorski calls me "vile." I know I am getting his attention.

Quit being nice. Hunt them down...

Tim Bolen - www.

John Stone

Thank you Kim for bringing this up. The dirty game against Jenny McCarthy continues. Last year I challenged an article by Scientific american journalist John Horgan "Everyone has the right to challenge scientific experts" - everyone this except Jenny McCarthy (and us). I left this comment on David Healy's blog:

John Stone says:
April 7, 2015 at 4:45 am
There some interesting points here but it largely mistakes the issue. Crucially, in the context, Jenny McCarthy is not, was never, an anti-vaccinationist – she was a celebrity mother who witnessed vaccine injury to her child and became a campaigner for vaccine safety (actually she has been more or less forced into silence on the matter for several years). It has been part of the gambit of government and industry to characterise parents campaigning for vaccine safety as “anti-vaxxers” when for the most part they were parents or grandparents who had witnessed damage to their children from products they had been persuaded to use: it is true that recently the mistrust between such parents and “public health” has become so great that many have become radicalised into anti-vaccinationists, but it is not where it started and not what Jenny McCarthy is.

And of course this is not for the most part about science at all but about denying damage. If Jenny wants to talk about what happened to her kid they will make it very difficult for her to work (hate material will appear in Time magazine, even NY Times and Washington Post reminding people shock-horror that she was a Playboy Centrefold)). And what people like Mooney, Mnookin and Gorski (Goldacre too) are doing is ad-hominem with bells on. This is not about hard headed science at all, it is about making people shut up, and marginalising them socially and professionally: it is about skewing the data by socially repressive techniques (even if some of the participants are too stupid to realise what they are doing). On the Sense About Science website there used to be an article about the necessity of driving people talking about vaccine damage out of the mainstream media (a project in which they have long since succeeded).

And what we are talking about is not like physics at all (or the bits of physics that have stood the test of time): there is no central unchanging law of human imunity which underpins the project – there are only industrial products injected or sometimes swallowed, which may not be as effective or safe as the manufacturers would have us believe, and the evidence is usually of a statistical kind which can be distorted or lied about (there would be an unending supply of documentable examples), while the bodies that license and prescribe them are in bed with the industry. It is quite true that it should not need a scientist to penetrate this farago: any competent investigative journalist could do it.

Meanwhile, it is kind of obvious that vaccines can cause encephalopathies and other types of organic damage (to the gut for example) and that insufficient care is taken. These are the cruise missiles and drone helicopters of the war on the diseases, billions of them are deployed each year and the people in charge don’t want to know about the collateral damage. If you actually care about science the data in vaccinology is let’s face it mostly junk.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Kim, Thank you for posting Ashlyn Washington's message. For 50+ years this has been my journey too. The neurodiversity advocates demand "Nothing for us without us," and they have gained acceptance most notably by the federal committee originally put in place to investigate the increasing prevalence of autism.

The grief of families dealing with children who are not learning to speak is discarded and disdained. How might we demand "Nothing for our children without us" ???

I bought train tickets to/ from Washington to attend the IACC meeting on October 26. Now on their website we are told that members of the public (that's us) will only be allowed to speak to the committee in person once per year, for 3 minutes or less. Isn't this denial of free speech? Can we get together and request that they increase the time-period for comments from lowly members of the public like us???

Bad Penny

This is the most beautiful post I have ever read.
You have captured our sons' and family story to a T.

These are the differences: 17 year journey Common Variable Immune Deficiency /ASIA (autoimmune inflammatory syndrome associated with adjuvant) not Autism. Immunized with 2 doses of the original Rotovirus vaccine prior to its removal from the market. Treated by CHOP doctors until the age of 3. CHOP home of Paul Offit and his patented Rotovirus vaccine ..... I often wonder how many families are like mine. Child regressed into autism after vaccines due to underlying immune disfunction... slap that autism diagnosis on them (From CHOP'S Seashore house (one of three AUTISM CENTERS of EXCELLENCE ) so they won't look further. I took the Seinfeld approach too CHOP at that point ( if CHOP and Paul Offit recommend it DO THE OPPOSITE).

I was at an Immune Deficiency Foundation conference in 2014 and kept hearing how the SCID's( severe combined immune deficiency) babies should never get the ROTOVIRUS Vaccine When I walked over and looked at the brochure it all came together. He never had AUTISM he was always immunodeficient (maybe even borderline SCID) and went 14-15years without proper treatment. To say the least he has lasting profound damage.... but his tragedy saved his brother. Possibly someday he will save more.

13 year old brother never vaccinated knew something was wrong with him as well. No one would listen finally found a research immunologist and she did the vaccine challange needed by the insurance to confirm his CVID/ASIA diagnosis and get him IvIg therapy. He too had many encephalitic episodes along the way but his damage is very minimal in comparison.

We have been bullied into silence shamed into solitude and I say NO MORE. Thank you for this beautiful acknowledgement of what so many families have suffered. Your words are eloquent and profound and have reignited in me a desire to share my children story. What started as whispers is growing into a ROAR!

go Trump

As the Dallas Morning News is going to give so much crap, to those who come to …their City for a Convention … one simple solution would be to find another location for the event next year.

Call the Dallas mayor and tell him why the event is leaving...

It is sad the “damn indicted Demark medical doctors” who provide ALL the “vaccine safety research” for the United States, could not attend the Dallas event.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Ashlyn- your words encapsulate so clearly the pain & discrediting that parents of kids with autism endure. It's heartbreaking, unfair & stems from societal ignorance & denial
As a pediatric RN for more than 30 years, I applaud your courage as well as your ability to maintain your grace & composure in the midst of such personal pain. Please continue writing & sharing. I thought the tides would have shifted by now- but that is not the case. We all have much work to do!!!


Thank you for sharing.

Ms. Washington truly nails it.

Bob Moffit

Kim writes about Dallas Morning News "editorial" .. "I'll give you a taste of their vitriol"

"An autism summit in Dallas this weekend features a medical professional who has been disciplined for mistreating children and celebrities who shun science and claim vaccines are dangerous. Autism advocates say the event offers false hope to parents by promoting miracle cures and treatments proved to be dangerous and ineffective."

Curious .. what does one have to do to earn the title of ... AUTISM ADVOCATE?

Curious .. what does an AUTISM ADVOCATE actually do .. advocate autism?

Do "words" have meanings any more?

Indeed .. the term AUTISM ADVOCATE begs the question .. what label would the Dallas Morning News "editors" ascribe to Ashlyn Washington .. who posted a powerful message on Facebook .. about her journey. Your journey. My journey. Our journey with autism. Where people hate how we try to help our kids. Where professionals label us with vicious names. Where rags like the Dallas Morning News cut us to shreds without sending a reporter to gather a fact."

Ashlyn .. you wrote about parents of autistic children: "Tell them they're doing a fantastic job and you think they're warriors."

I KNOW by your powerful post that you .. Ashlyn .. are a true WARRIOR .. and ... through our shared "journey with autism" .. as you described so well .. I like to think that ... WE ARE FAMILY.

Hans Litten

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