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“Stronger Together” and California Vaccine Exemption Law SB277

Note: If you're concerned about your rights and your child's right to an education, please visit (and consider a donation to) the Education For All "E4All" website to learn about what's happening in California - a bellwether state for all of us.

By Mary S. Holland

As a life-long Democrat, I was proud to watch the Democratic National Convention.  Hillary Clinton and its other impressive speakers were eloquent, optimistic and inspiring.

Almost every speaker talked about children and about the importance of education as “the great equalizer.”  We heard that every child deserves a great education, and that Clinton hopes to “break down every barrier that keeps us from joining hands.” The Democratic speakers argued passionately that Americans are “stronger together,” as a country and as part of the international community.

So it is with deepest sadness and dismay that I contemplate the California Democratic Party’s role in engineering the law called SB277.  Passed by California’s Democratically-controlled Senate and Assembly, the law took effect July 1, 2016. Its effect is to exclude 30,000 children from school.  It will force a total of 165,000 out of school over the next six years because their vaccination status does not match perfectly what the State mandates.  The law treats partially vaccinated and unvaccinated children as unfit for any school, public or private, daycare through high school.  Parents can comply fully, homeschool or leave the state. 

As Age of Autism readers know, Democratic lawmakers proposed and passed this law because of a small California epidemic of measles in 2015.  Forty subjects, adults and children, vaccinated and unvaccinated, were infected.  Eventually, 150 cases of measles were deemed to have been caused by this episode. No one died. For the five years 2010-2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 11,092 cases of measles for the entire United States with a population of over 300 million.

Unvaccinated and selectively vaccinated children are healthy.  If they develop a contagious childhood disease, they can be isolated at home, just as a vaccinated child with a contagious disease should be.  If they are exposed to a contagious disease, they can remain at home for the duration of the incubation period.  California law requires children to attend school.  SB277 places a major obstruction in the path of this educational imperative. 

It is the Democrats in California, not the Republicans, who are building an invisible wall to isolate and stigmatize children with exemptions.  It is the Democrats, not Republicans, who have stoked fear of contagion.  In hearings before the Senate and the Assembly, heartfelt pleas from mothers and fathers to preserve families’ rights to make critical medical decisions without coercion landed on deaf ears. 

The Democratic Party rejects state laws that deprive a woman of her right to make decisions about her own healthcare.  How can it deprive a mother and father of the right to make individualized medical choices for their infant or child?

The present law is defective.  It would bar from school a child missing a single tetanus vaccine, which protects against a non-contagious disease.  Similarly, the law would bar a child who has not received the requisite number of pertussis booster shots but whose antibody titers show she is immune.  The law would force parents who oppose abortion to vaccinate their children with vaccines prepared in aborted fetal cell tissue.  Implemented as drafted, SB277 represents a new form of irrational discrimination based on fear.

Tens of thousands of uneducated or undereducated children are far more dangerous to society than the risks of measles or chickenpox. 

On August 12, at a preliminary injunction hearing, a federal judge in San Diego will decide whether the children affected by SB277 may continue to attend school or must stay home indefinitely.  See court documents here.

I hope that judicial review of this law, applying the highest level of constitutional scrutiny, will help to set the record straight: healthy, non-contagious children should have the fundamental right to attend school under California and federal law.  Then I hope that the Democratic Party, in California and elsewhere, will heed Hillary Clinton’s words at the Convention: “create access to education for all kids.”

The author is Research Scholar and Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program at the NYU School of Law. She testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee against SB277 in 2015.  To read documents in the case of Whitlow v. California, challenging SB277’s constitutionality, please visit the Education 4 All Foundation web site at http://www.edu4allnow.com.


Mercky Business


I suspect Ronald's stance is more to do with Eeyore syndrome than the CDC.

Hans Litten

in response to Ronald Kostoff | August 10, 2016 at 01:45 PM

Our opposition is growing in size . They are putting more and more fake opposition on our side (sb277 , mention no names on here but people can easily see the accusations out there . )
They just killed 50-60 doctors to quell the unrest (this is democratic America\UK doing this now not Stalins Russia) . They said Apartheid would never end . Until it did .
They are having to take bigger and wilder gambles all the time to keep a lid on this .
They are having to lock down the internet (gooles Ldn based knowledge base) .

They censor the press globally . They are hanging on Ronald .Trust me on this .
When the flood gates breach , then its all over .
You can talk us down all you want . You are wasting your time if that is your game .
You are Atlanta Georgia based , if I am not mistaken , who else is based there ?


On the subject of Kaine and Gardasil, there is a Merck manufacturing plant in Virginia

Ronald Kostoff

Hans Litten,

"I agree with Linda .They will never get away with this (poisoning our babies).
"We're going to win."

You can do all the cheerleading you want. That is no substitute for a credible strategic plan to 'victory', or a credible list of accomplishments. You have provided no evidence of either. In terms of 'poisoning', if you choose the starting point when MMR was rolled out in 1971, 'they' have been doing the 'poisoning' for at least 45 years. If that isn't 'getting away' with it, I don't know what is. And, there are no signs on the horizon this will get better; the signs point in the opposite direction.

"Ronald , we have damaged them , we have holed them , they are reeling already .
I don't hear "safe and effective" anymore anywhere ."

Damaged Big Pharma; give me a break! Have you reduced their vaccine sales/revenues? Are there less people being vaccinated globally? Have you reversed any vaccine laws, mandates, schedules? Forget about what people say, look at what they do; what are the objective tangible changes?

"Senior people aren't nearly so confident of their former positions .
Don't you see that ?"

I don't see any real reversals having taken place, and I don't see any on the horizon. All I hear about are ways to vaccinate the unvaccinated globally. Until I see the vaccine equivalent of the Montreal Protocol banning Chlorofluorocarbons to protect the Ozone Layer, I don't accept that any meaningful progress has occurred, is occurring, or will occur!!!

Ronald Kostoff

Grace Green,

"Ronald Kostoff, do you not think that the vote which "you the people" are about to make might be effective, at least at stopping Mrs. Clinton?"

Realistically, we have a choice between two candidates. The DNC leaked emails showed that Clinton/DNC did whatever they could to rig the primaries in Clinton's favor, including co-opting the Press, co-opting the polls, co-opting the debate scheduling, and many other dirty tricks. There is no reason not to believe they are doing the same in the General Election, including co-opting the Press, co-opting the polls, and probably even more dirty tricks than in the primaries. The Press is now trashing Trump 24/7, the polls are showing him way behind as some skeptics predicted they would a couple of weeks ago, and who knows what else is being done behind the scenes.

In addition, both candidates are now scrambling for funds from the large donors. there is no reason not to believe these donors will demand their 'pound of flesh' from whichever candidate wins. So, I'm not sure we're getting something all that different no matter which candidate we support. Yes, I realize the campaign rhetoric is quite different, but both candidates will backpedal so fast once in office that the policy differences will be minimal.

On AoA, the issue of interest is autism, and the potential 'cause' of interest is vaccines. So, where do the candidates stand on vaccines in relation to Autism?

If you examine the policies of both candidates, and what they have emphasized in their speeches and rallies, the vaccine issue is hidden better than the proverbial 'needle in a haystack'. Trump's response on vaccines during one debate has been blown out of all proportion by people looking for a glimmer of hope. For both candidates, the issue is so far below the radar to be essentially invisible.

Trump or Clinton will appoint a Surgeon General, Directors of NIH, CDC, FDA, etc, and the nominees will be highly 'accomplished' mainstream medical researchers/clinicians who support present vaccine policy with perhaps the slightest of differences. Remember, most of these nominees have to get Senate confirmation, and vaccine opponents/mandate opponents would have no chance in that environment. 'We the people' will listen to these 'experts' on vaccine protocols, not Trump or Clinton.

As far as I know, the vaccine mandates are at the State level, and I don't see any of the four candidates willing to expend the Green Stamps necessary to extend mandates to the Federal level. I would make my candidate selection based on how I prioritize the main issues the candidates have emphasized: involvement in NATO; climate change; involvement in endless war; bringing jobs back; TPP and other trade deals; support or elimination of Obamacare; support of Common Core, etc. Vaccines may be a high priority issue for AoA readers; they appear not to be for the candidates and the main body of the electorate.

Hans Litten

I agree with Linda .They will never get away with this (poisoning our babies).
"We're going to win."

Ronald , we have damaged them , we have holed them , they are reeling already .
I don't hear "safe and effective" anymore anywhere .

Senior people aren't nearly so confident of their former positions .
Don't you see that ?
The JVIC didn't roll out the mass immunisation program of bexsero in the UK (we did that) .

sb277 & Gardasil could be their undoing . The protests are there right now .
They are walking a tightrope & they know it .

Ronald Kostoff

Aimee Doyle,

"I was sure that those documents would reveal an irrefutable truth."

They did, but as I pointed out in some examples below, revealing truth does not necessarily lead to positive action.

"I had also hoped he could convince friends and colleagues in Congress, but given my lack of success convincing my own family and friends on this issue, perhaps I was being overly optimistic."

Posey is not the person(s) to whom his colleagues listen; their sponsors and campaign donors are. If the latter don't want legislation or Hearings, Posey's colleagues won't provide them.

"I do think it's fair, though to ask about Rep. Chaffetz and his Committee and to hold them to some account. They are in the majority in the House and they do have power to do something, and they're not doing anything. I'm an Independent, but if Democrats are going to be criticized for their support of vaccination, why shouldn't Republicans be criticized for their lack of action in bringing the risks of vaccine policy to light?"

You're assuming the Democrats and Republicans are on different pages on this issue. In fact, they are on the same page. Who openly supported Posey after his speech? It is my belief that the Rs and Ds are tentacles of the same octopus. There's no way either side will oppose Big Pharma, Big Fossil, Big Telcoms, Big Agrichem, etc.


So it seems that Jill Stein may have personal questions about the safety of vaccines, but quickly changed to "vaccines don't cause autism" as soon as the heat was on.

That doesn't bode well for her ability to lead or affect change in the face of the incredible opposition she would face re: ending corruption in the FDA or CDC either.

Sigh... there doesn't seem to be anyone to vote for.

No one person or party who will simultaneously:

RID government agencies of corrupting ties to private industry, while...

STRENGTHENING and ENFORCING regulation to protect us from toxins and pollution that are making us all sick.

RECOGNIZING the need for a PUBLIC entity - free of industry ties - to research disease prevention and treatment


RECOGNIZING THE IMPORTANCE OF OUR COLLECTIVE OBLIGATIONS TO EACH OTHER, BY ENSURING FUNDING OF SOCIAL SERVICES (early intervention, medicaid waiver, vocational rehab, independent living support, etc. etc.) that millions of families of disabled children and adults depend on.

Of course, there are many more issues so important to the people of this country and the world, but in the context of vaccines, mandates, injuries and support services, these are the issues I see as being essential.

Which party aims to do these things? None. When we vote, we choose to give up some or most of what is important, and hope that our candidate actually follows through on the one thing we were hoping they will do.

Sorry to be so bleak. Perhaps the only thing we can count on now is each other.


Aimee Doyle, after the morning I was busy and posting from my phone yesterday, and I neglected to say: Thank you for all of your comments! Although I elaborated on Rep. Posey's work, I agreed with almost everything you said and really appreciate your saying it.

If Congressman Posey were running for president, I might have to vote Republican!

George stevens

Correct me if im wrong but: to the people on here calling trump a racist biggot etc where did they get that information from? Was it the same place that tells you over and.over again that vaccines dont cause autism?


"We're going to win."

What does this mean, exactly, to you, Linda1? Just curious...

Aimee Doyle

To Twyla, Ron, Gary --

Thanks for responding to my questions. Twyla - thanks especially for the YouTube links - I had known about and read Rep. Posey's statements, but they are much more powerful in video format. He is a brave man, and I'm sorry that he seems to have been marginalized, as Ron and Gary suggested. What you're hearing from me is frustration and sadness. I had such high hopes for dissemination of the documents, and I was sure that those documents would reveal an irrefutable truth. I had also hoped he could convince friends and colleagues in Congress, but given my lack of success convincing my own family and friends on this issue, perhaps I was being overly optimistic.

I do think it's fair, though to ask about Rep. Chaffetz and his Committee and to hold them to some account. They are in the majority in the House and they do have power to do something, and they're not doing anything. I'm an Independent, but if Democrats are going to be criticized for their support of vaccination, why shouldn't Republicans be criticized for their lack of action in bringing the risks of vaccine policy to light?

Grace Green

Ronald Kostoff, do you not think that the vote which "you the people" are about to make might be effective, at least at stopping Mrs. Clinton? I'm sure your elections are rigged just as ours in the UK are, to an extent. But there's a limit to how much they can lie about the vote. Many people around the world are taking hope from the fact that We Won Brexit!

Ronald Kostoff


"You didn't answer my question. Did you see Vaxxed?"

I didn't answer your question because you didn't ask a question. "I have a feeling that you haven't seen Vaxxed" is a statement, not a question.

"Good people have risked their lives to fight the pervasive present evil."

Agreed; that was the point of my comments. However, I also made the observation that, at least in recent times, the impact of the examples provided has been minimal.

"What will seeing the movie do? It will help to spread the truth and unify and empower the people. We will win when we pierce through the propaganda and spread the truth far and wide, and when people en masse, including the medical community, refuse to go along with the corrupt oppressors. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. That's how we win."

Now, I did ask the question of specifically how you would define 'win', and the steps necessary to achieve that 'victory'. I emphasized 'specificity'. Your paragraph above does not define 'win', nor does it specify the steps to 'victory'.

I asked the questions for a reason. If you're going to fight a war, and you want to win, you need to be very specific in your strategy and tactics, and especially with your logistics. Your plans also need to include some flexibility for the inevitable uncertainty. Your paragraph above gives none of that.

The problem, Linda1, is that you're trying to fight a corrupt and rigged system using the rules and regulations of the system. How could you possibly 'win' under such conditions? In the mid-late 1700s, the British imposed onerous trade conditions and taxes on the Colonists. Using your approach, the Colonists could have attempted to convince the British Parliament (in which they had no effective representation) to change their rules and regulations. How far do you think they would have gotten?

We have effectively no representation in our present-day version of Parliament; i.e., Congress. Yes, we go through the motions of voting for 'bought' candidates, but the only interests with real and effective representation in Congress, the Administration, and the Judiciary are the large sponsors and donors. So, we're in somewhat of an analogous situation to our forbearers of 250 years ago, but, unlike them, we have decided to take a path that guarantees defeat.

"Don't wave the white flag until the war is over. The war has just begun."

I hear this same wishful thinking from the climate change advocates, the wireless radiation opponents, etc. As long as the tactics and strategy of this war are founded on the rules and regulations of a corrupt and rigged system, the outcome has already been determined. An objective view of the trends in wireless radiation implementation, fossil fuel expansion, vaccine expansion, etc, should convince you of that.

You need to define very specifically the plan and strategy that will lead to your definition of victory!


Dr. Kostoff,
You didn't answer my question. Did you see Vaxxed? Because if you haven't, or if you have no intention of seeing it, then don't complain. Good people have risked their lives to fight the pervasive present evil. As the old saying goes, if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

What will seeing the movie do? It will help to spread the truth and unify and empower the people. We will win when we pierce through the propaganda and spread the truth far and wide, and when people en masse, including the medical community, refuse to go along with the corrupt oppressors. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. That's how we win.

Our situation isn't unique. What we are seeing today happened all throughout human history. The tools of oppression may be different, but psychopaths, thieves and murderers have risen to power many times before. Some times the oppressed have prevailed and sometimes not. It's good to be realistic, but having a defeatist attitude and resigning oneself to be a victim is a sure way to defeat.

Don't wave the white flag until the war is over. The war has just begun.

Georg Elser


Seems its all true (Hillary Clinton has dementia)
Binswanger’s disease (BD), also called subcortical vascular dementia,

Now tell me readers there is no cure for her BD and she is not physically or mentally fit to run for President yet alone be President. What Hillary needs is to build a nice room which looks like the Oval Office and let her sit there all day signing papers and not meeting with government leaders as an official visit but visiting her as the sick person she really is. I am sure Donald Trump for the sake of this country would build her a fake Oval office.


Perhaps the Republicans can weigh in here?
Perhaps the Democrats can weigh in -- No wait - we are all Americans and the only true Democrats and Republicans are the ones that got elected cause they know people and all belong to a gang up in Washington D. C.

Example: We all here got to vote on Bundy -- no one liked him but he just showed up on the ballot and it was him or the other guy we had not heard of - and Bundy was being backed by our Congressmen in more ways than -- recommending all the people of his district vote for the guy.

Democrats -- gave me my wonderful health insurance plan - 400 dollars a month for nothing.
Trump hit that nail on the head comment.
I pay and pay and pay and the only way I get any use out of it; if I am dying from some long - drawn out - horrible - disease.

That is bad enough but I have my grown daughter I have to pay 350 a month for too - She is the nurse vaccine injured - lost her job, and she is 35 years old

But I only have to pay 200 dollars for my son - that has autism and seizures - until we got scammed by his doctor/ hospital - that decided out of the blue that he needed an overnight EEG and him still on seizure medicine for 10,000 dollars! If I go a certain place on the internet that tells me the price on medical procedures - there are some places that only charge 200 dollars for those that are uninsured, and the most expensive was 3,000. This is for the bed - at the hospital -- not the test itself, or the equipment or the doctor's fee.

That my friend is when the Dems had the reins of power.
Sigh. Hate them all, except the ones that says vaccines are a problem.

Ronald Kostoff


"We're going to win."

Please define 'win' with some specificity, and define the necessary steps along the pathway to 'victory', with equal specificity; e.g., Congress votes to effectively overturn 1986 Vaccine Act, the legislatures in all states with vaccine mandates vote to overturn mandates, Supreme Court overturns 2011 vaccine ruling, etc.

"It's a very powerful film."

As I pointed out in my previous post, you are under the illusion that exposing the truth will somehow result in major change. This whole business with Assange should have cured you of that belief. His major exposes of half-a decade ago landed him in effective prison, and had little if any impact on the real culprits he exposed.

The emails he exposed that Hillary Clinton turned over to the government, which showed that highly classified information was kept on an unsecured server, would have landed any of the readers of AoA in Supermaxx. Comey/Lynch refused to take any action. The emails Assange exposed of the DNC rigging the primaries should have had major consequences. Instead, Assange got targeted as essentially an agent of Putin.

I am still under the illusion that his next email release, most probably of the so-called 'deleted' emails, will be sufficient to remove Hillary Clinton from the race. There is little doubt in my mind they include damaging material about the nefarious dealings of the Clinton Foundation. However, when one considers the level and breadth of the high-ranking donors to the Foundation, including numerous foreign governments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFcEnRu-hY8), even the Clinton manipulations, like vaccines/wireless radiation/fossil fuels/glyphosate, etc, may be 'too big to fail'.

So, while I don't doubt that Vaxxed is a 'powerful' movie, the emails were/are far more powerful, and they essentially led nowhere!


For those hoping Jill Stein might be better, alas this interview is not very promising -

She says that the idea that vaccines could cause autism is ludicrous and concocted, like the Swift boat and birther issues, and that the American people are not thinking about vaccines.


Dr. Kostoff,

I have a feeling that you haven't seen Vaxxed. Here's the link to get tickets:
It's a very powerful film.
If you're still teaching, you can assign it to your students for extra credit ;o).

We're going to win.

Ronald Kostoff

Aimee Doyle,

"What has Bill Posey done?"

Here's my reading of the situation. At some point after Posey received the documents, he decided a Hearing would be useful. He probably met the Chairmen of the relevant committees, and was turned down. He may also have met with some members of these committees to gather a constituency, and my guess is he got nowhere. As far as I know, no one else even made the minimal supportive gesture of another five-minute Floor speech supporting Posey.

Posey then had two real choices. He could have done nothing; it would not have hurt him politically. Or, he could make a speech on the Floor, calling for a Hearing, knowing full well it was a meaningless gesture. He did the latter, perhaps getting a few points from the anti-vaxxers in his District, and not really hurting himself among the politicos and sponsors, since nothing came of the issue.

The public likes to believe there is value in exposing truth, especially through whistle-blowing. If only some brave soul could expose the potential dangers of vaccines, of wireless radiation, of fossil fuels, of water fluoridation, of biosludge, of astroturf, of..... Yet, we see numerous examples of people making great personal sacrifices to bring the truth to light, and what happens: NOTHING!!!

As we saw from the DNC emails about the primaries, we are living in a rigged system. These feeble attempts to change the system within the rules of the system are doomed to failure. How could it be otherwise?

The Thompson effort was doomed to failure from the start. The media opposed it, Big Pharma opposed it, all branches of government opposed it, the vast majority of the biomedical community opposed it, and most of 'we the people' either didn't give a sh** or bought into the mainstream narrative.


Here's Rep. Posey questioning the CDC at the 2012 congressional hearing on autism.


Here's Rep. Posey begging Congree to subpoena Dr. Thompson and hold hearings.

Ronald Kostoff

Aimee Doyle,

"What has Bill Posey done?"

Here's my reading of the situation. At some point after Posey received the documents, he decided a Hearing would be useful. He probably met the Chairmen of the relevant committees, and was turned down. He may also have met with some members of these committees to gather a constituency, and my guess is he got nowhere. As far as I know, no one else even made the minimal supportive gesture of another five-minute Floor speech supporting Posey.

Posey then had two real choices. He could have done nothing; it would not have hurt him politically. Or, he could make a speech on the Floor, calling for a Hearing, knowing full well it was a meaningless gesture. He did the latter, perhaps getting a few points from the anti-vaxxers in his District, and not really hurting himself among the politicos and sponsors, since nothing came of the issue.

The public likes to believe there is value in exposing truth, especially through whistle-blowing. If only some brave soul could expose the potential dangers of vaccines, of wireless radiation, of fossil fuels, of water fluoridation, of biosludge, of astroturf, of..... Yet, we see numerous examples of people making great personal sacrifices to bring the truth to light, and what happens: NOTHING!!!

As we saw from the DNC emails about the primaries, we are living in a rigged system. These feeble attempts to change the system within the rules of the system are doomed to failure. How could it be otherwise?

The Thompson effort was doomed to failure from the start. The media opposed it, Big Pharma opposed it, all branches of government opposed it, the vast majority of the biomedical community opposed it, and most of 'we the people' either didn't give a sh** or bought into the mainstream narrative.

Gary Ogden

Aimee Doyle: In Congress power emanates from the leadership, meaning the speaker and his lieutenants. Committee chairmanships are doled out largely for political reasons. As far as I know, Bill Posey chairs no committee, at least not one which has any investigative authority. He did speak eloquently on the floor of the House, in a plea for Dr. Thompson's allegations to be investigated. He hasn't been silenced, just thoroughly marginalized. He has no power. It doesn't matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in the majority, vaccine policy is simply off-limits. So thoroughly has Pharma captured our political institutions and the media, that I have no expectation that Congress will do anything at all. The only way we're going to stop this nightmare is to form local and statewide coalitions of citizens to put relentless pressure on our local and state politicians. We can learn something from the Texas people, who stopped a whole bunch of this malarkey in its tracks. The courts may be of value, too. We will know more about this on Friday. This case has the potential to establish new law.

Aimee Doyle


Thanks for your various posts on this topic. I agree with you that this is a complex issue. NO candidate is taking a firm, consistent position that would lead to action we need - either to prevent vaccine mandates or even to recognize the severity of the epidemic and work toward prevention and effective treatment of autism . I do have one question though. You had said --"I agree with Aimee Doyle's comments, except that while Rep. Jason Chaffetz has done nothing, Rep. Bill Posey has really tried, and deserves our praise and appreciation."

My question: What has Bill Posey done? I'd be happy to give him my praise and appreciation, and I'm not asking to be snarky. I know that he released a statement in the past, and I know that he has received the documents from Dr. Thompson. But I can't see that that he has released the documents, or had hearings, or even seemed to sway any other representative (Republican or Democrat) to ask serious questions on the issue. There has been no Congressional debate. What's the holdup? I thought these documents would be a smoking gun - I just don't understand why nothing substantive seems to have happened. I googled him and I couldn't find anything further. Perhaps I'm not so good at googling.

And with respect to Rep. Chaffetz, perhaps some of the Republicans on this forum could weigh in on why nothing has happened with the Oversight and Government Reform Committee? Republicans are in the majority on the Committee and in the House, so it's not a California situation. Why haven't hearings been held? Surely Rep. Posey could get - or has gotten- the Thompson documents to the Committee?

Not meaning to offend anyone or tread on political toes. Just super frustrated with our current Congress and everyone running for office.


ciaparker - That is very true - health freedom is essential. Without the freedom to make medical choices for ourselves and our children, we will be at the mercy of the medical industrial complex. This is important to me, of course regarding vaccines, but also my right to use any alternative health treatment I wish. The assault on "alternative practitioners", is very troubling to me.

Twyla - thank you for the information about Jill Stein and others regarding these issues. Although, I admit to being more confused than ever about who I think will REALLY make the difference for us. Politicians contradict themselves and "flip-flop" constantly, especially when they sense they are being labeled as something so terrible as "antivaxxine". WHO TO TRUST?? Perhaps politicians who consider this an issue of personal liberty would be less inclined to shift positions?

Also, I admit that I have other issues I worry about too. Donna's comment rings very true to me: "Having our kids shot at at a concert by a mercury poisoned gun toter or killed by fallout and climate collapse is also a problem."

But, if I were considering only the health freedom aspect of the discussion, are there any candidates, (perhaps the libertarian?), who clearly oppose mandatory vaccination?


Let me know when you run for office. I'm not kidding. You get my vote.
Thanks for chiming in. That letter says it all.
"Hillary Clinton sent out one awful tweet about vaccines which said; “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and ‪vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids. Grandmother knows best.” Yes, this is bad. But this doesn’t say anything about mandates."

I'm sure you remember that she said that in response to Rand Paul's comments supporting parental choice. In context, it is even uglier because it was part of an opportunistic political gang mugging of Paul. Instead of making a thoughtful statement that would advance the discussion and provide leadership, she chose to lash out with a dumbed down innane statement that she thought would be the political equivalent of taking a bat to Rand's knees while pleasing her Pharma masters by perpetuating their propaganda. Her behavior is even more outrageous given that she was undermining the professional opinion of an MD - not that an MD can't be disagreed with - but every MD that has come forward to say anything outside of Pharma's box about vaccines has been immediately cut down by these thugs. This is not the kind of woman that I would support for any kind of public office, let alone president.

Cait from Canada

Hans, I think your information pertaining to Kaine is incorrect and misleading. Didn't you see Twyla's post just before yours? Kaine was actually responsible for insisting on an amendment to the HPV bill that had been passed by the Virginia legislature. His amendment effectively gave the decision to vaccinate back to the parents (with an opt-in vs an opt-out requirement). Her source, Barbara Loe Fisher, felt that Kaine was to be commended for his intervention.




But I don't think it's good enough to say the problem is that we don't trust the FDA or CDC. The problem is that vaccines are not safe, and that will be true no matter what anyone says about them. There must be no mandates of any sort. If she doesn't say that, then we can't trust her either.

Hans Litten


For those not aware Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine was the first governor to attempt mandating Gardasil for school children back in 2007. To put it another way this man is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Merck has long been known to recruit doctors to promote Gardasil, on average they make $4,500 for a lecture and politicians such as Tim Kaine are bought off by pharma lobbyist and former colleagues. According to Dr. Abby Lippman the push from pharma has moms believing they are bad parents is they don’t ensure their vulnerable children get this vaccine, the question is why … and the answer is profit! The fact that this man helped push one of the most dangerous vaccines in existence sickens me. Sadly, there is so much more going on.


Obviously these are very troubling times, but Hilary isn't the only problem. Trump was at an NRA rally waving a long gun around vowing guns in every school, bar, etc. He has bandied about the idea of using nuclear weapons scaring 50 national security experts into signing a letter NOT supporting him. This has never happened before. Hilary has come out in support of getting rid of Citizens United which is at the root of many of our problems including Big Pharma buying every hoe politician in the country.
I understand the idea of it being great that Donald Trump voiced doubts about vaccine safety, but now that his poll numbers are down he has easily jumped into bed with mainstream Republicans and released a kind of boiler-plate economic plan that has never helped any of the people he claims he wants to help. (By the way Republicans, without a bailout of Detroit we would be buying all our cars from China now. Instead, the industry has paid back all the money and is showing a profit. That is a lot more jobs than shutting it down and exporting it to China.) Big pharma is probably Trump's next stop. Buyer beware.
Having our kids shot at at a concert by a mercury poisoned gun toter or killed by fallout and climate collapse is also a problem. Take off your rose colored glasses and see the real Donald.


One more comment. There are huge differences between Democrats and Republicans - they are not the same, as some have stated. Just look at the Supreme Court justices, for example.

And as an example of Democrats sometimes doing the right thing, look at the dissenting opinion on the case of Hannah Bruesewitz, written by Democrat appointee Sonya Sottomayor, with Democratic appointee Ruth Bader Ginsburg joining her.

They conclude:

By construing §22(b)(1) to pre-empt all design defect claims against vaccine manu- facturers for covered vaccines, the majority’s decision leaves a regulatory vacuum in which no one—neither the FDA nor any other federal agency, nor state and federal juries—ensures that vaccine manufacturers adequately take account of scientific and technological advancements. This concern is especially acute with respect to vaccines that have already been released and marketed to the public. Manufacturers, given the lack of robust competition in the vaccine market, will often have little or no incentive to improve the designs of vaccines that are already generating significant profit margins. Nothing in the text, structure, or legislative history remotely suggests that Congress intended that result.
I respectfully dissent.


Actually, one of the vice presidential candidates did speak out strongly in 2007 on the right to make choices on vaccines:
"I believe that the decision to administer this vaccine should be made by parents. My amendments further clarify the provision that a girl's parent or guardian has complete discretion to decide whether their child should be vaccinated."

That was Tim Kaine as governor - unfortunately signing a bill passed by the Virginia state legislature mandating HPV vaccines for schoolchildren. It would have been better if he vetoed it. But at least he refused to sign it until changes were made to make the vaccine totally voluntary. Instead of parents having to opt-out by completing a form that would be kept on record by the state, children would only receive the vaccine if their parents voluntarily opted in.

And BTW the Virginia state legislature is 66% Republican and 33% Democrat.
Republicans as well as Democrats received intense pressure from Merck.

There truly is not a clear bright dividing line with all Democrats for mandates and all Republicans standing strong against them.


Even if we don't agree with who to vote for hopefully we can agree on the importance of advocacy. We should all try to educate our politicians - both the presidential candidates and our local politicians. If they hear from a small handful of us they'll ignore us but if they hear from thousands they'll be more likely to pay attention. I recently sent variations on the letter below to everyone I could think of - both online and on paper.

As the mother of a young adult with autism, I spend a lot of time on web sites and Facebook pages related to autism. It is distressing to me that most in these groups are:
• Highly critical of Hillary Clinton because of her tweet that, “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, & # vaccineswork. Let's protect our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest”, and
• Likely to vote for Trump because he has spoken out more than once to say that we may be giving too many vaccines, and there may be a link between over-vaccination and autism.

These concerns need to be taken very seriously. Surveys show that over 1% of children today have autism. The race for president is very close, and this group could make the difference.

We are giving more and more vaccines with very little understanding of the consequences. The vaccine schedule has tripled over the past 30 years. Meanwhile, children suffer from huge increases in serious chronic health conditions involving the immune and nervous systems, such as autism, ADHD, bipolar, asthma, diabetes, food allergies, seizures, and more.

I read that 1 in 20 young children today suffer from seizures. We are told that vaccines can cause “harmless” febrile seizures, but not ongoing seizure disorders. That doesn’t make sense.

A growing body of research links immune system issues and autism, including inflammation of the brain and nervous system. A growing body of research shows that the immune and nervous systems are inextricably linked. What is the impact of giving so many vaccines at such a young age? We truly don’t understand.

Vaccines have risks which are not well tracked and studied. Parents and consumers must have a choice on what is injected into our bodies and our children’s bodies.
• SB277 removing parental choice is a travesty, and goes against our state constitution and the principles upon which this country was founded.
• Growing talk of vaccine requirements to obtain employment, insurance, and health care is also a travesty and violation of state and federal constitutional and moral principles.

The power of pharmaceutical $ in politics, medicine, research, education, mass media, and our vaccine program is way out of control. It’s no wonder health care and health insurance costs are so high. A major part of this cost is the prices pharma charges for drugs in order to be able to afford all their bribery via campaign contributions and various forms of funding and ads.

CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson reports that the CDC has falsified and suppressed data indicating a link between vaccines and autism. Former Merck virologists have sued Merck for falsifying data on the effectiveness of the mumps portion of the MMR.

Democrats can’t keep sweeping these issues under the rug. Vaccine safety issues matter a lot to a growing segment of voters.


Even if I wanted to be a single issue voter and make my decision solely based on the vaccine issues – never mind global climate change, pollution of the ocean, international relations, the economy, or a host of other issues – NONE of the candidates has clearly stated a position on vaccine mandates.

Yes, Trump has said that maybe we are giving too many vaccines, and that maybe vaccines cause autism. I really appreciate that. But when asked by Sharyl Attkisson about the right to make choices on vaccines, he said, “The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated.”

Five years ago Gary Johnson issued a tweet against vaccine mandates, but since then he has been silent, as far as I can tell. If anyone has a more recent or full position statement from him, I’d be interested.

Jill Stein spoke out about corruption in the vaccine program, which is great. But what she said about mandates is:
“According to the most recent review of vaccination policies across the globe, mandatory vaccination that doesn't allow for medical exemptions is practically unheard of.”
Is she only against mandates if there is no medical exemption?? Even CA SB277 has a medical exemption. But medical reasons for exemption are very poorly understood. We need personal exemptions! Consumers and parents need the right to make choices for ourselves and our children! Jill Stein also said that dropping vaccinations rates “can and must be fixed”.

Hillary Clinton sent out one awful tweet about vaccines which said; “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and ‪vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids. Grandmother knows best.” Yes, this is bad. But this doesn’t say anything about mandates. And other candidates have also said that vaccines work and are important:‬‬

Donald Trump: “I am totally in favor of vaccines… I’m in favor of vaccines, do them over a longer period of time, same amount.”

“I'm a big believer in vaccines... When I was going to school as a young guy, polio was a really big problem and vaccines knocked it out.” (from above link)

Gary Johnson: Radio silence. Let me know if you find anything.

Jill Stein: “Vaccines in general have made a huge contribution to public health. Reducing or eliminating devastating diseases like small pox and polio. In Canada, where I happen to have some numbers, hundreds of annual death from measles and whooping cough were eliminated after vaccines were introduced.” (from above link)

Dr. Jill Stein ✔@DrJillStein
I'm not aware of evidence linking autism with vaccines. Let's do more to support autistic people & their families. https://twitter.com/colinmeloy/status/759512360797163520
1:59 PM - 31 Jul 2016
528 528 Retweets 1,136 1,136 likes

Green party;
Green Party US ✔@GreenPartyUS
We support vaccines. The evidence suggests there is no causal link between vaccines & autism. #NiceTry, move on. https://twitter.com/sparkycollier/status/760081266972712960
6:02 AM - 1 Aug 2016
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Full comment on vaccines from Jill Stein -
"I don't know if we have an "official" stance, but I can tell you my personal stance at this point. According to the most recent review of vaccination policies across the globe, mandatory vaccination that doesn't allow for medical exemptions is practically unheard of. In most countries, people trust their regulatory agencies and have very high rates of vaccination through voluntary programs. In the US, however, regulatory agencies are routinely packed with corporate lobbyists and CEOs. So the foxes are guarding the chicken coop as usual in the US. So who wouldn't be skeptical? I think dropping vaccinations rates that can and must be fixed in order to get at the vaccination issue: the widespread distrust of the medical-indsutrial complex.

"Vaccines in general have made a huge contribution to public health. Reducing or eliminating devastating diseases like small pox and polio. In Canada, where I happen to have some numbers, hundreds of annual death from measles and whooping cough were eliminated after vaccines were introduced. Still, vaccines should be treated like any medical procedure--each one needs to be tested and regulated by parties that do not have a financial interest in them. In an age when industry lobbyists and CEOs are routinely appointed to key regulatory positions through the notorious revolving door, its no wonder many Americans don't trust the FDA to be an unbiased source of sound advice. A Monsanto lobbyists and CEO like Michael Taylor, former high-ranking DEA official, should not decide what food is safe for you to eat. Same goes for vaccines and pharmaceuticals. We need to take the corporate influence out of government so people will trust our health authorities, and the rest of the government for that matter. End the revolving door. Appoint qualified professionals without a financial interest in the product being regulated. Create public funding of elections to stop the buying of elections by corporations and the super-rich."


Hans Litten

Yes I agree with all about Mary Holland being a great autism advocate and likewise RFK .
But the democratic party is behind sb277 (and the other mandatory bills).
To my mind , that means all bets are off . You can tear up any "lifelong" anything after that .
Would JFK have allowed sb277 ? I can answer that - he would not have (if he were correctly informed).

Vaccination-extermination is bigger than any party politics . You have to vote for those opposed to the vaccine carnage , it is that simple . You cannot vote for a party that Senator Pan belongs to surely ?
Those of you in the US are lucky in some respects , here in the UK , we have a total news blackout . The 2 party system we have here (just like yours) doesn't even recognise Autism exists presently ! You cannot waste a precious vote on the Green party , in a 2 party structure (yes , the whole system is flawed and deliberately designed so , so as to limit the publics power to a minimum).

Mary - why don't you respond here ? You definitely know this is going on I am sure .
We would love to hear from you .


I agree with Aimee Doyle's comments, except that while Rep. Jason Chaffetz has done nothing, Rep. Bill Posey has really tried, and deserves our praise and appreciation.

There's no question that in CA the Democrats pushed through SB277. But I will continue to evaluate each political candidate as an individual, and I am not going to give up on all the values that I agree with on the Democratic side.

And, like Aimee said, Republicans are currently in charge of both Congress and the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee, but what have they done for us lately? Hopefully Republicans in Congress would vote against vaccine mandates - we'll see. They are also very influenced by corporate money.

I would be tempted to be a one-issue voter in the presidential election, but none of the candidates have taken a stand on no vaccine mandates. Everyone's afraid of touching this topic, which is a hot potato. Interesting that Clinton has been silent on vaccine mandates, although some magazine articles are claiming she's the only candidate in favor of mandates. Most of the sweeping conclusions about her opinions on vaccines arise from that one awful tweet, which did not say anything about mandates but gave her advice as a grandmother. I don't think I can base my decision on that one tweet, especially since Trump is insane, temperamental, ignorant, racist, rude, a conman and scam artist, has suspicious ties to Russia, and is generally so unqualified to be our president. Hillary did say in 2008 that autism is an epidemic, and that we need to investigate root causes including the alleged link to vaccines. She also has an autism plan on her web site that acknowledges the need for lifelong services for people with autism and support for their caretakers.

I'm all for debate and discussion on all these issues, but I really don't appreciate the tone of much of the political debate. Mary Holland is a long-time stalwart and brilliant advocate for our community, and it would be quite possible to disagree with her without being derisive and mocking. I'm not talking about everyone - some have disagreed with civility.


I've been looking into Jill Stein. Here's her recent statement when asked to "clarify" her position about vaccines:

“As a medical doctor, there was a time where I looked very closely at those issues, and not all those issues were completely resolved," Stein said. "There were concerns among physicians about what the vaccination schedule meant, the toxic substances like mercury which used to be rampant in vaccines. There were real questions that needed to be addressed. I think some of them at least have been addressed. I don’t know if all of them have been addressed."

She then adds:
"Like any medication, they also should be—what shall we say?—approved by a regulatory board that people can trust. And I think right now, that is the problem. That people do not trust a Food and Drug Administration, or even the CDC for that matter, where corporate influence and the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of influence."

Brave truth telling in this environment.


It was not my intent to criticize Mary. I responded to what she said, which is what comments are for. The democrats are not deserving of any praise. Together with the republicans, they are destroying this country. Proud? Impressive? Eloquent? Optimistic? Inspiring? They are complicit in a CDC cover up. They have refused to acknowledge a CDC whistleblower who has confessed to the CDC's ongoing poisoning of our population, while at the same time supporting legislation that mandates the administration of that very poison. They are colluding to keep this information out of the media and from the American public, while they perform in numerous deceptive dog and pony shows like the one Mary is describing. Few American politicians deserve any of those adjectives at this time in our history - certainly none of them on that convention's stage. We are a wounded, dying country, because of those politicians. Mary's first paragraph hit a large nerve.

david m burd

Mary Holland in her Post focuses solely on 30,000 children not being allowed to attend school(s) if not vaxxed to the hilt per CDC's dictates - and leaves completely out any mention whatsoever of the horrendous damage (and death) CAUSED to millions of California children so vaxxed.

Her prior heroic, immense efforts (and writings) have indeed documented such carnage, so first-time readers here on AoA can easily go to their search engines and read much more about Holland's complete works.

Actually, IF Mary Holland was a presidential candidate I'd even vote for her, but would also hope her life-long allegiance to the Democratic Party would be such as practiced by John F. Kennedy: These last 50 years of ever more "progressive", liberal laws forced on We The People have brought us to the Hybrid Age of Orwell blended with Age of Autism.


Dear AoA Friends:

Ms. Holland has been busting her hump to keep all our kids safe for as long as I can remember,

Please review: http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/pelr/vol28/iss2/6/



I don't take medical advice from anyone except myself and individuals who I trust. I would not take medical advice from any presidential candidate currently running.

Ms. Holland did not endorse anyone for president- she is calling attention to the fact that the party that purports to advocate for personal control over one's body has completely gone off the rails with regards to vaccine policy.

Criticizing the author is the equivalent of a circular firing squad. This fight has no politics.

Mary Holland- thank you your tireless advocacy on behalf of all our children. You are one of the very few people who have demonstrably moved the needle in the direction of vaccine safety.

Hans Litten

"A lifelong democrat" is sure to live a short life in my view (sb277)

Georg Elser

Posted by: Benedetta | August 08, 2016 at 04:01 PM

Loved your comment . And you are right , no-one is safe now !

Laura Condon

This endorsement of Hillary and/or Democrats who have stripped parental rights and imposed vaccine registries and mandates is very troubling. Ah...progressive Democrats where government will decide all and provide all as you have been deemed too stupid to figure this out for yourself. Disappointed in some friends here...you can figure out the risks abdominal hazards and lack of necessity of vaccines but you have fallen down on figuring out the risks of the Democrat party to your freedom and your child's health and safety.

Jake Crosby

Lock her up.

go Trump

The US of A has been a fascist / only for the corporation... nation for a number of years now.

It is a sort of a "media-military-medical-academia-banking industrial complex” that consumes far, far more than everything and does not understand why Americans would want anything other than more of the same.

Even “hall of fame fascist Mussolini” did not harm Italian children, as he needed them for war.

The first step in correcting the mess, would be to find someone who might ...at least try... to provide Americans the truth.

Katie Wright

more like Stupid Together!


I was going to vote for Jill Stein, but read that she supports BDS, and so she lost my vote.

Maurine Meleck

A footnote to David Burd(and I hope I don't put it in my mouth)

For a long time I haven't seen much difference in both parties(except maybe for hair doos). Often in the past I voted Democratic because it was the best of 2 bad options. Presidents, their whole administrations, congress(with a few exceptions like Ron and Rand Paul) have been screwin g their constituents for decades, and it has only gotten worse with the increased growth in corporations.
Even saying elephant or donkey these days is a moot point for me. We have seen the growth of the few elite at the expense of the middle and lower classes-with each passing administration. We have seen more false flag wars we've started over the last few decades than there are stars on the flag. Dems or Repub-they are all guilty and the majority of Americans believe their lies. They have all given me reason not to trust them. So, in correcting myself as a long life-long democrat-I no longer believe in our 2 party system, no longer believe that the government is here to help 99 percent of their constituents, never believed that any of our false flag wars were started to help people of other nations, but served as an excuse to invade countries for our power, control and their resources.
The American flag has no more meaning to me than a can of Campbell's GMO chicken soup. The American people have been lied to for years and years, cheated out of life and limb-all for the satisfaction of a few in control.. I'm waiting for a sign from my cat to show me the way forward.


Well, I might as well throw my .02 in. I have both registered Dem and registered Rep in my wallet, one has expired. I think this is one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make as far as strategic decisions. As someone said, Hillary Clinton is a terrorist, Donald Trump is a pervert, and Jill Stein is a Doctor (Harvard trained and not accepting the vaccine doxology). I'm voting for her (Stein)!

Take heart, we only have three more months of this BS!

Doug Troutman

This country is run by the same group of people that Ike and JFK warned us about. I came to this realization though my vaccine injured son. I am voting for Trump. I don't know if he can do anything to help but I know that globalist Hillary will not. I think Bush Clinton caused this disaster and they don't care about the future of this country.

david m burd

Oops, I Forgot to say:

I am the founding and current Chairman of the West Virginia Party of H. L Mencken and Samuel Clemens and Casey Stengel, with their guiding principles titled: "Accountability and Responsibility and You can check it out."


Did anyone notice that the American flag was nowhere to be found at the Democratic convention? I had a very negative impression of the whole convention. I said three months ago that I wouldn't vote for either one of them, and I continue to strongly dislike Trump, aggressive, brash, egotistical, and boorish, but I think I'm going to hold my nose and vote for him anyway. I think it's very important that we do everything we can to keep Hillary out of the White House. I voted for Bill twice, and I think he did a great job, I strongly supported Hillary's candidacy in '08, and I also would like to see a woman president, but not her. Too much dishonesty, corruption, and "callous disregard" for people's lives. Boy, let me think, I've voted only Democrat for decades, but I guess I'm jumping ship and will vote Republican this time. I remember some of my teachers in the Watergate era wearing buttons that said Don't blame me, I voted for McGovern. I think I'm going to have to throw my lot in with the less unbalanced party, and hope to absolve myself of the guilt which would otherwise accrue.

david m burd

To Mary and Dan and all "life long Democrats" chiming in on this: Ask yourselves "Where, my God, has our Party gone wrong?"

But, no, Mary puts on her blinders, and applauds the "eloquent, optimistic and inspiring" blathering of welfare dependents, etc., and by association Mary goes against her own incredible honest work regarding vaccines.

Maybe we can, maybe we can't, ever get back to individual accountability and responsibility - and have the guts to revolt - in every way possible - against Orwellian Authorities mandating and forcing our babies and children to be poisoned by such criminals.

Life long Democrats can't have it both ways.

George stevens

It boggles my mind why anyone with a vaccine injured child would vote for hillary clinton. A democrate by nature or a lifelong democrate sure i respect that you have values that align with the party and that is respectable atleast you have values. But anyone that would willingly vote for corruption when the same kind of corruption has struck their family down to its core and still vote for them is beyond me. Trumps no saint hes half crazy half the time but he has stated plain as day that vaccines cause autism with nothing at all to gain from it but an honest statement on his beliefs and thats enough for me.
The same corruption that props up clinton in the media is the same corruption that calls you a tin foil hat wearing fool on chats and in the news. The same corruption that bought richard pan and SB277 is the same corruption you are voting for in clinton. The clinton foundation has been proven to take millions from foreign countries how much do you think she is taking from big pharma rember the sky is blue in her world and vaccines work you dont think theres finacial incentive in that statement? Your world has been turned upside down you witnessed it with your own eyes your child change after a vaccine and the media tells you your crazy makes fun of you and kicks you in the teeth while your down but you get up and go along with them on clinton for what? Because you always have? Sure vote your consience but dont vote for corruption. The same corruption that rigged it to get rid of bernie sanders is the same corruption your voting for. The same corruption that allows doctors to inejct every child with 70 something vaccines before 18 is what you are voting for. Vote democrate on every issue you believe in but do not vote for corruption youve had enough bad bumps in your life we all havem


And for life long Democrats - I am so sorry that it has turned out this way, but take heart your struggles and hard work has to finally bear fruit and get this behemoth party that has lost it's way to turn around. I hope!

Gary Ogden

Maurine Meleck: Love your comments! I have a similar early political history; I, too, am a longer lifetime (but now former) Democrat than Dan and Mary, but I respect, admire, and appreciate them both greatly; and consider everyone's political views their own damn business. What pleases me today is anticipating Judge Sabraw's decision. I can't imagine we will lose this one. We may not know on Friday, but it won't be long. Dr. Charity Dean and her ilk have hung themselves out to dry, and they will suffer the consequences.

False scientists make me laugh

I saw the other day that a new (celebrity Bachelorette) mom was in tears over vaccinations. If children today were in tip top health and not all chronically disabled with auto-immune problems, I don't believe this would be happening. I feel sorry for parents today with the massive increase in the infant agenda, I mean schedule. Hep b at birth is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.


I'm no longer a CA resident so I didn't see much local coverage so perhaps I missed it, but I was struck by the national coverage of the CA primary and the notable absence of Pan and Allen around Secretary Clinton. For such a signature piece of legislation one would think the Democratic leadership would be clamoring to associate themselves with their 'effective' surrogates.
March against Monsanto, Nation of Islam - huge organizations each. Both of which have been fierce advocates for Thompson's subpoena. I know this is rather naive but how great would it be if NOI's rally outside the CDC is the "October Surprise", and we can get Thompson deposed. Could it be that sb277 wins the Pharma Frauds a captive market in CA but loses them the White House? The party that associates itself with the better scientists will be the party that wins. Ignoring this issue is not a good political strategy. The smartest thing ANY presidential candidate could do would be to address this issue head-on.


Ran into an old woman at the pain clinic that wanted to talk - I did not feel like talking today but ==

She says she if voting for Clinton cause Clinton is a woman and it is time we have a woman in the White House, that men have messed it up and now it is time to give a female a chance.

What is wrong with that type of thinking?

That she is a woman first and a human being second?
That we now live in a time when there are people that really are confused about their sex - probably because of vaccine injuries to the hypothalamus. I do believe that - for lots of LOL--
'technical reasons' Mostly because there are tons of studies on mice with messed up hypothalamus that seem to be sexually messed up

That she probably was our president when Bill Clinton was in, so this might be her third term, but this time not by proxy.

That the sky is blue, the earth is round, vaccines are safe, get your vaccines, Grandma knows best -- and she has no other thought in that pretty little blonde head of hers about the status quo and she would do what ever the status quo says - cause she knows how to get along and to get along at this time is to claim the science is in.

I am a nice person - I am a very shy person- - can't tell here - but I get to say things here - or rather write that I would never look some one in the eye and say. I am trying to remember Del Bigtree's words to be brave.

So today I was brave - I told her that 30 years ago I took my son in to have a DPT shot and a day after he had a heart murmur were there was not one before, the second one he passed out and the third one he suffered seizures and a brain injury.

Trump said long before all this began that vaccines cause autism.

She of course has not a clue there is a problem - not one.
So I told her they now have 69 vaccines and booster to give to these babies, and now they will soon be coming for you.

She said she was a tough old bird and no one was coming after here.

Oh, but are we not naïve.

Aimee Doyle

Sylvia - thank you so much for taking the time to explain the situation in California. I can see why Republicans in the California state legislature would feel the need for more compromise...and it's good to know that there are some people (on both sides) who cannot be bought. BTW, I'm also a member of the Canary party. Not much action here in Maryland, though.

At the national level, I'm still disappointed, though, by the inaction of Jason Chaffetz, the Republican who heads the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (which has a majority of Republicans) and Florida Republican Bill Posey who is sitting on the CDC documents. Republicans are in the majority in the House of Representatives...so why can't they move forward? Why don't they hold hearings? Why don't they speak out?

I wish there were a way to control the Pharma money which seems to sway many politicians' votes and policies. At the most basic level, I blame big Pharma, who creates vaccines, markets vaccines, controls media discussion of vaccines, and deploys an army of lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

Gary Ogden

Aimee Doyle: Most of the Republicans in both the California Senate and Assembly voted against SB 277, as did some of the Democrats, but since the Democrats have nearly a two-thirds majority, it passed. If we could have swung four votes in the Senate, it would not have passed; it was that close. But this implies nothing about political parties. In another state, or Washington, D.C., it could just as well be the Republicans doing dirty deeds like this. It is possible that our representatives never have worked in the interests of their constituents, but today it is a certainty. It is good to be aware of history, as well. The Republican Party was founded in the 1850's by a group of abolitionists, and it was a really big tent-Karl Marx, who was living in New York at the time, sent President Lincoln a letter of congratulations on his election. What percentage of the black vote do they receive today? As for our legislature doing something about the epidemic of autism, I doubt that it is even on their radar. The California Republicans in office are too few in number to have any effect on policy; my own Assembly member made me so proud by speaking out against SB 277 on the Capitol steps that he became the first Republican I ever voted for (in the March primary). In most states the districts for both state and federal office are thoroughly gerrymandered, so that they rarely change in party or officeholder. As Lily Tomlin said, "As cynical as I am, I still can't keep up."

Michael S.

Sorry if this is a little off-topic, but these two quotes from Hans Litten resonate very strongly with me:

"For me , to vaccinate or not to vaccinate , is the equivalent of boarding those trains in 1939-45 and paying the fare to be transported away . So I urge all Californians to resist with everything they have , for this is life and death . Simply put , I'm terrified of the people behind all of this .
Arent you ?" - Hans Litten

Regarding a rash of deaths possibly connected to Clintons:

"It must be coincidence, right?" - Hans Litten

We seem to be experiencing an epidemic of "coincidences" within the political arena and with vaccine injuries. Never underestimate the extreme tactics used by connected entities to further their agenda.
Also, let's not so quickly forget all the "coincidental" deaths of naturopathic doctors in the Florida area who were supposedly discussing Nagalese being in vaccines:



With respect to all the thoughtful and emotional posts on this thread,



Aimee: to answer your question about Republicans in CA, from my perspective as a mom of two children - both vaccine injured that regressed into ASD, as well as the state rep for Canary Party, here is what I think:

From talking to friends and colleagues in other parts of the country, I feel fairly certain that a California State Senator who is a Republican will be a lot different from say a Republican State Senator in Utah or Texas. Here Republicans are vastly outnumbered, so they have to go along with a lot more Democrat deals than they normally would if there was more balance between the parties. If they don't work with Dems, then they get no support for their own bills, and will accomplish nothing in office. So there is much more compromising on the part of the Republicans in California vs. other states.

As far as the Democrats, I have seen things go from bad to worse in the past 16 years that I have been paying attention to vaccine rights here. It used to be that all constituents concerns were at least given the appearance of respect. Now parents get scowls of haughty disdain from the all-powerful Democrats at the Capitol. I always take to heart a quote by THE most famous woman Democrat, Eleanor Roosevelt, who said: "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." So I refuse to acknowledge when staff are condescending and rude in regards to my rights as a parent and as a citizen. I see that behavior for what it is; a HUGE deficit in THEIR moral and professional conduct. But I remember when I am at the voting booth.

Two of the most wonderful, respectful, helpful and all around proud to know Republicans in Sacramento are Senator Joel Anderson, and Senator John Moorloch.

And in all fairness, two Democrats stand out, and deserve probably even more praise, because they went against their party to support us, for which we were grateful: Senator Connie Leyva and Assembly Member Mike Gatto.

A special BOO goes out to Senator Jeff Stone, a Republican that voted against us. He is a pharmacist that is supported by his industry. He was disgraceful in his support of SB 277.

Maurine Meleck

Just to make things clear-I am a longer life-long democrat than either Mary or Dan. Surely that must count for something(or nothing)

Formidable in Florida


Thank you, Mary, for fighting for us. I pray constantly that this horrible bill will pass away, as in "this too shall pass." My daughter grew up chronically ill and so I know what it is like to have a sick child. Barely a month passed without antibiotics. Family vacations were tainted by the ever present anxiety that my daughter would get sick, and she often did. And when she got sick she often couldn't heal herself. In adolescence we discovered her immune system was flooded with viruses, in her twenties she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and even with a special diet she has severe anxiety and meltdowns. Did vaccines cause all of this? I don't know but vaccines didn't seem to work. She got whooping cough after the whooping cough vaccine, and ataxia after the MMR. She was one of those who lived in California that should not ever have been vaccinated. Now her daughter is unvaccinated and is vulnerable to the dictates of this law.

Remember Slum Dog Millionaire where the low moment of the film was the blinding of a boy so that he could get more money as a beggar. We in California under this medical regime are in the same situation. Children risk being maimed for profit. Of course, not all children will be permanently maimed by vaccines, but many will be. And those who escape maiming might one day look around at their siblings and classmates and feel guilty because they won and the others lost.

Fortunately science is catching up with the vaccine schedule, that was never tested in the first place. Vaccines cause inflammation and inflammation disrupts neurons at a critical time of brain growth. Now it is almost common knowledge that aluminum adjuvants can cause mitochondria disease. Parents who don't want to take the risk that their children could be maimed for life are rewarded with denial of access to education. So... let's hope Mary and the dream team can break the pattern and California can be a good place to have children again.


Brigit: I agree about what you said about the majority of Californians being in the dark about why they should even care about vaccine rights, but let me tell you my experience as someone on the front lines of vaccine rights advocacy in California.

When we were opposing the previous Pan bill, AB 2109, both parties were in favor of it. But we were able to point out to the Republicans that the state had no right to usurp parental authority in regards to medical choices for their children. They agreed, and all joined us to oppose that bill. The Democrats on the other hand were dismissive, rude and condescending, and told us to our face that parents have no right to say no to any vaccine, and that THEY, the legislators are the ones to decide such matters.

The Democrats stance had only accelerated by the time SB 277 was released. With few exceptions, it was split by party: the Dems pushed it thru since they hold the majority. Despite record breaking crowds filling the Capitol Building voicing their opposition. They didn't care. They are controlled by the Big Public Health lobbies, as well as Big Pharma. They work for them, not us.

Maurine Meleck

I am not only a life-long Democrat, but a life(well, starting at age 10) long history nerd. In the 60's, my patriotism got out of hand and I worked part time for the Johnson campaigns. That is until Viet Nam got out of hand and then I worked for SDS. Well I do want to make a point with my sordid introduction.
As we already know, people are not always who they say they are or will be." That is the nature of American politics. The questions are many for this election(which may in the end be rigged or not). If I'm not including all the media hype(and if that's possible to do) do I vote for a crazy man who has spoken negatively about mandated vaccines? Do I vote for a crazy lady who wants to implement mandates all over the country? Do I vote for Johnson where my vote will be wasted(some have told me that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary. But by the same token couldn't that also be a vote for Trump.?) So all that baggage plus the fact that we also have congress to deal with, plus special interest groups ie lobbyists, plus the corporations and those that want a new World Order. We also have a country where both parties have, for decades, imposed their will upon poorer more defenseless nations in yes, false flag wars and continue to espouse that"terror groups" are our biggest concern(well, #2 after Walmart) when the US has supported all the ME terror groups since the mid 1980's in order to extricate the USSR from Afghanistan. So to cut this dilemma into smaller brownie pieces: mandated vaccines vs WWIII. A promise(which is itself a question mark) of no mandated vaccines vs WWIII or a libertarian unknown whose vote won't count.

I'll be waiting for you call, Mary, on the 12th.

Maurine Meleck-never someone


Sometimes I look around, or think of the people I know, and feel like WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD. On those days, everywhere I look, I see children with autism, ADHD, learning issues, asthma, allergies, physical disabilities and cognitive impairment. I think of the young adults I know, (so many!!!) who are suffering and struggling with mental illness, and addiction. And grown men and women of all ages with cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, chronic pain and fatigue, Alzheimer's and dementia. Everywhere, it seems, is death, disease and disability.

My son has vaccine induced autism. My daughter has severe anxiety and rage issues. My father passed away this year after his 7 year battle with "early onset dementia". He was diagnosed at 65. My mother has battled cancer - twice. My brothers have severe ADD and one struggles with depression, issues which continue to harm their ability to live independently. I myself have late disseminated lyme disease. Any one of you, I'm afraid, could share your own unfortunate accounts.

The point is we are all being poisoned by vaccines, pharmaceuticals, toxins in our homes, food, water, and air. We are poorly served and manipulated by the medical community; by the policies bought and paid for by lobbyists. Then our ill health is used as a cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies who profit from our suffering.

I am angry (at myself, at our doctor, so many others!) about my son's vaccine injury. Like so many, many others, I spend every day trying to help him to heal, and have the best life and future he can. But, I'm also angry and fighting for my daughter, and my parents. For myself, and my neighbors. For all of us - the walking dead.

There are so many greedy industries and corrupted agencies, that I can't begin to assign blame to one party or another.
One thing I know is that powerful lobbies and bought and paid for politicians are complicit in making our families and neighbors sick, and our children disabled.

THEY WANT to divide us however they can. Pitting americans against one another, serves the oligarchs: while americans are busy demonizing one another, politicians are bought, and bills are passed!

I believe we are in the midst of an awakening. Many americans, both left and right, are recognizing that the system is corrupt, and the game is rigged against us. As we shed light on how that corruption is harming all of us and our children, we bring people of all political leanings into the discussion.

Lets continue to spread the word, and work together. We all want health and happiness for our families.

Maurine Meleck

Mary Love, I had hoped that by the end of your terrific article you'd tell me whom to vote for. Or do I have to wait until Aug 12 to hear?

Aimee Doyle

I'm curious - since I'm from Maryland, not California - what stands did the Republican representatives in the California state legislature take when SB 277 was being considered? What are those Republican representatives doing about SB 277 and the vaccine-autism issue now? How are they responding to the voters who support them?

I realize that Democrats are in the majority in California, but I know that Republicans do wield some control and influence. Are they using their influence on behalf of vaccine-injured children and their families?

I'd love it if someone could fill me in. Thanks.

Ronald Kostoff


"laura, i cordially disagree. i see no reason to infer support for hillary clinton."

Sorry, Dan, on this issue, I agree with Laura. Mary's first paragraph said it all: "As a life-long Democrat, I was proud to watch the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton and its other impressive speakers were eloquent, optimistic and inspiring." If that isn't the language of a True Believer, I don't know what is. It's the sort of statement I would expect from a Kamikaze pilot after listening to the Emperor!

But, people are free to support whomever they want. Each of the serious candidates has major flaws, and a few relatively good points. The choice among the front-runners will depend on specific personal priorities.

What I found most interesting was Mary's choice of words to describe the political BS with which she was infatuated. Eloquent, optimistic; inspiring; these adjectives would be very appropriate to a slick-talking carnival barker, or vacuum cleaner salesperson. Where are words like 'honesty', 'authenticity', 'credibility', 'believability', and many others of that genre? She didn't use them, because they are not applicable to the spokespeople for either major party.

Managing Editor KIM

No one brings more gravitas and expertise - vital expertise - to our community than Mary Holland. Many of us have been forced into considering for the first or second, perhaps third time, becoming a one issue voter. Conservatives have done so for a long time - ie abortion rights. Those of us who are not wealthy and who rely on state and federally funded programs to assist our children - and adult children with autism - have had to weigh which party or candidate would fund programs and which candidate would tell our kids to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. SB277 has meant a new look at both parties. One with a history wanting to restrict women's rights and now going after rights of many other Americans. One wanting to restrict parental rights. None of this is black and white. Pardon the accidental race connection. Republicans are usually the party of business. But the Democrats have become the party of Pharma.

I think Secretary Clinton is far better prepared to be President by virtue of her resume. Does that mean I want to vote for her? No. I know that broccoli is a better meal choice than a bag of cookies too. I'm not telling you how I'm voting - I haven't even told myself.

I know I am not well to do and my 3 girls will need lifelong care costing well into six figures per year. Do I protect them - and their "funding village" and tell parents-to-be - "Good luck, Charile!" regarding vaccine mandates? Do I jeopardize their funding on the vain hope that somehow the Republicans who are 100% pro-business will protect exemption rights? The President is one person.

I think a smart option is demand that ALL candidates answer a simple question: Are you in favor of vaccine mandates like SB277 that prevent a child from their right to a free and appropriate education?" and accept only two answers. YES or NO.

Then the elephants will flu and the donkeys will walk on water.

Thank you, Mary - I look forward to seeing you and sitting next to you on the panel at VAXXED in Norwalk CT on Wednesday.


Birgit Calhoun

I am not sure how this bill has become a political party issue. By what I can tell with my facebook and other friends, the preference for this bill has nothing to do with party preference. It is mostly misguided ignorance among the majority of Californians that causes this bill generally to be supported. I am sorry to report that that is the case. Misguided as it is, this support of this bill points to the woeful inadequacy of general education in this country. The population is not curious. People don't want to find out what might hurt them. They prefer "Ignorance is Bliss" over knowledge that might save if not their lives, then often at least their and their children's well-being.


There are few people on the planet that I admire and respect more than Mary Holland.

There are few people on the planet that I despise and loath more than Hillary Clinton.

I see that Mary discloses her connection to the Democrat Party to highlight her disappointment with their obscene war on vaccine rights. I can only imagine the sense of betrayal long time Dems are feeling lately in regards to vaccine tyranny. I, as a long time Republican, switched to Independent after George W. inserted the Eli Lily rider in the Homeland Security Act. Yes, both major parties have plenty of things to be ashamed of. But what the Democrats are doing in California is textbook example tyranny. They do indeed take the prize for disgusting abuse of power. And they aren't done, they have plenty more abuses in the works.

I pray Mary is right, and the lawyers can undo some of the harm done by the Democrat Party, and over turn SB 277.

Hans Litten

Beyond Treason
You better prepare yourselves for a shock with this one ! Crikey - what happened .


Depleted Uranium (but I bet it isn't only that)
(Gulf War Syndrome , Anthrax vaccine , squalene mf59 )

Dan Olmsted

laura, i cordially disagree. i see no reason to infer support for hillary clinton.

Hans Litten

Film : Vaccine Nation


Infowars suggested Hillary has Parkinsons disease , not me . Alex Jones is an entirely credible news source , and in view more reliable than the BBC\CNN\NCBC or the rest of the lamestream ,
The lamestream has become redundant . The LondonTimes , Telegraph , Guardian are all lying !

Laura Hayes


Mary's first 2 paragraphs imply a support of/for
Hillary Clinton, versus the opposite.

Also, there was no mention or denouncement of Hillary Clinton's tweet heard round the world...or of her unquestioning, uninformed support of vaccines and wrongful support of unconstitutional, unethical, immoral vaccine mandates.

Dan Olmsted

Hans, we don't censor your posts as a tally of your recent presence in the comments section would tend to indicate. occasionally we exercise editorial discretion in not using a particular comment, which may have been the case with you. -- dan

Dan Olmsted

Laura, Why do you assert she is "supporting" Hillary Clinton for president, and then make that the basis of your critique of this piece?

Aimee Doyle

Both political parties can share the blame. Republic Chairman Jason Chaffetz, of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leads a majority Republican committee (25 Republications; 18 Democrats), yet has never held hearings on the vaccine-autism issue. Previous hearings under the previous Chair, went nowhere.

From what I have read, Congressman Bill Posey, a Republican, has had thousands of documents provided by CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, in his possession for at least a year. What has he done with them? Nothing -- that I have been able to determine. Why hasn't he done anything? Why hasn't he been able to influence any of his colleagues - on either side of the aisle - on this matter?

Trump supporters state that he will make a difference on this issue, based on certain statements he has made to the media. However, even a President Trump would need to work with Congress - and I haven't seen any political will from either party to take any action on the autism-vaccine connection. And I'm sort of skeptical of statements made during campaigns.

Full disclosure - during my 40 years of voting life, I have voted in every county, state, and federal election. For most of that time I have been a registered Independent, and I have voted for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I vote the person, and the issues, not the party. I have been active in writing and calling my elected representatives - and reminded those for whom I voted that I voted for them. However, I have gotten no traction on this issue from ANY politician that I have ever contacted.

Bottom line - I think we need a better strategy for convincing our elected representatives how critical this issue really is.

Laura Hayes

Like Ronald Kostoff, I also took issue with the statement concerning why Democrats proposed and passed SB277. They had plans to do so years prior, but decided to begin "smaller", with AB2109...then working their way up to SB277. The "Disneyland measles outbreak" certainly seemed like a contrived and purposefully-timed hoax to me, or at the very least, the next "outbreak" opportunity waiting to be seized upon by the vaccine profiteers and their many minions.

If the tide doesn't turn soon, next will be the addition of home schoolers to SB277 in CA, or making home schooling illegal in CA. Doctors writing MEs will be targeted in CA, and soon there will be no more of those available or allowed.

Furthermore, I took issue with the statement that the present law is "defective". It is barbaric, unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral. Defective implies that there is but a problem that needs to be fixed. There is nothing fixable about SB277...it needs to be overturned immediately, along with vaccine mandates themselves.

Lastly, I also took issue with the statement that tens of thousands of uneducated and undereducated children are far more dangerous to society than the measles or chickenpox. I would argue that in today's world, home schooling is the far superior and far safer option. What is dangerous is much of what is taught, and not taught, in school, who is controlling the curriculum, and the disintegration of the learning environment as students become more and more difficult to teach, due to vaccine-and-other-environmentally-induced chronic illness and disability...both of which are now impacting the teachers, too.


Political affiliation has always been a hot topic of conversation. The topic gives rise to some very heated conversation, just like whether or not vaccines cause autism, religious beliefs, gun control thoughts, etc. I was a Democrat for many years, until Dr./former Congressman Ron Paul, labelled as "crazy" by the media, got my attention and opened my eyes. I guess some would call it crazy to speak the truth, just as we are all "crazy" anti-vaxxers, even if we reject or question only one vaccine.

That said, I think that pharma plays the odds. Whichever political party has the most "peeps" in office gets the highest amount of political contributions. I think that the only way to bring honesty to our state and federal legislatures is to eliminate the industry contributions, and even the individual citizen contributions, altogether. Corporations are not people, and they never will be. Let each political candidate develop a platform of ideas and post it online using equal money from a new, tax-generated fund. Let each candidate get free commercial radio and TV airtime that is equal for each and every one of them, also paid for by this fund. Level the playing field, and see who wins on the merits. How about that for a change? No outside money needed. No outside money permitted. That would solve a lot of problems. No candidate would be indebted to any industry or individual upon their election to office. I am sick of all the sellouts from both political parties, but for now, primarily from the progressive Democrats, and I will choose each and every candidate based upon their ideas and platforms, their bills, and how they vote on issues of importance to me.

Hans Litten

The IACC in action giving a good man the brush off (4 years in a row)



Charlatans can be eloquent. False optimism is a trap. This net cast to the masses to hold hands is not lined with unconditional love. You will have to take all your medicine before you will be allowed to hold anyone's hand and when you have received all your vaccines and psych drugs and whatever else is prescribed for you, the democratic leaders know damn well that they better be wearing gloves before they touch you.

The democrats are currently one of the most, if not the most, destructive forces on this planet. No hyperbole, they are working hard to take away our most basic human right to be left alone, to be unmedicated, to be unaltered, to freedom, to live in peace. They are for taking children away from parents. They are for the "state" usurping parental authority. They have engaged in and fanned the flames of hate toward the unvaccinated or even those who question the safety and need and efficacy of vaccines. They are not protecting us from pharmaceutical industry predators. They are holding hands with Pharma and want us to take the other hand. NO THANKS.

How is their behavior "progressive" in a positive way? What does that even mean?

I have tremendous respect for you Mary, but how can you be at all inspired by these criminals? They make me sick.

Hans Litten

I agree with Laura Hayes (as always)

Stop censoring my posts .


I was a long time Democrat, but there is no more basic civil right than to control what goes into your body.
SB277 violating the right to informed consent by withholding education,
SB792, forcing women of childbearing age to be vaccinated with products not tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, or effect of fertility,
HR2232, Vaccinate All Children, subjecting even medical exemptions, (which are a sick joke) to school scrutiny
Barbara Boxer's Head Start on Vaccination Act, allowing only medical exemptions
All blatant disregard for religious, conscientious, and scientific differences.
I was not just disappointed I was appalled.

There is also the recent signing of the DARK act by our President.
Ms Clinton is similarly aligned with refusing Americans the right to know if a product is GMO, even to the point of considering Vilsack as her running mate.

Our political duopoly needs an "out of service" sign.

Ronald Kostoff

Mary Holland,

"Democratic lawmakers proposed and passed this law because of a small California epidemic of measles in 2015."

I quibble with your use of the word 'because'. The measles epidemic was the JUSTIFICATION, not the CAUSE, of this law. The CAUSE was the desire of these bought and paid for 'lawmakers' to satisfy their Big Pharma sponsors' and donors' strategy of conditioning the public to accept whatever vaccines are recommended, and make these vaccinations mandatory to insure no one escapes the net.


Life long Democrat; says about all there is to say.
Most Americans are life long Party.
But what they do in such cases is just stay home.
I do hope that is what the life long Democrats do this time too.

Dan Olmsted

Laura, I don't think Mary said whom she is voting for, and neither did I. I'm a lifelong Democrat but I voted by John Anderson in 1980 (or whenever it was) rather than Carter and Reagan. I didn't vote for president in 2000 because I was the washington editor of upi and didn't want to have a personal preference color the way i directed the coverage. I think we need to make sure AOA is not demanding a "political test" of its writers.

Laura Hayes


I think the issue here is Mary's support of a candidate who is a proponent and defender of vaccine mandates, i.e. a proponent and defender of forced and highly unethical, immoral medicine, and who is not in support of parental rights and medical choice freedom. Additionally, that translates to a refusal to support and uphold the gold standard of ethical medicine, that of prior, free, and informed consent.

Since Mary frequently writes and speaks about the critical importance of upholding this most fundamental of human rights, to decide that which one does or doesn't allow to enter one's own body or that of one's child's, there is a huge disconnect to then voice support for a candidate who would violate this most sacred of human rights.

Additionally, Hillary's tweet heard round the world exposed her ignorance, arrogance, and possible corruption with regard to vaccines, not to mention her lack of concern and compassion for the vaccine injured and vaccine killed. That Mary would voice support for such a person/candidate is disheartening...at least it is to me.

Gary Ogden

There really is precious little difference between the two political parties. They both work for the oligarchs. Whatever they say, it's all talk. And they are woefully ignorant, like the Virginia "science guy" we read about yesterday. Politicians make me sick, and I will be voting for very few of them the future. Obama signed the Dark Act. He didn't have to; he wanted to. SB 277 made me a former Democrat, and Obama confirms that decision. I find the Republicans equally odious (except in Sacramento). The good news here is that we have a strong case, and I have a very good feeling about the hearing on Friday. It's not just about SB 277. Dr. Charity Dean, of the Santa Barbara County Health Department was attempting, in collusion with the state health department and the state medical board, to compile a hit list of doctors who write medical exemptions! She is named as a defendant. A representative of the medical board testified at the hearings that no doctor would be investigated for writing medical exemptions, a complete lie! SB 277 , as amended, actually broadens the medical exemption, leaving it to the professional judgement of the physician. A cesspool of corruption we have in California. But I have a real expectation we will get a bit of justice on Friday. They have over-reached; they have gone way too far, and they will get slapped down, is my prediction.

Dan Olmsted

i'm so glad to have another progressive democratic voice represented on age of autism! i too am a lifelong democrat and we need to make sure that aoa is welcoming to all political viewpoints.

Hans Litten


So, to summarize, courtesy of Janet Tavakoli, the Clinton related body count so far this election cycle: Five in just under six weeks – four convenient deaths plus one suicide…

1) Shawn Lucas, Sanders supporter who served papers to DNC on the Fraud Case (DOD August 2, 2016)

2) Victor Thorn, Clinton author (and Holocaust denier, probably the least credible on this list) shot himself in an apparent suicide. Conspiracy theorists at Mystery Writers of America said some guys will do anything to sell books. (DOD August, 2016)

3) Seth Conrad Rich, Democratic staffer, aged 27, apparently on his way to speak to the FBI about a case possibly involving the Clintons. The D.C. murder was not a robbery. (DOD July 8, 2016)

4) John Ashe, UN official who allegedly crushed his own throat while lifting weights, because he watched too many James Bond films and wanted to try the move where the bad guy tries to…oh, never mind. “He was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.” (DOD June 22, 2016)

5) Mike Flynn, the Big Government Editor for Breitbart News. Mike Flynn’s final article was published the day he died, “Clinton Cash: Bill, Hillary Created Their Own Chinese Foundation in 2014.” (DOD June 23, 2016)

It must be coincidence, right?

Laura Hayes


I do not understand your support for Hillary Clinton, who would no doubt enthusiastically support more states passing laws like SB277, or worse (like VA recently attempted to do)...and who would no doubt enthusiastically support attempts to mandate vaccines at the federal level.

Hans Litten

Mary Holland , obviously I have always been an admirer of the work you do .
But "a lifelong democratic" supporter ? Why ? Why anything lifelong ?
Surely intelligence is denoted by the ability , when you are wrong about something , to change your mind ? The democratic party means nothing to me whatsoever , no more than the conservatives or labour here in the UK . From what I can see hear and read about the DP , there is no reason to have any loyalty to those people . Have you read the pages about the Clinton bodycount ?
The Clinton Foundation ? Hillary Clintons history ? From what I can tell , Donald Trump is in bed with the Clintons\Bush's anyway , So the choices are 2 people basically from the same team .

For me , to vaccinate or not to vaccinate , is the equivalent of boarding those trains in 1939-45 and paying the fare to be transported away . So I urge all Californians to resist with everything they have , for this is life and death . Simply put , I'm terrified of the people behind all of this .
Arent you ?

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