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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: More Mefloquine Mayhem; Hiding Behind 'Hindsight'; a Polio Pause

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

A study this week found that a service member diagnosed with PTSD was actually suffering from mefloquine toxicity -- the Army-invented malaria drug that can cause suicide, homicide, psychosis, depression and sudden death. It's a topic I wrote about extensively and it's a dead ringer for the autism-vaccine debacle; the government refuses to come to grips with the damage done, and people suffer needlessly as a result. The analogies between the two convinced me the public health establishment will lie and cover up to protect its prerogatives and hide its collateral damage.

I asked Dr. Remington Nevin, a former Army doctor now getting a doctoral degree at Johns Hopkins who has done groundbreaking work on mefloquine (Lariam): "What is your guess about how much of PTSD these days is really Lariam induced?" He replied, "I’m on record as saying it’s probably somewhere in the single digit percentages in military populations — but it could be even higher, depending on the context. Among troops deployed who never saw combat but who were prescribed (and continued to take) mefloquine, the proportion of questionable diagnoses could be much higher — see my chapter 'Mefloquine and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder' for further discussion of this.

"What is interesting is that this is not an effect that is unique to mefloquine. Quinacrine (Atabrine) used in WWII, and chloroquine used in Vietnam both have similar effects. And, of course, what we today consider PTSD was not even formally recognized during either war. Prolonged panic or anxiety reactions in WWII veterans were called 'gross stress reaction,' and were not recognized as a distinct diagnosis among Vietnam veterans until the 1980 DSM III established the new 'PTSD' diagnosis.

"I actually suspect what Vietnam veterans called 'Vietnam syndrome' — which was actually quite different than today’s construct of PTSD — was in many cases simply quinoline antimalarial toxicity."


I am a connoisseur of after-action, lessons-learned reports. It's always interesting to see what, in the clear light of day, caused a disaster. The O-rings. The 9.11 report. The Pentagon Papers. I have a passing relationship to one such nightmare -- the made-up stories by a USA Today staffer that came to light only after a long string of them had gotten into the paper. I sat next to the reporter in the 1980s when he was an ambitious copy boy in the News Section and I was an assistant national editor. The fake stories didn't begin till after I had left the news section; otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have fallen for some, which were usually written from exotic locales that would be very hard to double-check. Plus -- and this counts for a lot in real time -- he was a really, really nice guy. He just had a bad habit of making stuff up, and that's not something you expect a reporter to do at a national newspaper.

So I'll stipulate it's not fair to hold people to standards that would have required superhuman abilities. It's the cases that were or should have been obvious at the time that really hurt. When the Challenger exploded, the engineers in the lunchroom at the manufacturer realized immediately it was their own product, the O-rings, that had caused the explosion (because the cold weather made them vulnerable to coming apart). Even though the editors hadn't caught the USA Today reporter's fabrications, the New York Times reported some of his colleagues "were so suspicious of his dispatches that as long ago as the mid-1990's, they began keeping crude dossiers on him -- questioning the plausibility of his battlefield descriptions, clipping articles from other newspapers that included phrasing similar to (his), and even making copies of his correspondence with editors." The editors said they never heard about it, but the "hindsight" defense no longer worked; they should have created a newsroom culture where the suspicions reached them. Instead, the after-action report said, they created a "climate of fear" in which no one dared say anything. That's why as soon as they read it the news editor and executive editor resigned.

Most recently, the Brits did a full accounting on the reason for invading Iraq along with the United States. As summarized by CBC News, "the six-year study concluded that London and Washington knew a lot — but underestimated or discounted most of the looming dangers and pitfalls. When (Tony) Blair told the inquiry he could not have foreseen the problems in Iraq, (the committee) would have none of it: 'We do not agree that hindsight is required. The risks of internal strife in Iraq, active Iranian pursuits of its interests, regional instability and al-Qaeda activity in Iraq were each explicitly identified before the invasion," the report said. 

So when did hindsight cease to be an excuse for the man-made autism epidemic and the failure to do anything about it? There are so many inflection points, from the Brick study to the Verstraeten saga to the Thompson whistle-blowing. Pick your poison. The point is that the time is past for the hindsight defense to exculpate anyone. Someday some prestigious panel will write the kind of report I am addicted to reading. I hope I'm still around for it and that it contains words to the effect that "hindsight is no defense when thousands of parents told their doctors and public officials exactly what happened and the number of cases soared with the vaccine schedule. Most remarkable of all was that the CDC was allowed to continue its monopoly both on the vaccine mandates and the safety studies years after its cluelessness, conflicts of interests and coverup became clear to any impartial observer."

And speaking of mefloquine, it should have been obvious by 2003, when soldiers returning home to Fort Bragg from Afghanistan killed their wives and then themselves, that the drug was too dangerous. Instead the relentless wave of veteran suicide, violence and despair has been swelled by the ignorance and arrogance of the military medical command -- the soul brothers of the CDC, the NIH and the civilian public health establishment. The "hindsight" defense just doesn't cut it, especially not when you are on record blaming the "herd," aka the victims who were trying to tell you.

From the Army Times:

"Mefloquine was developed under the Army’s malaria drug discovery program and approved for use as a malaria prophylactic in 1989. Shortly after commercial production began, stories surfaced about side effects, including hallucinations, delirium and psychoses. Military researchers maintained, however, that it was a 'well-tolerated drug,' with one WRAIR scientist attributing reports of mefloquine-associated psychoses to a 'herd mentality.'

"'Growing controversies over neurological side effects, though, are appearing in the literature, from journal articles to traveler’s magazines and resulting legal ramifications threaten global availability,' wrote researcher Army Col. Wilbur Milhous in 2001. "As the 'herd mentality' of mefloquine associated psychoses continues to gain momentum, it will certainly affect operational compliance and readiness. ... The need for a replacement drug for weekly prophylaxis will continue to escalate.'

"Mefloquine was implicated in a series of murder-suicides at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in 2002," the Army Times continued,  "and media reports also tied it to an uptick in military suicides in 2003."

Yes, media reports of the truth.


A note for those of you expecting the latest installment in the polio series – I’m taking a break to complete another project but will return with a vengeance in a few weeks. I’ve pretty much completed the arc of the 1916 New York City and North Atlantic epidemic, proposing that sugar tainted with arsenic pesticide triggered the outbreak in those with an active poliovirus infection. Next we’ll look at other outbreaks to test and refine our hypothesis, and ultimately examine why polio is the autism of childhood illnesses, and autism is the polio of childhood disorders – both triggered by an environmental factor that orthodox medicine is either slow to recognize or suppresses altogether. I guess you could call it an after-action report; it's all about "hindsight "that should have been just as clear at the time if the experts weren't blinded by their own theories at the cost of ignoring the people right in front of them.

Catch up on the series here.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism


Grace Green

The "antidote" to heavy metal poisoning was dimercaprol, now dispensed as DMSA for chelating mercury. Interesting if the navy were giving that at the same time as the vaccines, as if they expected people to be mercury poisoned from having them. As to finding them on the beach, I wonder if some of the personel refused the vaccines, and they were thrown overboard to cover it up. They were made at Porton Down, near Salisbury, which has been in the news three times recently - the poisoning of the Skripals, then a local couple, and a few days ago an explosion at a military factory. But it's probably all the fault of the Russians!

Angus Files

I never knew that just back from beautiful Dorset as well.

Pharma For Prison



The vials that washed up; when the military was heading toward Iraq - the second time, the next time, after the Gulf War Syndrome occurrence after the first time they all headed toward Iraq.


When the UK navy left their shores to go fight in Iraq; there was news footage of thousands of vaccine vials washing up on the shore.

Today; you can't find that footage. You can't find anything about it except this little puff piece that states it was about just a dozen and that was all. That along with some kind of antidot for heavy metal poisoning.

Angus Files

In the local MS rag of course,of course,of course , nobody knows whats causing the suicides ....Meyfloquine

Armed forces suicide epidemic revealed as Scots hero among five veterans who died in past week



Angus Files

Look no further Harry Dan did the maths years ago..

Save my heroes from suicide: Prince Harry’s plea as veterans take own lives once every 13 days this year
Prince Harry has raised concerns about number of soldiers committing suicide
He confided his fears about a recent surge in a private letter to a former war hero
At least 12 veterans are feared to have killed themselves since start of the year

Pharma For Prison


Birgit Calhoun

Dan! Have you read a book called "Project Day Lily"? It's about an infectious agent called mycoplasma fermentans incognito. The book is a somewhat wild story about the Gulf War Syndrome. It's entertaining and it is supposed to be a true story although the names were changed. The story has some very interesting aspects although some of it strikes me as far-fetched.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Cherry, I am fine, but being surrounded by so many disabled contemporaries is depressing. I only go to the doctor when I need a refill of thyroid hormone. My thyroid was destroyed by dental amalgam. I had all the amalgam removed several years ago. What a dramatic improvement in my health followed!!! But my thyroid never recovered.

I will look for triphala, maybe even at our Whole Foods store, which is where I go for organic vegetables and fruit.

As for blood pressure, my 7th grade teacher taught us it should be 100 plus your age. By her standard (conventional wisdom in the past), my blood pressure is fine. Yoga also helps me keep my blood pressure down. Pills only destroy your health.

Cherry Misra

To Eileen Nicole, I am really sad to read about your situation. Can you get used to telling your doctor "Just write down that patient refuses medical advice"- whenever necessary. ??? Do not take any meds that you feel you do not need. And this may sound crazy- but give it a try- millions of people in India do this every day- O btain a product called Triphala from an Indian grocery store and both you and your husband can take it mixed in juice once a day. Do this if you wish to live to 90 or 100. I hope you can obtain good quality fruits and vegetables to eat raw??? Of course you must refuse the flu vaccines. Wish you all the best !


My Father was a WWII veteran. He fought five major -famous beach battles. He was the head - Master of scouts, first on the front lines - behind the enemy lines on the islands of the South Pacific and Philippines. He has three bronze stars and one purple heart.

He came home with is wound a few days before the Japanese surrendered. He had to go back to army doctors for his wound and they asked him about malaria. He had it - but refused to complain about it, but they knew they he had to have it. And it sure did.

It lasted for a good long time; years in fact; but it eventually went away. .

I try to explain to my Mother the other day that vets are committing suicide and she goes into this big long rant of how could that be - that my Daddy didn't have such mental problems and he was over in the Fox holes listening to a guy he shot earlier in the evening cry out in pain all night long, or that he was right beside the radio guy and his captain when a sniper got them both right in the head , or -- or --- or.

I had to stop her in mid sentence and tell her is not from weak mental - too sensitive - modern day soldiers. It is biology; that they are giving medicine for malaria today that will actually ruin your mental health. Kind of like Prozac.

In the end did I finally get it across to her?

No, cause she wanted to know why they would take a chance on damaging their own soldiers - cause you can't win a war by doing that?


I honestly believe that Boyle is in the position that she's in because data manipulation is her area of expertise. She's made a "science" of it. :)

Jeannette Bishop

Jeannette Bishop

@Science is pure.

Not only not held accountable, but essentially allowed (better to say paid?) to continue such tactics (in the case of Coleen Boyle anyway) now to the end of perpetuating harm against the nation's infant population.


Realizing you're actually fighting a false flag war, an unwinnable war, having to kill innocent men, women and children would be enough to cause PTSD in any soldier, let alone the damage done to the psyche from vaccines.
Bob-there was corruption in the military-industrial complex long before the Eisenhower administration and during. Eisenhower may of been pure of heart, but he allowed others who weren't so pure to set the rules.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

My husband and I now live in an elderly/ assisted-living community, and it is depressing. Impaired mobility, hearing loss, need for dialysis, fading memory, and more. My "primary care" doctor told me these disabilities are to be expected in people past their mid-seventies. No! My grandparents and their siblings and cousins lived to their late eighties or early nineties without such disabilities!!!

I am told to take medicine for "high" blood pressure, or I may suffer cardiac arrest or a stroke. No, no, no!!! Side effects from these and other pills are the cause of mobility impairment, deafness, kidney problems, and memory loss.

Pills are not the worst. How can clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth not be recognized as a serious medical error? Traditional textbooks all taught that the fetal heart valves will close as post-natal circulation to the lungs is established. Tying, or clamping, the cord should not be done until pulsations in the cord (from the infant's heart) cease. The anatomy of the heart must change after birth. I learned this in 10th grade biology back in the 1950s. Why isn't this still common knowledge? What are medical students being taught in their prestigious schools???

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

In 1990 a Congressional investigation found that the Federal Government had ‘suppressed or minimised findings of ill health effects among Vietnam veterans that could be linked to Agent Orange exposure’.

Those responsible were never held accountable, nor were any steps taken to prevent a recurrence in military or civilian medicine.

Jeannette Bishop

I wonder how much military vaccinations contribute to PTSD. Quite a few retired vets are telling their vaccine/pharmaceutical injury stories to the VaxXed team, and Polly says some servicemen also speak to them, not on camera.

It sounds like some vaccine injury symptoms also get buried under a PTSD label...

Dan Olmsted

carol, i'd never get the clearance for a security briefing, but thanks for the sentiment! my middle names is james, i'm named for a friend of my parents whose full name was daniel james. he was a lawyer in new york city who had a house in branford, conn., where i met him when i was in college for the first and only time (since infancy, anyway). i believe some of our friends were in branford the other night for a vaxxed showing, so it's a small and synchronous world after all --
cait -- yes, this was craziness not conspiracy to hoodwink america about its parlous state. like you i also agree with what ronald says generally. -- dan


go Trump

I understand that the US military spends more on drugs than they do on helicopters. They typical American family of four has provided over $40,000 in military spending since 1990 which has provided the mess we are now in.

Our military guards the poppy fields in Afghanistan so the drugs can make it safely to the USA.

I assume they still use the anthrax and botulism vaccines on all new servicemen. Of course flu shots each and every year, plus whatever damn vaccine for what they may be exposed to...

... what is left of the “present mainstream media” runs on daily drug money and the upcoming two billion dollars in spending for Presidential campaign commercials.. can hardly wait.

Cait from Canada

Ronald, while I agree with much of what you say, I'm not sure the journalist Dan referred to fits the category you describe, i.e. journalists with a specific political agenda who distort their reporting accordingly. It sounds to me as though this guy was making things up just for the hell of it, with his only motive being to get his articles published, and perhaps also to see how much he could get away with.


Dan, what's your middle name? I'm thinking of writing you in for president. According to the California Secretary of State, to be counted you'd have to fulfill this requirement: "Candidates running for the office of U.S. President, however, can run in the general election as either a Presidential Elector using the independent nomination process or a Presidential Elector write-in candidate." Hm.

But I don't think I can vote for either oink or oink-oink.

Ronald Kostoff

Dan Olmsted,

"He just had a bad habit of making stuff up, and that's not something you expect a reporter to do at a national newspaper."

Let's be real! These propagandists for the Government-Industrial-Media Complex who operate under the guise of 'reporters' specialize in distorted messaging. There are myriad ways to accomplish their mission of serving the GIMC. They can 'make things up' or falsify checkable facts. That reflects crudeness, and means they are unqualified as purveyors of propaganda.

The more accomplished propagandists have made an art out of sophisticated cherry-picking. They weave together the selected 'facts' about the topic of interest in a form that conveys the message desired by their GIMC sponsors. They eliminate any 'facts' that do not support their message, and add a 'spin' to those they have selected so there is no mistake about what the reader/viewer should take away.

Look at the present coverage of the 2016 political campaign. Isn't it clear that the message desired by the GIMC is being delivered obediently by its foot soldiers in the Press? I see no semblance of objective reporting in the mainstream media. The alternative media on the Left over-distorts in one direction, and the alternative media on the Right over-distorts in the other direction. We believe we have a Free Press because we are told that fiction by the Sold-Out Press that we actually have.

Is the medical literature any better? There is far more distortion in the medical literature than anyone realizes, and it exists because of the GIMC influence over the medical community. In that respect, there are many similarities between the propaganda components of the political and medical literatures. However, there are some objective articles in the medical literature. I find separating fact from fiction to be a real challenge in interpreting the medical literature, and am forced to spend the time on evaluating each article on its own merits.

John Stone

Good morning Dan

As regards the autism cover up it was surely the spring of 2000 that they began to get their heads together over the little problem they had created. It is what is called a conspiracy and it is quite well documented. How were they going to head off concerns that thimerosal and MMR were implicated in the rise of autism? Ah yes, the IOM would hold an investigation using lots of data massaged by the CDC and their international cronies and the policy would be safe - blunder on regardless. Not so different from running a lorry into a crowd, you don't know who you are going to hit: the end justifies the means. Except Machiavelli might have had more sense - you embark upon a course in order to control the result but here the results are completely out of control.

You are, however, demonstrating that this has been the norm in medical science since time immemorial. It is always too dangerous to focus on what is really causing the problem.

Bob Moffit

"Instead the relentless wave of veteran suicide, violence and despair has been swelled by the ignorance and arrogance of the military medical command -- the soul brothers of the CDC, the NIH and the civilian public health establishment"

Unfortunately .. in my opinion .. our courageous all "volunteer" military forces .. are under the command the "soul brothers" .. the CDC, NIH and civilian public health establishment ... which I believe mostly responsible for catastrophic "22 suicides a DAY" in our retired and active military forces .. for more than a few years now. I suspect more service-men and women .. die and suffer serious life-long disabilities .. directly "caused" by the "soul brothers" .. rather than the enemies they have volunteered to fight if defense of our great nation.

Eisenhower warned of the corrupting influence of a "military-industrial" complex more interested in pursuing profits than protecting our nation and troops .. and .. I suspect if Ike were alive today he would see similar corruption signs among the SOUL BROTHERS.

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