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Thank You, BHARE For $15,000 To Continue Microbiome Studies

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By Teresa Conrick

On August 13th, I got a good sunburn helping raise $3,275 with the BHARE Foundation. We went car to car for hours to try and complete the $15,000 commitment that they wanted to raise over this Summer -- and they did!

That money will go for this:

"Studying the gut has been our most exciting and promising research.  Dr. Jim Adams, at Arizona State University, along with Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown and Daewook Kang, have published studies proving major differences in the total make up of types and groups of populations of bacteria in people with autism.  Recently, the team has requested financial support to study fungi/yeast, and the possible connection to autism.  I hope you will assist us in helping to fund this work.  Our goal for the Spring/Summer is to raise $15,000.  With your help, I know we can reach it.

Further research areas we would like to explore include Helminths (parasitic worms), FMT (Fecal Microbial Transplant) and Medical Cannabis."

It's very important that we keep researching the Microbiome as it keep coming up as a very possible EPICENTER of Autism. 

 These researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill, not related to our fundraising efforts, are trying to PREVENT Autism but do they have it right? :

UNC researchers link gut bacteria to infant brain development  

  •   Preliminary research at UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School shows a relationship between how the brains of infants develop and the type of bacteria living in their stomachs.

  •   The communities of bacteria, viruses and small fungi that make their homes inside larger animals are known as the “microbiome.” Studying these critters has become a new way for scientists to understand the complex ways messages travel in the human body.

  •   Researchers have found, for example, that small changes in the proportions of different bacteria in our stomachs are found in people with health problems.

  •   “We are affecting our microbiome, which in turn affects us,”

  •    The infant microbiome study was inspired by research that found anxious lab rats have a different gut microbiome than other lab rats.

  •   The bacteria’s normal life functions produce byproducts called metabolites that move through the stomach lining, enter the bloodstream and are transported throughout the human body. Depending on the type and number of bacteria in a gut microbiome, different types and numbers of metabolites are delivered to the brain and other parts of the host’s body.

  •    Research in how the microbiome affects autism hopes to identify a metabolite that is not produced in the microbiome of people on the autism spectrum. Then, pharmaceutical companies can engineer a medicine to introduce this metabolite to the brain of a child or fetus before they develop autism.
  •  Some may say that this type of research is missing a key ingredient -- THE ENVIRONMENT -- that caused the Microbiome to become dysfunctional.  It may be controversial to say that genes are not the cause but the exposure of chemicals that cause damage to the brain and gut. They are connected.

    Thank you again, BHARE as we need organizations to look at the Microbiome as key in both PREVENTING and TREATING Autism.

    Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



    Well, I am not implying anything, but I think everyone should know that there is sometimes Aluminum in Vitamin K and Vitamin B-12 injections.

    Does anyone know why? This seem extraneous.


    I know that people love to blame autism solely on vaccines, and I'm not saying that for the majority of the kids that may have been the trigger. However, my daughter slowed at 18 months and then regressed horribly at 20 months without vaccines being the trigger. The only vaccine-like thing she ever had was the vitamin K shot. No other vaccines for her. She had no antibiotics herself, although I know she got some from me. Her gut is a mess though, so we would love to see more studies on the microbiome and autism.

    go Trump

    Thanks for all you do Teresa...

    The Zika people raise money by throwing a hissy fit and holding their breath until they are given 1.8 billion dollars.

    It will not be long until the firefighters are at intersections raising money for MD. I always give them a few dollars and a few pages of my favorite Autism information.

    Shelley Tzorfas

    I am happy to see that scientists will study the gut or the parasites as it relates to Autism. But personally I can save you a lot of time as Dr. Mercola probably can. I have been writing about this connection for almost ten years-his work which is far more thorough than mine, has been showing this connection for around twenty or so years. It will be very nice of the pharmaceutical companies to create a pill that can introduce chemicals to the brain of a child or fetus so that the infant does not develop Autism-that is so very thoughtful and sweet. Because they are truly kind and caring I have a suggestion that can save time. Why not decide to stop shooting the children with Aluminum, thimerosal/mercury, fetal cells, ammonium salts,cells of rats, pigs, dogs, monkeys, chicks, insects, cows, ether MSG and antifreeze? Then you might save some money and not need China to make this concoction for you as it is said that up to 83% of these shots are made in China. Don't get me wrong, I love things made in China, especially toys. You could then save money on handling and shipping. I have read that there are parasites in vaccines, and yeast particles not to mention Leukemia cells too small to be removed from the cow bovine serum in vaccines.
    Then you could narrow the playing field and create anti yeast and fungal remedies and anti parasite remedies that are safe or gentle for the very young. Once that is accomplished, their little tiny guts will be healthy enough to handle things in the environment like they were able to since the beginning of time. Granted, we have a few harsh things in the environment that we did not have before that need extra cleaning, but few compare to the affect of being shot directly with chemicals into the veins and brains of a baby. Thanks

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