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Texas DA Risks Everything To Speak Out on Vaccine Injury

CautionNOTE: Keep an eye on the career of Texas DA Nico LaHood. And we don't mean for a promotion.  Speaking out on vaccine injury is fraught with danger.  The San Antonio Health District responded to LaHood with a statement Tuesday afternoon. It's at the end of this post.

By Anne Dachel

Aug 29, 2016, ABC12 San Antonio TX: District Attorney Nico LaHood: 'Vaccines cause autism'

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said Monday that vaccines cause autism.

In an interview with KSAT 12 News, LaHood said that he and his wife noticed a change in their son after he received his 18-month vaccination.

"We had a very different child," he said.

LaHood also voiced his opinions about the controversial subject in an interview that was posted on the Autism Media Channel Facebook page for the controversial documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”

"I'm here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism," LaHood said in the interview.

When asked whether he should be voicing his opinion due to the political office he holds, LaHood said, "My opinions are just my opinions. As a daddy, as a husband, who happens to be the DA. People are allowed to have a First Amendment right to an opinion. I know this is not a politically correct opinion.... 

ABC12 has it wrong in the video segment.  Nico LaHood isn’t in “VaxXed”—He simply backs up the premise of a link between vaccines and autism because his son regressed following his scheduled shots.

LaHood has his supporters, including a colleague in the justice system.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who saw a preview of the film, said he agrees.

“He’s a terrific father. He’s concerned. He has a son with autism. I have a nephew with autism. I know what it’s like,” Wolff said.

ABC12 also included Dr. Stephen Ramirez and Dr. Bob Sanders, along with a spokeswomen for the Metropolitan Health District, who all defended vaccines as safe and effective. Comments were made about outbreaks of measles which were blamed on “anti-vaccine movements.” Missing was any mention of what autism is doing to children, now affecting two percent of them. Neither Ramirez nor Sanders can explain why certain children lose learned skills and regress into autism following routine vaccinations, like LaHood’s son did. To them, it’s all just an unfortunate coincidence, and they have a dozen pharma-funded studies to prove it.

The real issue here—something that isn’t even talked about in ABC12’s coverage—is what “VaxXed” is about: A top CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, has revealed that his agency falsified major vaccine research. They covered up the link between vaccines and autism. Ramirez and Sanders both need to watch the movie, then give us their opinion.

Watch the video. Meet Nico and Davida LaHood. Listen to them tell what happened to their children. Their son Michael stopped responding to his name, lost motor skills, and is today “almost six and not able to verbally communicate,” according to Davida. Nico describes this cover-up as "deception" by our government. He's not backing down.

District Attorney Nico LaHood and wife Davida tell the story of their son and daughter's vaccine injury to Polly Tommey of the VaxXed Team. Camera by Joshua Coleman and Anu Vaidya and editing by Joshua Coleman.

San Antonio Health District responds to LaHood with this statement Tuesday afternoon:

My San Antonio: San Antonio health agency strongly disagrees with DA Nico LaHood, says vaccines do not cause autism

“The evidence is clear: thimerosal is not a toxin in vaccines, but merely a preservative, preventing contamination, that has been used in vaccines for decades. The fact that thimerosal is no longer used in vaccines and the autism rate is increasing supports further evidence that it is not the causative agent,” the statement said. “The long ago debunked study in the 1998 issue of the journal Lancet was retracted for shoddy and misleading interpretation of scientific findings.”...

Additionally, the district included the fact that multiple agencies, like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Public Health Service, CDC and the FDA, among others, “concluded that the evidence reviewed between 1999 and 2010 does not support an association between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism.”...

“Since 2003, there have been nine CDC-funded or conducted studies that have found no link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and ASD, as well as no link between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and ASD in children,” the site states.

Again, the ignorance of the issue is obvious. This statement is proof these officials have no idea what's involved in this controversy. We're told that thimerosal has been disproved as a cause of autism. We're also told that thimerosal is not a toxin. Nowhere is there a mention that thimerosal is made from mercury, the second deadliest element on earth and a known neurotoxin. Furthermore we're not told that the FDA never tested thimerosal before it was allowed in vaccines.

The Health District claims "thimerosal is no longer used in vaccines..." which is false. It's in the majority of the flu shots recommended for babies as young as six months and pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy.

Finally, the Health District says that CDC has done the science showing the MMR vaccine is safe. It should be noted that a lead scientist on that CDC study has turned whistleblower and has revealed that his agency falsified the study results.



Stan K.

Rtp and Linda1, I very much agree that the role of vaccines in eradicating polio is highly suspect and should not be conceded.

The additional consideration is that the appearance of infectiousness does not imply infectious cause. Poliomyelitis was highly seasonal in a way that corresponded to increased uses of pesticides/insecticides (summer months). These are agents known to cause paralysis and their geographical application is likely to have produced infectious-like clusters.

I suspect we will be seeing a dramatic increase of infectious-looking clusters of GBS and birth defects as pesticide applications ramp up with the zika paranoia (which has very dubious epidemiology linking it to its supposed diseases). They will of course be blamed on zika in order to pump up demand for the vaccine.


Cia, you are hung up on the idea of a contagious cause of paralysis for some strange reason. The problem is that you haven't shown that polio is any more contagious than any of polio's differential diagnoses.

We don't use the same criteria to diagnose polio today as we did 60 years ago.

We are comparing not so mch apples to oranges but apples to a tiny subset of apples.

So the one and only valid method of determining if the vaccine did any good is to look at total rates of paralysis (and iron lung equivalents).

Obviously we can discard trauma caused paralysis but either way the result is the same.

A catastrophic rise in the number of people with paralysis and iron lung equivalents.

What I can't fathom is your determination to protect vaccinations beyond all reason.

Surely the fact that rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine should be sufficient to realise that everything we are taught on this issue is a bare faced lie.


It doesn't have to be contagious disease. There is no shortage of sick children now. Children's hospitals are not hurting for patients. Visit any Shriner's Hospital. They're very busy.
I can't give you numbers off the top of my head, but I definitely wouldn't assume anything. In the 1940s there were iron lungs. Now there are not only respirators, but portable respirators that weren't even invented then. It's hard to accurately compare the two eras without doing a very in depth study.



Sorry, I should have said What contagious disease is crippling children, but they are no longer immobilizing their limbs, so they are no longer permanently paralyzed?


So what contagious disease is causing paralysis in thousands of children a year so that they are immobilizing limbs to try to keep it from becoming permanent?


Cia, why do you consistently ignore my main point? Doctors are prejudiced against diagnosing the disease if the patient is not vaccinated.

This is true for all so called vaccine success stories.

And other diseases that cause paralysis are multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, cerebral palsy, coxsackie (as well as Guillain barre).

There are over two million in America.

And your point about antibodies is meaningless as they don't indicate immunity. Nor is polio a contagious disease. Nor did we check to ensure all those diagnosed with it in 1950 had the virus on them (whatever that means).


If they were immobilizing limbs now the way they were then, we'd see a lot more crippled people. Immobilization can cause irreversible atrophy and contractures.



The new criteria for defining polio were established in 1955, so they were already in place at the time the 1957 Atlantic article was published, and the dramatic drops in the numbers of both polio cases and paralytic polio were accurate within the 5-10% range of error mentioned by Dr. Rustein.

Many cases of what was really aseptic meningitis were probably misdiagnosed as polio, but it was never paralytic. As Dr. Rustein said, there are few contagious diseases which cause paralysis. And polio traveled in epidemics, arriving suddenly and leaving many crippled children in its wake. If the same situation continues to pertain today, where are the large numbers of crippled children? What is it called now? Do we have thousands of children crippled every year from any contagious disease? We do not. Polio was real, probably enabled as a severe disease by chemical co-factors in the environment. It was tamed by the vaccine(s), both of which were very effective. I don't think it's good to paint with a brush so broad it denies that vaccines are ever effective or needed. All of them can be dangerous, but if the disease you wish protection from is bad enough and common enough, and the vaccine usually causes no obvious harm, then most people are going to want it, and that is a reasonable choice.

Why not try to give all the facts on both sides? Vaccines force the body to produce the desired antibodies, and in most cases that protects the vaccinated person from getting the targeted disease. The polio vaccine caused the production of antibodies to the strains of polio included in it, eventually all three of them. And for the most part, those people who had serological evidence of antibodies didn't get polio. Cell-mediated immunity from the natural disease is better and longer-lasting, and doesn't screw up the immune system, but antibody-mediated immunity created by vaccines would be good to have in epidemic conditions.

And, again, if polio is still around and still causes as much crippling as it ever did, what are they calling it now and where are the crippled children? Guillain-Barré syndrome can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, but it's an autoimmune reaction, usually, though not always, to a shot. It does not travel as an epidemic, suddenly hitting a community and sickening and crippling many.

Jill in MI

Dear Ronald - I agree with you. Who knows what Trump is really going to do if elected? Bottom line for me is that we KNOW what Hillary will do. Grandmothers know best. Trump is an unknown who has publicly stated that he believes vaccines cause damage. That's it. I want a chance at healthy grandchildren. Voting for Trump.


ciaparker, the criteria was changed to diagnose polio as Jeanette's comment shows.

But it is even more than that.

Doctors are prejudiced against diagnosing the condition if the patient is vaccinated - ironically, because they genuinely believe the vaccine works.

This is a well known phenomenon. And in fact is the reason there is supposed to be a "double" in "double blind placebo controlled trial". But the phenomenon is completely ignored when it comes to vaccines and heavily biased data is accepted as valid.

Ronald Kostoff


"If Trump were truly as interested in stopping vaccines as he is in building the wall, he would be talking about it. He must repeat his stand every time he gives a speech. I'd like to see when push comes to shove whether he really wants to save kids form autism. Talking about it once is not enough."

Two issues here, somewhat related. I think about when JFK was running for office, and the political issue related to his religion. There was concern among some non-Catholics of whether he could separate his religious beliefs from his secular duties as President. He convinced much of the electorate that he could, and, once in office, he did.

I think the same goes for Trump. He might have a personal belief that vaccines, as scheduled presently, may be problematical. That should not be conflated with the notion that his personal belief will translate into a policy, or even a policy proposal. Unfortunately, in this campaign, some people are taking a statement made at a debate, and amplifying it into a policy plank. There has been no evidence at all, during this campaign, that Trump sees this as an issue to pursue.

The second issue is that Trump is somehow being viewed, by the anti-vax community, as the Magic Bullet who will reverse the trend of vaccination policy and implementation. Like the other Magic Bullets offered by the medical community, I don't see how a Trump Presidency would change vaccine policy and implementation one iota. He would need a strong backing from the medical bureaucracy and community, from his campaign donors, from Congress, and from the American public, on this issue. I don't see that backing from any of these stakeholders at present, or in the foreseeable future.

He's not talking about it during the campaign because he doesn't see it gaining him votes or sponsor funds, and probably sees it losing votes. I don't see him pushing it as President for similar reasons.

Jeannette Bishop

Regarding polio rates in the 1950s:

"Suzanne Humphries, MD, speaking on Polio at the Association of Natural Health Conference"


"... now polio epidemics should look like this...but in 1955 after the Salk vaccine came out we saw this pre-epidemic blip and that was from the vaccine right there...and every year....they watered down the vaccine"


"In July of 1958--this was incredible--any non-paralytic poliomyelitis case that had meningial(?) signs, meaning inflammation around the spinal cord, but wasn't paralytic...was renamed aseptic meningitis..."


"epidemic in Michigan in 1958...only poliomyelitis in slightly more than one-quarter of them...some of these people's polio virus probably came from vaccines...if they had other viruses....they were taken out of the system altogether..."

How can we know when one is referencing numbers from this period that entry and exit criteria, etc were consistent in any comparisons (is it even possible to use numbers from this decade for valid comparisons?)? How many individuals are qualified to determine if that's the case?

Ronald Kostoff

Bob Moffit,

"Perhaps the collapse of trust in our institutions is due in part to what was once described as the "Peter Principle" .. the core principles that .. over time .. drastically reduce effective LEADERSHIP at the top of any institution or business: (parentheses mine)"

I agree with you about losing trust in our institutions. I have as well. I don't think the main cause is the Peter Principle. I believe it due to the increased exposure of the workings of these organizations through a combination of whistle-blowers and information technology. These institutions were devious and corrupt many decades ago, but it was easier to hide these transgressions.

Consider how our attitudes changed about the civilian and military sectors by releases of The Pentagon Papers, Wikileaks documents, Snowden documents, and insider revelations by David Lewis, William Marcus, William Thompson, and a host of others. Unfortunately, even though the release of this information may have affected our attitudes and trust, it's not clear it affected the toxic operations of many of these institutions.

Did Thompson's revelations affect the operations of the CDC (relative to vaccines) or sister agencies? Did Marcus' and Lewis' revelations affect the operations of the EPA relative to biosludge or fluoridation? Does anyone seriously believe the release of the Pentagon Papers had any impact on the War in Vietnam? Have the myriad papers showing serious adverse effects of wireless radiation impacted the FCC, or even the vendors? Maybe the tobacco company revelations cost them some money, but did they stop selling cigarettes, or emphasize focus on their overseas markets?

So, we have rightly lost trust in our institutions, but we still have them in place, and are the victims of their ongoing corruption. The fact that we haven't changed these institutions, that we perhaps can't change these institutions, and in many cases, we really don't want to change these institutions, should be most troubling to all of us!

Birgit Calhoun

If Trump were truly as interested in stopping vaccines as he is in building the wall, he would be talking about it. He must repeat his stand every time he gives a speech. I'd like to see when push comes to shove whether he really wants to save kids form autism. Talking about it once is not enough.


This is from an interesting article by a Dr. Rustein published in The Atlantic in 1957, on the polio vaccine. In the first year that the polio vaccine was used, there was a decrease in paralytic polio cases of about a third. I'm not aware of any other factors which might have produced this large decrease, which continued until within a few years, polio was a thing of the past in the US and other developed countries. So if it was just that there was a natural decrease in polio cases because it rose and fell over the years, the fact that the steep decline started the year the vaccine was introduced and then just kept falling is unlikely to be a coincidence, especially since vaxxed children were very unlikely to get polio, and unvaxxed kids often did, like my roommate.

"Paralytic cases, however, are easily recognized, and paralysis only rarely occurs in other infectious diseases. Thus the total number of paralyzed cases is more reliable for year-to-year comparison. When the paralytic cases to December for 1955 and 1956 are compared, the decrease is much smaller than that of the total cases. There was a drop from 10,405 paralytic cases in 1955 to 6565 in 1956, a decrease of about one third, although there is a possible 5 to 10 per cent error here because of incomplete reports. Reliable records on numbers of paralytic cases for the United States are available for only the last two or three years, and they are, therefore, not precisely helpful at this time in interpreting the sharp decrease of this year. However, the seriousness of the paralytic disease and the reliability of reports on such cases will make this the best index for measuring the effect of polio vaccine in the future."


Birgit Calhoun

The rash on that baby is so familiar. It looks like one my son had when he was a tiny baby. I know he was mercury-poisoned. This is a powerful story. I hope it reaches many more than it has reached already. There has to be a tipping point at which the powers that be see the light.


Ciaparker, in 1950, there had been around 200,000 cases of paralytic polio (children and adults) in the entire US for the previous two decades. Let's assume that they were all alive but none had recovered. Today, there are around 2 million people in the US with paralysis caused by disease.

A massive increase even adjusting for population.

Of course you might say there were lots of non polio causes of disease paralysis back in 1950 but if that were true it would prove all the propaganda is just that. We were made to fear a disease that was a relatively small contributor to paralysis.

A far more plausible explanation is that polio is even more prevalent today. We just don't call it polio anymore. If we used the same criteria today to diagnose it as we did in 1950 we would see 100,000 cases or so per year.

And people are far more likely (8 times) to be in an iron lung equivalent (ventilator) today than in 1950. Indeed there were only 1200 iron lungs in all of America. Think about how that squares up with the propaganda.

We won't win this as long as even people who recognise their dangers try to rationalise their benefits.

They don't work. They can't work.

You cannot have immunity to something that infects you chronically. It is logically impossible.



Please look at the charts in Patenting the Sun and The Polio Years in Texas on the numbers of children with polio each year. Not all of them were permanently paralyzed, but a huge number of them were. It is not true that there are more children paralyzed now than then. Go to any school and count how many kids have crutches and leg braces or wheelchairs. Polio kids were not mentally disabled, and, unless they were in iron lungs, they went to school once they recovered from the acute phase.



I had a roommate my freshman year in college who had been crippled by polio when she was three, and had to get around using crutches and braces on her legs, or in a wheelchair. Her parents had been afraid of the vaccine and did not vax her, and she got a bad case of polio. It was terrible. She's still living with her elderly mother in Kansas City, and can no longer use crutches, is confined to a wheelchair, both she and her mother living on Social Security. She never got married.

I think parents should give serious consideration to the DT series after the age of two, and, if polio were to come back in the US, to the polio series. I think if only those two vaccines were given (one if polio never comes back), there would be minimal risk of vaccine damage, but protection from some very bad diseases.

I think every vaccine and disease should be evaluated on their own merits. I don't think any of the other VPDs are common and severe enough to justify the danger caused by the vaccines for them. I wouldn't ever recommend getting all of them because tetanus and polio are so potentially devastating. There are better ways to cope: starting with good nutrition, breast feeding, and sheltering infants at home. Treating all severe cases of disease with high-dose IV vitamin C.


"...ethylmercury being only half the content of Thimerosal."

What is the other half?

david m burd

Thanks Sandy Lunoe for your correction.

I have indeed sometimes mistakenly/hurriedly equated Thimerosal micrograms 1:1 to the ethylmercury micrograms contained therein, instead of ethylmercury being only half the content of Thimerosal.

Yet, I'd like again to make a very important point: The CDC, the AAP, and typical pediatricians strongly urge (coerce might be more accurate) parents to give their 6 month old baby a flu shot from a .25ml syringe, then a second .25ml flu shot four weeks later (at three years of age, kids are switched to flu shots from .50ml syringes, the same as full grown adults). So, in fact 6/7-month old infants get injected with flu-shot volumes the same as adults.

The CDC claims* the infant .25ml flu shot single-dose syringe contains no Thimerosal; however, when 3-year old kids are switched to .50ml shots, Vaccine Industry data shows virtually their entire production of flu shots are multi-dose vials that admittedly have 25 micrograms of ethylmercury in single doses that are withdrawn from the multi-dose vials (each multi-dose vials contains 10 flu shots).

It is also worth noting the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine shots that were rushed into production admittedly all contained .25 micrograms of ethlymercury per .50ml shot -- and two shots of the new vaccine were panic-mongered into adults and young children alike on top of their prior non-H1N1 flu shots (I am still investigating if 6-month old babies were given these H1N1 shots containing Thimerosal whether .25ml or .50ml syringe dose).

It's entirely plausible the obscene Thimerosal-containing 2009 H1N1 flu-shots are a major source of our ever-rising autism-spectrum percentages.

*Is it true these .25ml single-dose syringes of flu vaccine have zero-content of Thimerosal? I can't find any validation of this by non-industry or non-CDC sources. One thing I do know is the CDC has perfected the art of lying.

Sandy Lunoe

To David M Burd, Cia Parker and interested others!

1). Normally multi-dose vials contain FIFTY micrograms thimerosal (twenty five micrograms mercury) corresponding to 0.01 per cent thimerosal for a 0.5ml dose. Please see this link:

2) Mercury/ thimerosal sinks to the bottom of the multi-dose vials because mercury is heavier than water. It is often observed that those who administer these vaccines do not shake the vials adequately in between withdrawal of each dose.
Therefore the last few doses in each vial may contain even more than 50 micrograms thimerosal.


If you want an explanation for polio then look at vaccines, injectible antibiotics and pesticides.

Back then it was the new diphtheria and pertussis vaccine.


Jacqueline, rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine.

Yes. Increased.

We just stopped blaming polio.


I just remembered a good series Kate Tietjes did several years ago on all the vaccines, a few in each installment, at Modern Alternative Mama. I just googled it, and couldn't get a link to her or her series, the whole page was filled with stuff from Skeptical Raptor and such trashing her, and a lot of links to a site called Modern Alternative Health or something like that, trying to fool you, also trashing her. This is a link to her excellent site: it's the last installment, with links to all the others:

Tiffany M

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Mr Lahood. You have our support!


Thank you Nico LaHood! Know that there are many other lawyers like you out here that know how to evaluate evidence, and also understand the limitations (and indeed deceptions) of "evidence-based medicine".

False scientists

Please God, let Trump be as forceful in standing up for our children's health as he is on immigration.


The evidence is clear: thimerosal is not a toxin in vaccines

But thimerosal [Hg] is a toxin in vaccines. This is why the EPA has set the maximum contaminant level for mercury in drinking water at 2μg/L of water.¹ This is lower than cadmium, and only slightly higher than thallium² and lead.³

Furthermore, thimerosal is metabolized into methyl mercury 48h after injection: Of the total mercury found in the brain after TM exposure, 63% was in the form of Ino-Hg, with 13.5% as Et-Hg and 23.7% as Met-Hg.

But of course, the Thimerosal Apologists want us to believe that thimerosal is "harmlessly flushed out of the body because it is metabolilzed into EtHg", and represents the least toxic form of mercury imaginable. This is hogwash. All of thimerosals metabolites are highly toxic, and all of the alkylated metabolites [lipophillic] easily cross the BBB.



What a surprise that the cesspool Wikipedia had Nico Lahoods page edited by an anonymous user 2 days ago. The hit piece by Emily Crockingham basically mimics the wiki edits. Maybe it is time to start dragging out any and all records on these glasshouse shit birds.

Edie Preston

It was a matter of tme before enough educated, mature, articulate professionals became parents of an autistic child. Someone who can document the extreme changes of the pre-vaccine Vs the post-vaccvine era of life...."God bless him & his family.


My dad was not vaccinated and contracted polio as a child. I'm now a parent and I too had serious reservations about vaccinating my own children because of the fear that it may cause autism. However, I take a look at my father's life and he has struggled with his parents decision to NOT vaccinate him and he struggles to walk every day. So while I was scared I did vaccinate my children because dad's life hasn't been so easy without being vaccinated.
Here is a clip of my dad.



Del Bigtree and Dr. Wakefield before the Houston Mayor and City Council

Council member tells them to "stay the course", tells Dr. Wakefield he is his hero and likens him to Winston Churchill.

david m burd

ciaparker and All,

Cia, As to your citing CDC flu vaccine Thimerosal-free figures, I indeed know what the CDC publicizes as to the millions of flu doses they CLAIM to be free of Thimerosal. Sorry to repeat myself, the CDC is outright lying -- what's new?

The Vaccine Industry Flu Vaccine Production statistics reveal the CDC lies - it is their Industry Publications I am basing my indictment of CDC upon. Dammit! - there's no way to EVER TRUST what our Government Health Agencies, CDC et al., tell us, least of all about vaccines.


Mr La Hood is an exceptionally honest and brave attorney, he deserves to become Attorney General in Trump's administration. Thank you Mr La Hood for caring and daring to stand strong and tall against evils who maim and murder our children for profits.


Stan K. Sorry, forgot to say that the first in the series is entitled 'Why are so many people choosing not to vaccinate?'


Stan K. In response to your request for suitable information, I found that the Visionlaunch.com series of 12 articles covered just about all the topics relating to vaccines. Although each part is fairly long, they are all easy to read/understand and are packed full of information. Unbiased too.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone starting to research vaccines.


Stan K,
I'm also very concerned about giving people a one-stop site for basic information about vaccines. You could write me at ciaparker2@gmail.com. I know of a lot of good articles online on specific diseases and vaccines: do you have in mind providing links to the originals, or getting permission to put them on one site?



I looked online. It says here: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/vaxsupply.htm
that for the 2015-16 year there were 157-168 million doses of flu vaccine prepared, 120 million of them thimerosal-free. Is there conflicting reliable information available online?

I looked in Dr. Sears' book for the meningococcal vaccine, he said there are no controversial ingredients unless you're afraid of water. I looked to see what brands are given to kids. This vaccine is not routinely given to children at this time, but the first dose is recommended at eleven to twelve years old. Some states now require it for school for entering seventh and twelfth graders, New York among them, but New York permits a religious exemption. I found that the brand Menomune has 25 mcg of mercury per dose, but Menactra and Menveo, also meningococcal vaccines, have none. Dr. Sears was referring to Menactra.

Of course it's criminal that it's still legally permitted in any vaccine, and the trace amounts still in a number of vaccines add up to quite a bit.

david m burd

Update on Meningococcal vaccine forced on scores of millions of youngsters/teens now starting their school year:

IF their shot is coming from "multi-dose" vials having ten shots, then they are having 25 micrograms of Thimerosal injected into them.

IF their shot is coming from single-dose vials, then it is alleged there is no Thimerosal.

Hmmm, anybody want to bet what's in fact given? From a multi-dose vial, or a single-dose vial?


The trolls are out in force on his Facebook page. It reminds me of the near instantaneous backlash against Robert De Niro. I just hope unlike De Niro, he knew what he was getting into. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=746216458814960&id=394652693971340&ref=page_internal

Bob Moffit

@ Ronald Kostoff

"Those who ascend the career ladder in industry and government essentially go through a filtering process. There are two main criteria that constitute the filter. First and foremost, are they a 'team player'; in other words, will they do whatever is necessary (ethical/moral or not) to achieve the organization's objectives"

Amen to that observation my friend.

At 76 years of age .. there isn't one institution left in my once great country that I have the faith and trust in as I did as a child. NOT ONE INSTITUTION .. for exactly the reasons you have stated.

Consider the following institutions .. Religion, Science, Academia, Military, Public Health, Justice Department, Supreme Court, Media, Politics, Government regulators ... indeed ... I would welcome ANY suggestions on institutions that remain worthy of the trust they have been given?

Perhaps the collapse of trust in our institutions is due in part to what was once described as the "Peter Principle" .. the core principles that .. over time .. drastically reduce effective LEADERSHIP at the top of any institution or business: (parentheses mine)

1. When you’re great at something, you might get rewarded with a promotion … into something you’re terrible at. A typical example, Peter said, is if you’re a great rule-follower who suddenly is placed in charge of making rules and decisions. You may well freeze up in your new role or gum up the productivity of everyone else.

(Such indecisiveness .. or .. personal fear of failure ..eventually leads to the "leader" being "led" .. into making rules and decisions .. that serve the best interests of others .. but .. causing loss of trust in the institution or business)

2. Once you’re promoted to your level of incompetence, you probably won’t get fired and replaced with someone more competent. Instead, others will work around you. Why aren’t you fired? Perhaps because you probably know too much about your boss’ business to be booted out too casually .... so you now have reached the ominously termed station called “Final Placement.”

(Ah yes .. "Final Placement" .. this would apply to ANYONE leading institutions today .. who are there NOT because they are best qualified .. they are there because they have proved they can be TRUSTED .. NOT by the people .. but ... by their life-long career record of protecting .. by any and all means necessary .. the unelected, unaccountable "elite establishment" .. who helped advance them forward to their present .. universally exalted .. "Final Placement".

Sad to admit it .. but .. I would include the Pope as well as the President .. for having demonstrated their life-long ability to adapt and modify their own principles .. in order to gain favor of that very same "elite establishment" .. without which neither the Pope nor the President would have achieved their exalted status of "Final Placement")

As Peter Principle says: THE HIERARCHY .. (elite establishment) .. MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.


It's so fitting that a Criminal District Attorney is speaking out since the people running the vaccine industry are criminals...they just haven't been brought to justice yet.

Snopes.com bring called out

Breitbart is calling out Snopes.com as a legit fact-checking source. About time these Gates-loving losers are outed.

Angus Files

Well done and thank you so much Mr La Hood,its a career move for sure, not the one we all want, but as Dr Wakefield has done spoke as he found..is that a crime? it is, if your stupid enough to be part of the pharma lies like Dorit "I have no connection to Pharma" Reiss ,check her facebook page right down the bottom...ha ha ha ha.



This message is for Stan K. who was asking for scientific evidence to present to others. I highly suggest the book " Dissolving Illusions" by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Please follow her on FB as well. She is a nephrologist and speaks out about the dangers of vaccines. She admits she once followed the "sheep" as well until she saw her own patients kidneys fail after the swine flu vaccine. She always posts pub med studies that are scientifically backed.

david m burd

ciaparker, If I may clarify today's vaccines with Thimerosal in them.

The meningococcal vaccine for scores of millions of school children across the nation (newly mandated vaccination requirement by State and local idiot School Authorities) has 25 micrograms of Thimerosal (ethylmercury) . THIS is yet another gigantic vaccine-damage disaster taking place RIGHT NOW, as Vaccine Autocrats have fear-mongered this phony new threat of contagious meningitis.

Authoritative Vaccine Industry Surveys (I'm writing an article on this, hopefully posted here) disclose for the 2015-2016 "flu season" over 80% of flu vaccines produced for adults AND babies contained the full amount of Thimerosal (25 micrograms for adults and for many kids over 3 years old) while .25ml doses for infants may still contain 12.5 micrograms of Thimerosal from multi-dose vials, with TWO doses by one shot at 6 months, a second shot at 7 months!

IT is true that .25ml single-doses of flu shots for infants are allegedly produced without any Thimerosal - but, really how can we believe anything coming from Pharma and CDC? For instance they may have an undisclosed "trace" of .3 micrograms that still comprises millions of ethylmercury atoms for every cell in a baby's body. Not to mention, how many parents are confident and knowledgeable to insist on the single-dose .25ml flu vaccine dose? Since CDC still dogmatically insists there is zero risk of injecting Thimerosal into babies? Along with CDC insisting two flu shots for 6/7 month old babies are all benefit and no risk!? WHEN will these godawful CDC criminals be held accountable?

Also, some tetanus shots (there's 4 or 5 different ones) still contain 25 micrograms of Thimerosal, but there's no source I can find that gives a breakdown of what shots are given in such as Emergency Rooms, etc.

Jeannette Bishop

Deepest gratitude to Nico and Davida LaHood.

Jeannette Bishop

Del Bigtree, Dr. Wakefield @ Houston City Hall (I believe):



BRAVO to the Lahood family for their story! The same story millions of families have been dealt, sadly. Utah is going to beat everyone in the autism race, as they just recorded 1 in 38!!!! California's Democrats just passed a law to force the CDC schedule on schooled kids. So, they might just be passing up Utah, this year. Wake up people!



Both Nico and Dávida said that their parents and they (until recently) totally believed in the benefits and safety of vaccines. Mexicans have always been very supportive of conventional medicine, and an old boyfriend's mother asked if I had given C. "la triple," which I wondered if it meant the DPT or the MMR. I correctly surmised that she meant the MMR, and she was shocked when I said no, I hadn't. A Mexican TA in my Spanish department at MU said that public health nurses used to come through neighborhoods knocking on doors to catch children up on all the vaccines they may not have gotten yet, and that he would hide under the bed to try to avoid them.

That means that it's almost certain that both Nico and Dávida got the DPT series, the polio series, and at least two MMRs. Dávida is young, she may have gotten a lot of the more recent ones too, and was just fortunate not to react to them. I agree that there was close to no autism then (I had never heard of it until Rainman). I think it was the addition of the Hib series in 1988 and the hep-B series in 1991 (and many more since then) that turned the tide. I think that it's beneficial to get the childhood diseases, am not recommending that anyone get the pertussis series or the MMR, but they didn't seem to cause (much) autism until a whole lot more started to be given.

Stan K.

Somewhat apropos to this article, does anyone have good suggestions for resources (websites, articles, etc) about vaccine concerns (lack of safety, lack of efficacy, lack of liability, testing, informed consent, etc) targeted at the uninitiated?

The topic of vaccines is massive and while AoA provides much great content, postings are generally too narrowly tailored topic-wise for the purposes I have in mind.

What I'm looking for are resources that strike a good balance between hitting most of the major, difficult-to-dispute points without being too cursory. Ideally well-cited and sufficiently "credible." Hard-hitting enough to jostle enough doubt and curiosity to inquire further into the minds of those who aren't hopelessly and arrogantly close-minded. To that end, resources should not be overwhelmingly long or complex, at least at first take. Hence something like a single article or series or a website structured in such a way as to provide a solid high-level case but allow drilldown into more specific areas.

Obviously one must adjust to the target audience, but I'm mostly interested in things that could be given to well-educated individuals who have never had reason to doubt vaccine mantra and CDC/WHO/etc credibility and have spent a lifetime passively absorbing the consensus narrative.

Thank you in advance!

Joy B

Right on cue in the comments;

Dorit Reiss

It's sad that Mr. LaHood believes, against dozens of studies in millions of children, that vaccines caused his child's autism.

It's inappropriate and illegitimate that he used the power of his office to promote such false beliefs, potentially putting other children at risk of preventable diseases.

The DA LaHoods of the world are who Dorit wants to hold legally responsible, her entire career for the past 5 years has been leading up to this, the legal silencing of people like this family. This is literally a low-grade civil war; one side is not technically "civil", being funded by government backed corporations, of course.

david m burd

District Attorney LaHood was born in 1972 along with siblings of that era - before the Vaccine Tsunami crashed into American society in the late 1980's. Hence, LaHood and his siblings and their generation barely had any vaccinations (maybe the DTaP and polio, but who knows if his parents waited to have them vaccinated until their school years). What is clear is autism was extremely rare in his generation.

LaHood married just 12 years ago and two girls were the first children he sired, and son Michael being his 3rd child. It is well documented boys become autistic three to four times that of girls, so the LaHood's luck ran out when Michael regressed into autism via vaccine injury at 18 months, whereas his daughters were not (noticeably) damaged, lulling his parents to stick to the vax schedule for their boy.

For LaHood's generation it's only the last ten years or so (despite the heroic efforts of Barbara Loe Fisher, aka National Vaccine Information Center, and many others) that parents have begun to become aware of the catastrophic vaccine schedule --- but, LaHood's ignorance is totally understandable as his own generation was barely stricken, and such cases were virtually unknown personally.

I say the MOST FLAGRANT BLAME for our now up to tens of millions of family tragedies is equally shared by the CDC, NIH, FDA, and the tens of thousands of willfully ignorant pediatricians goose-stepping to these unaccountable criminal Government Agencies. IT IS NOW that such as Nico LaHood and his wife have broken the stranglehold of these criminal Agencies and pediatricians. It is NOW the public must follow the lead of the LaHoods and the Vaxxed Team: Civil disobedience at EVERY Level must prevail.


Thank you for speaking out, Mr. and Mrs. LaHood. Our nation's children are not healthy and this is plain to see. Those, like Ms. Clinton, who would deny this are sick indeed.

Hans Litten

"Everything" has already been taken from him .
Just as "everything" was stolen from us .

Texas DA Nico LaHood is doing the RIGHT thing .
Each prominent person who steps forward and speaks the TRUTH takes us that little bit closer to the end (and I know that is not so very far away now ) .

And many people are saying there is a significant ground swell growing now .
Vaccine Revolution !

Ronald Kostoff

Bob Moffit,

"It is too bad that not ONE of our 50 State Attorney Generals have the courage of this single CRIMINAL prosecutor .. all 50 of THEM .. quietly complicit as the rate of autism increased from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 48 .. the inexplicable increase clear and convincing .. overpowering CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE .. OF CHILD ABUSE IN ANY CRIMINAL COURT .. YET .. THE 50 ATTORNEY GENERALS CONTINUE TO BEAR SILENT WITNESS AS THE CHILD ABUSE DAMAGE TO OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES CONTINUES."

It is also no accident. Those who ascend the career ladder in industry and government essentially go through a filtering process. There are two main criteria that constitute the filter. First and foremost, are they a 'team player'; in other words, will they do whatever is necessary (ethical/moral or not) to achieve the organization's objectives. Second, are they a good spokesperson for the organization; can they present the organization's case to the public in a lucid manner.

So, a State Attorney General is a good springboard for higher office, either in politics or as a partner in a prestigious law firm. As long as they keep their nose clean, and do the bidding of the Government-Industrial-Media Complex, the sky is the limit! Challenge the GIMC, and you run the risk of getting Wakefielded or Manninged, or Snowdened.


It's important to remember that mercury in vaccines is not the only cause of autism, although it is certainly a devastatingly dangerous ingredient in anything, and I, my daughter, and many members of my family have been disabled by mercury in vaccines. It's no longer in most vaccines in more than "trace amounts," which are still higher than acceptable levels for hazardous waster or in drinking water, and is still in many injected flu vaccines in the same high amounts as always.

But even without mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, etc., vaccines still kill, disable, and cause autism, through vaccine encephalitis. The very first children with autism, developing normally, speaking, socializing, etc., lost their speech and regressed into crazy behavior like picking up hot coals from the fireplace with their hands, after getting the smallpox vaccine two hundred years ago (in the book The Age of Autism). The MMR and other live vaccines have never had mercury or aluminum, and yet they can cause autism and many other devastating effects, just from the excessive inflammatory reaction mounted by the immune system to meet the onslaught of pathogens suddenly appearing in the blood without the usual warning of the outlying immune system vetting ingested food and drink, and inhaled pathogens. And it can cause severe, stroke-like brain damage.

I don't think we should get hung up on mercury in vaccines. I reacted to the first DPT at three months old with days of screaming (vaccine encephalitis), my brother reacted with beating his head on the bars of his crib for months (vaccine encephalitis), and my infant reacted to the Hep-B vaccine given at the hospital without permission with four days and nights of endless, inconsolable screaming (vaccine encephalitis). A doctor told me that this screaming syndrome would not be caused by mercury toxicity, but was a true vaccine reaction (meaning excessive response by the immune system). My baby had both symptoms of mercury toxicity (rash, extreme sweating even in cool rooms, and excessive drooling for ten years) AND vaccine encephalitis, and was later diagnosed with autism and aphasia. My brother and I grew up with Asperger's from the brain damage.

I'm extremely impressed by the calmly-expressed passion of Nico La Hood, and his courage in speaking up in this long night, and will pray for him and his family, strong enough to fight the good fight for children everywhere.


Thank you Nico and Davida LaHood for being brave and fighting for justice for our children. We are praying for your family! We are praying that truth will prevail.


This is so great! So articulate, what a handsome couple - and being BRAVE!


When you say, "he's broken a very strict rule", I thought he really did break a legitimate rule and went looking for it in the article. Some are accusing him of misusing his office to promote a cause, saying that he should be fired. That is all nonsense, since he has every right to introduce himself and what he does for a living when speaking out.

I saw Dr. Wakefield on one of his videos say that Mr. La Hood showed Vaxxed to 100 San Antonio VIPS that he invited. Mr. La Hood is not only brave, he's a very smart man.

Jill in MI

Wow. Powerful. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for being brave.

Bob Moffit

God bless the LaHood family .. knowing for certain there will be serious .. personal .. attacks on this father's career for having had the COURAGE to speak .. "TRUTH TO POWER" .. regarding what happened to their beautiful baby boy .. following VACCINATIONS.

Powerful TESTIMONY from a CRIMINAL PROSECUTOR .. who has prosecuted all types of serious child abuse .. committed by all types of serial child abusers .. who knows exactly what is required to present EVIDENCE OF CHILD ABUSE .. (HARM) .. to gain a GUILTY VERDICT by a jury in a CRIMINAL COURT.

It is too bad that not ONE of our 50 State Attorney Generals have the courage of this single CRIMINAL prosecutor .. all 50 of THEM .. quietly complicit as the rate of autism increased from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 48 .. the inexplicable increase clear and convincing .. overpowering CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE .. OF CHILD ABUSE IN ANY CRIMINAL COURT .. YET .. THE 50 ATTORNEY GENERALS CONTINUE TO BEAR SILENT WITNESS AS THE CHILD ABUSE DAMAGE TO OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES CONTINUES.



Grace Green

Mr. and Mrs. LaHood are a shining light. How many other lawyers must have family members or relatives with ASD, but are choosing to keep quiet about what they know?
The statement by San Antonio Health District by contrast is deception in every phrase. What does "thimerosal is not a toxin in vaccines" mean? Ok, so it's toxic everywhere else but not when it's in vaccines? It's not in vaccines? (It is) Or it's not a toxin? (It certainly is). They say it's been in vaccines for decades - well I've been autistic for six decades, my father was for a few before that. So they should have known to take it out. And as for "the evidence is clear", I should think Mr. LaHood knows better than they do what constitutes evidence!

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