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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Summer dreams
By Cathy Jameson

Thanks to an FB friend for today’s post.  I guess I should thank Facebook as well – without their newsfeed feature, I’d have missed a vaccine conversation.  Like other online vaccine conversations, this one drew me in.  It drew me in for the usual reasons and also because it was a conversation with a politician.  He wasn’t my representative, but he had my attention. 

When I began to read his status on Thursday morning, I initially thought, yay! 

He’s talking about vaccines

And publicly, too! 

I was optimistic, so I continued to read.  

Then, my bubble burst. 

Here’s a screenshot of what I’d read. 

CJ 8 14 1

The pat response, the “bunny ears” quotation in reference to the CDC cover-up, and the Snopes citation at the end – it was a slap in the face. 

I didn’t have the heart to chime in. 

But other mamas did.  

Those mamas were not backing down!

Neither were a few pro-vaccine folks who’d joined the conversation, too. 

The conversation was far from over.  I still didn’t feel the need to reply, but lurked on the page to see what else would come up.  I told myself not too.  But I had to. 

I shouldn’t have. 

Even with the suggestions to check out the CDC “cover-up” documents and why Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL)  called for an investigation, even with the personal stories some parents shared of their children falling ill post vaccination, even with the request to look at unbiased data, Byrne still didn’t get it: 

CJ 8 14 2

I showed Byrne’s response to my daughter and said, “Wouldn’t it have been nice if he’d said this instead: I do not and will not support doctors, politicians, school administrators, and school nurses telling any parent what their child’s vaccination requirements should be.  This is an issue to be decided by a parent, and it should stay that way.”

Yes, that would’ve been nice.  But he, like too many other politicians, didn’t say that.  He gave a dodgy response.  We’ve seen those types of responses being regurgitated too many times from too many people for far too long.  I have to give Mr. Byrne a little bit of credit though.  After more people chimed in on his status, he (or his staff) added another comment on that thread. 

They are still a tad misinformed, but with each reply, they’ve helped to keep that conversation going.  And with Vaxxed  having been mentioned on Mr. Byrne’s page more than a few times by several parents who remained active in the conversation, hopefully Byrne (or his staff) will take time to view the film.  It’s only an hour or so long, but he’s got to want to watch it for its message to sink in. 

I’m hoping he does watch Vaxxed, because afterward, I think he’ll finally be able to hear what the people have been saying to him.  Image if he and other politicians would take the time to watch the film.  Instead of scripted ones, like the one that came from Byrne’s office last week, maybe then we’ll see more informed responses coming from our representatives when parents bring up vaccinations.  An informed response.  That would be nice now, wouldn’t it? 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 




Hi Gayle,
Anti seizure meds have horrendous side effects. Some are so acidic that they eat up the child's teeth. All but two are psychoactive. Please look into high-cbd cannabis oil which is amazingly effective and is not psychoactive.


Thanks. I think we need to hear him confirm who his authorities are, since he's using their "information" to make public policy decisions. If you're right, that means that these idiots are indirectly governing.



Pretty sure he's referring to Respectful Insolence, HarpocratesSpeaks, LeftBrainRightBrain, and all those other multitudes of astroturf sites. Very independent.


Cherry-We see a neurologist because our son has a history of seizures and so needs meds for it. Thanks so much for the info about Haritake. Is it available in health food stores or do you purchase it online? Do you have a child with autism and does he or she take the supplement also?

Cherry Misra

To Gayle, I dont know why you would want to see a neurologist for your son, unless you need some particular meds such as seizure meds. Other than that neurologists will, in most cases be useless. They are brainwashed and out of touch with reality and science. You need to find a doctor of any kind who can guide you in biomedical treatments that will slowly enable your child's body to repair the damage done by the vaccines. There is a wonderful world of neutraceuticals (supplements) out there to bring up your child's health and you will learn how to improve your own health also. One of my favorites, you may not hear about even from a biomed doctor - is Haritake. 300 milligrams of Haritake a day for a month will wipe out your sons candida in the gut (Most autistic kids have that). And if your son is deficient in G6PD enzyme, you should give the Haritake for years. Haritake is a well known ayurvedic herb that is considered to be without side effects. My husband and I have taken Haritake for two years and expect to take it daily for the rest of our lives.

Carolyn C Mcd

@gayle please go on Twitter and find @autismmedia stories on periscope including some of vaccine injury recovery


"This issue has been thoroughly reviewed by multiple independent sources and there is no credible evidence to support this allegation."

Really? Who are the independent sources and what was the nature of their investigation? Is anyone asking him?


Thanks so much Cathy for your compassionate response! We are going to try to find another neurologist and hope we will be as lucky to find one as you were. Good luck to you and your son and keep writing!

Jeannette Bishop

I recently read a VaxXed "review" that capitalized the word Science (mid-sentence). Consensus Science, the new religion (or is it an old one?), is not only significantly devoid of scientific curiosity, but compassion and faith (the kind of compassion that says if a few are being harmed by a trusted course of "protection" or "advancement," we should absolutely investigate into it with the aim to do better for them and with the faith that we can do better). With the increasingly dubious recommendations on the nation's vaccine schedule, and increasing ability to get the bigger picture on the history of vaccination, particularly the bigger picture regarding current "vaccine science" methodology, I suspect that now on the part of many, affirming faith in vaccination is a religious endeavor to be saved from major disillusionment and a shifting view of the fallibility of mankind, and whatever resulting discomfort. Are we essentially a pagan nation that practices infant sacrifice to the "gods of disease" for the "greater good," which might really be the greater greed of those who think they are greater, and a (hopefully) temporary "comforting" facade for most the rest of us?

Ronald Kostoff


"I’m hoping he does watch Vaxxed, because afterward, I think he’ll finally be able to hear what the people have been saying to him. Image if he and other politicians would take the time to watch the film. Instead of scripted ones, like the one that came from Byrne’s office last week, maybe then we’ll see more informed responses coming from our representatives when parents bring up vaccinations. An informed response. That would be nice now, wouldn’t it?"

You're making two assumptions that I believe are questionable. First, that he doesn't understand the potential damage to which vaccines may be a contributing factor. Second, that even if he saw Vaxxed, and other similar films, that would change his response to constituents or his voting.

Contrary to the public perception, many politicians are extremely well informed on all sides of an issue. When I was in government, I noticed Federal and State representatives would visit with a number of different sources in their State/District. They knew the score on these issues. How they voted was another story. They tended to side with their major donors.

There's an old saying that the first casualty in War is the Truth. That applies to politics as well. There's plenty of information available to the public and the politicians on the potential dangers of drugs, vaccines, poor diet, wireless radiation, pesticides/insecticides, etc. Makes essentially no difference! The politicians will need strong incentives to change their voting behaviors; the only strong incentives they have today are campaign funds from the large donors.

Cathy Jameson

Gayle, that broke my heart. We were given no hope and no resources as well. One doctor told us that Ronan wouldn't progress and that we should prepare for a bleak future for him. Thankfully, we didn't listen to that provider. We left that practice and found another group to work with. Since then, Ronan has made progress, albeit very, very slowly, but he is able to do things we were told he never would be able to. Some days, on the very tough ones, the future does look bleak--the medical issues, the negative behaviors, the financial struggle..., but I won't ever regret leaving the doctors who saw my son as just another statistic. What a world of difference it was to find other people who believed in him and who want to help us. Hoping that you are able to find that for your son, too. xo, Cathy


We took our son for his appointment with the neurologist and the good doctor told us that there is absolutely no link to autism from vaccines and study after study has shown this to be true. He also had the kindness to tell us that a cure for our son's condition was not coming any time soon and we should just accept his autism. Imagine how we felt walking out of his office! We are thinking of finding another neurologist who has more compassion for us and our son. We are tired of hearing this same doomsday message.


"... This issue has been thoroughly reviewed by multiple independent sources and there is no credible evidence to support this allegation. Instead, the clear medical consensus is that vaccines are both safe and important to prevent serious illnesses and death. "


So.... there IS evidence to support this allegation then? It's just been ignored, because someone somewhere has deemed that it isn't credible?

Also, I thought vaccination was about science, and not consensus. I know my anti-vaccine views have often attracted the 'anti-science' insult..... but I've never once been called an 'anti-consensus' nut-job.

I wonder if Mr. Byrne realizes that up until the late 19th century, there was a medical consensus that supported bloodletting as a means to both cure or prevent illness and disease.


A congressman answering a serious charge of government corruption that endangers the lives of all Americans and every country influenced by the CDC - corruption that is being investigated by Jason Chaffetz's staff - corruption that his colleague Bill Posey has begged him and the rest of Congress to address - with a link to Snopes.

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