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Vaxxed Viewer Remains Staunch

OopsLast week, we ran a post about a Vaxxed Q&A Video where a woman questioned Dr. Andrew Wakefield's integrity and credibility, unaware that she was speaking directly to Dr. Andrew Wakefield himself. He responded with more grace than would have most of us, I believe. We'll chalk that up to his British upbringing. We received a comment on that post that we run below for your edification.  


Well, I was the person who brought the lawyer to the Austin Vaxxed movie (8/23)! She is my sister-in-law by marriage. She was visiting Austin for a few days with her daughter and I took the rare opportunity to “kidnap” them, take them to lunch and then to the afternoon showing. I was well aware of her stance on vaccines but thought she’d appreciate having more knowledge and possibly sway her opinion. Boy, was I wrong!

Though I still am hopeful that the seed was sown for her “belief” to change in the future. I do believe that it was more beneficial for my niece to have seen it since she may have a child/children in the future and this was an opportunity for her to know the other side of the argument. Indeed, she was very receptive – loves documentaries – and was definitely accepting of the information and will no doubt do more research. She was quite uncomfortable with her Mother’s discourse. I know Andy doesn’t like to be called a hero but he has been one for me since I heard a 20 minute talk that he gave for the 2009 NVIC Conference. It was 2011 when I ordered the CD and that day I listened to a number of the recordings I told my husband when he came home in the evening for dinner that he could not eat until he had heard this one talk. He also was moved and has since studied many of the original papers on vaccines. He’s a biochemist/botanist here in Austin and can work his way through the technical literature that I can’t comprehend. Andy was the one who drew me in. It’s almost impossible to share this information with family members who are stuck in the belief that doctors “know what’s best” for us and our children. My own daughter-in-law has made sure that our twin grandsons (4 years old) have all their shots up to date! She only declined the HepB in the hospital but they soon got them all starting at 2 months. She let me know it was none of my business and that I should be careful whom I listen to!!! Our son is somewhat receptive to what we’ve told him but he can’t sway her. I have a nephew with Asperger’s, one of his sons has Autism from birth!, my niece has a daughter with a seizure disorder and learning disabilities from the age of 2 months…. So, our family is riddled with possible vaccine insults. I’ve read AoA for years now but have never sent in a comment. With fibromyalgia for 22 years, my brain is somewhat muddled and I find it difficult to express myself. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has meant to me to have so much knowledge available almost daily. You are an amazing group of people and I so appreciate all your dedication.L


Dorie Southern

It does not make any sense to treat an innocent little baby for something that you know the child does not have. When I was having my children I heard that they put silver nitrate in babies' eyes at birth. I don't know if that is true or not. I had midwives and had my babies at home so as to avoid all the medical stuff -- no drugs of course.

With vaccines it sounds like the prophylactic is often worse than the disease.


"Why is the mother not checked first to find out if there is a need to treat her newborn for a grown person's disease that most people don't have?"

All American mothers are checked for hep b during pregnancy. Since the 1990's, even if negative their babies are still given the vaccine at birth.

Natalee Christensen

I loved the movie Vaxxed for so many reasons, and I appreciate everything Dr. Wakefield is doing to help children despite being publicly humiliated and discredited. I have discussed vaccines with so many people who oppose any cover-up and they say, anecdotal evidence isn't science, correlation isn't causation, these parents are just looking for someone to blame, the studies show no link to autism, ect. I feel like the documentary and Dr. Wakefield do a good job of showing that anecdotal evidence is what points you in the right direction. The movie went on to prove that the numbers do indeed show a direct correlation to vaccines and injury. I also appreciate how Dr. Wakefield responded to the "attorney", despite the pain you can see this entire ordeal has caused him, and all of the parents who have suffered immensely for years, and that they are sacrificing everything, in an effort to gain Nothing, except to help another's child...Think about that. They have nothing to gain, yet they cling to hope that perhaps another's child may escape the same fate. Before Vaxxed came out, I had a wise, humble mother who cautioned me to research vaccines after she had heard the media discredit Wakefield. She knew the media was corrupt, and they covered for the corrupt government. She knew that my 9 month old boy had mild reactions every time he was vaccinated that turned into chronic conditions. Bronchiolitis that the Pediatrician blamed on a untreated case of asthma with a life long dependency on a daily inhaler with horrible side affects. A severe case of excema that came on suddenly after his 2 month shots? Non stop crying that we were told was colic. I told my mom she was misinformed but respected her enough to do my homework like she suggested. The parents testimonials (anecdotal evidence) was huge for me. The similarities between their stories, the impossibly coincidental timing of all of their experiences. The motive behind their sharing despite the public denial followed by humiliation. These aspects were too much for me to ignore. I stopped vaccinating and my son's asthma and excema and colic slowly went away completely although he was diagnosed for life. I went on to have 3 more children who never received a single vaccine till they were 2, and then very slowly after that because the social and public pressure was monumental from ever avenue. Fortunately we have not encountered the health problems my first had with any of the others. Dr. Wakefield, people are waking up, amid undoubted scrutiny and pain for you. For each and every single child you have rescued from a similar fate, we thank you.

Dorie Southern

Dr. Wakefield did an amazing job answering the woman in question. She had just enough misinformation to believe that Dr. Wakefield had done something wrong when in fact he had not. It is sad that children who could have been helped by his care were unable to receive due to Brian Deer's ridiculous claims.

It seems to me that the vaccination industry runs on fear. If people knew there is a cure for these illness, they might decide just to take the illness and the cure. If someone could explain why in heavens name a baby should be given a shot for an illness that is caught by prostitutes and intravenous drug users, I would be most grateful. Why is the mother not checked first to find out if there is a need to treat her newborn for a grown person's disease that most people don't have?

Hans Litten

"Though I still am hopeful that the seed was sown for her “belief” to change in the future"

I think you did a good thing, and I suspect the embarrassment will cause her to think further on it now

Dale Evans

The lawyer never checked the level of scientific scrutiny used by the pediatricians she knows. She trusts them, but she never checked them out. She would never have a clue if they were flat out incorrect. I would not want her as my lawyer. She can't think outside of the box of academia her ego has embedded itself in.

Dale Evans

William Sargant, a behavioral engineer and analyst at the 100-year-old Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in Essex, UK, wrote that "the ordinary person, in general, is much more easily indoctrinated than the abnormal (not adhering to the status quo)." Tavistock engineers classified themselves as a necessary and unseen fifth column of government. They believe that a free society is necessarily manipulated and controlled, to protect it from itself. Tavistock methods are used by Big Pharma in their Malthusian efforts against humanity. Control mortality and fertility rates, and you protect the resources owned by the Venetian noble central banking families that have been running the world for the last 700 years. Big Pharma works hand in hand with these families.

Birgit Calhoun

The unfortunate thing is that many people are exactly like this lawyer. What they have learned is indelibly etched into the very fiber of their being. It's the one thing they have been able to trust to get them through everything. Then all of a sudden someone comes along and throws over their belief system, one that is similar to a religion. It will take a lot of convincing to turn their opinion. But it has to be done.


To the author: I don't know who wrote this. I am so sorry. Nothing worse than knowing it and they all go ahead and do what they are told anyway.

There is a bit of furious rage, and a touch of hate - that I have toward them.

Laurie Redmon

Andrew Wakefield is my hero. I saw his presentation at an autism conference over a decade ago. He ended by saying that once you find out the truth about vaccines and the lack of science, it is like a very heavy steel door slamming shut behind you, and you simply cannot go back. True, and I believe that is why many refuse to look further, because the reality is horrific to think about. He brought me to tears as a Mom of a now-21 year old son with regressive autism, when his last PowerPoint slide was the painting "The Cradle" by Berthe Morisot. At this time, there were grumblings about attempts to discredit him, and he said all he had done as a doctor was to believe the mothers who had brought their sick children to his practice. And that he wouldn't back down. And he hasn't, which is what puts him at hero status.

Angus Files

I am not that well educated but I like to think clever and smart rather that than visa versa ...



The woman's reaction reminds me of the Stanley Milgram experiment, where researchers discovered that about 66% of the population will do what they are told by an authority, even if that action causes another person lethal harm. Milgram was trying to understand how the Nazi genocide could have happened.

Waking up from groupthink is extraordinarily hard to do.

Tim Lundeen

Vaxxed is doing an amazing job of bringing all this into the open. Here's another compelling, powerful video:

Jeannette Bishop

Some local coverage which embeds the VaxXed Stories video of DA Nico LaHood:

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks to the VaxXed team for making and building the case:

Birgit Calhoun

This kind of righteousness is very hard to overcome. But usually when those people finally understand the issue, they often do a 180 degree turn. I hope that is the case here. She is a lawyer. So she must be smart enough. She will get it sooner or later.


When I first watched the clip my attention was drawn to the young woman sitting to the right of the bloviating lawyer, wearing an expression of stoical embarrassment. It occurred to me to wonder whether she might be the older woman's daughter. Turns out I was right!

Good for her.

Tom Clancy, Jr.,

Did I have to watch the WHOLE video a second time? - I saw it once, and watched carefully. That "lawyer" is one of the most insidious and dangerous types of person. She's a college graduate, presumably, but her education seems to far exceed her intelligence. Her strongest pro-vax argument seems to be "all those pediatricians" whom she has spoken with, who "did (NOT!) do all that research" regarding vaccines, and vaccine injury. This type of argument is called "appeal to authority". It goes like this: "The doctors are well-educated authorities, so everything they say is true and correct." Despite her Law degree, she seems disinclined to think for herself. Sure, she might have "seen some videos online", but that's hardly "scientific research"! And, most telling, if she goes to a screening of VAXXED, and then afterward doesn't know who Andrew Wakefield *IS*, well, what does that say about *her* personal intellectual strength? The other propaganda tactic she's fallen prey to is "repetition". She's heard the same old LIES, told over and over again, until she believes them. Myself? I haven't even seen VAXXED, but from my online reading, I'm assuming the movie deals far more with high-level corruption at the CDC, than it does to dig into the technical science of the whole Pro-/Anti Vax War. I see the fear, and anger, and hurt, barely suppressed in this madly gesticulating lawyer. Breeding "superbugs" is the job of the CDC and PhRMA, and we need 99% vax compliance in a compliant, gullible population, if we're gonna achieve the 90%+ human population reduction called for on the Georgia Guidestones. And folks like this lady lawyer will ensure that it's all done under color of the letter of the law of the land.
(c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

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