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Dachel Wake Up: The "Unfounded Fears" Argument. Fear is Fear.

"The Use of Fear To Justify Oppression..." George Takei

George Takei Tweet
By Kim Stagliano

How many of our readers are George Takei fans? I sure am! From his Sulu days when I used to watch Star Trek as a kid, to his unbelievably fun and entertaining appearances on The Howard Stern show over the last several years, I just love him.   He's a smart man.  Learned. Thoughtful. And as a Japanese-American internment camp survivor and a gay man, he is acutely aware of oppression and coercion.   Is he aware of the health oppression known as asthma, diabetes, autism, developmental delays, anxiety, and the host of other pediatric epidemics? He's also one of the most social media savvy celebs - especially for his age - close to 80.

And he lives in California, home of SB277, the law that removed vaccine exemption rights from Californians and has robbed children of their right to attend school.   The measles outbreak in California was the impetus for SB277.   After all, you have to be carefully taught - to hate. Hate disease! Fear disease! Chicken pox and measles were once benign childhood rites of passage in America. No more. Fear sells vaccines. Fear passes laws. Fear allows corporations to control politicians.

WWGS?  What Would George Say?

I read his tweet above with interest. My first thought was how do we tell Mr. Takei about SB277 and the push to take away some of our most basic rights vis a vis vaccination?  How do we tell Mr. Takei that Candidate Clinton is not prone to allow us to retain our healthcare rights - regardless  of what she does within her own family?  She knows best?

Clinton tweet
How do we educate Mr. Takei on the TSOOO-nami of vaccine injured children across the nation?

The use of fear to justify oppression is never the answer. We'd like all of our kids to live long and prosper. Wait, that's Spock.  And forcing vaccination is illogical.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


Tim Lundeen


Yes, we would be better off without the FDA and CDC, they should be disbanded. All regulatory agencies that are in the middle of big-bucks businesses are corrupt. It is pretty much impossible for them to stay independent, there is too much money involved and too many ways to subvert the process. We should give up trying to regulate things that people can decide on for themselves.

The EPA is likewise corrupt, but at least they do regulate some toxic environmental substances, even if they don't do a good job...


Generally, I think of Republicans as more for individual liberty and state rights, more for de-centralized government, more opposed to the bureaucracy as a waste of money, and of course for lower taxes. Obviously this hasn't been true in recent years as the Democrats and Republicans become more the same. The Democrats still hold to model of the New Deal of Roosevelt with a more centralized model. Democrats believe in the bureaucracy as a good thing that does good.

But, centralized government doesn't work when there is corruption at the top; when corporations can buy off legislators like they are doing now. Some have said the U.S. is easy to takeover but hard to conquer because we have so many layers of government from the Federal down to the city councils. I hope that is true but it's scary when Federal agencies can dictate to hospitals to vaccinate or not be reimbursed. On the other hand the push back against vaccine mandates has come from grass root activism at the state level, and with the exception of California it's working.

So, I think we need more of the Republican model right now with more power to local government, more power to individual people, less power to a corrupt central government, and corrupt bureaucracies like the CDC and FDA. I am even inclined to say...let's get rid of CDC and FDA all together. Now that's a very Republican thought.


Danchi, I am still sorry for the rant,
But I still think you are struggling and looking for a way to twist it around to what you want and not the way it is.

You assessment is completely incorrect. It would be a struggle if I have aligned with a candidate in this election. I have not. My question was and still is a simple request for information. Nothing more and nothing less.


If you care to explain I'm all eyes. We are here to provide clarity.


Hans, what I meant by SAFE vaccine schedule is the one some doctors are promoting now that say if you space out the vaccines it will not result in damage to the immune system and thus not result in autism. This is just not true. Vaccines have risks no matter how you administer them.
Annie-thanks for your support on my comment that we are all waiting to see how Trump and Hillary will deal with their own grandchildren's vaccines. I agree this is much more important than Hillary's emails or Trump's tax returns.

Betty Bona

When I was very young I was frequently sent to bed while it was still light outside (without dessert!) because I just couldn't put those vegetables in my mouth. While I lay there in bed unable to sleep, I would briefly fantasize that everyone in my family was a robot whose purpose was to torture me. I never really believed that the world was populated with robots, but now, metaphorically, I wonder. I wonder if there is some powerful person or persons behind Clinton who is pulling all the strings for their own profit or to institute their own agenda. Maybe she is just a robot (again metaphorically) who will say and do whatever her handlers want. They have to keep her healthy long enough to get elected. I'm sure all of the candidates have a certain level of handlers, but the robot part fits Clinton more than the others. When you vote for Clinton, who are you really voting for?


"...their amazing applauding of homosexual lifestyles, a lifestyle that incidentally costs scores of billions of dollars every year in the U.S. to treat their homosexually-acquired diseases."

Really? In the 21st Century? Attitudes like this are acceptable? Shame on you.


Danchi, I am still sorry for the rant,
But I still think you are struggling and looking for a way to twist it around to what you want and not the way it is.

Every reasonable person that tries to talk about vaccines are amazed at the hate that comes their way!!!!!!

And they blather on about how they really believe that vaccines are good and work - and then they think it is then reasonable and perhaps they can then give voice to the concern of the problems that exisist and thin it is okay to say the word "BUT"

And to their shock - anything that follows but is hit by some really mean - evil
- well you know.

Every time .


I just started thinking about all those years - what each president has stood for and how I let them off the hook cause maybe they just didn't know. And now things did not come out like I thought they would at all. Kind of feeling sorry for my kids today, and amazed that I turned 60 this year - and the responsibilities at times makes me feel like I am standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon- so sorry for the rant.

Maurine: I remember when my kids were little - and we got that book - "Give a Mouse a Cookie" they loved it. Now, here we are - we are not starving , and have a roof over our house, and we own things, but still it was not what I thought in my wildest dreams.

Jeannette Bishop

With the ACA (Obamacare), I want to know if mechanisms for vaccine mandates (in practice) aren't already instituted, for those who want "healthcare" from approved channels anyway?



I'm assuming the above link indicates the CIA wants an additional vector to make a Hilary "win" appear more legit.

I'm really starting to think that some forces-that-be wanted Trump in the race only to draw attention away from better "Republican" candidates, and maybe they also thought he was the candidate to make Hilary look good (or Jeb?), and maybe things are just not quite working out with certainty that way, and maybe some forces actually want Trump over Hilary (but it's hard to be sure any of those forces-that-be who think the presidency is for their taking/shaping would be opposed to most exploitative NWO agendas...particularly destruction of a major nation via vaccination)...

so what would happen if the U.S. electorate boycotted the entire bogus presidential election/selection puppet coronation process?

I guess some governors might then be able to claim they got more votes putting them in office than any federal official...maybe some states might dare try to assert their sovereignty against federal measure that venture into their purview, such as the ACA, risk provoking the drones, or selective "secret due process" assignment to the "presidential" kill list, etc. ...

we need to clean up the whole process, and the "presidential" office, as is...where does one start...perhaps with getting Congress to end the perpetual "state of emergency" that suspends the Constitution?

At the very least, we can do our darnedest to not transfer dollars into the hands of Merck, Monsanto, JP Morgan Chase, et al.


Sorry Danchi, I guess I was over the top on it.


"One can draw an assumption from Hillary that if one states that vaccines don't cause autism, children need vaccines-what follows is mandated vaccines. It's kind of like "If you give a mouse a cookie.."

Correlation does not imply causation. I think it implies here.

Hillary Clinton makes her statement about vaccines and everyone "knows" she going to mandate mandatory vaccines. I've not heard or read that anywhere which is why I asked the question I did.

Donald Trump makes a statement where he has blamed vaccines for causing autism in children.
From this statement everyone knows or assumes that Trump is anti-vaxx (even the MSM) and will make changes to the vaccines laws without taking into consideration limitations of presidential powers. But Trump has also made the following statements about his position on vaccines:
- Trump hasn’t spoken about vaccines since his interview with Sharyl Attiksson on April 10, 2016. Here again is the transcript of Trumps response to Sharyl:

Sharyl Attkisson: “Viewer question: What’s your position on freedom of choice regarding various vaccines that could be dangerous for some children and why is the mere discussion of making vaccines safe censored?”

Donald Trump: “It’s the most unbelievable discussion I’ve ever been involved in. If you say anything about vaccines that is slightly, like…holding back the hate mail, the level of vitriol, it’s incredible when you see it. First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines. But there could something to the theory that these massive doses that are given to children have an impact on autism. There could be something to it. Now some people say no, some people say yes, I’d like to see studies. The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated. When I was going to school as a young guy, polio was a really big problem and vaccines knocked it out. So the vaccines are very important, but we have to study the vaccines and we have to be very, very careful with vaccines.”

Trump: First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines.
Trump: The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated.
Trumps position on vaccines is clear and concise. He also believe vaccine eradicated Polio.
Sharyl Attkisson is one of the genuine journalist left on the planet so her interview is above reproach.

Trump has made his position on vaccines clear:
Donald Trump quotes: Vaccines, Ebola and Universal Health Care
Via Twitter:
“If I were President I would push for proper vaccinations but would not allow one time massive shots that a small child cannot take – AUTISM.”
“To all haters and losers: I am NOT anti-vaccine, but I am against shooting massive doses into tiny children. Spread shots out over time.”

-Trump: I'm 'Totally Pro-Vaccine' But I've Seen Them Cause 'Horrible Autism'
"It's amazing that it's never discussed," he added, saying that he's gotten thanks from people who are "incensed in terms of what's going on with vaccines."

Trump, oddly, went on to state that he is nevertheless "a huge fan of vaccines" and "totally pro-vaccine." He suggested they be given in smaller doses.
(I put the first comment in so you won’t accuse me of cherry picking)

Even the Green Party Candidate has come out as Pro-Vaccine:
Green Party candidate: I'm not anti-vaccine-http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/290621-green-party-candidate-im-not-anti-vax

All 3 candidates are Pro-Vaccine. No one likes it, I don't like it but it is what it is. Trumps statements are clear-no one put words in his mouth and he's not being held back by anyone with all the outrageous fly off the handle comments he's made in the last six months. Most of the people on this site are Trump supporters and they don't like the fact that I continue to post what Trump has said. Not something I've made up and this invades their comfort zone. The man that they felt was going to take on the vaccine industry is PRO-Vaccine. By his own words. He's let many in the anti-vaxx community down and most of them can't handle it. There are websites that have taken Trumps own comment and edited them to fit what they want him to say therefore misleading their readers. Aren't we suppose to be above doing that sort of thing? Trump stepped into the middle of this controversy and now he can't graciously disengage from it which is why he calls everyone losers & haters. Now, he doesn't even talk about vaccines. The one subject that got many people on board with him.

We all know Clinton's position but she did the one smart thing at the beginning of her campaign-come out with a clear & strong statement about her stance on vaccines without stating what she would or would not do. The MSM hasn't dogged her about it like they have with Trump. Of course she has other issues to deal with but that's her problem. Jill Stein-I'm not sure how she got sucked into the controversy but now she being dogged by the MSM. It will be interesting to see where she lands.

autism uncle


I refer to your statement: 'In a post-Christian society, it's ALL about power and control. And big government is the iron fist that enforces that control.

How ironic that Mr. Sulu cries out against fear and oppression while the very homosexual agenda he promotes that EXACT same fear and oppression (yeah, sorry, it's true, I'm sure he's a lovely person, but his TV commercials and speaking engagements prove his agenda all too well)."

Yes, you are 'spot on' about our U.S. perhaps on the verge of being a 'post-Christian society' - since every value we have comes from Christian values, the Golden Rule, and The Ten Commandants now being assaulted by Hillary and Obama, and their amazing applauding of homosexual lifestyles, a lifestyle that incidentally costs scores of billions of dollars every year in the U.S. to treat their homosexually-acquired diseases.


Just curious why one of my comments this afternoon was not posted. I am wondering if it was eliminated because it was not pro-Trump--like the vast majority. Or if it concerned a slang for prostitute that I used to refer to our elected officials. Would like to know for future reference.

Maurine Meleck

One can draw an assumption from Hillary that if one states that vaccines don't cause autism, children need vaccines-what follows is mandated vaccines. It's kind of like "If you give a mouse a cookie.."

Joe-when hasn't it been about power and control? The first major wars were religious wars so I think you'd have to go awfully far back to find a pre-Christian society where it wasn't about power and control.

david m burd

Maurine Meleck, Yep --- Mainstream News today blathers on about a newborn with microcephaly that died and its mother tested for Zika exposure --- What a crock of horse manure, as on average there are 7,000 microcephaly babies born every year in the U.S. and these statistics are right on the CDC website - and having nothing to do with a mosquito-transmitted virus.

They (NIAID's Fauci, and CDC, and Mainstream News) just "make it up as they go along."

THE biggest threat to our personal and family health is The Mainstream Media that takes its marching orders from Pharma Ads, along with our completely corrupted Govt Health Institutions like CDC and NIH.


I struggle with nothing. Period. I simply posted a request for a link to a page or statement stating Clinton will mandate mandatory vaccination. But all I got from you was a condescending meaningless rant. I was so taken aback by the energy that came through I didn't read it all. Really unnecessary. Either there are in print comments where Clinton stated she would implement mandatory vaccination. President Obama has not implemented mandatory vaccination so I don't see what you point is. The statement exist or it doesn't.

Hans Litten
"But Senator Pan of the democratic party passed that criminal illegal law sb277 ."
I agree the law is abomination. But it doesn't answer the simple question that I asked.
I have made a simple request for a link to a page where Clinton clearly and concisely stated she would implement mandatory vaccination in the US. I assumed by the comments on this website for the last 6 months in regards to Clinton that she publicly made such a statement. I've not read where she stated it and was hoping that someone here had that information.
Simple information is all I've asked.


I am an admirer of you, Kim Stagliano. I am not surprised that you are willing to take a controversial stand in this bitter presidential campaign. Once upon a time I voted Democratic on a regular basis even though I considered myself more of an independent. I was an activist in environmental causes here in Los Angeles County. It took SB277 for me to have the insight that rhetoric is not reality.

When I was on the losing side against the Democrats I saw for the first time the arrogant attitude and the smirks on their face. When I was on the Democrats side, I never questioned that we had won because of our participation, even if only 25 of us showed up. Now I see we won because we were necessary tools in a decision that had already been made. The arrogance and the smirks come from the assurance that those who oppose Democrats are doomed to lose because Democrats have all the power in California.

But seriously, rhetoric aside are Democrats any better than Republicans? Republicans are more transparent that is all. Hillary Clinton's environmental rhetoric is good but in reality she doesn't seem to give a hoot about rain forests, or uranium mining, or even nuclear arms proliferation (watch Clinton Cash for those details). The rhetoric in terms of race and minorities is good, but that does not translate into sharing resources. In a redistricting battle a couple of years ago, I watched as our Democratic Supervisor made sure that the Latino district got nothing--they were on the losing side then against powerful, rich Democrats. I saw the Latina supervisor's face fall ten inches when she realized she was going to get nothing for her constituents...nothing. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer--never a truer word spoken in Democratic dominated Los Angeles County.

Will Hillary Clinton push through vaccine mandates for everyone from cradle to grave. I don't know. There will be opposition. But my guess is that it will really come down to the pay offs not real science or real concern for babies and toddlers. That's rhetoric, not reality. But possibly the arrogance and the smirks will eventually catch up with the elitist Democrats, especially those who rule the state of California. After all, pride comes before the fall.


Somewhat brought up Hilary's health. I just want to hope with deep compassion that Trump has recovered from the bone spurs that got him out of the draft. "We're gonna hit them hard.." Just don't ask him or his sons to do the dirty work. The juniors are off on luxury safaris in Africa shooting elephants. I don't think they would like to meet ISIS. But remember, Trump is really a man of the people. Just one who inherited multi millions, went to prep, sent his kids to prep schools, etc. etc. But he gets it because he can eat KFC. Oh brother.


Thank you Kim for all the wisdom that you share!

Hear, hear Gayle!!! I believe American parents are far more curious about how Clinton's and Trump's grandchildren are being vaccinated then they are about their emails or tax returns.

John Stone

I am sorry Joe, these are completely different issues. I don't see why people should have to apologise for, be discriminated against or intimidated on account of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion etc. Citizens should not have to be existentially challenged about their cultural or biological identity. If I was being cynical I would say that this in itself is excellent social progress which is being used as camouflage for other highly illiberal projects which are much more important to the people who are holding the political purse strings.

Georg Elser

more on Hillarys health : (seems she is walking the warfarin tightrope)


Hans Litten

Danchi , we are on the same team so that means I have to care for you .
And I've always loved your posts and being educated by your brilliant knowledge (links etc).
But Senator Pan of the democratic party passed that criminal illegal law sb277 .
Surely that means you have to vote against that party (and voting green will not do) !


Danchi You do struggle with it hard, don't you.

I am not going to go looking for you. I feel that my understanding of her policy will be the same as Obama's; and comes out perfectly in the IACC meetings - of stall = stall as long as possible even as parents get up and rake them over the coals.

The sky is blue - science is clear - vaccines are safe; as a top scientist whistle blower sits ideally by for the past two years.

Oh, but she might be clueless you think and really innocent - this vaccine injury stuff is invisible.

Rand Paul knew, Chris Christy knew, Dang if Ben Carson didn't know too. Did you watch that first debate of the Republicans?

Eye opening.

Yeah, I too have excused all those presidents that have gone before as not knowing. Mr and Mrs. Bush the Elder and their dog all got Graves disease while in office -so if figured they did not know. THen came Bill and Hillary -- and they did some pretty specific things in the area of vaccines - Hmmmm-- you need to look at those things - but still they did not know - and then Bush the second came along - and Oh yeah - he has bound to have a clue. But no; he even talked about getting rid of medical junk suits kind of like what the vaccine court had already done. He did finally drop that -- that goodness.

Then we have Obama and let us stall -- but we will look at the research -- and for two years we have a top scientist at the CDC waiting under Obama.

But do continue to struggle Danchi

They are now coming after my adult children after they got 'em good in childhood; coming after my Dad after they gave him Parkinson in his old age. We talked about it 15 years ago and like a fool I said if you are so afraid of the flu and want that flu shot - Okay. Ohhh, I said that. Right after that he started walking across the fields not picking up his feet but scooting them to check on his cattle. I did a good job on that one.

You got to wake up and stop excusing them - --We need more that just having the freedom to decide -- we should never have gotten this far down the road to begin wth.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Danchi | August 09, 2016 at 09:10 AM

From what I am reading Hillary doesn't know what day of the week it is , nevermind what her views are on vaccination anymore (bluesky\grandma knows best etc) .They are talking about her health , which they suggest is in such sharp decline , that she may not make it to election day .

Hans Litten

Gayle you mention the "SAFE vaccine schedule" . What is this ?

SAFE vaccine schedule = the NO VACCINE schedule

Maurine Meleck

An educated person who reads outside the media box doesn't need a pair of tweezers to separate the lies from the truth. A leaf blower would suffice. The fact is that when lies are piled on more lies for a long time, the average person will believe them. One has only to look at the polio stories, the start of the March of Dimes, Dan's AOA episodes, the books on honest science to make comparisons and weed out the lies. Polio is the disease that still promotes the most fear in the average citizen. The American education system does nothing to encourage independent thought and there it all begins. Using fear to justify oppression doesn't end with our health system. It permeates every aspect of our lives-from foreign policy to the Zika virus If the majority of people don't wake up soon, it'll bury us.



With all due respect, I think you're missing the point. George Takei would NEVER think that major media and the alphabet soup agencies were inducing FEAR in order to promote vaccines. No, no, no.

Big Daddy government and the nanny state are there to PROTECT us, just as they now protect gays. The homosexual agenda is all about intimidation and control (try being a Christian baker who makes wedding cakes). Kinda like the vaccine agenda.

In a post-Christian society, it's ALL about power and control. And big government is the iron fist that enforces that control.

How ironic that Mr. Sulu cries out against fear and oppression while the very homosexual agenda he promotes that EXACT same fear and oppression (yeah, sorry, it's true, I'm sure he's a lovely person, but his TV commercials and speaking engagements prove his agenda all too well).

Try being a college professor who questions the homosexual agenda. See what happens.
Try being an executive who questions the homosexual agenda. See what happens.
Try being a Catholic priest who questions the homosexual agenda (they control the Church!)
Try being a high school student who questions the homosexual agenda. See what happens. (bigot! offender! hater!)
Try being a baker who declines to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. See what happens.
Try owning an assembly hall and decline to make it available for a homosexual reception. See what happens.

Uh, yeah, right.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for big government and vaccine mandates - all to protect you from the anti-vaccine haters! the anti-vaccine offenders! the anti-vaccine haters!

All. too. clear.



Can anyone provide a link where Clinton has stated she implement mandatory vaccination in the US?

Hans Litten

My understanding of Parkinsons disease , is that there are parallels with Alzheimers and Autism , in so far as toxicity seems to be strongly related to the condition .

I wonder did BlueSky Hillary ever drink from the fluoridated water supply , did she ever have mercury amalgams , did she ever take the vaccinations herself ?

The Mainstream News (ie the conspiratorial websites) are full of speculation about her health ,
the hole in her tongue , her lack of mobility climbing stairs , her seizures , her coughing fits , head wobbling , adult diapers are mentioned , barking like a dog even .
The lamestream has none of it , and the lamestream continues the lie that vaccines do not cause autism .


Hillary Clinton now has two grandchildren. I would like to know if her daughter Chelsea followed the SAFE vaccine schedule with her daughter and will she use the SAFE vaccine schedule with her newborn son?

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